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How to publish my book online

PubHTML5 allows you to publish your flipbook online, which will make your flipbook reach more readers and enhance its popularity. You just need to click the "Upload Online" button, input the title, description and keywords in the pop-up window and hit the "Convert" button to upload your flipbook online.

How can I reupload the flipbook by using PubHTML5 desktop client

If you have modified the flipbook and want to reupload it online, it's quite easy to fulfill this. Step1. Reupload. Click Upload Online button in the main toolbar after you modify the flipbook, you can revise the descriptions if necessary. Tick Override an existed book, and then click Publish. Step2. Select a host item to be overrided. Choose the previous flipbook you want to override and then click select, your new flipbook will override the previous one.

Is there a workaround while failing in uploading flipbooks with PubHTML5 desktop client

Of course. When you fail to upload your flipbook online with PubHTML5 desktop client, you can choose to reupload it. The procedures are quite simple. Step1. Reupload the flipbook. Click Upload Online button on the main toolbar, click More and then tick Override an existed book option,It will automatically go to a pop-up window. Step2. Select a host item to be overrided and publish. When you select a host item with status shows uploading, click select, you'll go to to another window, click Publish to fulfill your reuploading.