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Help Center PDF Document

How to import a PDF with different page sizes without stretch PDF pages

PubHTML5 supports PDF document import which brings great convenience for users to create an amazing flip book. But it is a pity that the current PubHTML5 version just support PDF document with same page sizes. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Cut the wide pages in a PDF using desktop client

PubHTML5 provides wide page options for you in a PDF using desktop client. "None", "Auto detect“ option and ”all page is wide page“ option will give you different experience of the flipbook. Step1. Import your PDF file. Step2. Choose your wide page options: ”None“, ”Auto detect“ or ”All page is wide page“. Step3. Click ”OK“ to apply settings and click "Import Now" to import PDF file. Followings are screenshots of setting effect: A.”None“. B. ”Auto detect“. C. ”All page is wide page“.

PDF page cannot be imported correctly (images disappear, colors change)

PubHTML5 makes it easy to convert your PDF files to beautiful publications. However, if problems appeared during importing, no matter images disappear or colors change, they can be solved effectively. Thus, you can choose another render engine for the conversion, selecting Inner Library, GPL Ghostscript or PDF to PNG render engine, then your PDF page can be imported smoothly.

Import hyperlinks from PDF to books

In PubHTML5, it is definitely possible to import hyperlinks from PDF to books. Step1. Choose one of the three ways to import a PDF file. Step2. Tick "Import Link" in the Advance Setting. Finally import. Step3. Click the link on the flip book to view more information.

Hyperlinks inside PDF file cannot be imported to the flipbook

Users are allowed to import links inside the PDF files to flipbook. Links inside publications may offer readers more information. When converting to flipbook, hyperlinks can be imported to flipbook if you check "Import links" option in "Import PDF" interface. However, some links in PDF files are not real links, then they cannot be imported to the flipbook. You may need to use our animation editor to add links to the book.

Is there a PDF size or page limit for PubHTML5

In our online PubHTML5, the page limit of PubHTML5 is no more than 500 pages while the size of which is no more than 150Mb. In addition, except the Free User, others have no limit on the page of flip book. However, on our Pubhtml5 desktop client, there are no limit to the page and size presently. Thus, as a recommendation, it's better for you to convert large documents on our PubHTML5 desktop client.

Unexpected Error and Convert Failed

PubHTML5 is a powerful flipbook converter to turn your PDF file into an interactive flipbook. But as we all know, nothing is perfect. Sometimes users may meet the problem of converting failed or unexpected error when they convert their flipbooks. Don’t worry! We can fix it out at once. 1) In PubHTML5 online platform, you need to make sure that your PDF files is less than 150M and no more than 500 pages. 2) In PubHTML5 desktop client, you need to change the render engine firstly and then re-upload your publication. Sorry for any inconvenience!