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Hillcrest High Class of 1994

Published by lynette, 2019-05-08 16:34:35

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World Kno~ledge Where is Cuba? Where is Canada? This is a quest (quiz + test) , this in only a quest. Had it been a taL_o-=s-reYY real live test you might have been been a part of the 69% of American high school students who don't know where Cuba is, or the 44% who can't accurately place Canada on a predrawn map. Just because we can't all visit World knowedge. In high school systems it Germany it doesn't mean that one has a good excuse not to I s • compares to Hammarskjold knowledge learn about the country. C u b a • (a former UN Secretary General). Basi- cally I'am saying world knowledge is virtually MikeRoderick is wearing a Bermuda hat. But the real question is does he nonexsistent within most high schools. knowwhere Bermuda is. A Hillcrest survey asked twenty-five people to It is essential that each of us know something about our ever write three sentences on: NAFTA,Clinton's health growi ng small macro-worl d. plan, or Saturday Night Live. Only two of the twenty-five could write more than two sentences on NAFTA and Clinton's health plan. The other twenty-three students averaged five or more lines on facts about Saturday Night Live. It seems a little scary that students can tell you more about a t.v. program then about world and national It is time to learn. Gerardo issues that will affect their lives. Garcia sits studying. Studying Time and time again through history it has hopefull y gives way to knowl- edge. Knowledge is important been proven ignorance of world events has led to if any of us plan on improving further problems. Just take a look at the Serbian the world. and Croatian problem. The cartogrophers who put the lines on the map just mooshed these totally different people together without knowl- edge of their drastic differences. Their ignorance has resulted in the death ofthousands of innocent people. I am not saying everyone has to read Time and Newsweek to keep up on absosolutely everything. But students do need to be aware of the basics. Ignorance only breeds ignorance. Everyone Jared Holmberg and Danny should at least strive to be aware of where our Lambert are two students who neighbors are; Canada is to the north and Cuba to know the value of education. the south. World knowledge is power! They know the importance of being aware. -Yv£tkg~

PrAound To B' e AMERICANCrack. The bullet whirls out of the barrel. It cuts through the foliage, ripping throught the innocent leaves. No it isnlt aimed at wildlife game, but the game species of man. It is war. Too often the bullet passes from one end of the battlefield and lodges itself into the chest of an ~.- ~~wq opposing soldier. Itwas for these men and women the National Anthem was created, 0 ler the land ofthe free and the home ofthe brave. They are the brave ones, we are the free ones. But it never fails. Everytime the studentbody sings the National Anthem the singing turns into loud, shrieking, and yelling. Oe Ir the land ofthe free and The White House, It is the architectural symbol of freedom and the home ofthe brave, is the worst part. This outland- justice, Thomas Jefferson designed it to reflect the golden age of ish screaming is completely out of place. Screaming the Greek Empire, the beginnings of democracy. should be left to team games. What type of respect does this show our country? None. Why even sing the song if you aren't going to sing it with the respect the song deserves? Arenlt you proud to be an American? Or don't you know what it means? Marc Maughan knows. He says being a proud American means, \"Having the sense of no limitations; the feeling of togetherness when in trouble. 11 \"Re- specting our country and government by not talking through the pledge or making cat calls,11 was Ashley Lundls response to the question. Another student honestly gave his response as, \"Proud Americans are coo!.11 I too am a proud American. I have had the opportunity to travel to other countries. From my travels, Ihave learned America is the only place Iwant to live. I know I am assured the right to eat my apple pie and watch Monday Night Football without having to worry about my rights. You don't have to be a republican to have true American pride. Actions speak louder than words. So next time you Even Harley Davidson rider's show their proud. We are all Americans rather conservative or radical. Anyone can show they sing the National Anthem sing it right, because it are PROUD TO BE AMERICAN. denotes much more meaning than just another song. Show people you are Proud to be an American. tI p Fun Feature 1111. 101 7V.a:uP~

Culture Utah high schools have long lost their homog- enous mix of all white students. However, Jordan District indicates there are only five percent less Belem Jimenez displays her na- tiv e dancing cos tum e from N0 t Caucasians in the district than ethnic minorities. Mexico. Ninety-five percent of all your classmates repre sent a culture similar to yours. All America has long been a melting pot for the -t varying cultures of the world. In some areas W h• e it has just melted a little more. Yet there is still differing culture within our own halls. Se- nior Belem Jimenez and Junior Mirna Jimenez, represent a small percentage of the not all white student population. Both girls came to America to get a better education. Belem and Mirna want to follow in their fatherls footsteps and both become doctors. They both live with their grandparents. This living situation poses somewhat of a challenge because at home they speak only Spanish but have to function in an English speaking world. The Unity Club presents their Their Spanish culture differs a lot from the Mi rna Jimenez and her sister both conribution to a children's home grown Utah culture. They said schools up have danced in several Mexican center. The Unity Club has here are less strict. If a Mexican student misses festivals. Their dresses are ex- only been chartered for two a day of school, that is their problem. The teacher pensive because of all the mate- years but is an active club. rial used in them. Beautiful! wonlt help them to catch up. They also said American-Mexicans view themselves as some- what superior to Mexicans. When asked if they could bring one thing from Mexico to America, they answered good manners. It is considered very ill mannered for a bride to take off her high heels or for people to chew with their mouths open. Belem and Mirna said America is like the movies. They like it here but plan on returning to Mexico. Culture varies from nation to Hillcrest has a lot of interesting students that Justin Hansen, Benji Skolmuski, nation. Check this dancer out. bring a fresh flair to our school. Our varying and Shawn Sears represent the culture is small, but very important. ninety-five percent majority of ca ucas ians. 102 1111. Fun Feature

Diversity o f As Maria walks P e o p l e down the hall at school, she feels like everyone is staring at her because she's black. It makes her feel very uncomfortable and insecure about herself. On the first day of her new job, she found another girl from school worked there also. Because of difficulties relating to discrimination,Maria was about ready to quit but decided to talk to her new friend first. The other girl realized that she and Maria had a lot in common and became friends. There are many people in this school who are not alike. People have different tastes,others act acertain way, some arejust loners, which often and unfortunately can catego- rize them into a clique. Take alook at the different types of people there are just at Hillcrest: Rockers,Stoners, Skaters, Preppies,Intellec- tuals,gay and straight, white and black, tall and short, and long hair and even no hair! Walking down the hall, if you are observant, you'll notice that some people are racist or biased against others. Many are afraid of homosexuals out of fear of contracting AIDS,some avoid African Americans or Mexi- cans. These people are different only because of the color of their skin or sexual orientation. They are still people that have agreat deal to contribute to our society. Face it! People are going to be different than you. The United States has often been called the melting pot ofthe world. That's what makes us the greatest nation on earth. We have all peoples,all types and all can be positive contribu- tors to society. On the other hand, as one teacher put it, \"If someone chooses a lifestyle that is not positive, they are the one that must suffer the consequences of their behav- ior,whether it be contracting the HIV virus or getting killed bybeing a member of a gang. But differences are good,they bring variety to alife that could beabore. We all have to live in this school together, whether you like it or not, so lets learn to deal with the differences. Remember \"Different is Good.\" Fun Feature '\"'. 103

TRANSPORTATION Suppose you're at the infamous point \"A\" and you're trying so desperately to get to the even more famous point\"B\". Your transportation ALL possibilities are limitless. This is the point at which you must examine ABOUT your options. You couldtake the bus, but it's too crowded and it stinks like day old MOTION Kimpshee. You couldtakeyourparents car, but considering the fact that you wrecked it last weekend, that's not a very likely possibility. There's always the option ofacarpool, but your buddy's Gremlin can only hold four people. It's time to find a different way to get .\\ from here to there. It's time to pull out your old thinking cap. First, examining your environment, you decide Andy was bo rn o n a cold and that unless you're a Canadian farm boy, you can't wet fe bruary m o rnin g with iceskate. With a little modification you could Roll erblades on hi s feet and a turn your iceskates into rollerblades, but since hockey sti ck in hi s hands. As to be expect ed, his m oth er was not happy about this. your dad grounded you from the blowtorch, that idea drops like a bird with no wings. Speaking of birds with no wings, you obviously can't fly there. So you headout to the garage to get the trusty old mountain bike. Although, contrary to popular belief, you can't ride a bike with no chain, a flat tire, and a mysteriously missing pedal. It ap- pears that you may never get there. Suddenly stricken with panic, you run into your little brothers room. A skateboard and Fisher-Price rollerskates are all you see. The Wh e n o n e thinks of skateboard doesn't go up mountains very well, Sampso n , th ey probab ly don't and the skates don't open enough to fit over your think of Ch ad, but use your shoes. Realizing that it might rain and you live in imag inati on . By play ing street a high flash-flood region, you might be able to use hockey and m oun ta in bi king h e has h elped m a ny people see the similarities. your dust covered surfboard. Probably not. Just as you are about to give up hope and stay home, you are struck with a divine revelation. 104 \"\". Fun Feature

...ALL ABOUT MOTION... You hustle down to your room and strap on your Velcro Pro- Wings andstroll offto point ''E''. Even though you're a halfan hour late and every one with a twenty-four dollar bus pass or a car drives by and points at you, you still have the ultimate satisfaction. Not just anybody is able to walk from their house to the 7-11 two blocks down. Even though you did cut through the Junction Bowling parking lot, you did accom- plish your goal and point \"B\" never looked so good. C. Willliams, A. Coleman Fun Feature II '. 105

Michelle Elmer, Niki Hobson and Tristin Ross spend their summer Weekends time in a new sport called rock holding. It builds muscles, self A n d If Webster confidence and over all self e-steem. It is proving invaluable fo r those brave enough to try it! S ummers had defined summer from a student's point of view, it would read: liThe three most glorious months of the year, separating heaven from hell.\" This is true for most students, unless of course you are re- sponsible and work. Let's hope not. Thankfully the administration realized that one summer a year just wasn't enough, so they gave us mini- summers, or as we call them, weekends. Both of these times are used to break away from the grueling stresses of high school life. The way each person releases this stress reflects their individual personality. The class clown mightgo to the circus, the alternative grunger would prob- ably go rock climbing, as the prissy prep would head down to Dillards. It doesn't matter what you do or how you do it,as long as itworks for you. Brandon Nesbit looks a little surprised that a photographer could Ken Montague and Nathan Brusik share a final moment before get this high, but has decided he should probably move on. Rock they ven tu re off into the hills. Hiking is an easi ly accessible relief cl imbi ng is a popular activi ty among students with a death wish. activity that anyone can enjoy. 106 1111. Fun Feature

That Ritual Dati-ngCalled Dating its not as easy as, \"Do you want to go to the dance.\" Over the years people have found wild and crazy ways to ask to the dances. Instead of just receiving a phone call, you now have to dig through flour, driveall over the valley, or pull balloons out ofthe sky. As thedance approaches you often over hear people talking about who they want to ask and how they are going to do it. We asked a few students, some creative approaches they took to ask or answer to the dance. For last years Valentines dance Aaron Young had to find a creative way to answer Jen Larson. Aaron answered by making a cake shaped like a heart with white frosting on it. On top of the cake he spelled out Every once in a while you get a per- contact with another, but they still yes with trick candles, then filled in the rest of the cake son who is afraid to make intimate want to get the message across. with regular candles. He then took the cake over to Jen'shouse and left it on her door step, and lit all the candles so when she came to the door she wouldn't be able to see the answer. Aaron made it so that when she blew out the candles, yes would light back up because of the trick candles. An anonymous source told us about the way he asked to one of the dances last year. \"James\" and another friend, drove over to this girls house \"Jane\", to see ifshe would go to the dance. We had just had one ofthe worst storms ever so they thought they would be cool,and walked around in the snow. When they were done, they went back and wrote \"James'\" name in one ofthefootprints. They then went up to the door and left a note and told \"Jane\" to go out and look through the You'reprobablywonderingwhere footwear, and if you read the footprints for his name, written in red dye. you can get yo ur original \"James\" story yo u will find out. Last Homecoming Kelly Wallin tried to find away to ask that certain girl. An idea he came up with was to be a Knight in Shining Armour. He was going to dress up in armour and then get a white horse. He would thengo to her house and ride up to her door and say,\"I'll be your Knight in Shining Armour if you'll go to Homecoming with me.\" Fun Feature 'II. 107

TheYear 1• ft Review Nineteen ninety three could be described as check things out, the Top:World Trade Tower after thebombing,California fires that the year of the disaster. In the seventies, the 86 members boarded destroyed nearly2,000 homes, asoldier puttingup sandbags in an most popular movies were Earthquake, The themselves up for a 51 attempt tohold back theMis i sippi riwr, Janet Reno-newAttorney PosideonAdventure and Towering Inferno. This day standoff. [t even- General of theU , Dal'id Koresch-cult leaderof theDal'idian Complll year in the United States, we could combine all tually ended when af- in Waco, Te\\as of those events and make the disaster of all ter throwing tear gas disaster movies, except it would be true... into the compound and no one leaving, In New York City, the World Trade Center they sent in the tanks. had a massive bomb go off in a garage below. At that moment, the Some 80,000 fled, many through smoke-fi lled compound became a blaze of fire, when the stairwells. Some took two hours to reach the Davidians torched the place, killing 86 men, street. Luckily the bomb went off during lunch women and ch ildre n. Only 15 survived the or more than 6 people would have been killed. ordeal and are now standing trial for murder. It was planted by terrorists from a group of Janet Reno, the newly appointed US Attorney Muslim Fundamentalists. General, and daughter of an alligator-wrestling mom, became the scape goat of the ordeal. But California could turn their state intoa theme when all was said and down we knew we finally had park for disaster movies. CA residents have someone with gu ts in this high ranking position. always known their state was susceptible to earthquakes and disaster, but look at these stats. In 1971-a quake registering 6.5, 1976-77- adrought causing $2.4 billion in lost economy, 1980-floods killing 26, 1983-rains kill 19, 1986- 7 yr. drought ends, with severe winter storms destroying 50 houses,killing 13, 1987-5.9 quake killing 8, 1989-7.1 quake during a World Series game, $7 billion in clean up, 1991-3,350 homes burn, 25 die in Oakland wildfires, 1992-riots erupt in LA in response to Rodney King beating verdict, 52 die and insurance claims mount to $775 million, 1993-Southern CA fires destroy 200,000 acres, destroying more than 800 homes, 1994-6.6 quakes in San Fernando, damage esti- mates to $30 billion. Makes you want to move to Utah doesn't it, in fact, 90,000 per year are migrating to our state!!! On July 16th the Mississippi and Missouri rivers came together 20 miles west of their normal junction near Alton, III., a vast inland lake was formed, submerging farms, roads and even whole towns under as much as 15 feet of water. After more than 3 months of the worst flooding ever in the Midwest, the final toll stood at 50 dead, 70,000 left homeless and 20 mi llion acres of farmland either flooded or too wet to plant. With more than $12 billion in total, it ranked as the 3rd costliest natural disaster in the US, behind Hurricane Andrew, and the LA earthquake. David Koresch,33, hoarded weapons, women and a disastrously misguided faith in his own divinity at the now infamous 77-acre Branch Davidian compound outside Waco, Texas. When he refused to let US Government Officials in to

Top, R-L: The handshake that began the healing between At last, a supreme court nominee that sen- two countries, Mandela and deKlerk, Brian Seamon, the ate liberals and conservatives could support. Clintons, Powter When they confi rmed the appointment ofjudge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 60, by the slam-dunk margin of 96 to 3, it made her only the second woman ever to join the nation's highest court. On a lighter side, the US is being stormed by infomercials. Commercials on television that take one half hour or more to explain and demonstrate the benefits of their product. Infomercial gurus are making a killing on these projects reaching as many as 300 million people a day. Susan Powter is just one example who has become a star out of screaming Stop the Insanity! Her once 250 lb.. body is now a slim, muscular 115 and every ounce of it filled with energy. In 1993 her business grossed $50 million . On the homefront, the hazing incident that took place in Smithfield, Ut made national news. Brian Seamons, a member of the football team was taped naked to a shower by 10 teammates and put on display for male & female school- mates. Outraged, his parents went to the dis- trict and they cancelled the rest of the football season, and their chance at a state trophy. Parents in an uprage went to court thinking the situation was blown totally out of proportion. How does a community become so desensitized that they think this is no big deal? Time Magazine Men of the Year, Yitzhak Rabin, Prime Minister of Israel of- fered the historic ol- ive branch of peace to Arabs living along the war torn West Bank. Vasser Arafat, leader of the PLO, brought the Arab nations to the bargaining table with peace in the Middle Eastas the main course. The famous handshake between these two officials, began an end to the decades of bitter fighting between the Arabs and Israelis and gave them a hope \"to give peace a chance.\" FW deKlerk, political leader in South Africa, pushed for re- form in a country torn by racial prejudice and violence. Nelson Mandela, imprisoned for nearly 2decades, struggled against the hatred ofApart- heid' the laws of South Africa in an offer of hope for reform. And speaking of reform, this is the Hillary Clinton reform your health care year. The only people who seem excited about it are those who don't have any insurance. Its a great thing to do, but those already with insurance are wor- ried it will make it undesirable for them. II.Current Events 109

The Year MTV's cretinous cartoon duo in trouble. An Ohio mother blamed B&B when her 5-year. •In old started a fire that killed his younger si ter Review Tom &Roseanne Amold, pound for pound thewackiest couple in show business, whipped The years top movies were Philadelphia, up awhoppingpublicity stunt,and concocted The Age of Innocence, The Fugitive, Heaven a bizarre three-way wedding with a produc. and Earth and Schindler's List. Jurassic tion company assistant, which in the end Park however, became one of the highest turned out to be only a stunt to tweak the grossing films of all time. But even Steven pr ess . Speilberg, the direc- Speaking of pounds, pound for pound, tor of Jurassic, was Opray Winfrey has lost more than nearly any quoted as saying... \"I'm not going to let go to Rush Limbaugh, a radio talk show host my kids see it for a that uses school-yard humor and bracing couple of years.\" political incorrectness to make him popular That's how scary and and Howard Stem, who has a book titled real it was. Private Parts,which has sold nearly 3 million copies, caused a shock wave when he flashed It was THE YEAR his private parts. \"I've always wanted this OF THE WOMAN... or so they say. Well, yes kind of national attention, says the self-pro- it's actually been a very goodyear for women. claimed King of All Demi Moore was sold to Robert Redford for Media. \"How could I one million dollars (Indecent Proposal) ,Uma not be thrilled?\" Thurman went for $40,000 to Robert DeNiro (Mad Dog and Glory) and just three years Beavis & Butt- ago, Richard Gere bought Julia Roberts Head - they're mean, for .... what was moronic and say it?...Three thousand? \"sucks\" too much- (Pretty Woman) I'd but playing with say that was real matches is what got progress.\" Michelle Pfeiffer, accepting a Women in Film award 208. top: Michelle Pfiffer, Howard Stern, Beavi & Butthead, Julia & Lyle Lovett, Ro ea nne Arnold, Robyll Williams a Mr. Doubtfire, Opra Winfrey, Jura sic Park dino, pg 209: Michael Jackson, Dame Edna, Michael Jordan, Billy Joel, David Letterman, Lorena & John Wayne Bobbitt

that he is married to husband, she took a and she also of maim- Christie Brinkley. kitchen knife and cut ing her husband by his penis off, then the court system. Butoneofthe hot- threw it out the win- test and highest pub- dow while driving One of the biggest licized items of the away in the car. (It shockers of the year year, goes to Lorena was successfully re- came when Michael & John Wayne attached.) He was Jordan announced he Bobbitt. After claim- later acquitted ofrape was going to retire ing to be raped by her from professional basketball. After tak- ing a thircr straight NBA title, followed a month later by the murder of his father, James, exhausted, he, left the game he loves for something he thinks he will trea- sure even more-a life out of the lime- light with his family, (only to be seen in the paper weeks later trying out for the Chi- cago White Soxs. He didn't make it). other. She lost 67 pounds, then gained back never have reached this much success as a Is David LeUennan worth $42 million? 90 after going off her Optifast diets of liquids. man. Many others are reaching fame by CBS thinks the days after Letterman's Butshe is once again queen of lean at a svelte impersonating the opposite sex. Robin Will- debut on the network, the company.'s 150 Ibs.. of muscle. \"It appears I have every- iams, in Mrs. Doubtfire, crossed the lines stockmarket value jumped $295 million and thing,\" Winfrey has said, \"But Ihave struggled hiring on to be a housekeeper in his home Letterman's show consistently whipped Jay withmyown self-value for many, many years. where his wife kicked him out and sued for Leno in the ratings. And [am just now coming to terms with it.\" divorce. Current Events 1111. 111 Michael Jackson,amid allegations ofsexual Speaking of crossing the lines, Actress child abuse,sought treatment for drug addic- Julia Roberts appeared to have crossed some- tion. He may have ruined his career and where when she married Lyle Lovette, acoun- reputation. He eventually ended up paying try crooner. Who even knew they knew each about$14 million for silence instead of plead- other? The matched pair seemed so unlikely ing guilty and losing in court. that it sent Hollywood into a tizzie. Dame Edna, (aka Barry Humphries) a vary Billy Joel, recently began a 11/2 year tour popular late night show, has been told that if to promote his new album, River ofDreams, you're going to go to the trouble of being a made another appearance in SLC, UT. He female impersonator, it's a drag to choose says he no longer has an ego problem now Milton Berle as a role model. She/he may

Gangs and Graffiti Crimes committed by teens ages fourteen to seventeen from 1991-1993 have increased 139%. People have watched the influx of gang activity in Utah as well ·d as Hillcrest increase. At first, the reaction was to view I n S I e it as a crime wave that would eventually pass as it did in the 18601s, 19201s, and 19701s. However as the crimes of gang members become more vicious, people and e students are becoming angry. A Dan Jonesl poll re- vealed that 81 % of students feel bullied around ~r o n g by the few hard line gangsters, inadvertently or directly. One Hillcrest teacher shared her feel- ings on gang violence with us. She stated,\"Ali gang violence is reprehensible. All they tell is that it is 'Me vs. You..I I thought our civilization had developed further than that. I don't understand why people feel Graffiti is to designate a gangs territory. But do gang mem- that they can take everything away that we have worked bers really think they can d lines aro und their territory? so hard to build Up.\" Five years ago, less than half of the Apparently so. The graffiti in this picture was left on the studentbody would have been able to say they knew of of the gymnasi um in the early fall. -', someone who was in a gang. Today over 70% of The board in Times Hillcrest students are familiar with, or know someone Square,began counti ng the number of deaths in the United in a gang. It is a frightening statistic. States. As of January 1, 1994, 12:01 a.m. , there were 69 gun \"I am sick of kids in gangs who think that they related deaths. Gangs use guns to bolster their power but Sports star Michael Jordan's hold the power. All they do is hold the weapons.II said America is fin ally fed up and father was killed by two gang one indignant student. Although some students are trying to take the power back. members. Afterwards, they upset with gangsters who put others in unwanted, stole his car and stripped it. The awkward positions, many others understand why stu- event stoked national fear of dents join gangs. \"I realize it is because they have had gangs. The death of Mr. Jordan a bad family life or need to feel accepted. II At the same proved to Americans anyone could be the victim of a gang. time, others aren't so understanding. \"Everyone has Public fear of gang warfare is hard times. Why do some people think that joining only now being addressed by gangs will solve their problems?\" Some students donIt government institutions, even feel there is a gang problem. One student who beginning with New York's new Mayors Against Gangs Agenda. recently moved here from California told this story. \"I walked out the back of my house one day just in time to see a couple of guys out in a field being beaten with chains. live also seen a cop shot out in the same field. Utah doesn't have a gang problem.\" Despite the fact that Hillcrest has already been the victim of senseless graffiti attacks, students still feel relatively safe here. Gangs and what they represent have just become another hurdle for people of our generation to overcome. (Names of those quoted were withheld for safety reasons.) 112 III~ Fun Feature

Because life is steimnuolauhtgingT.h7e:2c5.lYOocu'kreslatrteikageaisn and frantically looking for a place to park. It's impossible. Not only do 1223 students have the same idea of parking, but there are only 782 spaces. But you've got to find a space, illegal or not. Once again you fail. There are only 10 illegal spots, and you're the fifteenth in line. You give up you're late, so you decide to park at the Belgium Waffle. Running through the school wondering if you have time to find your locker, outofthe 1688, you look and the time on the first clockyou see says it's 4:45! The next clocks say 1:10, 9:46, 8:30, and 7:58. Out of the 200 clocks in the school, which one should you believe? Realizing there are none,you run back over to the Belgium Waffle to see what time it really is. When you get back, you're very late and now won't have time to stop at your locker. Mter finally getting to your classroom, out of the 426, you can begin All of these pictues were taken at 8:25 am. your search for your green chair, out of the 428. You've finally made it, and think to yourself... maybe I ought to get up before 7:10 from now on. Nah! 1)~. Hd. H. g~, PU. It's interesting that the school One of the 428 green chairs at iss ues 1,223 parking permits Hil lcrest. and there's on ly 782 spaces. Fun Feature 1111. 113

....., Student Jobs Ever wonder what students do for money? Some grow their fingernails long and sell them for money, others go door to door collecting cash for girl scout cookies (and sometimes keep the money) , while L a others revert to the popular idea of selling their bOrbrothers and sisters. But in reality we know that O a z ethe majority of students have real jobs. Work- ing in department stores, pet stores or even fast food restaurants, where they can flip over the red raw meat and dab it with a drop of sauce to hide it in the bun. Some sell animals to families who need a pet to please their children. Giving even more responsibility to the teenagers at home. Many students leave school each day to Shay McBride works her way Ui try and earn enough money to afford a car or any to cashier after working hard as other luxuries that may make life more enjoyable a bagger at Maceys. to them. However there are those students who ask parents for money or beg friends for a few Maceys, a place where Hillcrest bucks. Trying to find an easy way out. students can buy $.1 0 ice cream cones 24 hours a day. The real jobs offer a wide range of pay, paying anywhere from $4.25 to $5 and$6 an hour. But letls ask one Hillcrest student what he thinks about having ajob, \"Ajob helps past time throught the day. And gives me the money I need to spend. II Some parents wrestle with the idea of letting their student get a job, because their school work often sufferes as a result. To the parent, going to -;' --=~ school and getting good grades is a job, because it could inevitably land you a scholarship which is Branden Mondragon stands to much more valuable thana $4.25 an hour job that the side of the shake machine after blowing up a customers teaches you nothing. So who pays for the car and shake at Arctic Circle. insurance? Tough question, which should be made based upon the responsibility of the indi- vidual student. 114 III. Fun Feature

House osf the~e,Don'tjuststand StYle bust a move, oh walt, Me Hammer's out. Along with his parachute Eants. Now you can either thrash with the annel or headbangwith the \"painted on pants\" esians. Or dancing to \"Reggae Cowboy\" with our ropers is another option. Since you acci- Clently washed the whites with the blacks, thus cancelling the MOD look. As you look in the mirror at your greasy hair, tapedglasses, and pocket protector, you realize you're a nerd and you wouldn't be at a dance. So iYoufeel like changing your style a little bit. You could be a jock and have none of your clothes match each other or how about the pretty boy look, Polo shirts and Lucky jeans. There's always granola, with long straggly hair, tan pants, and Birkenstocks. Or that kid who you can't figure out what it is he's wearing. Styles here at Hillcrest are diverse, allowing people to be individuals. Pauline Vanderbeck, looking stylish in her Polo denim shirt and Doc Martens, is a symbol of the Hillcrest trend. Looking Comfortable in her t-shirt and straight hair, Annette Style 'III. 115 Avery shows us the \"granola look\" that became popular this year at Hillcrest.

--- Sports Unlike the principal from excitement in their stomach \"Grease\"so eloquently said, I If before a game. It is only the you can't be an athlete, be an athletes. Despite embarrassing athletic supporter.\" Hillcrest losses, athletes keep playing students disagree, because life because all sports have their is not a spectator sport. One ups and downs. Players roll has to be out on the field or on along toward those amazing the court to truly know what wins and victories staying ON the game is like. Spectators do AROLL toward the bigger and not get that squirmy feeling of better.

\"Ra/( ftie #1 %@, , , el\"e~t,)' Khizer Khaderi The cross country team learned a lot about \"taking the pain and running faster,\" and had fun doing it. Coach Pearce paid his debt to education and is retiring after 36 years of coaching. Imagine yourself running as fast as you Pearce has been coaching for thirty-six years. can for three miles, with sweat dripping in After he finished coaching football he became your eyes, your muscles aching, and not be- involved with track, and since track and cross ing able to stop! Alot of people think this is country are so closely related, he began to easy, but the fact is that cross country is a lot coach the cross country team and just stuck harder than it looks. Devotion, discipline, with it. Pearce has had several memorable and hard work are all major attributes of a experiences with the cross country team. Some cross country runner. A runner has to go of these experiences are when they won the through a lot of pain and heart breaking state championship three years back to back losses, but to become a wi nner and a cham- from 1981 to 1983. pion it takes a lot more. Nathan Dewyee, a cross country team member said, \"A cham- Pearce will miss coaching. It has taught him pion is one that can take the pain and run patience, dedication, and hard work. Coach faster. \" Pearce is also known for saying, \"Pay the price and you'll reap the reward.\" Pearce has paid the This season has not been real easy for price in education, completing thirty-five years anyone, but the runners have never given up. of service. Thank you for sticking it out even Matt Wood said, \"It's not where you finish the when you thought you were not going to be able race, it's how you finish.\" to finish the race because your lungs were burning so bad. The cross country team was coached by Ray Pearce in his last year of thirty-six. A. Cook, K. Archuleta \"Don 't start the race yet. Jeremy Ferguson and Spencer Kyle Wood, at the cross country meet, runs the three mile Jay Przybla, is just\"hanging around\" before the mell Millerberg talk some last minute strategy (or the race race wh il e competingwith Alta and Brighon at the Cotton- againstAlta and Brighton. Manyrunners relax be(orelhrl against Alta. wood Complex. compete.

Travis Wertz, Spencer Millerberg, David Benedict, and Khi zer Kh aderi push against each other and Alta competeing for the fini sh line. Tracy Olson runs like\"#@%$\"as hesprints the last stretch of the race. Rl : Spencer Millerberg, Kyle Wood, Bryant Blanchard, MikeAllen, Matt Wood R2: David Benedict, DamienAllen, Nathan Dewyee, Jay Pryzybyla, Mark Degan R3: Jeremy Ferguson, Ben Torgersen, Travis Wertz, Tracy Olson, Khi ze r Khaderi, Jesse Gray, Kevin Walker, Coach Pearce; Missing: Troy Taylor Boys Cross Country 1111. 119

...... Themost inspirationalrunners this yearwere Jenn DeWaal, Senior: Anne Perrin,Junior (not pictured); JeniAlexander, Sophomore; and atalie DeWaal. Freshman. \"The strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is thewolr' was thisyears theme. Thegirls relied a lot on their fe llow team members for everything. 120 1111. Girls Cross Country Anne Perrin and Jodi Hall got tobegoodfri ends this year. They always ran together and encouraged eachother as they ran, It is 2:30 in the afternoon, do you know where your daughter is? Parents of cross country team members could rest easily kn owing that their girls we re always at after school r ractice.

Kate Beus. from a fa mily of twelv kids, was voted as the Team members include: \\{al'i Christensen, Anne Perrin, most improved runne r this year. Coach Anderson was Jeni Alexander,Jenn DeWaal,Jodi Hall , BeckyReid, Shan- \\ I)' pleased with her performance. non Reno, Kadee Christensen. Not pi ctured: Natalie DeWaal, Emily Beesly, Katie Beus. {)N TIIERHN Ah... to run cross country. These Hillcrest girls run for fun. Each grade had a most inspirational runner. They were Jenn DeWaal, Anne Perrin, Jeni Alexander, and Natalie DeWaal, the only freshman to make the team. The strained muscles, the pulled ligaments, Alexander said, \"You can't hold on to old victo- sore knees. These are the side affects of run- ries, you have to look ahead to new achieve- ning. Is it worth it? The girls cross country ments.\" Kari Christensen thinks winning team thinks so. Sometimes after a hard meet, isn't as important as finishing the race. some ofthe gi r1s would get discouraged. Emily Beesley said that whenever she would get Coach Anderson has been running for 27 discouraged her dad and sister would help her years and coaching for over 3. He coaches for through it. The team had to be unified to make the same reason he teaches, he likes to see it through the season. Jodi Hall and Anne individuals set goals and achieve success. Perrin would run together at the meets and Coach Anderson was a great help to all of the encourage each other to improve their own girls and was willing to give them advice. personal records. Anne feels that, \"Winning a \"Running is like life, in that you have to set race is great but nothing feels better than goals and never give up until you conquer improving your own personal record.\" Jeni those goals.\" S. Johnson Thecross country teamsoarshighwhilethey arerunning. Girls Cross Country 11111. 121 On the roof of the high school, they can check out the view.

Emilee Earl, the human wall, stops at nothing to keep out the opposing team's ball when they are attempting to score. Her defensive ability is one of the reasons she was chosen fo r the all region team. Catherine Moore displays her winning smile as the Lady Huskies attempt to chalk up another victory. Elisa Nebeker, Kri sta I~ o h e l e r, l<im Kund e, Emilee Bingham and Mariah Hutson are slrutin ' seniors taking a break after a hard day at practice. I<rista Koheler, demonstrates her strength as she slams the ball over the nel, wa rning her learn about the return hit. Not many players in the region can return a hil with such strength. 1221111• Varsity Volleyball

Emill' Bingham sets the ball backward , he definately R4: Teissa Delacaruz, Emilee Earl, Danae Darrington, has a tyle of playing like no one else. Krista Kohelor, Kim Kunde, Mindy Wilson R3: Mariah Hut on, Nikki Ore, Jaynie Olsen, Denise Nelson R2 : Catherine Moore, Jessica Elliot, Suszette Cardon Rl : Emilee Bingham, Elisa Nebeker The game is tied at 10 and Hillcrest is serving. With the grace of an eagle, the ball floats across the net into the opponents's territory. Score or not, in your heart you know that every girl out there is still a winner. In order to be a wi nner, one must give their all them, showing our potential against a good team\", and never give up. Thisdescribes every player onthe remembered Kim Kunde. Before every game, the varsity volleyball team. words \"we're all over it\" rang through each player's head. Another thing Hillcrest was \"all over\", was the New coaches, new drills, and a new region... the all-region volleyball team. The Huskies contributed cards were stacked against them. They worked Krista Koehler, Kim Kunde, Emily Earl, and Emily harder every game, as demonstrated agai nst Bingham to the list of the Region's best. Brighton. Despite endingwith a3and 19 record, the varsity Both at home and at Brighton, the Huskies beat volleyball team played every game as best as they the Bengals. \"The first win (at home) was awar. We could. went into it with the 'Do or Die' attitude and came out on top. But the second game, we dominated Andria Smith, Andy Hogle Coleman 'Krut\" (Krista Koheler), let's nothing get in her way, Varsity Volleyball 1111. 123 especiallynot gravity. Shehas a wayofcontrolling theball that no one else can comparewith, and wouldn't want to.

ophmore Jessica Ell iot goes upfor thespike against Alta, while 1indy Wi lxon stands unprepared, hoping the ball doesn't hit her in the head. Catherine Moore passes the ball to the setter in a game against Brighton in which the team won. R(}e/( I1R()t(;tI!) TilE ;tIET With the challenges of a new Coach and Region, the J.V. Team still Rocked the net. Also, with their Pride and Commitment they showed us who they were and with that, they never backed down. Pride and commitment were two words the a team and you lose as a team. \" Denise Nelson volleyball team adopted as their team motto. added, \"When we each think of playing our Our team was placed with the challenges of a personal best then we play better as a team.\" new coach,region, and new plays. The new region this year is a reacurring The new coach this year was Diane Colby. theme among all the sports, because it had Alot of players have a hard time adjusting to such a major impact on the teams. Denise coaches new techniques, however Coach Colby Nelson was postive about the change. \"The was able to make the girls feel comfortable. other teams had some awesome players that Janie Olsen said, \"She (Coach) believed in us!\" could do some plays thatweweren 't even close This is what made Coach Colby the driving to, but later we learned from them.\" force behind the team. Despite all of the changes from last year to The overall performance of the team was this year, the team still ended their games on not what they had hoped. But the team a positive note. realized, \"volleyball is a team sport-you win as -K. Watson 124 1111. JV Volleyball Many teams were unsuccessful in stopping plays like this one, which is de monstrated by ophmore Mi ndy Wilson in the game agai nst Alta.

A Beth Ann Heaps prepares to return the ball. she says to h rself. \"\\ hop \\ don't break a nail.\" This years Sophomore Volleyball team was united. They really improved since try-outs. At the begining the girls could barely hit the ball over the net. Luckily for the rest of us they worked hard and even learned to spike the ball, what more could you ask for? This season was hard for the sophomore effort, spent a lot of time and worked hard to volleyball team, which isn 't unusual for a sophomore team. The team did however, show learn new things.\" When the girls were chal- a lot of improvement despite their losses. There weren't really any star players on the lenged they didn't back down, they fought on. team who won the games for the team, but the season wasn 't a total loss. There were three The girls kept a good attitude and worked freshmen on the team who loved playing for Hillcrest anyway. together in an attempt to win. They had a new coach this year, Nancy Neff. Unlike church ball this game is competative She said, \"The girls really put out a lot of and it gave the girls a run for their money (actually a mad dash) . Usually the girls from the sophomore team go on to play N and varsity, so it can only get better from here. A. Newman Kneepads! Worn to protect the knees from that awful gym floor. Tara Smith And Jill Kooyman know all about the burns you can get so they wear their kneepads to spike that ball over the net. Rl : Beth Ann Heaps, Kristy Larsen R2: Misty Lundberg. Aud ra Koehler, Jill Kooyman R3: Michelle Ames, ikki Orr, Jessica Morrison, Tara mith Sophomore Volleyball 1111. 125

Amy Sheppard concentrates on power hitting the ball and amazing the crowd. \"Uugggh hhhl\" exclaims Megan Bruderer as she grits her teeth and slams the ball over the net. Meagan Goodwin and Jamie Hubbard relax before an exciting match against American Fork. I(ris Wilson as ks herself, \"where did my racke t go?\" after showing the ball who's in charge. 126 1111• Ten nis

leagan Goodwin shows much graceas shesmilessweetly nd plays tennis at the ame time. Top(L-R)Angels Hobbs, JennyWeichers, Megan Bruderer, Allison Shields, KristenSmith, KrisWilson,Shelley Astin. Bottom (L-R) Amanda Foulger, Jamie Hubbard, Meagan Goodwin,AmySheppard,Stacy Miller, KathyMcCleery,Bre Stuber, Sandee Parsons. The tennis team overcame great odds. They were in a new region and sent a player to state. The girls were a team on and off the court. They all showed true sportsmanship. Angela Hobbs wonders, \"maybe I should use two hands Our tennis team was one of the most Another impressive part of the team was a after all\" as she goes to make a strong retu rn . devoted ever. Many of the girls have been particular fan. Shelley Astin's mom came to playing for three years or more. Kathy many games to cheer for her daughter and the McCleery said it best when she said,\"Winning team. A special thanks to her and all of the is everything!\" This desire to win made the tennis team supporters. girls a success. Sandee Parsons described tennis as \"99% mental, 1% physical.\" The girls had some great things to say about the game. Stacy Miller said,\"The better They were not only devoted to the game, you look, the better you play.\" The girls did but to each other as well. This year the girls play well this season, despite the fact that they had secret sisters. Before each game, the gi rls were in a new region, and didn't quite know gave their \"sister\" gifts to encourage them to what to expect. Kris Wilson showed that she do well on their game_ didn't mind the new region when she said, \"Just hit it!\" Sophomore, Jenny Weichers did Mechele Bosco was the coach. The girls especially well by representing Hillcrest at loved her and said she was a \"babe\" and an state. excellent coach. Coach Bosco was impressed by each of the players dedication, equal skills K. Draper K. Simmons and competitive spirit. Tennis 1111. 127

Jill Candrian, Andrea Martinez, and Trisha Ross listen eagerly to Coach Moizer during one of his halftime pep talks at the Brighton game where Hillcrest had a 2 to 1 victory in overtime. Meg Loomis drills the ball down field, stopping yet another line drive from her opponents. Goalie Brandea Paulk provides the rest ofthe soccer team with the half-time entertainment. Leslie Nash \"aims high\" as she strains to get above her opponent fo r a shot on goal. Soccer 1111. 128

indi orenson puts all h r might. mind , and strength Rl Coach Paul Moizer, Jill Candrian, Stephani e Woodward,Genny Morl ey,Trisha Ross,Andrea Martinez Rl : Lynette Dickerson, Dawn apowerful shot sending the ball soaring into the top Sehy,Audrey Bingham, KerstinPlagemann,Rebecca Bishop,Melissa Savage, Heather Wardle, Laura Fairbanks, Jennifer Scott, Meg hand comer of the net. Watrous,Maren Van Wagoner,Heather Barn ey,Brooke Scherbel, Loomis, Mindi Sorenson. Not Pictured:Brandea Paulk,SarahBates, Coach Sarah Habel. R2: Crystal Hickenlooper,Brianne Goddard, Maggie Neisen, Leslie Nash, Brittney Pope. Jodi Bryner, Kerri Nordfelt, Kelli Nordfelt, Erika Foerster,Sarah YI/I/I I, I, I, \"I know I got upset at times this season and ran you a little harder than you would have liked, but I hope you realize that I was just trying to make us better as a team. I hope that all of you continue to play soccer at every chance you get because the reason you put up with me is because you love the game, and that is the most important thing.\" Coach Paul Moizer The Lady Huskies soccer team has had to incredible improvements and werea much \"closer make some big adjustments, going from one of and stronger team because of it.\" the weakest regions to one of the strongest. Coach Habel thought the change was for the The Varsity team on the other hand had a best. She said she'd rather play challenging different outlook. They focused on playing hard teams because you have to work harder and the the whole game, and never giving up. The win means a lot more! The Lady Huskies were Huskies were successful in this area when they fortunate to be able to play their home games at pulled off a big win in overtime against the Hillcrest, rather than Union, where the games Brighton Bengals,one ofthe top ranked teams in have been played in previous years. The coaches the region. However, Coach Moizer says he and players all agreed it gave them a sense of regrets that they were \"unable to win the big finally belonging, but not completely, because one,\" referring to the interegion playoffs where they still had to practice on another field. the Huskies lost a hard fought game to Weber. Coach Habel said that the main focus of the When we asked senior Jennifer Scott how she J.V. team was a simple one--to improve. They would \"sum the season up,\" she said \"The coaches worked very hard and Habel says she feels \"that were great and everyone worked really hard, IT itwasacompletesuccess!\" The players had made WAS AWESOME!!!\" H. Wardle, H. Brunner Jodi Bryner uses her head while showing the spectators Soccer 1111. 129 nerfamous \"Flip-throw.\"

Rl: Donie Salazar,Qui Do,Jon Agurrie,Joe Martinez,Greg Price,Matt Maynard,John WilsonR4 :Steve Priskos,John Chytraus,Mike Scott,Tony Roberts,Tony Trotter,Do Larsen,Ben Peterson,Pedro Ramos,Alex Cortez R2: Dave Valenti,Mike Paskett,Chris Chritensen,Dan Roberts,Eric Milne,Phil Sapp ,Russ Keetch,1ohn Uriarte,Mar Critchfi eld .Chris Chidister ,Chris Enger ,Barney Roberts ,Dave Scanlon,Dam on Anderson ,Brad Roberts,Bubba Johanson,Mike Brinkhorst,Marty T Beverly,Mark Drebbing,Jared HaneY,Sam Malloy,Tony Greaves,Mike Freeman,Aaron Rowsell,KC Jensen.R5:Glade R7:Josh Burke\"James Whitehead,Travis Bateman,E' Mascaro ,Greg Dibble ,Jason Kilchrist ,Mark Going,Brandon Nelson,Darrin Ross,Greg Pederson,Mike Vaughn,Andy Bowers,Darren Stroud,Tyler Prowitt,Jarn Maughn,Brandon Merrill R3:John Gulley,Jeremy McCabe,Jamie Hughes,JoshSmith,Dave Castleberry,Matt Taumpoepeau,Ben Hill,Brian Derringer,Brian Borg Hunt,Coach Taumoepeau ,Coach Bowdren\" Coach GlasseY ,Leremy Mckenzie,Trent Storm R6 :Bart Team captain, senior John Uriarte and friend, celebrate after a good play against Alta. Have yo u ever felt upset? Well Quarterback Darren Stroud feels upset after anawful play against theopposing team. However he hides the intense feeling of defeat when he explai ns what happened to Coach Bowers and Coach Taumoepeau. 130 1111. Varsity Football

E w:. uch was the theme and feelings of Phil app when he 'ucrtSSfully stole the ball awayfrom Brightoninthe thirdQuarter. Dogpiling. In football it's when the playe r with the ball is tackled. Four Hillcrest playe rs are about to engage in dogpiling with the American Fork team. Even though we didn't have the best season this year, the fan turnout and support was still tremendous. The intensity, hard hits, and Husky pride were reasons enough to bring a capacity crowd to nearly every game. It all began with a big boom; music rushing Coach Leslie has a lot to offer the footba ll from the stands, smoke pouring from the tun- team. As Mike McCabe said, \"In the years to nel, and excitement from the fans and cheer- come Coach Leslie's Huskies will show great leaders. It was all for the Varsity Football teams improvement because he is the best coach in practices, hard work,and pumping up. It didn't the state.\" payoff and the oddswere against them. Hillcrest was changed to a much harder region. Players Even though it was a more difficult region it were introduced to newplays, a new coach, and didn't stop the intensity of the practices and there were many injuries. All of these elements games. As one player put it, \"My main concern contributed to the hardships of the year. was hitting someone so hard they couldn't get up.\" Next years Huskies hope to see the team This yearwehad many injuries. Brad Greaves concentrate more on knocking down opposing got a blood clot above th e sku ll , Chri s team scores and bringing up their own. For Christensen broke a leg, Dave Critchfield a the seniors moving on, we look forward to broken foot,and oneofour team captains, Phil seeing some of you play college footba ll. Sapp, broke and dislocated his ankle. J. Ward A. Rekoutis Quarterback Darren Stroud is getting ready to throw the ball at about mid fiel d, whileJohn Uriarte blocks for him.

Batteredandmuddy,aHusky football player stares reOecting feelings after a not so great season. Although the season didn't go as well as planned, the players and the new coaching staff felt the season was a true example of their motto: NO REGRETS!!! Aflash of green and white, the sounds of keep the same players all year and not let colliding plastic and steel. Acarwreck? Close, that's the sounds of our Hillcrest High Junior anyone advance to the varsity team, we could Varsity football team in action. work harder and feel more like a team.\" Despite the fact that our JV team went 3 and 7this year, the overall season was thought Coach Bowers, who came to us from Cotton- ofas asuccess by both the players and the new coach, Dan Bowers. As anyone might guess, wood High School, says that his first year at none of the players were thrilled about the outcome of the season. They were, however, HHS went well overall. \"I really liked working glad to be able to become fami liar with the new coaching staff and get ready to kick butt with the players. They are really combative next year as a varsity football team. When asked what could be done to improve the and aggressive.\" The players liked working record, #68, Mark Roberts replied,\"Ifwe could with Coach Bowers and were happy with the help that his coaching ability has brought to this team. Although the JV team didn 't have an ideal year, their attitudes and motivational drive allowed the Hillcrest JV team to finish the season as winners. C. Williams #22, Mike Freeman dodges a tackle and picks up extra yards for the Huskies. Running in great form #11, I<C Jensen, finds a hole and makes his move, NO REGRETS! 132 1111. JV Football

The Huskies show tru teamwork. byfi ghting for the ball, . a ainst the Cavemen. TilE ;t((}gT EfFECTIVE /;1/1REOIE;1/T . . Despite numerous injuries and a constant size disadvantage, the sophomore football team surprised every- , one, by finishing region play offs with a 4-2 record. Coach Jeff Price Sophomore Football emphasized the mean- fun this year. ing of teamwork this year. Doug Smith, The team has also seen their share of inju- known as \"Pretty Boy,\" commented on team- work, \"I try to keep the ball moving and make ries. Chris Callister, the leading receiver, as few mistakes as possible.\" This could pos- broke his collar bone in one game. Kevin sibly be the factor that brought the team Leggat, the starting lineman, dislocated his success. shoulder. Both players missed the last two games and unfortunately the team lost both Though they did have tough breaks, they games. did win most of their games. They would Considering they played in a new region, that average 29 points every game. Coach Price was more competitive and stronger, the sopho- says \"the offense team was awesome.\" Price is mores did great. extremely pleased with this team. Not only have they worked hard, but they had a lot of A. Gray, W. Huggard Rl:Ryan Wagstaff, Nick Paulk, Marcus Saleh, Randy Homer, Willie Dawes, Louis Martinez, Doug Mcphie, Ryan Mcomie, Dan Limberg, erts, Josh Black, Brett Parry R4: Randon Heywood, Jeff Swallow, Chris Katsanevas R3:Waylyn Wardle, Jimmy Dotson,Josh Eades, Dan Bevan Paskins, David Haynie, Nick England, Zane Davis, Kevin Wardle,JoshNacey, Fred Gammell,Bryan Hastings, Riley Kay, Nate Hillesheim, Damon Savage, JaredBelcher, David Pickett, Bryan Rob- Leggat, Doug (PrettyBoy) Smith, Chris Callister, Dave Anderson. E~~niuk R2: Nate Bowlden, Wade Handberg, Nate Tilley, Andrew

As the Lady Huskies sit on the bench for the halftime pep talk. it is hard for one to tell the gi rls apart from their color-coordinated outfits and matching ike shoes. Jennifer Pehrson maneuvers around an opposing Alta teammate looking for the open space. Erika \"run like the wind\" Foerster speeds past her oppo- nent for a nice two-point shot. 134 1111. Girl's Varsity Basketball

\"I want the girls to understand the importance of intensity and making a true commitment to themselves and the team, to improve.\" --Coach Sarah Habel Shoot, loosen up, stretch, visit about past mitted to themselves and to the team\" to prove or upcoming games-GO HARD-be intense, that they could compete successful1y in the push yourself, push your teammates,and don't new region . This is exactly what they did. In forget to laugh at Emily Wilson's huge black the Bonnevil1e game, Krista Koehler had 19 eye (complements of Kristen Smith). What do rebounds. In the game against Alta, Kristen you cal1 this? No, it's not Jane Fonda's Work- Smith had a \"double double\" with 14 points out, in fact it's a typical practice for the Lady and 12 rebounds (10 were offensive! ). And Huskies Varsity Basketbal1 team. Amber Smith is final1y beginning to use her \"god-given\" abilities. This year's team was much younger than teams in the past, having only three seniors. When Coach Habel was asked what she had Also,being thrown into a tougher region didn't to say about the season she said \"slowly but help the situation. The season could be surely we are improving. \" The team pul1ed summed up in one word--CHANGES, and the together when things got rough, because they Lady Huskies had to make a lot of them. are good friends both on and off the court. Coach Habel said \"The girls had to be com- C. Etherington, H. Wardle It was a tough battle for the \"boards\" with ESPN cameramen fil ming the ga me against Alta fo r national cove rage . During a time-out in the game against Alta, the girls Rl : Jess ica Elliott,Trisha Ross, Lisa Tolth, Erika Foerster, performed a rendition of the hokey-pokey for the crowd. Emily Wilson, Amber Pehrson, Debbie Nisson, Leslie Nash. R2: Coach Sam Puich, Coach Sarah Habel, Angie Gray, Karin Abel, Megan Candrian, Krista Koehler, Kristen Sm ith, Merry-Noel Maxwell, Heather Hoffman. Girl 's Varsity Basketball 1111. 135

Am ber Pehrson goes up for the shot against Alta, onlyshe knows if she made it or not, the team won by two points. Rl : AngieGraY,Leslie Nash,Merry Maxwell, Kristen Smith, I<arin Abel, Coach Karen Alcorn. R2: Erika Foerster,Emily Wilson, Trisha Ross, Amber Pehrson, Jessica Elliot. With the game on the line and only minutes left, there is no team harder to beat than our very own Lady Huskies. Picture this, two seconds left on the clock, team members we wouldn't have a successful the score is tied and all the Alta girls are team. sweating like crazy, all hope was gone, some thought we didn't have a chance. The shot, This year when you see a Lady Husky in her taken by Angie Gray, was up and in winning basketball shirt you will find the words \"In the game for the Huskies. Pursuit of Excellence.\" These are the words chosen for this year's theme. Each girl puts in This year the Huskies get a new coach, a lot of time and effort to pursue this goal. Karen Alcorn, who came from Montana. As Emily Wilson put it \"she makes us try to do our Most of these girls will make up our varsity very best, work hard, play well, and win.\" basketball team for next year. Each girl needs to prepare herself by working hard in the off In order to playas a team each member has season. Emily Wilson plans to \"continue work- to put in a little something extra. As Angie ing over the summer by practicing ball han- Gray said, \"we communicate and help each dling and shooting.\" other.\" Without this communication between J. Ward K. Watson 136 1 111. JV Girl 's Basketball For a winning team, offe nsive rebounds are an i fac tor. Trisha Ross shows Alta how it is done.

RI: Jenn ifer Pidcock, Jill Candrian, BethAnne Heaps, Heidie Va nRooRendaal. R2: Sandee Parsons, Katie Granquist, Me lissa Watrous, Kone Sapp. R3:Teissa DeLaC ruz, Jessica Elliott,Andrea Martinez, Lori Halverson. Not shown: Misty Lundberg. Kone Sapp, freshman, and Katie Grandquist, sophomore, fight to get the rebound against the \"mighty\"Alta Hawks. !!!!!!~~!!!!!! The only bad thing about basketball, is everyone's favorite people...THE REFS. \"If you had one more eye, you'd be a cyclops.\" \"That old grandma has cataracts, she's blind!\" \"I'm blind, I'm deaf, I want to be a ref.\" \"Swish! Nuthin ' but net.\" The sophomore The team cheers each other on and never gets girls basketball team, coached by Sam Puich down on anyone. and Allison Burt, \"Rules.\" Even so, once and a while a girl will have an off day. Andrea Family support is really important. Ms. Martinez said, \"You have to focus on the next Kone Sapp has had 3 children involved in game. You have to make the next game an on Hillcrest sports over the last 6 years. The game.\" The team has an understanding of the hardest thing for parents, according to Ms. word unity. Jill Candrian stated, \"If we don 't Sapp, is financial help with travel and uniform playas a team, we can't win as a team.\" costs. At the games, one can look up and see parents strewn all over the bleachers. The team has 2 freshmen players. Both come from Union Middle school. Kone Sapp Every team has to be just that, a team. and Melissa Watrous travel about a mile every According to Lori Halversen, the sophomore afternoon to practice with the team. The girls are the definition of a team, the meaning freshmen were excited to play for Hillcrest. of pride. . Johnson , . N w m an Teissa DeLeCruz focuses on one goal only. to get the Sophomore Basketball 1111. 137 basketball to go into the basket. Basketball looks easy. But it takes a lot of practice and concentration.

Tyler Jensen passes to team member Chad I\\eetch in the game against Granger. Hillcrest won 69-49. Zach Love cruises down the court protecting the ball from Granger. To the Hillcrest crowd he's known as one of the best free-throw shooters. 138 1111. Varsity Basketball Senior Chad Hales rises above the rest as he goes for the basket.Unfortunatelymisses but makes a good comeback later in the game. Tyler Jensen,Dane Ishihara, ,Joey Sexton,Mark Walker,Brian Borg,Danny Walker,Ryan hipp,Chad Hales,Andy Bowers,Ben Tullis,Dan Anderson,Dan Hill,Chad l<eetch,Brad Greaves,Zach Love,J im Clark, Coach Damron,Coach Margets,Coach Rasmussen,Coach Price,Micah Monson,Kevin Gargune

Goahead makemyday.BradGreaves th reat n' hisenemy's chan'e of oring with his t nacious defense. A few of the players sitting on the sidelines are getting pumped for the moment their number is called to play. Coach Margetts wants to tell the 1993-94 varsity basketball team, ''You are one of the most enjoyable teams we have coached. You work hard, know your roles and have continued to improve all year.\" The team has great team chemistry and character! They stand there like a fortress, a massive sweetest feeling ever! I love to beat Brighton!\" huddle of green uniforms, they are the varsity And so does the rest of the school. team. Storm it if you dare-hundreds of prac- tice hours, in depth routines, concentrated Beating Brighton was an awesome experi- players, you name it. Coach Margetts com- ence, but the team had it's share oflosing. Dan ments, \"Every player has made very good im- Hill said, \"I hate losing. That's the one thing provement. Each player that has entered the you can't ever get used to.\" However the team game, has made an important contribution.\" has also won a good portion of their games. Their practice everyday, from 1:30-4:30 in- Hillcrest really did well this year compared cluding Saturdays from 8:00-10:30a.m, to last year. They overwhelmingly beat our showed through. rival, Brighton, with a huge win 57-38. Battle of the Jug is a huge game for our school. It has There are also a lot of new players, includ- been 3 years since the Battle of the Jug has ing Tyler Jensen who is a sophomore. It has been won! Player Zach Love says, \"It was the been really great for him to play on the varsity team. A. Gray A. Rekoutis Dan Hill passing across court, passes successfully in the Varsity Basketball 1111. 139 game against Granger.

Juni or Jimmy Clark shoots the ball up and over t>10untain View's attempted block, \"Oh so gracefull y!\" The JV basketball team: Coach Kevin Damron, #10 Dane Ishihara, #25 Joey Sexton, #15 Mark Walker, #21 Danny Anderson, #4 5 Ben Tull is, #22 Brian Borg, #20 Chad Keetch, #23 Ji mmy Clark, #11 Tyler Jenson, Coach Mark Rasm ussen, Coach Price. All for one and one for all. The JV Basketball team played by this motto as they displayed great sportsman- ship and unity throughout their season. This equally balanced team worked well together. Out of 140 young men who tried out fo r JV defensively and offensively. Brian Borg had basketball, only 11 talented guys made the the best scrape of the year. During a game at team. The new coach, who replaced Coach Highland, Borg made a fast break, dove, and Langpap, was Mark Rasmussen. When we scraped up his shoulder. Tyler Jenson helped asked Coach Rasm ussen who his most valu- keep the team going with direction and inspi- abl e player was, hecouldn't namejust one. \"In ration. The tough region refl ected in the each game someone differe nt shines in both team's record, but the JV team played hard scoring and attitude.\" The JV team consisted and made some good comeback. When the of one fres hman, four sophomores, and six team was down and things looked hopeless, jun iors. Chad Keetch was considered the the guys pulled together and made the Hus- team's most consistent player. Joey Sexton kies proud. and JimmyClark we reesteemedasgreat helps T.Barl ow Ju nior Joey Sexton fli es down the court with one purpose in mind: SCORE!! 1401 11. JV Basketball

Dou mith hows Quickness in moving the ball past Gran er defense . Five.. Four.. Three.. Two.. One (buzz)!! With the buzzer sounding the last second of the play, the sopho- more basketball team cheers because they have just come across another victory. Good basketball teams seem to be some- To some players, basketball means every- thing that the Huskies are able to produce. thing to them: the adrenaline rush, the crowd The sophomore basketball team is no excep- screaming, and the sweat dripping off their tion . face. \"Life is nothing without basketball,\" commented James Taylor,who plans on some- Even without the shining lights, like the day playing in the NBA. Varsityteam receives, these boys give up noth- ing in performance. They appreciate the fact This year the team was coached by Coach that practice makes improvement. Damon and Coach Price. Both agree that this years sophomore team has a lot of potential \"Do your best and never give up,\" says and most will make Varsity. Theyworked hard Andrew Dawes. The combination of both and still had fun . players and coaches provided a successful year for the team. A. Cates & S. Feveryear Jeremy Fai rbanks takes ajump shot to build the Huskies lead against Granger. R:l Jeff Baich, Dane Ishi lhara, Jonny Beasley , Wes Chappell , Ryan Gunn, Ben Tullis, R2: James Taylor, DougSmith. Wade Hansen,Zane Davis, R3: MikeGargano, DeanCreason, DavisSmith, Brian Matthews, R4: Coaches: Michah Monson, Dam ron, Price, Kevin Garduno. Sophomore Basketball II\" 14 1

Craig Rickenbach keeps fit and relieves stress with out- sideactivities like rock climbing. It's also a fun activity to do with friends. Skateboarding at the local church Scott Francis takes a daredevil ride down the hand rail. Stunts such as thi ns ofteninvolve bruises and broken bones but never seems to stop them from trying something new. Outside \"Outside activities are a way of relieving the pressures of school and lets you have a good time,\" says senior Rachon Amell. Many students at Hillcrest involve boarding is something rad and isn't themselves in activities dealing with related to schooL\" Andy Hogle the school, joining the football or Coleman, another senior says, basketball team to give full team \"Rollerblading is for fun, adrena- spirit. But let's look at the students line and girls. And makes my legs who are active outside of school. look buff.\" Leaving school grounds to pur- Having fun doesn't always have sue their past-time activities, many to involve school, in fact, finding rock climb, rollerblade, or even things outside of school can often skateboard. It gives them a chance be more rewarding because you can to have fun without involving school. continue long after you receive that Scott Francis,asenior says, \"Skate- diploma. 142\"\". Outside of School Sports Andy Hogle Coleman doesn't have a car, and uses rollerblades to get him places he needs to go. aves gl money and keeps him in great shape (for the girls!).

Around the eventh hole. Kevin Moss finally realized that histeam was no longer with him. Where can you find people with frazzling wire-tight nerves attempting to sink a little ball into a small cup? On the golf team of course. Is the golf team golfers or duffers? The When asked if anything funny happened, Webster dictionary defines the words as: Duf- Mike Hobbs replied, \"Yeah, there was a time fer- an incompetent or clumsy golfer. Golfer- when I hit my ball and it hit the other teams a person who plays the game of golf. Of course ball and made our team win.\" We found that we all know they're golfers. most of the players didn't enjoy this year as much as years past, because they didn't play Unlike football or basketball, golf does not that well. get any support or recognition for the hard work and dedication they put into playing. The coach, Bob Johnson, thought this was The game of golf is more of an individual a good year. \"We ought to have a pretty good game. When we asked them how many games team next year, with all the good players com- they won, they all had a different response. ing up. \" Some said they won three out of five, others said they won six out of nine. What's up? A. Cates and S. Feveryear Chad Keetch, sits in the gym, pondering about his next round of gol f against Mt. View. Rl : JimmyClark, Ryan Shipp, Ryan Burbidge,Corey Grip. R2:Kevin Moss, Chad Keetch, Shane Tempest, and Mike Hobbs. Missing: Nate Peirson. Golf 1111.143

- Donney Salaza r files his claws before a big match, to aviod ripping his opponents to shreads. Pedro Ramos is swept off his feet as he makes a grand enterance to the game against Mt. View, which we won. 144 III. Wrestling Rl : Steve Jensen, Brody Bailey, Marc Maughan, Twan Griego, Joshua Nacey, Qui Do. R2: Coach Bowdren, Wayne Thomas, Ryan Newton.Wade Hanberg, Mi chaelCiader, Nick Pappas, Tony Pappas, Coach Harris. In: Daniel Shipl ey, Layne Snarr, Tony Mascaro, NathanTill ey, James Whitehead, Dave Gu ll ey, TyGrissom, Coach Sierer, Coach Peterson, R4: Coach Johnson. Coach Benedict, Coach Gist. Tony Mascaro grins and bears it as he pins his opponent, a Mt. View Briun.

dore the big match. our wrestlers help each other tretchout to whoop Mt. View's @#$! *&. Row 1: Coach Sierer, Willie Wardle, Matt Wood, Johnson, Pedro Ramos, Coach Davey, Coach Peterson. Donney Salazer, Bevan Paskins, Bret Bradshaw, Adam Row 3: Kevin Parry, Bart Chytraus, Bryant Weber, Greenberg. Row 2: Coach Bowdren, David Benedict, Greg Dibble, Mike Brinshurst, Tyler Prawitt, Coach Waylyn Wardle, Greg Pedersen, John Agui rre, 10 Benedict, Coach Gist Row 4: Coach Johnson What do piranhas and wrestlers have in common? They are both out for blood and starving for action. Hulk Hogan action that is. Our wrestlers are the Hulk Hogan's of the future. Quarter Nelson, pin, Half Nelson. Some of hard sport, onlythestrongand tough can take these holds were used during the Battle of the it.\" Axe, which we lost this year. Before each match, Coach Bowdren would give each When asked,\"Why do you wrestle?\" Dave wrestler a pep talk. The guys would then go Gulley replied, \"So I can make next year's out on the mats and dance around their oppo- foo tball team.\" Coach Bowdren has been nent as if it was a ceremonial ritual. involved in wrestling since second grade. \"It's in my blood.\" Dan Shipley said, \"I wrestle to When asked if there was an inspirational prove I can win under pressure.\" Colin Booth wrestler,Coach Bowdrensaid,\"Yes,Matt Wood believes wrestling is \"90% mental, 8% physi- gives 11 0% in everything I give the kids to do. cal and 2% luck.\" He' ll stay after schooland workout on his own for an hour or so.\" Matt was also the unde- Some of the wrestlers commented that the feated state champion last year and he is this team this year was unexperienced, but are year's 103 pound division state champion as working towards reclaiming the Axe next well. Matt commented that,\"Wrestling is a year. nap,Crackle, Pop. Rice Krispies!!! Need we say more? K. Simmons K. Draper W. Huggard Wrestling I\"'. 145

Monte Ruttenbur slams the ball in the region game against Hunter, but gets stopped before advancing as far as he would have like to. Greg Larson takes a Michael Jordan pose as he waits for the ball to return after the 2nd out in the games agai nst West Jordan.. Cody Widerberg, Dan Hoglin, and Glade Going keep the bench warm wh ile Ian May tries to keep his composure in his mit. 146 1 11. Baseball

John Uriarte concentrates heavily as hewinds up his next pitch inan important region game. Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowd. Buy me some Cracker Jacks and curly fries. I don't care if I ever get my prize 'cause it's hip hip hooray for Hillcrest- if we don't win it's a shame. For it's 1,2,3 strikes- you're out! At the old ball game! It was the region game against Hunter and work consisted ofpractices everyday for hours. the top of the seventh inning. Hunter was up Cody Widerberg said \"There is no 'I' in team.\" to bat with the bases loaded and the score tied This teamwork led to a very successful year at at 2-2. Tony Bennett was pitching. He struck region. Several team members agreed that out one batter and then another. The third the team got along very well, maybe too well. batter stepped up and soon had two strikes. To help boost their spirits, the team would The third ball was pitched, as the ball flew over form a huddle after every inning and yell any- the plate, a simultaneous yell came from the thing ranging from \"hiss\" to\"lO\". dugout- \"THREE! \" Tony had struck out three of Hunter's batters in a row. With the help of Ian May was chosen as the most inspira- Tony and the rest ofthe team, they beat Hunter tional player by Coach Leslie and other team 2-3. members, too. They said Ian was always ener- getic and hyper. Eric Roberts said, \"Success starts with hard work and then your attitude takes over.\" Their K. Simmons S. Johnson Rl : Adam Greenberg, Andrew Ortiz, Tony Bennett, Mike DougSmith,Andrew Dawes, Mike Gargano, Bill Rhinehart Crockett, Greg Larson, Russ Morrell, Cody Widerberg, R3: Coach Leslie, Coach Haslip, Kevin Paxton, Nate Richard Rhinehart,Troy Holland, Ian May R2: Coach Tom Bowlden, Nate Adams, Ryan Flox, Russ Page, Monte Taylor, Jason Briggs, Bradl ey I. Greaves, Eric Roberts, Ruttenbur, Nick Powell,TonyTrotter,John Uriarte, Coach Dave Edmonds, K.C.Jensen, Mike Moon, Brandon Green, Bob Johnson K.C.Jensen leaves the base to get a little ahead, during a re giongam e.

The determined defense of the diamond definitely dazz led the dismal defendants. That's dang tough \"0\". Denise elson tells people to stand back and watch as she demonstrates her soft hands and hard mit. The pitching staff had plenty of run support thanks to the strong arms and bat speed of hitters such as Michele Caputo. Imagining she is running the 30-yard dash in an Olympic event, Denise Nelson anxiously awaits the sound of the starti ng gun, or in softball terms the crack of the bat. Softball 1111. 148

The catching-pitching duo is often referred to as the backbone ofa softball team. With thecombination ofKrut and Jeey Lund. Hodgkin's disease is not even an issue. R:1Audrey Bingham, Ruth Harrison, Kim Norris, Chrystal Krista Law,Aimee Lovato, Denise Nelson,Teissa DelaCruz, Hicken looper, Ann Lehman R:2 Emily Bingham, Joni e Angie Gray, Audra Kohler, Krista Kohler, Tara Smith, Bardsley, Jessica Ell iott, Sheralyn Hunt, Jen Holt, Em ily Keely Lund, Nikki Orr, Steph Wangsgard, Jen Pidcock Wilson, Michele Caputo, Jessy Lund R:3 Mitsy Lundberg, , Bottom of the seventh, runners on first and second. One out and the Lady Huskies trail by one. The Bingham pitcher stares down Emily Wilson, but Emily replies only with a wink. The 50 m.p.h. pitch comes across the plate and Emily sends it screaming back up into the outfield. Two runs score and Hillcrest never looks back. The Ladi es of the Diamond reminded quite physical, bang-upsoftball with some contact a few people of the Olympic Dream Team. \"The comparab le to football ,\" Michele Caputo minute we put on our stirrups, we knew we pleaded, \"We leave our titles of ladies at home were a major contendor for state,\" explai ned with our make up bags\". \"I don't necessarily Beth Ann Heaps. Hillcrest had one of the best leave my make up bag at home\", added Tara teams in the state and their few losses were Smith, \"I arrive to the game a lady, and I leave counted only as humbling experiences. the game a lady. But what I do during the game has nothing to do with ei ther eyeshadow The on lything that wasn't going Hillcrest's or blush.\" With the overwhelming amount of way was their image. The way some people enthusiasm and determination, the Ladies of viewed softball was taken to offense by many the Diamond are on the verge of a dynasty. players. \"The way we play is nothing like the chu rch softball everyone expects. We play Frequentlysecond base was used as a run way for non-stop Softball 1111.149 nights directly to home and then up on the score board.

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