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Hillcrest High Class of 1994

Published by lynette, 2019-05-08 16:34:35

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Dustin Terrel shows his fl exibility as he reaches fo r the ball. The weather has played a part in the tennis teams practices this season, with lots of rain. JimmyClark makes a concentratedpose for thecamera as he practices for a match, the next day against Alta. Apowerful serve is avitalpart of Ryan Ship's tennis game. His being so tall gives him a great adva ntage, especially when he plays at the net. Boys Tennis 11111. 150

only is Kevin Moss successful enough to laugh in the opponents. but also has time to bust the move ets. Determination, dedication, motivation ... these defi- nitely are not new personality characteristics for this year's tennis team. Every year around spring it hap- and work hard as a team.\" The main pens. At least one of the small gym windows get broken. That is how we objective for the team is to get out know that tennis has started. The coach, Paul Smith has them wear the there on the courts, hit the ball hard same oufit to make them look and feel united. Mike Bown, who 's played ten- and aim for the guy on the other side of nis for nine years, commented, \"You get to know your teammates so well the net, and they do it! Kevin Moss that you are able to read their thoughts during the match. We all get along said, \"There's nothing like pelting the other guy with a tennis ball in the back.\" We would like to thank the parents who supported the team and cheered them on. Way to go tennis team. S. Feveryear & A. Cates .... • !\"\". Rl :Konnon Smith, Michael Bown, Matthew Jensen, Ryan Boys Tennis\".. 151 Ship, Kelly Kennedy, Ryan Benson, Ryan Burbidge, Kevin Moss R2: Chris Bruerton, Steve Foulger, Dusti n Terrell , Matt Moore, Jim Clark, Ryan Barker, Curtis Rokicki. Graceful Kelly Kennedytakes a bow after hitting a winner down the line. It wi ll be a hard season thisyea r with many other schools bringing strong teams for competition.

Now. consider the height ofthecross-bar and consider the position of Tyson's body in relation to the cross-bar and yo pu can get a pretty good idea of what he will do to stop a shol All photos by Marie Halpin Tyler Hansen takes a leap and collides his head into a ball mid flight. He insists that it was intentional. but we still think he tripped. Sam Jackson cracks a smileas he remembers thegood old JV TEAM back row: Coach Steve Adams, Jason Anderson, days of being a child, only this time he is dribbling down Jamon Ekins, Dave Nelson, Dave Christensen, Sean the field instead of down hi s chin . Creason, Kyle Nelson, Mark Degn, Coach Paul Moizer, Jaso n All red, Front Row: Gary VanDenBerghe, Jeremy Anderson, Jake Hansen, Donny McIllece, Josh Kimball, Andrew Faber 152 1111. Soccer

Preece get verticaland doesa li ttl ebit ofshowboat- the camera as he pulls back for a very nice looking kick VARSITY SOCCER Standing: Coach Steve Adams, Tyler Vranes. Gar rett Carver, Matt Ferre, Mike Aune, Tyson Davis. Zane Davis, Sam Jackson, Coach Pau l Moizer, squatting: Chris LaceY,Aaron Chamberlain,Tyler Hansen, Jason Kimble. Renado Ventura, Nate Hong, Chad Mabey These guys are a bunch of high flyin', shin kickin', head buttin', goalie fakin', fast movin', defender shakin', overhead throwin', drop kickin', mud slidin', shot blockin', elbow throwin' FREAKS! Twenty-two dancers take the green stage the end, all of their hard work showed in a and put on a show they have been practicing great season. Senior David Preece said, \"It's for all week. They know all the moves, but they tough and a lot of hard work, but when you don't know when they're going to have to use work harder you play better and it pays off them, because there's no choreography in this when you kick the other teams @*?!\" Senior dance. This dance is longer, tougher, rougher, Jason Kimball calls it like this, \"Soccer's fun , and more intense than any other perfor- it's a lot of hard work, but it's fun. \" mance you have ever seen on stage. This dance is not even a dance at all, it's a game of HHS The team did very well as expected and left boys soccer. their mark in places like St. Georgewhere they beat Dixie and Pineview in both Varsity and N This year's JV and Varsity teams include play. freshmen to seniors. Showing up in shape for spring tryouts was mandatory, and many Although the team had their weaknesses great players made the team. They had to and it wasn't necessarily a text-book season, practice hard and devote a lot of time, but in they pulled together and played like a team. Chad Mabey looks downfield and thinks, \"Mabey if I pass T.B. AND C.w. the ball, then mabey we can score and mabey win\" Soccerull.153

Team Captains & Coaches: R4: George Granholm; R3: Sarah Bates. Brittany Pope; R2: Andrea Vandall; R1: Aaron perry. Coach Lyse. Coach Hudd lestone, l<irsten Tucker Debi Pryor gets into a tight tuck for her 11/2 forwarddive. Form in the air is important, but entrance into the water is the most critical. Jim Stewarl glides through the water with a back stroke at swimming practice in the Midvale Pool. Justi n f<aufman comes up for air whil e doing the br ast stroke. in the meel against Mt. View 154 1 11. SwimlDive

Tifianl' Armstrong gracefully arches back into the water Row 1: I{ellyBennion, DanAustin.JulioStewart, Renee Moseing, Clarke, Sarah Menken, Whi tney Robins, Julie Buchanan, Lana to be in the wimming race at Midvale Pool. Aileen Reeder, Brooke Carl son; Row 2: Zachary Love, Doug South, Sharene Nelson, Debi Pryor, Tiffany Armstrong; Not Johnson,Spencer Millerberg, JeremyFerguson,Justin Kaufman, Shown: Geri Clark, Kil ey Day, Chris Gattenby, Kelley Jones, Dylan Esson, George Granholm, Jared Franz, Aaron Sperry, Tad Laura Jones, Todd Jones, Brittany Pope, Sara Bates, Brittney Thueson; Row 3: Lisa Lindberg, Andrea Vandall, Stephanie Ruplinger, Alan Spriggs, Camille Tucker, Kirsten Tucker The swim and dive team worked very hard. As of December, they had a 5 and 2 record. Julie Buchanan said, \"It's been hard but it's been worth it.\" The official calls out, \"Take your mark, Being on the swim team is not very go! \"As you leap off the starting block, in easy. It requires a lot of conditioning and less than one second you 're gliding many, many laps. Camille Tucker said, through the water. This is what our swim \"The more you work, the better you are.\" team goes through every meet. Although Brittany Popefelt that, \"It's not practice the swim team faced some tough losses, that makes perfect, it's perfect practice their positive attitude have kept them in that makes perfect. the game. Diving requires a lot of grace and elo- Brittany Ruplinger explained what be- quence to be the best. The members must ing on the swim team is like. She said, practice hard to be able to have the perfect \"Swimming has been the soul, the height form that the judges look for in a diver. and the exuberation of my life.\" They made a great splash. K. Archuleta, A. Cook Doug Johnson shows his fo rm as a diver. It takes lots of SwimIDive 1111. 155 ourageto be a competitive dive r. Mis takes in the air can meanahard landing on the water.

Determined to outrun the girls Zach Love's expression RI: Wade Hanberg. Jeremy Ferguson, Joey eilson, ~lark Skolmoski, shows that he will surely try ...or will he. Glade Going. Josh Smith.Greg Pederson,Justin Vance, David Castleberry, Dan Anderson. Chris Jones R2: ~lark Smith, Ryan Haws, Tony Garrett, Michael Jensen,Jesse Gray, Travis Wertz. Bryant Blauchard,Josh Eades, Sam Malo)\" Chip Call ister R3:BrianMatthews, Kevin Reese, Jake Scheid, Steve Wilson, Landon Johnson, ik Bulk, Rob Candrian, Brad Scott R4: Brandon ~lerrill, Chris Mi ller, Bryan Flamm, Jeff Swallow, Daniel Ander· son, Cameron Hill, David Haynie, Fu Jensen, Benji Skolmoski, Ben Hutchings,R6: athan Tiolley,Tracy Olson, Micah Monson, Zachery Love, Stuart Smith, Wade Hadlock, Bryan Hastings, Mike Brinshurst. Tyler Prawitt R6: Art Smith, Jeffrey Butler, Mikey Freeman, Brian Dearinger, Weston Ward, JoshJones, Nathan Berrett, David Benedict, Kent Young Not shown Chris Christenson, Darren Stroud ~1&/2 ~ ~ -II( ~ I( .1 Who's faster than a speeding bullet,stronger than steel, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Superman...No...The Boys Track Team The time is 3:25, the sun is shining hang out with my friends after school.\" bright and the epidemic of spring fever is Micah Monson said \"I joined the team to apparent in the boys track team. The only make new friends and get in shape also.\" cure for this disease is running, jumping, and throwing. One dose a day of practic- Exercise is what they get. Many hours ing is required in order for the members to are spent after school each day condition- be in shape and ready to compete. Not ing and getting ready for the meets. only will they gain stamina, but get in Various leg exercises are among the ac- shape also. Many of the team members are tivities done. So ifyou see dozens of sweaty on the team to get in shape. Farren Jensen boys with spring fever, running around a said \"I joined the team for exercise and to track, you'll know it's the boys track team. -Andria Smith 1561 11. Boys Track Multi-talented Cameron Hill can not only jump thel'3ul but wave and sing all at the same time.

It' reat to ee girl 's fi eld be recognized. We've been v rlooked in the past. Look at thisl\" Carolynn Proffitt The saying, \"Practice makes perfect,\" is definately put to the test with the Hillcrest Girls Track and Field team. \"All I can say is: No pain, No gain!\" Anne Perrin Uponsightofthe Hillcrestgirls track and field great sport. One member said, \"It's hard work, team, it may appear as if the U.S. Olympic team but I really enjoy it! It's a lot of fun.\" Shannon is training. The girls on the team not only run, Rino agreed and said, \"It's definitely the very best but they also participate in other events such as sport around.\" sprinting, hurdles, and long distance events. They also compete in field events which include Some of the field members find it really fun to shotput, discus, javelin, long jump, and the high be able to hurl such great objects. Shannon jump. Ruckman said, \"Throwing such 'massive' objects is an exhilarating challenge that has brought me The team works out every day for about an such great joy this year.\" hour jogging, doing relay exercises, and some- times working out in the weight room. Who knows, maybe some of the track mem- bers will one day be known nationwide as a Most members agreed that track and field is a member of the United States Olympic team. , . ._ _ _ _ _ _ _.....,._~--------K-.ArchuJ eta.Ann Cook Rl: Sandee Brown, Lynae Stanworth, Natalie Dewaal, Ruckman; R4: KatieBeus, ReneeMoseng, Monica Rizzuto, Stephanie Crosland, Adrienne Lowe, Megan Eldredge, Elizabeth Beus, Kristy Larsen, Kelly White, Kell i Nordfelt, Julli e Schmidt, Jeni Alexander, Becky Reid, Kadee Sara Graff, Marci Greensides, Julie Bushanan, Stephanie Christensen, Shannon Rino, Megan Tall, R2:Molly Wright, Woodward, Marilee Thomson, Kristin Duvall; R5: Maren Natalee Greenberg, Erin England, Kim Higgins, Amy VanWagoner, Monica Condie, Diana Reyes,Angela Bullett, Curtis, Kristin Wilson, Amy Sheppard, Anne Perrin, An- Lisa Black, Laura Astle, Jane Emett, Rebecca Bishop, gela Hansen, Lindsay Brasher, Cami Johnson; R3: Martha Tracy Blackburn, Heather Stroud; R6: Sherstin Sundwall , Beddoes, Lisa Bedke, Camille Lind , Stacey Carlson, Emily Requina Jensen, Meggan Watson, Lisanne Dent, Candy Bradshaw, Nicole Carter, Stephanie Clarke, Heather Torgerson, Carolynn Proffitt, Stephanie Taylor, Clarissa Heaton, Jake Halpin - mascot, Angela Black, Stephani Chipman Ertmann, Laura Jensen, Heidi Nydegger, Shannon mbm of the track team are warming up for thei r days Remember girls, No pain, No gain! Girls Track \",. 157

After standing on his tip toes, fl exing his calve muscles, Brad Anderson shows off his sexy 1st place legs. and looks very confident abo ut it. Si nging \"I Just Wanted You to Know\", Phil Sapp sang his way into the hearts of all the girls. Russ Keetch impressed everybody by showing he really does have fri ends, even if they are stuffed. Zeke Middleton was minus some si lverware during the pie eating contest. With hands tied behind their, backs, 20 guys slurped up pie at lunch. 158 1111. Mr. Hillcrest

What a ock line! At the best legs competition, Aaron Jared Haynie, Josh Burke, and Chris Chritensen weren't Johansen is reminded to take off hi socks when he goes onlyjudged on the student body votes, but the talent and tanning. extracurricular activi ties each of them have. \"The Mr. Hillcrest Assembly was one of the best things I did this year. The best part was being with my friends and having fun. Were it not for some restrictive rules, I think it could have been even more wild, but despite these disproportionate feelings, I had an exuberant time confabulating with the other candidates.\" Chris Christensen Senior boys competed for the prestigious title of of competition. Phil Sapp had the girls screaming Mr. Hillcrest. It started with a week of lunch time when he came out flanked in western wear singing events that included: best legs, nose picking, pie \"I Just Wanted You to Know.\" He was followed by eating, and kissing contests. Adam Greenberg and Jared Haynie who captured the love of many girls with the ever popular song However, the real excitement existed in the \"Rainbow Connection.\"Yet the most creativetalent assembly. It all began with evening wear. Chris was Russ Keetch's. He was accompanied by manne- Christensen and Kelly Wallin turned a few heads Quins attached tohis body. Russ further wowed the when they shuffled out on stilts. Next came Dustin studentbody when he danced with them. Terrell in his paper bag attire; compliments of Maceys. AQuick dress change and the swimsuit After conclusion of the competition the judges competition began. There were as many different were left with a hard decision; to pick the overall swimsuits as there are fish in the sea. Travis winner. Chris Christensen was 2nd runner up, Tanner's \"Brady bunch\" and Josh Burke's \"Fire Josh Burke was 1st runner up, and Jared Haynie Marshal Bill\"outfits were two favorites. But noth- was crowned Mr. Hillcrest. ingwas more extraordinary than the talent portion . Gr y A . Rekoutis Adam Greenberg looks up to Dustin Terrell at the Mr. Mr. Hillcrest 1111. 159 Hill crest. legs contest and isquitesurprisedat how Dustin owersover him.

Top Bananas .' Keep you eyes peeled, don't let them slip past, the songleaders this year were truly first class! Have you ever seen such anap\"peel\"ingbunch? If you didn't keep your eyes on these six girls then you had a good chance ofmissing these fast moving ladies. Maybe they were a li ttle fruity so to speak when you consider the time they spent practicing, and working on routines. Much of this time was either before or after school. The captain, Cortnee Langpap, mentioned that they learned how to work not only with others but with themselves as well. They felt that it was a really fun experience that they would always remember. The songleaders were not anything like bananas, they weren't yellow or slimy. Perhaps they're more like banana trees- they had no where to go but up, and their end product was something everyone enjoyed. One could say when life gave them bananas they made a banana cream pie. I think we' re safe in saying that the Chiquitta Banana woman couldn't have done a better job herself, and you definately put the Tally Man to shame! K. Simmons R3: Angie Garrett, Jaime Ryse r Rl : Courtney Langpap, Amy F'urstenau, Stacy RyserR3: Mindi Christensen, Kell i Christensen. Not shown: Desi ree Clark 160 1111. Songleaders What is a song leader? A. One who opens boxes of Grapenuts expecting to see grapes and nuts. B. A person who waits for an answer when they ask the reflection in the mirror a question. C. A drop-out vocal ensamblist D. An official Love Boat, Captain Stuebing wannabe. E. One who mistakes a bowl of maggots for rice and proudly exclaims, \"This is the best rice I've ever tasted, it's so juicy!\" What's the correct answer? You decide!

The Cream Of the Crop With a Smile and a cheer, without a rest or a stop, the varsity cheerleaders were the cream of the crop! \"Cheerleading isn't for the the weak minded 1II\")~;:~~;.~:i1:~~ or the weak hearted, you're expected to give 110% always! \" Commented Co-captain Gregg Argyle. In order to give 100% this bunch of ;A~~~~~.I crazy kids couldn't really be creamy, mushy, or ~a;~~~:~;1 vegetables for that matter. Let's face it how could a crop, let alone a creamy crop give 110%? One of the team members commented they were having some problems within the team, but they looked no worse for the wear, infact they qualified for nationals in all three of their routines. The performance cheer took first, the songleading cheer took second, and the show cheer took third in regionals. I guess what they say is true, you really do reap what you sow, that explains why their \"crop\" was a horn of plenty worth. Your work didn't go unnoticed, but perhaps many of the spectators took your hard work for granted, but then again we take vegetables for granted too! Kim Simmons you wanted to locate a varsity cheerleader R3: Jusin Harvey, Erynn Ekins, Mike Pullum, Cregg where would you most likely find one? Argyle (co-captain), Jaman Ekins, Travis Anger, R2: · Mac Frugals buying hair care products Dan Severinsen, Megan Leary, Heather Walker · Enjoying a hearty lunch in the Kmart caf- (captain), AJi x Lee, Rl : Laura Westerby, Dave Ennenga (Harvey Husky), Kris Wilson eteria · Working out to Richard Simmons's Sweatin' to the Oldies t>. Listening to Barry Manilow records while watching reruns of Gilligan's Island. E:. Sitting in the middle of the street dream- ing about dating a sophomore If you look in these places first, you will probably find a varsity cheerleader. Varsity Cheerleaders 1111. 161

Turn On the Heat The sophomore cheerleaders were great and couldn't be beat, when they cheered at the games they turned on the heat! \"We've been smashed, chewed and barbequed, but hey that's life!\" Is how Jami Duncan summed up her experience as asopho- more cheerleader. Even though they were only mere sophomores, they almost equaled the performance level of a junior which is quite a compliment. Yes, they certainly de- serve a compliment but let's face it nobody's perfect. However, Jenny North and Emily Critchfield showed they were fairly close to perfection when they announced they were the hottest sophomore cheerleaders. Who's to judge? If you say some thing they don't like, you'll get attacked by a mass of Barney and Baby Bop bombardments! The girl's coaches, Mr. Bentley and Ms. Schuman were great. In fact, one of the girls stated that Mr. Bentley was her hero. The girls also commented on how well they got along with each other. So we can proudly pin roses on their noses and give them a cookie! Speaking of cookies, you ladies really do de- serve a few brownie points for the enthusiasm and entertainment you provided the school with. One could say that you gals really did turn on the heat. Speaking of heat, next time you barbeque a sophomore, be sure to invite me. I'll bring the potato salad! Kim Simmons R3: Amber Roderick, Alicia Armstrong(captain), R2:Jami How to identify a sophomore chleerleal~er' Duncan, Robyn Jensen, Janica Eades, Rl : Emi ly does the person in question.... Critchfield, Jenny north , Lani Thueson, I(rystal Law. Not Shown:Julie Anderson A. Have a permanent permagrin B. Often ask the clerks at All-A-Dollar much the merchandise costs C. Apply 10 layers of lip gloss or Vaseline to add sparkle and shine to their permagrin D. Know all of the words and actions to the songs on Barney and friendsIf two or more of the above apply, then the suspect is probably a sophomore cheerleader. 162 1111. Sophomore Cheerleaders

On the Verge Your heart beats quicker, your face is flushed it's clear, You're either in love or on Junior Varsity cheer! Many of the girls thought cheer was a blast, really lots of fun, You could tell they were very busy, they were always on the run. Too busy for an interview, too busy to care what the yearbook would say, But still some girls took a little time to think of something anyway. Mindi Christensen said \"Let's build a log cabin,\" I hope others understand that better than I do, I hope it's funny to them because frankly I haven't got a clue. Practice time increased as performance time grew near, What would we have done without our Junior Varsity cheer? A lot of effort mixed with a little twist of fun, Made a group of gals who's performances were definately second to none! So with their faces flushed and a lot of work and sweat, I'm pretty sure they weren't just in love, that's a really safe bet. K. Simmons Rl: Erin Call. Kim Johns, Amber Triponi, Kelly Nielsen R2 : Erin Landerman, Tiffany Cundiff, Shani Smith R3: Mindi Christensen, Kelli Christensen You know you have what it takes to be a N sophomore anymore. cheerleader when.... D. You've graduated from watching Barney A. You know the cheers by heart, and don't and Friends, and enjoy watching Mr. have to write them on your hand any Rogers instead. E. You can cope with the fact that Mr. more. Belvedere isn't a real housekeeper. B. You only apply 5 layers of Vaseline or If any of the above apply, you have what it lipgloss to your permanent permagrin, takes to be a N cheerleader. because you've learned that 5 layers gives you just the right amount of sparkle! C. You grasp the fact that you're not a N Cheer 1111. 163

------------------ ---- Activities Done it,did it. Going to do it of the day award) Hillcrest students tomorrow.. With over 87 organized had new activities to be involved in activities and 59 random activities everyday. Once one became involved there just were not enough tomor- in one activity,they just kept moving rows to do it all (ah, too bad). But along- from one activity to the next, with the 180 school days,many tried staying ON AROLL. Hillcrest activi- to manipulate Franklin Planners to ties kept us all involved in the events accommodate it all. From egg drop- that will become treasured memo- ping contests, to ice fishing, to ries and stories forfuture children or Grunge day (which won X961sBoner pets, whichever.

Row 1: Leslie Clade, Zachery Love , Michelle Rounds, Russ Sperry, Samuel Beus, Ryan Cottfredson, Amy Sorenson Row 2: Ashley Lund , Mandy Burt, Paul Reynolds , Laura Fristrup , Rachel Mackinnon , Marilyn Shaw, Sh- annon Saylor, Dan Severinsen, Jaime Ryser , Delese Briggs , Johnson Mike Bown, Nicole Witkamp , Paul Emett, Steve Briggs, Jiml'idwell , Julie Kennard, Art Smith , Mathew Michelle 166 1111. Clubs

Rl: Timothy Hammond, Eric Johnson, ~latthew Laws, Paul Reynolds, ~lelanie Hoyt, Kellee ~larshall, Lani Turnbow, ~leredith Hall, Heather Cloward,~lindy Christensen, Mindy ~lcArthur, Laura Westerby, Jimmy Clark, Jeff Butler, Travis Brunson,Zack Love, R2: Andrew Connor, Marcie Moon, Laura Astle,Lisa Black,Amy Williams, Jennifer DeWaal, Kim Looney, Cindy Vernon, Kim Jackson, Patrizia Peterson,Vickie Lawson, Carrie Meyers,Neena Pugh, Angel Glad, Holly Oveson, Ashley Lund,~larilyn Shaw,Joe Martinez, R3: Dan Lambert, Kevin Walker,Katie Beus, Deborah Lilster, Erynn Ekins, Lisa Rasmussen,Carrie Zander, Angie Taylor,Katherine Davis, Lexia Dew, Angie Newman, Ruth Hudson,Jennifer Peterson, Teresa Rindlisbacher, Andrea Wayne, Kendra Herret, Sarah Langman, Haren Williams, Jennifer Klenk, Heather Payne, Natalie Richards, Brittany ash, ~like LoflinR4: Jeremy Barton, ~like Jensen,Tiffani Eaton, Julie Voss,~landy Burt,Ali Reeder, Shari Whitehead,Samantha Schroder, ~larci Greensides, Elisa Hansen,Alice Hopkins, Rachel ~lacKinnon, Delise Briggs,Angela Hansen,Greta Coleman,~leradee LLoyd, Janette Edwards,Tammy Curtis,Heidi Brown, ~l ichelle Rounds,Dustin Dawson R5: Russ Sperry, atalie Hilleshim, Shannon Saylor, Nicole IVhitkamp,Emilee Earl, Laura Fristrup, Jennifer Youngberg, Shannon Ruckman, Courtney Curtis,Natalie Dawes, Sheila Bitter, Julie Kennard. Shaunna Christensen,Stephanie Lords, Janice Jensen,Trisha Garrett, Heidi Tolman,Laura Hale, Jaynie Olson,Amanda Neiswender,Clyde Fowler, R6: Jim Tidwell, R)'iln Gottfredson, ~lindy Baker, Kara Butterfield, Dorothy Rindlisbacher, Julie Hutchings,April Gulley, Lisa Rudd, Andria Smith. Julee Poulsen, Leslie Glade, Andrea Newman, Kim Bascom, Jamie Ryser,Allison Shields, Kristin Wilson,Michelle Matthews, Amy Sorenson, Stacy Ryser,Kacey Wallin,Angela Souther, Kelly Pierce R7: Kent Besaw, Brandon Smart,Todd Jones, Dave Pugh,Tony Allen, Daniel Downs , Dan ~lanzaneres, Darrell Heiner, ~lik1 unez, Jeff Steadman,~l ike Gutke,~licah ~lonson, Da\\'e Ennenga, Nathan Chadwick,Sam Beus,Justin Butterfield, Jeff Jackson, Spencer Smith,Travis Richins, John Horton, Dan Plaskett, Tony Bennett R8: Brent Burggraaf, Sam ~1i ller, Chris Johnson, Bill Shaw,Troy pjute, Dan Severinson, ~latt Hansen, Farren Jensen, Brian Burk, Kelly Carone,Greg Argyle, Paul Emmitt,Dan Smith,Collin Booth, Dan Anderson, James Sampsel,Joey S~xton, Matt Enger, ~latt Gemaier,Justin Hamy, Jason Briggs,Aaron Johansen R9: Doug Webb,Art Smith, Doug Brown,Chad Frandsen,James Anderson,~like udbury, Daryl 01chl'l\\~ki, Tom Longstroth, Brandon Rasmussen, ~like Bown. Da\\'e Hooper, Travis Bateman, Rick Jackson, Ben Hansen, Josh Burke, Chuck Simmons, Steve Briggs,Josh Smith, Cory Rudy, Allen Bettilyon, Richard Hite, Brad Hardy, ~like Pullan Missing: Dan Smith, Dan Hill, icole Nielson, . 167

1: Deborah 168 1111• Clubs

consists of thirteen specially trained guys. They all tried out last spring to be in this elite group. They have class with the mens Rl: Jeff Butler, Mike Nunez, Clyde Fowler, DarylOlschewski. R 2: Justin Harvey, Matthew Laws, Mike Sudbury. R3: Dave Ennenga, Colin Booth, Travis Brunson, Greg Argyle, Matt Granere, Brandon Smart. Clubsl illt 169

Rl : Jenni fe r Edwa rds, Nancy Tarbet. Natalie elson. Leslie Easton. Josh Jones. Kevin Swiss. Brandon Smart, Tom Yates. Bryan Flamm . Travis Brunson. Carrie Delancy, Elizabeth Beardall. Ashl ey Lund. Natalie Monsen R2: Melissa Emery, Maren Woolley, Jessica Fra ndsen, Kati e Elde. Jeffrey Butler, Mike unez. James Jenkins, Richard Rhineheart, Josh Black, David Pickett, Clyde Fowler, Kari Christensen, Jenni fe r Johnson, Stacey Adams, Alison Milner R3: Michelle Beckstead. Andrea Rowle, Andrea Olsen. Julie Butt, Annie Sonnenberg, David M. Ennega, Justin Harvey, Randy Homer, Stuart Smith, Greg Argyle. Daryl Olschevski , Mindy Wilson, Lindsay Bra nd, Tabitha Hardman, Angie Sharp, Brittany Burgon R4: _ _ _.....IoooooI Jill yn Roundy, Andrea Wall, Tiffany Hardman, Tiffany Armstrong, Leslie Glade, Mat Granere, fl1ike Sudberry, Matthew Laws, Wade Hansen, Colin Booth , Randen Heywood, Heather Heaton, Emily Bingham, Jaron Stark, Laurie Severinsen, Teresa Kunde 170 1111. Clubs

R1: Dan Ball, Angela Bojock, Jaron Stark, Michelle Woulden, Tonya Wouden, Alisha Milne, Travis Richins, Marilyn Shaw, Jen McDonald, Debra Pryor R2: Mr. Brown, Stephanie Keuhn, Natalie Dawes, Chad Frandsen, William Opheikens, Samuel Miller, Jenny Walker, Jessica Bosen, Jason Koon George Kuhn. Clubs l ll\" 171

Haussler. ~Iichael John on. John Ridge. R2: Jmmy Nell' on. Robert earle.Trevor ~Ionta ue. Jason Lloyd, Tim Hansen. Jared Holmberg. Jed Holtby. Ryan Hart. hayne Dekorver. lelissa Fraidenburg, Ben Tullis. Tom Longstrot h, Laura Fairbanks{Vice Presiden tl. Brandon lenill , Thomas Clayton. Crystal Adair. tephanie Koon, Camille Petersen. lark mith. R3:Jer- em)' Hunt,Bob Brinton (presi- dent), Kevin Walk~r, Lance Paulson. latthell' Jensen, Craig Bischoff. Garry 'Indi\" Carlson. Dean Ruckener, ~'Iat­ thew Heaton, Jeff Thomson, Jonathon P. Worth, Dan Balltok, Fredeich Diel, Jared Shope, Aaron Walker, Davis mith.~lark Pickett, Benjamin ....._ _.......... Graff,Spencer Smith. Damien Allen, teve \"Big Green \" Phillips, Jesse • ice Truck\" ewson, Kevin Johanson. R4: Ben Cordova, Jason Allen, Ja- son Anderson, ate Pysher, Russ Page,Lorin Ball, Cameron Hill. athan Hite, Ben Wilde, Brad Hardy, Mikel' \"Hot\" Roderick, Jason Koonentakah, Jonath Gillettte, Ditch Gulley, Craig ' ammy' Howard. I \"172 Clubs

ameron 6------. Steadman, AlchimowichAllen, Ben Tullis, Melissa Fraidenburg , George Granholm (President), Tom Longstroth , Nick Englund, Rohit Kohla , Laura Fairbanks (Vice President), R2: Mr. Brown , Spencer Smith, Damien Allen, Kristin Wright, Steve Phillips, Craig Howard, R3: Brent Morley , Bob Brinton , Kevin Walker , Gary Carlson, Jonathon P. Worth, Matthew Jensen , Craig Bischoff, R4: Jason Kunentakah, Lorin Ball, Ben Wilde, Ja- son Allen, Nate Clubslllu\" 173

What do Elvis Presley and Buchanan, Susie; Michelle \\<im 's fri ends, Alice. usie. Ursula.Heier Conway Twitty have in common? Matthews, Helen; JaimeRyser, Margie. and Deborah LIe. help her sinl Conrad Birdie. Bye, Bye Birdie is Deborah Sue; Tiffany Walke, about the joys of goi ng steady. a musical spoof about Conrad Margie; Marissa Young, Alice; Jeff Birdie, a rock star, who has been Steadman, Harvey; EricJohnson, drafted into the Army. Conrad's Charles F. Maude; John Horton manager, Albert PetersoQ, and and Cody Carlson as reporters. his secretary, Rose Alvarez, want Backed by the finest orchestra to send Conrad away with a bang. and stage crew in the state, this Afan , Kim MacAfee, was chosen couldn't be anything but a great to receive the \"One last kiss\" from production. Conrad. So Rosie, Albert, and Conrad travel to Sweet Apple, Kendra Herret was the stu- Ohio where the MacAfee family dent director for the second year lives. What follows is 2 hours of in a row. Jaime Hendrickson, music, dance, fun , and mishaps. Heather Payne, Arne Jacobsen, Hillcrest did Bye, Bye Birdie 8 and Stephanie Chatterton helped years ago and directors Robyn to choreograph the dances. Jai me Mousley-Lujan, Brian Bentley, said \"This was the corniest (and and Powell Vuyk decided to do it most fun) musical I could have again . Over 400 students worked done during my senior year.\" for 2 long months learning all of Michelle Rounds was not only a the songs and dances. Some criti- lead, but she also designed the cized the directors for having such set. She said, \"I enjoyed being alarge cast. Ifaproduction should behind the scene as well as on the have 40 or 400, this 400 student stage. My favorite thing to do was show was one that wi ll not be the giant Birdie lips.\" Thesetwas soon forgotten. It was an excel- wonderful this year. Bright red, lent production. yellow, blue, and green platforms were strewn all over the stage. Leads this year included Jenni Flying high over the set was a Rouse, Rosie; Jorden Orosz, giant gu itar that could be low- Albert; Adam Woosley, Conrad; ered and raised for different scene Amy Williams , Kim; Stan changes. The Birdie lips remained Clawson, Mr. MacAfee; Julie stationary throughout the entire Kennard, Mrs. MacAfee; Eric show. Armstrong, Randolf; Patrizia Peterson , Mae ; Stephanie The men had a dance number Johnson, Mrs. Merkle; Michelle called 'Shriners'. Hillcrest has Rounds, Ursula; Stephanie always been famous for its men's Chatterton, Gloria; Chris Marsh, dances. Hugo; Ric Jackson, Mayor;Maren Williams, Mayor's Wife; Ali sa S. Johnson 174 1111• Bye Bye Birdie Conrad Birdi e sings about being \"Hon- estl y incere\" and Kim MacAfee tries her first real drag on a \"weed\".

Harry MacAfee reads his newspaper dur- ing his breakfast whi le his faithfu l wife, Doris, looks on . Stephanie Chatterton stated, \"I rea lly enjoyed the closeness I fe lt with most of the cast.\" She shows this very well as Gloria Rasp utin when she flirts with Albert. The Mayor and Mrs. Merkle help the Mayor's wife up after she fainted when Conrad started to sing to her. Mae Peterson was always trying to make her \"Sonny-boy\", Albert, feel guil ty by talking about killing herself. Rosie scowles at the thought of Albert goingoffwith Gloria to practice the \"touch system\" . Bye Bye Birdie lili. 175

People running around in the dark, pulling strange ropes, pushing buttons, and VI earing dark clothes. This is performances. The crew consists of ten guys and are g,mf-61 instructed by Ms. Mousley and Mr. Bowers. They are in charge of all the lighting, music and special effects that go into making our assemblies possible. The members of the stage crew put in a lot of hard work and time in putting our assemblies together. Rl: Nathan Hanson; Justin Hansen; Dan Black; R2: Ryan Petersen ; Scott King, Todd Argyle; Dan Bowers, Advi- sor; Robyn Mousley- Lujan , Advisor; Travis Behunin;An- '----____\"\"\\ drew Larsen; Justin Behunin; Robert Starn 176 1111• Clubs

Rl :Stanley Clawson, Mr \"Dr. D\"Vuyk, Karim Jemmot, Patri zia Peterson,Jennifer Rouse, StephanieJohnson, Jorden Orosz, Cody Carlson, Tiffany Black, Michelle Rounds, Camille Petersen, Mandi Ellsworth, Denise Brown, Lacey Robi nson, David Longstroth. R2:Shauna Sumsion, Coulter Mason, Steve Hagen, Marissa Young, Adam Woosley, Amy Williams , Ali sataka h Buchanan, TiffanyWalke, Lisa Mueller, Sara Williams, Matina Bournakis, Stephanie Chatterton, Nathalie Devriese, Chris Gray, Myrissa Thomas, Thomas Jessup, Barry Johnson, Heidi Tolman, Michelle Beckstead. R3: Samantha Schroder, Heather Payne, Rachel Macl<innon, Kendra Herret, Jason Koonentakah, Dan Balltok, JonahGillette, KandySessions, DeEdra Keener, Kim Clark, Kathleen Newell, Twila Thompson, Maggie Ray, Lisa Gaffney, ;::::::~:;;::::;;::=:;:==;:::::==.::;==:::::::;;;:;;::;;;;;;::::::=:::::::::::::::=:::;::::::::::::;::::::;::::;;;~ BethAnne Heaps, Ashley Young, KristenMay, Manlee Thomson, Tabitha Hardman, Elizabeth Beardall, Shawn '0 f .... '~O .... \"'.. Christensen. R4: Janelle LeVitre, Sherstin Sundwall, , ... \"\"\",,,.,.. Nathan Hite, ~legan Neilson, Amy Curtis, Mindy Jessup, ~'lichael D. Jensen, Denae .......-==\"\"\"'==_\"\"-'________________-'-_-'-___\"\"\"----'____.;.....;___.......\"--_\"\"\"\"'~ Darrington, Mike Karsing, Cambry Larson, Robinette Roxburgh, NathanSkinner, EricArmstrong, LeighAnn Underwood, Ruthie Hudson, Brittney Ruplinger, Krista Troxler, Chrit Campbell, Mary Christensen, Barbra Smith, Melissa Koop, Tiffany Hardman, Devin Erickson, Alysha Abbott. Senior Officers: Rl:Jennifer Rouse, Public Relations: JordenOrosz, President; Cody Carlson, Officer General; Stan Clawson, Artist. R2: Michelle Rounds, Events Promoter; Stephanie Johnson, Vice President and Drama ~'lama; Tiffany Black, The Drama Club is one of th e larges t in th e school. They sponsor all of thedifferent plays and musicals that the school puts on. These plays in- cluded 'Bye, Bye Birdie,' 'Inherit the Wind,' and 'Match Maker. ' Th e Drama Club is lead by Mr. Vuyk, affectionately known as \"Dr. D. \" Th is club has entertained us all year.

1\\1. 1 enior tephanie Johnson otherwise known as Doll y Calage r strongly advises Hoarse Vandergild I' that his future wedding will be a disaster. I.W. Rachel Brown ( tephanie Chatterton) Pleades with her father. Reverand Brown (Adam Woolsey) not to con- demn her and Bert before Cod. and Brady. I.W .After all of his witnesses were objected to. Colonel Drummond (Jorden Orosz) was forced to put Colonel Brady (Stan Clawson) on the stand. Brady was called to testify on the Bible. Brady worked himself into a fren zy and died the next day. !iVllfRITTliftV!iVO &;/f,1TCII;tflflCfR It is a time when the Bible is taken seriously. Atime when Darwin is not to be heard of. Inherit the Wind is the story of what happens when you break the rules and pay the price of thought. Matchmaker, Matchmaker make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch! Matchmaker Inherit the Wind Sixteencast members spent hour afte r hour \"He that troubleth his own house, shall M.M (Alisa Buchanan) Minn ie Faye and (M yrissa Tholll living in pretend wo rlds, for wee ks they lived inherit the wind\" . Inherit the Wind is based Flora Van Huys n arean animatedpairwhoar a n1ix~ in the wo rld of the Matchmaker. Pompous on the Scopes Monkey Trial. Bertram Cates is Doll y Galager Levi is the reigning queen in on trial for teaching the Theory of Evolution of fun and troubl e. this world, and is determ ined to make Harace by Darwin to hi s biology class. Director fo r Vandergelder her king. In attempting to do so, the produ ction was Pouwel Vuyk. li sa Dolly sets Mr. Vandergelder up with dates that Buchanan and Myrissa Thomas served as stu- have much to be desired, in attempting to dent directors. Leads for the play we re Jorden make herse lf more attractive. Once again , a Orosz, tan Clawson, Stephan ie Chatterton, happy ending wins and it's still true that yo u Cody Carlson, cott Engle, Randy Sjoblom, can't have a queen without a kin g. Dustin Terrell , Barry Johnson,Adam Woolsey, and Jenni Rouse. Aspecial thanks goes out to -A. Smith the stage crew and Tiffany Blackfor all of their help. -SoJohnson 178 - Inherit The Wind/Matchmaker

DANCES 1993-1994 Homecoming September 18, 1993 \"In Your Eyes\" My date was:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Husky Howl October 29, 1993 \"Country Hugs & Cowboy Kisses\" My date was:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Christmas Stomp December 11 1993 \"Winter Wonderland\" Iwent with:- - - - - - - - - - MORP January 8, 1994 \"Going to Disneyland\" Iwent with:- - - - - - - - - - Girl's Pref February 12, 1994 \"With or Without You\" My date was:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Junior Prom April 29, 1994 \"For Just AMoment\" My date was:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Senior Dinner Dance May 21, 1994 \"One Friend\" Iwent with:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ 179 1111. Dances

Rl : Kirsten Bigelow, Marci Moon, Emily Chritchfield, Heather Payne, Amanda Foul ger, Alisa Bradshaw. R2: Michele Rasmussen, Jill Johnson, Lori Clark Audrey Rock, Arne Jacobsen, Shaundee Pay, Ann Campbell, Lori Halverson, Jamie Duncan. R3: Becca Tulis, Step hani e Chatterton, Jaime Hendrickson, Angie Garrett, Marn i Bown, Jenn Ballard, Emily J ensen~ Tiffany Cundiff Heather Thomas, Kristina Knubel. R4: Tiffany Barl ow, Christie Coyle, Maren Williams. The Dance Company Presidency: Jaim e Hend rickso n-President, Heather Payne-Vice Pres ident, Arne Jacobsen-Secretary 180 1111• Clubs

I.-~----------------------------------j The alarm goes off l--~----' and it isabout 5a. m.. Th e dec ision is whether or not toget up and go to prac- ti ce. Thi s is th e choice that members of the Hillcrest Mar- chio ness make al- most every morning. They practice every day from 6until 8: 15 a. m. They mustprac- tice hard for perfect form and precision. TheMarchioness are 3 yea r reg ion champs. The areas that they compete in are: Dance, Mil itary, Prop, and Novelty. The team provides flag ceremonies and half time entertain- ment during games. Rl: Teresa Lopez- President, Brandi Steck-Drill Mistress, Kristi Yates- His tori an, Angela Bullett, Angela Demming- Vice President, Marni e Bown, Jenny Baich, R2: Stacey Wilson, Lisa Rubbelke, Dani Kirk, Emily Gibson, Jaime Christense n, R3: Brittany Yeaman, Melissa Brewe r, Jenny Whikkers, Shaundee Pay, Tracy Heninge r, Lisa Hayward- Secretary, Jody Oldroyd, Celeste Child Ciubsilli. 181

The entry staff this year kept us more up to date than Nick Clooney. G raldo. and Barbara Walters all put together. They reported on many iss ues and current events that ranged from school problems to na- ti onal cris ises. Th e newspapers co ntained pol l , opin ions. photo- gra ph d illustrations pertaining to these is- sues. The SENTRY staff lVasan important part of our school allowing the students to voice their opinions and thoughts. Rl: Jaime Holyoak. Patri zia Peterson. Brett Boberg. Anne Schmidt (Editor- in-chi eO. Jennifer Rouse. John Valenti. Cody Carlson. Sara Williams,Shariene Beck (advisor), All ison Shields, LeG rand Olsen. Meg Loomis. R2: Cortney Jackson, Barry Johnson, Myrissa Thomas, Amanda Harker. Stan Clawson, Audrey Rock, Jason I<oon, Jonathan Gillette, Tony Pappas, Ryan Dent, Ruth Su (Copy Editor), Micki Landeram, Amy It Young. Not pictured: Holl y Heaps, Cori Stone. 182 111. Clubs

Bya process of elimina- I.-.r------, tion, the best of the best get their moment in the spotlight in a pub lica- tion known as Expressions. This magazine all ows Hill crest students to show off their artwork. The magazine consists of poetry, scu lptures, paintings, and short sto- ries. The staff members take the work that is of their organ ization, editing, and professional sty le the Expressions magazine is nationall y ranked and recognized by sources out side of Hillcrest. Rl: Bambi Palmer, Sara Wil- liams. Becky Merri ll-Poetry Editor. Danae Dase, Travis Norton.Britanny Higgins. Ka ri Nelson, R2: ~1eisha Quayle-Prose Ed itor. Julie Kennard-Editor, Christina Jones, Thomas Jessop, Jon Ci ll ete-Ed itor, Nicho l Hobson, Chris Jones, R3: Ne lso nClayton-Co-Pub licity Editor, Cassandra Pope-Art Editor, PublicityEditor,Amy Sheppard, Brittany Nash- Poetry Editor, Elissa Nebeker-Prose Editor, ClubSlitt. 183

rl :Becky 1errill, ~Iarcy VanWagoner. Angel Glad, RachelMacKinnon, Jon Gillette, JulieKerrard, Lisa ~1ueller. Ruthie Hudson, Britney Ruplinger, LeighAnn ndenl'oon, SusanHawkins, Stephanie Johnson. r2:Raegan Emery, Jennifer Price, Patrizia Peterson, Kim Clark, Danae Aase. Christi Etheri ngton, Heat her \\\\ ardle, KristenKemerer, NelsonClayton,Liz Emery,Erin Hintze, Jaime Hend rickson, We nd y Wadley.r3: Chuck Simmons,Justin \\ance, Andrea Jordan,John Dupaix, Shanae Arnold, Brittany ash,_Shannon Ruckman, Lisa Clark, Brandy Brock,Justin Searle, JenniferRouse, ColleenLewis. 'Knowledge is Power.' Academic Decathalon team members spent four days aweek from eptember toMarchaccumulatingknowledge about: chemistry, economics,East- ern history,and several other sub· jects. Through theI'oluntary help ofHillcrest teachers, the team was successful at Region competition 10v.17-1 . Hilcrest'sA.D.quali- fied for State (The ONLYfall team to advance to State) and captured twen~'·sel'en individual medals. Hillcrestpaid forA.D.'strip toState competition in St. George. The prestigious team represented the goal ofhigh school education-aca- demic excellence. Between 6:30 a.m. classes and coming in on Ca- reer LadderDay,the team prol'ed they had the power to learn the knowledgeandwin with it. Knowl- edge truly is powerl R:l AngelaHobbs, Yvette Brusik, KristinJ{emmerer R:2 Karl Harrison, Ms. Hawkins, JoshWong, Jes- sica Gri esse mer, R:3 Randy Sjoblom, Tamara Frei, 1r. Holland,Missing KellyBooth, Rob Tyree 184 1111• Clubs

Boy's State is a pro- gram to help boys understand the ba- sics ofgove rnment. Boys from all over the state meet at Utah State for a wee k. Those who attend are chosen byAmerican Legion members. The boys are allowed to wear t-shirts. However, the program does not allow the boys to assoc iate with girl s fo r a wee k. This is to help them with concentration. Randall Sj oblom, George Granholm Girl 's State is a ------, mythical 51st state createdtoteach stu- dents government fundamentals. The American auxiliary Legion helps to se- lec t ca ndidat es. Girls are split into cities. At the pro- gram, girls cam- paigned fo r offices such as mayor and senator. Girl 'sState requires thegirls to wear dresses every- day. Two political science credits are Clubs 1111. 185

RI: .\\nthonyGn Ols<~ rasrrun lianmzadt J,nny S/l1111. JnalGr\"n.Ptlllllpllw\\\\'.\\I.J.nnyCuillar, 01 0 ll.rtma. .~ma AJcaur. Tony Illl1tak<r. O~mp\" J,nklns. ll.l1l!a lam. &c')'SII1111. Radlll GIf.roo.lhkl SuniL Angl~ Blark, lllll1l!a Chal'll. r.llnl \\,~,rio. lhma Jlfn,neL Chan~' ,\"n~ngthon .Mnrang. R2: Xophakao ngpiaS<uLJ1!!lcaLnlrom. Susan. o.lJ(ruz.StaCl'AUltill,C~ IaIGri.go.Aill Galh.rdo. C~~ta )~lne. JodJ Palmer. A11.m Ruth Iltlacruz. Adnana Cortez. fernandolara. llarCl,1 o\"lacruz. Emil\" Earl.~alahe)\\onsoo.Chns~·Bak\".lbco lijon.llonllRullenbur.H1Idlll.thll. Ton)11.ando~ Eml~' Kilt!. SlColI RasmUl!ln. Belom JimeneL Chanlll Ha)t!,R3:CJJanabajab.Kenny Smnier!. ll~~' Lundlll?rf, liatil Granqu~l CaS<)' JenkIns.Sam Phet!lnhan•. Kale Hon . T.)ior. Paull·uong. QIlI 00. Hong Tran. Sick Garcia Phousa\\1n ' oraphanya. J.nna Xelson. Brett AkI)1maJenmf<r Selson. Sariarazllohomned.ll,uZLlnll llohamrned. ShirieyAcosta. Lisa Tolth Math Club is to help students achi eve higher scores on the Nati onal Math Test and the State Math Test.Theyexpl ore different concepts such as number theory, percentages, bases, logarithms, progressions, series, geometry, ratio, logies, and sets. In January and February they met every week to prepare for Nati onal Math Test. It was held February 24 this year. Rl : Brad Anderson, Coby Bush, Zeke Middl eton, Jeffery Th omson, Shannon Ruckman R2: Mrs. Jenson-Adviso r, Cassandra Pope, Maria Stasikova, Jen Holt, Jeremy May 186 1111.Clubs

Pew stu den ts ca n -=o.=2...!. proudlyboasta3.7 C.P.A. or above, but those who ~ can are members of the Hillcrest Chapter of the National Honor's Soci- ety. Membership in this society is one ofthehigh- est honors that can be awarded to a high school student. The National Honor Society works to bring the accompli sh- ments of outstand ing students to the attention of parents, teachers, pee~s, and community. Chapter in more than 22,000 hi gh schools across the nations strive to identi fy and recognize outstanding junior and senior students. R:IJul ieKenn arUlich ell e Rounds,Katie Draper,Wendy Wadley, Pres.YvetteBrusik,NatalieDawesJen RouseJonathan IcCurdy,SteveSeal, ~I eg Loomis,Helen Serassio, ~licki Landram, Krsitin Wright,R:2 Erick Johnson,George Granholm,Brad And ers on,TylerVr anes ,Am y Furs tenau,Du sti nTerre II.J en Holt,Heather Johnson,KellyPierce, AaronJohansen,Dan Hill}likeKelly, PaulReynolds Health Occupational Students of America Rl: Tyler Phillips, Ada Dominquez, Tonya Landon - Historian, Michelle Okimoto, Emily Johnson-Secretary, Lacey Robinson-Historian, Denise Brown-Historian, Andrea Wall-Pres,Jody Oldroyd, Shane Axtell, Steph Woodward, ~'laggie Ne lsen- AC, Jennifer Nelson, Brittany Pope, Brittney Ruplinger, JoeyTullis R2:Jason Day, Dan Taylor,Justin Hose, Allam Euan,Ashley Naylor- Treas, Stephanie Hutson, Wendy Wadley, Andrea Waguespack, David Christensen, Ben Loveridge, Janna Nelson, Robert Searle, Uasmin I\\arimzack, Brian GibbyR3: Ben Torgensen, I\\evin Leggat, Allison Potts, ~larni Francom-VP

. - - ----.--l Th e Aeros pace cl ub hasspectacu- lar activities and Starlabs. One ac- tivity, star lab, is held at Bri ghton two times a year. Starl ab is a simu- lated capsule pro- gram, club mem- bers do activiti es and experiments similar to th ose done in a N.A.SA capsule. The pro- gram lasts fo r fi ve days . Ae ros pace club gives the kids a real chall enge. Joey Tul lis. Brittney Ruplinger. Matthew Roller. B.Eric Johnson. Jonathon Ci lette. Jason I\\oonentakah .------....1 The Science Club is dedi ca tedtolea rnin g and applying scien- tificprinciples. This is done by sponsor- ing many enj oyable activities forthestu- dent body. It's fun to have science and pri nciples thatapply whil e di scovering new things abo ut science technology. RI : Sherman Peirce. Steven Seal. Josh Wong. Audrey Rock. Claudia Ramos.Col leen Lewis. Clark Snelgrove R2: Jon McCurdy. Tom Sconiers. Mohammad Iqbal. Jeffery Thomson. Eric Johnson. Rohit \"h og le 188 1111. clubs

As they stare across the black and white war fie ld, the sweat starts tobead on their crink led foreheads. The si lence is so great you can almost hear the gears grinding in their heads, thinking of their next strate- gic move. Chess is not a game for the weak at heart. The Chess Club consists of: Nathan Tyler, Mr. Dave Montgomery and Mike Sudbury. high schools gathered at Utah State from August 1-7. The program,funded by Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, was estab- lished to help students better understand and ap- preciate the American free enterprise system. Students were split into companies and had tocre- ate marketable products. An original computer pro- gram was used to analyze sales profits. R:l Leslie Lowry, Nathan Chadwick, Yvette Brusik. RI: Rac hel ~l ac kinnin . ~lari l e =.~... Thomson. ~lanssa Young. Bryce Greenberg.lichael Fuller. Ryan CIQ ~loney. ChadWill iams.Joey Nielson. ChrisChistensen.Joe =o~ Haddock. R2: Daniel Lowder. TimothyBrandt. lathewGravere. CIQ DanSeversen. icki ielson. Katherine Davis. richard Fife. Steve Greaves. BenHudson. Lindsay Willhite. JamieClegg. Brian Christensen.ShaneJacobson. Ben Wilde. R3: Alisa Bradshaw. Sarah Linnell. Ilim\\\\ ebber. Clarke Caldwell. RyanGottfredson. Rob Booth. Dave Preece.AndyBowers. R4: Danae Dm. Ann Campell. Lisa ·Iueller. AdamGreenberg. Dustin Terrell. tacy Ryser. Mellisa Fraidenburg. TravisAnger.Aaron Johansen. DanHill. JeffButler. ~Iatt hansen. R5: Zac Love. Nathan AllenBrown.Jared Hanks. Rick

~-----..I Debate R1: Tamra Frei . John Dupaix. Ruth Harrison. Camille Lind. Yvette Brusik. Kristen I(emerer. hannon Rino. George Granholm. Nelson Clayton. Helen era- io. Jon Gillelte. Robert Tyree. Chris Goller. Jeff Cool. Gabriel Ryan laPoint. R2: Jeff Goodfellow. Jared Franz. Todd Boston. atalie Hale. Dave Neiser. Elisa lar. \\'anessa Crosby. Joey Hadden. Dani Peterson. Ste\\'e Hagen. tephanie Hale. Corey Grip. Jana Christensen. Pamela Ortega. Chelsea liller. Shantell Baker. Carey erassio. I(elly Booth , ~1artha Beddoes. Raltana Bounphakhom. BonnieTopham. Angela mith. Eric 'Iontague. Ju lie chmidt. D. Jason Smith. Lindsay Frei R3: Sloan ,llitchell. Ian Adams, ~1echelle Adamson. Allison Colledge. Kim Urbom. Natalie Francis. Jill Kooyman. Kenny coniers. 1arcus Salen. John Adams. Tim Haran, Sarah Fullerton. Gregory Pedersen. Chris Callister, Richard Rhinehart. Richard Jackson. Barry 1cNiel. r------,..,j Distributive EducationClubs of America, DECA, is a business and education club. They go to several competitions and com- pete with other schools in such things as markeing, finance, fashion and merchandising,and public relations. The competi- tion is aseries of lests then in- terviews. DECAalso had their third successful fashion showon ~larch 9. Rl :Jennifer Reider. )likaelMa\\~in , Heather Seely. Johanna Ward, ~lelissa Andrew. Karl Harrison, ~llChelle Elmer, Tristin Ross.. Nichol Hobson, Andy Ho Ie Coleman, Chad Williams,Travis Reitz. Yvette Brusik. Christopher Christensen, Andrew Wyatt, Wayne Bowers, R2: AmyWiliams,Travis Tanner, Mrs. Thomas, Diane Schow, Jenmfer Winter, PaulHancock, Rachon Arnell, DeEdra Keener, Stanley Clawson,Marcy VanWagner, )lichelle ~latth1\\l~, Heidi Brunner, Kellee ~larshall. Ruthie Hudson, Natasha Workman,Marissa Young, R3: Brian Chmtensen, Heather Walker, Cori Stoney, Heather \\\\'addoups. Kimberly Hebdan, Suzana Bielcikova, Nidole Tolman, Cassandra Pope, Brandon West, Amy C. Furstenau, Adam J. \\\\'oolesey, Kimberly )1cCarthy, Dustin Terrell,Joe Tullis. )latt Hansen,Rebecca Tullis, Phillip '-------~ Sapp. II.190 Clubs

Future HomemakersofAmerica 100.,------, RI: Trisha Ross, Beth Anne Heaps, Stephanie I{oon , Heather Hofmann\" Tristin Ross (president), Johanna Ward (historian), Natalie Dawes (president), Brittany Halladay (vice president), Ashley Burt (secretary), Michelle Elmer (act. coordinator), Andy Hogle Coleman, Natalie Richards, Lisa Rasmussen, Camille Hicks (advisor) R2: Nikki Carn er, Christi Etherington, Heather Wardle, Mari lee Thomson, Rebecca Mortensen, Julie Carlson , Dani Peterson, Tammy Curtis, Shannen Esau, Jessica Frandsen, Meredith Hallet, Matthew Hansen, Paul Vauhn Emett, Kelly Francis Carone R3: Barbara Smith, Andrea McEwan, Shanae Arnold, Jennifer McPartland, Tara Smith, Travis Reitz, Nic Aguirre, Nancy Tarbet, Jenny Reed, Kim Pettey, Brian Burk, Richard Hite With business proce- dures and accounting problems, Future Busi- ness Leaders ofAmerica compete at school tour- naments state wide. It prepares the students of Hillcrest for the world of business. FBLA also has many fun activities. R1: Todd Jones, Kent Besaw, Angel Archuleta, Heather Wa lker, Lisa Clark, Katie Draper, Nathan Chadwick, Ms. Hall R2: Lani Turnbow, I<imberl ey Hebdioon. Clyde Fowler, Anne Post, Casey Pi lling, ~1indy Jessup, Rachel Mackinnon, Michelle Wilkinson, Shannon Rino, Marlene Rasmussen. R3: Angela Smith, Krista Law. Scott Bedke. Chad Will iams, Claudia Ramos, Jaynie Olson, Corey Serassio, Michael Paskett. Wayne Davis 191

ew game, same name. chool is school no matter how you look at it. For Hillcrest foreign exchange students, schoo l hereandschool in their home towns is call ed by the same name but is completely differ- ent. They have nine classes every- day! Howeve r, they don't have to worry about to o many sophomores drivingbecause no one can drive un- til they are 18. Atlyn~ l a m edova.Zuzana Bielcikova. Nathalie Devriese. MariaStasikova. GuvanchAtajanov aksoonthorn Premanon HTV was Iirst cre,Heo, time, moreand more restric- tions havebeen placedon it. Thestudentswant something very different than what the administration wi ll allow. \"Ask not what theadministra- tion can do for you, because they never wi lL\" says Brady Maughn. Mr. Kelley thinks HTV is a happy medium for studentsto express themselves. \"BULU\"says the staffers. The studentswe asked felt thesame way. Freedomof speechmade it into the U.S. Constitution, Feinstein, Connon Wil liams, Stan Clawson , Cody Carlson. R2: Rory Ruffn er, Dustin Terrell , Kri s Barton , Pari s Baird, Ken Montayne, Brady Maughn. R3: Pete Van Siooten, Mr. !(e ll ey. 192 1111• Clubs

RI: Sherry Johns, Ame Jacobsen, Tony Benavidez, AmyWilliams, Tif- ~\"\"\"'..,.,.,.,.\".,.,......,....,\"\"'\".,....,....,........,..,..,.,...,........,.-.~.,..,.,..,..,..... fanyWalkamania,~l ikeal Borg, Susan ....- - - - - - , Kapadia,JennieSimmons,~lelissaAn- drew,Stacy Howa,Tami penst,Cami Pero,StephanAllen,Kristie Cole,Tara Brown, ~Iichelle Spencer, Romina Franco, ~l istee ~loore, ~latt Thacker, Nadir Raja, Jen Button R2: Sherstin Sundwall, Nicole Belnap, Christie Coyle, ~lelissa Lovell, Jaime Blodgett, Allison Shields,~Iegan Brudmr,Anne Post, Lena Olsen, Dixie Davis, Heidi Tolman,~lerry oelle ~1aX\\ve ll , Lacey Robinson, Denise Brown, Leigh Ann Underwood, Joey Tullis, Brittney Ruplinger, Ashley Young, Kristin Duvall. ~lartha Beddoes, Kimmerly Lehman, Stacey Garrett R3: Ann Fullwood, Gina Hall, Justin Hose, Ramona Westover, Nic Aguirre,Tyler Phillips,~landi Lund,Jason Day,Sami ~lorgan, Dan Taylor, Erin Hintze, Jen· nifer Rouse, Andrea Christensen, Erik Pellom, Joey Hadden,Wendi Wagner, Rae Rizzuto, Kim Higgens, Mary Christensen,Julie Voss R4: Michael Jensen, Brittanie Yeaman, Kristen Smith, Chad Farrell,Lindsey BurtJaime Ryser,Holly Ashton,Kristy Oliver,Dan Roberts,Tim VanSkyhawk. _ .......\"\"\"'\"., I Clint lelendez,AnthonyRoberts,Dave Edmonds, Russell Keetch, Jay R. Scoggan, Jon Bowler, Carolyn ~lulholland Not shown: Christina Cierico, Christie Dellagnda, Katie Behle, Doug Johnson Peer Leadership con- sists ofstudents who are concerned about the well-being of younger students. They attend elemen- tary schools & teach them about the dan- gers of drugs and gangs. They present their informative lessons in a creative, dramatic manner. These students real- ize their responsibil- ity to assist society toward betterment. Rl: Matina Bournakis, Maggie Ray, Sara Willias, Twila Thompson, Heather Campbell R2: Anthony Larsen, Misty Maynard, Kristen Bigelow, Krista Troxler, Joel ieol, Meg Loomis.

.---------.-.1 Rl : Keira Archul eta. Kat ie Draper, Yve tte Brusik. Angel Archuleta. Heidi Brown. Stephanie Taylor, atali e Daes. Jonathan McCurdy, Ja- son Koo n, Jennifer Rouse, Patrizia Peterson; R2: Cynthia Vernon,Jes- sica Arseneau. Brandy Brock. Brandi Wagner, Jesica Griesemer, Anne Perrin. Liz Emery, Jen- nifer Price, Rohit Khosla, Russ perry. Juli e Kennard, Karen Horrocks, Wendy Wadl eY,Tim Haran , Claudia Ramos; 3: Jason Scherbel , Clarissa Chipman, Kelly Pierce, Paul Vuong, Ric Jack on, Corey Grip , Greg Pedersen.Justin Hansen, athan Hanson, Todd Argyle,Josh'A_ong, Jared Haynie, Erica Oliphant, Aaron Johnson, Michael Kell ey RI: Wa)~n\\\\'ardle.BenPcteflOllCodyOllm _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.., P<'IiroRarno;. Joe~lartinez.BIiIlI~· I.Cr1.l11l. Tralli Joiun.IOO. Enc ROOtrl, )hchael . r-----....j Crockett.Jarni Chn.~1II.~n. iJ.\\l ila)\\'ard. TfI1JaUip<z. Brandi teek. Da-.nSaI\"age. Krista Koehl,r.Jill CandnlrtlOO)' B~Tkr. Jen Holt R1:)!JchelleR_Trac),lhornp- son. hannonRtno.Bnttn~·Ruphn dnne Pmin..lnthoo),)lascaro.Jaroo Ha)n~ Daren Strood.DawCritchtield.Phill SapP.Dan Rob- erls. Andy 8oi;,rl. llegan Brudmr. ~hke FrwlIln.A1IL1OOlueldl.llattWood.ilonney Salaw. h,rai)nHunL)llCheIICaputo.Bnt· tany~IltI\\l1Dannngton.\\\\'ad/Hm~ BewnPa;~nl.BnanBor BartCh)traUl. Sate Boulden. Tyler Prawitt. RIchard RhJn,hart.)ltganCandnanR3: KeI~Booth. Kn.~fn Kemmr. Bob Bnnton. Audrey Rocl Jason KlIOOintakah. John Cilllt~ Jenmf/r ROUll.lllrryXoelle)I\"II'/lllhchaeiScotL RUl.1tI1 Keetch.Trcnt tonn. tel'l Pri!kos. llarc )Iau han. Bnan Deann er. James Whitehead. Anthone)' Ro~erts. James TaW1llltpl3u.)brkROOtrll.K.C1.D.J/IlSIn. Brandon Selson. Cr Dr~~Ie. Chris En r. JasonKdchnsDhktBnngliuntJlI1)' ~ppy Xlelson.~hSmlth. TracyOIson.IllnMer. A1aand1r Cortez.Ben Hili. Trflur Look R4: T)ierVranl!.Jmm), HunLRUS5 1'<11}·.Enc Joonson. MWle Dms. Cwge Granholm. GIadeGoJn~ Tralli Bateman, John \\'al,nh. Jerdll)')lcKenzle.DaroonAnderson.Crtgory POO/flOIl llathtll'CIas.<e),.lilkal Aune. John Gull~· IO: Ket~· lund.Sarabatfl. )ltglmrus. [x'ug mrth.~'lI1llcAfe/.JoshBurkl.Dan Andmon. Chadkectch.ChadHales.JOI)'Sex· tWoold. l~r'~leIr1Bu. rb)ildonet.eDaIR1ldtCtlanst~luerbc. rrTyi.Cllaondy)' . _• • •_ _ _• Annstroog.B~'lI1tWI~r. SamJackson.)btt Han.~

Zuzana Bi elcikova; -Rq Maria Stasikova; Na thali e Devriese, a=..... President; I\\i m Clark, Vice President; Bri .=o~.... Ruplinge r; Ruthie Hudson; Kanda Christensen; Carolyn Dame, Advisor; Row 2: Emily Johnson; Brittany Higgins; Heidi Nydegger; Travis Norton; Shannon Ruckman; Diane Schow; Dorothy Rindlisbacher; Altyn Mamedova; Audrey Rock; Row 3: Sherstin Sundwall; Carey Serassio; Natalie Fra ncis; Elizabeth Smith; Shauna Sumsion; Danae Darrington; Mike Marsing; Travis Bateman; I\\ristin Duvalll ; Cody Gard ener. simulation of real court cases. The students can be attorneys, judges, and witnesses in a specific case. It is a good experience for those students who are interested in law. Row1;AllisonShields, HeadProsecuting Attorney; Mandi Lund, HeadDefensive Attorney; l<risten Kemerer,Defense Attorney; Rachel Mackinnon,Alternate ProsecutingAttorney; Row 2: TaraHarrison, Expert Witness; ikki Garner, Expert vI itness; George RichardGranholm, Witness;HelenSerassio, Key Witness guardian; JordenOrosz,Key Witness Clubs 1111. 195

r----_ The members of the mountain bike club ascend and descend through the mountain hill s and push them- selves phys ically to the limit. 2- Rl: Bryan Swiss, Chris Wardl e, Dus tin Terr ell ,Jennifer Rouse, Li z Emery. Colleen Lewis, Charles Heaton, Chris Lindberg, Charlie Williams, Brittney Ruplinger, Bob Briton, Joey Tullis, Courtney Day; R2: Scott Engle, Leigh Ann Underwood, Travis Reitz, Dave Riding, Scott Jones Robyn Jensen, Jenny orth, Alicia- Armstrong, Johanna Ward, Megan Bruder, Tami Spenst TheYouth Commission isa ....u.t group of students u.t fromall over Utah ch osen byth eir eeo schools. They meet onceamonth in the C-' S.L. County Building to discuss we politicalissues. Orin Hatch attends !o:i themeetings to answer any ~ questionsand let the students get afeeling of Utah politics. Rl:Brandon Rasmussen, Yvette Brusik, Randy Sjobl om, Travis Norton, Kevin Walker R2: Chris Goller, Eri c Montague, Lindsay Brasher, Mindy Scott 196 1111• Clubs

Dealing with drugs,alcohol and tobacco are the things the P.L.T dedicates their time and energy to.They help highschool to elementaty school students learn the risks of drug abuse. Through out the year they perform skits to help children understand drugs.The p.L.e are also part ofa large organization. Kathleen Newell, Angel Glad Not Pictured: Debbie Stewart, Ken Montague, Susan Hayes Hot popcorn, fresh bagels with cream cheese, frozen Otter Pops,delicious donuts,chips, cookies...Sounds like 7-eleven, right? No, it's actually Hillcrest's school store. The store is run by sixstudents interested in marketing and business. Ms. Thomas, their advisor, and the students in charge are pleased by the success of the store, as is obvious by the long lines during Aand B lunches at the store's window. The Hub will last for years to come. Heat her Mihalek, Ange l Archuleta, A nd y H og l e Coleman , Monica Till ey. Not shown: Ms.Thomas, Candace Bell , Anika Dimmitt. Clubs 111-.197

Rl: HollyAshton, ~1eg Loomis, Greta Coleman, 'Iichelle Rounds, Yvette Brusik, atalie Dawes, Kristen Kemerer,Anne Post. R2: ChrisChristensen, l<risty Oliver, Jamie Ryser, Jennifer Ballard, herry Johns.Travis Tanner, Liz Emery, Brandon West, Alison Shields, 1ike Crockett, Mike rreeman, Chad Williams, Zach Love, AaronYoung, Phill Sapp. R3: Dave Critchfi eld , Jam ie Hughs, Darren Stroud, Josh Wong, Joe Martinez, Greg Argyle, MichaelMonsen, Eric Roberts, Scot Petty. RI: Brannon Haris. Jared Hayni e. Chad Williams, Joey Nielson, Johnathon ,------~ Aguirre. Pres.-Trevor Cook. Vice Pres.- Win Packer.R2: Jacob Haussler. Becky ~1 err ill. I(ellee Marshall , Ashley Youn g. Lisa ~1u e ll e r . Ruthie Hudson. Mindy Christensen, Jonathan McCurly, ~1a rk Skolmoski. Jeff Glassey. Jeni Liddle. Bob Brinton. Brittany Halladay, Meg Loomis, heralyn Hunt , Lan i Turnbow. Stephanie Taylor, R3: Russ Sperry. Dave Pugh, Anthony Chr is tense n, LeigMnn Underwood, Liz Emery, Collee n Lewis. Jennifer Rouse, Zeke Middleton, Jason Day, Coby Bush, Tyler Phillips, Elisha Wardl e, Pete Van Siooten, Ror), Ruffner, Shawn Gates, Chad Anderson, Eric ~'I o ntagu e, Todd Phillips,R4 :Travis Bateman. ~1 0n i ca Whittwer, Jessica Bosen, hannon Ruckman, I(ristin Layton, Ileidi Nydegge r, Justin Vance. Brian Pi erce. Steven cal. Sherman Pierce, Dustin Terrell , Joey Tulli s, Brittany Ruplinger, Travis Brunson, Brya n Swiss Jason I(oon. Jonah Gill ette, Tim Hammond , Jared Fullmer, Mike Sander, Jonathon Wirth , Sean Christensen, not shown Lisa Ilarrison 198 1 11. Clubs

Rl: Becky Merri l, Jen Lewis, Amanda Harker, I..r-- - - Coll een Lewis, Helen Serassio, Martha Beddoes, Lani Turnbow, Michele Caputo, Yasmin Karimzada, Stephani e Woodward; R2: Lisa Muell er, Ru thie Hudson, Kristin Duvall , Jessica Arseneau, Jeremy May, Tom, Tohit Khosle, Andrea Wall, Carey Serassio, Kelly Booth; R3: Angel Archuleta, Heather Mihalek, Claudia Ramos, Josh Wong, Mohammed Iqbal, Lexia Dew, Angel Glad, Annette Johnson, Kent Young; R3: Leigh Ann Underwood, Marcy VanWagoner, Liz Emery, Andrew Spactman, Jason Scherbel, Sue Shelburg, Ryan Anderson, Doug Merrill This club was agood opportunity tolet students develop theirvoca- tionaItalents and skills. One way the VICAClub spendstheir time is learningabout commercial arts andvocational photography. VICA \"Certainlyis an experience\", re- plied~lr. ordfelt,the advisor. \"It gives the kids achallengingexpe- rience in the careerfields of their choice.\" Rt:~Ir. Bailey. John Homer-Histonan. Call11ronLoone),. RobHardman.Trent torm.Jerem), Yeaman. Gerado, Garcia. Colleen L/\\\\is.Ruben Lopez. Tro), ~torgan. Adam Romne),.Gab! Dusserre.Wendy tudznegger, Liz Clark.Amanda Harker. R2:~Ir. pratting. DennyShields.ChrisEisert- Reporter.Chad ~Ionson-Pres. Travis Anger. ~Iatt Small. Ken Robinson. GordonPuenta. BrandonBallard.Cody Orgill. Kelli ordfelt-StateEIe<t·Pres. Cnstin Adamson.Jeff Free. ~Ir. Anderson.~I r. ~Iontgomery. ~Ir. Gee. CT)'stal Hickenlooper R3: Dan Black- Trm.RoryRuffner.Jason cm~r. Bl)'an mith.Stew Burstin.Tyler Carlson.Xa Jorgprachaul.Brad)' ~Iaughan. Tim Hammond. Jason Kooentaal.JonGillette.Jeff Jackson. Tral'isHanson.JaredHa)'nie. Brandon Merrill R4:Robert tam.Nate Hanson. Kurt F', cottyFaTT1SlIMh.Elijio ~Iartinez. KC Jensen.Chri Be\\'erly. BT)'an Elliot. Nicole Garcia, Brad hurtloff. Bret Gardner.Kal111ron L . : i - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 Oldro)'1l.~latt H'.ChTISClark. Jeff Fugler. John Reams.Nola lI'ell . Clubs 1111. 199

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