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Hillcrest High Class of 1994

Published by lynette, 2019-05-08 16:34:35

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We are ONAROLL and Moving in the Right Direction By Yvette Brusik It has been said that education is finding out how little you know. I am sure we all realize the verity of this statement. The more we learn, the more we see how much there is to learn. We see no matter how hard or long we study we are unable to assimilate all of it. However, each of us have been given all of us entered high school we three years of high school to soak up were those small, plastic balls. But all we can. This unique opportunity as we rolled through the lanes of is not merely a time to dwell on clubs,academic classes, friends ,and books. High school is also a place to family we collected more rubber and learn how to communicate with our our ball grew. Nothing can stop a peers. But more importantly it pro- rolling object once it is in motion. vides the fragile perameters for each From here on out, we will all roll of us to develop into young adult- down the passage of life; learning hood. This three year allotment will and growing and learning we need probably be the most intensive learn- to learn more. The thematic state- ing experience of our life. There is so ment ON A ROLL is appropriate much going on, so many demands, a because we are forever busy, from downpour ofdeadlines,weekends full the time our feet hit the ground to of highlighting texts, and talking on the time our head crashes on the the phone; so much to do we are pillow. We have all been set in constantly ON AROLL. Life doesn 't motion and we cannot be stopped. end with high school, it keeps rolling Future, it is time to roll over and on. The red carpet to the feast of the make room for the classes of world is rolled out for each of us to Hillcrest. We are ON A ROLL to- follow toward greater goals. The red ward better things. carpet is a prerunner to life. When

What does it really mean to be ON A ROLL? Well the answer is simple. we are now, it is essential to roll It is having continual forward on. The direction we as indi- progression . For us at viduals choose to roll in will af- Hillcrest, it is progression in fect not on ly ourselves, but our own lives. How can we friends and family as well. There- form ourselves into better fore, choose your direction care- people if we stop the roll? We fully and continue on with your can't. To become more than own ON AROLL

SbJdentbody Officers We've had many chal lenges this year as a studentbody. Some were good and some not so good, but w e came out winning. This has been the best year ever. I truly believe that we cheered in our victories and in defeat we stood united. My love for this school and it's students is fo rever. This year has been the best. I love you guys! Stan Clawson SBO President I would like to thank the student body for making this year wonderful. I also want to thank Aggie, Charisse and all the other student government officers. I love you guys! This year has been the GREATEST. Amy Williams SBO Secretary WOW! I can't believe it's over, but to tell you the truth, I'm glad! Thanks! studentbody for all the support and great memories. And to the other SBO's and Senior Class Officers and both advisors. I love you guys more than Eddie Vedder! (I can 't believe I just said that!) Cassandra Pope Historian This year has definately been the best! To all the SBO's, I love you, you've been the greatest! I would like to thank the cheer- leaders and songleaders for all of their hard work. Nicole and Bentley, you've been the best! To all the studentbody, thank you for making Hillcrest stand united! I love you all! Heather Walker Cheer Representative Thanks for the memories and a wonder- ful experience. I pray we'll be together again to look back on the times that we've shared. Best wishes.... No doubt. Jim Tidwell Historian Hooray! I LOVE THIS SCHOOL! Thanks to everyone of you for making Hillcrest so cool , and for all the memories. It's been a fabulous three years. Seniors: Good Luck in the future; nice knowing ya. It's all over now so--Get Out The Way! Camby Larson Public Relations Officers Pictured at left, top to bottom: Ryan Shipp, Jim Tidwell, Stan Clawso n, Cambry Larsen, Cassandra Pope, Amy Williams, Heather Walker, Missing Jared Haynie Photos: LeGrand Olsen 6 1111. SBQ's

My experience at Hillcrest will always be special to me in my heart. Thank you Huskies for making the memories ones which I will want to remember. NO REGRETS. Jared Haynie Activities Coordinator It's been a great year serving the students of Hillcrest. The unity has become stronger and we will always stand united. Keep up the Hillcrest Pride and reach for the best in all you do. Thanks for the best year Ryan Shipp Vice President

Senior Class

f1994 Senior Class III. 9

Sophomore Matt Kennedy shows us his pearlysilvers as he screams his lungs out at the Burning of the \"H\" Jamie Hendrickson and Matt Miller de- cide to pull up camp and make their way to the Homecoming parade. Homecoming Homecoming, the final fron- the year. tier. Twenty-four girls about to Throughout the week, the embark on one of the most im- portant voyages of their senior girls are put to the test in assem- year. Five days of egg sucking, blies and lunchtime activities, to root beer chugging, hard ball prove themselves to the student dunking, and obstacle course body that they are the best. By running, and fun. way of studentbody vote, the group oftwenty-four is narrowed During the week we had sev- to twelve and then again to five. eral assemblies and several visits For these five girls: Amy from honored Hillcrest alumni. Sorenson,Allison Shields, Laura One of the assemblies featured Fairbanks, Amy Williams, and the sounds of four recent gradu- Tami Spenst; the disco song ates: Richie Clark, Mike Peterson, \"Stayin' Alive\" had more than one Brett Jensen, and Andrew Lam- meaning. At the end of a shut- bert. out football game versus Moun- tain View, one Husky emerged as Perhaps one of the most in- awinner. Narrowed down from a spirational and motivational as- field of twenty-four, Allison semblies of the year is the Burn- Shields was crowned as the '93- ing of the \"H\". This time nearly '94 Hillcrest Homecoming the entire student body was there Qu een . to show their school spirit and get themselves ready to tackle 101 1 . Homecoming Resident pyromaniac. Josh Wang, froA Sr. Pride makes some final preparation for the Burning of the \"H\" .J

Tami penst does her best not to laugh as she is erenaded by Senior Dan Hill at the Homecoming Queen assembly Ryan Cottfredson participates in a kinky game involving a spoon, some string and a couple of coeds Phill Sapp shows the true power of the Hillcrest football team by breaking through our most durable banner paper in the football introductions. Krista Koehler examines the situation through her blindfold as she tries to braid Holly Ashton's hair in the Senior Pride initiations Homecoming 1111. 11

Homecoming Queens For the first time in Hillcrest thing more than beauty. history, there was not a cheer- leader or songleader among the Allison Shields, the 93-94 finalists. Homecoming queens Queen enjoys the activity of roller have come to symbolize some- blading. She likes the color green, especially green apples. ..;t' ;. #1: Amy Williams likes hiking Attendant #2: Tami Spenst likes book- Attendant : 3 Amy Sorenson enjoys sing- Attendant #4: Laura Fairbanks plays the themounlains. She is known for wear- stores. Chinese food is a favo rite. She ing for entertainment and school choir. saxaphone. When she was fo ur yea rs old, g clogs. She doesn't have ajob but likes adm ires ski piclures. Her place of em- She collects asso rted soaps from hotels sheand her mother made a record. Laura buypizza anyhow. ploymenl is \"Kids R Us.\" she has visited. Hogi Yogi is where she plays soccer and loves the color purple. works. Homecoming 11111. 13

Yearbook Yearbook has come to mean Yourbook for 0.012% of the school studentbody. What a way to spend a year! Ayearbook is not just a book deed that which, next to virtue, Andria's Note to All Heather- Red, you 're a sassy recapping the year. The year- truly and essentially raises one soccer player. book for our class has come to man above another.\" I believe we Heidi- \"Oh my, boycrazy\" 10 lo-Cheesy grin, when are we mean yourbook. The studentbody have all gained knowledge from Tiff- \"Oh my, super boycrazy\" going to th e Palace? doesn 't realize the numerous being a part of Yearbook. The Hogle-Cash-Do you ever stand Kim-Welcome to the Blue Flame. steps involved in production of knowledge didn't have to be how still? De jour. Kati e-Chiquta, Help me! just one page. We will always to work the computer, but more Christi-It's like this and like that Andrea-Annie, see you tom orrow. relish the experience ofalphabet- about how to work successfully \"ANNA\". Attitude. Keira- Hey Einstein, and to think izing the whole studentbody each in a group. Chad- lust Do It Petrie you learned it all at Hillcrest. time retakes came in. No matter Scott-Turn on the radio, no Ann-Cood luck with your A.P. if your picture is on every page or Speaking to you as Editor, country. history test. not, the same feeling of makes me feel too official. I'd Rachon-I need some food. Amy- You're the Queen Weiner. acompl ishment cannot be del'ived rather be addressed as your friend. Amber-Did you see him? Dave-Stop taking pictures of the unless you have truly been a part I hope all the best will come your Angie-Can I leave? I wanna go. girls. of the overall process. Thomas way. We are all V.I.P's and de- Wendy Bear-Cuys SUCK. Addison <;aid, \"Knowledge is in- serve to be treated that way. Shannon-Cood luck in life, may Yvette-The Red Corvette \"ANNA\". You've all become special to me. your bangs always be curled. Andria-Don 't hate me because I'm Stephanie-Do you need a HUC? beautiful. Love Christi 14 III- Yearbook Advisor-Marie Halpin . Editor-Yvette Brusik. Co Editor-Andria mith are O~ AROLL. and apparently Marie is over the hill.

Rl: Marie Halpin, Chad Williams, Johanna Ward, Andy Hogle Coleman R2: Andria Smith, Scott Francis, Rachon Arnell, Heather Wardle, Heidi Brunner, Christi Etherington R3: Angela Rekoutis, Amber Gray, Wendy Huggard R4: Katie Watson, Tiffany Barlow, Keira Archuleta, Ann Cook R5: Andrea Newman, Stephanie Johnson R6: Kim Simmons, Katie Draper, Yvette Brusik, Amy Cates, Shannon Feveryear David Marion, Yearbook's Head Photogra- pher, sits under a load of toilet paper... The yearbook staff would have been lost without his wonderful attitude, his fantastic pictures and the way he was always ava ilable!!! II.Yearbook 15

Classes Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores day sophomore and the torment of are they all equal ? Some may an- being seniors deciding on what swer 0, and in some respects colleges to attend. School is hard. they may be correct. But the over- But if we all work together as one all answer is YES. High school is big class of Hillcrest we can all stay where we learn. Some of the best ON AROLL places to learn is from others who can relate to our situation. Those So sophomores don't be afraid people are students on ALL class of seniors, seniors don 't act like divisions. We have all rolled you are the best at everything, and through the miseries of being a 1st juniors don 't be afraid to dream of being a senior one day.

Senior Class Officers Vice President Secretary President Dustin Terrell Kelly Wallin Elisha Wardle

r\\i ...eann AdaW\\s 3acob Ande ...son 3aW\\es Ande ...son T \"'0):, Ande ...son Melissa And ...ew +-1011):, Ashton CilAvan h Ataja,,,ov 11 11.. 19

., K ,,\\,,\\eth Axtell Mindie B akel\" D an B all LO l\"in B all t-I eathel\" B anks The following pages may have some abbreviations which you may not understand, they go as follows: DPM= dates per month, SLP= sluffing percentage M att Tha kel\" 20 1l lllt, Seniors

~ . ...r. ... ',,' .I ' K tlvy\", Behl N ata lie Belchel' .. J, , ;Aile\", Bettilyo\", Sam B evIs 'to \\-~~\"-\"I ~ ,. , 'J .~ Z~1 2al'\\a Bielci kova Sh il a Bittel' Sta Bjol''''/'\\ Da\", Bla k Tiffa\",y B la k

3aime Blodgett Bre tt Bobe i\"g Kell y Booth Robei\"t Booth 3 ess ica Bose\", 30'\" Bowler Michae l Bow\", erika Bozich D e lese Briggs Sa ll y Bra kway 30 Bro\",as 22 11111.

Heidi BI\"LA\"'so\", ~~Jii.l Where do you go when you sluff? ,, ~ Home 30% \"'f'.4t Breakfast 13% Canyons 8% ·l···, :. Janitor's closet 4% Shopping 7% McDonald's 2% Another lunch 2% Park 2% Bathroom 2% Snowboarding! Skiing 4% Fishing 2% Ms. Hick's room 2% Seminary 2% Don't sluff 20% Bl\"iCl'\" B LAl\"k 3 0sh B LAl\"k e R oby\", B~\\ l\"ki\", shaw C li\",t B w·kWlCl'\" The most embarassing S teve B LAI\"\"'S AWlCI\",dCl BLAI\"t thing that has ever 3effl\"ey BLAtle l\" MyI\"CI'\" BLAtle l\" As hley BLAI\"t Coby BLAsh happened to me would 3LAsti\", BLAtte l\"fie ld 3 e \",,,, if I\" BLAtto\", have to be when I.... lived in Virginia in a neighborhood where all the houses looked alike. It was dark outside and I had to run across the street to borrow a book. My next door neighbors were Jewish and it happend to be one of their Jewish holidays. Mter I got the book I went back to what I thought was my house, but I went into my neighbors house singing very loudly during one of their sacred prayers. I just stood there watch- ing them stare at me and then ran out of the house and back to my own home. -Laura Hale Seniors 1111.23

24 1111.

Li z C laJ'k S tan C lawson N e lson C layton t-ialeJ'ie Cl eveland 30hn Co le .A1~dy +-Iog le Colema n CiJ'e ta Co leman Senior Section? sit in my section.\" An SBO said, \"When you took away Senior Sec- tion, you took away all that we What is Senior section? A hold dear. II Kristen Kemerer, a question like this has been asked member of Senior Pride, stated, by the majority of sophomores. \"Teasing sophomores doesn't The answer is nothing. For the mean anything more than they first year, Senior Pride was not are getting initiated into high allowed to clear pesky sopho- school. \" And I, Stephanie mores and juniors out of the Johnson,have this to say,\"Thanks A ll ison Co ll edge TamaJ'a Comstock center section ofthe auditori um; administration. Youlve ruined a section designated for senior my senior year expectations. seating only. The administra- Please don't do the same for fu- tion cut this tradition because it ture seniors. Sophomores and is discriminatory against sopho- juniors,fight for your traditional mores. What about discrimina- rights. Seniors, try not to be tion against seniors? Senior Tif- bitter. After all, this isn't the real fany Black says, \"I had to go world, it's only high school.\" through it for two years and now I feel cheated when I have to sit By: Stephanie Johnson in thebalcony while sophomores TJ'evoJ' Cook Seniors 1111\" 25

... J am mi e D a hl st l'om 3 e l'em ia h D avidson C h l'istine D av is OT:5 15\" DPM:6 WT: PERFECT SLP: 3PER MONTH GPA: 3.1 \"Brandi Bones\"not only played goalie for the varsity soccer team,but also provided halftime entertainment by imitating people with colorful personalities. L aL-\\I'a D av is Tel'esa D av is T ~sson Davis 26 1111. Seniors

ata lie Dawe s DlAstin Dawson CoVldne):, Da):, 3ason Da):' LalA ...a Denison R):'an Dent ;Ash Despain Nathalie Dewiese 3ennife... DeWall M ik e D e w e):' 3 e ss e D ...iffill

Holly D vlVVis D vid -1'\\ 1'\\ 1'\\9C1 28 1111.

All a m E v\\a \", Lav\\l\"a Fa il'ba l\"ks La LAI'a F I'istl'LAp Am}:' F LAI'ste\",aLA If you're traveling Kevi\", ~al'dLA \"'o in a vehicle at the 30so\", ~mnmell ~ e l'a l'do ~al'c i a T aml1'\\}:' ~a l'c i a speed of light and 30'\" ~ ill ette you turn on your Nikki ~al' \",e l' Stace}:' ~a l'I'ett BI'ia\", ~ i bb}:' headlights, will they do anything? No 18% Piss-off oncoming traffic 2% The car would explode 2% Yes 44% Yes, waste the battery 4% My car doesnlt go that fast 2% 1111 tell you when it happens 2% Nothing, a cop would get me first 2% Donlt know 8% They'd go on but not do anything 4% No, according to the theory of the speed of light. Anything driving that speed with lights on will move faster than the light provided the light is from the head- lights. Therefore, your headlights will have absolutely no effect. -Brady Maughan 11m not scientifically enclined 8% Yes, they will accelerate you in a negative direc- tion, thus, causing you to go into a flat spin. -Eric Roberts They will emplode and the entire car (in this case a pinto) will in- stantly disintegrate into oblivion.-Steph J. Les li e ~ I a d e S k}:' ~ I a d sto \",e 3 ff ~ I asse}:' C had ~ I ov I' Seniors 1111. 29

\"\"\"'\" Scott Fal\"nswodh Mic hael F e instein 3 el\"emy F e l\"9lAson Shannon Feve~'yeal\" Chl\"istina Filipov Stephanie Findlay Tl\"avis Fitch B ecky Folkel\"son 3amie FOl\"eman Amanda FOlAI g e l\" Wal\"l\" n Fowlks

K...ista\", Cioff C had +-I a l 5 3 0di +-I a ll Ti m +-l af1,\\mo\",d ANYTHING GOES What happened to the white Brand T-shirts, Silvertab jeans, t-shirt and cuffed jeans era? platform shoes, chokers, flannels, VVhen things used to be so denim shirts, cowboy boots, col- simple? Don't worry, it's still orful embroidered vests, a new there, your just not looking hard revised edition of \"bell bottom\" enough! VVe've expanded a little, style pants, No Fear, beaded neck- okay we've expanded a lot. Cloth- laces, big earings, broom-stick ing styles have made drastic skirts and anything plaid. changes over the past couple of People say the way we dress years, opening up a bigger, better reveals a lot about ourselves, it selection and variety of \"styles\" gives us \"character.\" VVith so many to choose from. new options it shouldn't be hard VVith every year comes a new to pick a style that gives you \"the trend. What's this year's newest, look\" you want. So go on-- latest, hippest, coolest, most EXPRESS YOURSELF! spectacular, stylish, and most popular fad, you ask? Try this on: Heather VVardle body suits, baggy pants, Lucky Seniors 1111\" 31

DPM: CAN'T UNTIL 18 SLP: 0 GPA: 3.0 Dawn played HHS varsity soccer as well as in many recreational leagues. Throughout her soc- cer career,she was known as \"boobs of steel\". 321111. Seniors

\", L ClLAY'CI t-I Cl le T om t-I ClY'Y'iso V\\ M ClY'k H eClps 30d i H Clth

3 asol\" t-Iecke\",liable B ei'\\ t-lill D ai'\\ielHili Roi'\\ t-lill N atalie t-lill eshim Nichol H obsoi'\\ Ai'\\dy t-I okai'\\soi'\\ S cott t-I olmai'\\ 3ei'\\ H olt 3aim H olyoak 3 H1'\\ m I\" D \\lid H p I'

Alice t-IopkiV\\s Stac}:, +-Iowa M a tt Jveste\" 3el'll'1ife\" 3ac ksoV\\ Kim 3ac ksoV\\ Am 3acobseV\\ Aimee 3 e V\\s V\\

R os ie 3 sso p M ik 3 o hV\\so V\\ 36 11111.

Tl\"ovis 3 0h ,'\\ son C h 3 0nes Ch...istina 3 0nes Takahiko Kamisasal'll-lki 5 V\\sa n K apad ia RlAssell K eetch Mi c hael K e ll ey Roh it K hos la DREAMS COME TRUE W1TRDISNEY Nico le Kin sley \"Someday my prince will fascination of all Americans, in- come,\" is not merely a phrase cluding the students at Hillcrest. uttered by single, lonely women Eighty-nine percent of the over forty. It has become one of Hillcrest student body has seen the many coined phrases ofWalt Aladdin. It is hard to feel comfort- Disney Productions. Walt able at most movies with your par- Disney movies and productshave ents, but Disney guarantees both long embodied the fairy tale lives quality and family values in their each of us dream about. Walt productions. Recently the Walt Disney made his premiere in Disney Store opened at Fashion 1928. For over forty years, happy Place Mall, it is one of the fastest endings have showered the growing retailers in the West. And G-rated category of movie to think it all started with a little productions, beginning with mouse named Mortemer \"Mickey\" Snow White. The latest being mouse. Aladdin. Aladdin and Abu captured not only the hearts of Yvette Brusik Princess Jasmine, but the 3 ennife ... Kl e nk Seniors 1111. 37

K l'ista K oehlel' 3 ason K oon C had L ance HT: 6'0\" DPM: N/A GIRLFRIEND WT: MASSIVE SLP: 0 GPA: 3.2 Mike played for afirst-place recreational basketball team attracting many female spectators. III.38 Seniors

Mait L Vi c ki Lawson Ki mmel'ly L e hman LalAI'ie L emmon Calleen L ewis ~, .. 3eni Liddle 3al'ed Lindsey Michael Loedsche l\" Mike Lo~in M eg Loomis Cindy Lopez t , .\". :\"., - \\........ '-.' \")-'(\" . ' .j L e l'esa Lopez 2ach Lov M li ssa Love ll L e s lie Lowl'y

MOI\"gan Mace}:' R achel M ac KiY1VlO'1 Phillip Madsen Mike Majol\"s Sam Malo}:' E li sa Mal\" Kellee Mal\"shall 30e Mal\"tinez E lijio M a dinez Mich lie M atth \\-\\IS 40 1111.

Michael M c C abe K ath}:' M cC leef\"Y 3 0Mthan M cClAf\"d}:' The worst date of my life would Steve M cF af\"lane B f\"ian M eal's have to be.... when I went out with B eck}:' M ef\"f\"ill Eric Roberts. First, he Z ek Middl to,'\\ H eath f\" Miha l k M att M ill s was two hours late because he got in a car accident. The worst part was he hit a U.T.A. bus. Next, he didn't have enough money at dinner so we had to call his parents to come pay. We finished dinner and made it in time to see a late movie - Aladdin. That was fun. Then we were coming home and it was freezing cold and his car broke down about a mile away from my house. We walked the whole way. It was the worst date of my life. -Marcy VanWagoner •••when I went out with Marcy VanWagoner. First, I got in a car wreck and was two hours late. Then I didn't have enough money for dinner so I had to call my parents to bring me some extra money. We then went and caught a late movie, Aladdin, that was real fun. But to top it all off my car broke down about a mile from her house. So I had to walk her home in the middle of January without a coat. -Eric Roberts Seniors 1111. 41

Chad M onso,,, Micah M onson Mistee MooV'e Shav'\\V\\on MooV'e Chelsea M oss Kevi ,,, M oss K II y Nash Ashl y Nay loV' E lissa N b k \"

30hVl N e lsoVl N a t a li e N e lso Vl AVld ..ea N e w ma Vl 3e..em\"i N ielse Vl 3 oe\"i Ni e lso Vl Kip Nie lseVl S cott N ie lso Vl N a tha Vl N oel SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT • • • If we could shrink the entire world's population to a high school class of 100 people, but keep the existing human ratios intact, this is what our \"world class\" would look like: -11 would be Asian - 4 would be European - 3 would be from the Western Hemisphere (North and South America) - 2 would be African -14 would be non-white - 6 would be white -14 would be unable to read -10 would suffer from malnutrition -16 would live in substandard housing -14 would be non-Christian - 6 would be Christian AND ONLY 1 OF THE 100 WOULD HAVE A COLLEGE DEGREE Andy Hogle Coleman Seniors III 43

DOlA90 lel\" Cody O lsen cstee O lsen L ena O lse,'\\ DPM: TONS R b dPa SLP: 2PER WEEK GPA: 3.6 Kevin Moss (Herb) has one of the most colorful personalities at Hillcrest. Both Siskel and Ebert gave him two thumbs up. 44 1111. Seniors

Win P ack el' B ambi P a lmel' Michael P ask e t+ CClVldClce P Clttel'soVl DClvid P axton t-Ieathel' P a}'ne M e la nie P a}'ne

Wes Petel\"sol'\\ Scott Petty Tyl el\" Phillips K e lly Pie l\"ce DClI'\\iel PIClskett f-l eClthel\" P o llock 3 C1mel'\\ Podel\" 3C1mes Pode l\" Nico le Powell D Clvid PI\" c StClC Y P~'OctOI ' 46 111

Senior Quotes on Life.... \"Remember who you are..but donlt let it get you down.\" -Aaron Johansen Cal'olyl'\\1'\\ P I\"0ffitt D a ve PlA9 h Mike P lA li al'\\ M eisha QlAayle \"Itls better to live your life on your feet than to die on your knees.\" (DJ.) -Brad Anderson \"11m only hanginl on to watch you go down! \" -Brady Maughan \"Live for today.\" -Josh Burke Cal\"l'ie R advil'\\ 3 el'\\I'\\ife l\" R a dvil'\\ Cla lAdia Ramos P edl\"o Ramos \"Go hard or go home.\" -Brad Greeves \"Live fast, love hard, and die with your shoes on.\" -Ashley Despain \"Stop the world, I want to get off.\" -Tysson Davis 3ami R a ppleye Li sa R a smlAssel'\\ Am6e l\" R ay M a99 ie R ay \"Girls are for a sea- son.... but buddies are forever. -Kelly Wallin \"As long as we have the Love Boat, life will always be exciting and new.\" -Connon Williams Matt R edfoV'd K athV'yl'\\ R ehle PalA l R Yl'\\o lds BV'al'\\dol'\\ Ri c haV'ds \"Hold on to your dreams and live forever. \" -Brandon West Seniors III. 47

Natalie Ric hal\"ds D ave RidiV\\9 R~aV\\ Ri vel\"a R aeleV\\e Ri zztAto K eV\\ R ob iV\\ soV\\ MaitRoll el\" L Ol\" iaV\\V\\ R 11'\\1\" II 3ami R ot 3 Rss i 0 5 \",bOLI 11'1 TI\"istil'l R oss 48 1111.

Mike S a nd 1\"5 P aVlI S a ndel\"50n HELL ON WHEELS Dawn S a vag Chanthy Savaivon9thon9 Doyou rememberyourfirst Some Hillcrest students have pair of rollerskates, \"2-wheeler\" taken this new sport to greater lengths. bike, orthat new pair ofrollerblades. Along with street hockey and other Rollerblading can be challenging activities, they go mountain blading. and at times difficult. At first it Canyouimaginerollingdownamoun- seems like ice-skating on pavement, tain at 35 miles per hour plus? Most but you will soon learn the \"tricks- people can't fathom this idea. While of-the-trade.\" The minute you walk these dare-devils risk being hit by semi- in the door after buying those new trucks and cars, they can't resist the blades, you break out the old knee rush of blading down a mountain. Ex- pads, elbow pads,and helmet. Once cessive speeds cause the rollerblades you are out-fitted, you are ready to shake enough that the bladder feels and rolling to go. While testing as if he might fall over. Senior Kevin your new purchase, you approach Moss and his friends enjoy going down that steep hill at the corner. You dirttrails and over rocks. Kevin noted begin to wonder if it is time to turn that \"falling down is the best part. If around and head back home. You you don't want to get hurt, you better decide to try that hill, because you stay home and bake some cookies.\" will have to sooner or later, so what the heck. Christi Etherington Dav Scanlon Seniors 1111. 49

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