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Hillcrest High Class of 1994

Published by lynette, 2019-05-08 16:34:35

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Keri Jensen Clint Burkman Keri Bear, our chatter box, Ayoung man who has never been you Ive turned into such a fox. afraid to be his own man! Full of enthusiasm, with a heart thatls giving, FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS -- youlre an inspIration with your zest for living. We love you, Now go on doing what you do best, making a brighter world for all the rest. Dad, Mom, Alysa, Misty, and Brady YOU ARE THE BEST! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Mom, Dad, Chad, Angie, we love you! Ryan Shipp Joey Nielson Thanks for sharing all of your high school successes in sports The only things you can take with you are your and student body activities with us. What fun years! We relationships with Father, family and friends. Remember this and your life will be full of joy. admire you for your strength of character and humble spirit -- adynamite combination!!! There'sno stopping you! HOW Mom, Dad, Ben, Matt, Mark and your Guarding Angel WE LOVE AND ADMIRE YOU!!! Love, 2-4-U Mom and Dad 242 1111. Baby Ads

Adam Woolsey Belem Jimenez Castro You must have been a beautiful baby, Remember that no matter cuz baby, look at you now!! We are what you think or what you very proud of all your accomplish- do, there are two who will ments, and wish you love, happiness, and success. know -- you and your Mom, Dad, Zach, and Tom Father in Heaven. Justin Harvey Gregory C. Argyle Twenty years from now you will be more Dear Greggor, disappointed by the things you didn't do For the son you've been, the young man you than by the ones you did do. So throw off are, the man you'll become ... the bow lines. Sail away from safe harbor. How proud we are!! How blessed we feel! Catch the trade winds in your sails. We love you son. May the challenges of the future Explore. Dream. Discover. culminate in the fulfillment of your dreams. Love, Mom and Dad Much Love Your Family, Mom, Dad, Todd and Neil

Tyler Phillips James Graham Danny Shields Mike Majors We is reel prood of u, Life is short, Dannny-kins. Your big day is Congratulations Mike- tyler! urthe furst make the finally here. Congratulations! you made it we are pursin in hour family to most of it. we want you to know how proud of you. Best of graduat from hi skool - much we love you and how luck in all you do. Use (Hillcrest anyway) Luck always. proud we are ofyou. You have good judgement In Congratulations- Love many talents. Put them to your decisions. Life can good use. Reach for the stars be whatever you want we luv u. Mom and Ron and may all your dreams come it to be. yer famly true. Love-Dad, Mom, Tyler, Kelli and Patchie Ann Love, Mom, Dad & Brian Tony Trotter Dave Riding Kurt Eades Heather Wardle We1re proud of the little boy Congratulations to a Dave, how fast it goes. you were, the young man Hea~er, ThI contest lasts forIOOm/nts ~ou~ ~e traini~ wonderful son and The future is here be- you1ve become. The special tal;en l~ars. 1t wasn't~1 ~innin ~on/ that was worth the brother. We love you fore you know it. Take it son,brother and friend you'll ~urK ana tears. r~e applalll1 ~;II ~ for tlen,~/ prill~;II to the limits. If anyone always be. Congratulations, ~ misplaceo. But ~e lon~ ~o ~ours ~ practi'e ~;II nMr and wish you can do it, you can! ~ awaste,for in t~ino to win lUU DuiO asijll)'OII learn that happiness With much pride &love, be the best you can be. \";nnin~ 01111n& on. \\\\111 )'011 nil r~r(M' 0)' ~iIII' mu'~ )'00 and success. Mom, Dad &Steve Love, Mom, Das, Eric,Josh and Alicia \\I;n,on~ rilll'OJ'Iiw mlK~)'OII ~t in. any new Love, Mom,Dad, Todd &Teri (~allan )uu\\~ just ~un, rut forth)'OUr ~5t,ana )'oo\\~ alrea~ Imn! ~Iaj ~e oreams 01)'our past ~ ~e reali~ ~ )~ur future,Con~ratulations!! WW Dai ~Iom, !lr/m\" Carrie,Hol~\" lin~I1)' ana Jamie 244 1111. Baby Ads

Craig R. Howard Liz Emery Marjorie Ray Coby Bush Congratulations! Liz Way to Go! Sometimes we're fun Congratulations, you made it We Love Sometimes we're rough Goodluckin your future ow if you would YOU. But that's alright endeavors. only move out! That's okay Love, Mom Know that we love you and Mom, Dad are proud of you. and Eric. 'Cause you're gonna and Dad Mom, Dad, len, Kel, Buy us a condo someday! Kimball, Dallas, Heather, We're proud of you, Cob! Andrew, Melissa, B.J. and Aggie Love, Dad and Mom P.S. We'd prefer St. George or Scottsdale! Matt Moore Brittany Nash Amy Williams Andrea Newman MATT-WE ARE PROUD We love our beautiful \"And where we love is \"Annie\", Welre so OF YOUR daughter, who always does home, home that our proud of you and your just what we taught her, feet may leave, but not ACCOMPLISHMENTS, she'sgot her own style,that our hearts. The chain determination to YOUR FUTURE, AND makes everyone smile, and succeed. Always follow YOUR ABILITY TO ishappiest when we haven't may lengthen caught her! but never part.\" your dreams! GROW HAIR. We love you, We love you! LOVE, MOM Go get em, Dallas! Mom and Dad Mom, Dad and AND DAD Love, Mom, Dad the whole family and the Fam. Baby Ads 1111. 245

Claudia Ramos Trujillo Jaime Blodgett The world is full of opportunities, don't let them pass You're on a roll, Jay-Waa! you by. Now is your time for commitment to excel- -Don't stop now- lence in all you do-on your way to the top. Be the best We love you- because you are totally capable of anything you desire. Mom and Dad We love you so much. Mom, Dad, Lessy, and Jaime P.S. You'll always be my little girl with blue eyes and blond hair who loves Capito Pan. Love, Mom! Amy Furstenau Greg Larson Amy,Our Favorite Songleader! Congratulations! You're the Greg, we are so proud of you. You've Best!! Your determination and energy will take you anywhere always been a wonderful son. Keep you want to go. Your beautiful smile is contagious, so keep on setting goals and working hard. smiling. We're proud of you for all your accomplishments There isn't anything you can't and for always knowing accomplish. We love you! what is most important in life. Mom and Dad We Love You! Mom and Dad 246 \"\". Baby Ads

Brannon Harris Stan Clawson Every morning when you\\me just asmall guy,you would wake up and run Those who truely know you cheer your strong spirit. tothe II indoll tocheck out the skies. Depending onthe weather you'dsay Are gifted by your genuine friendship. \"lookImade the sun shine\"or \"Imade sno\\\\ for you today.\" You've definitely Share with you your enthusiasm for life. beenour sunshine,with very few rainy days. We've always been able tocount And we love you! We do Mom &Dad onyou to make us laugh and keep us laughing with your clowning around. \"When idealism goes into the trash as junk mail, Keep reaching for the skies honey,cause you've gotwhat it takes! we're finished.\" We Love You, Robert Fulghum Dad,Mom,Trenton,and KaraLynne Benjamin Michael Petersen Allison \"Owitz\" Shields Ben, we are so proud of you Congratulations! We are proud to claim the and the type of young man beautiful, smart, fun-loving person that you have become. We will you are, as our daughter. We wish you always love and cherish you, happiness, love, and success in your future. Love Mom and Dad Love, Dad, Mom, Adam, Angie, and Anthony

Jennifer McPartland Matthew Maynard Jodi Heath Eric Roberts Congratulations Toour sweet Today is the You always were a Jen! faced boy who tomorrow you've \"Wild and Crazy\" guy. grew into afine dreamed about! May And you have always We wish the best for young man, you look ahead with made us proud. Reach you always! Keep up congratulations, confidence as you for your dreams son, we love you! look back with pride! we are behind you. the good work! Mom and Dad. Love, Love, Love, Mom and Dad Mom, Dad Mom and Dad and Family and Family. Andria Smith Dawn Savage Travis (N.)Tanner Chris Jones Andria have a Thank you for so many T.N.T = You're an We are so proud of happy life. years of happiness and explosive kid! you! This is just the laughter. We've always beginning of your Remember you been so proud of you and Humor keeps the can have your cake love you so much. world together- lifes accomplish- Congratulations Dawn! don't lose yours. ments. Keep your and eat it too. You did it! Keep on truckin. Love, Dad, Mom, We love you, goals set high. Love, your Zee. Mom, Dad & Shane Love, Misty &Josh. Dad, Mom, Laura, Lisa Mathew & Nathan 248 \"\". Baby Ads

Steven B. Bums Michael Loertscher Allison Colledge Christie Coyle Congratulations! We are so proud We1re proud of \"My Mom of you. We never had you!! Keep makes the We're proud to be your reaching for best Pasta.\" family- a doubt and know those goals you will be successful you wanted. Love, Keep c1imbing---- in whatever you do. Love, Mom, Dad, There's no end to what Travis &Gonga. We love you. Mom and Family. you can Mom, Dad, accomplish! Grandma, & Grandpa Love, Mom, Dad, & Ryan Farren R. Jensen Sheila Maye Bitter Janette Edwards B. Eric Johnson You are loved for the You've come along way baby! Congratulations on your Congratulations! little boy you were-- We'll continue to watch with graduation. We're proud Quiddy! The special young love and pride as you scale Love, man you are now-- each new mountain and of you! May you And the wonderful vanquish every foe on your continue working so Dad, Mom, Jeff, son you will always Journey to the top. Thatyou'll Jinger, Puff, Jelly, one day see all your dreams that your dreams be. WE are very fulfilled,we have no doubt. will come true. Gerbs, & Boo proud of you! Love, Mom &Dad Love, Mom & Dad Love you, I.Baby Ads 249 Daddy, Morna, & Shanalea & Danelle

Ryan Scott Dunford Tristan Ross Dave Critchfield Jacob &James Anderson Well, Big Rye, Welar sew prowd of you! Congratulations! \"Jake can you believe Congratulations on the 1st Kongradulaychuns! Always remember: we're really 18 years of your life!Keep Yer Speshul, \"What's the Key?\" graduating?\" Luph Maw &Paw \"When do you want up the hard work and the pain?\"and \"We \"Yeah! Awesome, dedication to your goals. P.S. Dill allwee's bee owr love YOU!\" Mom & Dad James! \" We love you!Your Family! liddle snotphace. Susan Dearden Heather Seely Jaimeson Hughes Aaron Jay Johansen We are so proud of you. \"OURLITTLE BETTY \"YOU ARE THE The Last is the Best You have given us joy CROCKER\"Youlvekept us WIND BENEATH of all the Gang!! and happiness. Have a laughing for years, never Welre so Proud of bright future! Love, losethat senseofhumor and OUR WINGS\" You. Love, Your great charm.WE LOVE YOU! Love, your family Family, Mom, Dad Mom, Dad, Brian, and Brothers Kevin, Lorrie & Lisa Dad, Mom& Katie Daniel L. Hill Michelle Elmer Brandon West WEARE SOOOO! \"No balls in the Mish, we knew you'd WAY TO GO PROUD house, Dan.\" It has be asuccess. Just look BRANDON! OF YOU. been so fun-every day WE LOVE YOU, at you, Angel. MOM, GARY ALLI, GOOD lOB of your life. Love, The Whole CODY & TAHNEE We love you - DONE! Mom & Dad Bunch! ..a

,. Angela Smith Aaron Jay Ware Layne Snarr Nicole Bennion Layne, Never once doubted congratulations - CONGRATULATIONS NICCI, your ability. We are so It's all the way to WE KNEW YOU COULD DO your dreams now. IT AND YOU DID IT WELL. All Our Love always. proud of you! WE ARE PROUD OF YOU Dad & Margo Love, Mom, Dad Love, Jennifer, David, Mom, Jay, Bart & Taz AND WE LOVE YOU! Daniel & Melinda MOM & DAD Johnny Uriarte Meradee Lloyd Chelsea Page Moss \"alerie Anne Cleveland We are very proud of Congratulations, \"Thy word is a lamp Halie, reach for the your accomplishments Meradee, unto my feet and a light stars and your dreams through the years and wish you the very best Now on to bigger and unto my path. \" will come true. the future has to offer. better things! Psalm 119:105 We all love you, We're proud of who you Mom, Dad, Aprile, Love, Your Family Love, Mom &Dad are!! Mom and Dad Carrie Laurie Lemmon Audrey C. Rock Am'e Jacobsen Angela Dawn Taylor Roses are Red, Violets \"Dear Santa, I still Arne,our preciouslittledancer,we Congratulations on all of are Blue, You're still believe\" Don't stop, are so proud ofyou!Rememberas your accomplishments! our little mouse and youcontinuetobuild onyour Good luck in the future! but hold on to specialabilities and talents-you You are our \"Angel of the we are very your dreams - will find eternaljoy.Welove you, proud of you . Love, Mom, Dad Morning\" Love, Mom & Dad Dad,Mom,Cami &Suzie Love, Mom &Dad & family

Becky Summers Brian Ray Johanson Congratulations You have on your taught many graduation people and good many things. luck on this We are very next great proud of you adventure! and your Love, success Mom and Love, Dad, Mom, Dad Kevin & Corey Nikki Gamer \"DEER\" BAMBI CHARMAINE Nikki, KEEP REACHING FOR I am so THESTARS PRINCESS,AS proud of the person you YOU SEARCH FOR have become \"SOMEWHEREOVERTHE and I know you will RAINBOW\"YOUR make all DREAMS WILLALL COME your dreams come true. TRUE WHEN YOU Love, Mom REALIZETHERAINBOW HAS \"ALWAYS\"BEEN Cindy Zmo THERE I SIDEYOUR Wow! Look HEART-BELIEVE!! at those FOREVERLOVE and dimples- KISSES andSTAR Thirteen WISHES,MOM andDAD years later- Congratulations and you still Eric!! Youwill have them! alwaysbe our little Congratulations! cowboy! Youarea Love, Mom wonderful son& brother. YouIre and Dad futureholdsno 252 III~ Baby Ads bounds -GO FOR IT! Weloveyou, Dad, Mom, Kevin &Bret

Grafig! Angela Smith You've made it! The first Congratulations! You did it! We1re so step in proud of you and many great the young woman achieve- you1ve become. ments to Now it's time for come. We you to live your love you- dream. Go for it! ... Mom & Dad and may all your dreams come true! Love, Mom and Jason r__--C-am-bry Larson Nice work, Cam! You're a constant source of delight & entertain- ment. We love you! Mom &Dad Ie Mindi Sorenson --------------~~ Mindi, We are so Congratulations proud of &good you. We love luck. you very Love, Mom & much. Dad Love, Dad, Mom, Eric &Cambry Baby Ads 11111\" 253

Rachon Amell Cortnee Langpap Rachon - Congratulations, Our perfect daughter - Courtnee Sue, we areveryproud of you. Who is our Vou arethemost beauti- youngest grad, ful, intelligent and loving All the best we daughter we could have wish for you, Love always... ever hopedfor. Mom and Dad Congratulations - love always, Mom &Dad Pete Auerbach Teresa Lopez Congatulations! Congratulations T.J. You have made us very proud of you You did it. You danced your and your many way to the top. accomplishments Look for success both in and out of cause your the best. school. We love you, Love, Mom, Dad Mom and Dad &Anthony Kirsten Tucker Kirsten, we are very proud of you and your accomplishments. We can't believe you are old enough to go on to college. We love you! Good Luck! Love, Mom and Dad Stacey Garrett CongratulationsTigger! We're very proudofyou. Youare a beautiful, sweet younglady. Congratulati ons on beco ming aC.N.A. so soon. We'reproud ofthenursingcareer you've chosen. We know youwill do well. We love you! Dad, Mom, &family

r Rory Ruffner Congratulations Kathy McCleary \"ROAR\"! Look out world, here he \"What ababe.II You are to be comes! We're very congratulated! All of your efforts proud of you, we and determination have paid off hope your future is the best. Love - for you. We hope all of your Mom, Dad & Todd dreams, hopes, and wishes come true as ours have withyouBaby Jeff Glassey Girl. As always we are very proud We knew from the of you. Your adoring fans--- beginning youwould be a Mom, Dad,Tim Dave, and Doug. character but we didn't guess howmuch joy you Amber Michelle Ray would bring to our family. Congratulations! Shoot for AMBI B. BAMBI...Mylittle angel. the stars...You deserve the I'm very pleased with all your very best. We Love You, accomplishments,youIreabeautiful young lady. Idon'tknow how youfit Mom, Dad, Brett, school in between the boys and phone Matt & Nathan calls,but youdid it!. Always remember who youare, Good Luck Baby Ads 11111. 255 and Stay Sweet,ILOVE YOU! Mom. Monica \"Brook\" Wood It's been a long 13 years since that first day of kindergarten when you wanted to quit school, but you've made it now. Congratulations! Love, Mom and Dad VVendy Stutznegger \"Babesll- our $12,000 baby & worth every penny! \"You've always meant much more to me than you could ever guess, for you have done so much to fill my life with happiness.\" We mean it! Love, Mom & Bob, Amy, Erik, Beth & Jul ie

Kristan Goff Jaime Ryser Kris- Your The world is challenge, to make the your very most of canvas- your high Paint a school years. masterpiece! Congratulations We Love you, on ajob well Mom &Dad done! Love, Mom & Dad Ashley Lund Lee (E eeio) C. Martinez Well, you \"stuck it out\"for At the moment of 12 years and your birth you brought us great accomplished so joy. With your much! We are so burning desire & very proud of intensity, we you. Keep your knowyou'll reach dreams in mind your goal in life. Congratulations, and you will Love,Mom&Dad attain them. Love you, Jared Haynie Dad &Mom Jared , Thanks Shauna Christensen for being such a Congratulations great guy. We1re to the light all very proud of my life. of you and You we love you! deserve Love, Mom, Dad, the best of Dave, Brian, everything Paul, Steven, always. Jennifer, Lisa Love, Mom and Kirt. 256 1111. Baby Ads

Marcy Van Wagoner Chris Thomas Carpe Congratulations! Diem We are very Sieze the proud of you. Day Thank you for Make your life being a wonderful son extraor~inary! & brother. Samant Love, Dad- We are so very Mom & proud of you Heather and the Richard Hite person you are growing into. With all the skiing, rope \"Remember climbing, homework, who you are\" - soccer,dating,homework, ice skating,football,more XOXOXO sports, homework, dancing, homework, Mom and piano performances,more Larry homework, hanging out with theguys,schoolfunc- .-----R- ebecca Haussler tions, working and more homework;we are so You are a most exci ted yo u're finally special child. graduating! Your Dad and I plan to reallycelebrate! We are Congratulations and extremely proud of you Love, always, Dad, and love you. Mom &siblin s May you always know Dear Holly- joy, wonder & you are a beauty! Love, blessing to Mom & Dad your family. God bless you in your life, and your further education. Love from all of us. Baby Ads 1111\" 257

Natalie Renee' Hillesheim Tiffany Walke Well Naters -You did it! Dear Tiffany, We're so proud of you. Ourveryown \"NIN-meister\"!It'sbeen Keep reaching for the great to see you grow... studying, stars. You can do any- good deeds, the musical, honor roll thing you set your mind & graduating. Also, great to. We love you lots! fun...Jackson Hole,Toy-ota,dances, Congratulations Graduate! friends, boot-scootin' boogie, eil Love- Mom, Dad, Diamond and m Sisters & Brother P.S. XOXOXOX's Love, from ALL YOUR FAMILY that loves you tons! Nicole Tolman Russell Keetch What a great kid you turned You are: out to be, but Energetic, noisy,outrageous, unique,good lookin',funny, we always friendly, crazy, charismatic,and knew it. sometimes even \"studious\". Love, Congratulations! Mom & Dad You can succeed in whatever you really want to do. Love, Your Family Candy Torgerson Candy, I'm very proud of all you have accomplished on and off your horses. Dreams can come true! Way To Go! Congratulations, Love, Mom Sherstin Sundwall We love you and wish only the very best for you and your future. You have made us proud. Congratulations! Love, Mom & Dad

Ryan McAffee Michelle Rounds Congratulations. Congratulations to We knew you our beautiful dancer!! could do it. Lots of love, Keep working hard Mom & Dad and striving for your goals. Darrell Gutke See you on Broadway! Son, we're so proud of you. You 're a special Love, Mom, Dad, person and we love you Brian, Jeff & Alison so much. One of your teachers said, \"Darrell is Angela Deming good clear down to his toes. \" And you truly are. Ever since you were Keep up the good work. born you 've brought such happiness to those Love, Mom & Dad around you & today you're loved more than John Nelson ever and wished a world From a little boy on of beauty & happiness. his first day of Congratulations, school to a fine with love, from all of young man, a graduate, we are as your family. proud of you as a family can get! Brett Mortenson Brett, You \"light\" up our lives- in every way. We are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Dakon, Daren, Brandon & Chad

Kristine Johnson Mistee Moore Krista Koehler Jennifer Jackson Dear Kristine, U have brought joy, CONGRATULATIONS Dear J.J. at long last - Congratulations onyour laughter, friendship & KRUT!! graduation! We're so very graduation from Hillcrest. love to everyone who proud of you! Continue to We are proud of youand knows U. Always keep Reach for the stars - grow and learn as you head your accomplishments. We the future is yours. out on your own, but take wish youcontinued Success, that happy smile. You have brought so time to smile and laugh and Joyand Happiness through U-R the greatest! much joy, laughter and run barefoot through the grass. your life. Keep sharing your Congratulations! love. You are one in a Remember thegood times and smile and fun personality. We all love you million! Life changes learn from the bad,and always but my love never will. know how much we love you. Love, Mom and Dad very much. Love, Mom, Gram, Mom Dad &Mom Heather, Amber & \"8\" Jeffrey D. Butler Brittany Halladay Rachel MacKinnon Shawn Harrison Bright eyes, bright We are so proud of your We Love You. Congrats! We think smile. Quick to learn. accomplishments and Mom and Dad, you are awesome! Thank you for being the choices you have Peter, Leah, May the future hold Rebekah, Keith. great TREASURE our 1st born son. made in your life. In our family, You are awonderful I LYMOO! for you. you're #l. example, person and N.C. Love, friend. We love you. Love, Dad, Mom, & Mom, Jena, Jefferson, Your Family family Grandpa & Grandma 260 ,111. Baby Ads

Zeke Middleton Kristie Cole Chad Williams Laura Halford We are proud of youraccom- From the tears of Dear #1 son, Congratualtions! We are plishmentsand theindividuality shyness you have Don't ever so proud of you! We know you show in everythingyoudo. change! you will achieve your goals Bei ngcreative, tal ented, lovi ng, grown into a We love you just witty,responsibleand with your beautiful young the way you are! and hope that all your determination,nodoubt you'll Mom & Dad dreams come true. Stay as lady. We are sweet and beautiful as you succeedin everythingyou proud of you. are now and your life will choose. Thanks forbeingYOU! Love, Mom & Dad be full and happy. Love Mom,Dad, Love, Mom, Dad, Joey, Adi and Brett Marilee and Nichole Michael Alcivar Twila Thompson Kellee Marshall Kristin Taylor Shibee Shibee, Congratulations! Wonder Woman You are what you Shabah Shabah. We're really finally made it! have learned from proud of you - We're all very the past. What you We all love you But Love, Mom proud of you. experience today, and only \"Shuptides!!!\" and Dad what you dream of Love ya, tomorrow. You've Love, Your Family made it. Congrats. Mom & Dad Love, Mom & Dad Tom, Lindsay, Joey Baby Ads 1111\" 261

Jim Tidwell Holly Ashton Congratulations, We could not ask for Jim! We're so proud a better daughter! of you and all you've We love you so much & are so proud of the done. Stay as way you are living excited about life and your future and your life. as you are now. Congrats- & keep up Love Always - Mom, Dad, Becky, Emily the good work. Love, your family and Ginger Jennie Simmons Christopher Christensen Congratulations From \"BIG BIRD\" Jennie, this is an to \"BIG DUDE\"! important mile- We love you and stone and we are are so proud of so proud of your accomplishments! who you are. Love, Mom & Dad Love, Elisha Wardle Mom & Dad Look out world, here I come! Keep up the good work Lish! Love, Mom Merriah Hutson From Spectator to Participator you have always given your all. We're sure Proud of YOU! Love ya - Dad & Mom

--- Courtney Day Jen Ballard Courtney, you made it!These years have been so much fun. We have Congratulations Princess! loved the friends,trips,dances, You've always been ready photos,spying,laughter & memories. Stay happy &keep for any adventure that laughing. You have brightened our comes your way in life. lives. You can be anything you want Keep smiling and reach for to be. We loveyou!Love-your family the stars-they're within Snoop Doggy Dog Forever! your reach! You've made us so very proud of you! Love Sara Bates you forever, Mom, Dad, Jeff, Jaime and Spooks \"Keep your face to the sunshine and Shane Parry you cannot see the Shane, shadows\" ... You have been the sweetest, You are a joy to us. silliest, loveable child in our Mom, Dad, Lauren, lives. We're so proud of all Matt, Evan & Ian your accomplishments so far P.S. Don't lose your in your life. We wish you great success in all the roads you diploma!! travel. Keep the world laughin' with all your goofy antics. Baby Ads 1111. 263 Love, Mom & Dad Larua Dawn Fairbanks You were and are our beautiful Laura Love! Your future is bright; your accomplishments, many. You've been truly a joy and we wish you love, happiness, and success. You've earned it! Congratulations. Love, Henry, Mom, Jon, James &Sara Wendy Carol Wadley May the phone NEVER get stuck in your ear! You truly are aspecial one. We love you- Mom &Dad

Ca$h B. Kener LaNiece Dustman Ca$h, You came into our _ _\"'~-\"\"7- the moon I·S life quite late, but yours - it was a moveof Go for it! which we could I Love hardly wait. You ou, Mom bring to our life a Natalie Dawes bright ray of light, our love for you We have will never go out of enjoyed your sight. Proud you1re magical sparkle and enthusiasm our daughter. for life. Love, Mom & Dad Remember \"After every Keep smiling, you storm there is a fair haired hunk! rainbow!\" Love We1re proud of you. Ya Loads, Dad, Mom & Family Well done... We know you will Nicole Witkamp have avery bright and happy future. Dolly: You make Love, Mom and Dad the world a better P.S. Keep running place with your music, your smile, after the ball your love of others and away from the &your testimony. We1re proud of you girls a little while longer. &we love you tons! Travis W. Johanson Love, Your family, \"Bubba\" Mom, Dad, Jeff, we're so glad David, Tiana, you made it. Even though Megan you are the Brat of the 2641 11. Baby Ads family we love you.

Rl: Timothy Hammond, Eric Johnson, ~latthew Laws, Paul Reynolds, ~lelanie Hoyt, Kellee ~larshall, Lani Turnbow, ~leredith Hall, Heather Cloward,~lindy Christensen, Mindy ~lcArthur, Laura Westerby, Jimmy Clark, Jeff Butler, Travis Brunson,Zack Love, R2: Andrew Connor, Marcie Moon, Laura Astle,Lisa Black,Amy Williams, Jennifer DeWaal, Kim Looney, Cindy Vernon, Kim Jackson, Patrizia Peterson,Vickie Lawson, Carrie Meyers,Neena Pugh, Angel Glad, Holly Oveson, Ashley Lund,~larilyn Shaw,Joe Martinez, R3: Dan Lambert, Kevin Walker,Katie Beus, Deborah Lilster, Erynn Ekins, Lisa Rasmussen,Carrie Zander, Angie Taylor,Katherine Davis, Lexia Dew, Angie Newman, Ruth Hudson,Jennifer Peterson, Teresa Rindlisbacher, Andrea Wayne, Kendra Herret, Sarah Langman, Haren Williams, Jennifer Klenk, Heather Payne, Natalie Richards, Brittany ash, ~like LoflinR4: Jeremy Barton, ~like Jensen,Tiffani Eaton, Julie Voss,~landy Burt,Ali Reeder, Shari Whitehead,Samantha Schroder, ~larci Greensides, Elisa Hansen,Alice Hopkins, Rachel ~lacKinnon, Delise Briggs,Angela Hansen,Greta Coleman,~leradee LLoyd, Janette Edwards,Tammy Curtis,Heidi Brown, ~l ichelle Rounds,Dustin Dawson R5: Russ Sperry, atalie Hilleshim, Shannon Saylor, Nicole IVhitkamp,Emilee Earl, Laura Fristrup, Jennifer Youngberg, Shannon Ruckman, Courtney Curtis,Natalie Dawes, Sheila Bitter, Julie Kennard. Shaunna Christensen,Stephanie Lords, Janice Jensen,Trisha Garrett, Heidi Tolman,Laura Hale, Jaynie Olson,Amanda Neiswender,Clyde Fowler, R6: Jim Tidwell, R)'iln Gottfredson, ~lindy Baker, Kara Butterfield, Dorothy Rindlisbacher, Julie Hutchings,April Gulley, Lisa Rudd, Andria Smith. Julee Poulsen, Leslie Glade, Andrea Newman, Kim Bascom, Jamie Ryser,Allison Shields, Kristin Wilson,Michelle Matthews, Amy Sorenson, Stacy Ryser,Kacey Wallin,Angela Souther, Kelly Pierce R7: Kent Besaw, Brandon Smart,Todd Jones, Dave Pugh,Tony Allen, Daniel Downs , Dan ~lanzaneres, Darrell Heiner, ~lik1 unez, Jeff Steadman,~l ike Gutke,~licah ~lonson, Da\\'e Ennenga, Nathan Chadwick,Sam Beus,Justin Butterfield, Jeff Jackson, Spencer Smith,Travis Richins, John Horton, Dan Plaskett, Tony Bennett R8: Brent Burggraaf, Sam ~1i ller, Chris Johnson, Bill Shaw,Troy pjute, Dan Severinson, ~latt Hansen, Farren Jensen, Brian Burk, Kelly Carone,Greg Argyle, Paul Emmitt,Dan Smith,Collin Booth, Dan Anderson, James Sampsel,Joey S~xton, Matt Enger, ~latt Gemaier,Justin Hamy, Jason Briggs,Aaron Johansen R9: Doug Webb,Art Smith, Doug Brown,Chad Frandsen,James Anderson,~like udbury, Daryl 01chl'l\\~ki, Tom Longstroth, Brandon Rasmussen, ~like Bown. Da\\'e Hooper, Travis Bateman, Rick Jackson, Ben Hansen, Josh Burke, Chuck Simmons, Steve Briggs,Josh Smith, Cory Rudy, Allen Bettilyon, Richard Hite, Brad Hardy, ~like Pullan Missing: Dan Smith, Dan Hill, icole Nielson, . 167

Row 1: Leslie Clade, Zachery Love , Michelle Rounds, Russ Sperry, Samuel Beus, Ryan Cottfredson, Amy Sorenson Row 2: Ashley Lund , Mandy Burt, Paul Reynolds , Laura Fristrup , Rachel Mackinnon , Marilyn Shaw, Sh- annon Saylor, Dan Severinsen, Jaime Ryser , Delese Briggs , Johnson Mike Bown, Nicole Witkamp , Paul Emett, Steve Briggs, Jiml'idwell , Julie Kennard, Art Smith , Mathew Michelle 166 1111. Clubs

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