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Advantages of HTML5 Digital Publishing Solution 11414 Views

Compared with traditional digital publishing solutions, professional PubHTML5 digital publishing solution shows its convenience and efficiency. Flipbooks created by PubHTML5 are SEO-friendly and more accessible, which makes PubHTML5 popular among users and outstanding among competitors.

More Accessible

By using PUB HTML5, when you publish your flipbook online, it'll be accessible to your readers no matter what devices they use. Ranging from desktops to mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets. Readers are not required to install the APP to view the flipbook, they can read the flipbook directly online or download it for offline reading.

What's more, PubHTML5 cloud makes it possible to bring worldwide readers to your flipbook, that's is to say, your flipbook will be accessible to readers from worldwide.

While, to view a flash publication, readers need to download the flash player. Honestly speaking, not everybody is willing to download the flash just to view your publication, which makes you lose a lot of readers.


When users publish their flipbooks online, digital contents of the flipbook will be indexed by search engines. That is to say, your digital contents of the flipbook are SEO-friendly. You can customize the title, description and keywords to make it better indexed by the search engine.

While, the digital contents of your flash publications can't be indexed and not searchable. Search engines can't read the text created by flash.

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