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Maudesport - International Catalogue 2019-20

Published by gopidasgayatri, 2019-11-01 04:04:05

Description: Maudesport - International Catalogue 2019-20


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1. Astroturf First 2. Bum Bag First Aid Kit Aid Kit Compact range of first aid items for minor incidents Specifically designed for and resuscitation of casualty. Supplied in water sports played on astroturf resistant nylon bag. pitches. Supplied in Physio run-on Bag. 088032 Price 088049 Price £38.37 each £14.50 each Kit contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 088032 088049 085372 088046 Astroturf Handy Football Bum Kit Bag Kit Kit Medium Unmedicated Dressing 1 1 Large Unmedicated Dressing 11 1 Triangular Bandage 1 2 Eye Pad with Bandage 1 1 Conforming Bandage 7.5cm x 4m 1 1 Crepe Bandage 5cm x 4.5m 1 1 Microporous Tape 2.5cm 1 1 FIRST AID Safety Pins (assortment) 6 6 Life-Aid Resuscitator 11 1 Instant Cold Pack 1 1 Eye Wash Pod 20ml 2 2 Clinical Waste Bag Self-Seal 2 2 Silver Foil Survival Blanket 11 1 Alcohol Free Wipes 10 3. First Aid Kit Handy Size Antiseptic Wipes Latex Gloves Non-Sterile (pair) 10 4 10 Compact range of first aid items for minor 085372 Price 22 2 incidents. Supplied in water resistant nylon case. £20.26 each Washproof Plasters 20 10 20 20 CUSTOMER FAVOURITE Crepe Bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m 1 Elastic Adhesive Bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m 1 Scissors (pair) 11 Antiseptic Cream 15gm 1 1 1 Low-Adherent Dressing 5cm x 5cm 1 1 Low-Adherent Dressing 10cm x 10cm 1 1 Ralgex Freeze Spray 125ml 1 Hypacover Spray 400ml 1 Muscle Warm-up Rub White Open Wove Bandage 2.5cm x 5m 2 White Open Wove Bandage 5.0cm x 5m 2 Trigger Spray Bottle 250ml Drinks Bottle 750ml 4. Football First Aid Kit main compartment and individually zipped pockets Assorted Blister Dressings (County FA Specified) throughout. Easy to grab in an emergency, the Tissues (pack of 10) tough carry handles are supplemented by a useful Adhesive Dressing 5cm x 7.5cm Be prepared with this waterproof bag made from adjustable shoulder strap. Adhesive Dressing 7.5cm x 7.5cm a strong rip-resistant and easy-clean material. The contents have been carefully selected to suit 1 a small to medium sized sports team. Gain easy Price access and organise your content by making use of £35.72 each 088046 Bag & contents the elasticated storage loops, large customisable 088047 Refill £20.38 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 99

1. Koolpak Freeze Spray 400ml 2. Koolpak Compact 3. Koolpak for Sport • Instant cooling relief once sprayed on the skin Turns ice cold in seconds to provide instant Instant ice packs specifically designed for the • Freeze spray relieves muscle pain and stiffness treatment – now in a compact format. Single use treatment of sports injuries. Ideal for use on all soft disposable design. Pack can remain cold for up to tissue injuries. Pack gets colder and last longer than in cramp, sprains, strains, bruises and in lower 40 minutes at room temperature. Each ice pack a standard ice pack. Fits easily into any kit bag or back pain. A convenient alternative to an ice measures 15 x 15cm. Always use a cover when first aid kit. Pack can remain cold for up to an hour pack applying pack to the skin. at room temperature. Pack size 15 x 22cm. Always • The active ingredients cool the skin, which brings use a cover when applying pack to the skin about rapid pain relief 088315 Price 088325 Price 088324 Price £6.88 each £35.49 pack £26.08 pack FIRST AID 4. Koolpak Hot And Cold Pack 5. Koolpak Ice Bag 6. Koolpak Ice Pack • Great for treating a wide range of soft tissue • Provides immediate treatment for bruises, • Ideal for treating soft tissue injuries on children injuries muscle pain and swelling by moulding around • Compact size is ideal for adding to first aid kits the problem area • Quickly relieves pain and swelling • S oft flexible luxurious pack moulds to the • Also ideal for soothing headaches and migraines problem area • Fill bag with ice • S imple squeeze and shake activation - packs • Last longer than a standard Ice or Hot pack become ice cold within seconds • Effective for the relief from muscular pain 088317 Price 088269 Price 088316 Price £4.43 each 23cm dia £7.67 each £1.90 each 7. Heat & Freeze Sprays 8. Instant Cold Pack 9. Re-Usable Gel Packs Easy to use disposable ice pack for the treatment Re-usable hot/cold therapy pack to help soothe of sprains and abrasions in first aid. On the spot muscular discomfort and help to reduce swelling immediate ice therapy, twist the pack and apply to and bruising. Microwave for approx 30 seconds or bruising, sports sprains and muscle injuries. immerse in boiling water for 4-10 minutes OR store Size: 12.5 x 15cm. in the freezer, gel takes approx 1 hour to freeze. Cover available. 088017 Price 088101PK24 Price 088105 Price Heat spray £4.84 each Pack of 24 £30.39 pack Medium 27 x 16.5cm £3.19 each 088018 088106 Freeze spray £4.84 each Large 30 x 20cm £5.12 each 100 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Easi Plaster 2. Underwrap 3. Alcohol Free Wipes EasiPlaster is the fast alternative to conventional Helps eliminate irritation of repeated taping. 088081 plasters. Easiplaster can be placed directly over the Protects from tape chafing. Secures cold packs and Cleansing wipes, 100 wound and wrapped securely. By adding more layers bandages. and pressing together, it will contain severe bleeding. Particularly suitable for fingers, hands, arms or legs. 6cm x 5m. 088542 Price 088004 Price Price £6.74 each 6.9cm x 27.4m £5.13 each £6.42 pack 5. Premier Eyecare Kit FIRST AID 4. Eyewash Solution The Premier Eyecare kit provides fast and effective relief from eye injuries. It comes in a durable Reliwash Saline eye wash. Sodium Chloride 0.9%wv polypropylene box, which is highly visible. Contains Ph.Eur. Available in 500ml bottle. 2 x Sterowash sterile eyewash solutions, 2 x Steropax standard dressings and a mirror. 088172 Price 088204 Price 500ml £4.46 each £14.22 each 6. First Aid Workplace Manual 7. Workplace First Aid Guide 8. Children's First Aid Poster Compiled with the aid of professionals who run first aid courses for the workplace. Includes a useful self-test quiz at the end of each section. 088009 Price 088150LAM Price 088154 Price £7.51 each 59 x 42cm £16.92 each 59 x 42cm £16.92 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 101

A. BANDAGES C. ZINC OXIDE TAPE B. TAPES 2. Plasters Price £7.69 pack 088050 100 Assorted, washproof £8.39 pack 088051 100 Assorted, fabric FIRST AID 1. Accessories Price B. Tapes £1.89 each £2.52 each 088070 £1.89 each A. Bandages £3.16 each Microporous Paper Tape £3.15 each 088060 £3.86 each 1.25cm x 5m Crepe Cotton, 5cm x 4m 088071 £21.38 pack 088061 £5.77 each Washproof Tape, Pink £17.90 pack Crepe Cotton, 7.5cm x 4.5m 2.5cm x 5m 088062 088072 Elasticated Adhesive Fabric Strapping 2.5cm Bandage, 5cm x 4.5m x 4.5m 088063 Elasticated Adhesive C. Zinc Oxide Tape Bandage, 7.5cm x 4.5m 088111 2.5cm x 10m, 12 pack 088112 4cm x 10m, 6 pack 3. First Aid Price 4. Mini Wet Wipe Dispenser 5. The Hand and Handle Kit Refill Items £1.24 each Wipe Station £1.24 each This sleek, versatile, compact product is portable or The following products are £1.24 pack can be wall mounted giving you extra flexibility with The Wipe Station is a unique and innovative free ideal for restocking first placement. Holds up to 500 wipes. Wight 1kg, 27cm standing, weighted dispenser which house's anti- aid kits or for use £1.24 each x 19cm Diameter. Wall bracket included. bacterial wipes. Dimensions: 33cm dia x 1.3m independently: £1.90 each high. 088087P1 7115282CX Dispenser Price 7115281CX Price Sterile eyepads £85.62 each Dispenser £294.47 each 088088P1 115282 Box of 3 Wipe Triangular bandage, non woven Rolls £86.53 box CX £81.54 box 088089PK12 Safety pins assorted - pack 115282 of 12 Box of 3 Wipe Rolls 088090P1 Medium dressings 088091P1 Large dressings 102 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. CPR Training Manikins 7088140 Price 2 Pocket Face Mask With One Way Valve Adult/Child Manikin with 10 £194.37 pack • D esign allows for practice of Heimlich Manoeuvre lung bags This mask is primarily designed for mouth-to-mouth and abdominal thrusts 7088141 £173.79 pack ventilation of a non breathing adult or child. The Infant Manikin with 10 attached valve ensures that breath can be given with • Clicking chest compression piston lung bags £25.50 pack control and more accuracy. Mask is supplied in a • Tough foam bodies 088143 durable clamshell case. • Anatomical markings for correct hand placement Face Shield/Lung Bag £20.87 pack Adult- Pack of 10 088142 088163 Price Face Shield/Lung Bag £13.98 each Infant-Pack of 10 3. Resusciade FIRST AID A transparent plastic film, printed with an 4. Revive Aid With One Way Valve illustration of a face on the front to indicate where this should be placed. This mask is primarily A transparent plastic film containing a one way designed for mouth-to-mouth ventilation of a non valve allows expired air ventilation for a safer and breathing adult. In the centre of the plastic film is a more effective method of resuscitation. The film filter for protected mouth-to-mouth contact. acts as a barrier to help prevent infection during mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. 088160P1 Price 088161 Price £3.15 each 6. Powder Free Latex Gloves £1.90 each Essential for any first aid situation. Beaded cuff, ambidextrous disposable gloves with high tensile strength and optimum sensitivity. Non-sterile. 088196 Price Medium Per 100 £9.87 pack 088197 Large Per 100 £9.87 pack 7. Powdered Latex Gloves 8. Polythene Gloves Beaded cuff, ambidextrous disposable gloves with Durable polythene gloves, ideal for general high tensile strength and optimum sensitivity. Non- purpose use, providing lightweight, touch sensitive sterile. Powdered for easy on and off application protection. Intended for use in low risk applications. and to avoid hands sweating whilst gloves are in use. 088183 Price 088182 Price Medium Per 100 £9.86 pack Pack of 100 £1.90 pack 088179 Large Per 100 £9.86 pack For all enquiries email: [email protected] 103

A. CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 2. Aquaboard Designed in consultation with the RLSS. A quick, safe and easy means for a casualty to be recovered from the swimming pool to the poolside. B. 730352CX Price 730456 Price £1,027.81 each £145.49 each Aquaboard Spare back support pad CX £29.46 each 730457 £241.24 set Replacement restraint 730450 straps - set of 5 Head restraint spare strap 1. Powerheart® AED G3 Pro 3. Lightweight Alloy Stretcher x 220cm Weight: 6kg, Capacity: 170kg. Includes free Defibrillator - Semi Automatic Non- carry bag. rechargeable Lightweight folding stretcher manufactured from high FIRST AID strength aluminium. PVC coated, polyester bed is 088300 Price First time users can successfully perform each anti-bacterial, stain, chemical and crack resistant. 54 £186.96 each critical step of a rescue with intuitive pad design, real time instruction and feedback via voice and text prompts. • F ast shock times (typically) within 10 seconds post CPR • N on polarised pads that can be placed in either position on the body • C lear graphical directions of where to place the pads and easy-pull tab for positioning on the patient • Customises energy level needed depending on analysis of each patient A. 7088290CX Price 4. Metal Scoop Stretcher 7088301CX Price £2,129.18 each £306.53 each CX Splits into two halves to slide under casualty without CX £53.18 set moving them. 4 length settings from 167cm to B. 7088233CX 214cm. Weight: 8kg, Capacity: 159kg Adult defibrillation pads CX 6. Examination Couch 7. Blankets Ideal for general examination in a first aid room/area. Cotton and foil blankets to keep patients warm. Manufactured to comply with the essential requirements Foil blanket will retain over 90% of body heat. of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42 EEC. Cotton blanket can also be used to elevate limbs or as a pillow. 5. Transit Chair 7233106CX Price Couch £682.94 each Price Ambulance carrying chair. Two wheels and lifting loops. 7233041CX £2.52 each Couch Step £156.19 each 7088304CX Price 088318 088180 £23.08 each £235.19 each Couch Roll £4.46 roll Foil blanket CX 7088318PK12 088240 Couch Roll - Pack of 12 £52.05 pack Cotton blanket 104 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

CLOTHING PE KIT & TRAINING WEAR...................106 FOOTBALL KIT.......................111 NETBALL KIT & HOCKEY KIT...........................118 RUGBY KIT.............................121 BASKETBALL KIT..................125 BIBS........................................126

CUSTOMISE YOUR CLOTHING 1. Nike Park 18 Training Top Looking for print or embroidery of logos, names, sponsors or initials? • Nike Dry fabric wicks sweat to help keep you dry We do it all. Turn to page 288 for and comfortable further details. • Distraction free performance fit • 100% polyester Adult Price AA2046 £12.69 each S, M, L, XL, XXL £10.96 each Youth £10.16 each AA2057 XS, S, M, L AA2057XL XL COLOURS AVAILABLE 2. COLOURS MODELLED 2. PE KIT & TRAINING WEAR 2. Nike Park 18 Knit Track Jacket • Full front zipper • Welted hand pockets provide additional warmth • 100% polyester 1. Adult Price AA2059 £29.56 each S, M, L, XL, XXL Youth £25.66 each AA2071 £25.47 XS, S, M, L AA2071XL XL COLOURS AVAILABLE COLOURS MODELLED 3. 3. Nike Park 18 Knit Pants A. • Side pockets • Elastic waistband with drawcord • E lastic calf panels stretch over shoes when changing • 100% polyester Adult Price AA2086 £27.50 each S, M, L, XL, XXL Youth AA2087 £23.21 each XS, S, M, L AA2087XL £22.41 each B. XL COLOURS AVAILABLE COLOURS MODELLED A. B. 106 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Nike Park 18 Drill Crew Top • N ike Dry Fabric wicks sweat to help keep you dry and comfortable • Ribbed crew neck collar provides a versatile fit • Set-in sleeves provide a classic football style • 100% polyester Adult Price AA2088 £26.50 each S, M, L, XL, XXL £23.21 each Youth £23.21 each AA2089 XS, S, M, L AA2089XL XL COLOURS AVAILABLE COLOURS MODELLED VIEW FULL PE KIT & TRAINING WEAR RANGE & SIZE GUIDES ONLINE 2. Nike Park 18 Rain Jacket • W ater resistant Nike Dry fabric helps you stay dry and comfortable • Shaped, 3-panel hood • Full front zip • Front pockets • Stitched shoulder stripes provide an iconic Nike look • 100% polyester Adult Price AA2090 £30.58 each S, M, L, XL, XXL £28.11 each Youth £27.50 each AA2091 XS, S, M, L AA2091XL XL COLOURS AVAILABLE COLOURS MODELLED For all enquiries email: [email protected] 107

1. Joma Champion IV T-Shirt V necked t-shirt in a semi-fitted cut ideal for training wear. The sweat wicking fabric and breathable mesh panels help control your perspiration. B. • Underarm mesh for breathability A. • DRY MX material wicks sweat • Semi fitted cut C. • Available in long or short sleeve • 100% polyester Adult, Short Sleeve Price 100683A £13.68 S, M, L, XL, 2XL-3XL £15.10 Adult, Long Sleeve 100779A S, M, L, XL, 2XL-3XL Youth, Short Sleeve £12.92 100683Y £15.37 6XS-5XS, 4XS-3XS, 2XS, XS Youth, Long Sleeve 100779Y 6XS-5XS, 4XS-3XS, 2XS, XS COLOURS AVAILABLE PE KIT AND TRAINING WEAR D. COLOURS MODELLED A. B. C. D. CUSTOMISE YOUR CLOTHING Looking for print or embroidery of logos, names, sponsors or initials? We do it all. Turn to page 288 for further details. 2. Joma Champion IV Sweatshirt COLOURS MODELLED Keep warm during exercise with this fitted sweatshirt featuring ribbed edges for a secure fit. • Round neck • Ribbed neck, cuffs and waist • Silk screen printing on arms • 100% polyester fleece Adult Price 100801A £21.39 S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL £21.87 Youth 100801Y 6XS, 5XS, 4XS, 3XS, 2XS, XS COLOURS AVAILABLE 108 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Joma Champion IV Jacket VIEW FULL RANGE & SIZE Protect yourself from the elements in the Joma GUIDES ONLINE Champion IV jacket, with a high neck and ribbed B. edges for additional protection. • Full length central zipper A. • Zipped pockets • Ribbing at the waist and cuffs • Silk screen printing on the sleeves • 100% polyester Adult Price 100687A £21.90 S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL Youth £22.54 100687Y 6XS, 5XS, 4XS, 3XS, 2XS, XS COLOURS AVAILABLE COLOURS MODELLED A. B. PE KIT AND TRAINING WEAR 2. Joma Champion IV Long Pant Complete the look with Joma’s long skinny pants. The slim fit allows a full range of movement without distraction. • Storage pockets • Zipped openings on the calf for easy removal • Adjustable elastic drawstring waist • Silk-screen printing on the sides • 100% polyester Adult Price 100761A £23.99 S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL £24.99 Youth 100761Y 6XS, 5XS, 4XS, 3XS, 2XS, XS COLOURS AVAILABLE COLOURS MODELLED 3. Joma Champion IV Rain Jacket A. B. The Champion IV raincoat protects from external moisture while allowing sweat to dissipate through B. the breathable lining. A. • Full length central zipper • Breathable lining with Micro-Mesh technology • Zipped pockets • Integrated hood Adult Price 100689A £38.54 S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL £38.77 Youth 100689Y 6XS, 5XS, 4XS, 3XS, 2XS, XS COLOURS AVAILABLE For all enquiries email: [email protected] 109

CUSTOMISE YOUR CLOTHING Looking for print or embroidery of logos, names, sponsors or initials? We do it all. Turn to page 288 for further details. 1. 1. Joma Champion IV Women's T-Shirt T-Shirt design with v-neck in base fabric • Female fit • M esh technology underarm to improve breathability • 100% polyester Adult Price 900431 £13.57 each S, M, L, XL, 2XL PE KIT AND TRAINING WEAR COLOURS AVAILABLE COLOURS MODELLED 2. 2. Joma Olympia Women's Long Tights Capri tights incorporating flat seams in strategic areas to prevent chaffing • Female fit • Feature small inner pocket • Elasticated waist to increase comfort Adult Price 900447 £19.81 each S, M, L, XL, 2XL COLOURS AVAILABLE COLOURS MODELLED 110 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Nike Park 18 Women's Jersey • Female fit • N ike Dry fabric helps keep you dry and comfortable • Ribbed crew neck offers a non-restrictive fit • Side mesh panels increase ventilation • 100% polyester Jersey Price 833058 £15.26 each XS, S, M, L, XL COLOURS AVAILABLE A B COLOURS MODELLED A B A. B. 2. Nike Park 18 Women's Shorts • Female fit • Elasticated waistband has drawcord for an adjustable fit • 100% polyester Shorts Price 833053 £12.20 each XS, S, M, L, XL COLOURS AVAILABLE COLOURS MODELLED FOOTBALL KIT VIEW FULL RANGE & SIZE GUIDES ONLINE 3. Nike Little Kids Park Kit Kit Includes: - Shirt - Shorts - Socks • Dri-Fit fabric helps keep you dry and comfortable • Short-sleeve shirt with excellent breathability • Shorts (no brief) with elastic waist for a fit that stays in place • Socks with rib cuffs for snug, comfortable fit • 100% polyester Youth Price COMKPILTETE AH5487 £28.11 each XS, S, M, L, XL COLOURS MODELLED 111 A. B. For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Nike Park VI Jersey CUSTOMISE YOUR CLOTHING Short Sleve Looking for print or embroidery of logos, names, sponsors or initials? • D ri-Fit fabric helps keep you dry, cool and We do it all. Turn to page 288 for comfortable further details. • S lim fit is cut close to the body for optimal B performance D • Elastic waistband with internal drawstring Adult Price 725891 £15.25 each S, M, L, XL, 2XL £13.41 each Youth £13.22 each 725984 XS, S, M, L 725984XL XL Long Sleeve A Adult Price 725884 £16.28 each S, M, L, XL, 2XL £14.64 each Youth £14.25 each 725970 XS, S, M, L 725970XL XL COLOURS AVAILABLE FOOTBALL KIT COLOURS MODELLED A. B. 2. Nike Park Knit II Shorts • Dri-Fit fabric helps keep you dry, cool and comfortable • Slim fit is cut close to the body for optimal performance • Elastic waistband with internal drawstring Adult Price C 725887 £12.20 each S, M, L, XL, XXL £12.19 each Youth £11.17 725988 XS, S, M, L 725988XL XL COLOURS AVAILABLE COLOURS MODELLED C. D. 112 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

VIEW FULL RANGE & SIZE GUIDES ONLINE B A FOOTBALL KIT 1. Nike Derby II Jersey Long Sleeve Price COLOURS AVAILABLE £23.43 each The set-in sleeves and contrasting shoulder panels Adult COLOURS MODELLED on the Derby II Jersey provide an iconic Nike Football 894322 £19.54 each look perfect for match day. S, M, L, XL, XXL £19.34 each A. B. • V-neck collar sits comfortably against the skin Youth • F eaturing Nike Dry fabric to keep you dry and 894117 XS, S, M, L comfortable 894117XL XL Short Sleeve Adult Price 894312 £18.33 each S, M, L, XL, XXL £17.09 each Youth £16.28 894116 XS, S, M, L 894116XL XL For all enquiries email: [email protected] 113

1. Nike Legend Jersey CUSTOMISE YOUR CLOTHING • Dri-fit technology helps you stay dry, comfortable Looking for print or and focused embroidery of logos, names, sponsors or initials? • M esh underarm and shoulder insets add We do it all. Turn to page breathability 288 for further details. B • Hybrid v-neck collar has taped seams for a smooth feel Adult Price AJ0998 £20.36 each S, M, L, XL, XXL £18.31 each Youth £17.31 each AJ1010 XS, S, M, L AJ1010XL XL COLOURS AVAILABLE COLOURS MODELLED A. B. FOOTBALL KIT A 114 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Park Goalie III VIEW FULL RANGE & SIZE • Dri-fit technology helps you stay dry, comfortable and GUIDES ONLINE focused • Ribbed hybrid collr is taped for a smooth feel against the skin • Ribbed cuffs help hold sleeves in place • 100% polyester Adult Price 894509 £32.61 each S, M, L, XL, XXL £28.11 each Youth £27.51 each 894516 XS, S, M, L 894516XL XL COLOURS AVAILABLE COLOURS MODELLED A A. FOOTBALL KIT A 2. Classic Sock • Cushioning in high wearing areas to help absorb impact • Dynamic arch provides a supportive fit and feel SX5728 Price 12-2, 2-5, 5.5-7.5, 8-11 £6.08 each ,11-14.5 COLOURS AVAILABLE For all enquiries email: [email protected] 115

1. Joma Crew III Football kit which is also perfect for PE kit • Reinforced stitched v-neck • 100% polyester Adult Price 101269A £14.39 each S, M, L, XL, 2XL £14.70 each Junior 101269Y 4XS-3XS, 2XS, XS COLOURS AVAILABLE COLOURS MODELLED A A. A 1 A 2 FOOTBALL KIT 2. Joma Nobel Short Available in 12 colourways • Adjustable elastic drawstring waist • 100% polyester Adult Price 100053A £6.28 each S, M, L, XL, 2XL 1 Junior 100053Y £6.92 each 4XS-3XS, 2XS, XS COLOURS AVAILABLE COLOURS MODELLED 1. 2. CUSTOMISE YOUR CLOTHING Looking for print or embroidery of logos, names, sponsors or initials? We do it all. Turn to page 288 for further details. 116 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Joma Zamora IV Goal Keeper Kit VIEW FULL RANGE & SIZE Full kit including shirt, shorts and socks GUIDES ONLINE • Underarms and sides include micromesh A technology to enhance breathability • Shorts feature elasticated waist with drawsting • Gloves not included Adult Price 101300A £38.54 each S, M, L, XL, 2XL £39.20 each Junior 101300Y 4XS-3XS, 2XS, XS COLOURS AVAILABLE COLOURS MODELLED A. B. B FOOTBALL KIT 2. Joma Classic-3 Socks Knee socks with logo on the toe area. 400194 Price 11-3 (Kids), 4-6, £4.69 each 7-12 COLOURS AVAILABLE For all enquiries email: [email protected] 117

1. Gilbert Eclipse II Netball Dress • Stretch fabric for added comfort in wear • Scoop neck for an unrestricted fit • H ook and loop attachment front and back for patch bib with court position • Matching under shorts complete the look 86092 Price Women's sizes 6-20 £29.39 each COLOURS MODELLED A A. NETBALL KIT CUSTOMISE YOUR CLOTHING Looking for print or embroidery of logos, names, sponsors or initials? We do it all. Turn to page 288 for further details. 2. Gilbert Eclipse Shorts Ideal under short to the Gilbert Eclipse II dress • Cotton lined gusset 860932 Price Women's sizes 6-20 £14.59 each 118 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Joma Campus II Women's Jersey VIEW FULL RANGE & SIZE T-shirt designed with round collar using 2 fabrics GUIDES ONLINE • Incorporates micro-mesh technology on sides to A improve breathability • 100% polyester Adult Price 900242A £15.62 each S, M, L, XL, 2XL £15.62 each Junior 900242Y 2XS, XS COLOURS AVAILABLE COLOURS MODELLED A. 2. Joma Combi Stella II Shorts NETBALL KIT & HOCKEY KIT Shorts designed with a flat waist • 100% polyester Adult Price B 900463A £15.10 each S, M, L, XL, 2XL £16.29 each Junior 900463Y 2XS, XS COLOURS MODELLED B. 3. Joma Combi Open II Skort • Skirt with under-short incorporated • Comfort and elastic waist for better fit • 95% polyester. 5% elastane Adult Price 900759A £20.83 each S, M, L, XL, 2XL £21.87 each Junior 900759Y 4XS-3XS, 2XS, XS C FEATURED COLOURS C. 119 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

SEE PAGES SET SET 126-128 OF 7 OF 7 For more bibs 1. Gilbert 2. Gilbert Reversible Netball Bibs Netball Bibs Two colour reversible netball bib. Lightweight eyelet Performance fabric. fabric. Performance breathable fabric. Set of 7 Breathable eyelet polyester. printed both sides. Amber 32/34in Price Royal Blue 32/34in £49.40 set Green/Black Price 205120 36/38in £49.40 set 205128 36/38in £49.40 set 250130 32in/34in £78.35 set 205121 £49.40 set 205129 £78.35 set 32/34in 32/34in £49.40 set 250137 36in/38in Black 36/38in £49.40 set Red 36/38in £49.40 set £78.35 set 205122 £49.40 set 205130 Red/Navy 32in/34in £78.35 set 205123 32/34in 205131 32/34in £49.40 set 250134 36in/38in 36/38in £49.40 set 36/38in £49.40 set £78.35 set Navy £49.40 set Green 250133 £78.35 set 205124 32/34in 205132 205125 36/38in £49.40 set 205133 Sky/Navy 32in/34in £78.35 set £49.40 set 250136 36in/38in Sky SET 205126 250135 OF 14 205127 Amber/Black 250132 32in/34in SET OF 8 NETBALL BIBS 3. Gilbert High 5 Netball Bibs 205141 White Price 4. Gilbert Printed Netball Patches 205142 Red Set of 8 High-5 Netball bibs made of performance 205143 Royal blue £57.64 set Fitted with velcro hooks and loops to attach breathable fabric. Includes GS, GA, C, GD, GK, TK 205144 Navy £57.65 set directly to some receptive fabrics. Please check (Timekeeper), S (Scorer), and CPM (Centre Pass 205145 Sky £57.65 set your garments as you may need to sew the Velcro Marker). One size only, available in a range of 205146 Green £57.65 set loops to your garments before use. Velcro is colour colours. For under 11's. Set of 8. 205147 Purple £57.64 set matched. Lettering in white. Set of 14. 205148 Pink £57.65 set 205140 Black Price £57.65 set 250236 Navy/White Price 205149 Amber £57.65 set £57.64 set 250237 Purple/White £56.45 set 250238 Green/White £56.45 set £57.65 set 250239 Red/White £56.45 set 250240 Black/White £56.45 set £56.45 set SET SET OF 7 OF 7 5. Mitre Mesh Netball Bibs Sky Blue Medium Price 6. Mitre Reversible Netball Bibs 250226 Large Set of mesh netball bibs with team positions 250227 £47.96 set Set of netball bibs with team positions displayed on displayed on the front and back, with an elasticated Medium £47.95 set the front and back, with an elasticated strap and strap and velcro closing system. Yellow Large velcro closing system. The bibs are reversible giving 250225 £47.95 set two available colour options. 250224 Medium £47.96 set Red Medium Price Large Navy/Sky Medium Price 250218 Large £47.95 set Green £47.95 set 250212 Large £65.39 set 250219 £47.95 set 250222 £47.95 set 250213 £65.39 set Medium 250223 Medium Navy Large £47.95 set Navy/Red Large £65.39 set £47.95 set 250215 £65.39 set 250221 250216 250220 120 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Canterbury Challenge Jersey Plain Price VIEW FULL £30.63 each RANGE & SIZE VapoDri technology boosts evaporation of sweat and Adult GUIDES ONLINE wicks moisture from the fabric B97 6823 Price • Embossed sleeve for improved bicep stability S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL £23.48 each B • Loop 66’ neckline for strength and comfort Youth Hooped B87 6823 Ages: 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, Adult Price 14-15 B97 6770 £35.73 each S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL COLOURS AVAILABLE £29.40 each Youth B87 6770 Ages: 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15 COLOURS AVAILABLE FEATURED COLOURS FEATURED COLOURS B. A. 2. Canterbury Professional Short A The professional cotton short is a classic drill short • Internal drawcord • Welt side seam with pockets Adult Price E52 3405 £19.39 each XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL £18.38 each Youth RUGBY KIT E72 3405 Ages: 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15 COLOURS AVAILABLE COLOURS MODELLED C. C C 3. Canterbury Team Socks 52% nylon, 26% polyester, 12% elastane, 10% rubber T23 947 Price 11-1, 2-5, 6-10, £9.19 each 11-13, 14-16 COLOURS AVAILABLE For all enquiries email: [email protected] 121

1. Gilbert Xact Shirt CUSTOMISE YOUR CLOTHING High performance match shirt Looking for print or • 320gsm eyelet polyester fabric embroidery of logos, • Reinforced taped seams for added durability names, sponsors or • Bartacks are added at all key pressure points to initials? We do it all. increase strength Turn to page 288 for further details. Adult Price 81416A £28.08 each 2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL Youth 81416Y £24.49 each Ages: 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11- 12, 13 COLOURS AVAILABLE COLOURS MODELLED A A. 2. Gilbert Match Short • Elasticated waist with drawcord • Reinforced seams for strength in wear Adult Price 81436 £22.97 each 2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL COLOURS AVAILABLE RUGBY KITS COLOURS MODELLED B. 3. Gilbert Kryten II Sock Adult Price B 81312A £9.79 each 7-13 £10.41 each Youth COLOURS AVAILABLE 81312Y 3-6 122 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

VIEW FULL 1. Gilbert Xact V2 Shirt RANGE & SIZE GUIDES ONLINE • Update of a classic style, including improved fit. • Cotton twill taping at collar opening for strength. • Mandarin collar. • Flat-lock stretch stitching on all panel seams • Moisture controlling materials which allow air to flow close to the skin and draw heat away from the body. Adult Price 81435A £33.17 each 2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL £24.49 each Youth 81435Y Ages: 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11- 12, 13 COLOURS AVAILABLE A COLOURS MODELLED B A. 2. Gilbert Kiwi Pro Short • Elasticated waist with drawcord. • Two pockets with reinforced stitching at base. • Reinforced seams for strength in wear. • Off set inside leg seam to reduce chaffing. • Stitch detail to front. Adult Price RUGBY KIT 81437A £17.86 each 2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, £18.36 each 5XL, 6XL Junior 81437Y Ages: 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 COLOURS AVAILABLE COLOURS MODELLED B. B For all enquiries email: [email protected] 123

QUEACLOINTYOMBRICAANLDPARTICE MULTI-SPORT, ALL AGES, PERFORMANCE TEAM & UNIFORM BRAND PERFECT FOR SCHOOL PUPILS, STUDENTS & STAFF Exercise Your Freedom, Overfly Your Limits Contact Maudesport’s Dedicated Clothing Team to Discuss Your Requirements: 01922 459 571

1. Joma Aro Reversible VIEW FULL Basketball Vest RANGE & SIZE GUIDES ONLINE Reversible basketball t-shirt incorporating micro- mesh technology, enhancing durability A • 100% polyester Adult Price B 100050A £14.60 each S, M, L, XL, 2XL £15.01 each Youth 100050Y 4XS-3XS, 2XS, XS COLOURS AVAILABLE COLOURS MODELLED A. B. D BASKETBALL KIT B C 2. Joma Rookie Basketball Shorts Reversible basketball short incorporating micro- mesh technology, enhancing durability • Adjustable elastic drawstring waist • 100% polyester Adult Price 100529A £18.23 each S, M, L, XL, 2XL £18.13 each Youth 100529Y 4XS-3XS, 2XS, XS COLOURS AVAILABLE D COLOURS MODELLED C. D. CreFdoirt aAlcl ceonuqunitrsieAsveamilaabill:[email protected]–aAupdpelsypOonrtli.nceo.Tuokday 125

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE Branded Bibs 1. Mitre Mesh Training Bibs 100% polyester mesh. 26/34in Red/Black Price 34/42in Red/Black Price 42/50in Red/Black Price 250200 Blue/Black £5.90 each 250204 Blue/Black £5.90 each 250208 Blue/Black £5.90 each 250201 Green/Black £5.90 each 250205 Green/Black £5.90 each 250209 Green/Black £5.90 each 250202 Yellow/Black £5.90 each 250206 Yellow/Black £5.90 each 250210 Yellow/Black £5.90 each 250203 Black £5.90 each 250207 Black £5.90 each 250211 Black £5.90 each 150122 White £5.90 each 150126 White £5.90 each 150130 White £5.90 each 150123 Pink £5.90 each 150127 Pink £5.90 each 150131 Pink £5.90 each 150124 Orange £5.90 each 150128 Orange £5.90 each 150132 Orange £5.90 each 150125 £5.90 each 150129 £5.90 each 150133 £5.90 each 8 COLOURS TO REVERSIBLE CHOOSE FROM BIBS 2. Mitre Reversible Training Bib Junior Red/Yellow Price 250810 Orange/Royal £6.94 each 250812 £6.94 each Red/Yellow Senior Orange/Royal £6.94 each 250811 £6.94 each 250813 3. Nike Training Bib Price £6.99 each 100% Polyester. £6.99 each £6.99 each S/M £6.99 each 910936-100-S/M £6.99 each White/Black S/M 910936-313-S/M £6.99 each Action Green/Black S/M £6.99 each 910936-406-S/M £6.99 each Photo Blue/Black S/M £6.99 each 910936-616-S/M £6.99 each Vivid Pink/Black S/M 910936-702-S/M Volt/Black S/M X/L 910936-100-L/XL White/Black L/XL 910936-313-L/XL Action Green/Black L/XL 910936-406-L/XL Photo Blue/Black L/XL 910936-616-L/XL Vivid Pink/Black L/XL 910936-702-L/XL Volt/Black L/XL 126 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

Unbranded 1. Nylon Training Bibs Bibs Available as single plain bibs or as pre-printed sets. Complete with elasticated sides. Pre-printed bibs printed on both front and back Size Breakdown: Small: Length: 36cm, Chest: 32cm Medium: Length: 45cm, Chest: 37cm Large: Length: 55cm, Chest: 48cm Small Plain Red Plain Blue Plain Green Plain Yellow Price each 250300 250306 250303 250309 £4.59 Medium 250301 250307 250304 250310 £4.59 each Large 250302 250308 250305 250311 £4.59 each Football - Medium - Red Blue Green Yellow Price set Numbered both sides 250340 250341 250342 250343 £37.90 set Football - Large - £37.90 Numbered both sides 250345 250346 250347 250348 Netball - Medium - Red Blue Green Yellow Price set Printed both sides 250320 250321 250322 250323 £37.90 set Netball - Large - £37.90 Printed both sides 250325 250326 250327 250328 Plain Red Blue Green Yellow Black White Price 250406 250409 250412 250415 £4.99 Small 250400 250403 250407 250410 250413 250416 £4.99 each 250408 250411 250414 250417 £4.99 each Medium 250401 250404 each Mens 250402 250405 Netball - Printed Both Sides, Set of 7 Small 250715 250316 250317 250718 250719 - £29.99 set £29.99 set Medium 250721 250722 250723 250724 250725 250726 £29.99 set Large 250727 250728 250729 250730 250731 250732 Hockey - Printed Both Sides, Set of 11 (inc. GK) 250737 - GREAT 250743 - VALUE Small 250733 250734 250735 250736 250749 - £50.89 set £50.89 set 2. POLYESTER TRAINING BIBS Medium 250739 250740 250741 250742 250755 250756 £50.89 set 250761 250762 Available as single plain bibs or as pre-printed sets. Large 250745 250746 250747 250748 250767 250768 Complete with elasticated sides. Pre-printed bibs BIBS printed on both front and back Football - Printed Both Sides (2-11), Set of 10 250773 250774 250779 250780 Size Breakdown: Small 250751 250752 250753 250754 £41.99 set Small: Length: 36cm, Chest: 32cm £41.99 set Medium: Length: 45cm, Chest: 37cm Medium 250757 250758 250759 250760 £41.99 set Large: Length: 55cm, Chest: 48cm Numbered 1 - 15 on both sides Large 250763 250764 250765 250766 Rugby/Basketball - Printed Both Sides (1-15), Set of 15 Medium 250769 250770 250771 250772 £41.85 set £41.85 set Large 250775 250776 250777 250778 CUSTOMER Small Single Pack of 12 FAVOURITE Fluo Orange 250510 250510PK12 Fluo Green 250511 250511PK12 3. Training Vest - Hi Visibility Mesh Fluo Blue 250512 250512PK12 Fluo Yellow 250513 250513PK12 Professional light weight mesh. Price £4.40 £30.49 4. Reversible Size Breakdown: Medium Nylon Bibs Small: Length: 36cm, Chest: 32cm 250500 250500PK12 Medium: Length: 45cm, Chest: 37cm Fluo Orange 250502 250502PK12 Elasticated sides Large: Length: 55cm, Chest: 48cm Fluo Green 250504 250504PK12 Fluo Blue 250506 250506PK12 Size Breakdown: Fluo Yellow Small: Length: 36cm, Chest: 32cm Medium: Length: 45cm, Chest: 37cm Price Large: Length: 55cm, Chest: 48cm Large £4.40 £30.49 Blue/ Green/ Price Fluo Orange Red Yellow Fluo Green £6.12 Fluo Blue 250501 250501PK12 Small 250800 250805 Fluo Yellow 250503 250503PK12 each 250505 250505PK12 Price 250507 250507PK12 Medium 250801 250806 £6.12 each £4.40 £30.49 Large 250802 250807 £6.12 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 127

Design Your Own Cotton Bibs Choose a Strap Type Choose Bib Colour Elastic on both sides Red Sky Blue Velcro on one side (other side elastic) Green Tangerine Royal Blue Chocolate Select Your Size Yellow Maroon White Purple Small (40cm Length, 34cm Chest) Black Medium (45cm Length, 37cm Chest) Navy Blue Large (50cm Length, 43cm Chest) Print Type Single or Double-Sided Print Not required Netball Positions (Set of 7) None Hockey Positions (Set of 11) Single Print Football Numbers (2-11) Double-Sided Print Rugby Numbers (1-15) Basketball Numbers (4-15) BIBS Colour of Print n/a Royal Blue White Green Black Yellow Red Prices Print Prices These cotton bibs are available to buy as singles Code Type Single-Sided Print Double-Sided Print or as complete team seats. To work out pricing you £14.17 £13.34 per set per side simply need to add the number of bibs you require 250102 Football Numbers - 228mm (9\") (2 to 11) £8.99 £9.19 per set per side and then add on the printing if you require it – for £17.67 £16.14 per set per side pricing see breakdown below. 250100 Netball Positions Bib Prices 250103 Rugby Numbers - 228mm (9\") (1 to 15) Elastic on Both Sides Price 250104 Basketball Numbers - 228mm (9\") (4 to 15) £17.49 £15.99 per set per side PTOCE001 £5.48 each 250105 Basketball Numbers - 100mm (4\") (4 to 15) £10.49 £10.39 per set per side Small: Length: 36cm, £5.48 each Chest: 32cm £5.48 each Lost a bib from an existing set? PTOCE002 Don’t worry, providing we still stock the colour, our printing team can make one up Medium: Length: 45cm, £6.04 each for you. Contact the sales team directly on: [email protected] or 01922 Chest: 37cm £6.04 each 459 571 and they can provide you with a cost for replacements. PTOCE003 £6.04 each Large: Length: 55cm, Chest: 48cm Velcro on one side (other side velcro): PTOCV001 Small 40cm L x 34cm W PTOCV002 Medium: Length: 45cm, Chest: 37cm PTOCV003 Large: Length: 55cm, Chest: 48cm 128 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

SHOP BY SPORT & RECREATION AMERICAN SPORTS.............130 ARCHERY...............................133 ATHLETICS.............................134 BADMINTON..........................148 BASKETBALL.........................154 BOWLS...................................161 BOXING..................................163 CRICKET.................................167 FOOTBALL..............................181 GAMES...................................216 GOLF.......................................220 GYMNASTICS.........................221 HANDBALL.............................225 HOCKEY..................................227 MATS......................................235 NETBALL................................238 ORIENTEERING.....................245 ROUNDERS............................246 RUGBY....................................251 SQUASH.................................263 TABLE TENNIS.......................264 TENNIS...................................275 MINI TENNIS..........................280 TRAMPOLINING.....................282 VOLLEYBALL..........................284

BDUENADLLE CUSTOMER FAVOURITE Great Price Excellent Quality BDUENADLLE 1. Central Softball Deal 2. Wilks Price Teambuilder Set £244.99 set Excellent Central softball deal. Pack contains: • 2 x Central alloy bat with rubber grip. 82cm (32in) Contains £268.67 set • 5 x Central training softball • 2 x Big Hitter Maxi Bats • 10 x Left Central fielders mitts 12in • 10 x 30cm (12in) Fielding Gloves • 2 x Right Central fielders mitts 12in • 2 x Hurricane Softballs • 1 x Set of 5 rubber throw down bases • 2 x Storm Softballs • 1 x Large Central holdall • 1 x set of Rubber Bases • A zipped carry bag 215000 Price 215150 Junior £412.70 pack 215151 Senior AMERICAN SPORTS 3. Bronx Fielders Gloves High grade black vinyl with chequered web design. L.H gloves for right handed catching and vice versa. 10in Intermediate Price 4. Bronx Batting Helmet 215125LEFT £17.31 each Open Back L.Hand £17.31 each • Force flow ventilation 215126RIGHT • Armorite shell design Open Back R.Hand £18.51 each • Meets NOCSAE standard £18.51 each 11in Senior 215164 Junior Price 215127LEFT £19.69 each 215165 Senior £33.23 each Closed Back L.Hand £19.69 each 215128RIGHT £33.23 each Closed Back R.Hand 12in Senior 215058LEFT Closed Back L. Hand 215057RIGHT Closed Back R. Hand Great Price Excellent Quality 5. Catchers Mitt 6. Central Fielders Mitts 7. Softball Catchers Mask The equivalent of the wicket keepers glove in Leather palm with synthetic leather back and lined Essential safety item. Well padded with harness. Softball. Leather palm with synthetic leather back. wrist strap. Tough wire frame. 215109 Senior Price 215096LEFT Price 215115 Price £44.52 each Left Hand. Senior £28.22 each £22.45 each 215097RIGHT Right hand. Senior £28.22 each 130 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

Great Price Excellent Quality 1. Tactical 4 Star Softball 2. Central Training Softball 3. Incrediball Softball Deluxe Calf leather. Highly recommended. Synthetic leather. Well stitched. Incrediballs are hardwearing, durable balls with a soft touch feel. 215035 Price 215045 Price 215048 Match ball Price £10.23 each £6.27 each 215060 Training ball £9.03 each £9.03 each 6. Wilks Big Hitter Softball Bats AMERICAN SPORTS 4. Noburst Softball 5. Playsafe Softball Bats Strong hardwood softball bat for school and leisure use. Non slip rubber grip. Entry level, this vinyl ball has no core and is not Moulded tubular core with neoprene foam cover. inflated. However the ball bounces and cannot be Colours may vary. Price punctured. High visibility yellow. £14.09 each Price 215153 215085 Price 215030 26in £4.25 each 29½in Junior £16.17 each £4.61 each 215029 30in 215152 £6.26 each 34in Senior Great Price Excellent Quality 7. Central Alloy Softball Bats 8. Wilson NFL Duke Replica Football 9. Wilson NFL Bulk Football Excellent quality alloy bat with rubber grip. Hand crafted in Ada, Ohio \"The Duke\" has an Quality PVC construction ideal for recreational play. exclusive pattern to the NFL using hand picked Available in official size, and a junior size. Wilson Leather and double laces for added texture Price and control. Premium Composite Leather American Price £27.78 each Football featuring a patented ACL lacing system and £11.45 each a tacky surface for unmatched grip and durability. £29.42 each Designed for recreational play. £7.68 each 215010 74cm (29in) 190052 Price 188006 Official size 215009 82cm (32in) £25.26 each 188005 Junior For all enquiries email: [email protected] 131

SET OF 5 1. Padded Softball Bases 2. Indoor Bases 3. Batting Tees 3 foam filled bases 380 x 380 x 76mm (15 x 15 x Throw down orange bases. Smooth rubber gives Tee the ball and improve your hitting average. 3in), with straps and ground pegs. adhesion to dry floor surfaces. Set of 5. Height adjusts from 70cm-100cm. Spare rubber hitting tee supplied. 215080 Price Price 215065 Price £89.05 set £14.39 set 215067 £26.94 each Spare Rubber Tees £6.25 each 215070 AMERICAN SPORTS 4. Uprite 5. Dunlop Biotec Ti Racketball 6. Dunlop Racketballs Safe Tee Racquet The new Competition Racketball Ball is engineered The weighted base in this batting tee allows it to Titanium alloy construction with shock absorbing insert using N-1SR3 construction technology a feature rock forward if hit and then return to its upright to deliver superb playability for an entry level frame. of Dunlop's World No 1 squash ball. This delivers position. Height adjusts from 40-66cm (16-26in) in • Head size - 267cm sq (105 sq in) unparalleled durability and consistency for players of 1.9cm increments. The tee can be used with any • Frame weight 215g beginner and intermediate level. Pack of 3. ball and is compact and light. Weight: 33/4 lbs. • Balance - head light • String pattern - powerMax 161312 Price 225142 Price 170070 Price £65.23 each £20.05 each £8.77 pack 7. Dunlop I-Armour Eye Protectors 8. Grays Stoolball Bat 9. Stoolball • Ultra premium protective eyewear Spliced handle, cord grip. Leather stitched. • Ergonomic profile for extra stability • Rubberised super-grip arms 220025 220015 • Contoured lens shape for peripheral vision • Stabilising branded arm strap • Storage pouch 225009 Price Price Price £19.13 pair £56.44 each £10.29 each 132 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. 2. 4. Leisure Foam Target 60cm 5. Arm Guard A 60cm (24in) foam target which is ideal for Adjustable arm guard, ventilated plastic unit with leisure archery. These targets are light and easy to elasticated hook and loop fasteners. Suitable for right handle. Use with target stand 005043. hand or left hand. 005034 Price 005109 Price £52.68 each £13.54 each 3. 1. Straw Bosses 6. Finger Tabs Square straw bosses for use with lighter bows. 90 x 90 Leather finger tab with two hole, three finger fitting. x 5cm (35 x 35 x 2in). Best quality for extended use. Target and stand sold separately. 005032 Price Price £70.73 each £6.00 each 2. Target Faces 005135 ARCHERY Right hand 005001PK10 Price 60cm traditional paper, £13.16 pack pack of 10 3. Target Stand 7. Target Pins Selected timber with long support arms to accept Pack of 10 plastic pins. all targets. 005045 005043 Price Price £67.73 each £4.95 pack 8. Petron Stealth Archery Set 9. Petron Stealth Shoot Through 10. Archery Netting Recurve Kit Extremely well built and robust, the Stealth Archery Heavy woven close mesh complete with eyelets Set is above all amazingly accurate and can shoot This Recurve Kit is ideal for both left handed and for indoor/outdoor use. We recommend a double over 12 metres. The set comprises of a bow and right handed archers due to it's unique shoot through layer of netting if tungsten tipped arrows are used. six suction cup arrows. handle. The bow is injection moulded for improved Standard height 3m (9ft 10), any width supplied per durability and has a draw weight of 17-21lbs. The set running metre (3 metre high). comprises of a take-down bow (limbs, shoot through handle and string), 2 arrows and armguard. Price Price 005058CX Price £28.59 set £95.57 set £45.90 per metre CX 005168 005172 For all enquiries email: [email protected] 133

BDUENADLLE 1. Infant Agility Throw Kit The Throw Kit allows youngsters to experience many different ways of throwing, catching, co-ordination and control, vital for all sports. Stored in a clear box, the equipment is accessible to allow youngsters to participate in small or large groups. Includes enough equipment for a whole class to use. Contents: • 8 x mini bull nosed javelins • 8 x large skittles • 8 x small skittles • 8 x footballs size 3 • 8 x tennis balls (4 colours) • 8 x flexible marker discs • 1 x Stopwatch • 1 x squeezy whistle • 1 x resource pack • 1 x wheelie storage box • 4 x skipper hoops (4 colours) 7011037 Price £361.15 set 2. Primary Athletic Kit BDUENADLLE ATHLETICS The perfect introduction to the Sportshall concept, this exhilarating range of running, jumping and throwing activities is suitable for Primary School • 1 x target hoops set (incl. bag) children of all abilities. The kit contains everything • 20 x bean bags you need to host two series of five events featuring • 1 x hi stepper (incl. bag) all ten events of the Sportshall Decathlon set. Contains: 7011029CX Price • 1 x bag £1,199.02 set • 1 x junior standing long jump CX • 3 x lightweight datum mats • 1 x PAK wedge with flap • 1 x vertical jump (PAK) • 4 x foam javelins • 1 x 1kg vinyl medicine ball • 1 x football - size 4 • 1 x 10m (32ft 10) graduated measuring mat • 1 x balance beam • 1 x flexible marker discs (set of 40) • 2 x stopwatch • 2 x whistle • 1 x sportshall handbook • 1 x sportshall DVD • 1 x wall chart • 1 x activity cards • 1 x ring binder • 50 x certificates • 50 x personal score cards 3. Target Throw Game of skill and accuracy with easy measuring. Laminated activity card supplied. Contents: • 4 different coloured targets • 4 x 5 sets of different coloured bean bags • Roll out throw mat with distances marked on it • Carrybag 700150 Price £298.61 set 134 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

BDUENADLLE 1. Med Ball Kit Great Price (England Athletics) Excellent Quality The England Athletics Med 2. Tally Counter Ball Challenge is a new initiative to promote the Hand held counter. Single count action to 9999 development of throwing with twist return to zero. activity at Club training nights. Suitable for ages Price 010440 Price 9 to 15, this kit enables £258.23 set £9.14 each children to participate in the England Athletics Med Ball Challenge. • 1 each 1kg, 2kg and 3kg medicine balls • 2 x 10m graduated measuring mats • 1 x peg set • 1 x set of activity cards and ring binder • 1 x carry bag 011221CX CX GREAT BDUENADLLE VALUE Great Price Excellent Quality 3. Skillbuilder ATHLETICS Athletics Kit Comprises the following: • 4 x foam javelins (2 sizes) • 6 x foam relay batons • 4 x PVC discus - (4 colours 200g) • 4 PVC Shot - (4 colours 400g) • 1 x Flexibar • 1 x 30m measuring tape • 50 x safety markers with carry device • 1 x databoard • 1 x stopwatch • 1 x holdall 160005 Price £163.06 set CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 6. Sportshall Athletics Reversaboards Multicoloured board of solid plywood construction. Each board colour coded and shape identified. 4. Balance Beam 5. Speed Bounce Mats 7115083CX Price Red £293.36 each Used in Sportshall competitions and awards. Tests speed, agility, coordination and stamina for 7115090CX Manufactured from steel box section with carpet all ages. Participants jump two-footed from side to Blue £293.36 each covering. side over 200mm high foam wedge. 7115091CX Green £293.36 each Price 700115 Price 7115092CX £38.31 each 700115PK6 Pack of 6 £101.96 each Yellow £293.36 each 700168 £550.58 pack CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 135

1. Intermediate Standing Long Jump Fully graduated and portable mat for Standing Long Jump. Complete with take off board and holdall. Price 1. 700311CX £512.37 each CX 2. 3. ATHLETICS 2. Junior Standing Long Jump 3. Junior Standing Triple Jump 4. Long Jump Take Off Board Fully graduated lightweight folding mat for standing Fully graduated modular mat for standing triple Long jump take off board manufactured from long jump and triple jump. Laminated activity card jump or 5 strides. Comes with laminated activity rectangular tube welded, reinforced and supplied. Infant/Primary use. card and carry bag. Infant/Primary use. galvanised. Complete with white wood fitted to act as the take off board and a separate no jump indicator (black wood with galvanised steel reinforcement plate) is placed with plasticine in position so as to indicate a no jump. 700002CX Price 700003CX Price 7010246CX Board Price £303.22 each £538.51 each 7010247CX Trough £398.69 each CX CX £282.84 each 5. Aluminium Handle Rake 6. Flexible High Jump Crossbar 7. Safety Crossbar Sturdy 22in plastic head with aluminium shaft. Foam sectioned elastic rope, 4m. Fluo orange elasticated core with grey foam sleeves. Stretches 2m/3m. Looped at each end. 010122 Price 010103 Price 010701 Price £36.21 each £17.17 each £12.43 each 136 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Central High 2. Competition High Jump Stands 3. International High Jump Stands Jump Stand IAAF certified special aluminium telescopic pillar Steel uprights, bar rest, slider and cursor unit. Central high jump construction profiles which are bolted to 46cm(18in) Weighted T-style base fitted with plastic footpads. stands calibrated from square roll away steel bases. Two precision risers Quality paint finish. Engraved aluminium scale. 55 to 215cm (1ft 9 to ensure the crossbar is securely located at an accurate Height range: 0.60m to 2.30m (2ft to 7ft 6). IAAF 7ft) Sold as pairs or as height. Comes un-assembled and can be assembled Certification. singles very easily by fitting four screws. Height adjustment from 160-270cm (5ft 3-8ft 10). Junior Pair of stands Price 010084CX Platform slide £146.76 set 010630CX Price 7010081CX Price 010085 £21.25 each £344.96 set £336.19 set Senior Pair of stands CX CX Platform slide £154.90 set 010082CX £34.45 each 010083 CX (All Above) CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 5. High Jump Landing Area Club Type Price ATHLETICS With Cut Outs £3,185.16 set 00102 Covers area 5m x 2.5m x 0.56m. Comprising of three Spikeproof covered landing area £2,654.55 set 1.66m x 2.5m x 0.51m, two of which have 0.75m x 00099 0.4m cutouts.1 x reversible wearsheet with 50mm PVC covered landing area £829.70 each foam layer. 701014 Replacement spikeproof cover £295.41 each 701015 Replacement PVC cover SEE PAGE 237 For Safety Mattresses 4. Jump Laths Price 6. High Jump Schools Type With 700101 Price £44.17 each NoCut-Outs PVC landing area £2,707.13 set Fibreglass Lath 4m (3ft 1in). 700106 £63.49 each Covers area 5m x 2.5m x 0.51m. Comprising of the Spikeproof landing area £3,762.40 set 010095CX following modules: 700103 Orange £3.23 each • 3 of 1.66m x 2.5m x 0.25m Replacement PVC cover £281.55 each • 4 of 1.25m x 2.5m x 0.25m 700104 CX • 1 x coverall Replacement spikeproof cover £823.67 each 010096CX Yellow (IAAF specification) CX 600170 Spare Lath Ends For all enquiries email: [email protected] 137

1. Jet Starting Blocks 2. Racer Starting Blocks Slotted galvanised steel channel with blocks made Made of slotted aluminium channel, cast from extra thick polypropylene and rubber plates aluminium paddles with thick rubber pads, suitable for maximum durability. Suitable for any surface. for all tracks. 010011 Price 011040 Price £30.85 set £42.85 set ATHLETICS 3. Action Starting Blocks 4. Grand Prix Starting Blocks 75mm (3in) galvanised steel slotted channel with 75mm (3in) thick aluminium slotted anodised 300mm (11 3/4in) long plates. Solid aluminium channel with broad stainless steel rust proof cast lightweight pedals, adjustable at 4 different plates. Suzuki silver painted broad pedals made angles through spring mechanism. 15mm (1/2in) of solid aluminium, adjustable at 4 different long spikes for synthetic track. 3 anchor nails for angles through spring mechanism. PVC rubber stable grip. mounted pedals for comfortable start. 15mm (1/2in) long spikes for synthetic track. 3 anchor nails for stable grip. 010558 Price 010559 Price £65.53 set £99.72 set CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 5. Relay Batons - Aluminium 6. Relay Baton - Foam 7. Relay Batons - ABS Plastic Price Set of 6 Batons manufactured in a tough closed Price £12.48 set cell foam. Suitable for younger children in any 'pass £7.77 set it on' game. Six colours. 32mm dia. £14.43 set £7.77 set 010031 010645 Price 010037 Junior - Set of 6 £10.85 set Junior - Set of 6 010030 010035 Senior - Set of 6 Senior - Set of 6 138 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

Great Price Excellent Quality CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Central Price Alloy Hurdles £46.35 each Aluminium alloy connected £8.43 each by plastic corner fittings. 5 position height adjustment. £50.16 each 010024 £7.80 each Junior - Adjusts 0.46-0.76m 010024TOP Spare Hurdle Lath 010025 Senior - Adjusts 0.69-1.07m 010025TOP Spare Hurdle Lath Great Price Great Price GREAT Excellent Quality Excellent Quality VALUE 2. Central Hurdles 4. IAAF Pro Hurdle ATHLETICS Rigid PVC crossbar. Powder coated tubular uprights 3. Central Scissor Hurdles Pack Made of 47mm square steel tube, zinc plated. with spring loaded buttons. Formed legs with Height is adjustable by easy snap locking system internal weighting. Cross-legged steel tubular pipe construction. Height up to four levels. PVC coated counter weights adjustable from 0.3-1.07m (12 to 42in) adjust to meet precise official pullover force at 010018 Price each of the five heights. Folding design of the Vinex Junior - Adjusts 0.45-0.76m £47.66 each Pro Hurdle reduces the volume of the hurdles, 010019 which saves space. Vinex Pro Hurdle is backed by Senior - Adjusts 0.76- £51.36 each IAAF certification and has the experience of many 1.07m International and National meets. 010013PK6 Price 010564 Price Pack of 6 £123.39 pack £98.93 each Great Price Excellent Quality 5. Rollback Aluminium Hurdle 6. Springback Hurdle 7. Central Self Return Aluminium Hurdles This hurdle is made of Aluminium, is lightweight The ultimate training hurdle. Crossbar protected with yet sturdy. The bounce back feature of this hurdle a soft sleeve, and when struck, pivots forward on a Anodised lightweight aluminium tubular makes it one of the best hurdles for school level sprung mechanism, then returns to position. Heavy construction with compact design for easy storage. competitions and practice. It features natural flat bar feet ensure overall stability. Height range anodising, a cellular synthetic top bar, and 5 762-1067mm via 5 settings. 011049 Price height adjustments as per IAAF rules. This hurdle W: 76cm H: 40-60cm £29.79 each is packed dismantled. Can be easily assembled/ 011051 dismantled for storage and transportation. W: 84cm H: 56-86cm £32.30 each 011050 011041 Price 010585CX Price W: 89cm H: 66-107cm £31.04 each £70.23 each £72.23 each CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 139

2. 1m Single Indoor Hurdles Hurdles are easy to topple and collapse on impact. 1m wide. 1. 1/2m Single Indoor Hurdles 7011022 Price 40cm high Price 30cm high-Green £13.35 each 7011005 Red £23.51 each Ideal as a introduction into hurdles. Hurdles are 7011023 7011006 Green £23.51 each easy to topple and collapse on impact. 50cm wide. 40cm high-Yellow £13.87 each 7011007 Yellow £23.51 each 7011024 7011008 Blue £23.51 each 7011021 Price 50cm high-Blue £14.59 each 50cm high 20cm high-Red £12.30 each £26.01 each 7011025 Red £26.01 each 7011026 Green £26.01 each 7011027 Yellow £26.01 each 7011028 Blue ATHLETICS Great Price i INFORMATION Excellent Quality Fold flat for storage and collapses on impact 3. Central Indoor Folding Hurdles 4. Hi Stepper Lightweight folding hurdles constructed of a Introduced as a fun way of practicing sprint high durable tubular synthetic board which can be knee lift action and is a main part of obstacle folded flat after use. Very easy to assemble. relays. Supplied with 10 x foam wedges and a base mat. Laminated activity card included. Supplied in Price bag. 110cm x 50cm x 15cm. £10.65 each 010641 700152CX Price 50 x 40cm-Yellow £11.28 each £372.33 set 010640 CX 50 x 50cm-Red 140 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality 1. Central Indoor Dead Bounce 2. Central Shots Indoor Shots Dead bounce rubber case. Lead filled. Shock resistant PVC case. Lead filled. 010189 Price 010192 2.00kg Price 2.72kg £19.33 each 010198 2.50kg £18.83 each 010190 010193 2.72kg £21.29 each 3.25kg £22.01 each 010199 3.00kg £23.74 each 010191 010194 3.25kg £24.13 each 4.00kg £27.38 each 010195 4.00kg (IAAF) £24.54 each 010196 5.00kg £30.72 each £46.40 each Great Price Excellent Quality CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 3. Central ATHLETICS Competition Shots Price 4. Primary Shot Price Weight stamped. £13.93 each £7.86 each £16.17 each Durable, but safe to use indoors. 010170 2.72kg - blue £20.98 each 010171 3.25kg - white £23.59 each 010169 010172 4.00kg - red £26.37 each 010173 5.00kg - green 010174 6.00kg - red 5. Primary Shot Pack 6. Primary Shot Set 7. Weatherproof Shot Stopboard The soft vinyl Shot (600g) is safe and durable for Made from soft PVC in the four primary colours. Plastic, weatherproof. 122 x 30 x 9 cm both indoor and outdoor activities. The set of four 400g. Set of 4. comes complete with carrying case and activity card. 7010393 Price 010165 Price 010211 Price £71.31 pack £37.79 set £114.88 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 141

Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality 1. Central Hi-Fli Discus 2. Central School Discus 3. IAAF 3 Handling Discus ABS plastic, steel rim, quality discus. Polished Hardwood, steel rim. Ideal for schools. Officially approved by the IAAF for athletics in schools. 3 handling possibilities: handling through the hole (for kids at a beginners level), handling on fingers marks (for kids at an intermediate level and for training) and competition handling. 010220 0.75kg Price 010234 0.75kg Price 010250 400g Price 010221 1.00kg £15.66 each 010235 1.00kg £13.60 each 010251 500g £33.87 each 010222 1.25kg £18.17 each 010236 1.25kg £14.85 each 010252 600g £35.70 each 010223 1.50kg £21.32 each 010237 1.50kg £16.11 each 010253 800g £37.72 each £23.83 each £17.36 each 010254 1000g £43.24 each £58.41 each CUSTOMER FAVOURITE ATHLETICS 5. Central Rubber Discus Chip resistant rubber, embossed weight. 4. Central Foam Discus 010265 0.75kg Price 010266 1.00kg £4.25 each Durable discus with 'no risk' contact qualities 125g. 010267 1.25kg £4.97 each 010268 1.50kg £5.60 each 010262 Price 010269 1.75kg £6.26 each £8.46 each 010270 2.00kg £6.85 each £7.51 each 8. Harrod Practice Cage An ideal cage for schools practice use. Size: 19.2m x 3.3m, 134kg • 8 Galvanised steel 42mm uprights • 8 x 450mm deep ground sockets Netting and pegs sold separately 6. Discus PVC Flexible Set 7. Primary Discus Set 7010610CX Price Discus cage £1,960.49 each Lightweight hollow vinyl discus. Four team colours The lightweight soft vinyl Primary Discus (200g) has per pack. a hollow centre to simulate the 'weighted rim' of a CX £902.26 each traditional discus. The set of four comes complete with protective carrying case and activity card. 7010611CX £12.19 pack Discus cage net 010273 Price 010394 Price Pack of 4 £29.46 pack £51.94 set CX 010612 200mm 'U' Pegs - Pack of 10 142 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Hammer Cast iron accurate weight hammer. Supplied with handle and wire complete. 010550 3.00kg Price 2. Primary Hammer Pack 7010392 Price 010551 4.00kg £12.53 each £73.05 pack 010549 5.00kg £17.55 each This soft vinyl Primary Hammer 350g is safe and 010548 6.00kg £17.55 each durable to practice throwing actions, both indoor 010547 7.26kg £20.05 each and outdoor. The set of four comes complete with £22.56 each protective carrying case and activity card. ATHLETICS 3. Primary Hammers 010325 350g Price 4. Spare Hammer Handle 010327 1kg £10.96 each Soft PVC in the four primary colours with throwing 010324 400g-Set of 4 Spare hammer handle made from curved rope and handle. Colour as available. £14.42 each aluminium. £37.64 set 010552 Price £5.06 each 6. Hammer Gloves 5. Spare Hammer Wire 010554 Price 5. Javelin Balls Left hand medium £11.25 each 3.20 mm thick as per IAAF specifications. 010555 The contoured grasp simulates a throwing grip and Left hand large £11.25 each helps to develop throwing techniques. Plastic case, 010556 lead filled. Right hand medium £11.25 each 010553 Price 010557 010379 400g Price £5.39 each Right hand large £11.25 each 010377 600g £7.97 each £8.64 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 143

CUSTOMER A. FAVOURITE B. C. 1. Jav Trainer Pro A. Price 2. Aero 010135 £22.25 each Javelins The javelin consists of one length of tubing (no joints) Jav Trainer Mini and has a streamlined profile. B. Aero javelins are made of special aluminium alloy • Glass reinforced plastic with high strength properties 010132 for durability and stability. • Flexible to absorb energy on impact Jav Trainer Pro • Jav Trainer Mini: 195g, 770mm C. £34.61 each 011046 400g Price • Jav Trainer Pro: 325g, 1525mm 010132PK5 £152.88 pack 011045 500g £28.97 each Pack of 5 Jav Trainer Pro 011044 600g £35.28 each 011043 700g £35.70 each 011042 800g £36.47 each £38.88 each Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality ATHLETICS 3. Central 4. Central Match Training Javelins Javelins 5. Long Bull Nose Foam Javelins Top quality alloy, cord grips. Alloy, colour coded. The long bull nose javelin, made from foam, is Match use. Please note that the polished steel Please note that the weighted for senior practice sessions. Approximately tip may become tarnished if stored in damp polished steel tip may 1200mm long x 50mm diameter conditions. Always dry after use. become tarnished if stored in damp conditions. Always dry after use. Colours may vary. 010335 400g Price 010365 400g Price 010352 Price 010336 500g £62.79 each 010366 500g £47.60 each £31.38 each 010337 600g £64.29 each 010367 600g £49.02 each 010338 700g £66.63 each 010368 700g £53.08 each 010339 800g £69.87 each 010369 800g £55.96 each £72.62 each £58.70 each A. B. C. 6. Mini Bull Nose Foam Javelins 7. Regular 8. Turbo Javelins Bull Nose Set of eight Mini Bull Nosed Javelins complete with a Foam Javelins Injected moulded junior model with ribbed grip protective carrying case and activity card. Infant age and durable tail fin. Ideal for training and junior and all ability use. The foam Bull Nosed Javelin is weighted for competition. Develops good throwing technique. outdoor use and provides a safe introduction to javelin throwing. IFTA approved for competition and A - 300/400g Price awards scheme use, the set of eight 78cm long 7010346 Single 300g £47.20 each javelins comes complete with protective carrying case and activity card. 7010347 Single 400g £55.80 each 7010042 Price 010351 Price B - Long Tom-600g £66.38 each Individual Mini Bull Nosed £19.31 each Individual Bull Nosed Javelin £17.74 each 7010001 Single Javelin 7010391 7010200 £160.72 pack Pack of 8 with bag £164.64 pack C - 300/400g mixed pack of 5 x 300g and 5 x 400g Pack of 8 with bag 7010202 Pack of 10 £468.33 pack 144 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Discus Rack 2. Shot Rack Sturdy tubular steel rack. Powder coated. 46mm Sturdy tubular steel rack. Powder coated. 46mm (1 3/4in) dia floor tube and 30mm (1 1/4in) uprights (1 3/4in) dia floor tube and 30mm (1 1/4in) uprights and racking. Holds 30 discus. and racking. Holds 25-30 shot. 010240 Price 010241 Price £77.76 each £84.04 each 3. Discus/Shot/ ATHLETICS Javelin Trolley 4. Javelin Rack Tubular steel mobile unit, self-assembly. Size: 750mm L x 410mm W x 900mm H Sturdy tubular steel rack. Powder coated. 46mm (29 1/2 x 16 1/4 x 35 1/2in) (1 3/4in) dia floor tube and 30mm (1 1/4in) uprights and racking. Holds 18 javelins. 010563 Price 010242 Price £126.68 each £74.00 each CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 5. Tug Of War Rope Price 6. Soft Tug Of War Rope 7. Tug Of War Rope - 4 Way £121.67 each 010330 22m x 20mm highly coloured braided rope. Softer This Tug of War Rope is made of jute with stitched Senior rope 30m x 32mm dia. to grip for less experienced competitors. leather ends to prevent fraying. Four ropes of 5m 010331 (16ft 4in) length are each connected with a centre Junior rope 22m x 32mm dia. steel ring. This multi- user activity permits up to 30 students to participate at a time. £71.49 each Price 011047 Price 010332 £74.63 each £98.37 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 145

Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality 1. Closed Winder Measuring Tape 2. Open Winder Measuring Tape Dual reading, ABS plastic case. Dual reading. Winder style. 010426 10m/33ft Price 010425 30m/100ft Price 010429 15m/50ft £10.85 each 010431 50m/164ft £13.13 each 010427 20m/66ft £12.14 each 010432 60m/200ft £23.20 each 010430 30m/100ft £14.92 each 010428 100m/328ft £27.01 each 010434 50m/165ft £16.83 each £37.63 each £21.95 each SET OF 12 ATHLETICS 4. Runway Markers 3. Officials Flags Steel markers supplied in six bright colours to 5. Field Events Markers identify runway positioning. Size D 70m x H 52mm Official flags with a plastic stick. (2 3/4 x 2in). Rectangular metal plate with long peg. Set of 12 (printed 1 to 12). 010055 Red Price 010056 Yellow £5.15 each 115312 Price 010561 Price 010057 White Pack of 6 £13.08 pack £39.20 set £5.15 each £5.15 each 6. Electronic Starting Pistol 7. Voice Booster and Headmic Choice of 3 sounds - starting pistol, siren or whistle. Hands free voice amplification. The lightweight Red strobe flashes when gun is fired. Must be used headset plugs into the amplifier worn on the with an external amplifier. Supplied with an aux cable waistbelt and the volume can be adjusted to allow connection. Compatible with amplifier from accordingly. Amplifier provides 5 watts output (at 4 010062 set. ohms speaker load). Batteries not included. 010061 Price 010062 Price £117.15 each £75.55 each 146 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Data Board 2. Megaphone Complete with weathersheet, clip and penholder. Anti-feedback microphone which can be attached to the megaphone or handheld. Colours may vary • Switchable siren function • Power supply 12Vdc (8 x D Alkaline, not supplied) • Effective distance 600m • Power : output 30W max. • Weight 2kg 010435 Price 010070 Price £3.97 each £88.05 each 3. Starter Clapper 4. Fastime 16 Stopwatch 5. Measuring Wheel ATHLETICS No ammunition needed for this device. An The stopwatch can count up to 24 hours. Timing Curves, straights and freestyle distances can be ingenious and striking combination of sound and to 1/100th sec for the first 30 minutes. Then in measured with this handy wheel. Distances register visual start signals take the place of a pistol and 1 second intervals. With start/stop/resume and on the digital display in metric up to four figures. remove the security problems associated with reset functions. Also cumulative split time function. Comes complete with handy carrying bag and folds guncare and ammunition. Compass and thermometer is included on the back down for storage. Can be used Indoors or outdoors. of the watch. 010044 Price 010133 Price 010631 Price £34.07 each £9.84 each £72.67 each GREAT VALUE 6. Colour Coded Stopwatches 1/1000 second stopwatch with lap facility time, calendar, alarm, and hourly chime. 7mm LCD display, 60 x 52mm with neck cord, battery. Model may vary. 010491 Aqua Price 010490 Blue £7.31 each 010489 Red £7.31 each 010492 White £7.31 each 010493 Yellow £7.31 each 010532 Set of 4 colours - assorted £7.31 each £26.33 set For all enquiries email: [email protected] 147

Great Price A. Excellent Quality B. 1. Central Prima Badminton Rackets BDUENADLLE A. Aluminium/steel mini Price C. version 53cm, 90g. £6.99 each 020044 Single £135.79 pack 020044PK20 Pack of 20 B. Aluminium/steel junior £6.99 each version 58cm,100g. £135.79 pack 020037 Single 020037PK20 Pack of 20 C. Aluminium/steel senior £6.99 each version 66cm, 110g. £135.79 pack 020036 Single 020036PK20 Pack of 20 BADMINTON 2. Central Steel Badminton Pack 020081 Price 3. Central Siren Rackets Mini rackets £87.86 pack 1 x Racket Holdall 020082 £87.86 pack High tempered steel shaft with aluminium frame. 12 x Central Prima Badminton Rackets Junior rackets £87.86 pack 66cm (26in) long. For beginners. 1 x Tube of 6 Carlton C100 Shuttlecocks - Medium 020083 Senior rackets BDUENADLLE 020047 Price £5.76 each GREAT VALUE 4. Central Steel Badminton Rackets 5. Central Victor Racket The Club badminton racket features an all steel Aluminium head with jointless composite steel shaft. head and shaft and soft PU grip. This racket is an Exceptional value for such advanced design. Shaft excellent choice for schools use and one of our best 66cm (26in). Weight 92g selling badminton rackets. 66cm. 120g. 020035 Pack of 20 Price 020039 Price 020035PK20 £5.48 each £9.76 each £101.32 pack 148 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

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