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Maudesport - International Catalogue 2019-20

Published by gopidasgayatri, 2019-11-01 04:04:05

Description: Maudesport - International Catalogue 2019-20


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CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Vinyl Coated Dumbbells Easily cleaned with a wide range of colour coded weights. Colours may vary. 280201 0.5kg Price 280202 1.0kg £3.75 pair 280203 2.0kg £6.75 pair 280204 3.0kg £13.78 pair 280205 4.0kg £16.29 pair £24.93 pair 2. Neoprene Hexagon Dumbbells Neoprene coated dumbbells incorporate a unique ergonomic handle with the traditional hexagon shaped head. Ideal for aerobic/strength training workouts. 280250 0.5kg Price DUMBBELLS 280566 1.0kg £1.87 each 280567 1.5kg £3.75 each 280568 2.0kg £6.26 each 280569 2.5kg £7.51 each 280570 3.0kg £8.77 each 280256 4.0kg £10.02 each 280257 5.0kg £16.29 each 280260 6.0kg £20.05 each 280261 7.0kg £22.56 each 280262 8.0kg £25.08 each £30.10 each 3. Hex Pack Unique design features an elevated racking system with security bar to deter theft. Rack holds 44 pairs of Neoprene Hexagon Dumbbells. Available as a complete set including rack and dumbells, or as a rack only. Complete set (280258PCX) contains: • 5 pairs x 0.5kg • 7 pairs x 1kg • 10 pairs x 1.5kg • 8 pairs x 2.5kg • 7 pairs x 4kg • 7 pairs x 5kg 280258PCX Price Rack complete with 88 £907.12 set dumbbells £213.24 each CX 280259CX Rack only CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 49

1. Jordan Classic Rubber Dumbbells Jordan classic rubber solid end dumbbells with contoured chrome easy-grip handle. Black Premium rubber coating with braille markings. Available from 1kg to 25kg 7281048CX 1kg Price 7281080CX 20kg Price 7281049CX 2kg £10.00 pair 22.5kg £199.92 pair 7281050CX 2.5kg £20.14 pair 7281081CX 25kg 7281051CX 3kg £24.99 pair £224.91 pair 7281052CX 4kg £30.14 pair 7281082CX 7281066CX 5kg £40.43 pair £249.90 pair 7281067CX 6kg £49.98 pair CX 7281068CX 7kg £60.27 pair 7281069CX 7.5kg £70.56 pair 7281070CX 8kg £74.97 pair 7281071CX 9kg £80.85 pair 7281072CX 10kg £91.14 pair 7281073CX 12kg £99.96 pair 7281074CX 12.5kg £120.54 pair 7281075CX 14kg £124.95 pair 7281076CX 15kg £141.12 pair 7281077CX 16kg £149.94 pair 7281078CX 17.5kg £161.99 pair 7281079CX 18kg £174.93 pair £182.28 pair DUMBELLS 2. Jordan Rubber Dumbbells 3. Jordan Dumbbell Rack 4. Jordan Vertical Dumbbell Rack Stylish and durable black rubber finish will not chip • Oval silver frame with saddles Curved oval steel frame. 1570 x 740 x 600mm. or damage machines. Unique J-lock system helps • Suitable for up to 2.5kg Dumbells not included. prevent loosening of the dumbell head and minimises • H840 x L2440 x D530mm maintenance. • 62kg rack weight • Chrome easy grip handles Will hold 10 pairs of weights (Not included) • Compact one piece design encapsulated in odourless rubber offers a compact durable dumbell with excellent balance Rack not included 7281041CX Price 7281042CX Price 7281110CX Price 1-10kg-Set of 10 pairs £867.09 set £526.60 each For 1-10kg set £355.35 each 7281111CX CX 2-20kg- Set of 10 pairs £1,770.60 set 7281115CX £402.71 Each 7281040CX For 2-20kg set 2.5-25kg-Set of 10 pairs £1,840.54 set CX CX 50 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

CUSTOMER 1. 2. Jordan Studio Barbell Rack - Double 2. FAVOURITE Holds up to 30 coloured sets. Colour: Silver Dimensions: H 1605mm, W 1925mm, D 727mm. Weights and bars not included 7281046CX Price £658.44 each CX 3. 1. Jordan Studio Barbell Set 3. Jordan Studio Barbell Rack - Single Barbel set containing colour coded Holds up to 12 coloured sets. weights for easy identification. Soft, Colour: Silver rubber covered bar 1400mm x 30mm. Dimensions: H 1490mm, W 638mm, D 721mm. Contents: Weights and bars not included • 2 x 1.25kg - yellow • 2 x 2.5kg - blue • 2 x 5kg - red • 2 x spring collars • 1 x black bar with black rubber covered handles • 2 x grip anti-roll design discs 30mm • Quick release collars 30mm 281045CX Price 281090CX Price £109.63 set £275.11 each CX CX A. 4. Jordan Ignite V2 Urethane Studio BARBELLS Barbells • 2 x quick lock collars B. With its super-tough finish, unique locking mechanism • 1 x black bar with black rubber covered handles and innovative anti-roll design, the new Ignite V2 • Highly durable urethane coating Studio Barbell is an all round great performer. • Stylish red/black design Contents: • 2 x 1.25kg 7281114CX Price • 2 x 2.5kg £168.56 set • 2 x 5kg CX 5. Jordan Rubber Solid End Barbell Set 6. Jordan Barbell Racks Barbells are very versatile and offer a wide range of • Stylish and space saving vertical design exercises including squats, rows and lifts in order to • One piece construction for stability build muscle and strength. Barbells match Jordan solid • Unique textured paint finish \"TUFF COAT\" makes end rubber dumbbells. • S tylish and durable black rubber finish will not chip or racks more resistant to wear and tear damage • Barbells not included damage machines. • Unique J-Lock system helps prevent loosening of the A Price 7281113CX £365.37 each barbell head and minimises maintenance. 5 Bar - H1460mm, • Rubber virtually eliminates \"clanking\" of barbells. L900mm, D670mm £519.02 each • Compact one piece design encapsulated in odourless CX rubber offers a compact durable barbell with excellent B balance. 7281201CX • Internal Handle Length 110cm. 10 Bar - H1275mm, • S et of 10: 2 x 10kg, 2 x 15kg, 1 x 20kg, 1 x 25kg, 1 x L875mm, D750mm 30kg, 1 x 35kg, 1 x40kg, 1 x 45kg CX 7281112CX Price £1,644.92 set CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 51

A. B. C. 1. Jordan Steel Series Olympic Bars Brushed steel Olympic bars are much more durable than traditional chrome bars, and will give a fresh, modern look to your facility. Bars feature precision bearings for smoother rotation. A. Straight Bar 7ft Price 7281121CX 6ft £230.40 each 7281122CX 5ft £148.41 each 7281123CX £142.76 each B. Super Curl Bar £158.31 each 7281124CX £124.95 each C. Curl Bar 7281125CX OLYMPIC WEIGHTS 2. Jordan Hex Bar (Trap Bar) An alternative bar for performing the classic deadlift. Made from spring steel with a brushed steel finish. Dual knurling with no bearings. Overall length 1830mm, handle 1240mm, weight 27.5kg. 7281117CX 6ft Price 7281118CX 7ft £240.10 each £263.38 each 3. Olympic Bar Sprung Collars 4. Jordan Steel Series Olympic 5. Jordan Core Plate Tricep Bar Sprung collars for use with Olympic bars. 50mm. • Rubber anti slip base on base plate Sold in pairs. Spring steel tricep bar with a brushed steel • Extra heavy base plate for stability finish. The risk of injury is reduced in comparison • Floor fixing holes available to a classic barbell as wrist and elbow stress • Includes fixing point for training ropes and bands is reduced. 855mm overall, 480mm handles. Suitable for a number of drills, including: Weight 10kg. • Rotational drills to work the obliques of the core • Single arm exercises like the snatch, high pull split kneeling press • L ower body drills such as reverse lunges and crossover lunges 280159 Sprung Ring Col- Price 7281116CX Price 7281240CX Weight Price lars-Pack of 2 £5.64 pair £98.00 each 22.5kg £203.88 each 52 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Jordan High Grade Black Rubber Training Discs • Designed to be used for Olympic lifting • Solid virgin rubber discs will not break or distort through Olympic lifting movements • Reinforced steel centre sleeve allows easy Olympic bar loading • Full size (450mm) for correct technique 7281238CX Price 5kg £48.08 each 7281239CX £57.26 each 10kg £84.45 each 7281241CX £111.66 each 15kg £139.17 each 7281242CX £559.65 set 20kg £1,136.80 set 7281243CX 25kg 7281228CX Set of 2 x 5, 10, 15 & 20kg 7281229CX Set of 4 x 5, 10, 15 & 20kg CX INFORMATION Discs and tree sold separately 2. Jordan Olympic Weight Tree 3. Jordan Ignite V2 Olympic Discs OLYMPIC WEIGHTS • Designed to store all sizes of olympic weights ranging Unique and stylish Anti-Roll design from 1.25kg to 25kg in a safe and secure location. Black, premium rubber coating - more durable than • Stylish oval steel frame with high quality chromed standard rubber olympic discs. bars combined with rubber feet make this an Spacious parallel hand grips essential part of any free weight area. Raised number weight identification • Colour - silver 50mm Olympic Stainless Steel Centre • Unique textured paint finish \"TUFF COAT\" makes racks more resistant to wear and tear damage 7281237CX 25kg Price •Holds up to 250kg 7281236CX 20kg £99.64 each •L900mm, H1300mm, D570mm 7281235CX 15kg £79.72 each 7281234CX 10kg £59.78 each 7281224CX Price 7281233CX 5kg £39.86 each £255.01 each 7281232CX 2.5kg £19.94 each CX 7281231CX 1.25kg £10.22 each £5.10 each CX INFORMATION Discs not included 4. Jordan Olympic 5. Jordan Portable Core Trainer Training Plate Rack The multi-directional swivel allows rotational exercises • Holds 8 Olympic training discs and presses for core strength training, as well as • Complete with handle and wheels for easy mobility stability, rotational strength and upper body mobility. • Unique textured paint finish \"Tuff Coat\" makes • Steel with textured grey tough coat finish racks more resistant to wear and tear damage • Size: L355mm x D62mm x W62mm • H 305 x L 1402 x D 330mm • Length of bar holder 208mm • Weight 20Kg • Weight 4kg • Bar sold separately 7281230CX Price 281462CX Price £142.30 each £111.83 each CX CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 53

A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. CABLE ATTACHMENTS L. M. N. INCLUDES 15 O. ATTACHMENTS 1. Jordan Cable Attachments Price £20.91 each Jordan Urethane cable attachments A. Price H. £23.52 each 7088261 £19.60 each 7088265 Single Cable Handle with Tricep rope (black) £28.75 each Urethane grip £28.75 each £44.43 each I. £18.30 each 2. Jordan Cable Attachments Rack B. £70.56 each 7088262 £57.50 each 7088263 V handle • Holds up to 15 attachments (included) Angled pressdown bar £54.88 each £56.19 each • Vertical space saving design £54.88 each J. £59.58 each • One piece construction for stability C. £49.66 each 7088264 £11.76 each • Chrome attachment pins 7088270 Straight cable bar • Unique textured paint finish \"TUFF COAT\" makes Cable curl bar K. racks more resistant to wear and tear damage D. 7088274 • Colour - silver 7088273 Single Tricep Rope • 1100mm x 500mm Close grip low row / pulldown • Weight 25kg handle L. 7088271 7088277CX Price E. Parallel grip lat pulldown £633.73 each 7088267 bar - wide CX Pivoting pressdown bar M. F. 7088276 7088269 48” Standard Lat Pulldown Bar Cable EZ curl bar N. G. 7088275 7088272 36” Standard Lat Pulldown Bar Parallel grip lat pulldown bar - narrow O. 7088278 Cable handle with fabric grip 54 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Jordan Olympic Adjustable Bench The Full Commercial Olympic Adjustable Multi Bench is suitable for all fitness and strength environments. Thick oval section steel ensures that the Bench is stable, and is built to endure the toughest workouts. Bench has 6 positions of adjustment covering flat, incline & decline positions ranging from -5 to 80 degrees. Guide rail for adjustable bench ensuring the bench is positioned in the perfect position every time. • 6 Multi-position bar catchers • Spot platform for maximum safety • 4 Olympic weight storage horns • Weight: 125kg 7281341CX Price £2,021.25 each CX CUSTOMER FAVOURITE INFORMATION BENCHES & RACKS Add Powerbands from pages 60 & 61 for progressive resistance 2. Jordan Incline/Decline Bench 3. Power Rack • Adjustable Incline/Decline Bench • 6 Integrated band training loops for progressive • Ten possible angles from -10 degrees to +80 degrees resistance (top and bottom) • Rubber feet prevents floor damage and • 11 bar racking height adjustments optimises bench stability • 8 Integrated weight storage bars. • Low user height for user comfort and security • Chin bars – narrow & wide with non slip grips. • Solid frame made from 100 x 50 x 3mm oval steel • 50mm grip upper bar for upper body stretching. • Tapered backrest provides optimal user support • Spacious oval steel design, upper bars are ideal • H53 x L152 x D68cm for attaching body weight suspension systems – • Weight: 38kg Milokit, Jungle Gym XT & TRX. • Size H2445 x L1290 x D1680mm • Rack only. 7281065CX Price 7088268CX Price £559.25 each £142.30 each CX CX 4. Jordan Vertical 5. York Flat Bench 6. York Squat Stands Chin/Dip/Knee Raise Bench The no-nonsense approach to the flat bench design is Heavy duty squat stands made from 2\" steel tubing. 1 year frame warranty, 90 day upholstery warranty. what makes this a favourite in many gyms. The 1-piece Height adjustment from 100 to 171cm. Features Weight 86kg. H211cm, L158cm, D106cm. 270 x 1030mm seat pad is fixed in place and reinforced a weight plate storage post 150kg max load (for by 2 extra steel supports for added strength. The the pair). Boltaflex upholstery is 52mm thick high density foam, mounted on to 19mm plywood back. 7280293CX Price 280292 Price 280290 Price £1,079.08 each £176.23 each £149.98 each CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 55

1. Gym Gear X97 Cross Trainer The Gym Gear X97 Cross Trainer offers a super smooth action based upon the 50cm stride length through the 25 levels of resistance. • Using a self powered electromagnetic generator, no mains power is required for this machine as the display illuminates as soon as the user begins to work out on the machine. • T he computer functionality is very simple and easy beginning with either the manual setting through to the various programs such as interval or fitness test. • With a resistance output of up to 400 watts this cross trainer is suitable for novice trainers right through to elite athletes. 7280627CX Price £3,384.06 each CX EXERCISE MACHINES 2. Gym Gear T97 Treadmill The Gym Gear T97 Treadmill is a well built and heavy duty, fully commercial treadmill that delivers reliability. The computer display is simple and easy to use with a variety of programs to choose from. • S peed and incline paddles allow the user to reach a set speed or elevation level quickly and easily. • P owered by a 3HP continuous AC motor and with a top speed of 20 km/h it caters for both novice and professional users. • Digital heart monitoring with built-in hand sensors and heart rate telemetry system. The T97 Treadmill is also the perfect option for fitness testing as it offers the Firefighter Chester Treadmill Walk Test as standard. 7280626CX Price £4,723.91 each CX 56 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Gym Gear M Sport Spin Bike The M Sport spin bike is the most popular bike within the Gym Gear range. This is based upon the super smooth action when in use as per the magnetic braking system and poly v drive belt. • The magnets which provide the resistance mechanism for the bike do not touch the flywheel which in turn means that they can never wear out regardless of the level of usage. • T he integrated computer display provides essential information in the form of speed, distance, workout duration and calories and it will also display heart rate when the chest belt is worn by the user. • T he heart rate chest belt is supplied as standard with the bike. • The multi purpose pedals are suitable for both a standard shoe and also the SPD style cycling shoes. 7280630CX Price £1,422.86 each CX 2. Gym Gear R97 Recumbent Bike EXERCISE MACHINES This innovative bike delivers superb product performance and provides the most comfortable cycling experience. • U sing a self powered electromagnetic generator, no mains power is required for this machine as the display illuminates as soon as the user begins to work out on the machine. • T he computer functionality is very easy beginning with either the manual option through to the various programs such as interval or fitness test. • Quick resistance keys allow the user to jump to each resistance level. 7280631CX Price £2,570.97 each CX 3. Gym Gear C97 Upright Bike The comfortable riding position supports both a general workout through to a high intensity session. The easy to adjust seat height can quite simply be pulled up and into position as the release mechanism is only required to lower the height of the seat. • U sing a self powered electromagnetic generator, no mains power is required for this machine as the display illuminates as soon as the user begins to work out on the machine. • The computer functionality is very easy beginning with either the manual option through to the various programs such as interval or fitness test. 7280629CX Price £2,212.66 each CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 57

1. Speedfit Treadmill Burn fat and calories faster and more efficiently than any other fitness concept to date with its innovative toe running approach. Landing on the ball of your feet pushes your body forward and uses more muscle groups at one time than the traditional heel strike first method. • Innovative curved treadmill design conforms better to your stride • Reduces joint impact and improves performance • Smooth, quiet belt system with zero maintenance requirements • Length 1620mm x Width 760mm 7280633CX Price £9,558.06 CX EXERCISE MACHINES 2. Gym Gear Blade 2.0 Rower • Large range of resistance (1-10) • Comfortable padded seat 50cm above the ground makes it easy to get on and off • Easy to use console display • Folds in half for easy storage and transport • 42kg base provides a stable foundation for nearly any user weight • Stainless steel chain is designed to last with minimal maintenance 7280632CX Price £1,370.47 each CX 3. Tornado Airbike • Designed to deliver over 20% more resistance than the competition • Greater resistance the faster you pedal • Dual action design delivers a full body workout • E asy-to-read LCD screen provides feedback to the user. (time, speed, distance, calories & interval) • Commercial Rated 7280634CX Price £1,422.53 each CX 58 For all enquiries email: [email protected]


1. Yoga-Mad Yoga Belt 2. Yoga-Mad Yoga Block Used to help attain correct postures without strain, Single piece top quality EVA foam such as the boat or bound ankle pose. Our belts with 3mm (1/8in) chamfered edges. are strong, and are made from 100% heavy weight Non toxic, wipe clean. cotton. Fitted with cinch buckle, to ensure the belt Dimensions: 30.5cm x 20.5cm x 5cm will not slip. The 38mm (1.5in) width offers extra comfort over standard 25mm (1in) belts. 2.5m long. Price Colours may vary. £6.32 each 100902 Price 100901 Blue £6.32 each £8.60 each 100905 Purple CUSTOMER FAVOURITE YOGA & MASSAGE 3. Yoga-Mad Yoga Brick 4. Fitness Mad Foam Roller Blue 5. Fitness Mad Pro Foam Roller Single piece top quality EVA foam with 3mm Originally used to relieve muscular tension along (1/8in) chamfered edges. Non toxic, wipe clean. the spine, hips, neck and shoulders, rollers are now This is our professional quality Studio Foam Dimensions: 22cm x 11cm x 7cm widely used in Pilates and Physiotherapy to help to Roller made from EPP. Expanded polypropylene develop core stability through a range of seated and (EPP) is an engineered plastic foam material that reclining exercises. is durable, light weight, and recyclable, it has excellent energy absorption and high strength Price Price properties, which offer improved performance and £6.58 each £16.21 each longevity compared to EVA or PE foam rollers. Size: L90 x 15cm dia. Weight: 0.4kg. £6.58 each £27.17 each 100903 Purple 101235 45cm 101168 Black Price 100904 Blue 101335 90cm £29.72 each 6. Fitness Mad Vari-Massage 7. Spikey Massage Balls 8. Trigger Point Massage Balls Set Foam Roller These small Spikey Massage Balls are used to Set of massage balls in three different hardnesses The ultimate roller for myofascial release and to release tight, uncomfortable muscles and can for acupressure massage and trigger point release. help release tight muscles. The Vari-Massage Roller help to release toxins and improve circulation. Use in conjunction with a foam roller for the best features a range of different patterns so you can vary Phthalate free. Available in two sizes and can be results. Hard: grey, medium: green, soft: blue. the intensity of the massage to suit your individual used in conjunction with one another. needs. Unlike many foam rollers the Vari-Massage foam rollers dual ABS and EVA construction will Price not break down, lose its shape or require costly £2.61 each replacement as a result of day to day use. £3.36 each 101234 Price 101247 7cm, Purple 101245 set of 3 Price £24.60 each 101248 9cm, Blue £8.60 set 60 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Exer-Soft Balls 2. Fitness Mad Studio Pro Swiss Ball 3. Fitness Mad Swiss Ball Ideal for pelvic floor exercises, the ball will enhance Studio Pro Ball is one of the toughest balls available. This 300kg rated burst-resistant ball is your workout and help develop strength, endurance Perfect for weight training, Fit Ball workouts, Yoga, independently tested as actually burst resistant to and concentration as well as promote relaxation and Pilates or physiotherapy. Burst resistant to 750kg beyond 500kg static load. coordination. The balls are anti-slip offering great grip. and load tested to over 1750kg. Available in 3 sizes: 7\" (18cm) ,9\" (23cm) & 12\" (30cm) Price £14.10 each 101321 7\" (18cm) Price 115451 55cm dia Price 101019 45cm dia £14.34 each 101810 9\" (23cm) £6.77 each 115452 65cm dia £21.33 each 101165 55cm dia £15.99 each 101322 12\" (30cm) 115453 75cm dia 101166 65cm dia £18.49 each £7.56 each £23.52 each 101167 75cm dia £7.84 each £25.85 each CUSTOMER A. B. FAVOURITE 4. Gym Balls - Anti Burst 5. Jordan Studio GYM BALLS Fitball Rack Top quality gymballs which are comfortable to use and extremely versatile. All parts of the body • Holds either 3 or 6 balls can be exercised with stability balls. Fitted with • Colour - silver, texture paint 'slowburst' which prevents any chance of a sudden • With caster wheels deflation and any possible injury to the user. Tested • 1810mm x 930mm x 930mm to 300kg stress level. Satin finish. All sizes are approximate. 101011 45cm dia Price A Holds 3 balls Price 101012 55cm dia £10.84 each 7281083cx Holds 6 balls £192.08 each 101015 65cm dia £12.37 each B £250.88 each 141035 £15.01 each CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 6. Bosu® 7. Fitness Mad Adjustable Wobble Board The Bosu® integrated Balance Trainer is a truly unique balance, core stability and Regular use of a wobble board is a great way to proprioception training device that can be improve your balance, increase core strength integrated with all types of fitness training. and improve range of movement. By improving You can walk, run, step, hop jump and leap proprioception through balancing exercises wobble on the Bosu®; linking it into your routines or a boards can help to protect the body from injury. complete Bosu® class. The 40cm adjustable wobble board offers angles The Bosu® can be used with:- between 19 and 23 degrees by simply screwing the • Sport conditioning (both aerobic & anaerobic) rocker in or out, allowing you to progressively improve • Stabilisation, balance & agility training your balance. The more you screw the rocker out the • Strength, stability training for the trunk greater the angle and the greater the difficulty. • Strength, stability & flexibility training for the entire body 140285 Single Price 248192 Price £249.63 each £26.34 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 61

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Budget Mat 2. Wall Fitting Mat Hanger •P roduced for budget minded users who take care Suitable for mats with cut out handle. Will hold of their products 24 Mats. • CFC free • All mats supplied loose •M easurements: 1000 x 500 x 10mm (40 x 20 x 3/8in) • C olour dependant on current stock, picture for reference only 100148 Price 100017 Price £6.88 each £14.27 each BEST SELLER PACK OF 12 AVAILABLE MATS 3. Yoga-Mad Warrior II Mat Our best selling mat, the Warrior mat provides good grip and cushioning and offers outstanding value for money. 4mm (1/6in) is the most popular thickness of mat for regular yoga practice and the length is long enough to keep you on the mat. Independently tested by SGS laboratories as DOP and AZO free. Machine washable. Size 183 x 61cm. Approx weight 1.1kg. 100900 Dark Blue Price £18.19 each 7100910PK12 Dark Blue- £200.70 pack Pack of 12 £18.19 each 100956 Purple £18.19 each £18.19 each 100957 Light Blue £18.19 each £18.19 each 100958 Lime 101318 Burgundy 101319 Graphite CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 4. Fitness Mad Studio Pro Aerobic Mat 5. Supasoft Studio/Aerobic Mats •Provides support for spine, hips and other joints •T hermal properties - protects joints from cold Club quality aerobic mats made from first grade EVA Supasoft Studio/Aerobic Mat foam which offers good memory, shock absorption •T he ultimate mat for durability and comfort and hard surfaces and comfort, and greater resistance to scuffing. •Conforms to British standards Rounded corners and hand hole. Wipe clean. combined •Surface washable but will not absorb moisture •N ew innovative moulded design - means •Blue 1500 x 500 x 10mm Price 100955 £12.48 each stronger, longer lasting mats 100149 Mat only Price 1000 x 500 x 10mm •Soft but ultra strong and supportive £24.17 each 100922 £17.86 each •New non-slip design with rounded corners 1000 x 500 x 15mm •Anti-tear cut-out handles for easy carrying and storage 62 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Folding Aerobic Mats 1400mm x 600mm x 8mm. With anti-slip base. Super tough quality. 100178 Light Blue Price £6.90 each 100178PK6 Light Blue Pack of 6 £38.24 pack 3. Fitness-Mad Pro Stretch Trifold Mat MATS 2. Four Fold Aerobic Mat Club quality tri-fold aerobic and fitness mat. Features: Three fold design with double hinge construction. PE foam laminated. Red/White/Blue. Four folds make Reversible and non slip. Size when open 134cm for easy stacking. Size: 120cm x 61cm x 20mm. x 50cm x 9mm. Size when folded 45cm x 50cm x 30mm. Weight: 600g. Colour: Dark Grey. Material: Closed cell, wipe clean embossed EVA foam. 101099 Price 115458 Price £17.89 each £18.45 each PACK OF 20 4. Adjustable Rack 5. Fitness-Mad Core Fitness Mat 6. Fitness Mad Club Aerobic Mat with Eyelets Flexible rack that that can hold up to 15 x 10mm Available in 10mm and 15mm versions for extra mats or 10 x 15mm mats. The eyelets of the mats cushioning with rubber eyelets for hanging. The Extremely durable commercial quality aerobic mat must be 2cm or larger to fit. The distance between eyelets are 50 cm apart (centre to centre) and will fit with eyelets, designed for studio use. the bars can be expanded from 36cm to 51cm to hangers up to 2.5cm in diameter, for those wishing • Vinyl covered PVC foam with sealed edges. suit a variety of mats. to use with existing racks. • Wipe clean and water resistant. Rack available that will hold 10 mats. • Two tone - dark grey/light grey. • 100cm X 50cm x 9.5mm. Price • Eyelet spacing 36.5cm. £33.05 each • Eyelet dia 2.1mm. • Pack of 20 £37.15 each 101520 Adjustable Rack Price 101260 10mm with Eyelets 7115463PK20 Price £19.12 each 101261 15mm with Eyelets £470.40 pack For all enquiries email: [email protected] 63

AVAILABLE IN 3 LENGTHS 1. Fitness Mad Studio 115459 8ft (2.44m) Price Prospeed Ropes 115460 9ft (2.75m) £6.27 each 115461 10ft (3.05m) A durable, smooth-turning rope with free-spinning £6.90 each handles to ensure a perfect skipping arc, suitable for all general skipping routines. £7.52 each SKIPPING ROPES 2. Fitness Mad Ultra Speed Cable Rope 3. Leather Skipping Rope - Ultra fast tangle proof cable rope, ideal for double Foam Handle unders, crossfit, HIIT & MMA training to boost speed, agility and coordination. Long comfortable part 9ft (2.75m) leather rope with foam covered foam handles, matched with a perpendicular swivel, handles and roller action. combined with a quick adjustable coated steel cable for a lightening fast skipping experience. 3m. 140063 Price 045070 Price £13.17 each £7.02 each 4. Leather Skipping Rope - 5. PVC Speed Jump Rope Wooden Handle With foam handle. 9ft (2.75m) PVC rope with Traditional 9ft (2.75m) leather rope with wooden bearing handles. ball bearing handles. 045071 Price 140068 Price £5.88 each £5.68 each 64 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

A. CUSTOMER FAVOURITE B. 2. Fitness Mad Studio Aerobic Platform Set Studio aerobic step, enabling adjustment to 11, 16 or 21cm. Feet and base have non slip pads. No assembly required. Spare parts available separately. A. Price C. 280577 £96.59 set Set for 110cm x 41cm x 11cm platform £52.69 each B. £15.93 each 280579 Spare platform (single) C. 280578 Spare foot (single) CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 3. Reebok Deck The Reebok deck is a revolutionary reconfigurable exercise platform which marks the latest evolution of the ever-popular original Reebok Step. The Reebok Deck enables you to perform effective cardio workouts based on aerobic stepping, plus it can convert into a flat, incline or decline weight bench. 1. Aerobic Step Step height of 20.5cm which is ideal for low impact STEPS aerobics. To increase the intensity, simply flip out Height adjustable aerobic step, including the integral risers to 35.5cm. The Reebok Deck's adjustable height blocks max 15 cm (6in). Non low centre of mass and non-slip rubber surface slip, shock absorbing platform. Useable on any makes the Reebok Deck very stable and safe in surface. 90% high density polyethylene/10% ABS. use. Packed in a box. 68 x 28 x 15 cm. Weight 3kg. The Reebok Deck can be adjusted to 16 different configurations including converting to a flat, incline or decline strength training bench. 101004 Price 7140412 Price £34.61 each £219.51 each 4. Reebok Step 5. Fitness Mad 6. Fit Tramp Studio Pro Rebounder • One piece construction which Aerobic exercise for toning and revitilising muscles. makes it very durable. Commercial grade rebounder that is the ideal tool for Regular use promotes healthy and invigorating zero impact aerobic exercise whether for use in the gym conditioning and also provides a useful aid to • Non-slip floor blocks, and non-slip or at home. The bounce is smooth and almost silent rehabilitation. The bed is made from a heavy-duty step panel provide a safe stable surface to step on. offering the perfect exercise platform. Weight: 10kg. polypropylene web and the perimeter is covered in perlon sheeting which is padded for user safety. Six • Only 7.5kg, which makes it easy to handle. screw in legs provide stability. 100cm dia x 20cm • Size of Step L900 x W350mm H. Weight 9kg. Maximum user weight 100kg. • Height adjustable to 150, 200, 260mm 7140071 Price Price Price 7140071PCX £98.00 each £112.90 each £56.89 each 20+ units £91.88 each 1400112 Spare clips £1.24 each CX 140067 140069 For all enquiries email: [email protected] 65

1. Central Cone 2. Central Flat Rung Ladders 3. Central Telescopic Pole with Spike Ladder Set Attachment and ABS Base Fast feet, agility and co-ordination all improve with Used to develop fast feet, agility and coordination. this device. High intensity training both indoors and With detachable spring spikes and optional bases, Each set contains outdoors. Rungs linked together with durable nylon they can be used indoors or outdoors with a simple • 20 x speed markers webbing. Includes carry bag. adjustment. • 10 x 80cm long poles. Set includes: • Complete with carrybag • 8 x telescopic poles • 8 x spring loaded spikes • 8 x ABS bases • 1 x strong carry holdall CENTRAL TRAINING EQUIPMENT 085684 Price 085689 4m Price 160789 Price £19.72 set 085690 8.5m £18.79 each £95.07 set £32.30 each PACK AVAILABLE OF 5 IN 3 HEIGHTS 4. Central Evasion Belts 5. Central Step Hurdle Set Two people 'link' with the webbing strap which is Fast feet and knee lift is achieved with these attached to belts using velcro. Ideal for one to one lightweight obstacles. Set the distance between your marking or mirroring. The objectives are to either hurdles to suit your training objectives. Supplied as a maintain the connection or to break it. Intensity, pack of 5 complete with storage bag. agility and foot speed are all generated in this challenge. Includes carry pouch. Non-Adjustable Price 085686 £25.14 pack 115310 Price 15cm (6in) Yellow 087044 Pack of 6 £3.85 each £32.79 pack 085687 £20.56 pack 23cm (9in) Orange £35.49 pack 085688 30cm Blue 6. Central Power Speed Chute 7. Central Power Speed Resistors 8. Central Power Speed Sled The faster you run, the greater the load placed on A harness is worn by one athlete and restrained by Sled and harness which creates the resistance the chute the harder the legs work. Supplied with a another to create resistance. Excellent for developing needed to improve players speed agility and stamina. comfortable harness and with a handy pouch which speed and power in sprint drills. Comes with storage bag. Equipped with a central rod which can be stacked even when packed is extremely lightweight. Improves with weight training discs to the required degree of acceleration, endurance and direction changing. resistance. The sled has runners which allow the unit to slide smoothly at speed behind the user. 087045 Price 085685 Pack of 3 Price 115267 Price Medium (48in diameter) £24.44 each 085685PK3 £15.19 each £86.95 each £42.24 pack 66 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

Great Price Excellent Quality 1. Central Agility Hurdles Improve knee lift and stride frequency. Perfect for agility drills and speed training. Available in adjustable and non-adjustable heights. The height of the adjustable hurdles is easily changed using a snap locking mechanism. Non-Adjustable Price 115231 £5.72 each 15cm high £28.84 pack 115231PK6 £6.41 each Pack of 6 x 15cm £35.73 pack 115230 30cm high £8.22 each 115230PK6 £44.52 pack Pack of 6 x 30cm CENTRAL TRAINING EQUIPMENT Adjustable 115235 15/30cm high 115235PK6 Pack of 6 x 15/30cm Great Price Excellent Quality 2. Central Speed/Agility Ladder Double Flat The double block pattern which can be adjusted per width of block is extremely advanced in coaching agility at speed. Total width 100cm. Includes heavyweight fabric bag. 115116 4m, 10 rungs Price 115117 9m, 21 rungs £23.19 each £44.84 each Great Price Excellent Quality 3. Central Speed/Agility Ladders Fast feet, agility and co-ordination all improve with this device. High intensity training both indoors and outdoors. Rungs linked together with durable nylon webbing. Ladders are extendable. Flat rung Price 115225 £14.36 each 4m Length £79.33 pack 115225PK6 Pack of 6 x 4m flat rung £31.04 each ladders in a strong zipped holdall. £14.36 each 115226 £31.04 each 8m Length Round rung 115600 4m Length 115601 8m Length For all enquiries email: [email protected] 67

2. Central Mega Markers 3. Central Hooped Agility Ladder High visibility 30cm (12in) dia orange markers with Agility Ladder made of 12 hoops with alternating cut outs to facilitate yellow jumping laths set at red, yellow, green & bIue. Easy to fold and packs up 15cm (6in) height and 100cm. 20 markers and 10 neatly in a mesh carrying bag. Two or more ladders laths are packed in a convenient holdall. used side by side or in a crossover pattern can be formed to construct more complex drills. CENTRAL TRAINING EQUIPMENT 086047 Price 115115 Price £38.27 set £26.69 pack 1. Central Slalom Poles 4. Central Jump Trainer 1.7m high visibility poles fitted with plated metal Useful addition to the circuit spike. Can be used outdoors or indoors using bases training element of the training (sold separately). Close control ball skills or general ground. Each set contains fitness drills are improved with this product. Set of • 2 cones 12 in nylon holdall. • 2 supports • 1 pole Price • Each support adjusts from 10cm to 40cm in 7 £54.23 set easy increments. £5.86 each 085287 Set of 12 Poles 085245P Price 085680 Single Base £12.21 set SET SET OF12 OF12 5. Central Reaction Hoops 6. Central Speed Rings 7. Micro Cone Training Kit 60cm (24in) dia hoops each fitted with three foam 12 ring set (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green) with a 46cm • S et of 12 x 23cm cones with 12 holes offering three risers. The ultimate footwork training device, the dia. Made from reinforced flat PVC 2cm wide rim different height adjustments and 6 plastic canes position of the hoops can be varied to change the supplied in a Nylon/mesh bag. drills. Colours may vary. • T his system offers various training layouts eg. straight, zigzag, cross training etc Price £5.64 each • 100cm 115215 £38.24 pack 115311 Price 115113 Price 115215PK8 Pack of 8 £17.09 pack £29.46 set 68 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

Great Price Excellent Quality 1. Central Fitness Kit - Junior Level Excellent starter kit for speed agility and footwork drills at junior level. Kit includes: • 6 x soft Z balls • 3 x evasion belts • 3 x 4m speed/agility ladders • 12 x 15cm step hurdles • 1 set of 50 x marker saucers with carry handle • 1 pack x 7ft 9in ball bearing skipping ropes • 1 x holdall 115271 Price CENTRAL TRAINING EQUIPMENT £120.41 set Great Price Excellent Quality 2. Central Fitness Kit - Senior Level Excellent intermediate kit for speed, agility and footwork drills at secondary level. Kit includes: • 3 x 4m speed/agility ladders • 12 x 30cm step hurdles • 3 x power speed chute • 3 x power speed resistors • 1 set of 50 marker saucers with carry handle • 3 x evasion belts • 6 x reaction balls 70mm • 1 x holdall 115272 Price £201.94 set CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 3. Marker Saucers Flexible 178mm (7'') dia. Ideal for throwdown grid patterns, dribble tests etc. Recommended by the F.A. for football training. 160187 Price 4. Multi-Markers 30 markers only £9.40 set 160182 40 semi-hemispherical markers. Virtually 50 markers + carrier £13.28 set unbreakable. Complete with carrying rod. Very popular 160178 alternative to cones due to its economy of space. 100 markers + carrier £23.42 set 160180 Price £23.89 set For all enquiries email: [email protected] 69

1. Atreq 8m Coloured Ladder 2. Atreq Agility Cross Ladder 3. Atreq Speed Ladders • Helps improve agility, balance and conditioning. • Helps improve agility, balance and conditioning. • Helps improve agility, balance and conditioning. • Consists of 4 x 2m coloured sections (red, blue, • Heavy duty, durable and portable. • Heavy duty, durable and portable. green and yellow). • Fixed in cross formation to combine forward and • Hard wearing plastic round rungs spaced at • Each section can be used individually or joined lateral movement. 45cm intervals. together by Velcro fasteners to create lengths of • Constructed of 4 x 2m coloured ladders. • Brightly coloured for use in all lighting conditions. four, six or eight metre lengths. • UV, heat and extreme cold resistant. • UV, heat and extreme cold resistant. • A total of 20 round rungs with each section • Includes drawstring carry bag. • Available in 3 lengths. 45cm x 37cm. •Includes drawstring carry bag. • UV, heat and extreme cold resistant. • Includes drawstring carry bag. 210100 1.7m Price 210101 4m £10.65 each CENTRAL TRAINING EQUIPMENT 210074 Price 210075 Price 210102 8m £38.24 each £38.24 each £23.20 each £40.14 each 4. Atreq Hurdles 5. Atreq Resistance Chutes • The chute can only be discharged by releasing the waistband. • Heavy duty, durable and portable. • Provides excellent resistance training for improved •Supplied with storage drawstring carry bag. • Remain in position due to superior design and weight. speed, stamina, strength, and acceleration. • Offers great versatility on a wide variety of training • The chute will help to strengthen calves, quads, 210086 Price drill activities. glutes, and hamstrings. Over time, an athlete may Medium - Lead Length 1.1m, £21.32 each • UV, heat and extreme cold resistant. find his or her leg turnover increased. diameter of chute 0.75m • Suitable for use indoors or outdoors. • Built-in mesh panels prevent strings from tangling 210087 £23.83 each and improves stability. Large - Lead Length 0.90m, 210070 15cm (6\") Price • Adjustable belt for secure fit. diameter of chute 1m 210071 30cm (12\") £5.01 set • Suitable for distances from 10m to 200m. 210072 50cm (18\") £6.26 set £7.51 set 6. Atreq Slalom Poles 7. Atreq Speed Reaction Hoop 8. Atreq Speed Sled • Use in a variety of ways to improve speed, agility • 60cm diameter hoops. • This straight line training device creates resistance and balance. • Fitted with three balls which raise hoop off ground. helping improve acceleration, stamina and leg drive. • Balls prevent hoops from sliding on indoor surfaces. • Simply add weight to the sled and experience top • 30mm dia, 1.7m heavy duty flexible PVC pole. • Position of hoops can be varied for variety of drills. speed resisted sprinting for unmatched power gains • Aluminium spike for easy ground insertion. • Suitable for use indoors or outdoors. and explosive starts. • Bright orange colour for high visibility. • Speed sleds can also be used on a variety of • Develops sidestep and evasion skills. ground surfaces including grass, astro turf, and • C an be used indoors or on astroturf with the indoor floors (with a towel underneath). • Includes - sled, resistor harness, connecting lead slalom pole base (sold separately) (weights not included) • Supplied as pack 12 in carry bag. 210088 Set of Poles Price 210076 Price 210090 Price 210089 Single base £57.06 set £5.01 each £107.86 each £6.26 each 70 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Atreq Slingshot Trainers 2. Atreq Evasion Belt 3. Atreq Reaction Balls • Helps improve speed, strength, acceleration, leaping, • Evasion belts are the fun way to improve agility, • Six-sided hard rubber ball is perfect for improving first step quickness, stride frequency, and length lateral movement and foot speed. reaction time, hand eye co-ordination, and foot • Resistance tubing covered fully by fabric sheath to • Aids distance training, mirroring and marking as speed provide maximum safety well as multi-directional quickness drills. • The path of the ball is not known until it hits the • Can be used for lateral drills when two trainers are • Ideal for one on one drills. ground • Set includes two adjustable belts and attachment • Can be used individually or in group activities connected to one athlete and held by two others Velcro cord. • Works best on a firm surface; not designed for Set Includes: use on grass • 2 x adjustable padded waist belts • 1 x flexible, 3m (10ft) resistance cord • 1 x storage bag 210079 3m (10ft) long Price 210078 Price 210095 Small (6.5cm) Price CENTRAL TRAINING EQUIPMENT 210080 6m (20ft) long £62.66 each £4.37 each 210096 Large (10cm) £3.23 each £99.72 each £5.01 each 4. Atreq Slam Balls 5. Atreq 6. Atreq Soft Plyometric Boxes Triplex Soft Plyo Box • Great for strength and power training exercises • Dual density impact absorbing foam inner • Durable, non bounce, no-roll construction Atreq Triplex Soft Plyometic Box features a durable • Anti-slip surface landing area • Non-slip, latex free PVC cover will not split or crack design offering stability and maximum safety. • Boxes can be connected together with velcro flaps • Can be used indoors or outdoors • Set of 4 boxes of differing heights • Heavy duty handles for easy moving. • 20cm diameter • Can be combined using velcro straps to make different heights 210082CX Price 210094 2Kg Price • Dual density impact absorbing foam inner helps Purple - 600 x 750 x 150, 10kg £127.63 each 210110 4Kg £21.32 each prevent injury 210083CX 210111 6Kg £25.08 each • Anti-slip surface landing area of 600mm x 750mm Green - 600 x 750 x 300, 18kg £200.43 each 210112 8Kg £30.10 each • Heavy duty handles for easy moving. 210084CX 210113 10Kg £35.11 each Red - 600 x 750 x 450, 27kg £255.28 each £41.38 each 210170CX Price 210085CX £484.39 each Blue - 600 x 750 x 600, 38kg £297.91 each CX CX 7. Atreq Lateral Speed Resistor 8. Atreq Speed Resistor 9. Atreq Weighted Vests • Develop hip strength, balance, speed and •Designed to increase your acceleration, anaerobic • Great for cardio and strength training first-step quickness. endurance and lower-body power • Use for running, walking or any other physical • Use for lateral steps, monster walks, leg activity extensions and lifts. •O ne person provides the load by holding back on • Made from breathable nylon mesh and one piece • Adjustable, padded ankle cuffs for superior comfort. the strap attached to the harness soft flex steel weight • Rubber cord covered with safety fabric sheath. • Secure electronics pocket for MP3s •When the speed resistor is released, you will be • One size fits most primed to move faster around the field Price 210081 Price 210077 Price 210091 2.5Kg £41.38 each £11.91 each £10.02 each 210092 9Kg 210093 18Kg £63.33 each £93.44 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 71

GREAT 1. Colour Coded Stopwatches VALUE 1/1000 second stopwatch with lap facility time, Great Price calendar, alarm, and hourly chime. 7mm LCD display, Excellent Quality 60 x 52mm with neck cord, battery. Model may vary. 010491 Aqua Price 010490 Blue £7.31 each 010489 Red £7.31 each 010492 White £7.31 each 010493 Yellow £7.31 each 010532 Set of 4 colours - £7.31 each assorted £26.33 set TIMING 2. Fastime 20 Stopwatch 3. Fastime 29 Stopwatch 4. Fastime 3 Stopwatch A dual display 10 lap memory stopwatch with a Feature packed stopwatch with 30 lap memory, a Simple to use stopwatch, with stopwatch function robust water resistant case. Features pacer, clock pacer, 3 countdown timers, adjustable contrast and only. Ideal for single event timing, with start/stop/ and alarm. display cut-off to extend battery life when not in use. reset. Single display, times up to 9 hours. 010497 Price 010479 Price 010476 Price £21.56 each £23.19 each £15.35 each 5. 300 Lap Split Memory Stopwatch 6. Fastime 16 Stopwatch 1/100th second stopwatch with lap and split, The stopwatch can count up to 24 hours. Timing recording 999 laps and 300 memories. Count down to 1/100th sec for the first 30 minutes. Then in timer with alarm, pacer, normal timer, alarm and 1 second intervals. With start/stop/resume and calendar. Water resistant case 80 x 66mm with reset functions. Also cumulative split time function. neck cord, CR2032 battery. Compass and thermometer is included on the back of the watch. 010130 Price 010133 Price £29.95 each £9.84 each 72 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Jumbo Display Timer 2. Large Display Clock 3. 27cm Wall Clock Large 25mm two line display with countdown Counts up to and down from 24 hours in second A large wall clock, moulded in white plastic and timer and clock. Event timing with Time Out and units with audible alarm at the end of count down with a clear display. Suitable for schools, workplace Countdown. period, lap facility on count up feature, 30mm and home. 270mm diameter. Supplied with battery. display height, stop/start and re-set/split buttons on case top with hour, minute and second buttons and slide switch on front panel. 12/24 hour clock and alarm selectable, operates on one 'C' size battery. Dimensions 90 x 160 x 70mm. 030068 Price 030116 Price 010467 Price £28.38 each £48.57 each £17.76 each CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 4. 40cm Chrome 5. 40cm Waterproof Sweep Wall Clock 6. 45cm Sweep Wall Clock TPIAMGIEN TGIT&LEWHISTLES Cased Wall Clock Battery operated (batteries included). This quartz 45cm square wall clock with silver anodised Battery operated (batteries included). movement clock has a sealed front and back allowing aluminium frame, white dial with black printing, This quartz movement clock has a matt operation in wet and humid conditions. Ideal for a black hour and minute hands with bright orange silver case and silent movement with pool environment or outdoor use. second hand. It is fitted with a quartz movement continuous moving second hand. with sweeping second hand, so that it is suitable for both time of day and exercise timing. The unit is Price supplied complete with an alkaline AA size battery, £32.87 each together with fixing screws and plugs. 010060 010514 Price 010506 Price 406mm (16in) 406mm (16in) £85.51 each £175.19 each 7. Electronic Whistle 8. Fox 40 Whistles 9. Gilbert Squeezy Whistle Convenient, hygienic and effective, this battery Black, patented three chamber design emitting A hygienic whistle operated by hand to avoid passing powered whistle offers three distinct tones with the a high pitched trill at 115db. Fox 40 whistles are germs between multiple users. Simply squeeze to push of a button! widely used by professional officials and referees operate the Gilbert Squeezy Whitsle. Maximum decibel level approx. 135 db. Uses everywhere. • Made from soft plastic PVC button batteries • Includes wrist strap • Good quality high pitch sound • Ideal for PE teachers & coaches 086342 Price 085920 Price 086045 Price £10.91 each £5.82 each £5.88 each CreFdoirt aAlcl ceonuqunitrsieAsveamilaabill:[email protected]–aAupdpelsypOonrtli.nceo.Tuokday 73

A. B. C. E. F. Great Price Price D. Excellent Quality £2.58 each A. B. Great Price £29.30 pack D. Excellent Quality 1. Central Whistles E. £1.26 each A. £14.23 pack 085341 085341P12 £1.32 each £14.22 pack B. 085342 £0.64 each 085342P12 £6.91 pack C. £1.51 each 085332 £15.63 pack 085332PK12 £2.19 each D. £25.03 pack 085343 085343P12 E. Small Pealess 087050 087050PK12 F. Large Pealess 087051 087051PK12 2. Acme Whistles Price C. £6.19 each PWAHIGSETTLIETLSE A. Thunderer 591/2. £66.64 pack 085340 085340PK12 £2.63 each B. 660 whistle. £29.58 pack 085344 £3.45 each 3. Central Coloured Whistles 085344PK12 £37.34 pack C. Tornado 2000. Extra high Box of 12 coloured whistles, assorted colours. frequency not reached by oth- £3.14 each er whistles. Particularly suited to crowd situations £2.07 each 086250 Small Price 085321 £22.41 pack 086251 Large £6.24 box 085321PK12 D. Tornado 635. Unique three £10.65 box chamber design. Popular in Hockey. Pealess. 085346 E. Tornado 636. Slimline whistle ideal for swimming pools. High visibility and high penetration. 085316 085316PK12 Great Price Excellent Quality 4. Central Whistle Mega Pack 5. Watch/Whistle Lanyards Pack Contains: Deluxe heavy braided nylon. L48cm (19in). • 24 Plastic Whistles (Small) Assorted colours as available. • 24 Lanyards • 1 Electronic Whistle 086350 Price 085349 Price £25.08 pack 085349PK12 £1.25 each £13.55 pack 74 FVoirsaitllwewnqwu.miriaeusdeemspaiol:[email protected] acuodmepslpeotertr.acnog.uek

1. Polar A370 • Water resistant (WR30) White White - Small Price PAHYGSEITOILTOLEGICAL MEASUREMENT • Full colour 13mm x 27mm touchscreen 7115636 White - M/L £266.20 each 24/7 companion with continuous heart rate tracking • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 4 days (with 7115637 £266.20 each and a detailed overview of your daily activity. The 24/7 activity tracking, 1 hr of training) Black - M/L Polar A370 can measure your speed and distance • Micro USB port Black £266.20 each travelled during exercise by linking to your phone’s • Easy wireless sync via Bluetooth® 7115638 GPS signal, or by using the movements of your wrist. • Wristband material: silicone You can set up smart notifications from your phone to make sure you never miss a call, message, email or calendar event. The Polar A370 vibrates to remind you to take heathy, active breaks if you are stationary for too long. 2. Polar M200 Price £169.22 each Designed for runners, the M200 has an integrated GPS system £169.22 each for tracking pace and distance. The Polar M200 calculates a Running Index score automatically after every run, based on factors including HRmax and HRrest, speed and altitude. Cumulative energy expenditure in kcal is displayed during exercise and heart rate is monitored from your wrist to help you track the effectiveness of your exercise. • Water resistant (suitable for swimming) • 26mm round display •R echargeable battery lasts up to 6 days •USB-A port • Easy wireless sync via Bluetooth® 7115634 White - M/L 7115635 Black - M/L 3. Fitness Tests 4. Chester 7115066 Price Step Test Resource manual only, £75.25 each Assesses the aerobic component of physical includes audio tape, data col- fitness. Comprises of CD and accompanying CST is a simple, inexpensive test designed to lection sheet and RPE scale £312.89 set booklet. assess aerobic capacity and overall Fitness 7115068 Rating. The user steps on and off a 30cm step Complete kit 115051CD Price at a beat set by the audio tape to measure the Multi Fitness Bleep Test £21.32 each heart’s ability to recover from exertion. Complete kit includes a resource manual, audio tape, CD, heart rate monitor and a 30cm (12in) platform. CreFdoirt aAlcl ceonuqunitrsieAsveamilaabill:[email protected]–aAupdpelsypOonrtli.nceo.Tuokday 75

1. 2. 1. Analogue Grip Dynamometer • Simple and popular test for general strength level • R ange of 0 – 100 kg of force, with increments of 1kgf 7115029 Price £253.22 each 2. Digital Grip Dynamometer • Measures in kilogrammes force units • Range of 0 – 100 kg of force • Easily readable LCD display 7115030 Price £455.49 each PAHYGSEITOILTOLEGICAL MEASUREMENT 3. Metal Sit And Reach Box A metal sit and reach box with storage compartment. Box is designed to set up a fixed baseline at either 15cm or 30cm, facilitating the measurement of subjects with less mobility range. This fitness test is widely used in schools and health clubs to decipher a healthy level of flexibility. Assembly required. 115503 Price £124.01 each CUSTOMER FAVOURITE Great Price 5. Power Bounce Mat 6. Sergeant Jump Board Excellent Quality Tests speed, agility, co-ordination and stamina for Traditional method to measure vertical jump height. 4. Central Pedometer all ages. Participants jump two footed from side to Range: 10-105cm (4 x 411/2in). Graduation: 1cm side over a central divider. (1/2in). • Displays hour/minute in 12/24 hour format • Counts the number of steps taken up to 39999 • Calculates distance travelled in km • Calculates calories burned • Weight and stride length can be individually set 010662 Price 115114 Price 7115082 Price £4.34 each £38.24 each £223.81 each 76 FVoirsaitllwewnqwu.miriaeusdeemspaiol:[email protected] acuodmepslpeotertr.acnog.uek

1. Seca 2. Seca 876 Heavy Duty Scales Electronic Personal Scale Doctors surgery medical type scales. Slip resistant The compact seca 876 weighs only platform. Large dial face. Scale is dual graduated up 4.2 kilograms, but is nevertheless to 150kg/23 stone. very stable. • Kg/lbs/sts switch-over • Tap-on automatic switch-on • Automatic switch-off • Capacity: 250kg (39st) • G raduation: 100g < 150kg > 200g • Power supply: battery 115009 Price 7115183 Price PAHYGSEITOILTOLEGICAL MEASUREMENT £126.93 each £388.78 each CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 3. Tanita Body Fat Monitor The BC-545n has a clear, easy to read 4. UM-076 Body Composition colour display. You can keep track of the Monitor measurements of up to five users. Within 15 seconds, the body fat monitor will use A professional quality body composition monitor. This Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis to provide unit uses the latest innerscan technology. Results you with 10 different health measurements: are clearly displayed on an extra large reverse LCD • Weight • Bone mass screen. Max capacity of 150kg (23st). Batteries not • BMI • BMR included. Measures: • Body fat % • Metabolic • Weight • Muscle mass • Visceral fat age • Bodyfat • Visceral fat • Muscle mass • Total body • BMI • Basal metabolic rate. • Physique rating water • Body water 7115612 Price 115182 Price £395.91 each £62.71 each 5. Seca Ergonomic Measuring Tape The Seca 201 can measure girth to within 1mm. The high-quality mechanics guarantee that the 205cm long tape unwinds easily and locks in place precisely. The housing sits comfortably and securely in the user's hand and is tough enough to withstand accidental dropping. Measurement range: 15-205cm. Graduation: 1mm. Price 6. Anatomical Measuring Tape 7. Skinfold Calipers £8.59 each 7115471 Non stretch fibreglass. 150cm (0-60 in). Retractable. Range 0-85mm. Booklet included. Waist measure £77.31 pack 7115471PK10 115012 Price Price Waist measure - Pack of 10 £5.93 each 115025 £28.84 each CreFdoirt aAlcl ceonuqunitrsieAsveamilaabill:[email protected]–aAupdpelsypOonrtli.nceo.Tuokday 77

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE PAHYGSEITOILTOLEGICAL MEASUREMENT 3. Freestanding Height Measure A portable height meter ideal for field testing purposes. Robust, freestanding, and ready for use in seconds. Manufactured in ABS plastic. Range: 2 metres/6ft 7ins. Scale: Centimetres, feet and inches. Graduation: 1cm/1/4in. 115019 Price £77.69 each 1. Seca 700 Eye Level 2. Seca 769 Upright Scales 4. Height Measure Beam Scale New generation electronic column scale with Portable or wall mounted. 0 - 200cm. • Large, low platform BMI function, touch button hold make this your • S imple to operate and easy to read due to eye- professional partner. With the slip resistant base and anti-tip column design, users can be safely level display measured and weighed. The column scale is also • Sturdy construction with cast-iron base easy to transport on it's castors. • Transport castors for mobile use • Capacity: 200kg/32 stone • Capacity: 220kg • Graduation: 100g • Graduation: 100g • Power supply: battery 7115474CX Price 7115145CX Price 115011 Price £698.85 each £581.02 each £9.90 each CX CX 78 FVoirsaitllwewnqwu.miriaeusdeemspaiol:[email protected] acuodmepslpeotertr.acnog.uek

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 2. Palm Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Trigger-type action aneroid sphygmomanometer. Supplied with blue adult Velcro cuff for hospital, home, office, school and travel use. 115120 Price PAHYGSEITOILTOLEGICAL MEASUREMENT £43.89 each 1. Omron M3 Blood Blood pressure monitor Price 3. Peak Flow Meter Pressure Meter 115623 £83.74 each Spare Cuff The Pinnacle Mini Peak Flow Meter comes with • Averaging mode for greater accuracy £19.13 each a plastic reusable mouthpiece. Disposable • Up to 60 stored blood pressure readings 115635 Mouthpieces are also available separately. • Irregular pulse detection Small 17-22cm £20.38 each Standard compliance: ISO 23747; ATS (NAEP • Clinically validated 115634 1997); AS/NZ 4237 • Fully automatic Medium 22-32cm £21.63 each EEC compliance: CE marked and certified. • Up to 2000 uses per battery 115619 • Supplied with standard soft cuff Large 32-42cm 115622 Price 115046PK500 £15.04 each Pack of 500 cardboard mouthpieces £40.13 pack 4. Powerbreathe® Lung muscle trainer. Intelligent and effective \"like dumbbells for the diaphragm\". It works on the concept that the unit can be adjusted on a continual basis to allow lung power connected with inhalation to continually improve. Choose between 3 levels of resistance each having its own range of adjustment. • Light resistance model is ideal for people who, because of illness or advancing age, are restricted by shortness of breath. • Medium resistance is ideal for people who are moderately fit and lead an active lifestyle, whether professionally or socially • Heavy resistance is only for those who have reached the maximum loading on a medium resistance model. 115054 Price Turquoise - light resistance £30.72 each 115056 Blue - medium resistance £30.72 each 115057 Red - heavy resistance £30.72 each CreFdoirt aAlcl ceonuqunitrsieAsveamilaabill:[email protected]–aAupdpelsypOonrtli.nceo.Tuokday 79

1. Beyond Acoustic RX12 Titanium Beyond Acoustic RX12 TITANIUM 150w PA System with quality headset mic. • Fantastic self-contained portable PA system with Bluetooth receiver • Includes a headset, bodypack, mic belt & a wireless hand-held mic & protective tour bag • Inbuilt amplifier, mixer, speaker, integral USB/SD/ FM media player • Inputs for iPod, iPad, iPhone, CD or MP3 • Moulded handle, pole mountable and a retractable trolley handle with wheels • Mains or internal rechargeable battery 710425CX Price FEATURES 710412CX £451.57 each RECHARGEABLE Includes bag and mic belt £482.91 each 710418 BATTERY Spare headset £56.66 each CX SPAOGUENDTITELQEUIPMENT 2. Black 'n' Orange SD12M Fitness PA System Black ‘n’ Orange SD12M 250w portable PA System with headset mic. • Fantastic self-contained portable PA system with Bluetooth receiver • Includes a single headset mic with bodypack, mic belt, wireless hand-held mic & protective tour bag • Inbuilt amplifier, mixer, speaker & inputs for iPod, iPad, iPhone, CD or MP3 • Moulded handle, pole mountable and a retractable trolley handle with wheels 710424CX Price 710411CX £376.31 each Includes bag and mic belt £451.52 each 710418 Spare headset £56.66 each CX 3. QR10 100w Portable PA System CUSTOMER with Headset Microphone FAVOURITE • Echo effect for microphones • VHF neckband microphone included • Integral USB/SD/FM player with record feature & remote • Mains/rechargeable operation • Built-in trolley facility • Switchable VCV \"mic override\" function • Internal 35mm pole fitting • Optional handheld transmitter available (AV952413SL) • Power supply: Internal battery or 12Vdc mains adaptor (supplied) • Main driver: 250mm (10\") • Power handling - RMS: 150W • Amplifier output: 50 + 50Wrms • Battery life: Up to 8 hours • Controls: Mic volume, Echo, Bass, Treble, Volume & VHF mic volume, VCV • Inputs: 2 wired mic (jack) and aux (RCA) • Carrier frequency: 174.1MHz • Dimensions: 320 x 470 x 270mm • Weight: 8kg 7104069CX 100W Price 710418 £339.46 each Spare headset £56.66 each CX 80 FVoirsaitllwewnqwu.miriaeusdeemspaiol:[email protected] acuodmepslpeotertr.acnog.uek

1. Block Rocker Bluetooth Portable CORDLESS Sound System Block Rocker Bluetooth - portable sound system with wireless technology! • Blast music wirelessly from smartphones, tablets, computers, and more! • A powerful and flexible all-in-one sound system for iOS devices, MP3 players, microphones and instruments. • You can also plug in and crank up instruments, microphones and more. • Includes a high-quality hand-held cable microphone • Built-in battery with a charge indicator and will provide up to twelve hours of cordless sound. • A power cord for nonstop music. • Block Rocker Bluetooth has rugged wheels and a telescoping handle. 7104054 Price £385.72 each CX 2. Boomblaster CD And iPod Dock BATTERY POWERED JVC Boomblaster with iPod dock and inbuilt vari-speed CD player is ideal for the busy fitness & dance SOUND EQUIPMENT instructors who require an all in one powerful portable solution. It allows you to control the iPod from the easy to use larger buttons and has four different sound modes (flat, beat, pop, clear) included, so whether it's fitness, street dance, salsa or classical, this system will bring out the best from your music! • Dock for iPod with twist auto lock door • USB host • Twin 13cm (5in) super woofers with level controls • MP3/WMA playback • Programme (30 tracks)/random/repeat Play • Headphone jack on back • Works with batteries • 40W total power • Plays CD, CD-R/RW, MP3/WMA (CD-R/RW, USB) • FM digital tuner with 30 presets • 8cm (3in) full-range speakers • Back-illuminated LCD (blue) • 1-bit D/A converter • W666mm x H231mm x D240mm (26 1/4 x 9 x 9 1/2in) • Weight: 6.8kg Please note: This system doesn't have a microphone input. 7104055 Price Without vari-speed £515.87 each 7104056 Including vari-speed £855.33 each 7104057 Carry Bag £68.32 each BUILT IN RECHARGEABLE BATTERY 3. Portable Bluetooth Speaker QX05PA Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Excellent Bluetooth portable speaker • B luetooth wireless operation allowing connection to your portable devices • Full range speaker provides great sound quality and 30W RMS output • Wireless VHF microphone included • B uilt-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge • Comes supplied with remote control and shoulder strap 710419CX White Price 710421CX Black £155.23 each 710420CX Blue £155.23 each CX £155.23 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 81

GREAT VALUE 1. Pulse 200W • 4 channel 2 x 100W mixer amplifier • Pair of matching 10\" passive speakers with leads • Dynamic microphone with lead • Quick & easy to set up • Ideal for classes, rehearsal rooms and school halls 7104058CX Price £367.49 set CX SOUND EQUIPMENT 2. Speakezee Mega-Mouth MKIII Portable PA System With MP3/FM/VHF An excellent portable wireless P.A. system in a tiny package allowing you to be heard by all. • Power output: 20Wrms / 35Wmax • Internal media player with 4GB internal memory • MicroSD/SD/MMC/USB external memory slots • Remote control • VHF wireless microphone with record function • 50m effective range (open field) • 2 x 6.35mm jack, 1 x 3.5mm jack, 2 x phono line input • P ower supply: 230VAC 50Hz, internal battery or 12VDC power socket 7104093CX Price £398.13 each CX 3. Classroom 4. Spare Headset Headphones with Inline Microphone + Amplifier Spare Headset for 710424CX, 710425CX and 7104069CX PA Systems. • 4 x Headphones in red, blue, black and green (colours may vary per pack) • Adjustable headband size and In-line microphone • Built-in limiter to limit the maximum output to 85dB • Supplied with a headphone/microphone splitter lead for PC input • Headphone amplifier 4 channel • Individual volume control per headphone output • Stereo 6.3mm input to 4 outputs • Buffer amplifier minimises signal loss 710422CX Price 710418 Price £110.24 set £56.66 each CX 82 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Urban Fitness Mic Belts 710415 Pink Price 710413 Zebra £25.09 each Bring out your wild side with the Urban Fitness 710416 Hearts £25.09 each animal range! 710417 Camouflage £25.09 each 710414 Leopard £25.09 each • Fantastic new fitness pouch belt available in a £25.09 each range of designs • Great new funky design, excellent quality! • One size fits most • Flexible, adjustable strap 3. Equinox Pulse Tube STUDIO EQUIPMENT Ideal light for fitness and indoor cycle classes, as well as school discos and sensory classes • Colour changing LED effect red, green, blue • Quick and easy to setup • Feet allow the tube to be stood vertically or mount on wall/ceiling • 1m LED colour tube with UV resistant polycarbonate tubing • 32 tri-colour SMD 5050 LEDs (RGB) • Includes IR remote for static colour with variable strobe, auto with rainbow effect and sound active modes • Supplied with 12V DC power adaptor • Power consumption: 8W • Power supply: 12V DC (by adaptor included) • Dimensions: 1002 x 220 x 200mm • Weight: 0.3kg 710423CX Price £44.39 each CX 2. Cyclone 450 Fan 4. Moonglow Eco Lights Set The Cyclone 450 Fan is available as wall mounted Special bulk buy package - 2 x Moonglow Eco or pedestal. Lights! Amazing value rotating disco lights - perfect • Steel and aluminium construction for Clubbercise and Zumba and other fitness and • 3 fan speeds dance classes! Produces multiple crisp, bright • Head tilt and oscillation facility Tri-colour beams from 6 x 1w LEDs in red, blue, • Air flow up to 6,000 cubic metres of air per hour green, yellow & white. Sound control via built-in • Weight 15kg microphone - moves to your music! They're classic • Diameter 450mm rotating disc effect is made even better with modern LED technology. 7231474CX Price 7104075CX Price £388.70 each £65.84 pack CX CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 83

INFORMATION Custom logo available, please contact sales for more details: [email protected] 1. TW30-1 DUO Scoreboard • Remote Controlled • D isplay Parameters - clock/game - adjustable in any configuration • 0-99 min • Score 0-999 points • Sets/faults 0-9 • Period 0-9. Time-out clock • Serve/ball possession indicator • Taken time-outs indicator • Stopped time indicator • Digit Height - 125mm • Buzzer • Visibility 70m • Power - 230v/50 Hz • Ball Impact Resistant • Polycarbonate Shield • Weight 22kg • Dimensions: 1500 x 1000 x 100mm 031006CX Price £2,704.43 each CX SCOREBOARDS 2. 8015 Scoreboard Scoreboard with timer, home/guest scores from 0 to 999, period number, team fouls, game stop and time-out indicators. Communicates wirelessly with touchscreen keyboard. Adhesive home/guest. 031523CX Price £2,437.73 each CX 3. TW 30-3 DUO Scoreboard • Remote Controlled • Display Parameters - clock/game - adjustable in any configuration • 0-99 min • Score 0-999 points • Sets/faults 0-9 • Period 0-9 • Time-out clock • Serve/ball possession indicator • Taken time-outs indicator • Stopped time indicator • Digit Height - 125mm • Buzzer • Visibility 70m • Power - 230v/50 Hz • Ball Impact Resistant • Polycarbonate Shield • Weight 25kg • Dimensions: 1500 x 1000 x 100mm • Also includes two 24 sec shot clocks 031005CX Price £2,792.56 each CX 84 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Chronotop Scoreboard with Integrated Keyboard Timer (H=9cm), Home/Guest scores from 0 to 99 (H=9cm), game stop indicator, period number and team fouls (H=9cm), time-out indicators red LEDs, viewing distance: 35m. Integrated keyboard. 031450CX Price £784.00 each CX 2. BT 6015 Compak Scoreboard SCOREBOARDS with Keyboard and Cable Included Timer (H=15 cm), Home/Guest scores from 0 to 99 (H=15 cm), wireless communication - 868MHz, red and yellow LEDs, viewing distance: 60m. With horn. Pocket keyboard and cable included. 031520CX Price £1,496.89 each CX 4. Multi-Sport Timer & Scorer A compact portable electronic scoreboard with a high quality LED display, powered by 220V AC supply. The retractable control console is found at the back of the display. The console is easily programmed and incorporates safeguard features. A 90dB buzzer is integrated into the front face of the unit. The scoreboard can be used for basketball, volleyball, handball, indoor soccer, table tennis, badminton, 1. DTS3 Electronic Scoreboard tennis and general training (i.e. workout periods, Remote controlled. Display parameters - clock/game - number of cycles etc). adjustable 0-90 min score 0-99. Digit height clock 220mSmize: W60cm x D25cm x H39cm Score 300mm. Visibility 150m - ultra bright LED modulesWeight 6kgs nett, 10kgs gross. developed for outdoor use. Power - 230v or 12v battery. 12cm high upper digits and 11cm lower digits allow Portable construction. Hermetic finish - weather conditionthse unit to be legible from 40m. proof. Price Price 031000CX £681.96 each 031004CX £2,253.07 each 031001 £112.75 each Roller stand for above timer CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 85

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Dynamat Dense rubber matting provides floor protection and shock absorbtion. Textured top surface. Size: 1.8m x 1.2m x 10mm. 730720CX Price Black £82.34 each CX NR FLOORING Price £13.97 2. Jordan Activ Floor Tile 7281087CX Square tile £15.44 Premium rubber flooring fits into any functional 7881088CX space, ideal for reducing noise and vibrations Ramp edge £15.44 whilst limiting damage to your free weights and gym 7281089CX equipment. Dimensions 50 x 50cm x 15mm. Black. Corner £15.44 7281090CX Internal corner INFORMATION Contact us for a quote for bespoke design 3. Jordan Premium Coloured Turf 4. Jordan Premium Turf Green TurFlex is designed for intensive training and TurFlex is designed for intensive training. The due its unique design, it truly becomes a centre- standard TurFlex has a natural grass look but piece in any facility. The standard TurFlex has a you have the option to add a bit of colour to add natural grass look but with this product you have consistency with your branding if you wish to! It is the option to add a bit of colour to match your easy to install, just use double sided tape or just branding. It is easy to install, just use double sided glue it to the floor. Priced per square metre  tape or just glue it to the floor. Available in red, blue, rust and white. Priced per square metre 730722CX Price 730721CX Price £91.09 sqm £83.50 sqm CX CX 86 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. 33m Court Marking Tape 2. 10m Roll Out Boundary Line Available in 50mm & 38mm width. Both 33m in Instant method of marking a play area or court. length. Vinyl lines lay flat and are available in yellow and purple. 10m long x 3.8cm wide x 3.5mm thick. 38mm Black Price 50mm Black Price Most effective indoors on a polished surface. 020255 Blue £4.59 roll Blue £7.51 roll 020252 Green £4.59 roll 030124 Green £7.51 roll 020075 Price 020254 Red £4.59 roll 030121 Red £7.51 roll Yellow £26.50 each 020251 White £4.59 roll 030123 White £7.51 roll 020086 020250 Yellow £4.59 roll 030125 Yellow £7.51 roll Purple £26.50 each 020253 £4.59 roll 030120 £7.51 roll 030122 3. Sharpliner LINE MARKING EQUIPMENT Paint Line Marker 4. Tape Laying Machine • Easy grip handle designed for you to minimise hand fatigue Robust construction, though light and simple • Pinch lock lets you adjust stripes to use! Easy load roller system ensures uniform from 2\" to 4\" wide application without tape stretch. • 'Can Holder' keeps extra cans of paint within easy reach • Super large tuff wheels roll smoothly over un-even ground • Guide arrow helps keep you in-line when striping over old lines • Speed indicator helps you maintain your speed for even application 086307 Price 020260 Price £214.53 each £73.55 each CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 6. Line Marker Paint 600ml For use with Sharpliner Machines. Includes two nozzles - one for use with the applicator machine and one for use by hand 5. 750ml Athletic Pitch Marker Paint 086304 Black Price 086305 Blue £9.09 can Specially formulated for sharp lines on grass or 086303 Green £9.09 can artificial turf. Paint will not harm grass or wash away 086302 Red £9.09 can in the rain. Super stripe paint can be applied using 086300 White £9.09 can striper machines or hand held with an application 086301 Yellow £9.09 can nozzle. Available in White. £9.09 can 086030 Price £12.21 can For all enquiries email: [email protected] 87

1. Dry Compound - Easiflo 2. Pitchmarker B Plus 3. Pitchmarker C Non-toxic, high grade white mineral powder. Used with Ideal for transfer wheel markers. Ideally used neat, Can be used for spray and transfer wheel marking. the dry line marking cart for marking grass pitches. but can be diluted at 1:1 if conditions allow. Very Very concentrated and should be used on first bright, rain resistant and long lasting. mark with 2 parts water to 1 part paint. 15 litres. 085152CX Price 7085900CX Price 085185CX White Price 25kg bag £21.52 each 15 litres £41.27 each £57.06 drum CX CX CX LINE MARKING EQUIPMENT 4. Pitchmarker Super C 6. Dry Line Marking Cart Can be used for spray and transfer wheel marking. 5. Reddispray Plus Incorporates slotted device which dispenses Exceptional staying power and can be the most exactly and evenly. Guide roller. Capacity 20 litres economic purchase at a recommended dilution of 4 Ideal for use in the Kombi Spray Machine. with 12cm line. parts water to 1 part paint on first mark. 15 litres. Extremely bright, rain resistant and durable. 085187CX White Price 7085902CX 15 litres Price 086151CX Price £95.95 drum £49.83 each £245.09 each CX CX CX B. A. 7. Line Marking Machine Manufactured from steel and polyester powder coated blue. Knurled transfer wheel for improved fluid distribution. Complete with large rigid handle and heavy duty 305mm diameter rubber wheels. Front wheel marking for improved cornering. 18 litre tank enables up to 2 football pitches to be marked in one filling. Tank wheel lifts out for easy cleaning. A. Price 7085278CX £598.83 each 76mm Marking Wheel CX £717.25 each B. 7085279CX 100mm Marking Wheel CX 88 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Badminton 2. Tennis / Squash Racket Rack 3. Hoop Rack Racket Rack PVC coated steel, wall mounted unit. Size: 630 x Wall mounted rack which will permit upto 100 PVC coated steel, wall mounted unit. Holds up to 170 x 215mm. Holds up to 20 rackets. Fixings and hoops to be stored in a concentric mode. Fittings 14 rackets. Fixings and equipment not included. rackets not included. and equipment not included. 020091 Price 245093 Price 160420 Price £18.14 each £17.41 each £15.74 each CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 5. Vendiplas Mobile Shelving Unit STORAGE Ideal for moist atmosphere or where hygiene requirements require good cleaning properties, Available in single or double units by four shelves high. Easily assembled in minutes, no tools required. Castors supplied. Single unit size: 184 x 100 x 50cm, double unit size: 184 x 150 x 50cm. Shelf aperture 41cm. 4. Wall Hooks 7100112CX Price Single Unit £469.73 each Planks, Ladders and Poles. Please note screws not included and style may change. 7100113CX £728.23 each Double Unit 100260 Price £17.87 pair CX 7. External Storebox Precision manufactured from modern PVC coated galvanised steel which is approximately 50% thicker with twice the paint thickness of most comparable products. Fire resistant to BS476 Parts 6 and 7, maintenance free and the panels are guaranteed for 15 years against manufacturing defect. One of the most important features is the unique and easy to use spring assisted opening action. The storage units are supplied in a convenient flat pack and are extremely simple to construct as they come complete with all necessary fixings and easy to follow illustrated assembly instructions. Extremely strong when padlocked at the two locking points, designed to make forced entry very difficult (padlocks not supplied). Units include an integral wooden base to keep stored items safe and dry. Please note the units must be positioned on a flat, preferably concreted base. 6. Vendiplas Raft Trolley 7162281CX Price H44.5\" x W54\" x D35\" £702.40 each Ideal for moist atmosphere due to PVC (113 x 138 x 89cm) construction, will not rust or rot. Tough rubber £916.04 each castors with braking facility. Size: 104 x 84 x 69cm CX 7100108CX Price 7162280CX £484.43 each H44.5\" x W77\" x D35\" CX (113 x 196 x 89cm) CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 89

Supplied Welded 1. Ball Cabinet & Fully Assembled • Large ball cabinet with double doors • Holds up to 100 footballs • Lockable double doors can be fitted with a padlock for security (padlock not included) • Constructed from premium ERW steel and heavy gauge mesh for durability and strength • Epoxy powder coated for scratch resistance and durability • F itted with large swivel castors, including two brake wheels; for safety, stability and ease of movement • Arrives fully welded and assembled • Manufactured in the UK • Size: 160 x 140 x 60cm 085435CX Price £720.36 each CX STORAGE 2. Ball Pick Unit 3. Multipurpose Storage Trolley Versatile ball picker and storage trolley made • V ersatile trolley allows storage for a from 19mm steel tubing with mesh infill. The variety of equipment item is powder coated for scratch resistance and durability. Fitted with four swivel castors for easy • Includes 2 large plastic coated wire movement. The top section can easily be removed baskets with adjustable partitions to make this a dual purpose equipment trolley. Size: 70 x 70 x 140cm. • Constructed from premium ERW steel and heavy gauge mesh for 163273CX Price durability and strength Price £530.05 each £504.15 each CX • T he frame is powder coated for scratch resistance and durability CUSTOMER FAVOURITE • Fitted with 4 swivel castors (non- marking) for easy movement • Arrives fully welded and assembled • Manufactured in the UK • Size: 92 x 108 x 64cm 100880CX CX CUSTOMER HIGH WEIGHT CAPACITY FAVOURITE 4. Heavy Duty Storage Trolley • Powder coated for scratch resistance and durability 5. Weights Trolley • Arrives fully welded and assembled • Suitable for sports or classroom storage and can hold • 122 x 70 x 84cm • P ull along trailer for transportation of discs and up to 60 balls dumbells • Front section drops down for easy access • F itted with large swivel castors including two brake • Hinged lid is stopped to prevent full opening for safety wheels for safety and stability • Lockable clasps can be fitted with a padlock for • Constructed from heavy duty angle iron and mesh security (padlock not supplied) for durability and strength • Fitted with large swivel castors, including two brake • Can sustain 240kg of weight wheels, for safety, stability and ease of movement • Size: 98 x 50 x 50cm • Constructed from premium quality ERW tubular steel 100882CX Price 280007CX Price and heavy gauge mesh for durability and strength £506.28 each £358.57 each CX CX 90 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Deluxe PE Trolley Supplied Welded & Fully Assembled Multi purpose mobile trolley with 3 tiers of powder Price coated steel baskets of £555.42 each various sizes to enable storage of a whole host of different sports equipment. Also has a deep wire bin for balls, bats and longer items, a very popular all purpose trolley. Size: L107 x H94 x D52cm. 7163001CX CX 2. Deluxe Ball Cabinet 3. Universal Storage Trolley STORAGE • Includes hooks for hoops and skipping ropes • 2 large plastic coated wire baskets with 2 adjustable • Extra top shelf plus a stand that can hold up to central partitions 12 javelins • Lockable clasps can be fitted with a padlock for • Holds up to 125 footballs security • Lockable double doors can be fitted with a • Premium ERW steel and heavy gauge mesh padlock (not included) • Powder coated frame • F itted with large swivel castors, including two • Fitted with 4 swivel castors (non-marking) for easy brake wheels movement • Arrives fully welded and assembled • Arrives fully welded and assembled • Manufactured in the UK • Manufactured in the UK • Size: 155cm x 60cm x 165cm • Size: 105 x 76 x 64cm. STO023ACX Price 100881CX Price £775.63 each £478.03 each CX CX INCLUDES STORAGE BOXES 4. Jumbo Storage Trolley 5. Ball Trolley • A large basket area for larger items • Holds up to 25 balls • A deep basket to the back of the • Hinged lid • L ockable clasps can be padlocked (not trolley ideal for long items • Supplied with 2 large plastic included) • Fitted with 4 swivel castors (non-marking) storage boxes for smaller items. • Manufactured in the UK • Fitted with 4 non marking swivel • Size: 80 x 80 x 94cm castors with 2 braking wheels for safety. • Arrives fully welded and assembled. • Size: 134cm (including handle) x 66cm x 100cm 160704CX Price 085440CX Price £663.58 each £292.93 each CX CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 91

HOLDS 6 x 4 MATS 1. Vertical 2. Junior Vertical Mat Trolley Mat Trolley An attractive blue polyester painted steel mat trolley Fixed sides with central divider made from robust fitted with a covered deck area and four universal steel tubing. Fitted with 100mm diameter rubber castors, two of which are braked and has a single tyred nylon wheels. carrying compartment designed to carry 6 - 8 (1200 x 900mm) chipfoam, lightweight or sandwich mats. 100874CX Price Measures 1400 x 280 x 880mm (4'7\" x 11\" x 2'11\"). Holds 8x 38mm Mats £275.75 each 7100655CX Similar construction to above £345.28 each but made wider to allow stor- age of 12 x 38mm mats. 100950CX Price £224.93 each CX CX CUSTOMER HOLDS 24x 4x3 MATS FAVOURITE STORAGE 3. Incline Vertical Mat Trolley 4. Junior Horizontal Mat Trolley Robust steel frame with non-marking rubber wheels. Constructed from square powder coated steel tube 1.92 length x 1.35 height x 0.62m width. Holds up with a 12mm thick wooden platform, this heavy to 14 6'x4' mats or 28 4'x3' mats. duty junior trolley is suitable for transporting and storing both mats and agility tables. Detachable handle which is easily bolted to the trolley. Will fit 1.22 x 0.91m (4'x 3') mats. Fitted with 4 heavy duty castors, two of which are braked. 100873CX Price 100951CX Price £330.47 each £204.04 each CX CX INFORMATION Please check sizes HOLDS 24x 6x4 MATS before ordering - this is a large trolley HOLDS 6 x 4 MATS 5. Extra Heavy Duty Mat Trolley 6. Horizontal Mat Trolley This turntable trolley is extremely maneuverable. Robust steel undercarriage with heavy duty Manufactured from heavy duty 50 x 50mm square platform to take up to 24x 6'x4' mats. Carrying steel box section with 400mm pneumatic rubber tyred capacity 250kgs. 10mm castors. wheels. Folding handle with PVC hand grips. Finished in white baked on polyester powder coating. Size 2 x 1.2m. Will take 2 x 1m and 6”x 4” mats. Carrying capacity 500kg maximum. Total weight 81kg. 7100171CX Price 100875CX Price £974.05 each £309.67 each CX CX 92 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Freestanding Changing Room 2. Vitrathene Wall Mounted Benches Benches - Single Fixed above floor level to allow cleaning directly • White as standard, options available under the bench. Not affected by water. Height • Steel, Lacquered Pine is variable and dependent on installation. Width • Changing room bench single-sided 360mm and are available in 7 lengths. • Freestanding • P rojecting backrest so clothing may hang freely from behind the backrest • C lothing hook rack with pre-mounted clothing hooks – 5 per metre 7013054CX Price 7013045CX 500mm Price Single Sided -1m £233.80 each 7013044CX 750mm £344.53 each 7013055CX £300.36 each 7013043CX 1000mm £417.41 each Single Sided-1.5m £323.73 each 7013042CX 1250mm £502.86 each 7013056CX £431.20 each 7013041CX 1500mm £585.37 each Single Sided-2m 7013040CX 1750mm £662.60 each 7013057CX £11.03 each 7013039CX 2000mm £762.06 each Single Sided-2.50m £997.04 each CX CX 013062 Floor fitting bracket 3. Freestanding Changing Room 4. Wall Hook Fitment CHANGING ROOM BENCHS Benches - Double Steel hooks set at 20cm apart & attached to • White as standard, other colour options available lacquered pine baton. • Steel and lacquered pine frame • Freestanding • Projecting backrest so clothing may hang freely • Clothing hook rack with pre-mounted clothing hooks – 5 per metre 7013050CX 1m Price 7013058CX 1m Price 7013051CX 1.5m £424.03 each 7013059CX 1.5m £52.17 each 7013052CX 2m £506.49 each 7013060CX 2m £62.92 each 7013053CX 2.5m £553.60 each 7013061CX 2.5m £79.91 each £694.95 each £96.26 each CX CX 5. Vendiplas Benches Lighter and more durable than conventional wooden benches. Easy to assemble and clean these seating areas do not rust in humid and damp conditions. Vendiplas benches are 100% plastic. There's nothing to rot or rust and the non porous surface of the bench wipes clean easily and won’t absorb moisture. Unlike a wooden or metal seating area there are no sharp edges and Vendiplas benches are ideal at poolside, in changing areas or even within shower cubicles. Supplied in ready to use kit form. 350mm Width Price 013063CX £166.51 each 1000 x 350 x 490mm £215.56 each 013064CX £266.17 each 1500 x 350 x 490mm 013065CX £186.07 each 2000 x 350 x 490mm £224.16 each £285.17 each 450mm Width 013063CXH 1000 x 450 x 490mm 013064CXH 1500 x 450 x 490mm 013065CXH 2000 x 450 x 490mm CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 93

1. Changing Room Lockers Sizing/ Pricing Chart-Lockers Depth Depth Depth 305mm 380mm 460mm Single £116.38 £124.95 £139.04 2 Door 701212 701215 701218 3 Door £153.13 £158.03 £170.28 4 Door 701212-2 701215-2 701218-2 5 Door £165.38 £173.95 £183.75 6 Door 701212-3 701215-3 701218-3 £176.40 £189.88 £198.45 INFORMATION 701212-4 701215-4 701218-4 Some colours may have an MOQ. Please contact us £189.88 £196.00 £207.03 for a quote based on your specific requirements. 701212-5 701215-5 701218-5 £216.83 £220.50 £237.04 KEYSTRAPS 701212-6 701215-6 701218-6 All lockers 1780mm high and 305mm wide CHANGING ROOM LOCKERS Ideal for pool use or leisure centre use. Locker key can be enclosed within keystrap making the key safe and secure whilst facilities are being used. Hygienic and easy to attach key using rivet supplied. Plastic rivets are standard which prevent corrosion in damp or wet conditions. Pack of 25. 230574 Red Price SLOPING TOP LOCKER 230575 Green £39.33 pack 230576 Blue £39.33 pack 230577 Yellow £39.33 pack 230578 White £39.33 pack 230579 Orange £39.33 pack £39.33 pack BENCH FRONT Sloping Top Locker Price 230529 £37.60 per locker Bench Front for 305mm Deep Price £177.12 each Accessories £12.25 each 230520 Single seat £173.80 each 01220 Master Key £25.09 pack 230521 Double seat £204.37 each 01221 10 Individual Tokens £10.09 each 230522 Triple seat 01230 Std. Cam Key £125.67 each £129.14 each 01223 Coin/Token RETAIN Bench Front for 380mm Deep £158.77 each £48.28 each 230523 Single seat £187.17 each locks 230524 Double seat 01224 Coin/Token RETURN £15.29 pack 230525 Triple seat £143.24 each £159.09 each locks £7.12 each Bench Front for 460mm Deep £185.82 each 01225 Nesting Nuts and £54.83 each 230526 Single seat 230527 Double seat Bolts Pack 100 230537 Triple seat 01226 Plastic Number Plate NR ED 01228 Master Key for Coin return NR ED LOCKER ACCESSORIES COIN RETURN 230594 Price Key Fob £4.39 each 230595 Fishtail Pin-Pack of 100 £99.59 pack 230597 Split Ring(small)-Pack of 100 £13.54 pack 230598 Split Ring(large)-Pack of 100 £15.35 pack 94 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

GREAT VALUE 1. Disposable Overshoes Dispenser 2. Rubber Wrist Bands White plastic overshoes dispenser. Only accepts Imperative for session changeovers. Pack of 100. refill packs (233153). Size: 35 x 23 x 23cm. 100% latex. 233154 Price 30266 Black Price 30261 Red £12.25 pack 233153 £38.87 each 30265 Orange £12.25 pack 30260 White £12.25 pack Refill pack of 75 pairs 30264 Yellow £12.25 pack 30267 Light Blue £12.25 pack £10.65 pack 30263 Green £12.25 pack 30268 Purple £12.25 pack 30262 Blue £12.25 pack 30269 Pink £12.25 pack £12.25 pack 4. Tyvek Wrist Bands 1. Silicone Wristbands CHANGING ROOM EQUIPMENT Inexpensive, disposable method of controlling entry Much improved quality of wristband, brighter into specified areas. Non transferable, waterproof colours, increased durability and reduced and lightweight. 1000 per colour per box. degradation. Pack of 100. Size: 25 x 254mm. 231030 Red Price 3. Disposable Overshoes - Loose 231022 Red Price 231031 Blue £32.14 pack Packed 231023 Blue £44.52 box 231032 Yellow £32.14 pack 231024 Green £44.52 box 231033 Green £32.14 pack Elasticated plastic overshoe. Universal size. 231025 Yellow £44.52 box 231034 Black £32.14 pack 231026 Orange £44.52 box 231035 White £32.14 pack 230385P Price 231027 Purple £44.52 box 231036 Orange £32.14 pack Pack of 100 Pairs £16.45 pack £44.52 box 231037 Purple £32.14 pack £32.14 pack CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 5. Wet Swimwear Bag Dispensers 5. Styler Hand Held Hair Dryer 6. Shower Curtains Useful wall dispenser allowing customer to pull The Styler is an attractively designed 'Salon' type Cubicle Shower Curtain. Made from 114g proofed off a plastic bag with handles for any wet articles. hair dryer for use in changing rooms and areas away nylon. Standard size: 183 x 137cm are supplied Bags not supplied with unit. from water. It has 2 speed/3 heat drying option with brassed eyelets and 40mm rings. together with a cool setting. It has an on/off switch Supplied with closed rings - must be threaded onto Price and a removable air intake filter to remove any hair the shower rail £57.06 each which could harm the motor. It comes complete with a wall bracket for wall mounting. The motor is £10.02 each 1800 watts. Recommended for low use areas and private clubs. 230388 7232667 Price 230640 Royal Blue Price 230389 £166.28 each £31.35 each Roll of 500 bags For all enquiries email: [email protected] 95

1. Kiddicone 2. Professional Changemat 3. Baby Changing Tables High Chair • Professional grade changing mat for use in Designed to give head support in the preformed • No sharp edges extremely busy childcare facilities dished surface and hold the baby safely at the correct • Wide base prevents tipping height. Smooth hygienic surface, easy to clean. • Material inhibits growth of bacteria • Hygienic welded edges Size: 785 x 610 x H736mm. • Stackable • Non sweat 'Touch' textured surface for comfort • Removable tray & adjustable safety harness • F eatures folding wings to allow the changing mat • 80cm x 68cm base. Weight 5.6kg to fit between most surface mounted changing 231630CX Red Price areas or freestanding changing unit 230510CX White Price 231631CX Yellow £152.40 each • Extra long, heightened sides 230511CX Red £200.69 each 231632CX Blue • Size: W760 x D500 x H25/50mm 230512CX Blue £200.69 each £152.40 each £200.69 each CX NR 230515 Price CX £152.40 each £35.11 each C. A. CHANGING ROOM EQUIPMENT CUSTOMER FAVOURITE B. 4. Vitrathene Play Pen 5. Long Handled Scrub Brushes Vitrathene is a non toxic, splinterproof and corrosion A. Price free material which can be machined in such a way that 622006 £10.46 each all edges are radiused and all corners smoothed out. In Mat Price Swivel scrub, stiff polyester. white only. 7231078 £56.44 each 200 x 80mm. Universal joint. • Floor raised and firmly fixed – T slotted into all 4 sides. 740 x 740 x 740mm £81.54 each Fits 622022 on page 120 • All edges radiused - no sharp corners. 7231079 • Tested for stability, strength and impact resistance. 1000 x 740 x 20mm £650.72 each B. 622025 £7.83 each • Minimum maintenance- wash down with a mild £846.72 each Play Pen Grout Scrub 240x35mm. Stiff synthetic bristles detergent. 7231072CX trimmed to a point for close access to grouted • Adjacent \"wavy\" vertical bars remain parallel 740 x 740 x 740mm channels. Handle connector hinges laterally. Fits 7231074CX 622022 on page 120 preventing trapped fingers. 1000 x 740 x 740mm • Conforms to EN 12227-2:1999. C. 622022 £14.33 each • Hygienic and easy to clean with mild detergent. CX NR ED 1550mm aluminium handle B. A. 7. Aluminium Squeegees 8. Sponge Mop High quality. Detachable twin rubber blades, Includes its own integral wringer and does not 1524mm (60in) detachable alloy handle, complete require a special mop bucket. Ideal for use in with rubber grips. smaller areas where there is a lot of excess water to pick up. 6. Squeegees and Scrapers A. 730336 Price 622070 Price W610mm £100.35 each L1270mm frame £25.70 each 600mm plastic frame with sponge rubber double B. 730337 622071 scraper blade. W914mm £107.24 each W320mm cellulose sponge £16.32 each mop head. Auto clavable at 622065 Price 134 degrees celsius. £18.38 each 96 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

C. B. A. 1. Broom Handle & Brushes A. Price 2. Post And Chain 3. Zebra Hazard Tapes 622019 £20.38 each Floor Scrub Brush 300 This system comprises of posts which are supplied in Non adhesive diagonally striped tape. x 75mm. Very stiff. Fits £42.41 each free-standing form to which chain can be attached. 622022 handle Heavy-weight base ensure the system is sturdy and 231020 Black/Yellow £14.33 each effective as a channeliser away from hazardous areas. 231021 Red/White B. 622021 231208 Single Post Price Price Flat Sweeping Brush 609 231210P 25m Chain £9.51 each £10.98 roll x 75mm. Medium. Fits 231209 Single Base 622022 handle £31.54 per 25 m £5.95 roll C. £9.42 each 622022 1550mm aluminium handle 4. Marker Signs CHANGING ROOM EQUIPMENT The 'Wet Floor Safety' sign is highly visible 5. Hand Brushes with images and text, making it perfect for use in public places. The lightweight safety sign 622016 incorporates a carry handle and is foldable for Grippy Scrub Brush storage. Manufactured from yellow high impact 154mm. Stiff bristles polypropylene with carrying handle, 622073 Price Price 'Caution wet floor' £10.01 each £7.47 each 622069 'Cleaning in progress' £13.46 each 6. Multi Station INFORMATION Boot Wiper Side scrapers not included. Image for illustration purposes only. Designed for multiple users to reduce waiting time. Ideal for 7. Boot Brushes schools, universities, football, golf and sports clubs. Manufactured from powder coated tubular steel with polypropylene top and side brushes. Available both 087158CX 3 Stations Price with and without the boot scraper. Please specify if 087159CX 4 Stations £493.06 each boot scraper is required when ordering. 087161CX 6 Stations £559.03 each 087162CX Replacement £816.28 each 085430 Double Sided Price Brushes £12.91 each Model £127.94 each CX 085432N/L Spare Brushes £30.63 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 97

1. Koolpak Astroturf First Aid Kit • Designed specifically for football and hockey teams • The bag comes complete with all the first aid contents needed to treat minor injuries and Astroturf burns • Supplied in a high quality waterproof touchline bag 088314 Price £37.20 each FIRST AID 2. Koolpak Handy Sports First Aid Kit 3. Koolpak Multipurpose Sports First Aid Kit • This generous sized sports first aid kit comes stocked with all the essential first aid supplies • T his Multi purpose sports kit is ideal needed for everyday sporting activities for clubs that are involved with several • Comes in a small compact bag which makes it different sporting activities ideal to be kept in a kit bag • T his kit contains a full range of first aid supplies to cover a wide range of different sporting activities • S upplied in a very spacious waterproof high quality bag 088313 Price 088310 Price £16.11 each £57.37 each GREAT Refill Pack VALUE 4. Koolpak Sports First Aid Kit • This football first aid kit bag is ideal for football clubs playing at any level • T he bag comes complete with all the first aid contents needed to treat minor injuries on the field of play, which makes it ideal for any standard of football club • Approved by several county football associations • Supplied in a quality waterproof touchline bag 088311 Kit Price 088312 Refill £36.97 each £16.92 each 98 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

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