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Maudesport - International Catalogue 2019-20

Published by gopidasgayatri, 2019-11-01 04:04:05

Description: Maudesport - International Catalogue 2019-20


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1. Central Goals 2. Lightweight Football Goal around to give a height of 130cm. Ground anchors and a net are provided. • Made from UPVC tube Ideal for small sided games, this unit is made • The goal is assembled in minutes, yet is from 53mm UPVC tube and measures 183 x 130 x 110cm, though it can be used the other way remarkably strong and safe • Inclusive of net, net clips and full assembly instructions. Junior L90 x H60 x D60cm 121314 Price 085762 Price £40.58 each £60.25 GREAT VALUE 4. Dual Size Standard FOOTBALL Mini Football Goal 3. Dual Size Deluxe Mini Football Goal a useful heavy duty holdall. Nets are supplied for each size of goal. Portable Football goal manufactured in durable Manufactured in heavy duty 68mm (21/2in) UPVC UPVC. Can be assembled easily into two sizes tube throughout. Capable of assembly in two sizes 3.66 x 1.83m (12 x 6ft) or 2.44 x 1.83m (8 x 6ft). 3.66 x 1.83m (12 x 6ft) and 2.44 x 1.83m (8 x 6ft). Supplied with ground anchors and nets for both Comes with ground anchors which must be used and sizes of goals. Handy nylon holdall also supplied for convenient storage. 085761 Price 085760 Price £146.71 £112.82 • Completely freestanding • Virtually maintenance free • Supplied complete with carrying bag. 2 heavy duty ground pegs and durable polythene net. • Ideal training goal as specified by the FA for under 11's. 5. Harrod Poly Goal • 3.66 x 1.83m (12 x 6ft) 085422CX Spare net Price • 3.66 x 1.22m (12 x 4ft) £206.98 Multiple size goal, easily assembled and dismantled • 2.44 x 1.83m (8 x 6ft) CX from heavy duty, 68mm (2 3/4in) dia polypropylene • 2.44 x 1.22m (8 x 4ft) £34.72 components. Easily adjusts to the following sizes: 085420 CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 199

THE GOALPOST EXPERTS We have been manufacturing goalposts for over 20 years and specialise in grass roots football and the education sector. We understand the importance of getting a great product, for the right age group and at the best price. So, here is our simple guide on how to purchase your goalposts. STEP 1 - Choose the right size goal for you. Goals STEP 2 - Choose the quality of your goal. The Sabre STEP 3 - Choose the goal design. Goals come are available in assorted sizes to suit the specific range covers every budget from village parks to in either socketed, freestanding, portable, self age group of the players or the number of players Premier League Stadiums. Goals are manufactured weighted or folding designs. Socketed goals offer on the pitch. Simply refer to the chart below and in aluminium (Europa or Academy range) or steel strength and safety for public access areas while decide which size goal best suits your needs. (Champion or Club range). Aluminium is lightweight, portable and folding goals are ideal for customers Once chosen, look out for the colour coded key on non-corrosive and comes in thicker profiles while looking to move the goal after each game. the Sabre goalpost range. steel offers excellent strength and is ideal for parks. FOOTBALL PADCEKAALGE 1. Europa Aluminium Stadium Goals Aluminium components will never rust and all Senior (24ft x 8ft) Price other fixings, nuts and bolts are treated to protect 7087420CX £2,450.00 pair Designed for professional football grounds this against corrosion. For spare nets see page 206 Complete Package aluminium socketed goal is ideal for Pro Stadium Package includes: £2,296.88 pair use and for clubs looking for great quality. The goal • 2 x Europa socketed goal Junior (21ft x 7ft) frame is manufactured from a premium quality • 4 x Steel ground sockets with locking lids 7087421CX aluminium that is extruded to form a 108mm x • 4 x Steel net supports Complete Package 100mm reinforced elliptical profile. Precision cut • 2 x 4.5mm White net aluminium corners are reinforced by heavy duty • 75 x Pack of net clips steel elbow joints providing maximum stability. 200 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Europa Aluminium Socketed Goals Designed for professional football grounds this aluminium socketed goal is ideal for Pro Stadium use and for clubs that refuse to compromise on quality. The goal frame is manufactured from a premium quality aluminium that is extruded to form a 110mm x 100mm reinforced elliptical profile. The precision cut aluminium corners are reinforced by heavy duty steel elbow joints providing maximum stability when the goal is fully assembled. Package includes: • 2 x Europa socketed goal • 4 x Steel ground sockets with locking lids • 4 x Heavyweight free hanging net supports • 2 x 4.5mm white net • 75 x Net clips PADCEKAALGE 7087426CX Mini Soccer Price (12ft x 6ft) £1,097.67 pair 7087425CX Small Sided (16ft x 6ft) £1,163.75 pair 7087424CX 9x9 (16ft x 7ft) 7087423CX £1,293.18 pair 7087422CX Junior (21ft x 7ft) £1,531.25 pair CX £1,696.37 pair Senior (24ft x 8ft) 2. Champion Steel Socketed Goals This 76mm steel socketed goal is a firm favourite among schools and local authorities thanks to its heavy duty anti vandal construction. The goal is galvanised before being polyester powder coated white for protection against rust. Fully welded corner joints make this goal one of the strongest designs on the market. Ideal for areas with public access and unsupervised use. Package includes: FOOTBALL • 2 x Champion socketed goal • 4 x Heavy duty steel sockets with lids • 4 x Steel net supports • 2 x 3mm white net • 80 x Pack of net clips PADCEKAALGE 7085825CX Price PADCEKAALGE Mini Soccer (12ft x 6ft) £807.07 pair 7087429CX Small Sided (16ft x 6ft) £826.88 pair 7085824CX 9x9 (16ft x 7ft) £901.12 pair 7087428CX Junior (21ft x 7ft) £1,089.76 pair 7087427CX Senior (24ft x 8ft) £1,176.00 pair CX 3. Club Steel Socketed Goals This entry level steel socketed goal is ideal for use in schools, colleges and open playing areas where cost may feature in the buying decision. The goal is manufactured from a heavyweight 60mm round steel that is 4mm thick, and corners are fully welded to providing amazing strength. All bolts and fixings are stainless steel and the frame is galvanised and powder polyester coated white to prevent against rust. Package includes: • 2 x Club socketed goal • 4 x Heavy duty steel sockets with lids • 4 x Steel net supports • 2 x 3mm white net • 80 x Pack of net clips 7085827CX Price Mini Soccer (12ft x 6ft) £768.93 pair 7087432CX Small Sided (16ft x 6ft) £757.97 pair 7085826CX 9x9 (16ft x 7ft) £942.52 pair 7087431CX Junior (21ft x 7ft) £862.40 pair 7087430CX Senior (24ft x 8ft) £934.06 pair CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 201

1. Europa Portable Aluminium Goals The goal is manufactured using commercial grade aluminium, extruded to form a 110mm reinforced profile. Corners are strengthened and stabilised by steel elbow joints. All fixings are treated to prevent against rust, the aluminium components will never corrode and the 4mm 'shape to fit' nets are UV stabilised and rot resistant making this entire goal package low maintenance. Package includes: • 2 x Europa freestanding goal • 8 x EasyLever wheels • 2 x 4.5mm White 'Shape to Fit' net • 150 x Net clips • 8 x U-peg anchors 7087437CX Price PADCEKAALGE Mini Soccer (12ft x 6ft) £2,373.44 pair PADCEKAALGE 7087436CX PADCEKAALGE Small Sided (16ft x 6ft) £2,526.56 pair 7087435CX 9x9 (16ft x 7ft) £2,603.13 pair 7087434CX Junior (21ft x 7ft) £2,832.81 pair 7087433CX Senior (24ft x 8ft) £3,461.04 pair CX FOOTBALL 2. Academy Portable Aluminium Goals The aluminium construction makes this goalpost low maintenance and entirely weather proof, ideal for aspiring grass roots clubs and schools. Crossbars and uprights are extruded to form a reinforced 80mm diameter x 3mm thick profile. The wheels can be adjusted up/down using a simple lever system that produces ample ground clearance and the tyres are puncture proof. Package includes: • 2 x Academy freestanding goal • 8 x EasyLever wheels • 2 x 3mm White 'Shape to Fit' net • 150 x Net clips • 8 x U-peg anchors 7GOAL-7V7-010BCX Price Mini Soccer (12ft x 6ft) £2,303.59 pair 7087440CX Small Sided (16ft x 6ft) £2,304.96 pair 7GOAL-9V9-005BCX 9x9 (16ft x 7ft) £2,537.69 pair 7087439CX Junior (21ft x 7ft) £2,665.94 pair 7087438CX Senior (24ft x 8ft) £2,743.35 pair CX 3. Champion Steel Portable Goals This great value steel portable goal is ideal for clubs, schools and colleges looking for a durable, low maintenance goal that will stand up to frequent use. The goal is manufactured from a heavyweight 60mm round steel that is 4mm thick and the corners are fully welded giving this goal an exceptionally strong frame. The frame is galvanised and polyester powder coated white and all bolts and fixings are stainless steel to help protect against rust. Package includes: • 2 x Champion freestanding goal • 8 x EasyLever wheels • 2 x 3mm White net • 80 x Net clips • 8 x U-peg anchors 7085823CX Price Mini Soccer (12ft x 6ft) £1,759.95 pair 7087443CX Small Sided (16ft x 6ft) £1,958.43 pair 7085822CX 9x9 (16ft x 7ft) £1,983.52 pair 7087442CX Junior (21ft x 7ft) £1,837.50 pair 7087441CX Senior (24ft x 8ft) £2,019.13 pair CX 202 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

PADCEKAALGE 1. Europa Self-Weighted Package includes: 7087448CX Price Aluminium Goals • 2 x Europa freestanding goal Mini Soccer (12ft x 6ft) £3,192.09 pair • 8 x EasyLever wheels 7087447CX This self weighted aluminium goal is everything you • Integral weights for goal selected Small Sided (16ft x 6ft) £3,139.06 pair need from a goalpost all rolled into one incredible • 2 x 4.5mm White 'Shape to Fit' net 7087446CX deal! This does not require any additional weights or • 150 x Net clips 9x9 (16ft x 7ft) £3,292.19 pair anchoring to comply with British Safety Standards 7087445CX thanks to an integral weighted back-bar. This is Junior (21ft x 7ft) £3,722.74 pair a top of the range goalpost manufactured using 7087444CX commercial grade aluminium, extruded to form Senior (24ft x 8ft) £3,763.20 pair a 110mm reinforced profile. All fixings are treated to prevent against rust, the aluminium components will CX FOOTBALL never corrode. PADCEKAALGE 2. Academy Aluminium against the goal frame by removing a locking pin at 7087463CX Price Folding Goals the corners – no tools required. 5-a-side (8ft x 4ft) £796.25 pair Package includes: 7087462CX £857.50 pair This goal has net supports that fold flat against the • 2 x Academy folding goal 5-a-side (12ft x 4ft) £1,003.52 pair frame so that the goal can be stored in containers • 2 x 3mm White nets 7GOAL-7V7-011BCX £980.00 pair or store rooms. The goal is light weight and easy to • 75 x Net clips Mini Soccer (12ft x 6ft) £1,066.24 pair move making it an ideal choice for clubs that need 7087461CX £1,128.96 pair to put the goals away after each use. Manufactured 5-a-side (16ft x 4ft) from reinforced extruded aluminium the goal frame 7087460CX will never rust and is very low Small Sided (16ft x 6ft) maintenance. A net channel at the back of the goal 7GOAL-9V9-009BCX post is designed for Sabre twist ‘n’ lock net clips for 9x9 (16ft x 7ft) extra net strength. Net supports can be folded flat CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 203

1. 5-A-Side Academy Freestanding Goals The Academy range was developed to offer clubs and schools the benefits of aluminium goalposts at an affordable price. The aluminium construction makes this goalpost low maintenance and entirely weather proof. Crossbars and uprights are extruded to form a reinforced 80mm diameter x 3mm thick profile. Precision cut corners are reinforced by steel elbow joints providing strength when the goal is fully assembled. All fixings are treated to prevent against rust. Package includes: • 2 x Academy freestanding goal • 2 x 3mm White 'Shape to Fit' net • 150 x Net clips • 8 x U-peg anchors 7087466CX Price PADCEKAALGE 5-a-side (8ft x 4ft) £1,837.50 pair PADCEKAALGE 7087465CX 5-a-side (12ft x 4ft) £2,067.19 pair 7087464CX 5-a-side (16ft x 4ft) £2,296.88 pair CX 2. 5-A-Side Academy Folding Goals This goal has net supports that fold flat against the frame so that the goal can be stored in containers or store rooms. The goal is light weight and easy to move making it an ideal choice for clubs that need to put the goals away after each use. Manufactured from reinforced extruded aluminium the goal frame will never rust and is very low maintenance. A net channel at the back of the goal post is designed for Sabre twist ‘n’ lock net clips for extra net strength. Net supports can be folded flat against the goal frame by removing a locking pin at the corners – no tools required. FOOTBALL Package includes: • 2 x Academy folding goal • 2 x 3mm White nets • 75 x Net clips 7087469CX Price 5-a-side (8ft x 4ft) £918.75 pair 7087468CX 5-a-side (12ft x 4ft) £980.00 pair 7087467CX 5-a-side (16ft x 4ft) £1,071.88 pair CX 3. 5-A-Side Wheelaway Folding Goals A great value goalpost designed for use in indoor facilities. This goal has everything you need including a foot operated hinge mechanism which allows the back stantions to fold flat against the crossbar (making this goal suitable for easy storage) and flip over wheels making lightwork of transporting them around. The goal frames are manufactured from a 50mm square profile that is polyester powder coated white and uses stainless steel bolts help the goal prevent against rust and corrosion. This portable folding goal is ideal for those facilities that need to move the goals around on a regular basis. Package includes: • 2 x 5-a-side Champion folding goal • 4 x Flip over wheels • 2 x 3mm White net • 80 x Net clips 085252CX Price PADCEKAALGE 5-a-side (8ft x 4ft) £630.37 pair 085251CX 5-a-side (12ft x 4ft) £667.20 pair 085250CX 5-a-side (16ft x 4ft) £684.32 pair CX 204 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. FOOTBALL 1. Sabre 9v9 Match Goal 2. Sabre Mini Match Goal 3. Sabre Training Goal Set Made from strong high impact uPVC. Fully Made from strong high impact uPVC. Fully Made from strong high impact uPVC. Fully portable. Free standing. Highly flexible. Use on any portable. Free standing. Highly flexible. Use on portable. Free standing. Highly flexible. Use on any surface. FA recommended size for 9v9. Includes: any surface. FA recommended size for Mini Soccer. surface. Goal, locking system, net, fast clips, and Includes: Goal, locking system, net, fast clips and ground anchors. 16 x 7m ground anchors. 12 x 6m 7087470CX Price 7087471CX Price 7087472CX Price 7087802CX £196.00 each 7087804CX £177.63 each £321.56 each Spare net - 3.5mm £90.04 pair Spare net - 3.5mm £68.60 pair CX 7087810CX 7087812CX Spare net - 4.5mm £161.09 pair Spare net - 4.5mm £113.52 pair CX CX 4. Sabre 12x6 Training Goal Great value goal manufactured to recommended 5. Sabre 8x4 Training Goal 6. Sabre 5x4 Training Goal size for mini soccer. Ideal for the garden, playground or the beach. Includes: Goal, locking Great value goal ideal for the garden, playground Great value goal ideal for the garden, playground system, net, fast clips and ground or the beach. Manufactured from the same high or the beach. Manufactured from the same high anchors. impact uPVC as the Match Goal range. Includes: impact uPVC as the Match Goal range. Includes: Goal, locking system, net, fast clips and Goal, locking system, net, fast clips and 7087473CX Price ground anchors. ground anchors. 7087804CX £199.06 each Spare net - 3.5mm £68.60 pair 7087474CX Price 7087475CX Price 7087812CX 7087807CX £156.80 each £137.81 each Spare net - 4.5mm £113.52 pair Spare net - 3.5mm CX £46.51 pair CX CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 205

SABRE FOOTBALL NETS Great value nets made from 3.5mm These nets are designed to fit the goals or 4.5mm twisted polyethylene with a on pages 200 to 205. Just find the 95mm knotted mesh. Manufactured in size of your goal in the table below and the UK and independently tested to BS choose between 3.5mm or a 4.5mm EN 16579 or BS EN 748 standards. thickness for your spare net. Goal Type Goal Size Spare Nets 5-A-Side 8ft x 4ft Spare Net 3.5mm Spare Net 4.5mm INFORMATION Don’t forget that the goal packages on 7087807CX pair the previous pages include nets! These £P4r6ic.5e1 codes are for spare nets. 5-A-Side 12ft x 4ft 7087806CX pair £P5r3ic.6e4 5-A-Side 16ft x 4ft 7087805CX pair £P6r6ic.8e9 Mini Soccer 12ft x 6ft 7087804CX pair 7087812CX pair Small Sided £P6r8ic.6e0 £1P1ri3c.e52 16ft x 6ft 16ft x 7ft 7087803CX pair 7087811CX pair £P8r0ic.6e1 £1P3ri4c.e75 9v9 16ft x 7ft 7087802CX pair 7087810CX pair £P9r0ic.0e4 £1P6ri1c.e09 Junior 21ft x 7ft 7087801CX pair 7087809CX pair £1P0ri9c.e94 £1P6ri1c.e09 Senior 24ft x 8ft 7087800CX pair 7087808CX pair £1P2ri0c.e05 £2P0ri8c.e74 FOOTBALL SEE THE COMPLETE SPORTS RANGE ONLINE CLOHWAREGREDSELIVERY QINUSITCAKNETRLYOPRRDOERCEINSGSE–D WPAIYTHOCNACRRDEDIT OR SIGN UP TODAY TO START GETTING THE BENEFITS OF ONLINE ORDERING 206 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Harrod 3G Stadium Goals Harrod UK's uniquely designed 3G Stadium Goal is used at top level venues including Wembley, Croke Park, Millennium Stadium, Premier, Championship and League clubs. • Uprights and crossbars manufactured from 102 x 112 x 2.2mm thick elliptical reinforced aluminium • Welded crossbar/upright corner joints provide added strength and aesthetic appearance • Zinc plated steel fixing plate incorporating corner net clamp • Polyester powder coated white • Micro adjustable foot on each upright allows exact upright height • 460mm deep elliptical sockets complete with drop- in socket lids and wedges for holding posts firmly in the socket • Stainless steel corner net clamp • Complete with 210 lock-on synthetic net hooks per set • Stainless steel bolts throughout CX 2. Harrod Freehanging Net Supports Senior Goal Net Supports Junior • UEFA/FIFA regulation net supports, designed to 7085787CX 7087200CX 7087321CX suspend the net and eliminate rebounds 9v9 Price: £2,059.36 pair Price: £574.01 pair Price: £529.03 set • 80mm (3 1/4in) dia x 2.5mm (1/10th in) thick 5v5/7v7 aluminium, powder coated green Other colours are 7085788CX 7087201CX 7087322CX available - price on application. Price: £2,535.08 pair Price: £284.81 pair Price: £520.61 set • Complete with ratchet winch, net tensioner webbing straps and 350mm (13 3/4in) ground 7087145CX 7087152CX 7087144CX sockets Price: £2,182.51 pair Price: £186.58 pair Price: £209.77 set 7087070CX Price 7087143CX 7087153CX 7087144CX 4 pole system - 2 per goal £1,254.08 set Price: £2,014.87 pair Price: £139.43 pair Price: £209.77 set CX Nets not included 7087071CX £2,365.46 set FOOTBALL 6 pole system - 3 per goal CX 3. Harrod 3G Parks Goal Senior With Drop In Lids With Locking Lids Net Junior Designed and manufactured for clubs and ground 7087149CX 7087147CX 7087154CX staff that regularly assemble and remove football 9v9 Price: £2,209.77 pair Price: £2,802.36 pair Price: £191.81 each goal posts from shared or public pitches. Easily assembled by two adults, the heavy duty latch 7087150CX 7087148CX 7087155CX mechanism provides a quick method of securing the Price: £2,561.08 pair Price: £2,736.39 pair Price: £159.21 each posts and crossbars, while the lock-on synthetic net hooks make attaching the net effortless. 7087202CX 7087203CX 7087204CX Price: £1,547.00 pair Price: £1,930.47 pair Price: £191.95 pair CX Nets not included For all enquiries email: [email protected] 207

1. Harrod 3G Weighted Portagoals Senior Goal Net Junior Completely safe to use at all times, eliminating 7085216CX 7085117CX the users responsibility of attaching separate 9v9 Price: £5,449.35 pair Price: £332.04 pair anchorage. Hi-Raise, puncture proof wheels, lift the 5v5/7v7 goal up to 100mm above the surface allowing for 7087205CX 7085118CX manoeuvrability on both grass and synthetic surfaces. Price: £5,279.54 pair Price: £305.87 pair Fully welded corner joints provide superior strength and added safety. One set includes 2 goals, 8 wheels, 7085214CX 7087206CX 200 net hooks and all bolts and fixings. Price: £5,169.44 pair Price: £290.82 pair CX 7085217CX 7085215CX Price: £4,592.71 pair Price: £305.76 pair 2. Harrod 3GPortagoals FOOTBALL Nets not included Portagoal set from Harrod UK the professionals choice and exclusive supplier of 3G Portagoals to the London 2012 Olympic Games. Features fully welded corner joints for added strength and safety and can be used in conjunction with the optional High- Raise Wheels for added manoeuvrability. 102mm x 112mm reinforced aluminium construction. Durable polyester powder coated finish. Consists of: • 1 set = 2 goals • 200 Lock-on synthetic net hooks • 4 'U' peg grass anchors CX 3. Harrod Hi-Raise Set of Wheels Cam operated cellular rubber wheel kit designed for use with Harrod 3G Portagoals. Once wheels are engaged, goals can be safely moved by four adults. Sold per set of 8 (suitable for 2 complete goals) 7087209CX Set of 8 Price £991.16 set 4. Harrod Portagoal Trolley Set of transporter trolleys designed to be used with 3G Portagoals. One set makes up 4 trolleys. 7087210CX Set of 4 Price £2,036.83 set Senior Goal Net Junior 7085221BBCX 7085117CX 9v9 Price: £4,045.75 pair Price: £332.04 pair 5v5/7v7 7085242CX 7085118CX Price: £3,394.77 pair Price: £305.87 pair 7087207CX 7087129CX Price: £3,327.41 pair Price: £337.12 pair 7087208CX 7087323CX Price: £2,904.12 pair Price: £275.58 pair Nets not included 208 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Harrod Heavyweight Socketed Goals Fully welded crossbar corner joint provides superior strength and added safety. Unique hexagonal rivet fixing provides 12mm of thread to prevent cross threading and gives a secure safe fixing. CX Nets not included Super Heavyweight 76mm Heavyweight 60mm Net Heavyweight Supports Super Heavywight Supports Senior 7085155CX 7085160CX 7087211CX 087151 085206 Junior Price: £891.74 pair Price: £809.57 pair Price: £120.07 pair Price: £166.54 set Price: £200.69 set 9v9 7085156CX 7085161CX 7087212CX 087151 085206 5v5/7v7 Price: £982.55 pair Price: £906.14 pair Price: £120.97 pair Price: £166.54 set Price: £200.69 set 7087213CX 7087215CX 7087152CX 7087325CX 7087324CX FOOTBALL Price: £1,071.43 pair Price: £1,035.25 pair Price: £186.58 pair Price: £146.22 set Price: £168.43 set 7087214CX 7087216CX 7087153CX 7087325CX 7087324CX Price: £989.63 pair Price: £750.86 pair Price: £139.43 pair Price: £146.22 set Price: £168.43 set 2. Harrod Anti Vandal Socketed Goals Designed for use where vandalism is a major problem. Manufactured from heavy gauge material, these posts are designed for durability. Suitable for regular use and may be left out all year. Elbow joints are welded to the crossbar, fit over uprights and are secured with two bolts per upright. • Uprights and crossbars manufactured from 76mm square x 3mm thick steel • Complete with four sockets with 82mm square internal measurement • Complete with 24 synthetic arrow net hooks. CX Nets not included Senior 600mm Sockets 460mm Sockets Net Super Heavywight Supports Junior 7087217CX 7085157CX 7087320CX 085206 Price: £1,455.78 pair Price: £1,464.43 pair Price: £187.68 pair 7087218CX 7085158CX 7087212CX Price: £200.69 set Price: £1,436.97 pair Price: £1,433.31 pair Price: £120.97 pair 085206 Price: £200.69 set For all enquiries email: [email protected] 209

1. Harrod Heavyweight Senior Goal Net Nets not included Freestanding Goal Junior Wheels 7085170CX 7087211CX The uprights and crossbars are manufactured 9v9 Price: £1,489.60 pair Price: £120.07 pair 7085905CX from 60mm dia x 4mm steel. The uprights have Price: £881.57 set FOOTBALL round steel plates on the bottom to prevent 7085171CX 7087212CX posts marking artificial surfaces. Polyester Price: £1,472.35 pair Price: £120.97 pair 7085905CX powder coated white complete with four 'U' Price: £881.57 set Peg anchors for pegging on grass. Wheels not 7087219CX 7087310CX included. Price: £1,442.34 pair Price: £112.23 pair 7085905CX Price: £881.57 set CX 2. Harrod Aluminium Folding 5 a Side Goals Senior Goal Nets not included Junior 7085785CX Net • U prights and crossbars are manufactured from 80mm dia x 2.5mm thick aluminium Price: £1,450.40 pair 7087124CX • S prung loaded folding side frame for ease of use and storage, complete with 7085786CX Price: £185.49 pair Price: £1,213.33 pair 7087125CX detachable 42.4mm dia x 3.2mm galvanised steel bottom backbar Price: £182.23 pair • W elded corner joints with internal 8mm thick steel plate and external L plate • C omplete with four ‘U’ peg anchors and lock-on synthetic net hooks • Complete with 32 x 1.5mm thick steel back supports CX 210 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Harrod Aluminium Portable 5 a Side Goals Senior Goal Nets not included Junior 7087113CX Net Self weighted portable aluminium goal, complies with BS 8462 safety standards. Mini Price: £4,860.80 pair 7087124CX • U prights, crossbars and sidebars made from 1 02mm x 112mm x 2.2mm thick reinforced 7087114CX Price: £185.49 pair Price: £4,199.13 pair 7087125CX FOOTBALL aluminium 7087115CX Price: £182.23 pair • W elded crossbar/upright corner joints provide a dded strength and aesthetic appearance Price: £4,385.82 pair 7087126CX • Full length bottom net retaining bar Price: £170.59 pair • Handles on sidebars make movement easier • International net supports and diagonal braces manufactured from 31.8mm dia x 1.5mm thick galvanised steel • Complete with lock-on synthetic net hooks • Set of 2 CX Nets not included Goal Net 2. Harrod Steel 3. 5 a Side Goal Mats Senior 7085219CX 7087326CX Permanent Goals Junior Price: £1,159.70 pair Price: £58.15 pair PVC. bonded cover and reconstituted chipfoam 7085220CX 7087327CX Heavy duty construction using matting with shaped area to fit inside posts and Price: £1,101.39 pair Price: £53.30 pair 50 x 2.6mm (2 x 1/10in) chamfered perimeter to avoid tripping and minimise tubular steel. Complete with ball deflection. Heavy Duty 33mm (1 1/4in) fixed side frames. Extensions Junior - 3.6m Price on Uprights and Back Frames 7085247 £321.76 each allow unit to be cemented into ground. Nets not included. Senior - 4.8m £406.42 each Not suitable for Astroturf. 7085246 Set of 2. Nets not included CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 211

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE Senior Goal Net 1. Harrod Steel Folding 5 a Side Goals Junior 7085235CX 7087326CX Mini Price: £431.30 pair Price: £58.15 pair • Uprights and crossbars are manufactured from 50mm 7085236CX 7087327CX (2in) dia x 2mm (1/12in) thick steel Price: £415.91 pair Price: £53.30 pair • Side frames are manufactured from 25mm dia (1in) 7085237CX 7087328CX • 2mm (1/12in) net supports Price: £401.53 pair Price: £48.50 pair • A button clip mechanism allows net supports to fold away for easy storage • Polyester powder coated white • Complete with detachable steel bottom backbar and plastic pads to prevent floor damage • Set of 2 CX Nets not included FOOTBALL Senior Goal Net 2. Harrod Folding/Wheeling 5 a Side Junior Mini 7086077CX 7087326CX • Uprights and crossbars are manufactured from Price: £1,103.21 pair Price: £58.15 pair 50mm dia x 2.6mm thick steel 7086078CX 7087327CX • Polyester powder coated white Price: £1,048.36 pair Price: £53.30 pair • Complete with detachable steel bottom backbar • Side frames are manufactured from 31.8mm dia 7086079CX 7087328CX Price: £1,063.43 pair Price: £48.50 pair galvanised steel and designed to fold using an integral foot operated release action • Side frames complete with flip-over wheels • The flip-over wheel is easily operated to enable goals to be wheeled away. Large rubber pads protect and grip floors • Extra heavy duty construction designed specially for use in sports halls where goals have continual use • Also suitable for outdoor use • Set of 2 CX Nets not included 212 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Harrod Aluminium Team Shelters 2.5m (5 person) Socketed Fixed Anchors for Fixed 4.8m (8 person) 7087075CX 7087050CX 7087052CX • Made from 50mm square aluminium with bespoke Price: £3,222.19 each Price: £3,093.92 each internal extrusion 7087076CX 7085281CX Price: £126.27 set • 4mm thick clear copolyester side and back sheets Price: £3,683.75 each Price: £3,896.17 each 7087051CX • Rubber extrusion strips ensure a secure waterproof seal • Polyester powder coated white Price: £161.22 set • Shelters must be anchored at all times CX 2. Harrod Premier Curved Team Shelter Socketed Fixed Anchors for Fixed FOOTBALL Manufactured from 50 x 50mm bespoke aluminium 4m 7087311CX 7087035CX 7087314CX extrusion. Polyester powder coated white. 4mm thick 5m Price: £7,001.32 each Price: £6,890.63 each Price: £587.79 set clear copolyester side and back sheets. Individual 6m injection moulded polypropylene seats. 7087312CX 7087036CX 7087314CX Price: £8,115.85 each Price: £7,962.50 each Price: £587.79 set Please note: All Team Shelters are self-assembly. Team Shelters must be anchored correctly at all 7087313CX 7087037CX 7087314CX times. The socketed option must have ground sockets Price: £9,257.93 each Price: £8,881.25 each Price: £587.79 set concreted in as per instructions and freestanding versions should be fixed using suitable anchors such as spira-locks. Please contact the sales office for further details. Shelters must be secured at all times using proven anchoring. Spira-lock is recommended. CX 3. Harrod Fibretech Team Shelter Designed and manufactured in one piece from advanced materials. Extremely strong, durable and impact resistant to hockey and footballs. Very low maintenance and with no corrosive parts. 10 year material warranty (excluding vandalism and voluntary damage). Composite Fibreglass and Polyester Resin with a smooth gel coat gloss finish. Shelters must be anchored at all times. The shelters arrive on a flat bed lorry. Ideally a forklift is required on site to enable a safe offload, or at least 6 capable people to man handle. 1.67m high x 911mm Deep 7087315CX 1.5m Price 7087316CX 2.5m £3,817.85 each 7087317CX 3.5m £4,514.13 each 7087318CX 5m £5,210.18 each 7087319CX Anchors for £5,674.37 each £587.79 set all above CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 213

1. Anchor Straps 2. Harrod Spare Net Hooks 3. Spring Button Clips For wall or floor fixing, this heavy duty textile strap Spare Net Hooks (24 pack) - 0.10 kg per pack Spring Button Clips For 5 Aside Football Post will hold goals firmly in position. Any diameter back bar is suitable and the fixing plate can be screwed directly onto a wall or flush fitted into a floor of any type with the minimum of installation work. 085159 Price 086253 Price 085208 Price £121.43 set £36.75 pack £2.57 pack Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality FOOTBALL 4. Sportshall Type Anchor Set comprises 5. Central Metal Net Pegs 6. Central Plastic Net Pegs • 100mm (4in) Rawlbolt® • Eyebolt Metal, robust design. Pack of 20. Central plastic net pegs (20 in a bag). • 30cm (113/4in) plastic covered chain • Carbine clip and 'U' type bracket to fit side frame of goal • Maximum dia 28mm (1in) • These sockets are only suitable for wall fixing • We recommend the use of two sockets per goal. 085182 Price 085200PK20 Price 085207 Pack of 20 Price £24.50 set £7.18 pack £5.27 pack 7. Fasclips 8. Velcro Net Ties 9. Indoor Counterbalance Weight Type Anchor Easy to fit, time saving and tangle free method of Safe and easy method of attaching soccer nets. attaching nets to posts. Pack of 80. Pack of 50. Sports Hall Posts Anchor Counterbalance weight as 085181CX with rubber pad on base. 15kg. 085203 Price 085201 Price 085181RCX Price £10.14 pack £15.25 pack £91.72 each 214 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Counterbalance Weight Type Anchor Comprises a 15kg handbag style weight with covered chain, carbine clip and a 'U' type bracket to fit up to 34mm dia back tubes. Ideal for concrete surfaces, no drilling or preforming necessary as these are freestanding weights. Generally 6 weights per goal are recommended. 085181CX Price 085181PK4CX £52.26 each CX £199.44 pack 2. Academy Goal Sockets 3. Safety Net Clips 4. Easy Lever Wheels FOOTBALL ‘Push and twist’ style net clips designed for use on Replacement wheels for Sabre goalposts. Easy aluminium goalposts. Manufactured from premium to lift into place using our unique lever design. grade plastic and tested to the latest British and Wide puncture proof tyres are strong and durable. European Standards. Tw designs available to fit Conforms to British and European Safety Standards. 10mm or 8mm aluminium profiles depending on Supplied as a set of 8 wheels. type of goal. Pack of 25. 085183CX 80mm Price 085195CX Price 085188CX Price 085184CX 76mm £122.50 10mm £22.05 pack £709.28 set 085186CX 60mm £122.50 085196CX CX £122.50 8mm £22.05 pack CX CX 5. Fast Clips 6. Square Head Nut/Bolt Set 7. U-Peg Anchor Universal net clips suitable for most sports. Bolts are manufactured with a square head Heavy duty 'U' style steel. Made from 10mm Perfect for steel and plastic goals where the net suitable for sliding down the channel on aluminium (1/25in) dia solid bar, 450mm (173/4 in) long. Set of must be wrapped around the post and attached goals. Available in 10mm or 8mm. Supplied with 4 weight 2.3kg per set. back onto the net. Manufactured from premium nut. Pack of 25. grade plastic and tested to the latest British and European Standards. Pack of 80. Price £58.26 pack 085198CX Price 085199CX 10mm Price £22.05 pack 085200CX 8mm £58.26 pack £22.76 set CX CX 085268 Set of 4 For all enquiries email: [email protected] 215

STONES AVAILABLE IN 1. Target Curling 2X SETS OF 4 A new game based on curling, but instead of sliding the stones on ice or a carpet, the stones run on maintenance free stainless steel bearings and so allow the game to be played on any smooth flooring. Equally suited to able bodied and disabled players, the game is recognised by Disability Sport England, The British Wheelchair Sports Foundation and Scottish Disability Sport. The mobility of the stones make this an attacking game with between 2 and 8 players per target. Rules are included. 7040107 Price Plastic pusher heads with £36.05 pack handles 7040111 £42.32 each Target - blue/red £31.35 each 040110 Target - green/yellow £370.04 set 1-10 pts 7040106 Set of 4 red and 4 blue stones, in a smart carry- bag complete with rules GAMES 2. Boccia Set 4. New Age Bowls Hand stitched and made from synthetic leather and 3. Boule - Steel Play on any surface: carpet, wood, vinyl or filled with plastic pellets. The Boccia balls comply playground surfaces. The set comprises nine soft to competition standard with 6 red - 6 blue and a Comprises 4 pairs of steel boule and a jack in a foam balls approximately 10cm (4in) dia. white jack - all in a carrying case. Each ball has a strong nylon satchel enabling up to 4 players to • Four red bowls circumference of 270mm and weigh 275 grams. Not participate. • Four blue bowls suitable for Children under 3. • A yellow jack and a starting spot • Everything comes neatly packed in a bag • C an be used in conjunction with the high score wedge on page 265 162246 Price 130202 Price 7040125 Price £139.44 set £35.27 set £179.92 set USE WITH ITEM 4 5. New Age Bowls High Score Wedge 6. Street Bowls Set in a Carrying Case 7. Street Bowls Set in a Drawstring Bag A density foam wedge target with multiple scoring New Age Street Bowls comes with a set of eight pockets of assorted values. Higher scoring values are bowls in two colours, a foot mat and a jack ball. New Age Street Bowls comes with a set of eight sited at the rear of the target. Play an agreed number Complete in a canvas carrying case. bowls in two colours, a foot mat and a jack ball. of ends with highest aggregate score the winner. Complete in a drawstring bag. New Age Street Bowls are made with an innovative rubber compound and can be played on grass, tarmac, driveways, even tennis courts. 7040115 Price 7040451CX Price 7040450CX Price £125.82 each £272.93 each £232.84 each CX CX 216 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

2. Unicorn Solar Flare Surround 3. Unicorn Dartboard Wall Clamp • No assembly required Robust spring-loaded clamp securely holds a • 360° non-glare illumination bristle dartboard. Wall mounted. Fixing kit and full • Double injected moulded frame instructions supplied. Allows board to be rotated • Robust aluminium front cover as required • Fits any dartboard (not included) 130267 Price 130261 Price £113.77 each £35.72 each 1. Unicorn Dartmate Tri-Stand 4. Unicorn Electronic Soft Tip 5. Unicorn Striker Dartboard GAMES Dartboard Competition quality bristle board. PDC endorsed. • Robust construction for great stability Suitable for up to 8 players. 25 games with World Champions endorsements. High quality • Fully Portable and folds in seconds 176 variations. LCD automatic scoring display. round wire construction. SuperSlim™ wire fasteners • Dartboard and surround sold separately Includes 6 soft tip darts. Requires 3 AA batteries to increase playing area. Staple free Bullseye. Comes complete with free 'Checkout Chart'. Free measuring tape. Price (not included). 130262 Stand only Price 130267 Solar Flare £58.48 each 130264 Dartmate Tri-Stand £133.53 each Price Surround £113.77 each 130268 Red Striker Surround £58.76 each 130260 £25.08 each 6. Unicorn Darts Mat 7. Nickel Chrome Darts International throwing line marked, as well as the Nickel chrome plated dart set including grooved, 8ft (2.44m) line for soft tip darts. shiny chrome plated nickel barrels, a hard case, 8 flight protectors, an extra set of moulded shafts and 130263 Lightweight Price a set of spare flights. 130020 striker mat £44.65 each Professional 130266 Nickel Chrome Price heavyweight £57.06 each 130265 Tungsten £13.48 pack rubber £7.04 pack For all enquiries email: [email protected] 217

1. Chess Pieces 2. Folding Chess/Draughts Board 3. Jenga™ - Table Top Hollow plastic construction approximate size 7.8cm. Strengthened folding board (16 x 16in) Build and balance game. Blocks 76 x 24 x 13mm. Black and Cream. 32 piece set. Age 5+. 130003 Price 130002 Price 130134 Price £4.37 set £4.46 each £21.22 each GREAT VALUE GAMES 4. Mega 4 In A Line The classic table game, but 5. Mega Hi Tower carried out on a mega scale. Especially Comes in a bag and consists of 58 blocks each suitable for Leisure Centres, measuring 18 x 6 x 4.5cm. Can be built to a Play Centres, Activity Corners. maximum height of 2.3m. Hotels and Playgroups. Size: L1.22 x W0.57 x H1.17m (4ft x 1ft 10 x 3ft 10), weight 16kg. 161020 Price 130279 Price £241.33 each £95.26 each 6. Traditional Quoits 7. Giant Snakes & Ladders Quoits is a traditional lawn game involving the throwing This giant version puts you in the heart of the game, of a ring over a set distance to land over a pin in the where you move up the ladders and down the ground. A simple game of both skill and accuracy for snakes. The set contains a giant playing mat 3m (9ft young or old. 11) square, 8 pegs and a giant inflatable die. Contains: 5 wooden Pegs. 3 real rope quoits and rules. Size 43 x 43cm (17 x 17in). 162245 Price 130341 Price £34.19 set £67.60 set CX 218 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. 6ft Folding Pool/ 2. BCE Folding 6ft Snooker Table Table Tennis Table Featuring unique fold-up leg system with castor Best selling 6ft Pool Table for all age groups. wheels for easy movement. Fitted with hardwearing Featuring unique fold-up leg system with castor English green nylon cloth. wheels for easy movement when storing. Fitted with Supplied with: hard-wearing blue cloth. • 2 x 122cm (48in) 2 piece cues. Supplied with: • 1 set x 4.5cm (1 3/4in) snooker balls. • 1 x set 48mm pool balls. • 1 x triangle. • 2 x 48in cues. • 2 x chalk • 1 x triangle. • 1 x table brush. • 1 x chalk. • 1 x brush. • 1 x accessory bag. • 1 x table tennis top attachment. Playing surface 168cm x 84cm. Overall size: L183 x FOLDS FOR EASY Playing surface 175cm x 94cm (69 x 37in), Overall W99, H79cm (72 x 39 x 31in). Net weight: 49kgs. STORAGE size: L183 x W96 x H79cm. Weight 48kgs. 6 6 Month Warranty. Months Warranty. 130272 Price 130275 Price £473.99 each £460.47 each NR 3. Snooker Balls/Pool Balls 4. Specialist Heads 5. Pool/Snooker Cues Price GAMES £6.57 each Snooker Balls Price 130196 Price 130180 130182 46.8mm (17/8in) dia £28.43 set Nylon Spider. Head only £1.41 each One piece-1.22m (48in)- £8.11 each 130192 50mm (2in) dia £39.63 set 130197 Screw-in tips 11mm Nylon Crossed. Head only £1.27 each 130179 £8.12 each Pool Balls £39.54 set 130278 One piece-1.37m (54in)- 130183 46.8mm £37.88 set 60in Shaft for above £12.67 each Screw-in tips 11mm 130184 50mm specialist heads. 130178 One piece-1.45m (57in)- 8. screw-in tip 11mm 7. 6. Chalk Price 7. Triangle Price 9. Screw On Tips Price £3.12 pack £5.07 each £0.44 each Blue chalk. Holds 15 balls £6.27 each 130185 £8.43 pack Spare screw-in tips 11mm £7.90 pack 130190PK4 130181 Price (1/2in) Pack of 4 46.8mm (17/8in) dia balls £5.06 each 130185PK20 130190P 130188 Pack of 20 Pack of 12 50mm (2in) dia balls 8. Table Brush 130187 9in Baize brush. For all enquiries email: [email protected] 219

1. Pitching Net & Frame 2. Golf Chipping/Driving Mat Price £15.04 each Includes hoop, net and frame. Frame is made from Rubber mat with synthetic grass surface and £2.00 each steel tube. removable 45mm rubber tee. 470 x 200mm. 8. 095002 Price 095090 £31.36 each 095204 Spare Rubber Tees A. C. B. 6. D. GOLF 3. Pitch & Putt Equipment A. Arrows-Steel powder coated Price C. Hole Cutter Price 095185 £27.12 set 095191 £124.79 each No's 1-9 £27.12 set £34.96 set 095186 D. Flags-Steel powder coated £34.96 set No's 10-18 £9.93 each 095180 No's 1-9 PACK B. Hole galvanised mild steel 095181 OF 6 095190 No's 10-18 7. 6. Flags 455 x 305mm (18 x 12in). 095171 Red Price 095172 Yellow £3.80 each £3.80 each 7. Regulation Flag Pins Height 1.83m (6in) - fibreglass, white. 4. Putters 095170 Price £21.11 each Municipal Left hand/Right hand 095031 Price 5. Golf Balls Price 8. Hole Cups Price Junior £7.85 each £4.28 pack £12.78 each 095030 Perforated flight balls Nylon. Regulation. Anti-mud. Senior £9.10 each 095135 095189 Pack of 6 220 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Niels Larsen Agility Tables 7100464CX Price 30cm (1ft) agility table-orange £118.84 each Powder coated steel framed agility tables 7100465CX £127.02 each with colour coded upholstered platforms. 46cm (1ft 6) agility table-purple £138.78 each Provide a range of options for use with 7100466CX £160.03 each linking and bridging apparatus. 61cm (2ft) agility table-yellow £178.45 each 7100467CX £187.19 each GREAT 76cm (2ft 6) agility table-blue £518.55 set VALUE 7100468CX 91cm (3ft) agility table-green £627.33 set SEE PAGES 7100469CX 311-315 107cm (3ft 6) agility table-red £863.21 set for primary gymnastics 7100460CX £1,077.69 set equipment Set of 4 30cm, 46cm, 61cm, 76cm 7100461CX Set of 4 61cm, 76cm, 91cm, 107cm 7100462CX Set of 6 (all Sizes) 7100463CX Set of 6 (all Sizes supplied on trolley) CX CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 4. GYMNASTICS 5. 2. Niels Larsen Fixed Trestles 6. Manufactured in powder coated steel, with non- marking rubber feet to prevent movement. Bars on three sides to allow for the attachment of a variety of linking equipment pieces, while the fourth side is left free to enable the trestles to be stacked. 100572CX H61cm (2ft) Price 7. RUBBER FEET FITTED WITH HOOKS 100573CX H91cm (3ft) £76.06 each 100574CX H1220cm (4ft) 5. Niels Larsen Timber Storming Planks £91.36 each CX Another safe and challenging way for children to £123.65 each access and dismount apparatus. Manufactured from high quality timber the Storming plank is fitted 4. Niels Larsen Timber Slides with 'anti-slip'. Double blocks are fitted to both ends to ensure movement free use and provide floor This 'fun' way for small children to dismount from protection. apparatus safely. Our slides are fitted with side rails and 'anti-slip' rubber pads to protect the floor and ensure movement free use. Double blocks are fitted to both ends. 100236CX Price 100380CX Price L1.83m x W250mm (6ft x 10in) £161.36 each L1.83m x W200mm (6ft x 8in) £182.60 each 100237CX 100381CX L2.13m x 250mm (7ft x 10in) £172.43 each L2.13m x W200mm (7ft x 8in) £211.48 each 100234CX 100382CX L2.44m x 250mm (8ft x 10in) £231.28 each L2.44m x W200mm (8ft x 8) £229.52 each CX CX 3. Niels Larsen Linking Ladders 6. Niels Larsen Timber Planks 7. Niels Larsen Agility Planks Lightweight aluminium ladders, with a pair of hooks The simplest and most cost-effective solution for Made from Parana pine. Fitted with side rails and and safety pin at each end. linking apparatus of all types. Fitted with double hooks to one end, and rubber feet to the other. blocks at both ends. 7101012CX Price 100207CX Price 100229CX Price L2.13m (7ft) £344.15 each L2.13m x W200mm (7ft £144.26 each L2.13m x W250mm (7ft x 10in) £187.96 each 7101013CX x 8in) 100230CX L2.7m (9ft) £371.71 each 100208CX £149.52 each L2.74m x 250mm (9ft x 10in) £222.93 each 7101014CX L2.44m x W200mm (8ft L3.0m (10ft) £376.08 each x 8in) CX CX CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 221

A. B. C. D. E. 1. Niels Larsen Linking Poles 2. Linking Equipment Powder coated steel. Timber beam with rubber covered hooks at each end, can be used either to link between equipment 7101015CX Price or freestanding. Width 10cm. Height 10cm. C. 7100684CX Price L2.13m (7ft) £136.27 each - Parallel Tubes £120.52 each 7101016CX A. 7100683CX Price D. 7100685CX L2.7m (9ft) £165.24 each - Linking Beam £143.62 each - Linking Cat Ladder £109.42 each 7101017CX B. 7100681CX E. 7100682CX L3.0m (10ft) £192.80 each - Linking Ladder £128.54 each - Linking Pole £84.54 each CX CX 4. Niels Larsen Vault Box These boxes are finished with a clear lacquer, with a well-padded vinyl upholstered top. Supplied in two sections. Plywood specifications: EN636: 2003, Class 2. 7100977CX Price 600mm high £675.26 each 7100976CX 1200mm high £908.06 each GYMNASTICS CX 3. Bar Box Lighter than Vault Boxes, this unit is suitable for vaulting, but also an important component of agility equipment. All hardwood construction with hide covered top platform and vinyl covered padded lower platform. L1220mm x H915mm (4 x 3ft). 7101000CX Price £1,178.92 each CX 5. Niels Larsen Vault Boxes Made from selected Parana pine. Fully interlocking with the top section upholstered in best hide. Length of top 1.37m (4ft 6). 7100195CX Price 6. Niels Larsen Dual Platform Bar Box 7. Niels Larsen Activ Vault 5 Sections H1016mm (3ft 4) £1,285.21 each 7100196CX £1,465.01 each Sturdy and lighter than vault boxes, these units Comprising 3 sections, each with hand holds for 5 Sections H1270mm (4ft 2in) £1,402.66 each feature quality hide platforms at each of the two ease of lifting and rubber feet so that the vinyl 7100185CX levels and are built to exacting standards. padded top can be used with 1, 2 or 3 sections as 7100195CX but fitted with £1,500.29 each giving considerable versatility. The colour coded wheeling device sections can be used to denote the height for 7100186CX groups of differing abilities. as 7100196CX but fitted with wheeling device 7100191CX Price 7100680CX Price 2 sections. H915mm (3ft) £1,164.34 each £705.93 each CX CX CX 222 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

SEE PAGES CUSTOMER 235-237 FAVOURITE For Matting options Matting is strongly recommended when using any of the equipment on this page 1. Niels Larsen Club Springboard 2. Senior Springboard Constructed from specially moulded plywood, this Carpeted take-off area and slip resistant base. springboard has a padded and upholstered top and is suitable for club and institutional use. H21cm. 7100952CX Price 100211CX Price £490.05 each £311.10 each CX CX CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 4. Mini Trampette 5. Economy Open-Ended Mini-Tramp GYMNASTICS 3. Continental Junior Beating Board Complete with coverall pads. Epoxy Powder Coated Supplied with a fold-flat frame adjustable in height frame with adjustable tilt. Rubber pads protect and angle and features a double thickness solid Laminated board with alloy crossbar. floors from damage. Double thickness perlon nylon bed, 32 individual rubber cables and coverall Size: W0.635m x L1.27m. bed 600mm x 600mm. Frame size 1140mm x frame pads. 1140mm. 7100165 Price 7100390CX Price 7100554CX Price £422.56 each £794.13 each £1,400.06 each CX CX A. 6. Niels Larsen Horses/Bucks These traditional horses and bucks are built to B. BS1892 and upholstered in selected hide. All units have easily adjustable legs and the horses have optional removable pommels. A. Square ended vaulting horse Price comes with pommels. Height £1,508.58 each adjustable from 915-1350mm 7100802CX Without Castors £1,636.16 each 7100803CX Castors CX B. Sloping neck vaulting horse C. comes with pommels. Height adjustable from 915-1350mm £1,560.34 each 7. Gymnastic Balls 7100806CX Without Castors £1,652.22 each 7100807CX Castors 190mm (7 1/2in) dia. Regulation weight. For senior CX use. C. Vaulting buck height adjusta- £886.59 each 180102 Green Price ble from 1020-1630mm £939.13 each 180101 Blue £6.11 each 7100808CX Without Castors 7100809CX Castors £6.11 each CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 223

1. Portable Beam 2. Portable Asymmetric Bars 3. Portable Parallel Bars Set with beam and integrated foldable mat, for Asymmetric bars with foldable feet to save storage Kit comprising parallel bars for schools with folding easy installation and storage. space and custom mat. Upper hand-rail adjustable feet and custom folding mat. Unit consists of beam with standard legs, a pair of from 2.10-2.45m. Lower hand-rail adjustable from transport trolleys and a mat. 1.40-1.75m. Adjustable in width by graduated Overall dimensions: 4.60 x 3 x 0.20m. adjusters from 0.56-1.40m. Supplied with integrated transport wheels. 7100581CX Price 7100582CX Price 7100583CX Price £4,468.80 each £7,166.69 each £7,807.82 each CX CX CX CUSTOMER FAVOURITE GYMNASTICS 4. Springboard 5. Foam Vault 6. Top Level Competition Carpet covering of 1.5 cm. Transport wheels, An excellent confidence building stepping stone Beam anti-slip feet, coil springs, standard 120 x 60cm for gymnastics supporting graduation from their size boards in curved plywood. first gym session. Made of 4 stackable elements. Length 5m with extruded aluminium body, non- Supplied with stabilizers. 4 heights between 1.05- slip cover with padded end caps in accordance 1.35m. Size: 1.2 x 0.95m. with new FIG standards. Fast, simple stand height adjustment between 0.90-1.40m.Height marking engraved. Anti-slip feet. 7100580CX Price 7100575CX Price 7100577CX Price £559.30 each £2,400.88 each £1,877.63 each CX CX CX 7. Vault 8. Mushroom 9. Foam Learning Beam Bi-coloured dynamic body, supple front part Allows beginner gymnasts to develop the correct Comfortable and stable. Beams may be linked to for shock-absorption and anti-slip upper part extended circle technique before moving onto a each other by a velcro system. for placing the hands. This vaulting table is pommel horse. Cover included to ensure minimal Size L250cm x Width on the floor 24cm, practice uniquely comfortable to use: Supplied with leg stress to wrist joints. Can be used with or without width 15cm, H8cm. protection and floor anchorage system. Removable the stand. interchangeable cover. Easily adjustable in height from 1m to 1.40m by an hydraulic cylinder system. 7100576CX Price 7100579CX Price 7100578CX Price £3,560.03 each £987.64 each £377.09 each CX CX CX 224 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

BDUENADLLE PACK OF 10 Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality 1. Central Handball Deal 2. Central Rubber Foam Handballs 10 Central Vinyl Handballs and Carry Net. Solid foam Handballs, practice weighted and sized to introduce handball in a non threatening manner. 110065 Size 3 Price Set of 4 Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. 110066 Size 2 £95.32 set 110067 Size 1 110050 Size 0 Price £95.32 set £29.17 set £95.32 set CUSTOMER FAVOURITE Great Price Excellent Quality SIZE 3 SIZE 2 SIZE 1 SIZE 0 HANDBALL 3. Central Handballs OFFICIAL HANDBALL SIZE CHART Super soft ball ideal for practice and coaching. Price Size 3 Male players 16+ £12.54 each 110003 Size 3 £12.54 each Size 2 Male 12-16yrs+ & Women 14yrs+ 110032 Size 2 £12.54 each 110001 Size 1 £12.54 each Size 1 Boys age 8-12yrs & Girls 8-14yrs 110002 Size 0 Size 0 Under 8yr old 6. Mitre Expert Handballs High grip laminate training handball offering excellent durability and reliability. It has a soft feel rubber surface so it is suitable for training on all surfaces. 4. Hummel Arena Handball 5. Hummel Intro Handballs 110045 Size 3 Price 085057 Size 2 £16.29 each Ball graphics may vary. Ball graphics may vary. 110019 Size 1 £16.29 each 110018 Size 0 £16.29 each 110055 Size 2 Price 110054 Size 1 Price £16.29 each £22.56 each 110053 Size 0 £17.55 each £17.55 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 225

1. Sure Shot Official Tchoukballs 2. Tchoukball Frame 134002 Price Tchoukball is a game similar to Handball but using Size 2-Youths £20.46 each rebound frames at each end of the sports hall rather 134001 than goals. A point is scored when the opposing team Size 3-Mens £20.46 each fails to prevent the ball from touching the floor after rebounding from the frame, either team can score at either end of the court. The frame is fitted with a highly strung net and is designed to withstand the impact of a ball thrown at speed. The frame is freestanding but will need stabilising with floor weights. Size of frame 1 x 1m. Certified by FITB. 130004 Price £148.63 each GOAL AREA HANDBALL REVERSIBLE 3. Molten Handball Strategy Board FULL PITCH/COURT Full pitch/court marked out on one side and goal area on the other the magnetic white board comes with dry-wipe, black and red markers and coloured, magnetic team pieces. It can be hung on a wall (two hooks supplied) or carried in a sleek black Molten branded carry-bag. The bag has additional interior pockets for carrying information such as team lists, game rules etc. Dimensions 45 x 30.5cm. 110064 Price 4. Harrod Nets 030233 Black disc £44.52 each 030230 Red disc £1.62 each White polyethylene cord. 3 x 2 x 1m. 030231 Blue disc £1.62 each 030232 Yellow disc £1.62 each 110020 Price £1.62 each 3.00mm replacement net £167.43 pair 5. Harrod Steel Hand Ball Posts • The uprights and cross bars are finished with black/ 6. Samba Junior Handball Goal white tape. Total weight 120kg • Regulation posts made from 80mm square section steel 2.13 x 1.52m mini handball goal fully portable, • Fold-away, wheel-away posts 3 x 2 x 1m free standing, highly flexible, used on any surface, • Complete with 28.6mm net supports and rubber tyred maintenance free, fits in an average car, high impact UPVC, light and easy to assemble. Comes complete non-marking wheels which automatically retract when with goal frame, net, net clips, anchors and carry bag. the back tubes are folded 7110010CX Price 110017 Price £2,165.19 pair £162.39 each CX 226 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

GREAT VALUE 2. Grays Exo Indoor Hockey Stick Wood composite technolgoy for excellent feel. Ultrabow blade profile ideal for developin core skills. Glass fibre reinforcement for added durability. Colours may vary. 121109 34\" Price 121110 35\" £26.13 each £26.13 each 3. Grays Rogue 4. Mercian Maestro HOCKEY Ultrabow Hockey Sticks Solid mulberry head with reinforcing to shaft for extra durability. New introductory stick for school 1. Mercian Scorpion FGB Hockey Straighter curve enabling use. Sticks young players to develop basic skills. Specially Price A fully fibreglass bound stick with PU grip. Great contoured handle for young £9.20 each value for senior players. players. Colours/design £9.20 each may vary £9.20 each 121207 28in £9.20 each Price £86.52 pack 120064 36in £14.11 each Price 121206 30in £9.20 each 7120064PK10 36in, pack £136.40 pack £20.41 each £86.52 pack of 10 121215 28in £20.41 each 121205 32in 120066 34in £14.11 each 121216 30in £20.41 each 7120066PK10 34in, pack £136.40 pack 121217 32in £20.41 each 121204 34in of 10 121218 34in £20.41 each 121219 36.5in 121204PK10 Pack of 10 121203 36in 121203PK10 Pack of 10 Great Price Excellent Quality 6. Central Hockey Sticks Central Hockey Stick manufactured with a laminated ply head with graphite mesh overlays for additional durability. A bowed face improves high-speed flicks and encourages close control. Finished with a padded, perforated PU leather comfort grip. 5. Kookaburra Infuse 120780 28 inch Price GREAT Indoor 36.5\" 120781 30 inch £8.59 each VALUE 120782 32 inch £8.59 each Wood with fibreglass rovings Price 120783 34 inch £8.59 each for additional strength. Maxi £25.44 each 120784 36 inch £8.59 each head shape. High Quality £8.59 each airbrush finish. Weight: light Pack of 10 28 inch 120780PK10 30 inch £78.61 pack 120521 120781PK10 32 inch £78.61 pack 120782PK10 34 inch £78.61 pack 120783PK10 36 inch £78.61 pack 120784PK10 £78.61 pack For all enquiries email: [email protected] 227

HOCKEY 1. Slazenger Flick Classic Hockey 2. Slazenger Urban Range Hockey Sticks 3. Slazenger Panther Hockey Sticks Stick Striking designs and lightweight wooden Solid mulberry head with reinforced glassfibre toe Durable and superb value for money, the Flick Range construction ensure that the Urban Range is the for added durability. Shaft reinforced with polyester is the optimal game improver range. Offering unique perfect introductory range of sticks for players tape and glassfibre roving. 6-ply handle and PVC styling for improving hockey players who demand a wanting to learn the game. grip. Excellent school stick. Design may vary. sharp look, but at the right price. • Graphite & Glassfibre reinforced • Graphite & Glassfibre reinforced • Traditional bow shaft shape Price • Traditional Bow Shaft shape • PU Grip £9.16 each • Laminated Midi U headshape Design may vary £9.16 each • PU Grip £9.16 each 121044 Price 120008 28in £9.16 each 121103 36in Price Black/Pink 36in - Midi U Head £16.30 each 120009 30in £9.16 each £20.71 each 121107 120012 32in Black/Yellow 36in - Midi U Head £16.30 each 120011 34in 120010 36in 4. Slazenger 5. Slazenger Flick Pro Goalkeeper Stick Indoor Hockey Stick Slazenger designed shaft gives maximum Graphite and glassfibre reinforced stopping area for goalkeepers when they go to making the stick lightweight whist ground at corners. Standard kinked head shape. offering maximum control. • Graphite and glassfibre reinforced • European bow shaft shape • Goalie headshape • U headshape • White Anti-Shock Grip • PU Grip 121108 36in Price 121104 36in Price £32.29 each £24.75 each 228 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

Great Price Great Price Great Price GREAT Excellent Quality Excellent Quality Excellent Quality VALUE 2. Central Playground Ball Low bounce 'pudding' ball 1. Central Yellow Indoor Balls Senior Price 3. Central Mini Balls 120117 £2.71 each Lightweight 113g (4oz). Single £15.80 bag Lightweight 99gms (31/2oz). 120117PK6 120115 Price Bag of 6 £2.71 each 120131 Price 120115PK6 £2.71 each £15.80 bag Single £3.32 each Bag of 6 Junior 120131PK6 £15.80 bag 120118 Bag of 6 £18.78 bag Single 120118PK6 Bag of 6 Great Price GREAT Excellent Quality VALUE HOCKEY 4. Central Coach Balls 120122 each Price 5. Kookaburra Elite Indoor Balls £2.67 each Fantastic value. Basic coaching ball with the same 120122PK12 Pack of 12 £29.38 pack Indoor ball for match and practice use characteristics as more expensive balls. £2.67 each 120139 each £29.38 pack Price £4.08 each 120139PK12 Pack of 12 120120 Orange 6. Kookaburra Smooth Hockey Balls 7. Slazenger Training Dimple Balls 8. Mercian Match Dimple Balls General practice ball Dimple pattern aids water dispersion. PVC High quality match and training ball suitable for all construction. Ideal for club use. Available in bags levels of play, the dimple configuration will reduce Price of twelve (illustrated) in assorted colours (white, spin on water-based pitches. £4.08 each orange, yellow). 120128 White £4.08 each 120518 Orange Price 120132 Swirl £4.08 each 120143 Bag of 12 Price 120519 White £4.88 each 120129 Orange £4.08 each £32.73 bag 120520 Pink 120130 Pink £4.88 each £4.88 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 229

1. Grays Ball Bag 2. Grays Hockey Tactic Board 3. Slazenger Wire Storage Basket Keep all your match and training balls tidy and to Coaching folder with zip fastening. Wired ball basket able to hold 36 balls. Basket hand with the Grays® Hockey Ball Bag. The perfect Numbered magnetic pieces and felt tip pen. comes with circular central compartment with 40 addition to any teams kit and will prove essential Full pitch, half pitch and indoor pitch markings. marker cones. Excellent product for club/school when moving to and from the training ground and coaching sessions. Balls not included. travelling to match venues. Holds up to 36 balls. 120282 Price Zipper for ease of access. Durable waterproof base. 030233 Spare Black disc £36.63 each 030230 Spare Red disc £1.62 each 120092 28.5 x 39 x 30cm Price 030231 Spare Blue disc £1.62 each 120461 Price £16.92 each 030232 Spare Yellow disc £1.62 each £62.35 each £1.62 each HOCKEY Junior Price 120718 Pink/White £6.26 each 4. Grays Shammee Over Grip 5. Mouthguard Viper 120727 Green/White £6.26 each 120720 Red/Black £6.26 each 120084 Black Price The Gilbert® Synergie Viper Mouthguard is a pre 120722 Black/White £6.26 each 120085 Purple £6.80 each contoured shield with extra wall thickness, which 120724 Blue/White £6.26 each 120086 Pink minimises trauma to the jaw and skull. £6.80 each Senior £6.26 each NR 120719 Pink/White £6.26 each £6.80 each 120721 Red/Black £6.26 each 120723 Black/White £6.26 each 120725 Blue/White A. B. D. Great Price Great Price F. Excellent Quality Excellent Quality 6. Central Stick Grips 7. Central Whistles Towelling 1270mm (50in)-self Price A. Price C. adhesive £1.32 each 085341 £2.58 each E. 120301BLK Black £1.32 each 085341P12 £29.30 pack 120301R Red Cushion PU 1600mm (63in)-self £2.13 each B. £1.26 each adhesive £2.13 each 085342 £14.23 pack 120300BLK Black £2.13 each 085342P12 120300BLU Blue £21.78 pack £1.32 each 120300RED Red C. £14.22 pack 120300PK12 Assorted Colours- 085332 085332PK12 £0.64 each Pack of 12 £6.91 pack D. 085343 £1.51 each 085343P12 £15.63 pack E. Small Pealess £2.19 each 087050 £25.03 pack 087050PK12 F. Large Pealess 087051 087051PK12 230 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Harrod Rio 2016 Integral Weighted Hockey Goal Our range of integral weighted goals have been developed to meet BSEN standards for freestanding goals. The goals are safe to use at all times, eliminating the users responsibility of attaching separate anchorage. The unique roller system allows easy manoeuvrability on all synthetic surfaces. • 3.66 x 2.14 x 1.3m runback • C omplies with BS EN 750 safety standards without the need for separate anchorage • Uprights & crossbars made from 75 x 50mm reinforced aluminium • Uprights & crossbars have an extra heavy duty 7mm thick reinforced front wall to prevent ball damage and are polyester powder coated white • N et supports and backboards are polyester powder coated blue • Specially designed 50.8mm dia back tubes allow the net to hang freely eliminating ball rebound • Back bar consisting of six individual galvanised steel rollers • Integral net retaining system holds the net firmly in place without the use of net clips • 460mm high reinforced aluminium backboard panels with red noise-absorbing carpet on all inside faces • Stainless steel bolts throughout • 290.00 kg per set 7121096CX Price 7121097CX Replacement £5,505.93 pair £337.84 pair net 7121095CX Backboard £1,041.47 set protection pad HOCKEY 2. Harrod Freestanding Aluminium with fully welded back tubes and lifting handles Outdoor Goals for added strength. Stainless steel bolts throughout. Uprights and crossbars feature Outdoor goals regulation size W3.66 x H2.14m stainless steel retaining rods to ensure net is (12 x 7ft). 50 x 65mm 2.5mm thick reinforced held firmly in position. For Flip Over wheels see aluminium crossbar and uprights. Finished in item 4 (product 7120866CX). white baked polyester powder coating which provides a tough scratch resistant finish. Zinc 700372CX Rubber Price plated corner joints made from 8mm thick 7120866CX wheel kit £4,711.78 set steel plate. Back supports and top backbar Net £582.19 set manufactured from 32mm diameter x 2.6mm thick CX aluminium. 460mm high reinforced aluminium £168.44 set backboard panels with green noise-absorbing 120311CX carpet on all inside faces. Side frames complete For all enquiries email: [email protected] 231

1. Champion Freestanding Hockey Goal Regulation size 3.66m x 2.13m goals made from 50mm x 2mm steel box section. Supplied as a package deal including goals, nets and wheels. •25mm x 2mm steel net supports •Heavy duty MDF backboards •Powder coated white •Complete with puncture proof wheels •Supplied with 2mm twisted polyethylene knotted nets •Manufactured to BS EN 750 7120369CX Goal Price 120544CX Single £3,430.00 set £91.88 set wheel 120545CX Set of 4 £325.85 set wheels £230.30 set 120546CX Replace- CX ment net 2. Harrod Indoor Hockey Goals with Regulation Backboard Folding wheelaway goal enables you to simply lift out the backboard, fold the net supports and the goal is ready to be moved by two adults. Complete with green regulation size backboards. Backboards 460mm x 18mm thick. 141.00 kg per set 7120368CX Goal Price Net £2,082.29 set CX £287.26 pair 120385 HOCKEY EExxccGGeerrlleelleeaannttttPPQQrriiuuccaaeelliittyy 3. Central Goals 4. Hockey Nets • Made from UPVC tube Polythene-Black 3.65 x 2.13 x 1.52m (12 x 7 x 5ft). • The goal is assembled in minutes, yet is remarkably strong and safe Junior L90 x H60 x D60cm Price 120382 1.6mm gauge Price • Inclusive of net, net clips and full assembly 121314 £40.58 each 120380 2mm gauge £71.04 pair instructions. 120379 3mm gauge net £114.15 pair £180.43 pair 232 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Grays Nitro Junior GK Smock 2. Grays Short Corner Mask 3. Slazenger Club Helmet with Visor and Chinstrap High impact resistant polycarbonate shell, duel Long sleeve design with premium materials. Stretch fit density foam padding with adjustable straps. Ideal High impact resistant shell. Carbon steel facemask. Foam and coolmax lining. Fully adjustable back plate. Built-in throat protector. fabric with ventilated shoulder panels for close fitting cut. for use during short corners. Price £74.71 each 120060 Price 120863 Price 120286 Senior £31.35 each £52.54 each 120285 Junior £100.45 each CUSTOMER GREAT FAVOURITE VALUE 5. Slazenger Premium Academy MINI HOCKEY Goalkeeper Sets Slazenger holdall contains • Kickers • P added • Smock • Legguards shorts • Gloves • Body armour 4. Slazenger Premier Academy Senior Spares Junior Price Price Price 120351 £392.49 set £110.25 each £98.00 each Suitable for ages 9-11 shoes 120355 Legguards 120357 Gloves size 3-6, legguard size 52 x 120356 Kickers £98.00 each 120358 Chest pads £98.00 each 22cm, kicker length 27cm BDUENADLLE 6. Slazenger Premium Kitbag 7. Slazenger Academy Goalkeeper Sets 8. Grays G90 Junior Goalkeeper Set An excellent product for the school/club with all of Slazenger holdall containing: kickers, legguards, The Grays G90 range offers good protection, allows the items required to enjoy a fun Hockey session. gloves, chestpad & smock. Improved foam protection good mobility & is easy to put on helping younger Kit contains rating. keepers to feel confident. Suitable for 8-12 years. • 24 sticks • 24 Balls • 12 Bibs • 40 Cones in Set includes a pair of hand deflectors, a chest 120354 Price protector, a pair of legguards & a pair of kickers. one holdall Senior £280.49 set 120353 121201 Price Junior £268.24 set 120842 Price £349.98 set £227.81 set For all enquiries email: [email protected] 233

Great Price Excellent Quality 1. Soft Lacrosse 2. Lacrosse Bibs SEE PAGES 3. Centrahoc - Match 126-128 A non-contact sport played by 6 persons each team 100% Polyester trimmed For more Bib Set contains: 12 sticks (1m). 6 Blue and 6 Green indoors or outdoors. Introductory 76cm (30in) alloy Black. Set of 11 with options sticks. shaft is fixed to a soft plastic pocket which will not 20cm (8in) positional 2 fluorescent orange pucks. 2 yellow Centrahoc balls. damage floors or fellow players. Midhead retainer numbers. Price Complete in a tough nylon holdall. strap helps beginners hold onto the ball. £45.31 set Please note pocket colours may vary, though two Medium Red £45.31 set contrasting colours will always be supplied. 250815 Blue £45.31 set 250817 Green £45.31 set 145070 Price 250819 Yellow 120410 Price 12 sticks, 2 balls and a bag £197.20 set 250821 £47.15 set 120405 £76.00 set 145072 Red £47.15 set Spare Stick-Blue £6.06 each Spare Sticks £12.34 each Large Blue £47.15 set 120404 145074 250816 Green £47.15 set Spare Stick-Green £6.06 each Spare Balls £3.81 each 250818 Yellow 250820 250822 Great Price GREAT Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality VALUE Excellent Quality Excellent Quality HOCKEY 4. Centrahoc - Standard 5. Centrahoc - Club Set contains: 12 sticks (95cm). 6 Blue and 6 Designed for the more boisterous use, Green sticks. 2 fluo orange pucks. 2 bright yellow this model is presented in white and sky. Centrahoc balls, complete in a tough nylon holdall. Set Contains: 12 sticks (1m). 6 White and 6 Sky sticks. 2 heavyweight pucks. 2 perforated balls. A tough nylon holdall. 120390 Price 120391 Price 6. Centrahoc Micro 120407 £77.85 set 120408 £94.69 set Spare Stick-Blue £6.05 each Spare Stick-Blue £6.81 each Set contains; 12 sticks (colours may vary) but always 120398 120399 6 of two different colours with 2 Centrahoc balls. Spare Stick-Green £6.05 each Spare Stick-White £6.81 each 120411 Price £48.28 set Great Price Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality Excellent Quality A. B. 7. Centrahoc Pucks A. Lightweight fluoro orange Price 8. Centrahoc Floor Hockey Balls 9. Centrahoc Floor Hockey Pucks 120403 £1.94 each 120403PK12 £20.31 pack A very soft, bright orange, non-bounce plastic Easy slide, super soft, foam filled puck. 100mm Pack of 12 ball designed for maximum safety and excellent (4in) dia with contoured edges and recesses to top £3.88 each playability. Weight: 55 grams. and bottom. B. Heavyweight yellow £42.72 each 120387 120431 Price 120435 Price 120387PK12 £3.31 each £3.20 each Pack of 12 234 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

2. Gym Mat - Standard INFORMATION Flame Retardant 4.5kg (10LB) density reconstituted chipfoam mats for general use. Bonded cover with latex anti-slip Category 2A - flame retardant cover and base. Horizontal storage is recommended. BS standard foam interior which is expected to 1892:2.10:1990 0&5.Ideal for secondary school use. pass the requirements of BS1892 Section 2.10: 1990 0+3 Composite test and where 1. Promat Rollout Mat 100082CX Price technology allows the cut test. 1 .22m x 915mm x 19mm £47.03 each Category 2B - flame retardant cover and Perfect for multi-purpose facilities. Large areas can (4ft x 3ft x 3/4in) standard foam interior which is expected to be set up in minutes, by rolling the mats out side by 100083CX £60.21 each pass the requirements of BS1892 Section side and connecting by Velcro strips. Carpet Surface 1.22m x 915mm x 25mm 2.10: 1990 0+5 Composite test and where is soft buy extremely hard wearing. Has a shock (4ft x 3ft x 1in) £78.79 each technology allows the cut test. absorbing and durable XPE Foam core. It is important that mats are only used for 100080CX £89.78 each their designed purpose. 1 .83m x 1.22m x 19mm The selection of mats will depend upon age, (6ft x 4ft x 3/4in) £106.61 each weight and competence of the individual 100081CX using them. If there is any doubt as to the 1.83m x 1.22m x 25mm suitability of mats, the governing body of (6ft x 4ft x 1in) the particular sport or the local P.E. advisor should be contacted for advice. 100079CX All mats above will be supplied in blue unless your order specifies an alternative colour. Alternative colours incur a surcharge. Price 1.83m x 1.22m x 32mm 101250CX £948.90 each (6ft x 4ft x 11/4in) 6.4m x 1.83m x 0.35m CX NR CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 4. Sure Shot Lightweight Gym Mats MATS Half the weight of standard mats. Fully enveloping, hard wearing, non-slip cover fitted with anti-slip base pads for extra security. Manufactured from non tear, wipe clean, hygienic vinyl with sturdy reinforced contrast coloured corners for durability. Flame retardant to BS1892:2.10:1990 Ignition source 0&3. 3. Beemat Multi - Purpose Mat 100075CX Price 100863CX Price 2m x 1m x 40mm £107.22 each 1.22m x 0.91m x 25mm £80.38 each Supplied with the extra depth of chipfoam to allow (4ft x 3ft x 1in) wrestling/judo activities. PVC covered with anti-slip CX NR 100862CX £105.73 each base. Ideal for secondary, college and university use. 1.83m x 1.22m x 25mm (6ft x4ft x1in) CX CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 5. Sure Shot 6. Eveque Standard Gym Lightweight Linking Gym Mats Mats Lightweight mats which link together when laid in an Ideal mat for floor area. Each mat a PVC flap on two sides with sewn on exercise and landing hooked velcro to link with looped velcro on the base situations. Fully enveloping, hard overlap of adjacent mat. wearing, non-slip cover fitted with Bs 1892:2.10:1990 0&3. anti-slip base pads for extra security. Available in Blue,Red and Black. Will be provided in Manufactured from non tear, wipe clean, Blue if colour not specified. hygienic vinyl with sturdy reinforced contrast coloured corners for durability. Flame retardant to BS1892:2.10:1990 Ignition source 0&3. 100860CX Price 101060 Price 2m x 1m x 25mm £103.54 each 1.22m x 0.91m x 22mm £87.80 each 100861CX (4ft x 3ft x 3/4in) 2m x 1m x 32mm £115.84 each 101058 £114.94 each 1.83m x 1.22m x 22mm CX (6ft x 4ft x 3/4in) For all enquiries email: [email protected] 235

CUSTOMER FLAME FAVOURITE RETARDANT - CAT 2A 1. Eveque Gym Mats Lightweight Easily handled due to their weight. Underside latex coated for anti slip. Rigidity of the panels makes vertical storage possible without strapping. BS 1892:2.10:1990 0&3. Ideal for nursery and infant school use. 100092 Price 1.22m x 0.91m x 22mm £52.80 each 100093 1.22m x 0.91m x 32mm £60.61 each 100090 1.83m x 1.22m x 22mm £93.26 each 100091 1.83m x 1.22m x 32mm £97.80 each MATS 2. Promat Multi-Purpose Gym Mat 3. Promat Super Deluxe Gym Mat 4. Lightweight Promat Gym Mat • D esigned for use in schools, leisure centers and • Standard weight mats • Ideal for playgroups and schools sports halls. • Ideal for anyone over the age of 10+ making • Half the weight of a traditional deluxe mat them perfect for secondary schools • Made from a low density closed cell cross linked • Idea for gymnastics, judo, karate and other • Used for general physical education and martial arts gymnastic activities polyethylene foam • Made from a high density recycled chip foam • C overed and then bonded with a leather effect • High density shock absorbing chip foam core • Covered and bonded with a heavy-duty PVC • Bonded with flame resistant PVC fabric • Superior latex anti-slip base heavy duty PVC fabric • Superior reinforced latex anti-slip base • Size: 1.83m x 1.22m x 25mm • Superior reinforced latex anti-slip base • Size: 2m x 1m x 40mm • Meets BS 1892-2:2:10:1990 ignition source 0&3 • Size: 1.83m x 1.22m x 32mm • M eets BS 1892-2:2:10:1990 ignition source 100130 Black Price 100133 Black Price 0&3 100131 Blue £105.37 each 100134 Blue £109.14 each 100132 Red 100135 Red 100122 Red Price £105.37 each £109.14 each £124.19 each £105.37 each £109.14 each 236 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

INFORMATION 1. Beemat Safety Mattress INFORMATION CMFR - Combustion - PVC Covered Safety Information modified foam is available by quotation. Please Constructed with standard foam inners and fully Standard FR mats have been tested to contact our sales office. sewn, flame retardant PVC coated fabric outer covers, BS1892:Section2.10.1990, appendix E complete with toggles, carry handles and anti-slip and give a composite rating in the testing panels. These mattresses are available in a variety of environment of 0-3. different sizes and thicknesses. Mattresses with flame These mats are suitable for low risk retardant foam inners are also available at extra cost. areas. Modified foam satisfies HM Government furniture and furnishing Fire 100029 Price Safety Regulations (1988) however it is 1.83m x 1.22m x 20cm £216.74 each less receptive to landing situations. (6ft x 4ft x 8in) We recommend crash mats and agility 100031 £332.42 each mats are regularly inspected for cuts and 2.44m x 1.22m x 20cm tears as this damage increases fire risk. (8ft x 4ft x 8in) £343.91 each 100032 100037 Price 2.44m x 1.37m x 20cm £349.98 each 2.49m x 1.24m x 25cm £356.29 each (8ft x 4ft 6 x 8in) (8ft 2 x 4ft 1 x 10in) 100033 £437.79 each 100036 £447.05 each 2.44m x 1.22m x 25cm 2.49m x 1.65m x 25cm (8ft x 4ft x 10in) (8ft 2 x 5ft 5 x 10in) £595.84 each 100034 100035 2.44m x 1.37m x 30cm 3.05m x 1.52m x 30cm (8ft x 4ft 6 x 12in) (10ft x 5ft x 12in) INFORMATION Please consult local policy regarding use of mats under high apparatus. If you are confused as to how to proceed please consult the AFPE Health and Safety Officer for guidance. AFPE website: Health and Safety section. Refer to “Mats Revisited”.\" 2. Beemat Agility Mattress - MATS Loose Cover 3.6 kg (8LB) foam interior with FR P.V.C. covers and FR latex swirled base. Loose Cover. Flame retardant 0+3 (Category 2A). 100076CX Price 1.22m x 0.91m x 50mm £63.96 each (4ft x 3ft x 2in) 100070CX £114.77 each 1.83m x 1.22m x 50mm (6ft x 4ft x 2in) £207.87 each 100071CX 3.05m x 1.22m x 50mm (10ft x 4ft x 2in) CX INFORMATION Please be very sure of the size you request. These mats are made to order and once made cannot be re-sold. 3. Beemat Agility Mattress - Bonded Cover 3.6 kg (8LB) foam interior with FR P.V.C. covers and FR latex swirled base. Bonded Cover. Bonded Covers Flame Retardant 0+5 (Category 2B). 100066CX Price 100061CX Price 1.22m x 0.91m x 50mm £68.99 each 3.05m x 1.22m x 50mm £172.58 each (4ft x 3ft x 2in) (10ft x 4ft x 2in) £106.04 each £313.59 each CX CX 100060CX 100063CX 1.83m x 1.22m x 50mm 6.10m x 1.22m x 50mm (6ft x 4ft x 2in) (20ft x 4ft x 2in) CX CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 237

Great Price Great Price BDUENADLLE PACK Excellent Quality Excellent Quality OF 10 GREAT VALUE 1. Central Attack 2. Central Attack Netball Deal Exceptional 'splatter' emboss gives this top quality training ball superior grip qualities. Attractive design Superior grip quality training ball. and high quality 3 ply cross lining. 18 panel stitched. Pack of 10 including Central ball sack. 150111 Size 5 Price 150111PK10 Size 5 Price 150112 Size 4 £7.60 each 150112PK10 Size 4 £75.95 pack £75.95 pack £7.60 each BDUENADLLE PACK OF 10 BDUENADLLE GREAT GREAT VALUE VALUE NETBALL 3. Gilbert Pulse PACK OF 10 Blended rubber surface. Cotton laminate construction. Duragrip pimple configuration. Butyl bladder. Entry level netball 150165 Size 5 Multi Price 150164 Size 4 Multi £13.03 each 150155 Size 5 Green £13.03 each 150156 Size 4 Green £13.03 each 7150155PK10 Size 5 £13.03 each 7150156PK10 Size 4 £125.55 pack £125.55 pack PACK OF 10 BDUENADLLE 4. Mitre Intercept VG 5. Gilbert Spectra Netball Deal Netball Deal Laminated rubber surfaced ball. Excellent training Deep embossed rubberised surface. Shape ball. Pack of 5 balls and includes Ball Tube. guaranteed one year. Pack of 10 including Central ball sack. 150014 Size 5 Price 150001 Size 5 Price £11.29 each 150002 Size 4 £16.93 each 150015 Size 4 £11.29 each 7150001PK5 Size 5 £16.93 each £112.95 pack 7150002PK5 Size 4 £91.88 pack 7150014PK10 Size 5 £112.95 pack £91.88 pack 7150015PK10 Size 4 238 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

TRAINING BALL MATCH BALL TRAINING BALL 1. Gilbert APT Netball 2. Gilbert Eclipse Netball 3. Gilbert High 5 Netball Hardwearing nylon wound all purpose training ball. Match quality ball. High grade natural rubber A size 4 entry level training ball for use on any Ideal for schools and junior clubs. surface. Laminate construction. Gilbert embossed surface with eye-catching multicoloured design. all weather grip configuration. Performance butyl Blended rubber surface with a cotton laminate bladder. Coated with Hydratec. construction and synthetic latex bladder. Duragrip pimple configuration. Price Price 150052 Size 5 £7.91 each 150157 Size 5 £24.67 each 150067 Size 4 Price 150053 Size 4 150158 Size 4 £9.57 each £7.91 each £24.67 each TRAINING BALL Great Price Excellent Quality 4. XLR8 Reactaball 5. Mitre Attack Netball NETBALL Catching, Reacting, Throwing and Running all in one! Exciting graphic design and variable pimple 6. Central Super Maxi - Mould • Brightly coloured pyramid shaped soft inflatable embossed surface combine to create an exciting ball 20cm (8in) dia that bounces in unpredictable new training ball. Durable, moulded rubber practice ball. directions once thrown on the ground • Students react to the direction of the ball using 150065 Price Price a combination of visual response, footspeed, Size 5 - Colours may vary £11.29 each £7.15 each balance and hand eye coordination to catch 150066 the ball Size 4 - Colours may vary £11.29 each £7.15 each •Bounces on any surface including soft grass £7.15 each 115557 Price 150040 Size 5 £10.02 each 150041 Size 4 150042 Size 3 TRAINING BALL MATCH BALL TRAINING BALL 7. Mitre Oasis 8. Mitre Shooter Netball 9. Mitre Ultragrip Netball New edition of the popular moulded rubber training Quality Match ball-18 Panel. Shape guaranteed for 18 panel training ball with heavily embossed ball. Bold grain pimple emboss for excellent feel one year. rubberised surface to assist grip. Suitable for all and durability. weather use on all surfaces. 150110 Size 5 Price 150024 Size 5 Price 150017 Size 5 Price 150099 Size 4 £8.60 each 150025 Size 4 £20.13 each 150017PK6 Size 5-Pack of 6 £14.77 each 150018 Size 4 £85.92 pack £8.60 each £20.13 each 150018PK6 Size 4-Pack of 6 £14.79 each £85.92 pack For all enquiries email: [email protected] 239

1. Mitre Tubular Ball Sack Nylon and mesh ball tube that holds five fully inflated size 5 balls, with a draw cord closure and carry strap. Balls not included. 086221 Price £12.70 each 2. Gilbert 5 Ball Tube Price £15.32 each Holds 5 balls. Balls not included. 150174 CUSTOMER FAVOURITE NETBALL Great Price GREAT Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality VALUE Excellent Quality Excellent Quality 3. Central Popular Posts 4. Central Regulation Posts 5. Central Tournament Posts More suited to primary schools, 32mm square 50mm (2in) tubular uprights. Indoor/outdoor These Regulation Posts conform with the standards uprights. Indoor/outdoor model with t-shape base model with tapering heavyweight base designed as approved by England Netball. off court. Rings supplied adjust to 2.44m (8ft), to be out of court. Rings supplied adjust to 2.44m • 63.5mm dia heavy gauge uprights 2.74m (9ft) & 3.05m (10ft). Wheelaway, supplied (8ft), 2.74m (9ft) & 3.05m (10ft). Wheelaway, • Zinc plated for rustproof use per pair. Nets not included. supplied per pair. Nets not included. • T riangular base, powder coated in green and fitted Posts Price Posts Half Set Price with double nylon wheels to each side 150073CX £237.29 pair 150069CX £255.80 pair • R ings made from 16mm dia solid rod and are CX CX £131.70 each £37.69 pair fitted with safety collar Replacement Rings £21.09 each 150070PCX £37.69 pair • P osts adjust to 2.44m (8ft) to 2.74m (9ft) and 150079 £21.09 each Per pair CX 3.05m (10ft) 150081 • Wheelaway, supplied per pair Per ring • Nets not included. Replacement Rings 150085CX Price 150079 £362.98 pair Per pair CX £44.70 pair 150081 150087 Per ring Replacement 16mm solid rings £7.51 each 600156 Replacement wheel 240 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

ALSO COMES WITH BASKETBALL BACKBOARD STORES IN BASE 3. Sure Shot Compact Hoops The compact hoop offers basketball and netball in one unit. • A djustable from 1.8-2.45m (6-8ft) • 38cm (15in) Steel Netball ring • 4 5cm (18in) Steel Basketball ring • Fan shaped melamine backboard 90 x 60cm (36 x 24in) 030390 Price £240.85 each 1. Sure shot Easyplay Netball Unit 2. Sure Shot Telescopic Netball 4. Gilbert Netball Goal Post NETBALL Post-Ring A simple and easy to use, move and store set The Gilbert Netball Post can be set at a maximum which is ideal for 5 - 12 year olds. Adjustable pole • A new telescopic unit which offers height height of 10ft (3.05m - this is the full height of an for variable height from 1.2-2.5m (4-8ft) 15in ring adjustment and compact storage adult netball post) and is adjustable to 3 settings with no ties and net. Removable ballast box to be 8ft, 9ft & 10ft. It comes complete with a 16mm filled with sand. Easy to move on wheels. Easy to • 50mm steel post Regulation netball ring with net. The 75 x 53 x store. Weight 15 kg (40 kg when filled with sand). • Powder coated base and galvanized pole 13.5cm base is to be filled with 28kgs of water or • A djustable to 3 heights of 2.45m, 2.75m and 40kgs of sand for stability. Sold as singles. 150161CX Price £109.38 each 3.05m 150163CX • Wide, stable heavy base Pink and Silver version £124.08 each • Wheels for easy movement • 38cm steel coated ring CX • White nylon net • Supplied with pole padding 150171 Price 150150 Price £190.28 each £85.54 each 5. Sure Shot Prime Shot 6. Harrod Socketed 7. Sureshot Pole Padding Netball Posts • Maximum height: 10ft Half height foam padding with logo. Suits all 50mm • Adjustable height: 4' to 10' Socketed posts are safer than the (2in) posts. • 16mm regulation netball ring with net freestanding version and are the • Plastic base to be filled with sand or water recommended choice of England • Sure Shot red padding comes as standard Netball. • Uprights manufactured from 7030374CX Price Price 150175 Price £130.46 each 50mm dia x 1.6mm thick zinc £266.85 pair £53.73 each CX plated steel • Uprights complete with punched holes which allow rings to be adjusted to 2.5m, 2.75m and 3.05m heights • Complete with 30cm deep ground sockets with integral hinged flush fitting lids • 10mm dia x 2mm thick solid steel rings with safety collars and nets • 24.00 kg per set • Sold as pairs 150182CX CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 241

1. Gilbert Netball Tactic Board Portable tactics board from Gilbert complete with magnetic position markers, pens and cleaning pad. Size: A3 (297 x 420mm) plus frame. 150240 Price 2. Nets 3. Rings 030233 £30.07 each Black disc £1.62 each Polythene, per pair. Wall fitting, supplied with bracket and nets. 030230 Red disc £1.62 each 150090 Price 150080 Price 030231 £3.17 pair £25.28 pair Blue disc £1.62 each 030232 Yellow disc £1.62 each NETBALL 5. Central Evasion Belts 4. Rings - Fixed Bracket Two people 'link' with the webbing strap which is 6. Central Whistles attached to belts using velcro. Ideal for one to one Wall fitting, flat plate ring 10mm solid steel ring. marking or mirroring. The objectives are to either 085341 maintain the connection or to break it. Intensity, agility and foot speed are all generated in this challenge. Includes carry pouch. 150084 Price 115310 Pack of 6 Price Price £20.76 each 087044 £3.85 each £2.58 each £20.56 pack 7. Central Colour Coded 8. Gilbert Squeezy Whistle Stopwatches A hygienic whistle operated by hand to avoid 1/1000 second stopwatch with lap facility time, passing germs between multiple users. Simply calendar, alarm, and hourly chime. 7mm LCD squeeze to operate the Gilbert Squeezy Whitsle. display, 60 x 52mm with neck cord, battery. Model • Made from soft plastic PVC may vary. • Includes wrist strap • Good quality high pitch sound 010489 Red Price • Ideal for PE teachers & coaches 010490 Blue £7.31 each 010491 Aqua £7.31 each 086045 Price 010492 White £7.31 each £5.88 each 010493 Yellow £7.31 each 010532 Set of 4 colours - £7.31 each assorted £26.33 set 242 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

SEE PAGES SET SET 126-128 OF 7 OF 7 For more bibs 1. Gilbert 2. Gilbert Reversible Netball Bibs Netball Bibs Two colour reversible netball bib. Lightweight eyelet Performance fabric. fabric. Performance breathable fabric. Set of 7 Breathable eyelet polyester. printed both sides. Amber 32/34in Price Royal Blue 32/34in £49.40 set Green/Black Price 205120 36/38in £49.40 set 205128 36/38in £49.40 set 250130 32in/34in £78.35 set 205121 £49.40 set 205129 £78.35 set 32/34in 32/34in £49.40 set 250137 36in/38in Black 36/38in £49.40 set Red 36/38in £49.40 set £78.35 set 205122 £49.40 set 205130 Red/Navy 32in/34in £78.35 set 205123 32/34in 205131 32/34in £49.40 set 250134 36in/38in 36/38in £49.40 set 36/38in £49.40 set £78.35 set Navy £49.40 set Green 250133 £78.35 set 205124 32/34in 205132 205125 36/38in £49.40 set 205133 Sky/Navy 32in/34in £78.35 set £49.40 set 250136 36in/38in Sky SET 205126 250135 OF 14 205127 Amber/Black 250132 32in/34in SET OF 8 3. Gilbert High 5 Netball Bibs 205141 White Price 4. Gilbert Printed Netball Patches NETBALL 205142 Red Set of 8 High-5 Netball bibs made of performance 205143 Royal blue £57.64 set Fitted with velcro hooks and loops to attach breathable fabric. Includes GS, GA, C, GD, GK, TK 205144 Navy £57.65 set directly to some receptive fabrics. Please check (Timekeeper), S (Scorer), and CPM (Centre Pass 205145 Sky £57.65 set your garments as you may need to sew the Velcro Marker). One size only, available in a range of 205146 Green £57.65 set loops to your garments before use. Velcro is colour colours. For under 11's. Set of 8. 205147 Purple £57.64 set matched. Lettering in white. Set of 14. 205148 Pink £57.65 set 205140 Black Price £57.65 set 250236 Navy/White Price 205149 Amber £57.65 set £57.64 set 250237 Purple/White £56.45 set 250238 Green/White £56.45 set £57.65 set 250239 Red/White £56.45 set 250240 Black/White £56.45 set £56.45 set SET SET OF 7 OF 7 5. Mitre Mesh Netball Bibs Sky Blue Medium Price 6. Mitre Reversible Netball Bibs 250226 Large £47.96 set Set of mesh netball bibs with team positions 250227 £47.95 set Set of netball bibs with team positions displayed on displayed on the front and back, with an elasticated Medium the front and back, with an elasticated strap and strap and velcro closing system. Yellow Large £47.95 set velcro closing system. The bibs are reversible giving 250225 £47.96 set two available colour options. 250224 Medium Red Medium Price Large £47.95 set Navy/Sky Medium Price 250218 Large £47.95 set Green £47.95 set 250212 Large £65.39 set 250219 £47.95 set 250222 250213 £65.39 set Medium 250223 Medium Navy Large £47.95 set Navy/Red Large £65.39 set £47.95 set 250215 £65.39 set 250221 250216 250220 For all enquiries email: [email protected] 243


1. Orienteering Compass 2. Checkpoint Marker Luminous dial with inset magnifier. Suits Used in orienteering competitions to mark the orienteering. checkpoint 15 x 15cm -nylon. 155206 Price 155190 Price £9.54 each £5.22 each 3. Silva Expedition 4 Compass 4. Checkpoint Punches ORIENTEERING Baseplate compass. Features magnifier, millimetre Each punch generates a different symbol and inch scales. Romer scales: 1:63.360 configuration. Set of 10. Each set has different 1:50.000 1:25.000. A compass with extra symbols. functionality for GPS users. Price 155056 Price 155191 Set A £77.73 set £43.67 each 155192 Set B £77.73 set SEE THE COMPLETE ORIENTEERING RANGE ONLINE LCOHWAREGREDSELIVERY IQNUSITCAKNETRLYOPRRDOERCEINSGSE–D PWAIYTHOCNACRRDEDIT OR SIGN UP TODAY TO START GETTING THE BENEFITS OF ONLINE ORDERING

CUSTOMER CUSTOMER CUSTOMER FAVOURITE FAVOURITE FAVOURITE SEE PAGES 319-320 for junior rounders 1. Aresson Mirage Bat 2. Aresson Image Bat 3. Aresson Autocrat Plus Bat This well-balanced bat has a spliced handle A great all-round, durable rounders bat. A great bat for competitions due to the strong designed to reduce elbow shock. Ideal for use Recommended as a training bat for use in schools combination of the wooden core and the metal in primary and secondary school. Blue non-slip and leagues. Green non-slip herringbone rubber striking area. Narrower than an average rounders herringbone rubber grip secured with GripGrip tape grip secured with GripGrip tape to prevent the grip bat. This bat is ideal for the first team or keen to prevent the grip from moving. from moving. school player. Non slip fish scale rubber grip secured with GripGrip tape. 175025 Price 175026 Price C. Autocrat Plus Price £11.42 each £10.07 each 175024 Metal striking area, £17.92 each non slip rubber grip. ROUDNERS 5. Aresson Vision X Rounders Bat 6. Aresson Dictator Rounders Bat 4. Aresson Blaze Bat The NEW Aresson fluorescent Vision X bats have The strongest and most powerful bat, the Aresson been designed for the best players who want to Dictator combines the spring and hitting power of A sturdy, light, plastic bat ideal for use with younger stand out from the crowd and have a solid, hard- a willow bat with the striking power and ping of an primary school children. It is ideal for use as part of hitting bat. Robust, colourful non-slip fish scale grip aluminium bat. Ideal for a big hitter first team or a multi skills set. secured with GripGrip club player. Non slip fish scale rubber grip secured with GripGrip tape. 175105 Pink Price 175049 Price 175106 Orange £13.48 each 175098 Price £8.17 each 175107 Blue £23.70 each £13.48 each £13.48 each A. B. C. D. E. 8. Central Rounders Bats/Sticks 7. Aresson Flatty Bat A. Price 175030 £18.18 each An inclusive, training bat for all age groups. The Central Alloy stick with rubber Flatty bat is designed to support younger children grip (colours may vary) £9.40 each and those new to the game. Similar design to that of a cricket bat, with a rubber non-slip grip. 46cm B. £6.66 each x 7.5cm. 175022 Heavyweight Ash stick 368gm £5.17 each (13oz). Comes with knurled grip £5.78 each C. 175048 Price 175033 £9.05 each Foam covered. 455 x 50mm. Colours may vary D. 175041 Flat faced bat 455 x 75mm plain handle with rubber grip E. 175040 Flat faced bat 455 x 75mm plain handle with cord grip 246 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Central Rounders Ball Deal 2. Central Rounders Balls Pack of 25 standard stitched Central Rounders Balls. Price 3. Central Rounders Balls £4.63 each Price 175065 Moulded plastic 175061 Single Ball £3.11 each 175065PK6 ball £25.00 pack Price 175061PK12 Pack of 12 Pack of 6 175001 Stitched ball with £3.80 each 175061PK25 Pack of 25 £27.59 pack moulded plastic soft centre balls £50.16 pack 4. Aresson All Play Soft Balls 5. Aresson Autocrat Balls ROUNDERS Made from soft plastic with a hollow centre, these With a cork centre and a leather outer the Aresson high visibility balls are low bounce and light making Autocrat match ball is an excellent quality and them ideal for early fielding and hitting practise. versatile rounders ball suitable for training and Ideal for indoor rounders and beginners outdoor match games. Weight: 80g. Circumference: 19.5cm training sessions.Weight: 60g. Circumference: 19cm Price £6.77 each 175140 Pink Price 175070 White 175141 Orange £2.56 each 175085 Orange £6.77 each 175099 Yellow £2.56 each £6.77 each 6. Aresson Rounders Balls 7. Aresson Super Match Balls 8. Tactical Rounders Ball Aresson's lightest, softest rounders ball available. Designed for competitive match play at league, With a soft, synthetic core and a robust leather inter school and international level. A slightly outer this ball is designed for training beginners smaller ball designed for high speed play with making it ideal for children's games. Weight: 60g. a cork centre and a leather outer. Weight: 75g. Circumference: 19cm Circumference: 18.5cm 175071 Price 175142 White Price 175058 Tactical 4 star, calf Price £6.77 each 175143 Pink £7.28 each leather match ball £5.57 each £7.28 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 247

SEE PAGES 319-320 more junior rounders products 1. Spare Rubber Grips 2. Rounders Sticks Basket 3. Bowling Tutor 175150 Fitted with carry handle, will take 9 sticks. Basket only. Practice your bowling accuracy with this device which can be adjusted to whichever height you prefer. 40cm (16in) dia hoop comes with the Mini Rounders set as standard. Price 175160 Price 175202 Price £0.59 each £13.82 each £15.04 each A. B. C. ROUNDERS 5. Rounders Posts/Bases Price £7.51 each 4. Aresson Safety Cap For A. Rounders Pole 175108 £4.64 each Wooden Post 1220 x 25mm Safety cap for post. £4.83 each B. £17.38 set Price 175120 £37.62 set £1.74 each Plastic flexible post 1220 x £41.91 set 25mm 175212 C. 175121 Heavyweight rubber base suitable for 25mm dia posts 175103PK4 Pack of 4 rubber bases 175100P Set of 4 bases and 4 plastic poles 175101P Set of 4 bases and 4 wooden poles 6. Central Rounders Deal 7. Soft Strikers Pack Contains: Rounders set containing all foam products, • 6 x Central foam covered rounders sticks reducing any risk of injury from over enthusiastic • 6 x Central flat bat play. Set contains: • 2 x Central alloy sticks • 12 x rubber foam rounders bats • 6 x Central rounders balls • 8 x 7cm dia Tufskin foam balls • 6 x Central soft vinyl balls • 4 x 9cm dia Tufskin foam balls • 1 x Central bag • 6 x soft foam cones • 1 x Central holdall 175050 Price 175080 Price £104.10 pack £119.17 pack 248 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

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