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Maudesport - International Catalogue 2019-20

Published by gopidasgayatri, 2019-11-01 04:04:05

Description: Maudesport - International Catalogue 2019-20


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CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Bean Bags Price Nylon covered bean bag 150 x Price BEAN BAGS £1.27 each 100mm £1.27 each Cotton drill covered bean bag 150 £1.27 each 160360 £1.27 each 2. Ten Numbered Bean Bags x 100mm £1.27 each Red £1.27 each 160864 £1.27 each 160361 £1.27 each Number bean bags offer a fun way to learn basic Red £13.82 pack Blue £13.82 pack numeracy skills. Excellent for developing gross 160865 £35.11 pack 160362 £35.11 pack motor skills. Contains numbers 1-10. Blue Green 160866 160363 161327 Price Green Yellow £12.53 set 160867 160351P12 Yellow Pack of 12 (3 of each colour) 160868PK12 160351PK40 Pack of 12 (3 of each colour) Pack of 40 (10 of each colour) 160863PK40 Pack of 40 (10 of each colour) C. B. 3. Printed Bean Bags Cotton bag cover filled with beans. 125mm square. A. Price A. 160875 £7.46 set Printed 6 colours - Set of 6 £7.46 set £13.82 set B. 160876 Printed 6 shapes - Set of 6 C. 160877 Printed 1-9,0,00, & 000 - Set of 12 For all enquiries email: [email protected] 349

Great Price Excellent Quality CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 2. Marker Saucers Flexible 178mm (7) dia. Ideal for throwdown grid patterns, dribble tests etc. Recommended by the F.A. for soccer training. Each set complete with carrying device. MARKERS 1. Cone Champ 160182 50 markers + Price 3. Multi-Markers carrier £13.28 set Cone Champ collects, stacks and stores sports 40 semi-hemispherical markers. Virtually marker cones, such as saucer cones and hurdle 160178 100 markers + £23.42 set unbreakable. Complete with carrying rod. Very cones. The extendable Cone Champ simply pushes carrier popular alternative to cones due to its economy through each, or a number of cones, stacking and £9.40 set of space. storing over 100 cones. Comes in a bag with 50 160187P30 30 markers only £0.37 each cones. 160175 Green £0.37 each 160176 Red £0.37 each Price 160177 Blue £0.37 each Price £23.88 set 160179 Yellow £0.37 each £23.89 set 160181 White £2.57 each 160184 Spare carrying 160084 160180 device 5. Crumple Cones 4. Lightweight Cone Carry Bag Very colourful and extremely safe, these 150mm 6. Comfort Cones cones are made from a very pliable material which These bags are made by using a combination of heavy crumples on contact. Base made from a heavier Extremely durable thick-walled PVC cones which duty mesh fabric and nylon coated fabric and come density material and therefore good wind resistance collapse on contact. Very safe strong colours with a shoulder strap. Carries x 40 9in size cones. is achieved. Excellent product. Set of 6 colours. 225mm high. Set of 6 colours. 162400 Price 160908 Price 161333 Pack of 6 Price £5.90 each £21.32 set £16.06 set 350 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

CUSTOMER 1. Heavyweight Cones FAVOURITE Tough PVC with sand weighted base. Grooved for canes and rods. 12in Price 24in Price £6.88 each £14.82 each 160151 £6.88 each 160160 £14.82 each Blue £6.88 each Red £14.82 each 160150 £6.88 each 160161 £14.82 each Red Blue £59.58 pack 160152 £8.54 each 160162 Green £90.20 pack Green £19.05 each 160153 £8.54 each 160163 £19.05 each Yellow £8.54 each Yellow £19.05 each £8.54 each 160171PK4 £18.64 each 18in £31.58 pack Pack of 4 (1 of each colour) 160155 Red 30in 160155PK12 Red (pack of 12) 160165 160156 Red Blue 160166 160157 Blue Green 160167 160158 Green Yellow 160168 160170PK4 Yellow Pack of 4 (1 of each colour) CONES 3. Numbered Cone Sleeves 4. Number Cones Numbered 1-20, slip over style. Cones not included. Numbered 0-9. Moulded marker cones numbered in high visibility red. H230mm (9in). Set of 10. 160172 Set of 20 Price 161326 Price £5.26 set £10.47 set GREAT 2. Lightweight Cones VALUE 5. Collapsa' Cones Moulded marker cones with aperture Super safe team colour cones, designed to at peak for marker flags, poles etc. 'collapse' and then pop back up right away! Indoor Can be pegged down. or outdoor use. Set of 6. 225mm Red Price 162550 Price 160135 £1.91 each H15.24cm (6in) £3.28 set 160136 Blue £1.91 each 162551 160137 £1.91 each H22.86cm (9in) £5.64 set 160138 Green £1.91 each 162549 160134PK4 £6.86 pack H30.48cm (12in) £9.40 set Yellow 160135P40 Pack of 4 £56.69 pack (1 of each colour) Pack of 40 (10 £2.57 each of each colour) £2.57 each £2.57 each 305mm Red £2.57 each Blue £43.27 pack 160140 160141 Green £3.22 each 160142 Yellow £3.22 each 160143 Pack of 20 (5 of £3.22 each 160148P20 each colour) £3.22 each 380mm Red Blue 160145 Green 160146 Yellow 160147 160148 For all enquiries email: [email protected] 351

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Plastic Flags 2. Sequencing Spots 3. Directional Arrows Easy and cost effective way to mark boundaries. Ideal for positional instruction and movement A set of 18 vinyl arrows which stick to any polished 290mm overall height 210mm above ground. control. Both types are designed to remain in surface. Each set consists of 6 colours with three Available in red, yellow, blue and white. position when in contact with any polished surface. of each colour included. Set of 6. 160779 1 of each Price 160779P40 colour £5.01 pack 162114 Price 162415 Price 10 of each £17.43 set £38.21 set colour £35.12 pack 5. SET OF 10 PAIRS 6. MARKERS 5. Throw Down Hands Great teaching resource for setting out play routines and drills. 10 pairs per set. Contrasting left and right hands. 4. Floor Marker Squares 162429 Price 7. Court Marker Set £17.57 set Fabricated from a soft and pliable vinyl material. Flexible vinyl lines and corners which have nonslip Non-slip and flat to the floor surface can be used 6. Throw Down Feet characteristics particularly on polished surfaces. to mark location on which to stand or as throwing Set contains targets. 30 x 30cm. Set of 6 colours. Great coaching aid in terms of feet placement or • 20 x lines 360 x 73 x 3mm teaching resource for setting out play routes. 10 • 4 x corners 280 x 73 x 3mm pairs per set. Contrasting left and right feet. 162508 Price 162428 Price 020265 Price A. £17.71 set B. £17.57 set £25.81 set 8. Poly Floormarkers C. Ideal for positional instruction and movement control. Sets of 6. A. Discs Price D. 9. Floormarker Number Discs 1 - 30 162084 Asstd Colours- Set of 6 £14.71 set 12.7cm (5in) vinyl discs with inset number 1-30 in B. Lines £6.69 set contrasting colour. Suitable for indoor or outdoor 162502 Red- Set of 6 £6.69 set use. Ideal for movement and spatial awareness. 162503 Blue- Set of 6 £6.69 set Also brings numerical skills into play. 162504 Green- Set of 6 £6.69 set Set of 30. 162505 Yellow- Set of 6 £8.88 set 162552 Price C. Corners £8.88 set £57.06 set 162506 Blue- Set of 6 £8.88 set 162507 Yellow- Set of 6 £8.88 set D. Curves 162097 Blue- Set of 6 162098 Red- Set of 6 352 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Plastic Canes 2. Multi Purpose Bases A modern and safer alternative to bamboo Set of 6 colourful multi-purpose bases - fits rods, canes. These brightly coloured laths are virtually hoops and flat hoops. Base plug fitted, allowing unbreakable in normal use. Each pack contains 3 x units to be filled with water or sand for stability in red, 3 x blue, 3 x green and 3 x yellow. use. Set of 6. 160120 Price 162544 Price L1.2m x 10mm dia £22.56 pack 085300 £45.04 set Single base £8.34 each 162457 Pole cross base £9.00 each 4. Stacker Skittle OBSTACLE COURSE Wire unit which will support canes and hoops in a vertical or horizontal position. 760mm (30in) 3. Multi-Purpose Floor Cones 160880 Red 30cm - 8 holes. Price 160130 Price 160881 Blue 30cm - 8 holes. £4.66 each Red £10.46 each 9 height settings can be achieved up to a 160882 Green 30cm - 8 holes. £4.66 each 160133 maximum height of 80cm. Flat Hoops can also be 160883 Yellow 30cm - 8 holes. £4.66 each Yellow £10.46 each attached to the top of the cone. £4.66 each 160131 Blue £10.46 each 162499 50cm -16 holes. Price 160132 162455 40cm -12 holes. £7.51 each Green £10.46 each 160816PK4 £6.26 each Pack of 4 (1 of each colour) £38.87 pack 5. Multi-Level Markers 162554 Red Price 6. Hoop And 162555 Blue £2.11 each Rod Holder Moulded cone with locating points at different 162556 Yellow £2.11 each heights offering superb versatility. Base dia 30cm. 162557 White £2.11 each Device which attaches to a polished floor and holds Use with jumping rods. Locating points are: 8 x at £2.11 each either flat hoops or rods in vertical mode. Please 5cm, 4 x at 10cm, 4 x at 15cm. note hoop not provided and holder only available in red. Hoops and rods sold separately. 160778 Price £3.56 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 353

1. Hurdle Bar 3. Motor Skills Obstacle Course Useful barrier where a securely attached rod is A multitude of permutations can be set up for gym needed and cones are not equipped for push and play activities. through rods. Simply drops over top of cone. Set contains L100cm (3ft 3). • 10 x Pole bases (which can be filled with sand and sealed) •15 x marker poles 10 x 0.8m and 5 x 1m • 20 x post clips • 5 x post/hoop clips OBSTACLE COURSE & PLAY TUNNELS 2. Hurdle Cone Ladder 160788 Price 160786 £95.32 set New adjustable 45cm ladder offering 9 different Spare Post Clips £1.24 each height settings. Comes with one piece adjustable 160787 clip. Fits 30, 40 & 50cm multi-purpose floor cones. Spare Post/Hoop Clips £1.24 each (Cones not included). 162492 Pack of 12 £13.78 pack 162459 Price 162456 Price £7.28 each £3.75 each 4. Movement Activity Pack The set can also be used to create targets to help develop hand-eye coordination as well as basic throwing skills. Set contains: • 4 x marking hands • 12 x bean bags • 4 x marking feet • 8 x 30cm cones • 4 x marking arrows 5. Crawling Tunnel • 3 x 50cm flat hoops • 6 x post hoop clips 6. First Play Commando Crawl • 2 x 60cm flat hoops • 6 x 100cm posts 6 way connected play tunnel. Can be used to • 4 x 30cm flat hoops encourage group play and games. Size 2.2m, 53.5 x Children will have lots of fun crawling through this 47 x 5cm 3m long tunnel 161822 Price 7163116 Price 162302 Price £92.82 pack £538.82 each £47.66 each 7. Mesh Top Bendy Tunnel 8. Transparent Play Tunnels A tough nylon tunnel with a transparent mesh top to Heavy duty 'see through' PVC material allow children discourage any feelings of claustrophobia. Suitable to feel less claustrophobic when tunnelling through. for indoor or outdoor use. The extra length allows the tunnel to be shaped to create 'twists and 'turns' . Assembled size 270 x 54cm dia. 248350 Price 248462 Price £66.41 each 3m x 50cm £152.29 each 354 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Deluxe Hoops Top quality deluxe ring hoops with a super strong joint. 46cm (18in) Red Price Blue £2.58 each 160400 Green £2.58 each 160401 Yellow £2.58 each 160402 Pack of 12 £2.58 each 160403 £25.41 pack 160795P12 61cm (24in) Red £3.23 each Blue £3.23 each 160405 Green £3.23 each 160406 Yellow £3.23 each 160407 Pack of 12 £34.95 pack 160408 160796P12 76cm (30in) Red £3.88 each 2. Blue £3.88 each 160410 Green £3.88 each 160411 Yellow £3.88 each 160412 Pack of 12 £39.49 pack 160413 160797P12 92cm (36in) Red £4.54 each Blue £4.54 each 160415 Green £4.54 each 160416 Yellow £4.54 each 160417 Pack of 12 £48.28 pack 160418 160798P12 2. Standard Hoops Designed for general use. 14mm hoop, butt welded joint. 3. Flat Hoops 46cm (18in) Red Price 1. Made in one piece by plastic injection moulding 160380 Blue £1.87 each techniques. This process allows the hoops to be 160381 Green £1.87 each more pliable than traditional tubular hoops and thus 160382 Yellow £1.87 each they can be manipulated where a tubular hoop would 160383 £1.87 each break or become very distorted. Stackable. Red 61cm (24in) Blue £2.50 each 40cm Red Price HOOPS Green £2.50 each 160808 Blue £4.37 each 160385 Yellow £2.50 each 160809 Green £4.37 each 160386 £2.50 each 160810 Yellow £4.37 each 160387 Red 160811 £4.37 each 160388 Blue £3.12 each Red Green £3.12 each 50cm Blue £5.37 each 76cm (30in) Yellow £3.12 each Green £5.37 each £3.12 each 160755 Yellow £5.37 each 160390 Red 160756 £5.37 each 160391 Blue £3.75 each 160757 Red 160392 Green £3.75 each 160758 Blue £5.64 each 160393 Yellow £3.75 each Green £5.64 each £3.75 each 65cm Yellow £5.64 each 92cm (36in) £5.64 each 160812 160395 160813 160396 160814 160397 160815 160398 4. Foam Hoop Stands 5. Hoop Holdall 6. Make a Hoop Chamfered foam blocks with preformed slots for Handy bag for the storage and carrying of up to 50 This easy assembly hoop means that you will be flat hoops. Sold in pairs hoops. (20 x 36in dia hoops plus a combination of ready to hula in seconds! Made in brightly coloured 30 smaller hoops.) Bag features a shoulder strap plastic, the pieces slot together and create a sturdy and 180 degree zip. hoop. 80cm. 162458 Price 162490 Price 163117 Price £3.75 each £16.93 each £9.18 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 355

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Plaited Coloured Ropes 8mm dia, 2m (6ft 5). 160632 Price 2. Plastic Skipping Ropes Red £2.54 each 160633 £2.54 each 6mm vinyl rope without handles 2.13m (7ft) Yellow £2.54 each Colours red, blue, green and yellow. 160634 £2.54 each Blue £2.54 each 160641PK20 Price 160635 £11.40 pack Pack of 20 (5 of each £22.11 pack Green £40.60 pack colour) 160636 Orange 160631PK5 Pack of 5 (1 of each colour) 160637PK20 Pack of 20 (4 of each colour) GREAT 3. Plastic Skipping Ropes VALUE 6mm reinforced plastic ropes with black moulded handles. Available in team colours. SKIPPING ROPES 160620 Price Red 2.13m (7ft) £1.94 each 160621 £1.94 each Blue 2.13m (7ft) £1.94 each 160622 £1.94 each Green 2.13m (7ft) £7.44 pack 160623 £2.57 each Yellow 2.13m (7ft) £2.57 each 160619P4 £2.57 each Pack of 4, 2.13m (7ft) £2.57 each 160624 £9.26 pack Red 2.74m (9ft) 160625 Blue 2.74m (9ft) 160626 Green 2.74m (9ft) 160627 Yellow 2.74m (9ft) 160660PK4 Pack of 4, 2.74m (9ft) 4. Skipping Rope Cotton rope tagged with black rubber sleeves at each end. 10mm thick. Pack of 10 1.83m (6ft) Price 5. Jumbo Skipping Rope 6. Skipping Rope 160590 2.13m (7ft) £8.42 pack 160591 2.43m (8ft) £9.73 pack Long heavy duty woven rainbow rope with soft 2.35m (7ft 9) 160592 2.74m (9ft) £11.01 pack handles. L2.35m (7ft 9) 160580 160593 3.05m (10ft) £12.27 pack 160594 3.35m (11ft) £12.94 pack 160617 Price Price 160595 £14.21 pack £5.17 each £2.57 each 3.66m (12ft) Single 5.48m (18ft) £1.92 each 160596 7.32m (24ft) £2.56 each 160602 £3.85 each 160603 356 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Ankle Skip 2. French Skipping Rope 3. Jump Bands A hardwearing plastic flight ball attached to an ankle Another traditional playground favourite in Each set is over 2m long and is supplied in 6 colours, ring. This game will increase individual jumping skills bright rainbow colours. 3.5m elasticated rope, red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple. Can be used and help coordination. Supplied as a set of 6, one approximately 4mm dia. indoors or outdoors. Supplied in a pack of 12 bands. each of red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple or individually (colours as available). 162110P1 Price 162199 Price 162312 Price Colour as available £3.98 each £2.60 each £27.59 set 162110 Set of 6 £22.66 set SKIPPING ROPES 4. Segmented Skip Ropes 162446 Price Pack of 6 £9.37 pack A 2.74m jump rope with two colour segmented plastic links which add weight to the rope giving it extra momentum and a distinctive 'click' when the rope contacts the ground. 5. Jump Loops 6. Skipping Rope Rack 7. Double Dutch Skipping Rope A more complete way of skipping. The Super Jump Simple screw-on rack enabling ropes or braids to Heavy duty polypropylene rope with high quality really gives the upper body as well as the legs a be looped over the projections. Up to 400 ropes polypropylene handles. Two ropes of contrasting complete work out. Supplied as a set of six with one can be stored. Fixings not included. colours which then means you can combine one of each of red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. each colour to make learning easier. Set of 2 162111 Price 160589 Price 162407 Price £28.22 set £19.61 each Yellow/Blue 4.87m (16ft) £10.47 set 162485 Orange/Red 9m (30ft) £11.81 set For all enquiries email: [email protected] 357

CUSTOMER GREAT FAVOURITE VALUE 1. Tumblemat - 4 Section 2. Activity Mats 3. Folding Tumbling Mat • No split welded edges for indoor/outdoor use 915 x 915 x 50mm, these mats are fitted with Hard wearing, wipe clean, flame resistant & non • A heavy duty mat which folds into four sections for velcro on all four sides, which enables nine mats toxic PVC cover Folds into two sections with 2 carry to be fitted together to form a square safety play handles. storage purposes area. Available in four primary colours; Red, Blue, Size: 183 x 122 x 30mm. • H igh quality, soft and durable vinyl with sealed Green, Yellow. edges, wipe clean • Foam and vinyls meet all relevant safety standards • U se under play equipment, ideal for elementary gymnastics • Folds double for high impact use Size:1800 x 900 x 25mm. 248040 Price 7100850PK4 Price 163092 Price £38.24 each Set of 4 (1 of each colour) £279.88 set £158.67 each PRIMARY MATS 4. Lightweight Tumbling Mats 6. Story Cushions Constructed from heavy duty flame retardant covers, 5. Exercise Mat • D urable bright coloured waterproof wipe clean with a lightweight closed cell fire and water resistant cushions polyethylene core. Velcro link and flap to each mat. A soft and comfortable mat which will fold easily It is lightweight and easy to carry. Available in green, for storage with a wipe clean surface. Size 120 x • Great for group seating areas and reading time red, yellow and blue. 1200mm x 600mm x 40mm. 60 x 2.5cm. • M ade to exacting quality standards and finished Weight per mat 2.00 kg approximately. in a soft touch durable vinyl, meeting all relevant 101049 Red Price safety and fire standards 101050 Blue £79.77 each • Size: 500 dia x 75mm (193/4 x 3in) 101051 Green £79.77 each 101052 Yellow £79.77 each Price 248043 Single Price £79.77 each £18.80 each £19.43 each 101172 163441CX Pack of 10 £188.16 pack 7. Round Sag Bag 8. Snoozemats®Silver 9. Snoozemats Holdall • Giant \"Bean Bags\" Excellent for seating or sleeping • Basic tough rest mat, with welded seams • High quality storage and protection for 6 Snoozemats • Designed to surround and support a child and • Durable, hard wearing and wipe clean • Child safe carry handles on two panels • Ideal for a nursery environment Size: W650 x D400 x H500mm maintain shape • Suitable for 1 yr + • Wipe clean waterproof soft touch quality vinyl Size: W1200 x D600 x H25mm • Circular dia 900 x H100mm Price 248042 Price 248224 £25.08 each 230518 Price £78.44 each 7248224PK10 £77.95 each Pack of 10 £238.51 pack 358 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

A. B. 1. Activity Kits B. Activity Kits 2. Giant Activity Kit A medium sized set combining functionality and A. Activity Kits creativity, with 19 cleverly designed soft play pieces A giant set of 15 large climb-on pieces allowing pupils A versatile, portable and compact set of 16 pieces allowing pupils to create a wide variety of detailed to construct obstacle courses with areas to climb over, with an assortment of soft play shapes. role play and circuit course constructions. under or through and build up/knock down blocks, for a Holdall size: W450 x D450 x H900mm. Holdall size: W690 x D690 x H840mm. fun playtime. Holdall Size: W750 x D900 x H1000mm. 248355CX Price 248356CX Price 248357CX Price £282.24 set £477.28 set £753.25 set CX CX CX INFORMATION Free Support Pack with each set purchased 3. Move & Play Set 4. Jump for Joy Gymnastic Set SOFT PLAY A range of foam filled shapes, expertly created Set comprises: 2 Bridges to provide challenging and increasingly versatile (1 Small & 1 Large), 1 Barrel, movements and exercises for the young. 1 Soft Box, 1 Rod, 1 Cuboid, Set includes a support pack. 2 Wedges (1 Small & 1 Large) & 1 Jump for Joy Teacher Support Resource. 248201CX Price 7248209CX Price £2,306.83 set Gym set £2,863.16 set CX NR ED CX NR ED £58.32 each 248211 Support pack 5. Fruit Cushions 6. Funtime Kit One Comfortable, wipe clean cushions printed with UK manufactured kit carefully designed for children brightly coloured fruit images to encourage healthy under five. Contains: 1 x curved slide, 1 x cylinder eating conversations. Pack of 4. ramp, 1 x platform, 1 x slide, 1 x steps and 4 x triangle mats. 163439CX Price 248226CX Price £127.14 set £532.88 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 359

1. Ball Pool Balls 2. Barrel 3. Interlock Building Block Set Blow moulded plastic balls, ideal for filling any An excellent aid for developing confidence, shape 26 sealed foam blocks. A variety of shapes which enclosed receptacle or space to create a simulated and style in rolling activities. Younger children will lock together to form any structure required. Inventive pool effect. 76mm dia. Assorted colours per 500. enjoy it for the crawling, and dynamic balance option for receptions, nurseries, playrooms etc. opportunities it presents. Price 248212CX Price Price £170.90 pack 1220 x 965mm dia £583.05 each £109.55 set 7248475 CX ED 248191 SOFT PLAY 4. Steps 5. Wedges Steps provide a wealth of linking, climbing and Two different sized wedges provide a variety of 6. Cylinder training opportunities. exercises in travelling and rolling. 100cm x 25cm soft play cylinder 248207CX Price 248214CX Price Price 762 x 762 x 610mm £348.71 each Small 457 x 914 x 457mm £206.96 each 248222CX £77.18 each 248213CX 1220 x 965mm dia CX ED Large 762 x 1220 x 610mm £314.84 each CX (All above) CX 7. Column Bridge 8. Humps 9. Small Steps 500 x 250 x 250mm brightly coloured rectangular 750 x 175 x 500mm series of tactile humps which 500 x 250 x 500mm small set of steps with a bridge. provide an exciting soft play surface gentler incline for smaller legs 248223CX Price 248224CX Price 248225CX Price 1220 x 965mm dia £77.18 each 1220 x 965mm dia £85.49 each 1220 x 965mm dia £77.18 each CX CX CX 360 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

A. B. C. 1. Floating Shapes Giant colourful air filled shapes which float when thrown into the air. Shapes can be played with for about 30 minutes before further inflation is required. To inflate use a high volume inflator or the exhaust from any vacuum cleaner. A. Pyramid Price D. 161308 1.22 x 1.22m (4 x 4ft) £30.55 each 2. Cloth Covered Balloon Ball B. Ball £32.61 each 161309 1.22 dia. (4ft) These lightweight cloth covered balls are suitable for £26.66 each early ball skills. The cover is made from washable C. Cube cotton. Insert balloon inside cloth and inflate. Each 161310 1.22 x 1.22m (4 x 4ft) £26.66 each ball supplied with 2 balloons. 30cm dia. D. Moon £94.06 set 248155 Price 248179 1.22 x 0.70m (4 x 2ft 3) £7.51 each Set of 4, 1 of each shape 161314 A WONDERFUL VISUAL & TACTILE EXPERIENCE GREAT VALUE 3. Floater Ball Set 4. Liquid Colour Floor Tile SENSORY PRODUCTS These extremely lightweight balls float through the air These new liquid tiles that encourage children to 100686-W601 Yellow/ Price providing a slower movement that makes it easier for move and explore the surface in order to make the Orange £25.08 each children to track. Floater balls are safe to use and can colours swirl. be used individually or in group activities. •A ble to withstand jumping and use by adults and 100686-W202 Blue £25.08 each Set contains 100686-W105 Pink £25.08 each • 6 x 30cm (12in) Floater Balls children, even wheelchairs and trolleys 100686-W502 Purple/Pink £25.08 each • 6 x 90cm (36in) Floater Balls. •Use on any flat surface or table top as well as the 100686-W401 Green £25.08 each 163083 Price floor £74.01 set •Each tile is 50cm x 50cm, 4mm thick and 1.65kg. B. A. 5. Interactive Emotions Mat A. Price 6. Emotions Cushions 163436CX £478.47 set Children can choose an expression to sit on during 3x3m Square Pack of 6 cushions, each with emotion faces reading and group lessons to encourage empathy and £630.62 set printed on one side, plain on the other. group discussion. B. • Stimulates group discussion • Distinctive and brightly coloured, child friendly designs 163437CX • Can be used as stepping stones or story • Crease resistant with safety backing 2m dia Round cushions • Abrasion resistant, nylon twist soft finish • Soft touch • Tightly bound edges to prevent fraying • Wipe clean 163438CX Price 3x3m Square £122.24 set For all enquiries email: [email protected] 361

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Cooshie Balls 2. Spider Ball 3. Tentacle Balls Soft, safe, easy to grasp for kids 3 and upwards. The brightly coloured ball gives a great sensory feel A new sensory experience - the tentacles cover Natural rubber, washable. Great new educational with its 65mm tentacles. Makes throwing and catching a balloon-like core, which can be moulded and concept. 70mm dia. games more fun with its velvety soft feel. Pack of 6. manipulated with the lightest of pressure. Set of 6 attractive colours 180mm dia. 290052 Price 290052PK12 £4.32 each 161167 Price 162542 Price Pack of 12 £8.15 pack £13.38 set £49.07 pack SENSORY PRODUCTS 4. Spikey Sensory Lightball 5. Urchin Balls This sensory ball is very tactile and made from a soft, Soft synthetic strands make for easy catching and flexible plastic which can be manipulated in a child’s for accurate toss games. 60mm dia. Particularly hand. If the ball is shaken the light inside will flash beneficial as a sensory toy due to their tactile and automatically stops again after a set time has characteristics. Set of 6 eye catching colours. elapsed. The ball also has a loop in the top which allows for string or cord to be attached to the item, allowing for it to be swung or hung up in a classroom or nursery. 8cm Dia. Ages 3+. Colours will vary. 160740 Price 162002 Price £4.63 each Set of 6 £8.58 set 7. Hedgehog Balls For touch and texture training. Easy to catch with needle valve aperture, for easy inflate/deflate. 100mm (4in) Red Price 160271 Blue £3.31 each 160272 Green £3.31 each 160273 Yellow £3.31 each 160274 Pack of 4 (1 of £3.31 each 160272P4 each colour) £12.16 pack 150mm (6in) £3.42 each £3.42 each 160275 Red £3.42 each £3.42 each 160276 Blue £13.54 pack 160277 Green £4.07 each £4.07 each 160278 Yellow £4.07 each £4.07 each 160275PK4 Pack of 4 (1 of £14.88 pack each colour) 6. Cosyfun Balls 200mm (8in) Red Synthetic fleece cover filled with soft acrylic polyfill. 162130 Blue Set of 6 colours: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, 162131 Green purple. 162132 Yellow 162133 Pack of 4 (1 of 162217 Price 162189P4 each colour) 95mm £9.40 set 362 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Pyramid Balls 2. Activity Ball 3. Sensory Tubes Oddly shaped vinyl balls formed in a single seamless Kids are really stimulated with this The stream of colours and shapes slowly floating shape. Inflated using a regular ball pump and needle, product. Solid coloured balls randomly down provides strong tactile and visual stimulation. the degree of inflation affects the bounce of the ball. circulating inside a transparent sphere. 50cm dia. Supplied as a set of six in red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. 162172 Set of 6 Price 248074 Price 180009 Price £25.66 set £35.11 each £6.50 each 4. Tangles 5. Goal Ball Set SENSORY PRODUCTS These brightly coloured tangles contain 5 textures, Initially this ball was devised as an active court adding great play value as an educational toy or game for the visually impaired. Later it became puzzle. popular among other age groups using blindfolds. Made from integral skin polyurethane foam 163533 Price with bells inside. Ideal for developing teamwork, Primary colours £19.99 £15.99 each listening, coordination and spatial awareness skills. 163532 Set includes 8in goal ball and 6 blind folds. Metallic £6.79 £5.43 each 163534 163293 Price Set of 3 Metallic £19.25 £15.40 set £41.71 set 6. Bell Ball 7. Bell Ball 8. Jinglin' Ball Sensory Bell ball encased in flexible foam covered Heavy duty vinyl ball with red/black A product with therapy and rehab uses. Great for use plastic strips allows for both touch and sound senses panel configuration. Strong bell sound. with parachutes as colour and sound combine in a to be used. The ball is light-weight and perfect for stimulating way. 55cm dia. rolling, playing catch or to be used as a sensory and manipulative item. 11cm Dia. Ages 3+. 160122 Price 248318 Price 248075 Price £11.69 each £9.32 each £37.62 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 363

Great Price Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality Excellent Quality 1. Central Carry Bag 2. Central 3. Central Wheeled Bag Multimesh Bags Tub shaped bag with mesh insert for breathability Very large wheelie holdall with one end zip pocket and a reinforced carry handle, constructed from Drawstring closure with mesh upper and nylon and shoulder carry strap. Contents not included. durable high denier nylon and finished in red and fabric base. Will hold a minimum of 6 full size Size: 38 x 17 x 16in (97 x 43 x 41cm). black. Large, zipped top opens for easy access. footballs. Sold in a set of 4 colours. Diameter 30cm (12 inches) Height 25cm (10 inches) 165024 Price 162436 Price 055046 Price £7.03 each £30.70 set £40.14 each Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality PLAY STORAGE 4. Drawstring Poly Bag 5. Central All Purpose Mesh Sack Clear plastic poly bag for storing play time Made of heavy duty mesh cloth with web strap 6. Central Ball Tube equipment such as balls and shapes. Drawstring handle and zipper. Size: 99 x 38cm. Balls not top for easy access.Size: 35 x 22cm. Contents not included. Large holdall with mesh panel. Colour may vary. Size: included. 120 x 30 x 25cm. Contents not included. 600016 Price 085352 Price 162095 Price £3.75 each £10.77 each £10.31 each Great Price Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality Excellent Quality 7. Central Mesh Panel Ball Sack 8. Central Fine Mesh Carry Bag 9. Central Team Kit Bag Heavy nylon bag with large capacity and drawcord. For smaller balls and general use. Holds 10/12 685mm (27\") x 430mm (17\") x 250mm (10\") Balls not included. size 5 footballs. Balls not included. Will hold full strip, match ball and accessories. 085353 Price 085354 Price 085355 Price £9.84 each £10.07 each £11.65 each 364 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

Great Price Excellent Quality 1. Monster Bag 2. Mesh Ball Bag Set A combination of meshed and non meshed pockets A set of six coloured giant mesh bags. of varying sizes to store up to twelve different Each bag holds approx x 12 size 5 balls. Zipped products. Can be wheeled vertically or pulled on the and incorporating a strong webbing shoulder strap, four ball-bearing non-marking wheels. Made from these mesh designed bags allow air to wet or damp double strength water-resistant nylon, and fitted with equipment. Size: L110 x W45 x H45cm. two-way zips throughout. Balls not included. Size: 90 x 45 x 45cm. 160698 Price 162401 Price £80.85 each £43.45 set CUSTOMER FAVOURITE Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality PLAY STORAGE 4. Medium Holdall 162096 Price Red/black with mesh panel £11.77 each Medium sized sports holdall. Size: 78 x 30 x 25cm. 162096NM Contents not included. Red/black without mesh panel £12.40 each Great Price CUSTOMER Excellent Quality FAVOURITE 3. Central Playsacks Price 5. Small Holdall 6. Wire Baskets £6.50 each 085385 Nylon holdall with red web strapping. Colour may Chamfered for easy stacking. 535 x 355mm (21 Small 48 x 33cm, black £6.50 each vary. Size: 58 x 35 x 30cm. Contents not included x 14in) at top reducing to 470 x 315mm (181/2 x 085385RM 121/2in) at base. The crate is 265mm (101/2in) high. Small 48 x 33cm, red £9.56 each 085386 160390BAG Price 160650 Red Price Large 90 x 50cm, black £13.08 each 160651 Blue £15.61 each 160652 Green £15.61 each 160653 Yellow £15.61 each £15.61 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 365

GREAT VALUE 1. Storage Chest 2. First Play Storage Box On Wheels Weatherproof freestanding storage chest suitable for This storage box comes with a clip on lid and use indoor or outdoor. Rollers on one side for easy wheels for easy manoeuvre. The wheels lock in the movement. Lockable (padlock not supplied) Easily lid allowing for easy stacking. Capacity 150 litres. assembled no tools required. Colours may vary. Colours may vary. Contents not included. Size: W135 x D60 x H65cm (531/4 x 231/2 x 251/2in). 162529 Price 162605 Price £156.80 each £58.96 each PLAY STORAGE GREAT VALUE 3. Stack Storage Bins 4. Hygiene Dustbins 5. Storage Box & Lid Large, open access, bins which can be used as 110 Litre capacity, fitted with lid. 110 Litre brightly coloured storage box with large singles or bolted together to create double or triple capacity and lid. Colours may vary stacking units. Bolts supplied. Dimensions L105 x Price Size: 82 x 40 x 42cm (321/4 x 153/4 x 161/2in). W68 x H48cm (41 x 27 x 19in). £52.39 each £52.39 each 160658 Price 163031 Blue £52.39 each 162600 Price 160658PK3 Pack of 3 £74.82 each 163032 Green £52.39 each £17.55 each 163033 Red £202.04 pack 163034 Yellow 6. Storage Box & Lid 7. Storage Box 50 Litre 8. Treasure Chest 50l clear box with coloured lid (colours may vary). Brightly coloured storage boxes which nest when Tough injection moulded storage chest with Size: 60 x 40 x 31cm (231/2 x 153/4 x 121/4in) not in use or stack when used to store equipment. cliplocks. 58 litre capacity. Ideal for loose sports approx. Colours may vary. equipment. Size: 58 x 39 x 30.5cm (223/4 x 151/4 x 12in) Size: 60 x 40 x 36cm (231/2 x 153/4 x 141/4in). approx. Colours may vary 162604 Price 162602 Price 162280 Price £10.79 each Blueberry £7.66 each £20.69 each 366 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Giant Mobile Trough Coated in tough impact resistant plastic finish, and fitted with four castors for easy movement, this trolley is ideal for your P.E. equipment and larger items. Supplied flat packed this item is easy to assemble using the click on plastic connectors and following the simple instruction sheet provided. Dimensions 94 x 64 x 58cm (37 x 25 x 23in). 160657 Price £111.21 each 2. Mega Ball Cart 3. Lockable Ball Cart PLAY STORAGE Supersize ball hopper, on a lightweight wheelaway Easily assembled panels made frame. Mesh basket reinforced with vinyl top section: from 25mm (1in) galvanised steel. 813 x 813 x 635mm. Fitted with zipped aperture on Non marking rubber castors. Holds 30 x 210mm (8 side of basket to permit easy unloading. Unit stands 1/4in) balls. A particularly strong unit which can be 1040mm high and folds down into a handy carry bag padlocked (not provided). if not in use. Size: 106 x 62 x 81cm. 162546 Price 162115 Price £53.03 each £228.70 each 4. Mobile Storage Unit 160655 Price 5. Hoop Rack 77 x 51 x 46cm (30 x 20 £100.73 each 5 x 5cm (2in) polythene coated wire mesh basket x 18in) Wall mounted rack which will permit upto 100 mounted on nylon castors. 160656 £128.70 each hoops to be stored in a concentric mode. Fittings 91 x 64 x 49cm (36 x 25 and equipment not included. x 19in) 160420 Price £15.74 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 367

1. Mobile Trolley With Hoop Rack 2. Drop Front Storage Trolley 3. Molten Folding Ball Trolley This trolley holds 4 removable wire baskets in team Coated mobile trolley with drop panel for easy Portable, folding ball trolley. Manufactured with colours. Complete with a side arm that provides access with fixed down lid. Ideal for floats or pool heavy duty steel chromium rods with casters for storage for a variety of sized hoops and a small accessories. Flat packed, easily assembled. 92 x the frame and outer cover made from strong unit at the end of the trolley that provides storage 61 x 69cm (36 x 24 x 27in). reinforced nylon. Folds flat requiring minimum for poles, canes and longer items. storage, completely portable. Easy to wheel from D700 x L900 x H1050mm place to place once filled. 161829CX Price 160705CX Price 030311 Price £290.10 each £253.34 each £136.92 each CX CX CUSTOMER FAVOURITE PLAY STORAGE 4. Deluxe PE Trolley 5. Heavy Duty Storage Trolley Multi purpose mobile trolley with 3 tiers of • Suitable for sports or classroom storage and can • Powder coated for scratch resistance and durability powder coated steel baskets of various sizes to hold up to 60 balls • Arrives fully welded and assembled enable storage of a whole host of different sports • 122 x 70 x 84cm equipment. Also has a deep wire bin for balls, bats • Front section drops down for easy access and longer items, a very popular all purpose trolley. • H inged lid is stopped to prevent full opening for Size: L107 x H94 x D52cm. safety 7163001CX Price • L ockable clasps can be fitted with a padlock for 100882CX Price £555.42 each £506.28 each CX security (padlock not supplied) CX • Fitted with large swivel castors, including two brake wheels, for safety, stability and ease of movement • C onstructed from premium quality ERW tubular steel and heavy gauge mesh for durability and strength 6. Universal 7. Multipurpose Storage Trolley Storage Trolley • 2 large plastic coated wire baskets with 2 • V ersatile trolley allows adjustable central partitions storage for a variety of equipment • Lockable clasps can be fitted with a padlock for • Includes 2 large plastic coated security wire baskets with adjustable partitions • Premium ERW steel and heavy gauge mesh • C onstructed from premium ERW • Powder coated frame steel and heavy gauge mesh for • F itted with 4 swivel castors (non-marking) for easy durability and strength movement • The frame is powder coated for scratch • Arrives fully welded and assembled resistance and durability • Manufactured in the UK • Size: 105 x 76 x 64cm. • Fitted with 4 swivel castors (non-marking) for easy movement • Arrives fully welded and assembled • Manufactured in the UK • Size: 92 x 108 x 64cm 100881CX Price 100880CX Price £478.03 each £504.15 each CX CX 368 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

Terms & Conditions Equipment. This will be advised if deemed necessary close to the time as the carrier can arrange, please note it will at time of order. Any items bearing a suffix of CX in the be a chargeable service and not guaranteed to be exactly at Acceptance product code will incur additional charge for carriage. the time specified. Where a request has been made for delivery Orders are only accepted by Maudesport subject to d) All claims for missing or damaged goods must be on a specific date Maudesport will do all in it’s power to meet compliance with our Purchase and Terms of Trading. Variation made within 3 days of delivery and in the case of this request. However the company will not entertain any claim of our conditions will not be accepted unless agreed in non-delivery within 10 days of date of invoice. whatsoever for compensation for failing to meet such a request. writing by a company Director prior to order receipt. e) All carriage charges, excluding VAT will be waived for cash and carry collection from our showrooms. Can you collect your goods? Telephone, fax or e-mail f) A full version of Terms and Conditions are available upon request We welcome callers at Aldridge but to avoid congestion We accept such orders only on the basis that an official order and are also printed on the reverse of all Delivery documentation. we prefer to be notified beforehand. If you do make a number can be given at the time the order is taken. Any visit, please ensure you have the necessary identification customer who does not use an official order number system How do you pay? and documentation to make your purchase, as we must provide their account number before we will accept the We will send our invoice, according to the instructions do not wish you to have a wasted journey. order for processing. In the event of an order by telephone or given on your order, following issue of goods. This invoice fax or e-mail being accepted, any written confirmation received will then be subject to our normal terms of trading. BFPO’s thereafter must show boldly the words ‘For Information Only’. Maudesport Ltd. W1/N3 Westpoint, Middlemore Method and cost of delivery will depend on nature of goods Retrieval charges may be added to your invoice if duplication Lane West, Aldridge, Walsall, WS9 8DT and availability of space on normal BFPO channels. We occurs, due to this procedure not being followed. Please note that invoices for part supplies should be passed reserve the right to charge carriage at a rate appropriate for payment and not held pending receipt of following items for to the nature and weight of the consignment. Are your items in stock? which a separate invoice will be provided. Your co-operation Stock changes daily, so there can be no guarantee that items in may assist following items to be dispatched sooner. Title stock one day will be still available the following week. However or: Title to the goods delivered remains the property of Maudesport we can advise whether good levels of stock are apparent at the By telegraphic transfer or Bank Draft to: until payment in full is received, according to the terms time you wish to place your order either by contacting our Sales Barclays Bank, PO BOX 777, Queen Square, given on the Delivery Note accompanying the goods. Office - Monday to Friday between 9am and 5.00pm - or by Wolverhampton, BX3 2BB for the credit of Maudesport Ltd leaving a message by Voicemail or e-mail outside of these hours, Account Number: 10618659 Prices which will be dealt with promptly on our return to the office. Sort Code: 20 - 90 - 08 All prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate, except where Notification of such payment is still required at the marked. Orders within the EU are subject to UK VAT unless Late payment Aldridge address. customers VAT number is provided with the order. Prices Payment is required within 30 days of our invoice date. accurate at the time of print, however subject to change at Although we take account of holiday periods and bureaucratic any time. For most up to date prices see delays in authorisation etc, excessive disregard of these payment terms, without valid justification being received in SOLO Please note writing will trigger the following Credit Control procedure: Terms in respect of payment, administration a) Suspension of supply which may involve any How will your order be despSatOchLedO? charges and carriage rates may be superseded balance of goods remaining on your order. by contract or key account arrangements. b) Interest charges added monthly to your overdue payment Direct to the address supplied either by our own You received damaged, incorrect or in line with statutory legislation pertaining to late payment. vehicle, Royal Mail or a reputable national carrier. unwanted goods. What do you do? c) Small claims procedures being activated. You must advise our Sales Office in writing within 3 days of Our cSomOpLutOer-linked warehouse holds most items in receipt of such goods. Details of our Delivery Note numbers are Are you a new customer? essential. In return we will send a written acknowledgement of All institutional purchases will be supplied without prior stock, although some goods are sent directly to you, your advice, together with a suggested method of return should arrangement, provided the order is endorsed by official by our suppliers. So don’t worry if your order comes this be required. The acknowledgement should be retained requisition or by headed stationary signed by the Authorised incomplete, the balance of goods will follow shortly. Your by you for reference purposes until the matter is resolved. Buyer. Other first time customers should note that payment consignment must be checked upon arrival for: Do NOT attempt to return goods by any other procedure as this in full to include VAT and administration charge if applicable a) Correct number of parcels will inevitably result in you remaining liable for the goods. should be attached, & goods cannot be dispatched until this b) Signs of parcel abuse Please note unwanted goods should be unused, complete has occurred. Alternatively Bank reference and two trading c) Correct content of parcels with original packaging and in a condition you would references may be submitted, but please note that a delay Please note if the outside of a package or parcel looks damaged, expect reasonable for resale to another customer. will occur whilst these references are taken, & goods cannot sign but state damaged on the carriers receipt as an added Please note: safeguard. Alternatively, refuse the goods stating ‘damaged’ on a) Failure to comply with this procedure will put your claim at risk. be dispatched until this procedure has been completSedO. LO the carriers paperwork. We regret we cannot entertain claims b) Late notification of damaged or incorrect for missing or damaged goods which have not been notified goods will invalidate your claim. You are supplied with an alternative product in writing within 3 days of the date of delivery, irrespective c) Maudesport bear no responsibility for return of goods outside Our policy is to supply the exact item you have ordered and of whoever has signed for the goods, at the consignment the given procedure. Please note the return of over ordered short-term delays will be endured in order that this policy is delivery point. This is necessary due to the very short period of goods, incorrectly ordered goods, or goods no longer required will met. Longer term delays or discontinued lines usually result time we have to claim against carriers for damage in transit, only be sanctioned if the Sales Office is forewarned of this action. in an alternative of equal or better quality being submitted therefore your co-operation is vital in your own interest. A handling and re-stocking charge of £15.00 or 10% goods for your approval. You will be advised if this occurs, and Please remember that carriers, deliver weekdays between value whichever is the higher, plus return carriage cost plus under no obligation to accept the alternative offered. 08:30am and 6.00pm. If premises are likely to be unmanned, VAT, will apply to overordered goods, incorrectly ordered goods you should include instructions to guarantee an authorised or goods no longer required, returned in prime condition. Specification signature will be available upon delivery. Aborted deliveries Maudesport rely on the customers to provide correct item Please note that whilst we endeavour to ensure the may be subject to a charge being made if such instructions codes, descriptions and quantity details, if confirmation accuracy of images and descriptions at time of print, product are not included with your order. Carriers can be contacted to of order is sent to us this should be clearly marked on the specification is naturally subject to change or revision. arrange a booking time for your delivery. Whilst this will be as order, failure to do so will result in possible duplication and What are the Maudesport terms of trading? return costs. Orders placed by telephone and not confirmed a) All prices are nett, exclusive of V.A.T. which will be added, as above will be entirely at the customer risk. Maudesport where applicable at the rate ruling at the date of dispatch. are unable to take responsibility for non-confirmed incorrect b) All invoices are payable no later than orders. Personalised products are non-returnable. 30 days from date of invoice. c) For any destination, we reserve the right to charge carriage on exceptionally heavy or bulky items, e.g Weight Training Useful Information Opening a New Account CX Items Claims To establish the correct invoice point could all Government Items where the code ends with a CX are carriage Delivery shortages or damaged goods must be notified funded organisations please issue the first order in writing. charged extra items. These items incur an additional to us within 3 days of delivery and confirmed in writing This can be by email to [email protected] delivery charge due to their heavy or bulky nature. within 7 days. Any items that have not been signed for To open a new business account could you please ring 01922 In some instances these items may also require as damaged or unchecked will not be valid for a claim. 459571 or email [email protected] to request special access requirements as they require a an account application form. We will require the names and ‘two person lift’. After ordering these items you Export addresses of two trade references, and once the application will be notified where relevant to discuss any All prices quoted are ex works. CIF prices on request. is approved, you will be offered 30 days payment terms. To additional charges or access requirements. Payments in sterling upon pro-forma invoice is required avoid any delay whilst processing your account application we before shipment can be made. Liability for all clearance suggest that payment of your first order is paid by credit card. How To Order charges & delivery costs from port of entry to customer We accept an official form such as those provided lies with the customer if delivery cleared to door is not Delivery Charges by your local Authority or official stationery from your requested. Any export packaging is additional at cost. See inside cover for delivery information. Standard charges are establishment signed by the Authorised Buyer. subject to change dependent on Maudesport’s courier charges. Ensure that you use Maudesport product codes, and that Terms & Conditions For most up to date delivery charges, please see full details of colour, size and style are always supplied. Please see above or contact us for details. We Failure to do this will result in your order being delayed. reserve the right to alter the design and range Bulk Order Discount Full delivery address and invoice address should be of our equipment without notice. We reserve Terms are available for bulk deliveries. Please contact our clearly indicated together with any instructions regarding the right to change prices of equipment without sales department to discuss whether your order qualifies for delivery or special quality requirements. Your account notice. Delivery charges subject to change, bulk discounts. Terms cannot be offered retrospectively. number from previous documents will also greatly assist. see online for most up to date prices.

EQXUCAELLITLYENT AT AN EVEN BETTER PRICE SPORTS INCLUDE: •Athletics •Rugby •Badminton •Squash •Baseball •Swimming •Basketball •T able Tennis •Boxing •Cricket •Tennis •Football •Volleyball •Handball •Hockey •Netball •Rounders maudesp rt Maudesport Ltd. W1/N3 Westpoint, Middlemore Lane West, Aldridge, Walsall WS9 8DT Contact the sales team by; Email: [email protected] Tel: +44 (0)1922 459571 Our team are on hand Monday–Friday from 9am–5pm For direct bank transfers please use the following details: Sort Code: 2 0 - 9 0 - 0 8 Account No: 1 0 6 1 8 6 5 9 Registered in England & Wales 2665227

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