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Maudesport - International Catalogue 2019-20

Published by gopidasgayatri, 2019-11-01 04:04:05

Description: Maudesport - International Catalogue 2019-20


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BDUENADLLE 1. Bounceback Hurdles 2. Infant Agility Throw Kit A set of four colour coded hurdles with a weighting The Throw Kit allows youngsters to experience system which allows them to return to their original many different ways of throwing, catching, position when knocked back. Heights of 35, 30, co-ordination and control, vital for all sports. 25 and 20cm (14 x 12 x 10 x 8in) are included in Stored in a clear box, the equipment is accessible the set. to allow youngsters to participate in small or large groups. Includes enough equipment for a whole class to use. Contents: • 8 x mini bull nosed javelins • 8 x large skittles • 8 x small skittles • 8 x footballs size 3 • 8 x tennis balls (4 colours) • 8 x flexible marker discs • 1 x Stopwatch • 1 x squeezy whistle • 1 x resource pack • 1 x wheelie storage box • 4 x skipper hoops (4 colours) 010700 Price 7011037 Price £39.96 set £361.15 set 3. Primary Athletic Kit BDUENADLLE JUNIOR ATHLETICS The perfect introduction to the Sportshall concept, • 1 x target hoops set (incl. bag) Price this exhilarating range of running, jumping and • 20 x bean bags £1,199.02 set throwing activities is suitable for Primary School • 1 x hi stepper (incl. bag) children of all abilities. The kit contains everything 7011029CX you need to host two series of five events featuring all ten events of the Sportshall Decathlon set. 5. Contains: • 1 x bag • 1 x junior standing long jump • 3 x lightweight datum mats • 1 x PAK wedge with flap • 1 x vertical jump (PAK) • 4 x foam javelins • 1 x 1kg vinyl medicine ball • 1 x football - size 4 • 1 x 10m (32ft 10) graduated measuring mat • 1 x balance beam • 1 x flexible marker discs (set of 40) • 2 x stopwatch • 2 x whistle • 1 x sportshall handbook • 1 x sportshall DVD • 1 x wall chart • 1 x activity cards • 1 x ring binder • 50 x certificates • 50 x personal score cards 4. Junior Standing Long Jump Fully graduated lightweight folding mat for standing long jump and triple jump. Laminated activity card supplied. Infant/Primary use. 700002CX Price £303.22 each CX 5. Junior Standing Triple Jump Fully graduated modular mat for standing triple jump or 5 strides. Comes with laminated activity card and carry bag. Infant/Primary use. 700003CX Price £538.51 each CX 4. For all enquiries email: [email protected] 299

CUSTOMER 1. Lightweight Foam Javelins FAVOURITE Safe for indoor use and has a dependable flight 1. pattern making it an ideal introduction to javelin throwing at the primary level. Sportshall approved for competition and award scheme use this set of twelve 75cm long javelins comes complete with protective carrying case and activity card. 7010390 Price Pack of 12 £170.89 pack A. B. 2. Foam Javelins 3. Foam Shot Made from durable foam with wings to help glide. Central foam shots are made from heavyweight foam for durability but the shot is lightweight A. L50 x 3cm dia Price B. L90 x 5cm dia Price enough for primary school use. Weight: 200g. 010345 £5.24 each 010350 £7.37 each 010350PK10 £66.31 pack Price 010345PK10 £49.00 pack Pack of 10 £7.95 each Pack of 10 BDUENADLLE 010180 JUNIOR ATHLETICS 4. Skillbuilder Athletics Kit Comprises the following: 5. Foam Discus • 4 x foam javelins (2 sizes) • 6 x foam relay batons Discus made from superlight foam with a reduced • 4 x PVC discus - (4 colours 200g) diameter for primary school use. Weight: 85g. • 4 PVC Shot - (4 colours 400g) • 1 x Flexibar • 1 x 30m measuring tape • 50 x safety markers with carry device • 1 x databoard • 1 x stopwatch • 1 x holdall 160005 Price 010009 Price £163.06 set £7.08 each 6. Target Throw 7. Relay Baton - Foam Game of skill and accuracy Set of 6 Batons manufactured in a tough closed with easy measuring. cell foam. Suitable for younger children in any 'pass Laminated activity card it on' game. Six colours. 32mm dia. supplied. Contents: • 4 different coloured targets • 4 x 5 sets of different coloured bean bags • Roll out throw mat with distances marked on it • Carrybag 700150 Price 010645 Price £298.61 set £10.85 set 300 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Checkball Great Price Excellent Quality Ideal for developing coordination skills useful in racket sports such as badminton and tennis. Large shuttlecocks make the perfect introduction for young players. Set contains 2 x rackets and 1 x giant shuttlecock. 160464P Price 2. Mini Badminton Racket Set 1604641 £20.74 set Spare racket £7.12 each Key stage 1 set of 4 rackets, four colours: red, 1604642 blue, green, yellow. Spare Shuttle £9.11 each 020042 Price £15.18 set JUNIOR BADMINTON 3. Fleeceballs 4. Mini Badminton Net and Post Set These lightweight tightly knit Fleece Balls are a Consists of net, posts and bag. Easily foldable and great introduction to Badminton. Size 3in. can be packed in bag for easy carrying. All the parts of the net frame are inter-linked. 3m in length. 020320PK6 Pack of 6 Price 020148 Price £9.40 pack £66.52 set 5. Junior Badminton Shuttlecocks 6. Carlton ISO 4.3 Mini Rackets 7. Carlton ISO 4.3 Midi Rackets A shuttlecock intended for junior use. This Maxi racket with a larger head for increased shuttle Titanium Alloy/Steel construction for superior badminton shuttle has a rubber base and yellow contact area. Ideal for beginners. Recommended durability. Larger head size for ease of play. skirt. for age 5-7. Length 53cm. Weight 90g. Suitable for players aged 7-10. Midi racket. Length 58cm. Weight 100g. 020124 Pack of 12 Price 020174 Price 020173 Price £3.47 pack £10.61 each £10.61 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 301

Great Price Excellent Quality 1. Foam Coated Basketball 3. Skillbuilder Basketball Kit Coated high density foam basketball resembles Each kit comprises: traditional basketball characteristics, but is soft • 30 x flexible markers and fun. Perfect for all age groups. 7.5in dia. • 20 x bibs (in two different colours, colours may vary) • 2 x 10-ball carry nets • 1 x holdall • 14 x Central cushion grip basketballs 2. Central Vinyl Basketballs Primary set - 7 x size 3, 7 x size 5 balls Junior set - 7 x size 5, 7 x size 6 balls Practice ball for class use. Size 5 (Midsize). Inflate/ deflate valve. 030238 Price 030043 3 Colour Price 160018PR Primary Price Size 5 £14.25 each 030041 Orange £7.22 each 160018JR Set £169.34 set Junior Set £5.95 each £169.34 set JUNIOR BASKETBALL 4. Sure Shot 510 \"U Just portable\" 5. Basketball Trainer 6. Basketball Stand • 2 wheels for movement A multiple-target basketball/netball stand with four Free-standing tubular steel basketball hoop with nylon • Ground stake for stability hoops set at different height levels, ideal for group rope net. Weather proofed so can be used inside and • 111 x 71cm backboard activities on the playground. The three outer hoops out. Simple self assembly required. Height 860mm, • 46cm (18in) solid steel ring with net turn into the metal frame for easy storage. It also hoop diameter 400mm. • Adjustable up tp 3.05m (10ft) comes with a storage bag which fits neatly in the • With pole padding lower half of the stand. Price Product size: £313.60 each 79 x 68 x 137cm Ring 1 size = 18in dia, ring 2, 3 and 4 size = 16in dia Ages: 4 Yrs + 7030478CX 163041 Price 163016 Price Colour Backboard £176.01 each £69.49 each CX 302 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

2. Fast Track Cricket Set Fast Track Cricket equipment is manufactured from top quality moulded plastic, and is designed to contribute skills to youngsters without the fear of injury. All items, except balls, are produced in hi-visibility yellow and can be used indoors and outdoors twelve months of the year. 1. Tufskin Cricket Bats 055950 Price Junior Set contains two sets £37.62 set Foam coated cricket playbat. of bases/stumps, two balls and two junior bats (size £7.18 each 162473 Red Price three) packed in a nylon carry £11.32 each 162474 Blue £13.19 each case. £10.96 set 162475 Green £13.19 each 055957 162476 Yellow £13.19 each Fast Track Bat-Junior £13.19 each 055959 Spare Fast Track Holdall 055924 Set of Stumps/Base 3. Mini Kwik Set JUNIOR CRICKET Comprises 1 kinder bat, 1 soft 4in high tee to practice striking the ball, and 1 kinder ball which is safer than the orange Kwik Cricket Ball. 055913 Price Set £20.05 set 055927 Batting Tee £5.59 each 055933 Kinder Ball £4.83 each CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 5. Kwik Cricket Sets 055915 Price Small Bat £14.49 each Kwik Cricket is a simplified game of cricket for 055916 all boys and girls from the age of 3 to 5 years. It Medium Bat £15.66 each has been designed as an alternative to traditional 055920 equipment to allow the game to be played safely on Set of Stumps £21.02 set any flat surface either indoors or outdoors at any time of the year. Introduced by the Test and County KWIK CRICKET GUIDE Cricket Board and the National Cricket Association. Made from high quality moulded plastic - light Components Small Set Medium Set Mixed Set enough for small hands yet extremely tough and durable. Small Size Bats 2 2 1 Please see Kwik Cricket Guide table for contents of Length 28in Age 6-8 each set. Medium Size Bats 1 Length 30in Age 9-11 055900 Price Kwik Cricket Set - Small £73.87 set Stump Sets 22 2 055910 4. Kwik Cricket Ball Kwik Cricket Set - Medium £73.87 set Kwik Cricket Balls 2 2 2 055904 Orange 055932 Kwik Cricket Set - Mixed £73.87 set Price 055914 Holdall 11 1 £4.20 each Kinder Bat £9.85 each Literature Yes Yes Yes For all enquiries email: [email protected] 303

BDUENADLLE 1. Creative Movement Kit A specially selected range of equipment which will enhance dance lessons and rhythmic gymnastics. Set Contains: • 4 x 60cm (24in) hoops • 4 x 16cm (61/4in) balls • 3 x scarves • 6 x wands • 6 x tapsticks • 4 x dance rings • 4 x clubs • 4 x ropes • 6 x movement spots • 1 x set workcards • 1 x storage bag 162528 Price £115.41 set BDUENADLLE JUNIOR DANCE 2. Cheerleader Pack This great kit contains enough equipment to get a troop of 24 participants cheering successfully. Will encourage visual expression and develop creative movement while increasing fitness levels through play. Contains: • 12 x cheerleader flags • 12 x cheerleader pom poms • 12 x cheerleader wands and storage bag 180243 Price £112.90 pack CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 3. Pom Poms Perfect for dance and movement activities, these assorted colour pom poms will prove extremely popular with children of all ages. Colours may vary. Regular Price 4. Rhythm Flags 162203 £13.14 set Set of 4, assorted colours Improve rhythm, coordination and concentration £14.69 set and with these colourful flags. Easy to get going Large £14.69 set with the rotating joint, the flags flap behind the 162109 £14.69 set arms and the whole body. 6 flags, each in different Set of 4, assorted colours £14.69 set colours. Cover 100% Nylon. 162160 £14.69 set Set of 4, red 180119 Set of 6 Price 162161 £19.00 set Set of 4, blue 162162 Set of 4, green 162163 Set of 4, yellow 304 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

GREAT VALUE 1. Juggling and Dance Scarves 2. Large Dance Scarves Neon coloured scarves in lightweight nylon to give A set of six large pastel coloured chiffon scarves. a floating action. Set of 3 pastel colours. 180 x 135cm. Colours include red, green, blue, yellow, orange and purple. 161710PK3 Price 180055 Set of 6 Price £5.18 set £25.74 set 3. Ribbon Wristbands 5. Bangle Ribbons JUNIOR DANCE Elasticated wristbands with assorted coloured 4. Ribbon Wands A set of six soft plastic rings, tied with lengths of ribbons attached to create a swirl of colour. Hands ribbons to add visual impact. are left free to promote freedom of movement and Set of 6 wands with assorted coloured ribbons expression. fitted at both ends of the wand. Provides a mass of 162254 Price colour in your dance routines. 30cm (12in) Ribbon length £15.67 set 162252 162255 Price 180036 Set of 6 Price 60cm (24in) Ribbon length £16.29 set £5.01 pair £25.08 set 6. Mini Wand And Ribbons 7. Multi Coloured Ribbon Rhythmic gymnastics mini wands with double Satin ribbon. 6m x 5cm. F.I.G approved. Colours ribbon set. may vary 180006 Price 180030 Price Mini Wand and Double £3.30 set £4.51 each Ribbon 180005 £1.30 each Mini Wand and Clip only For all enquiries email: [email protected] 305

1. Mini 2. Swing 3. 6 Colour Ribbon Set Ribbon Stick Ribbon Bag and Double Ribbon Set Set of 6 Wands 22cm (9in) and single attached Cord with finger loop is attached to a weighted bag ribbons 1.4m (3ft 11). Colour of ribbons: red, blue, 15cm (6in) sparkle wand with two ribbons which in turn is attached to coloured streamers. green, yellow, orange, purple. Suitable for dance attached. The centrifugal rotation of the bag creates and movement activities. spectacular effects, but coordination, concentration and balance will develop with this exciting game. Suitable for 5yrs+. 180000 Set of 6 Price 180035 Price 180037 Price £20.18 set £6.26 pair £16.64 set JUNIOR DANCE 4. Ribbons 5. Gymnastic Ropes Satin ribbons-6m x 5cm. Double thickness for first 300cm x 9mm. Competition quality. metre. 180010 Wand Price 180200 Yellow Price 180020 White £2.89 each 180201 Blue £3.19 each 180021 Amber £3.85 each 180202 Green £3.19 each 180022 Red £3.85 each 180203 Pink £3.19 each 180023 Blue £3.85 each £3.19 each 180024 Emerald £3.85 each £3.85 each 6. Rhythmic Gymnastics Hoops 7. Dual Coloured Gymnastic Ropes Rectangular section. F.I.G approved. 80cm dia, Dual coloured set of 6. 300cm x 9mm. Available in 320gms. purple/white, red/white, green/white, blue/white, lemon/white, orange/white. 180220 Pink Price 180221 Blue £8.75 each 180205 Set of 6 Price 180222 Green £8.75 each £13.55 set 180223 Yellow £8.75 each £8.75 each 306 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Rainbow Parachutes Giant nylon bi-coloured chute with variety of options for play. Reinforced grip straps fitted at intervals around the perimeter and 25cm (10in) braided tape sewn onto inside of perimeter to add strength to the product. Centre of chute features air escape hole which will not pass over a childs head. Great activity product. 248171 Price Mini Chute 1.82m (6ft) dia. £13.36 each 8 handles 248160 £31.94 each 3.65m (12ft) dia. 12 handles £62.30 each 248161 £86.41 each 5m (16ft 6) dia. 16 handles £101.16 each 248162 £129.18 each 6.10m (20ft) dia. 16 handles 248167 7.3m (24ft) dia. 20 handles 248164 9.15m (30ft) dia. 24 handles 3. Dance Sack Blue JUNIOR DANCE The Dance sack has an opening on the back and stretches to stay on the body. 2. Target Chute 248172 Price 160832 40\" x  27\" Price 3.5m (11ft 4) dia. 24 handles £47.57 each 160833 47\" x 27\" £30.97 each Doubles up as a floor target for target toss or 248177 160834 56\" x 28\" floor bowls. 6m (19ft 7) dia. 16 handles £98.00 each £35.17 each £39.38 each 4. Tapsticks 5. Boomblaster CD And iPod Dock 7104056 Price Including vari-speed £855.33 each Wooden percussion sticks, Green. Sold as a set of 2. JVC Boomblaster with iPod dock and inbuilt 7104055 vari-speed CD player is ideal for the busy fitness Without vari-speed £515.87 each 180007 Price & dance instructors who require an all in one 7104057 £2.73 set powerful portable solution. It allows you to control Carry Bag £68.32 each the iPod from the easy to use larger buttons and has four different sound modes (flat, beat, pop, clear) included, so whether it's fitness, street dance, salsa or classical, this system will bring out the best from your music! • Dock for iPod with twist auto lock door • USB host • Twin 13cm (5in) super woofers with level controls • MP3/WMA playback • Programme (30 tracks)/random/repeat Play • Headphone jack on back • Works with batteries • 40W total power • Plays CD, CD-R/RW, MP3/WMA (CD-R/RW, USB) • FM digital tuner with 30 presets • 8cm (3in) full-range speakers • Back-illuminated LCD (blue) • 1-bit D/A converter • W666mm x H231mm x D240mm (26 1/4 x 9 x 9 1/2in) • Weight: 6.8kg Please note: This system doesn't have a microphone input. For all enquiries email: [email protected] 307

1. Tagball 2. Baden Dodgeball 3. Foam Dodgeball Tagball is a great game. \"Attackers\" throw a ball A soft rubber ball which is ideal for use in Dodgeball, High quality foam, coated with a long lasting, tough, covered in velcro at \"defenders\" who are eliminated one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. tear resistant surface for indoor and outdoor use. if the ball sticks to their training bib. \"Defenders\" • Features Baden Dodgeball logo Non-sting skin for match play and general practice. tagged don't leave the court but they are not allowed • C an be used indoor in the school gym or outdoor 160mm. Colours may vary. to move, however they may deflect balls. Teams then change roles and repeat the game. Scoring is by time in the playground taken to eliminate all the \"defenders\". • Can be kicked, thrown, headed, bounced and Set contains: • 6 x \"defenders\" bibs caught • 1 x Tagball 160467 Price 163210 Size 8.5 Price 163078 Set of 4 Price 160469 Spare Tagballs £59.57 set 163211 Size 7 £10.35 each 163079 £20.51 each £6.26 each £10.02 each £73.83 pack JUNIOR DODGEBALL 4. Molten DodgeBall 5. Molten Multisport Ball 6. Molten Soft Touch Dodgeball Made from rubber with a butyl bladder making it A Soft touch no-sting multi-purpose sports ball with Non sting dodgeball designed specifically for ideal for school use. It has a soft feel rubber surface a moulded construction. The ultimate training ball, primary and junior school games. White and grey which reduces the fear of injury. great for many games and activities! Suitable for ball. all ages. 163084 Pack of 3 Price 163087 Price 163080 Pack of 3 Price 163084PK3 £12.81 each £10.09 each 163080PK3 £12.73 each £34.58 pack £34.39 pack SEE PAGE 350-352 For more floor markers 7. Non Sting Ball 8. Poly Floormarkers 162503 Price Blue- Set of 6 £6.69 set 21.5cm dia, this entry level ball has no impact Ideal for positional instruction and movement 162504 issues and can be inflated/deflated. Striking colour control. Both types are designed to remain in Green- Set of 6 £6.69 set combination. Indoor or outdoor. position when in contact with any polished surface. 162502 Red- Set of 6 £6.69 set 270087 Price 162505 £11.28 each Yellow- Set of 6 £6.69 set 308 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality 1. Central Regulation Footballs 2. Central Official Football Regulation weight. Easily deflated/inflated and fitted Vinyl ball. 260gm, good entry level ball in a 32 panel with replaceable valve. configuration. Size 5 White Price Size 4 White Price 085110 Size 5 Price 085100 Orange 085105 Orange 085109 Size 4 £5.97 each 085101 £6.85 each 085106 £6.85 each 085108 Size 3 £6.85 each £6.85 each £5.97 each £5.97 each Great Price GREAT Excellent Quality VALUE JUNIOR FOOTBALL 3. Central Match Football 4. Foam Skinned Soccer Ball 5. Moulded Foam Soccer Balls Regulation weight vinyl 18 panel ball. Easily Soccer Ball configuration with a light skin 215mm Available as a set of 6 team colours, these skinned deflated/inflated. (8.5in) dia. Colours may vary. high bounce footballs are ideal for use in many indoor team situations. 200mm. Size 5 Price 160061 Price 162548 Price 085095 £7.60 each £5.83 each £50.10 set 6. Football - Softy 7. Tufskin Soccer Ball 8. Best Shot Football Polyester soft filled for safety. Stitched vinyl outer The high specification Tufskin coating has now Lightweight soccer ball. Colours as available. cover. 150mm (6in). been applied to a 32 panel soccer pattern to create 215mm an indoor soccer ball. (8.5 in) 160379 Price 160073 Size 4 Price 160341 Price £5.72 each £13.12 each 160341P12 Pack of 12 £3.97 each £41.90 pack For all enquiries email: [email protected] 309

Great Price Excellent Quality 1. Handpump 2. Central Ball Carry Nets 3. Samba Match Goal 5 x 4ft Double action, heavy duty push/pull pump, suitable Balls not included. Designed to BS8462: 2005, fully portable, free for large inflatables. Capacity 2 x 2000cm³ volume standing, can be used on any surface, maintainance output. Comes with 3 sizes of connecting nozzles. Price free, made from 68mm (21/2in) high impact UPVC. £1.95 each Product features • Locking system £3.20 each • Net • Net clips • Grass anchors. 248095 Price 085350 6 Ball Capacity 086310 Goal Price £13.05 each 085351 12 Ball Capacity £85.31 each JUNIOR FOOTBALL Great Price Excellent Quality 5. Lightweight Football Goal 4. Central Pop Up Goals Ideal for small sided games, this unit is made from Ideal for small sided games. Easy to assemble 53mm UPVC tube and measures 183 x 130 x and collapse, folds with one twist. Includes ground 110cm, though it can be used the other way around anchors and carry bag. Set of 2. to give a height of 130cm. Ground anchors and a net are provided. 087046 Price 085762 Price 6 x 3.5ft £59.67 set £60.25 087047 4 x 2.5ft £51.95 set 6. Central Football Coaching Pack 7. Sabre 5x4 Training Goal 8. Samba Locking Mini Goal 12 x 6ft A great value kit for coaches containing equipment Great value goal ideal for the garden, playground Official Goal for F.A. Mini Soccer. Top selling goal to practice and develop essential football skills. or the beach. Manufactured from the same high made from UV stabilised PVC with UPVC corners. • 2 x white Central bullet footballs impact uPVC as the Match Goal range. Includes: Light and easy to assemble. 'New' goal frame locking • 12 x slalom poles Goal, locking system, net, fast clips and system, 2.5mm net, New improved quickclips and 4 • 50 x marker saucers and carrier ground anchors. ground staples. • 12 x Central step hurdles • 4 x 4m Central agility ladders • 5 x Central passing arcs • 1 x holdall 087066 Price Price Price Contains size 4 footballs £317.24 set £137.81 each £180.71 each and 15cm hurdles 7087475CX 085285CX 310 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Balance Beam 2. Balance Development Kit 3. First Play Balance Snake A set of 12 pieces which can be used to form An ideal set that will help children develop their As you move along the snake you will feel the straight paths, circles, or combined to make movement, balance and coordination skills. The snakes body movement on your feet. 1.5m length winding paths. Each piece is 7\" high and 2 pieces beams and discs attach together with Velcro which per colour in 6 colours are provided. allows many different combinations. Set contains: Price • 6 x foam discs 33cm dia x H5cm £59.62 set • 6 x foam beams L61 x W10 x H5cm 162117 Curved £56.04 set 161824 Price 163301 Price 162116 Straight £150.53 set £13.78 each GREAT VALUE 4. Stability Disc 6. Balance Rockers JUNIOR GYMNASTICS Strengthen ankles, knees and body core with this 5. Balance Disc For kids fun play & balance training. Plastic. balance and stability cushion. Surface moulded to give excellent grip qualities. Size 330 x 50mm. Valve Moulded plastic unit. Designed to develop motor 161745 Red Price can be inflated/deflated to suit user's ability. skills and balance. Also a rehabilitation device for 161746 Blue £11.27 each ankle and knee joints. 161747 Green £11.27 each 171748 Yellow £11.27 each 101013 Price 162463 Price 161749 Set of 4 £11.27 each £12.27 each £13.60 each £40.63 set A. B. NUMBERED BLANK DOMES DOMES 7. Niels Larsen ActivWobble 8. Balance Pad Stepping Stones 9. Balance Domes Carpet covered top for comfort and grip, suitable Each pad is fitted with an inflation valve so that the Heavy duty PVC domes which can be inflated to desired for exercising and toning muscles while teaching degree of stability can be varied. Supplied as a set level of cushioning. Use either way up. Numbered 1-12 balance control. 30cm (113/4in) dia. of 6 colours: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and to set tasks and objectives by sequence. Develops Purple. 12in Dia, 2in thick. balance, coordination and confidence. Set of 12. 100933 Price 162430 Price A. Numbered Price £37.00 each £91.01 set 161331 £48.44 set B. Blank £45.19 set 248265 For all enquiries email: [email protected] 311

A. B. 1. Active Beams 2. ActivDome Plank 3. ActivBlock Plank A versatile balance beam which can be used as a A natural timber plank with 6 coloured domes A natural timber plank with 6 coloured blocks floor beam, or as a linking element between pieces alternating along the length of the plank to give alternating along the length of the plank to give of equipment. Powder coated steel feet with non- additional variety and visual interest. The domes additional variety and visual interest. The blocks marking rubber bungs for stability with a natural are coloured red, blue, green, yellow, orange and are coloured red, blue, green, yellow, orange and timber beam. ActivSpot beam: 1830mm long x purple. Dimensions: 1830mm long x 210mm wide purple. Dimensions: 1830mm long x 210mm wide 100mm wide. ActivSnake beam: 1830mm long x x 90mm high. The Dome 100mm wide. Weight: x 90mm high. Blocks are 100mm wide. Weight: 140mm wide. 7.39 kg. 6.2 kg. A. ActivSpot Beam Price 7100699CX Price 7100700CX Price 7100705CX £180.61 each £203.12 each £214.31 each CX CX CX £191.41 each B. ActivSnake Beam 7100706CX CX JUNIOR GYMNASTICS 4. ActivSnake Plank 5. ActivLadder 6. ActivStool Natural timber plank with a snake graphic Constructed from natural timber with metal Constructed from powder incorporating numbers and colours for cross coloured rungs, this versatile ladder can be used to coated steel with a coloured timber top. curricular activities. Battens with non-marking bridge between items of equipment or can incline rubber pads at both ends to allow for a variety to the floor providing a safe entry or exit with higher 7100703CX Price of linking options. Dimensions: 1830mm long x pieces. Powder coated steel end clamps provide 46cm H x 53cm L x 36cm W £98.00 each 210mm wide x 90mm high. Weight: 6.2 kg. a secure fixing to other equipment. Dimensions: 1830mm long x 100mm high x 360mm wide CX £75.26 each (internal width 300mm). Weight: 7.75kg unpacked 7100704CX 7100701CX Price 7100702CX Price 30cm H x 43cm x 36cm W £180.32 each £233.63 each CX CX CX 7. Trestle 9. Set of 3 Trestles Manufactured from robust powder Manufactured from robust powder coated steel, with coated steel, with non marking rubber feet for non marking rubber feet for stability. Bars on three stability. 1220mm high x 1140mm long x 900mm sides for the attachment of linking equipment while wide at base. the fourth side is free to enable stacking. Painted in 'traffic light' colours of red, amber and green. 7100698CX Price 8. Multicoloured ActivBar Box £93.39 each CX A junior version of the traditional Bar Box. Features £114.06 each timber uprights, brightly coloured steel bars and a Green 610mm high padded vinyl top, which measures 1240mm long x £133.33 each 640mm wide. Weight: 36kg approx. 7100697CX 7100690CX Price 7100695CX Price CX £532.32 each Set of 3 (Red, Amber & Green) £325.03 set CX Amber 910mm high CX 7100696CX CX Red 1220mm high 312 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. The Gym Time Pack The range is based on a versatile modular GREAT system of trestles and accessories to VALUE accommodate many different activities that take place in the teaching of gymnastics The British Amateur Association have given the range A. their endorsement. C. • D esigned to conform to BS5696 which governs safety standards in playground equipment • L arge rubber feet mean that the apparatus will not move or slide in use. F. •T he unique Velcro fastening system with special E. brackets allows easy positioning and totally secure fastening of the items by children. •E quipment is designed to nest and stack for easy storage •C onstructed from tubing that is carefully sized to allow small hands to grasp easily •L ight enough for children to lift and move, in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum B. A. Gym Time Trestles Price J. I. D. 7100602CX H45cm (1ft 6) £109.47 each K. G. 7100601CX H76cm (2ft 6) £139.03 each 7100600CX H107cm (3ft 6) £171.75 each H. B. Plain Top (fits all trestles) £143.62 each 7100603CX £73.45 each C. Top Pad (fits plain tops). Can- not be used without a Plain Top. 7100604CX 91 x 43cm D. Gym Time Balance Bench L244cm £633.75 each JUNIOR GYMNASTICS £492.89 each 7100605CX Complete with bench top pad £110.19 each 7100606CX Balance bench £36.05 each only £37.84 each GYM TIME PACK COMPLETE MINI GYM TIME COMPLETE MINI E. Bench Top Pad £148.16 each PACK CONTENTS PACK PACK PACK PACK PACK 7100607CX L225cm £178.73 each COMPOSITION COMPOSITION 7100613CX 7100620CX 7100613CX 7100620CX F. Hoop 7100608CX 260cm 7100600CX Large Trestle 42” 2 7100605CX Bal. Bench + Top Pad complete G. Hoop 7100601CX Medium Trestle 30” 2 2 7100609CX L210cm 7100608CX Hoop 2600mm 1 1 H. Single Bar £214.56 each 7100602CX Small Trestle 18” 2 2 7100609CX Hoop 2100mm 1 1 7100610CX L205cm £3,113.19 set 7100603CX Trestle Top 6 4 £1,849.33 set 7100604CX Trestle Top Pad only 6 4 7100610CX Single Bar 22 I. Ladder 7100606CX Balance Bench 1 7100611CX L190cm 7100611CX Ladder 11 J. Balance/Slide Plank 7100621CX Balance/slide 11 7100621CX L185cm Plank 7100607CX Balance Bench 1 Complete Pack. (Contents in table) Top Pad only 7100614 Support pack 11 7100613CX £26.64 pack Mini Pack. (Contents in table) 7100620CX CX (All Above) K. Gym Time Resource 7100614 Pack of 2 CD's 2. Gym Time Cat Ladder 3. Gym Time Beam • Two different widths 100mm (4in) and 200mm (8in) • Length: 2.44m (8ft) Use horizontally between Gym Time trestles, The Beam has four different surfaces - carpet covered, traditional movement tables, climbing frames etc. painted circles, plain and slatted to aid climbing when or at an incline in stepping/climbing activities. the beams are inclined. Length: 1.96m (6ft 5). •C an be used as a floor apparatus or inclined to Gym 7100619CX Price Time trestles, conventional wall bars etc. 7100617CX Price £179.19 each • Ideal as an elevated bridging link between two Gym £415.30 each CX CX Time trestles For all enquiries email: [email protected] 313

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Eveque Junior Performance Vault 2. Gymnastic Balance Benches • Designed to provide a safer ‘push off’ for Available in both 2m and 3m lengths, these benches children of all ages are 250mm wide x 300mm high and feature a high quality pine top, pine base, floor protection and a • Manufactured with sturdy foam inner 90mm wide balance rail. Delivered fully assembled. • Easy to clean heavy duty PVC 7100420CX Price 7100422CX Price 011222CX Price 2m Bench, no hooks £282.24 each Additional Hooks £15.77 pair £816.61 each 7100421CX CX 3m Bench, hooks one end £313.20 each 7100423CX £43.29 pair 7100424CX Transport Wheels Transport Cart £183.95 pair CX CUSTOMER FAVOURITE JUNIOR GYMNASTICS 3. Niels Larsen Activbench 4. Niels Larsen Litabench 5. Niels Larsen Plytech Bench • M anufactured from natural timbers with a wood Probably the lightest balance bench you can buy. Fitted with rubber covered and rubber buttons stain lacquer finish Ideal for easy movement and storage particularly in to prevent marking. A batten is provided at one primary schools. The aluminium frame is available end to enable the bench to be attached to other • Does not chip or peel with upholstered tops in team colours and is fitted equipment. Bench top width 240mm. Dimensions: • Batten at one end to allow for use on the incline with a carpeted 100mm balance rail and hooks 1800 L X 295 W x 320mm H. Weight: 12kg • 10cm (4in) balance rail on the underside at both ends. Dimensions: L2.4m x W313mm x Size: L200 x H34 x W24 wide top and 33cm wide H340mm. Weight: 14 kgs. at base. 7100452CX Price 7100974CX Price Natural Price Blue £456.39 each Blue £222.01 each 100924 £228.84 each 7100451CX 7100973CX 2m Green £456.39 each Green £222.01 each £936.75 set 7100450CX 7100971CX Coloured £941.85 set Red £456.39 each Natural £203.63 each 7100926CX 7100453CX 7100972CX 2m - set of 4 Yellow £456.39 each Red £222.01 each 7100928CX 7100454PK4CX 7100975CX 2.5m - set of 4 Set of 4 Colours. £1,646.58 set Yellow £222.01 each CX CX ED CX CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 6. Niels Larsen 8. Sure Shot Plain Balance Benches Traditional Balance Benches Manufactured with specially selected, hard wearing, Made to BSI892 specification which requires the high quality, light, knotless hardwood (Maranti). highest standard of workmanship, the units feature Fitted with hooks one end. Constructed with steel a dovetailed balance rail, rubber surface buttons to brackets for added strength and support. Fitted with avoid damage to the top surface when inverted and non slip feet for stability. rubber covered hooks. 7100202CX Price 7. Sure Shot Coloured Balance 100480CX Price 1.83m (6ft) hooks both ends £347.66 each Benches 1.8m (6ft) Weight 18.6kg £276.15 each 7100207CX £393.25 each 100481CX £354.14 each 2.67m (8ft 9) hooks both • H ard wearing, high quality, light, knotless 2.65m(8ft 9) Weight ends £483.83 each hardwood 24.3kg £402.36 each 7100203CX £329.75 each 100482CX 3.35m (11ft) hooks both ends £377.62 each • Fitted with hooks one end 3.35m (11ft) Weight 31.5kg 7100201CX £473.02 each • Constructed with steel brackets for added strength 1.83m(6ft) hooks one end CX 7100205CX and support 2.67m (8ft 9) hooks one end • Fitted with non-slip feet for stability 7100206CX • 1.8m (6ft) Weight 18.6kg 3.35m (11ft) hooks one end • Set of four colours CX 100495PK4CX Price Set of 4 £1,090.89 set CX 314 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. ActivBalance Box 2. ActivNumber Beam 3. ActivSoft Beam 1300mm battened balance plank which can This unique multi-coloured balance beam has Manufactured with cross linked foam covered in be stored within the Balance Box. The ActivSoft a jointing system allowing it to be used at two soft vinyl, this beam gives a firm but comfortable Balance box can be used with the top removed different heights or on an incline. The numbers 1 surface for younger children. 2.5m long, 80mm as a double balance, with the top upside down - 10 are engraved on the top surface of the beam, high, 150mm wide top 2.9kg. as a single balance, with the top on the box as a enabling cross curricular activities. platform for exercise or for sitting, or as a storage box for smaller items. Both the top surface and the double rails are carpeted for comfort. 7100675CX Price 100570CX Price 7100676CX Price £249.97 each £398.59 each £178.59 each CX CX CX 4. Carpeted Training Beam 5. Lita Tables JUNIOR GYMNASTICS A 100mm (4in) wide carpet covered timber beam. Linking equipment can then be added to all 5 sides Fabricated steel legs with rubber feet. 0.61m (2ft) at different heights. Well padded for comfort and high. 3.66m long. are easily stackable. Manufactured from lightweight aluminium. 100222CX Price 100655CX 400mm Price £303.75 each 100656CX 600mm £238.57 each CX 100657CX 800mm £263.69 each 100658CX 1000mm £295.24 each 7100652CX Set of 4 £353.16 each £1,104.01 set CX 6. Niels Larsen Eurobeam 2.4m 7. Niels Larsen Floor Beam 8. Padded Hexagonal Movement Table Three beams in one. Our unique joining system Quality carpeted beam 65mm (2 1/2in) wide Manufactured with tubular powder coated steel, allows you to convert this 150mm high floor beam hardwood bar which can be adjusted to H165mm (6 with a vinyl padded top. Non marking rubber feet for to either a 340mm high beam or to an inclined 1/2in) or H245mm (9 3/4in) high. L2.44m (8ft) stability. H84cm x 122cm diameter. beam, in seconds. No screws, pins or other fixing involved. 100mm (4in) wide. Price Total Weight: 18.15 kgs £234.61 each 100325 Price 100281CX Carpeted Beam £185.39 each 7100674CX Price £311.24 each 100220CX Plain Beam £430.60 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 315

FOLDS AWAY NEATLY 1. Curved Trio Climbing Frame In closed position size is 2.1m wide x 2.56m high with projection of 390mm from the wall. Three panel early years frame suitable for key stage 1, manufactured from tabular steel and powder 7100053CX Price coated as standard in blue, red and yellow giving a £2,707.14 each durable, hard wearing and scratch resistant finish. CX JUNIOR GYMNASTICS 3. Wall Hinged Frame Units with 5 Fixing Points Allows rope climbing activities where hall cannot accommodate overhead trackway. The trackway has 5 fixing points which can be made up of ropes, knotted ropes, rope ladder, hand ring/trapeze. Standard size 3.6m x 3.6m. Ideal for primary and secondary schools. Steel Rope Frame Price 7100885CX £2,038.40 each With 5 plain ropes CX £2,249.74 each £2,089.37 each Timber Rope Frame 7100887CX With 1 rope ladder and 3 plain ropes 7100888CX With 5 plain ropes CX 2. Traverse Wall Panels (Supply Only) 1200mm x 400mm panels Price 7100892CX £1,973.56 set Made of 21mm plywood which have a lacquer finish Set of 6 making them easy to clean. Each section of panel £3,436.11 set has 10 brightly coloured holds already pre-drilled and 7100893CX fixed. Each set comes complete with a fixing kit. Set of 12 CX MATTING OPTION 4. Trio Climbing Frame Consisting of three tubular steel multi-coloured gates. One frame attaches to the wall to provide stability and rigidity, whilst the remaining two are anchored by bracing ladders and floor fixing points at strategic 'Y' shape and 'T' shape configurations. Each frame is W2.06m (6ft 10) and either 2.45m (8ft), 2.75m (9ft) or 3.05m (10ft) high. FOR TRIO STEEL FRAME The unit wheels out and is locked into place. After use it wheels back flat against the wall. Comes complete with bracing ladders and floor fittings. INFORMATION A (basic) B (rings & pole) C (snake) 7100050CX Price 2.45m (8ft) £3,348.51 each How to order: 7100051CX Simply quote the code you require followed by your choice of Frame 2.75m (9ft) £3,190.45 each Panel Patterns as shown above. For example 710050CXAEF. We offer 6 different patterns shown based on 2750mm high frames. The 7100052CX £3,516.84 each number of rings and bars will vary according to size. 3.05m (10ft) 7100077CX £1,609.85 set Coloured Mats D (basic rings) E (rope & pole) F (floating rings) CX NR 316 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Trio Nova Climbing Frame Suitable for key stages 1 and 2 The clever design of the Trio Nova Frame combines the space saving benefits of our standard steel Trio Frame with most of the features of our Super Nova Frame so is great for any primary school hall. The frame only requires a 2.1m width of wall space for storage, and windows and radiators can be spanned without difficulty. The Trio Nova comprises three panels, each H2.93m x W2.0m and features two metal diagonal bracing ladders which lock into the floor and remove the need for cables. Floor sockets are included for both Y and T positions. As with the Super Nova, included as standard are the following features: • Three pairs brightly coloured rings • One set of four swivel rings adjustable to three positions • One foldaway box ladder • One foldaway double incline ladder 7100954CX Price £8,232.00 each CX NR INFORMATION 2. Super Nova Climbing Frame JUNIOR GYMNASTICS Please note that installation costs Suitable for key stages 1, 2 and 3. are subject to regional variation The Super Nova is specified by many local authorities and may mean an additional for new school projects. charge which can be confirmed at Coupled with linking accessories, it offers an extensive the time of enquiry variety of activities particularly suited for National CUSTOMER Curriculum Gymnastics in schools. FAVOURITE The Super Nova can be manufactured at two different heights: • 3.04m (10ft) Key Stage 1 & 2 • 3.60m (12ft) Key Stage 3 To give guidance as to use for Key Stages 1 & 2 and 2 & 3 coloured bars can be included at specific heights. The Super Nova is more challenging and stimulating than basic frames and includes as standard: • Three pairs brightly coloured fixed rings • O ne set of four swivel rings adjustable to three positions •One foldaway box ladder •One foldaway double incline ladder Installation cost included, see comment below STORAGE: The Super Nova is designed as a two panel unit, each panel being H3.04 x W2.51m. Panels are installed at 3.05m centres and normally fold flat as a pair. If wall space is at a premium the frames can be manufactured to fold one over the other at no extra cost. 7100953CX Price £8,779.23 each CX NR For all enquiries email: [email protected] 317

Great Price Excellent Quality 1. Centrahoc - Mini Set 2. Central Plasti-Safe Set contains: Sturdy robust stick with excellent ball control. Will • 12 sticks 85cm (34in) not damage indoor surfaces and extremely durable. • 6 Red and 6 Yellow sticks Lenght: 36in. • 2 bright yellow Centrahoc balls • Complete in a tough nylon holdall 120389 Set Price 120055RED Red Price 120386 Red spare stick £66.68 set 120055YEL Yellow £11.21 each 120406 Yellow spare stick £4.62 each £11.21 each £4.62 each JUNIOR HOCKEY 3. Scooter Hockey Pack This set provides all the equipment you need for a 4. Scooter Hockey Accessory Pack Please note no scooter boards or goals included scooter hockey game. Contains: • 12 x scooters 6 red, 6 yellow Contains: • 12 x scooter hockey heads 6 red, 6 yellow • 12 x scooter hockey heads • 1 x PU foam ball • 1 x PU foam ball • 2 x lightweight pucks • 2 x lightweight pucks • Age range 6-10 yrs SAFETY NOTE: use ONLY for seated activities and NEVER for standing on 162532 Price 163055 Price £139.86 pack £20.71 pack Great Price A. Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality B. 5. Scooter Boards 6. Centrahoc Balls 7. Centrahoc Sticks 30cm square with moulded handles both to protect A. Inflatable plastic ball fingers and maintain stability. Non-marking castors 120392 70cm play version of the Centrahoc range. fitted with heavy duty ball bearing swivels, offering B. Perforated plastic ball multi directional use. 120401 Price 120550 Red Price SAFETY NOTE: Use ONLY for seated activities and 120401PK12 £1.91 each 120551 Blue £5.01 each NEVER for standing on Pack of 12 120552 Green £5.01 each £2.55 each 120553 Yellow £5.01 each 162517 Yellow Price £27.55 pack £5.01 each 162516 Red £18.04 each £18.04 each 318 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

Great Price BDUENADLLE Excellent Quality GREAT VALUE 1. Central Rounders Deal Contains: • 6 x Central foam covered rounders sticks • 6 x Central flat bat • 2 x Central alloy sticks • 6 x Central rounders balls • 6 x Central soft vinyl balls • 1 x Central bag 175050 Price BDUENADLLE Great Price £104.10 pack Excellent Quality BDUENADLLE 2. Soft Strikers Pack JUNIOR ROUNDERS Rounders set containing all foam products, 3. Junior Rounders Set • 1 x batting tee and base reducing any risk of injury from over enthusiastic • 2 x softy balls play. Set contains: Designed to assist teachers introduce Key Stage 2 • 2 x play balls • 12 x rubber foam rounders bats pupils to the game of rounders. • 1 x lesson plan booklet • 8 x 7cm dia Tufskin foam balls Set contains: 175027 • 4 x 9cm dia Tufskin foam balls • 2 x flatty, plastic and sponge bats • 6 x soft foam cones • 4 x short posts and bases • 1 x Central holdall 175080 Price Price £119.17 pack £155.24 set BDUENADLLE 4. Aresson Primary Starters Rounders Set An excellent multi skills set for 5-7 year olds and beginners rounders players. This set contains: • 4x batting tees and bases • 4x foam bats • 4x flatty bats • 4x all play soft balls • 4x 9cm foam balls • 16x cones • 1x Game Cards • 1x Aresson holdall. 7175092 Primary Price £251.82 set For all enquiries email: [email protected] 319

1. Aresson Blaze Bat 2. Aresson All Play Soft Balls 3. Aresson Rounders Balls A sturdy, light, plastic bat ideal for use with younger A hollow PU ball, rounders size, low bounce, ideal Aresson's lightest, softest rounders ball available. primary school children. It is ideal for use as part of for juniors and indoor play. With a soft, synthetic core and a robust leather a multi skills set. outer this ball is designed for training beginners 175141 Price making it ideal for children's games. Weight: 60g. Orange £2.56 each Circumference: 19cm 175140 175049 Price Pink £2.56 each 175071 Price £8.17 each £6.77 each JUNIOR ROUNDERS 4. Aresson Vision X Rounders Bat 5. Central Rounders Balls The NEW Aresson fluorescent Vision X bats have Price been designed for the best players who want to £4.63 each stand out from the crowd and have a solid, hard- hitting bat. Robust, colourful non-slip fish scale grip £25.00 pack secured with GripGrip 175105 Pink Price 175065 Moulded 175106 Orange £13.48 each 175065PK6 plastic ball 175107 Blue Pack of 6 £13.48 each moulded plastic balls £13.48 each A. B. A. B. C. 6. Rounders Posts/Bases A. Price 7. Central Rounders Bats/Sticks 175108 £7.51 each Wooden Post 1220 x 25mm A. Price £4.64 each 175022 £9.40 each B. Heavyweight Ash stick 368gm 175120 £4.83 each (13oz). Comes with knurled £5.17 each Plastic flexible post 1220 x £17.38 set grip 25mm £41.91 set £37.62 set B. C. 175041 175121 Flat faced bat 455 x 75mm Heavyweight rubber base suit- plain handle with rubber grip able for 25mm dia posts 175103PK4 Pack of 4 rubber bases 175101P Set of 4 bases and 4 wooden poles 175100P Set of 4 bases and 4 plastic poles 320 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Mitre Cub Rugby Ball 2. Foam Rugby Ball 3. Foam Skinned Rugby Ball At last a size 3 ball specifically designed for young Colours as available; red, blue, green and yellow. Rugby ball configuration with a light skin 22.5cm in players. Using high quality linings and rubber Sold singular or in a pack of 4. length. Colours may vary. surface the Cub is a uniquely responsive 280 gms match ball for under 9's. Price 160059 Single ball Price Price £9.09 each £7.68 each £7.36 each 190000 Size 3 160059PK4 Pack of 4 160060 £27.64 pack JUNIOR RUGBY 4. Playball-Junior Rugby Ball 5. Ripple Rugby Ball 6. Rugby Ball – Softy Super soft surface texture makes handling and Highly visual ball in two colour design, equipped Polyester filled with stitched vinyl outer cover. catching a real pleasure. Great for introducing the with a ripple contour to aid throwing and catching. 205mm (8in) basics to smaller children. Skinned foam outer 22cm in length. 160349 Size 4 Price 162512 Price 160377 Pack of 6 Price £6.65 each £8.09 each 160377PK6 £5.22 each £28.18 pack 7. Softy Ball Set - Rugby 8. Flexi Throw Ball 9. Central Regulation Rugby Ball A set of 6 polyfibre soft fill stitched 32 panel rugby This 13cm rubber ball has a grid pattern making it These Central Regulation balls are vinyl, heavy balls in red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. easier to throw, catch and spin. duty, regulation weight rugby match balls. Each ball Approx size 3. features a genuine inflatable valve, and is ideal for rugby matches and training sessions. 162520 Price 163042 Price 190069 Regulation Price £23.36 set £6.88 each £8.02 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 321

SUGARTXA DO YOU KNOW HOW TO SPEND YOURS? TAKE THE STRESS INDOOR PLAY BUNDLES OUT OF ORDERING OUTDOOR PLAY BUNDLES SUMMER SPORT BUNDLES Sowkifimedpswproeliyldnlulcteecrtertsttaahtyieenouetpedraascfmcokhrskoytnoeoolakwrreesq!ewuphiaryeotsutyrapned WINTER SPORT BUNDLES POOLSIDE EQUIPMENT GYMNASIUM EQUIPMENT Don’etqwuaipsmteemntoannedy olensosountspoluarncsedthsaptocratsnclaosatcfhoinr gye, in

WAYS TO SPEND OUTDOOR SPORTSHALL GYMNASIUM PLAYGOUNDS GENERAL PITCHES PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT SPORTS EQUIPMENT If you want advice on how to get the most possible out of your sugar tax funding, simply contact the team at [email protected] with the subject Sugar Tax and a educational specialist will be in touch to advise how we can best help your school. VIEW THE COMPLETE RANGE ONLINE SIGN UP TODAY TO START GETTING THE BENEFITS OF ONLINE ORDERING: MAUDESPORT.COM/SHOP-FOR-EARLY-YEARS

1. Coloured Tennis Balls Pack of 12 3 of each £15.17 pack 2. Foam Tennis Balls 160264PK12 colour Team colours. Not recommended for Blue £15.17 pack Moulded 70mm balls packed per 24. Assorted use on court, more for general play. 160266PK12 Green £15.17 pack Colours. 160267PK12 Red £15.17 pack Single Blue Price 160265PK12 Yellow £15.17 pack 160008 Price 160266 Green £1.29 each 160268PK12 £16.72 pack 160267 Red £1.29 each 160265 Yellow £1.29 each 160268 £1.29 each JUNIOR TENNIS 4. Slazenger Championship Mini Tennis Set 3. Introskills Bats Includes post and net set, 4 moulded plastic Entry level racket. Supplied as a set of 4 bats in rackets, 12 Training foam balls and an attractive team colours. holdall. 162205 Set of 4 Price 720601 Price £6.41 set £124.95 set 5. Slazenger Rackets 6. Central Starter Mini Tennis Set Heavy duty plastic, 19in, set of 4. Yellow, red, green Weighted bases and posts. 4 junior rackets with & blue rackets. comfortable moulded foam grips, 2 indoor foam balls, 2 outdoor vinyl balls. Championship net and a 205010PK4 Price large heavy duty holdall. 205101 Price £15.02 pack £104.73 set 324 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality 1. Central Rackets 3. Central Junior Rackets Heavy duty moulded rackets with smaller grip size. Available in four colours with foam grip for comfort. Extremely durable. 205015 Red Price 2. Centraplay Soft Tennis Rackets 205055 Red Price 205023 Blue £3.86 each £4.13 each 205024 Green £3.86 each For use with foam balls only. Heavier balls will 205056 Blue £4.13 each 205025 Yellow £3.86 each damage these lighter weight rackets. £4.13 each 205011PK4 Pack of 4 (1 £3.86 each 205057 Green £4.13 each £14.75 pack £44.37 pack of each colour) 160233 Red Price 205058 Yellow 160236 Yellow £3.22 each 205054PK12 Pack of 12 (3 £3.22 each of each colour) Great Price Excellent Quality 5. Central Padder Bats JUNIOR TENNIS Available in four colours. Very sturdy and can be used with tennis balls and rubber balls. 4. Table Tennis Bats 160215 Red Price 6. String Toss Rackets 160216 Blue £2.03 each Durable PVC with moulded grip. Colours may vary. 160217 Green £2.03 each Plastic racket with loosely strung head so that the 160218 Yellow £2.03 each ball can be 'netted' as well as tossed. Supplied as a Price 160218P4 Pack of 4 (1 of £2.03 each set of two rackets and one ball. £1.84 each each colour) £7.31 pack 160220 162445 Price 160220PK4 £7.28 pack £6.85 set Pack of 4 7. Mini Padder Bats High quality plastic approximately L368mm and 191mm across the head. Comes with safety strap to prevent accidental release of the bat in use. 160222 Red Price 8. Central Zone Tennis 245028PK10 48cm (19in) Price 160223 Blue £2.62 each Racket 19\" Deal 245027PK10 56cm (21in) £106.35 pack 160224 Green £2.62 each 245026PK10 58cm (23in) 160225 Yellow £2.62 each Pack of 10 Central Zone Tennis Racket 19\" . £113.01 pack 160225P12 Pack of 12 (3 £2.62 each Premium range for this year, a well made extruded of each colour) £28.68 pack alloy frame in a midhead size and PU grip. Micro £113.01 pack 48cm (19in). With Central bag. For all enquiries email: [email protected] 325

A. B. C. E. F. Great Price Price B. Excellent Quality £2.58 each 1. Central Whistles £29.30 pack A. £1.26 each D. 085341 £14.23 pack 085341P12 £1.32 each B. £14.22 pack 085342 085342P12 £0.64 each £6.91 pack C. 085332 £1.51 each 085332PK12 £15.63 pack D. £2.19 each 085343 £25.03 pack 085343P12 E. Small Pealess 087050 087050PK12 F. Large Pealess 087051 087051PK12 A. 2. Acme Whistles Great Price Excellent Quality A. Thunderer 591/2. COACHES EQUIPMENT 085340 Price C. D. 085340PK12 £6.19 each B. 660 whistle. £66.64 pack 085344 £2.63 each 085344PK12 £29.58 pack C. Tornado 2000. Extra high frequency not reached by oth- £3.45 each E. 3. Central Coloured Whistles er whistles. Particularly suited £37.34 pack to crowd situations Box of 12 coloured whistles, assorted colours. 085321 £3.14 each 085321PK12 D. Tornado 635. Unique three £2.07 each 086250 Price chamber design. Popular in £22.41 pack Small £6.24 box Hockey. Pealess. 086251 085346 Large £10.65 box E. Tornado 636. Slimline whistle ideal for swimming pools. High visibility and high penetration. 085316 085316PK12 Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality 4. Gilbert Squeezy Whistle 5. Central Whistle Mega Pack 6. Watch/Whistle Lanyards A hygienic whistle operated by hand to avoid passing Pack Contains: Deluxe heavy braided nylon. L48cm (19in). germs between multiple users. Simply squeeze to • 24 Plastic Whistles (Small) Assorted colours as available. operate the Gilbert Squeezy Whitsle. • 24 Lanyards • Made from soft plastic PVC • 1 Electronic Whistle • Includes wrist strap • Good quality high pitch sound Price • Ideal for PE teachers & coaches £1.25 each 086045 Price 086350 Price 085349 £13.55 pack £5.88 each £25.08 pack 085349PK12 326 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

GREAT 1. Colour Coded Stopwatches VALUE 1/1000 second stopwatch with lap facility time, Great Price calendar, alarm, and hourly chime. 7mm LCD display, Excellent Quality 60 x 52mm with neck cord, battery. Model may vary. 010491 Aqua Price 010490 Blue £7.31 each 010489 Red £7.31 each 010492 White £7.31 each 010493 Yellow £7.31 each 010532 Set of 4 colours - £7.31 each assorted £26.33 set COACHES EQUIPMENT 2. Fastime 20 Stopwatch 3. Fastime 29 Stopwatch 4. Fastime 3 Stopwatch A dual display 10 lap memory stopwatch with a Feature packed stopwatch with 30 lap memory, a Simple to use stopwatch, with stopwatch function robust water resistant case. Features pacer, clock pacer, 3 countdown timers, adjustable contrast and only. Ideal for single event timing, with start/stop/ and alarm. display cut-off to extend battery life when not in use. reset. Single display, times up to 9 hours. 010497 Price 010479 Price 010476 Price £21.56 each £23.19 each £15.35 each 5. 300 Lap Split Memory 6. Fastime 16 Stopwatch Stopwatch The stopwatch can count up to 24 hours. Timing 1/100th second stopwatch with lap and split, to 1/100th sec for the first 30 minutes. Then in recording 999 laps and 300 memories. Count 1 second intervals. With start/stop/resume and down timer with alarm, pacer, normal timer, alarm reset functions. Also cumulative split time function. and calendar. Water resistant case 80 x 66mm Compass and thermometer is included on the back with neck cord, CR2032 battery. of the watch. 010130 Price 010133 Price £29.95 each £9.84 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 327

Great Price Excellent Quality 1. Plastic Team Bands 1m Circumference. 160550 Price Red £1.27 each 160551 Blue £1.27 each 160552 Green £1.27 each 160553 Yellow £1.27 each 160550P40 Pack of 40 (10 of each £38.56 pack colour) Great Price Excellent Quality SPORTS DAY 2. Nylon Team Bands 3. Team Braid-38mm (1 1/2in) Width Very strong nylon webbing team bands. Total Polyester team braid, 11m (36ft) x 38mm (1 1/2in) band circumference is 118cm. Sold as a set of 6 colours: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple. 160801 Price 160802 Price Yellow £3.70 per roll Green £3.70 per roll 162450 Price 160800 160803 Set of 6 £7.75 set Red £3.70 per roll Blue £3.70 per roll GREAT VALUE 4. Hoppers Price 5. Hoppy Race Pack £13.62 each 160487 £15.14 each A fun and exciting race pack. This pack contains 38cm (15in) dia. Ages up £20.16 each four 50cm hoppers along with 25 marker cones for to 5 years £40.63 pack of 3 lane spacing. Race distances can be adjusted to suit 160479 £42.97 pack of 3 participants needs. Cones can be laid out to create 45cm (18in) dia. Ages up £55.93 pack of 3 different tracks. to 9 years 160486 161820 Price 55cm (21.5in) dia. Ages £69.60 pack up to 14 yrs 7160487PK3 38cm (15in) dia. Ages up to 5 years. 7160479PK3 45cm (18in) dia. Ages up to 9 years. 7160486PK3 55cm (21.5in) dia. Ages up to 14 years 328 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Egg 'n' Spoon Race 2 . Three Legged Race Strap A classic sports day favourite! Set includes six plastic A favourite for School Sports Day for kids and eggs and spoons. parents alike! The strap is padded, sufficiently wide 50mm (2in) and attaches using quick and easy velcro. Set of 2. 162202 Price 162274 Price £6.62 set £4.56 set 3. 5 Person Tether Cord 5. Jumpalongs SPORTS DAY 140cm in length the tether allows five persons 4. Soft Tug Of War Rope An economy priced set of woven nylon sacks. Fitted to attach their ankles using the velcro bindings with tough polyester handles, these sacks are ideal which occur at measured intervals along the tether. 22m x 20mm highly coloured braided rope. Softer for sports day. Each set comprises one each of red, Complete coordination is required if you are going to grip for less experienced competitors. blue, green, and yellow. to win the race! 162273 Price 010332 Price 162174 Price £23.74 each £74.63 each £43.51 set Great Price Excellent Quality 6. Team Jumping Sacks Heavyweight nylon with grab handles. H60cm with 30cm dia base. 160490 Red Price 160491 Blue £10.06 each 160492 Green £10.06 each 160493 Yellow £10.06 each 160494P4 Set of 4 (1 £10.06 each each colour) £36.21 set For all enquiries email: [email protected] 329

Everyonea'sWinner STEP 1 - Choose a Medal STEP 2 - Pick a Colour Gold Antique Silver Silver Bronze Antique Gold STEP 3 - Choose a Centre From sports images to numbers or badges, we can customise the centre of the medal to suit your event STEP 4 - Choose a Ribbon STEP 5 - Select A Box Or Sleeve MEDALS & TROPHIES FOR ALL SPORTING EVENTS Trophies & Shields available from 114mm to 279mm & larger INFORMATION Contact the Team Today to Discuss Your Requirements: [email protected]

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Target Toss 2. Bullseye Target Game 3. Blue Target Game Easy to play target game. Set your distance and Can you hit the bullseye? compete over a set number of throws. Set contains: This game helps children to understand the Set contains: • 1 x 76cm (30in) dia target which features concentric concept of addition as well as being fun to play. The • 4 x Bean Bags silkscreen mat is made from tough PVC coated nylon. • 1 x Target included 100 x 100cm rings Set includes 12 bean bags. Size 90 x 120cm. • 12 x throwing balls supplied which stick to the target 160907 Price 162275 Price 161323 Price £22.64 set £36.37 set £27.59 set 4. Numbers Target Game GAMES Either highest score wins or set a numerical target and 5. Super Giant Numbers Mat try to hit the boxes that add up to your score. Set contains: Super giant playmat, approx. Size 2 x 1.5m. • 1 x 76cm dia target which feature scoring boxes A wall or floor teaching aid. Numbered 1-100. • 12 x throwing balls supplied which stick to the target 162276 Price 160129 Price £39.84 set £111.66 each 6. 1-24 Number Squares Numbers made from stiffened felt squares and measure 24 x 25 x 25cm. Set of 24. 160154 Price £52.94 set For all enquiries email: [email protected] 331

1. Hopscotch 2. Giant Floor Dominoes 1820mm x 610mm wide. Traditional game created The set contains 28 dominoes each measuring out of interlocking foam tiles, allowing easy removal 210 x 105mm. The dominoes have a printed 100% and storage. polyester surface with an anti-slip rubber backing. These tactile dominoes have each dot pattern in a different colour, so initially younger players can distinguish numbers by colour matching. 160485 Price 161412 Price £26.22 set £32.57 set CUSTOMER FAVOURITE GAMES 3. Tic Tac Toe Price 4. Outdoor Hopscotch Mat 163440CX Price £29.25 set £220.50 set Traditional Noughts and Crosses Encourage numeracy skills during break with this game 93 x 93cm (36 x 36in). outdoor 3 x 1m hopskotch mat. Made from unique outdoor Rhombus™ anti-skid Dura-Latex™ safety 161035 backing and crease resistant nylon twist finish. 5. Mega 4 In A Line 6. Mega Hi Tower 7. Giant Snakes & Ladders The classic table game, but carried out on a mega Comes in a bag and consists of 58 blocks each This giant version puts you in the heart of the game, scale. Especially suitable for Leisure Centres, Play measuring 18 x 6 x 4.5cm. Can be built to a where you move up the ladders and down the Centres, Activity Corners. Hotels and Playgroups. maximum height of 2.3m. snakes. The set contains a giant playing mat 3m (9ft Size: L1.22 x W0.57 x H1.17m (4ft x 1ft 10 x 3ft 10), 11) square, 8 pegs and a giant inflatable die. weight 16kg. 161020 Price 130279 Price 130341 Price £241.33 each £95.26 each £67.60 set 332 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 2. Superfoam Croquet 3. Deluxe Rotor Spin Set contains: Can be used by either one or two players, the • 6 x pairs of coloured matched mallets objective is to reach the top or bottom of the spiral • 6 x balls one of each colour red, yellow, blue, by striking the secured tennis ball. 42cm dia base can be filled with sand or water. Very durable. green, violet and orange • 9 x rubber covered gates (H15 x W15cm) • 2 x self standing flags (H22cm) 162214 Price 130070 Price £75.63 set £34.08 each 1. Mini Carpet Bowls 4. All Surface Swingball GAMES Combines three games in one, Mini Bowls, Target Radical new approach to an established favourite. Bowls, Linear Bowls. The game now packs into its own base, making it Set Contains portable and extremely compact. • 1 x 12m x 0.75m printed mat showing a target 160452 Price and numbered lanes 1604641 £41.43 set • 2 x Sets of 4 bowls • 1 x Jack £7.12 each • 1 x Start disc • 1 x Set of rules 161409 Price Spare £86.23 set racket 5. Tailball Light 6. Jenga™ - Table Top 7. Traditional Quoits Tailball is a game that has been specially designed Build and balance game. Blocks 76 x 24 x 13mm. Quoits is a traditional lawn game involving the to help youngsters develop racket sport skills Age 5+. throwing of a ring over a set distance to land over a and improve their hand to eye co-ordination. Set pin in the ground. A simple game of both skill and contains: accuracy for young or old. • 2x Checker bats (150g) Contains: 5 wooden Pegs. 3 real rope quoits and • 1x Tailball light (12g) rules. Size 43 x 43cm (17 x 17in). 163118 Price 130134 Price 162245 Price £13.16 set £21.22 each £34.19 set For all enquiries email: [email protected] 333

1. Knockdown Skittles 2. Junior Skittles 3. Lightweight Ten Pin Bowling Set Set of 10 skittles which can be used as a Practice your aim with these lightweight skittles and Set contains conventional skittle game or as an obstacle course. balls. 6 Skittle Set. • 10 x lightweight rubber foam play pins Skittles H30cm. Skittle ball included. • 1 x 20cm dia bowling ball 162039 Price 160933 Price 162108 Price £44.97 set £8.15 set £99.94 set CUSTOMER FAVOURITE GAMES 4. Soft Boccia The objective is to toss your colour of ball as close to 5. Rubber Horseshoes the target ball as possible. The soft rubber feel generates no bounce and no 6 Durable rubber foam 'horseshoes' and 1 tossing noise. The set of 6 red and 6 blue balls together with mat. 1 yellow/orange target ball come in a handy holdall. 248112 Price 161039 Price £165.66 set £16.06 set Great Price Excellent Quality 6. Ring Toss Set Set contains 7. Diabolo • 6 x bases & poles Make it as hard or as easy as you like by varying the • 12 x flat hoops and holdall Free running rubber spool with metal axels. Spin the distance of the targets. Value of each toss can be 160981 diabolo with the wooden sticks along the string and varied by the colour of the peg and the hoop. into the air. Single includes 1 diablo, 1 set of sticks and a rope. Pack of 4 contains 4 of each. Price 161700 Price £63.33 set 162409 £6.64 each Set of 4 £25.17 set 334 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Dryline 2. Multi Road Set • 1 x Lollipop crossing Marker Sign • 5 x Road signs complete with post and bases A unique and flexible deluxe kit system to help • 2 x sets of road work barriers Comprising square slide-on panel, post and base. instruct children on road awareness. Bases can be filled with sand for greater stability. These signs can be used as a learning tool, an Set Contains information device, or a play aid. Use a dryline pen • 1 x Zebra crossing mat (not supplied) and wipe off after use. Panel 23.5 x • 1 x Pair of belisha beacons 23.5cm. Pole 1.2m (3ft 9) in length/height. • 6 x Road cones • 6 x White road lines 162464 Price 161500 Price £8.39 each CUSTOMER £183.76 set FAVOURITE 3. Stepping Stones Mat GAMES Mat measures 132 x 66 x 5cm with 6 stones that 4. Run Mat are attached by velcro. Mats are made from 5cm (2in) thick foam covered with reinforced waterproof For the 'Roll Mat' race. Group activity PVC. Passes Crib 5 Fire Test. for 3-4 adults or 5-7 children. 163005 Price 248109 Price £124.19 each £42.64 each 5. Jumping Ball Set 6. Jump Ball 7. Hedgehog Supersafe Stones Available as a set of 4 team colours, these jump The Jump Ball is ideal for energetic exercise. A double Textured soft vinyl domes provide an anti-slip balls can be used as an aerobic workout tool, or in ball incorporates a platform rim on which the user surface on these versatile stepping stones. team hopping races. Either way kids have fun, but stands and grips the upper ball between the ankles. Supplied as a set of 24 stones in 6 colours (4 of work hard doing so. The idea is to then perform a series of jumps by each colour) bouncing forward. 162545 Price 162062 Price 162216 Price £68.23 set £12.10 each £67.71 set For all enquiries email: [email protected] 335

GREAT VALUE 1. Playstilts 2. Tiger Feet 3. Rollerwheel Great fun in coordinating hand to feet action. Colours With non-slip inset rubber pads, these playpaws are Large reinforced nylon wheel 104cm (3ft 5) dia. may vary. a great fun way to develop balance and coordination. Cord attached to each paw. Non marking and attractively coloured. 41 x 28 x 4cm. 160495 Price 162541 Price 162090 Price £8.20 pair £13.49 pair £115.86 each CUSTOMER FAVOURITE GAMES 6. Playsand 4. Giant Frog Feet 5. Blindfolds Clean, safe, non toxic and non-staining childrens playsand. EVA Foam. Synchronised movement, coordination and Comfortable softsheen fabric with elasticated strap. Conforms to BS 5665 and EN 71. 25kg Pack. timing are all required when having fun with Frog Feet. Set of 6 colours Nylon cord and handle fitted. 56(L) x 33(W) x 3cm(H). 163046 Price 162443 Price 160095CX Price £16.40 each A. £12.12 set £11.91 each CX B. 7. Megatimer 8. Trundle Wheel 9. Sand Timers Jumbo sized timer measuring 25 x 18cm. Powerful Ideal for calculating distances, shapes, areas, These brightly coloured sand timers are available backlight enables the large display to be seen at and angles. The pointer on the wheel helps to with various timings and provide a recognisable the back of the class. Random number selection for measure intermediate distances. The wheel visual focus to demonstrate the passage of time. individuals or teams, count down facility, stop watch, counter accurately counts to 9999 metres, or Size 17cm high. alarm, and temperature, as well as the usual time and it can be set to register every 10cm (4in) to a date settings. Can be carried around, hung on wall or maximum of 9999 metres. Price placed on desk. Requires 6 AA batteries not supplied. £13.16 each 162038 Wheel Price 011018 30 seconds - Red £13.16 each £13.78 each 011019 1 Minute - Green £13.16 each 011031 3 Minute - Yellow £13.16 each 163040 Price 162037 Wheel Counter £13.78 each 011032 5 Minute - Blue £61.46 each 336 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Words & Numbers Foam Dice 2. Coated Cut Foam Dice 3. Colour Foam Dice Soft edged dice coated for resilience. Colours may Face dots are cut from the inner foam. Surface is Made of foam and colourful enough to grab your vary. Size 12 x 12 x 12cm. coated in a tough textured finish. Colours will vary. attention, the coloured spot die is made to add a Size: 16 x 16 x 16cm. new dimension to fun and games. 5 inch. 160910 Price 162441 Price 162011 Price £9.21 each £15.20 each £8.82 each 4. Fitness Dice DICE These bright yellow dice will ensure that pupils 5. Move Cubes keep fit and have fun at the same time. Made from durable, wipeable vinyl, these large 10cm (4in) dice 16cm soft touch cubes with vinyl window pockets can be used indoors and outdoors. Set of 2. to insert your own design activity card. 162316 Price 161281 Set of 3 Price £14.42 set £31.97 set 6. Moulded Foam Dice 7. Tufskin Dice Size: 16 x 16 x 16cm. Colours may vary. Foam dice with tough PU coating. Assorted colours. Size: 12 x 12cm. 248129 Price 248132 Price £7.51 each £9.49 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 337

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Quoits Playsack A selection of quoits in a mesh playsack. Set contains: • 12x Rubber Quoits (Assorted Colour) • 12x Fun Rings (Assorted Colour) • 12x Gym Rings (Assorted Colour) • 1x Drawstring Playsack 160427 Price £56.45 set THROW & CATCH 2. Fun Rings 'Telephone wire' quoits. Twist them & toss them. 160435 Red Price 3. Rubber Quoits £2.63 each 160436 Blue £2.63 each Top selling item for primary use. £2.63 each Soft rubber, colour throughout. 160437 Green £2.63 each £9.68 pack 160438 Yellow £27.20 pack 160434PK4 Pack of 4 (1 of 160430 Red Price 160429PK12 Pack of 12 (3 Price each colour) £53.68 pack 160431 Blue £1.42 each of each colour) £15.30 pack 160432 Green £1.42 each 160434PK12 Pack of 12 (3 160433 Yellow £1.42 each 160429PK24 Rubber quoits, £28.11 pack of each colour) £1.42 each pack of 24 (6 of each colour) 160434P24 Pack of 24 (6 of each colour) 4. Gym Ring 5. Foam Ring Toss Soft and pliable vinyl. 180mm dia. 1 x each of red, Made from high density foam, the set is suitable blue, green and yellow for use both indoors and out. Set contains 12 rings and a 40cm dia base. 160965 Price 161031 Price Set of 4 £11.54 set £20.05 set 338 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

GREAT VALUE 1. Juggling Kit • 4 x juggling plates • 3 x juggling scarves Set contains: • 1 x holdall • 12 x juggling balls • 3 x diabolos Price • 3 x juggling clubs £75.57 set • 6 x juggling rings 162478 GREAT VALUE THROW & CATCH 2. Small Juggling Rings 3. Juggling Balls 4. Juggling Clubs Set of 3 plastic rings. Red, yellow and blue. Three juggling balls with soft touch stitched cover Set of x 4 35cm plastic clubs in red, blue, green and rubber crumb filling. Ideal entry ball. Set of 3. and yellow. Weight: 75g. 162411 Price 162488 Price 162487 Price 24cm dia, 56gm £5.11 set £7.51 set £12.53 set 5. Juggling Plates 6. Pompom Balls Set of 3 Chinese plates complete with spinning 70mm dia. Pack of 12 multicoloured. sticks. 162486 17cm dia Price 020095 Price 162477 23.5cm dia £8.77 set £9.10 pack £9.07 set For all enquiries email: [email protected] 339

1. Ribbon Ball 2. Tailball 3. Beanbag Scarves 63cm (243/4in), sponge ribbon ball with The lightweight ball is easy to throw and the tail Colourful 6cm bean bag with a attached chiffon multicoloured 'ribbon tails'. Tail makes the ball gives the catcher a better sight of the ball in flight scarf making it easier to visually track and catch. easier to track and catch. Set of 6. and therefore a better chance of successfully Great for throwing and juggling games. The Velcro catching the ball. on the end of the beanbag allows them to stick to fluffy surfaces on impact. Supplied in a set of 6 Price with one each of red, green, yellow blue, orange £3.75 each and purple. 162106 Price 161030 £22.49 pack 161210 Set of 6 Price £14.87 set 161030PK6 Pack of 6 £12.19 set CUSTOMER FAVOURITE THROW & CATCH 5. Tap and Toss 4. Weighted Pouch Scarves A moulded one piece unit which when tapped down Soft touch weighted mini pouches give these with the foot at one end, tosses the ball or bean chiffon scarves a defined trajectory which aids bag into the air. L62 x W10cm x H6.5cm. catching. Set of 6. 162416 Price 162417 Price £11.78 set £17.30 each 6. Scoop Set 7. Firstplay Aeroball Scoops made from a soft yet durable plastic. Ideal An extra soft nose with foam fin tail, this light torpedo for playground use. shaped ball glides through the air. Great for encouraging Set contains: catching and throwing skills amongst children. • 4 x scoops • 4 x flight balls 162124 Price 161827 Price £23.12 set £6.88 each 340 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Slingcatch Set contains: 2. Catch Palm Pad Set • 2 x nets Each net measures 46 x 25cm with a 7.5cm ball • 1 x ball Suitable for up to 6 players, a great game for all supplied. One player slings and another team member 160461 abilities. The pads fit onto the palm and are secured by catches. No limit on team members, just coordination a strap at the rear of the pad, making them adjustable to successfully target one of your team members. in size. Set contains: • 6 x pads • 3 x balls • 1 x heavy duty storage bag Price 162435 Price £13.95 set £19.15 set 4. Handy Catch Mitts THROW & CATCH 3. Teamcatch Kit Throw and catch every time with these oversize mitts. Set contains: Contains a set of 12 sticky pads which attach • 2 x mitts to the hand and 6 balls. The balls are covered • 1 x ball with a material which sticks on contact with the handpads. Great team event and suitable for all 162453 Price 162448 Price ages and abilities £77.68 set £7.51 set 5. Catch Pads 6. Hit & Stick Bat/Ball 7. Cut Foam Flying Discs Good for developing hand to eye coordination as Bat measures 315 x 190mm (121/2 x 71/2 in) and Safe flying disc. Colours may vary. the special loop fabric of the ball immediately can be used either to hit the ball back on one side, sticks to the pad on contact. or to gauge the accuracy of your return as the ball will stick to the velcro side. Price 160555 Pad £3.75 each Price £43.14 pack £5.38 each 160555PK12 Pack of 12 £1.87 each 160565 Bat £14.33 pack £1.87 each 160561 Ball 160561 Ball Price £14.33 pack £6.64 each 160561PK8 Pack of 8 160561PK8 Pack of 8 248131 For all enquiries email: [email protected] 341

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. PU Skinned Flying Discs 2. Numberdisc 3. Foam Flyers Excellent value coated flying discs which have a The 22cm disc is made from a soft vinyl material A set of 4 foam flyers. 1 x each of red, blue, green sealed skin. Set of 4: red, blue, green and yellow. and offers no threat if the receiver misses the & yellow catch. 160463 Price 161307 Price 162128 Price £10.03 set £4.78 each £9.73 set GREAT VALUE THROW & CATCH 4. Super Saucers 5. Flying Discs 6. Tufskin Coated Flying Discs Easy fly discs. Made from soft vinyl in a set of 6 Plastic disc. Colours available in red, blue, yellow Hygienic coated disc which is more durable than bright colours: red, green, yellow, blue, orange and and green. exposed foam, yet safe to use inside and outside. purple. Each disc numbered in the sequence 1-6. Colours as available. Price 161302 Price 160460P1 Pack of 4 £1.51 each 248134 Price £17.75 set 160462P £6.76 each £5.41 pack 7. Catchall Target 8. Cone Catcher This height adjustable target has a built in net Classic childrens game which develops hand to eye to catch saucers, flying discs, quoits, bean bags coordination. Simply swing the tethered ball into the etc. Height can be adjusted between 88cm & cone and see how many times this action can be 135cm. Target area 30 x 90cm wide. Base can be repeated. Set of 6 colours. stabilised with sand or water fill. 162118 Price 161045 Price £32.38 each £23.83 set 342 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Coated Foam Balls 160050 Red 90mm Price 160077 Red 180mm Price PLAYBALLS 160051 Blue 90mm £3.93 each 160078 Blue 180mm £12.63 each These balls have a no seam foam core sealed with 160052 Green 90mm £3.93 each 160079 Green 180mm £12.63 each a durable, polyurethane coating that is impregnated 160053 Yellow 90mm £3.93 each 160080 Yellow 180mm £12.63 each into the cellular surface of the foam inner, unlike 160045 Red 160mm £3.93 each 160040 Red 200mm £12.63 each other balls which are sprayed and can be 'picked'. 160045PK6 Pack of 6 £9.21 each 160040PK6 Pack of 6 £13.45 each They are washable, pick resistant and can be 160046 Blue 160mm £52.58 pack 160041 Blue 200mm £80.21 pack disinfected. Ideal for both outdoors and indoors. 160046PK6 Pack of 6 £9.21 each 160041PK6 Pack of 6 £13.45 each 160047 Green 160mm £52.58 pack 160042 Green 200mm £68.55 pack 160055 Red 70mm Price 160047PK6 Pack of 6 £9.21 each 160042PK6 Pack of 6 £13.45 each 160056 Blue 70mm £3.28 each 160048 Yellow 160mm £52.58 pack 160043 Yellow 200mm £80.21 pack 160057 Green 70mm £3.28 each 160048PK6 Pack of 6 £9.21 each 160043PK6 Pack of 6 £13.45 each 160058 Yellow 70mm £3.28 each £52.58 pack £80.21 pack £3.28 each 2. 3. Lightweight Foam Balls Baked in a mould, these balls have a less consistent surface texture and bounce, but still offer soft play to the user. Skinned finish. 2. Heavyweight Foam Balls 160020 3. 160035 Red 70mm Price 90mm, yellow, h/b 160035P Red Pack of 12 £1.24 each Turned balls are more uniform in composition 160020PK20 Price 160036 Blue 70mm £13.41 pack and therefore have a true bounce. The foam used 90mm (pack of 20), yellow, h/b £2.94 each 160036P Blue Pack of 12 £1.24 each for these products is reflex type and a good bounce 160015 £56.45 pack 160037 Green 70mm £13.41 pack always results. U.K. made. h/b = high bounce, l/b 160mm, yellow, h/b £11.92 each 160037P Green Pack £1.24 each = low bounce 160011 £12.24 each £13.41 pack 200mm, blue, l/b £43.01 pack of 12 160021 Price 160011PK6 £16.66 each 160038 Yellow 70mm £1.24 each 70mm, yellow, h/b £2.73 each 200mm (pack of 6), blue, l/b 160038P Yellow Pack £13.41 pack 160021PK20 160010 70mm (pack of 20), yellow, h/b £51.68 pack 200mm, yellow, h/b of 12 £1.87 each 160022 160032 Blue 90mm £1.87 each 80mm, yellow, h/b £2.77 each 160033 Green 90mm £1.87 each 160023P20 160031 Red 90mm £1.87 each 80mm (pack of 20), yellow, h/b £49.89 pack 160034 Yellow 90mm £6.95 each 160029 Green 200mm £6.95 each 160028 Blue 200mm £6.95 each 160030 Yellow 200mm £6.95 each 160027 Red 200mm For all enquiries email: [email protected] 343

1. Large Flight Balls Price 2. Multiball £1.94 each 89mm (3.5\") perforated plastic balls. All purpose playball with a re-inflatable valve to £1.94 each adjust the softness of the ball. Attractive colours, Price 160282 75mm dia. £1.94 each Green £20.05 pack 160280 160283 161343 Price Red £1.94 each Yellow Set of 6 £9.24 set 160281 160279PP Blue Pack of 12 (3 of each colour) CUSTOMER FAVOURITE PLAYBALLS 3. Easygrip Balls The inverted triangle design combined with this very tactile material makes these balls ideal to use with younger children. Soft with a high bounce, they can be reinflated using a standard pump. Bright and colourful, each pack contains one each of colour red, yellow, green, blue, purple and orange. 162414 200mm dia Price 161342 150mm dia £32.78 pack 162122 90mm dia £31.19 pack £19.75 pack 5. Sponge Rubber Playballs 63mm (2.5\") soft rubber. 160255 Red Price £1.35 each 160255PK12 Pack of 12 £14.50 pack £1.35 each 160256 Blue £14.50 pack £1.35 each 4. Rainbow Sponge Rubber Playballs 160256PK12 Pack of 12 £14.50 pack £1.35 each 63mm (2.5\"). Soft rubber. Multicoloured ball. 160257 Green £14.50 pack £27.55 pack 160257PK12 Pack of 12 160258 Yellow 160262 Price 160258PK12 Pack of 12 160262P24 Box of 24 £1.29 each 160264PK24 Pack of 24 (6 £26.50 box of each colour) 344 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

Great Price Excellent Quality 1. Central Utility Balls 160342 180mm, red Price 160334 210mm, yellow Price 160347 180mm, yellow £3.30 each 160340P4 210mm, pack of 4 £5.22 each Used extensively in the States as a basic item of 160350P4 180mm, pack of 4 £3.30 each (1 of each colour) physical education equipment. Made from 2 ply butyl (1 of each colour) £11.85 pack £19.73 pack rubber finished with a hard wearing stippled surface 160328 210mm, blue and reinforced at all critical stress points. 160333 210mm, green £5.22 each 160327 210mm, red £5.22 each 160345 180mm, blue Price £5.22 each 160346 180mm, green £3.30 each £3.30 each 3. Reactaball PLAYBALLS 2. Mega Soft Z-Ball 100mm uneven surfaced solid ball, provides erratic and dramatic bounce ideal for developing Unpredictable! This oversized skinned foam ball feet, hand and eye tracking coordination. Improves bounces in any direction and tests reaction time to reaction time. the maximum. 24cm dia. Ball size 200mm. Price 162277 Price 162155 £7.31 each £7.64 each 162155PK6 Pack of 6 £41.47 pack 4. Flexiballs An innovative product with inter-connecting holes which makes it easy for children to catch, throw and bowl. Made from a durable rubber compound with excellent shape retention. Can be used in a number of ball activities from bocce through to bowling type games. Available in 3 sizes, 7, 9 & 13cm. Colours may vary. 161066 13cm Price 5. Multi Coloured Softy Balls 161064 9cm £8.77 each 161063 7cm £7.51 each Polyester soft filled for perfect safety. Stitched vinyl outer 161169 3 sizes (assorted £5.01 each cover. Pack of 6. 100mm (4in). £20.07 set colours) 160991PK6 Price £20.02 pack For all enquiries email: [email protected] 345

Great Price Excellent Quality 1. Cosytouch Balls Price £15.99 pack Soft touch balls. Inflate/deflate valves. £25.75 pack 160352PK4 Price 160353PK4 150mm, pack of 4 colours £13.19 pack 180mm, pack of 4 colours colours 161345 200mm, pack of 6 colours Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality PLAYBALLS 2. Central Maxi-Playball 3. Hi-Grip Playground Balls 4. Central Senior Playball 190mm (7.5\") team colours. Lightweight with Central's blue hi-grip balls provide the feel and grip inflate/deflate valve. of a much more expensive playball. Soft friendly 215mm (8.5\") team colours. Medium weight 'soft vinyl surface features a cross moulded tactile grid. feel' with genuine easy to use inflate/deflate valve. 160246 Red Price 160285 Price 160294 Red Price £4.58 each 150mm £5.27 each £5.22 each 160247 Blue £4.58 each 160286 160295 Blue £5.22 each £4.58 each 175mm £7.09 each £5.22 each 160248 Green £4.58 each 160287 160296 Green £5.22 each £17.97 pack 215mm £6.79 each £20.02 pack 160249 Yellow 160287PK12 160297 Yellow £95.49 pack 215mm, pack of 12 £75.31 pack £59.96 pack 160243PK4 Pack of 4 (1 160336PK4 Pack of 4 (1 of of each colour) each colour) 160244PK24 Pack of 24 (6 162177P12 Pack of 12 (3 of each colour) of each colour) Great Price Excellent Quality 5. Central Junior Playball 150mm (6in) team colours. Medium weight 'soft feel' with genuine easy to use inflate/deflate valve. 160311 Red Price £4.67 each 160312 Blue £4.67 each £4.67 each 160313 Green £4.67 each £18.30 pack 160314 Yellow £46.91 pack 162187P4 Pack of 4 (1 of each colour) 162178PK12 Pack of 12 (3 of each colour) 346 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Funtime Multicoloured Playball 1. Funtime, lightweight brightly coloured playball. With inflate/deflate valve. 250mm 160343 Price £5.28 each 2. Playtime Multicoloured Playball Playtime 180mm decorated playball, inflate/deflate valve. 160339 Price 3. 2. £5.65 each 4. 3. Nursery Multicoloured Playball Nursery multicoloured ball, 150mm. Lightweight ball with inflate/deflate valve. 160330 Price £4.57 each 4. Mini Tele Playball 5. Bigtime Multicoloured Playball 125mm multicoloured ball. Lightweight ball with Bigtime 300mm jumbo sized playball with inflate/ inflate/deflate valve. deflate value. 160320 Price 160344 Price £2.83 each £6.46 each PLAYBALLS 6. Multicoloured Playball Small 7. Stars and Stripes Playballs Marble lightweight playball with inflate/deflate valve. A striking pack of 6 x multi starred balls 150mm 100mm (4in) dia and 6 x multi striped balls 200mm dia. All balls have needle valves and don't come inflated. 160323 Price 162419 Price £3.56 each £31.42 pack FRUIT SCENTED 8. Funny Fruit Balls 9. Funny Face Balls 10. Rainbow Stripe Foam Balls Set of 6 lightweight playballs with fruit scented Set of 6 balls, each with a face depicting a Low bounce durable EVA foam. 63mm (21/2in) dia. Pack logo 180mm dia. Orange, lemon, strawberry, different look. Balls are made from an extremely of 48. blackcurrant, peach and lime. soft material and are 18cm (8in) dia. 161344 Price 162420 Price 162423 Price £18.45 set £28.15 set £41.93 pack For all enquiries email: [email protected] 347

2. Beanless Bags Vary the inflation of these roto-moulded bags and vary their use. Use for throwing, as stepping stones, or as a general play item. One each of red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. Set of 6. 162493 Price £10.91 set GREAT VALUE BEAN BAGS 1. Bean Bag Menagerie 162067 Turtles Price 162068 Frogs £17.55 set Made from soft vinyl; these pellet filled creatures are 162069 Rabbits £17.55 set 3. PVC Bean Bags brightly coloured, durable and feel good to handle. 162070 Hippos £17.55 set Younger children love the interaction with these 162071 Bears £17.55 set Welded bags filled with smooth plastic beans. One products which can be used for throwing, catching 162072 Monkeys £17.55 set each of red, blue, green and yellow. 12.7 x 10cm. and parachute work. The set comprises 1 each of 162073 Pigs £17.55 set red, green, yellow, blue, orange and purple. Set of 6. 162081 Cats £17.55 set 161324 Set of 4 Price 162075 Elephants £17.55 set £5.70 set £17.55 set 4. Pyramid Bean Bags 5. Ladybird Bean Bags 6. Four Frogs Bean Bags Pyramid shaped bean bags ideal for all beanbag Comfortable shape, soft vinyl material, each pellet Moulded soft vinyl bean filled frogs which are type activities. Made of thick cotton cloth, the filled bag is numbered in sequence from 1-6, extremely durable, waterproof and washable Set of shape makes them easier to catch than a standard with corresponding dots and the value marked in 4. Weight 55grams. Size L15 x W11 x H5cm. bean bag and are especially good for small hands. English, Spanish and French. Six attractive colours. One each of red, yellow, green and blue. 162402 Set of 4 Price 161301 Set of 6 Price 161321 Price £5.13 set £13.23 set £11.03 set 348 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

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