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Maudesport - International Catalogue 2019-20

Published by gopidasgayatri, 2019-11-01 04:04:05

Description: Maudesport - International Catalogue 2019-20


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1. Carlton Aeroblade 2000 2. Carlton Aeroblade 3000 3. Carlton Aeroblade 4000 4. Carlton Aeroblade 5000 Isoframe head for power, combined with Isometric titanium alloy head with Isometric titanium alloy head with One-piece lightweight composite an all steel construction for ultimate steel shaft construction for power and graphite shaft incorporating T-section construction coupled with a high durability and value for money. durability. Weight: 105g. technology for lightweight durability and performance Isoframe head shape Weight: 120g. powerful performance. Weight: 90g. Good for outstanding power. Weight: 95g. for general practice and school use. 020001 Price Price 020145 Price 020011 Price £10.17 each 020006 £12.18 each £16.89 each £19.61 each PRIMARY PACK SECONDARY PACK 6. Carlton Senior Badminton Set BADMINTON 5. Carlton Primary Badminton Set Ideal pack for 7 years old and above, supports key stage 3 - 5. Pack contents: Ideal pack for 4 -10 year olds and supports key • 10 x maxi blade 4.3 rackets stage 1 - 3. Pack contents: • 5 x 4.3 midi blade rackets • 10 x mini blade 4.3 rackets • 4 x C100 tubes (24 shuttles) • 5 x 4.3 midi blade rackets • 1 x carry bag • 4 x C100 tubes (24 shuttles) • 1x carry bag 020340 Price 020341 Price £168.55 set £178.97 set 7 . Carlton ISO 4.3 Maxi Racket 8 . Carlton ISO 4.3 Midi Rackets 9 . Carlton ISO 4.3 Mini Rackets Titanium alloy/steel construction and a larger head Titanium Alloy/Steel construction for superior Maxi racket with a larger head for increased shuttle size perfect for training. Recommended for ages durability. Larger head size for ease of play. contact area. Ideal for beginners. Recommended 11+. 10g. Maxi racket. 66cm (27in). Weight: 110g Suitable for players aged 7-10. Midi racket. Length for age 5-7. Length 53cm. Weight 90g. 58cm. Weight 100g. Price 020172 £11.29 each 020173 Price 020174 Price Single £10.61 each £10.61 each 7020172PK10 £109.76 pack Pack of 10 For all enquiries email: [email protected] 149

1. Yonex School Badminton Set Starter kit for schools comprising of of 20 rackets, 3 tubes of shuttlecocks, 2 nets and a carry bag. 020178 Price £219.52 set BADMINTON 2. Yonex B700MDM 3. Yonex Musclepower 2 A light steel/aluminium construction. DF Box A light Steel/Aluminium badminton racket with 4. Wilson Champ 90 shaping in the lower section of the racket head for \"Musclepower\" arches on the top half of the racket overall high durability and frame stability. Black/ head for overall high durability, frame stability and With quad head double beam and finger grip top red. Colours may vary. Weight: 92g. string protection. Isometric head shape for a bigger cap for added stability and control. Weight 100g. sweet spot. Colours may vary. 020171 Price 020096 Price 020372 Price £15.36 each £17.80 each £18.33 each 5. Wilson Reaction 70 6. Wilson Tour Badminton Set Steel shaft for increased power aluminium head in Wilson Tour Badminton set is ideal for beginners to quad design offering a bigger hitting area. the sport. Set contains: • 4 x Tour Pro badminton rackets • 3 x shuttlecocks • 1 x badminton net • 2 x net poles • Hooks • 1 x thermal bag 020066 Price 021007 Price £13.78 each £40.29 set 150 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

CUSTOMER CUSTOMER FAVOURITE FAVOURITE 1. Carlton C100 Shuttlecocks 2. Carlton F1 3. Carlton F2 Shuttlecocks Shuttlecocks A durable white all synthetic shuttle, designed for schools, juniors and beginners. White skirt, size Top quality synthetic shuttlecock which closely A high specification synthetic shuttle incorporating medium. matches playability of feather shuttlecocks. Ultra a natural cork base and ultra durable synthetic durable nylon construction and natural cork base. skirt. 700216PK6 Tube of 6 Price White Skirt Price White Skirt Price £7.18 tube 700225 Medium-Tube of 6 £10.00 tube 7020342 Medium-Tube of 6 £8.38 tube 700227 Fast-Tube of 6 £10.00 tube 7020343 Fast-Tube of 6 £8.38 tube Yellow Skirt £10.00 tube Yellow Skirt £8.38 tube 700226 Medium-Tube of 6 £10.00 tube 7020344 Medium-Tube of 6 £8.38 tube 700228 Fast-Tube of 6 7020345 Fast-Tube of 6 4. Carlton GT Feather Shuttlecocks BADMINTON Carltons unique 'Nanofilm' durability technology is applied to the new ultra premium GT3 and GT4 feather shuttlecocks. Combined with highest grade goose feather this delivers durability and playability for unmatched performance. All grades offered in Speed 78. 5. Carlton T800 Shuttlecocks An all synthetic shuttle, designed specifically for club practice and juniors. GT3 Price 020335 £26.64 tube White Skirt Price Durable consistent flight 700213PK6 Medium- £8.60 tube ideal for all clubs and 6. Fleeceballs league. Tube of 12. Tube of 6 These lightweight tightly knit Fleece Balls are a GT34 £22.26 tube 700218PK6 Fast-Tube of 6 £8.60 tube great introduction to Badminton. Size 3in. 020334 £8.60 tube Excellent value shuttle Yellow Skirt £8.60 tube 020320PK6 Pack of 6 Price for all training, practice 700214PK6 Medium- £9.40 pack matches and club nights. Tube of 12. Tube of 6 700219PK6 Fast-Tube of 6 7. Wilson Dropshot Shuttlecocks 8. Yonex Mavis 10 Shuttlecocks 9. Yonex Mavis 300 Shuttlecocks Top grade nylon shuttlecock with foam base. Entry Medium Speed M10 plastic based synthetic Medium Speed. Upon impact with the racket level shuttlecock for recreational play. shuttles are durable and suit all styles of play - head Mavis 300 quickly recover their shape ''peaking, dropping and spinning\" for accuracy. and trajectory. Cork based to provide consistent accuracy and durability. 020362 Price 7020176PK6 Price 7020175PK6 Price White - Tube of 6 £8.15 tube White - Tube of 6 £9.30 tube White - Tube of 6 £13.33 tube 7020187PK6 7020179PK6 Yellow - Tube of 6 £9.30 tube Yellow - Tube of 6 £13.33 tube For all enquiries email: [email protected] 151

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Multi Use Post & Net Set 2. Mini Badminton Net and Post Set Make the most of available space by setting up multiple mini courts in your gym or on your Consists of net, posts and bag. Easily foldable playground. Setup is quick and easy, just slide and can be packed in bag for easy carrying. All the net over the steel posts. Heights of 1.5m and the parts of the net frame are inter-linked. 3m in 0.8m for Badminton and Tennis. 5.13m wide, length. packs into compact holdall. 205001 Price 020148 Price £82.58 each £66.52 set BADMINTON 3. Harrod Wheelaway Club Posts 4. Harrod Wheelaway School Posts 5. Harrod Combination Badminton/ Mini-Tennis Posts Recommended for club and school use. Ideal Recommended for club and school use. Ideal for practice at all levels. 40mm steel uprights for practice at all levels. 40mm steel uprights All Harrod UK Badminton posts are approved by complete with cleats and grooved top. Bases have complete with cleats and grooved top. Bases have Badminton England. built in weights and are fitted with rubber pads built in weights and are fitted with rubber pads • 4 0mm steel uprights complete with net hooks, for floor protection. Polyester powder coated blue. for floor protection. Polyester powder coated blue. Weight 46.5kg per set. Weight 33kg per set. cleats and grooved top • T he 'H' shaped bases have built-in weight and are fitted with rubber pads for floor protection • W ide double wheels with extra strong fabricated brackets will not mark or dent floors • N etting can be drawn very tight without movement of the upright and base (12kg) • P osts are attached to the base with a spring clip mechanism and can be easily detached for storage • 33.00 kg per set 020185CX Price 020186 Price 020370 Price £264.97 set £214.90 set £231.04 set CX 152 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

FOR USE WITH FOR USE WITH FOR USE WITH 7021023CX 7021023CX 7021023CX 1. Weighted Badminton Posts 2. Anchored 3. Competition Badminton Posts Socketed Aluminium posts with 34kg weighted bases, Badminton Posts requiring no sockets or floor plates. Unique net Floor anchored aluminium posts, with simple floor tethering system. Nets not included. plate and locating hook to securely locate post Top quality anodised aluminium posts for use in position without the need for weights or coring with 66mm (2 1/2in) dia sockets, included. Unique of sockets. Unique net tethering system. Floor net tethering system - net edges slot neatly into anchors require professional installation, please a channel in the post itself, with net headlines contact us for details. Nets not included. secured by means of clam cleats. Please note, sockets require professional installation. Please contact us for details. Nets not included. 7021018CX Price 7021017CX Price 7021016CX Price £803.92 pair £474.45 pair £352.90 pair CX CX CX Great Price Excellent Quality 4. Central Badminton Posts 5. Badminton Nets Price BADMINTON £11.82 each Designed for clubs of all levels 020200 •Rubber floor protection pads 6.1m (20ft), 19mm mesh - £28.44 each cotton headband. and non-marking rubber 020211 £13.18 each wheels will not damage playing 6.1m (20ft), 19mm extra surface heavy mesh and headband. £30.37 each •H eavy duty posts are 1.55m 020202 regulation height 7.32m (24ft), 19mm mesh •Total weight 40kg per set - cotton headband. (no additional weights required) 020210 •M anufactured in accordance 7.32m (24ft), 19mm extra with BS EN 1509. heavy mesh and headband. 020300CX Price 6. Harrod Badminton Club Net 50mm Uprights with built in £249.63 set weights and wheels. Total 6.1m (20ft) Red regulation 19mm mesh. Red nylon weight 30kg. £11.91 each cord. White head band with eyeletted ends. Fitted 020303 with head and bottom cord. Ideal for Club use. Spare Wheels 020216 Price CX £24.82 each 7. Premier Badminton Net 8. Badminton 9. Mega Shuttle Racket & Shuttle Cart For use with Badminton post items 7021016CX, Anyone can hit this! Super size shuttlecock with 7021017CX and 7021018CX. The net features profiled On wheels. Hanging brackets with room for 40 a PU head and plastic meshed skirt. 200mm (7 edges to each end of the net to allow it to slide neatly badminton rackets. Includes plastic tray. Rackets and 3/4in) length. into the net channel on the posts, giving a neater finish. shuttles not included. Material: Steel, Plastic, Timber. Dimensions: 800 x 460 x 460mm. Can also be used for Tennis. 7021023CX Price 7021022CX Price 162278 Price £55.05 each £380.24 each £6.63 each CX CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 153

Great Price Excellent Quality 1. Central Super 7 2. Central Super MaxiMould 'V' 3. Central Super MaxiMould 'X' Ideal introductory ball. Nylon wound butyl bladder. Excellent training ball in a classic tan colour with a Quality tan, white and black moulded rubber ball with Rubber cover, with deep pimple surface for pimpled surface for increased grip. high grip pimple surface. excellent grip. Price 030057 Size 7 Price 030034 Size 7 Price 030035 Size 7 £8.46 each 030058 Size 5 £7.77 each 030048 Size 6 £8.45 each 030054 Size 6 £8.46 each 030055 Size 5 £8.46 each £7.77 each £8.45 each 030056 Size 3 £8.46 each GREAT GREAT GREAT VALUE VALUE VALUE BASKETBALL 5. Central Super Maximould 'V' 6. Central Super MaxiMould 'X' Basketball Deal Basketball Ball Deal 4. Central Super 7 Tan moulded rubber. Pack of 10 including ball sack. 3 Colour, moulded rubber. Pack of 10 including Ball Sack. Introductory ball. Pack of 10 including ball sack. 030035PK10 Size 7 Price 030057PK10 Size 7 Price 030034PK10 Size 7 Price 030054PK10 Size 6 £84.65 pack 030058PK10 Size 5 £77.78 pack 030048PK10 Size 6 £84.53 pack 030055PK10 Size 5 £84.65 pack 030056PK10 Size 3 £84.65 pack £77.78 pack £84.53 pack £84.65 pack Great Price i SEE PAGE GREAT Excellent Quality 302 VALUE For more primary BDUENADLLE basketball products 7. Central Skillbuilder Basketball Kits Each kit comprises: • 30 x flexible markers • 20 x bibs (in two different colours, colours may vary) • 2 x 10-ball carry nets • 1 x holdall • 14 x Central cushion grip basketballs Primary set - 7 x size 3, 7 x size 5 balls Junior set - 7 x size 5, 7 x size 6 balls Senior Set - 4 x size 6, 10 x size 7 balls 160018PR Primary Set Price 160018JR Junior Set £169.34 set 160018SR Senior Set £169.34 set £169.34 set 154 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Baden 2. Baden Equalizer All Star A synthetic leather basketball, recommended as a high • Perfect for schools value indoor/outdoor match ball for school and club use. • Deluxe rubber cover • Nylon wound butyl bladder • Pro channel design for better grip • Synthetic leather • Precision-wound for durability • Deep, wide channels • Use indoor or outdoor • Ultra grip technology • Gold foil graphics • Semi-inflated 030152 Size 7 Price 030186 Size 7 Price 030153 Size 6 £12.89 each 030187 Size 6 £30.64 each 030154 Size 5 030188 Size 5 £12.89 each £30.64 each £12.89 each £30.64 each 3. Molten BGG7X/BGG6X 4. Molten BGM7X/BGM6X/BGM5X 5. Molten BGR7/BGR6/BGR5 BASKETBALL FIBA Approved with official 12 panel design FIBA Approved indoor/outdoor ball FIBA Approved in sizes 7 and 6 with signature patented • All New X Series Technology • All New X Series Technology Molten 12-panel design. Top Quality highly durable • S oft carcass dual cushion technology with retained • More consistent back spin rubber basketballs. Perfect training and drill ball. Nylon • Polyurethane leather basketball wound butyl bladder. Official size and weight. high bounce back • Perfect for use in schools and clubs as a match ball • More consistent back spin • Scuff resistance outer cover • Nylon wound butyl bladder • Nylon wound butyl bladder • For indoor use only 030303 Size 7 Price 030272 Size 7 Price 030275 Size 7 Price 030304 Size 6 £56.34 each 030273 Size 6 £30.72 each 030276 Size 6 £14.28 each 030274 Size 5 030277 Size 5 £56.34 each £30.72 each £14.28 each £30.72 each £14.28 each i SEE PAGE 91-92 For Large Storage Solutions 6. Molten Colour 7. Wilson MVP Coded Basketballs A Basketball for all surfaces. Has an optimal rubber New Official 12-PANEL design. cover for all courts with a pressure lock bladder to Rubber cover. Deep-pebble surface. maintain optimal ball pressure. Supplied in striking Nylon wound. Butyl bladder. bright colours to stand out from the crowd. Official size and weight.Colours may vary. 030305 Size 7 Price 030203 Size 7 Price 030306 Size 6 £16.67 each 030202 Size 6 £9.71 each 030307 Size 5 £16.67 each 030201 Size 5 030308 Size 3 £16.67 each £9.71 each £16.67 each £9.71 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 155

Telescopic height adjustment i SEE PAGE 84-85 For score boards Transport wheel Ground anchors BASKETBALL 1. Q4 Nforcer Portable 2. Q4 Xplode Youth Portable 3. Q4 Konquer Basketball System Basketball System Portable Basketball System Telescopic pole, height adjustable in seconds 5 height settings 2 to 2.6m. 38cm diameter solid • Height adjustment from 2.3m up to 3.05m without the use of tools. Height settings from 2.3 steel goal. 50mm diameter pole with protective pole • 76mm diameter pole with protective pole pad up to regulation 3.05m. 45cm diameter heavy pad. 76 x 50cm backboard. Portable base moves on • 111 x 71cm rectangular shaped backboard duty solid steel goal with all-weather net. 76mm it's own wheels and fills with 37 litres of water/sand. diameter pole with protective pole pad. 111 x 71cm rectangular shaped backboard. Portable base moves on it's own wheels and fills with 145 litres of water/sand to provide a solid foundation. Includes ground anchors to provide additional security. Perfect for KS2 and up to adult use. 031019CX Price 031018CX Price 031020CX Price £239.46 each £127.57 each £307.50 each CX CX CX 4. Basketball Practice Backboard 030095CX Price 5. Sure Shot 270 Heavy Duty Flex Ring Senior 1.22m x 920mm X £430.10 each Resin bonded, 18mm moisture resistant board, 20mm • Top quality flex ring for use in Leisure Centres, lined in black. Supplied without locating holes for School and College Gyms rings due to the variation of hole configuration from CX • 46cm (18in) powder coated solid steel ring with net suppliers. • Enclosed Flex Mechanism • Side Guards for safety • Flex \"break\" at 70kg • 1 year warranty 7030446 Price £388.56 each 156 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Sure Shot 510 \"U Just\" Portable 2. Sure Shot 514 Telescopic 3. Sure Shot 553 BASKETBALL Portable Easi Shot Portable • 2 wheels for movement • Ground stake for stability • 2 wheels for easy movement • Backboard 89 x 61cm (35 x 24in) • 111 x 71cm backboard • Lightweight summer pole with padding • 46cm (18in) ring with net • 46cm (18in) solid steel ring with net • Telescopic height up to 3.05m (10ft) • Pole adjustable from 1.2 to 2.4m (4 to 8ft) • Adjustable up to 3.05m (10ft) • 45cm (18in) solid steel flex ring • Approved to BSEN 71 standard • With pole padding • Comes with pole padding • Supplied with pole padding 7030133CX Price 7030475CX Price 030179CX Price White Backboard £313.60 each White backboard £317.72 each White £217.01 each 7030371CX £377.84 each Acrylic Backboard CX £317.72 each CX £217.01 each £313.60 each CX 7030471CX £382.02 each 030144CX £212.05 each Colour backboard Colour Backboard 7030478CX Colour Backboard CX CX CX 7030372CX 7030370CX Acrylic Backboard Acrylic Backboard CX CX CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 4. Sure Shot 553 Heavy Duty Wall 5. Sureshot Econoplay Backboard Mount System A low cost durable plywood backboard. Ideal for home • A heavy duty fixed unit system for use in schools and junior school use. Suitable for Indoor use only. and leisure centres • Rectangular 120cm x 90cm (47 x 35in) • One of the top performance back boards on the • Not pre-drilled allowing compatibility with any system market • Indoor use • Rectangular laminated heavy duty backboard • Compatible with all Sureshot units 119 x 89cm • Weight: 8kg • 46cm (18in) Solid steel ring (260 as standard) with net Price • Direct mount system bracket coated in black £78.38 each • 61cm (24in) extension from wall • Bolts onto any substantial vertical surface £175.62 each • Approved by England Basketball and Basketball Scotland 7030225CX Price 030710 £590.07 each 120 x 90 x 10mm 4kg CX 030684 120 x 90 x 20mm 8kg For all enquiries email: [email protected] 157

BASKETBALL 1. Sure Shot Heavy Duty Portable 2. Sure Shot Quick Adjust Unit 512 3. Sure Shot Fold & Store Unit 520 • Strongest quick height adjust portable system The Sure Shot 518 Fold Store Unit With Ballast is • Heavy duty portable unit • Backboard 44'' x 28'' (100cm x 70cm) transportable basketball unit for use in schools and • Will support 240kg (500lbs) of load on the goal • 18'' (45cm) steel ring with net homes where an easy to manage unit is required. • Rolls on 2 wheels for easy movement • 24'' (60cm) adjustable arm for height alteration Folds away easily and stores economically. Ideal for • Certificate of EN 1270 • With pole padding mobile coaching. 3 leg pole construction powder coated in black. Wheels for easier movement when assembled. Adjustable 8' to 10' (2.44m to 3.05m). 7030137CX Price 7030132CX Price 7030139CX Price 7030136CX £672.01 each White backboard £662.01 each £596.44 each With Pole Padding 7030373CX 7030138CX £785.25 each Acrylic Backboard £652.25 each With Ballast £669.85 each CX CX CX 4. Sureshot Junior 5. Basketball Nets Backboard and Ring A range of nets to suit all levels of competition. • Ideal wall mounted backboard and ring for youngsters aged between 7 and 10 years 030080 Price 6. Economy Hoop Economy 3.00mm gauge- £5.73 pair •Solid melamine backboard 79 cm x 60 cm (36 White 2cm (5/8in) Solid steel hoop. 90mm x 100mm (3 1/2 x x 24in) 030082 £6.37 pair 4in) hole pattern No tie Net Hooks. Net not included. Economy 3.00mm • Solid steel ring 46cm (18in, full size) gauge-Coloured £8.94 pair • Net and ring fixings included 030079 £12.76 pair • Weatherproof construction Standard 6.00mm gauge-White • Weight 5 kg 030650 Deluxe 8.00mm gauge-White 030296 Price 030075 Price £60.04 each £26.12 each 158 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

INFORMATION Available with ballast counterweight, please contact our sales office for details 1. Sure Shot Tournament Court 560 2. Sure Shot 645 Original Gooseneck 3. Sure Shot Gladiator BASKETBALL A great option for sites where wall fixing is not on The original unit used in \"Inner City\" environments. The Sure Shot Gladiator is ideal for open access option. Robust design for rugged play indoor or out. With net set at 3.05m (10ft). with limited supervision and is probably the Complete with padding. This unit folds down and • Unbreakable unit strongest zinc dipped outdoor unit. has wheels to make storage and movement easier. • White, galvanised, weather resistant, steel, fan • As supplied for the English & Scottish O.B.I. Available with ballast counterweight, or can be programmes used with a single floor anchor to reduce manual shaped backboard 1.3 x 1.1m (53 x 45in) • Steel backboard 119 x 89cm (47 x 35in) handling and storage issues. • 46cm (18in) solid steel ring with net • Poly-carbonate fascia ideal for sponsorship logos • H eavy duty zinc coated steel 114mm x 4.5mm (4 • 46cm (18in) solid steel galvanised ring set at 3.05m (10ft) with heavy duty net 1/2 x 1/4) post • 5mm (1/4in) thick steel main post with 10mm • One piece 120cm (48in) Gooseneck extension (1/2in) backing plate • Installation requires 99cm (39in) cube hole • Standard extension is 122cm (48in) • 7 year warranty subject to correct care • Ground sleeves available • A pproved by England Basketball and Basketball • 7 year anti rust warranty • Approved by England Basketball and Basketball Scotland Scotland 7030234CX Price 7030208CX Price 7030330CX Price £2,293.95 each £1,960.00 each Mini £2,586.26 each CX CX CX £2,651.98 each 7030331CX £2,486.57 each Long reach CX 7030187CX Standard CX 4. Sure Shot 203E Ring and Net Set 5. Sure Shot 261 Institutional Ring 6. Sure Shot 661 \"Euro Court\" and Net System • Basketball for light school use • 46cm (18in) powder coated solid steel ring • Ideal for use in schools, colleges and leisure An inground basketball unit for all school and • Complete with white 12 hook net centres leisure use. • Backplate available if required • Rectangular polypropylene (47 x 35in) backboard • Hardware included • 46cm (18in) solid steel ring with net • 4 6cm (18in) solid steel powder coated ring set at 3.05m (10ft) with net • Square steel post with 48in extension arm • Approved by England Basketball 030447 Price 030445 Price 7030185CX Price £41.38 each £70.33 each £1,004.54 each CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 159

2. Coaching Folder Folder comes with magnetic player markers and planner pad. Ideal for use on court by coach. Size: 24 x 36cm opening out to 47 x 36cm. 1. Molten Carry Bag - 6 Ball 030067 Coaching folder Price 3. Air Horn Price 030230 Red disc £12.53 each £4.90 each Carrying bag for 6 basketballs. 71cm x 45.5cm x 030231 Blue disc £1.62 each 030105 Horn plus canis- 19cm. 030232 Yellow disc £1.62 each ter of air £3.92 each 030233 Black disc £1.62 each 030279 Price £1.62 each 030106 Refill canister £24.26 each CUSTOMER FAVOURITE BASKETBALL 4. Sure Shot Ball Cage Ideal transportable unit for moving balls from 5. Basketball Scoresheets the storage area to the gym and when leaving balls in a secure area. Available in steel and Triplicate pad. aluminium options. Easily moved on 4 rubber wheels. Light but sturdy construction. Holds 24 official size basketballs. Can be locked up for additional security (padlock not supplied). Flat packed with simple assembly. Size 120 x 90 x 90cm. 030207CX Steel 10kg Price 030130 Price 7030262CX Aluminium 8kg £212.68 each £10.65 each CX £351.78 each 6. Economy Foul Marker Set 7. 'Wipe Clean' Tactics Board Comprises 5 numbered paddles and 2 team foul Comes complete with Dry wipe pen and Board cones. rubber allowing coach to quickly sketch the plays. Coloured board measuring 40 x 25cm. 030205 Price 030184 Price £15.57 each £11.20 each 160 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Biased Indoor Carpet Bowls Set of 4 Ball 7040023 Price Black (red/blue, pairs) £155.22 set 7040024 Black (green/white, pairs) £155.22 set GREAT VALUE BOWLS 2. Level Green Jack 3. Heavyweight Short Mat Jack White composition, 62.5mm (21/2in) diameter. Can Recommended for short mat bowling. also be used as an economy short mat jack. Price 040035 White Price 040065 Yellow £40.88 each £17.17 each 040066 White £40.88 each 4. Super Heavyweight Short Mat Jack 5. Bowls Measure 6. Scoreframes - Epoxy Coated - Steel Latest development in short mat bowling. 2.13m (7ft) measure with retractable steel tape. Double sided upright frame. Positive locking mechanism, fixed calipers. 040067 Yellow Price 040088 Price 040171 Price £42.64 each £17.86 each £140.26 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 161

EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR INDOOR BOWLING! 1. Indoor Short Mats 5. Centre Block 5. 1. Top quality ready lined carpet with underlay bonded to One 15” Centre Block produced ex. 75mm x 75mm the top surface and cut to regulation size for Short Mat plane square edge engineered softwood to help Bowling. Can be rolled out as required, no need to seal prevent warping and splitting. down. Ideal for sports pavilions, church halls, community centres etc. Short mat size 13.71m x 1.83m Price £36.75 each Price 040056CX £1,445.43 each 7040050CX CX 2. Short Mat Starter Set Comprising: • 1 x 13.72 x 1.83m carpet • 1 x set Fenders • 2 x sets Henselite Level Green Bowls Size 3 • 1 x Level Green Jack • 2 x Regulation Mats • Vinyl tape and instruction guide to add lines to mat State alternative size of bowls if you have a preference. 7040015PCX Price £1,879.08 set CX 3. Short Mats Fenders Regulation width end fenders per pair. Price 2. £118.53 pair 040055CX CX 3. BOWLS 4. 4. Short Mat Carpet Bag Nylon holdall for 13.71m x 1.83m Short Mat. Easily loaded into wide opening with velcro seals. 040075 Price £125.31 each 6. Mat Transport Unit 7. Bowling Mat Mat transporter which allows Robust, rubber, regulation bowls mats in white/ two mats to be rolled and black. Each bowls mat measures 14 x 24 inches stored at two levels. The unit (35.5 x 61.5cm). has two spindles and the carpets can be wound onto the unit with the handle provided. If using one spindle please ensure the carpet is rolled onto the lower spindle for stability. The unit is fitted with heavy duty castors for ease of manoeuvrability. Size: 140cm x 73cm x 220cm. 040130CX Price 040071 Price £1,032.61 each £14.28 each CX 162 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE Great Price Excellent Quality 3. Punchbag Wall Bracket Adjustable height settings. Not recommended for bags deemed heavyweight. Please note wall fixings not included. We recommend the use of wall bolts. 045091 Price £44.93 each 1. Central PU Punchbags 2. Lonsdale PU Punchbag BOXING Durable, heavy duty PU punchbag. Stitched to the Highest quality heavy duty PU outer bag with soft highest quality, with a soft inner filling to absorb inner filling for kindness to hands and wrists. shock. Comes complete with hanging strap. Comes complete with hanging straps. 045417CX 3ft Price 045253 3ft Price 4. Punchbag Bracket 045416CX 4ft £62.65 each 045252 4ft £90.94 each 045415CX 5ft £65.24 each 045251 5ft £96.09 each 50kg max weight. 045092 Standard bag £70.24 each 045092 Standard £100.40 each £21.32 each bag chain £21.32 each chain 045093 Heavy duty £24.49 each bag chain £24.49 each Price 045093 Heavy duty £77.11 each bag chain 045009 CX BDUENADLLE Great Price Excellent Quality 5. Central 6. Lonsdale Club Pack Speedball Kits Lonsdale holdall containing everything you need to Timber platform complete with angle-iron wall get started: brackets, swivel and speedball. • 10 x hook & jab pads • 10 x bag mitts 045050 Full kit Price • 10 x basic skip ropes 045248 Price 045055 Speedball only £100.24 set £384.70 set £20.87 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 163

Great Price Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality Excellent Quality 1. Central Club Sparring Gloves 2. Central Club Bag Mitts 3. Central PVC Bag Mitts Central club sparring gloves made from PU artificial Durable and well padded PU bag mitts. Elasticated Well padded bag mitts made from PU and PVC. leather, provide optimum comfort, support and wrist for a more comfortable fit. Elasticated wrist for a comfortable fit. absorption. Gloves feature adjustable Velcro wrist support. 045410 Price 045411 Price 045414 Price £35.53 pair £17.47 pair £15.46 pair Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality BOXING 5. Central Club 6. Central Club Curved Focus Pads Straight Focus Pads 4. Central Hand Wraps Lightweight design and curve of these focus Ideal for practicing straight on jabs, hooks and pads allows for greater ability to absorb punches. Top quality cotton wrapping. Velcro fastening. uppercuts. Made from durable PU material with extra Smaller surface area helps develop timing and 4.57m (15ft) Black. foam padding for shock absorption. sharpen speed combination. 045040 Price 045413 Price 045412 Price £4.39 pair £25.15 pair £26.97 pair 7. Central Boxing Deal BDUENADLLE Pack contains: • 10 x Central curved focus pads • 10 x Central bag mitts • 10 x Central skipping ropes • 1 x easy to carry Central holdall. 045420 Price £363.14 pack Great Price Excellent Quality 164 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Adidas Speed 50 Boxing Gloves 100% PU inside lining, 7.5cm wide elasticated wrap around strap. Moulded foam padding 045399 6oz Price 045400 8oz £34.50 pair 045401 10oz £34.50 pair £34.50 pair 2. Adidas Focus Pads BOXING The Adidas PU Focus Pad is the entry pad to the 3. Adidas Nylon Skipping Rope Adidas Boxing range. With a palm area made in 1.2mm 'HL' 100% PU. Side and hand in nubuck-II 9ft rope length. Lightweight 100% PU hi-tec artificial leather lined with a soft polyester fabric with foam. Padded with EVA 'F86' and polymax foam. Contrast stitching. 10\" length. 045394 10in Price 045017 Price £51.88 pair £8.12 each BDUENADLLE 4. Adidas pack with Price T-Sport bag £857.50 each Adidas pack including: • 10 x focus mitts • 10 x speed boxing gloves • 10 x skipping ropes • 1 x easy to carry mesh bag 045421 For all enquiries email: [email protected] 165

1. Cimac Ultimate Bag Gloves 2. Cimac Curved Focus Mitts PU hi-tech artificial leather. Palm in black soft hydra • PU material flow moisture wicking foam. Full thumb in black • Padded palm with grip ball mesh. 'IMF' injection moulded foam padding. 4cm • Finger shield with mesh top wide elastic closing. • Size 10\" 045398 S/M Price 045403 Price 045402 L/XL £19.60 each £30.60 pair £20.80 each BOXING 4. Cimac Artificial Leather Boxing Gloves 6oz 3. T-Sport Hand Wraps Nubuck PU Material. 5cm Wide PU wrap around Mexican style (stretchable). Provides coverage elastic strap for a firm, secure closure. IMF injection to the hand and support to the wrist. Fastened moulded foam padding. Contrast stitching securely with a hook and loop closure. 046018 Price 045397 Price £5.02 each £24.82 pair 5. T-Sport Mesh Bag 6. T-Sport Straight Shield 7. T-Sport Curved Shield Ideal for carrying numerous pads and mitts to Reinforced vinyl cover with a dense foam filling. T-Sport Curved Shield has a reinforced vinyl cover and from your club. Drawstring and cord loc. Two Three back handles - two adjustable. with dense foam filling, three back handles (2 shoulder straps converts into a rucksack for easier adjustable) which allows you to hold with both hands carrying. Size: 140 x 90cm or one arm. Part of the T-Sport Martial Arts Range. Size 71 x 38 x 12.5cm 046019 Price 075033 Red/Black Price 075031 Price £20.07 each £44.76 each £59.94 each 166 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

CRICKET BAT SIZE GUIDE SIZE HEIGHT Short Handle 5'6 + 5'4 - 5'6 Harrow 5'2 - 5'4 6 4'11 - 5'2 5 4'9 - 4'11 4 4'6 - 4'9 3 Great Price Excellent Quality 1. Central Coverdrive G.T. Bats Top quality club match cricket bat. Modern attractive design with superior technical features. • Kashmir willow • Super wide 32mm edge • Contoured ridge back • Large sweet spot • New ultra grip 3 spring handle • 'Slo Curve' profile 055115 Short Handle Price 055116 Harrow £16.92 each 055117 Size 6 £16.29 each 055118 Size 5 £17.97 each 055119 Size 4 £16.22 each 055120 Size 3 £14.42 each £13.79 each i INFORMATION CRICKET see our complete cricket range online Great Price Excellent Quality 2. Central Stroke Bats Excellent value schools/club cricket practice bat. • Wide 26mm edge • Dimple grip 2 spring handle • Large sweet spot • 'Slo curve' profile 055100 Size 6 Price 055101 Size 5 £10.85 each 055102 Size 4 £10.18 each 055103 Size 3 £8.78 each 055104 Size 2 £8.16 each £7.90 each Pack of 10 with Bag 055100PK10 Size 6 £143.06 pack 055101PK10 Size 5 £135.25 pack 055102PK10 Size 4 £129.41 pack 055103PK10 Size 3 £121.81 pack 055104PK10 Size 2 £115.11 pack For all enquiries email: [email protected] 167

3. Hunts Clipper Price Flash Bats £38.40 each £38.40 each Quality blade and £38.40 each protective face with £38.40 each light pick up and toe protection. Individually balanced, traditionally shaped blade with extended sweet spot. 055356 Short Handle 055357 Harrow 055358 Size 6 055359 Size 5 CRICKET 1. Slazenger Power Blade Club Bats 2. Slazenger Power Blade Panther Bats 4. Hunts Reflex Rebel Cricket Kashmir willow cricket bat. Shellac face. Pro tec grip. Kashmir willow cricket bat. Shellac face. Pro tec grip Bats Ideal for schools and clubs. Design may vary. fitted to Harrow and Short Handle. Exceptional performance. Massive sweet spot, with excellent balance. Scale grip and toe protection. Large profile with balance pick up ensures maximum striking power and performance. 056227 Short Handle Price 056068 Short Handle Price 055779 Harrow Price 056228 Harrow £26.30 each 056067 Harrow £26.50 each 055778 Size 6 £21.67 each 056229 Size 6 £26.30 each 056066 Size 6 £26.50 each 055777 Size 5 £21.67 each 056230 Size 5 £23.57 each 056065 Size 5 £23.36 each 055776 Size 4 £21.67 each 056231 Size 4 £23.57 each 056064 Size 4 £23.36 each 055775 Size 3 £21.66 each £23.57 each £23.36 each £21.67 each CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 5. Airball 6. Gray Nicolls Wobble Ball 7. Fast Track Ball NCA 4 oz. Regulations plastic ball. • EVA moulded ball Durable lightweight ball. • Cork centre 055283 Junior Price • Ideal for catching & batting against the swinging ball 055285 Senior £3.71 each • Great indoor training aid £3.71 each 055259 Price 055958 Price £4.37 each £3.94 each 168 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

PACK OF BDUENADLLE 50 2. Central Airball Cricket Ball Deals Packs of 24 Central Airball semi-soft plastic cricket balls. In an easy to carry Central bag. Colour of bag may vary. 055283PK24 Junior balls Price 055285PK24 Senior balls £68.99 pack £68.99 pack Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality PCARIGCEKTEITLE 1. Central Marker Saucers 3. Central Practice Cricket Balls 4. Central Diamond Cricket Balls Set of 50 white marker saucers, suitable for setting Halved leather practice ball. Quartered ball. General use. boundaries complete with carry handle. Price Price 160181PK50 Price 055250 51/2oz £6.21 each 055245 51/2oz £7.36 each £13.28 set 055251 43/4oz 055246 43/4oz £7.36 each £6.21 each BDUENADLLE Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality 5. Central Triple Crown Cricket Balls 6. Central Test Cricket Balls Quartered ball. Match quality. Quartered ball. Best Leather. Grade A. 055243 51/2oz Price 055238 Single - 51/2oz Price 055238PK6 Pack of 6 - 51/2oz Price 055244 43/4oz £10.35 each 055239 Single - 43/4oz £9.73 each 055239PK6 Pack of 6 - 43/4oz £52.23 pack £10.35 each £9.73 each £52.23 pack CreFdoirt aAlcl ceonuqunitrsieAsveamilaabill:[email protected]–aAupdpelsypOonrtli.nceo.Tuokday 169

1. Readers Allround Cricket Balls 2. Readers County Supreme Cricket 3. Readers Supaball Cricket Balls Ball General practice ball. Plastic coated. Moulded The only choice for the serious coach. Real stitched seam. Top quality 5 layer cork and worsted centre. English seams, durable PVC outer cover and excellent bounce linings. & durability. Boxed singly. 055260 Price 055240 51/2oz Price Red Price 51/2oz £5.38 each £14.68 each 056092 Adult's £6.50 each 055261 056091 Youth's £6.50 each 43/4oz £5.38 each Pink £6.50 each 056089 Adult's £6.50 each 056090 Youth's PCARIGCEKTEITLE 5. Allplay Cricket Balls Indoor double seamed coloured flocked training balls. 4. Readers Windball 055132 Price 6. Readers Indoor Cricket Balls Set of 6 £11.91 pack 3.5oz semi-soft plastic. 055288 NCA 4oz. Regulation plastic ball. Red Single £2.87 each 056094 Junior Price 055288PK6 055270 Red Price 056093 Senior £4.63 each Set of 6, Red only. £11.91 pack 055271 Yellow £3.93 each £4.63 each £3.93 each 7. Slazenger Crown Cricket Balls 8. Slazenger Match Cricket Balls 9. Slazenger Test Cricket Ball Quartered ball. Suitable for practice. Alum tanned leather with Q15 quilt centre. Grade A. Top quality league ball. Highest specification in our range. Price Price 055225 51/2oz £8.45 each 055247 51/2oz £10.67 each 055241 51/2oz Price 055226 43/4oz 055248 43/4oz £21.54 each £8.45 each £10.67 each 170 FVoirsaitllwewnqwu.miriaeusdeemspaiol:[email protected] acuodmepslpeotertr.acnog.uek

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Freestanding Metal Stumps 2. Harrod Pro-Flex Cricket Stumps 3. Spring Return Stumps Durable practice stumps, can be used indoors or Strong moulded rubber base with integral steel outdoors. Size: 28in high. counter weight. Regulation 710mm x 35mm dia Heavyweight metal base. 3 stumps with bails. cricket stumps with bails. Size: 762 x 203mm (30 x 8in). 055323 Price 055074 Price 055329 Price £30.64 end £65.15 end £43.98 end PCARIGCEKTEITLE 4. Spring Return Stumps 5. Pro Stumps Heavyweight metal base. 3 steel stumps. 28” imported Ash match quality stumps conforming Size: 762 x 203mm (30 x 8in). to Law 8. 055341 Price 056211 Price £41.04 end £30.49 set 6. Stumpi 7. Slazenger Select Stumps 8. Super Stump Set An off stump bowling target, which fits all stumps Set of 6 Ash Stumps and 4 bails packed in a Super stumps set comes with plastic stumps and and can be used by bowling left and right batsmen. drawstring storage bag. Senior size (28in). two heavy rubber bases. Includes 4 plastic stumps, Produced in solid foam to absorb the hardest of 1 standard rubber base, 1 single target stump base impacts. A valuable training aid for beginners but and 2 plastic bails. also used by County and England players. 055135 Price 055314 Price 056255 Price £27.04 each £28.52 set £18.63 set CreFdoirt aAlcl ceonuqunitrsieAsveamilaabill:[email protected]–aAupdpelsypOonrtli.nceo.Tuokday 171

1. Accessories G. Rubber Grips Price B. E. A. 055813 £2.72 each D. 25.4 x 2.54cm (10 x 1in) £2.72 each F. B. 055814 £2.72 each A. 30.4cm x 2.85cm (12 x £3.34 each C. 11/8in) C. 055805 £5.22 each Multicoloured 30.4 x 2.85cm £6.26 roll (12 x 11/8in) D. 055806 £7.51 pack Fluo coloured 30.4 x 2.85cm (12 x 11/8in) E. Gripping Cone 055815 Wooden Cone F. Bat Repair Tape 055817 Linen adhesive tape. 50.3m (55in) x 2.54cm (1in) G. Boundary Flags 055822P12 Pack of 12 PCARIGCEKTEITLE 2. Bails Durable practice stumps, can be used indoors or 4. Fast Track Mini Tee outdoors. Size: 28in high. Striking a stationary ball from this tee is an 055312 Price 3. Wicket Gauge introduction to batting. 229mm (9in) - Per set of 2 £1.49 set 055313 £1.43 set 055128 Price 055130 Price 203mm (8in) - Per set of 2 £6.88 set £5.51 each B. A. 5. Cricket Scorebooks C. 6. Cricket Scoreboard A. Hardbacked 33 x 15.2cm (13 x Price 055420 Price 6in) - 60 innings. £12.03 each £122.93 each 055510 B. Hardbacked 31 x 24cm (12 x 9.5in) £19.36 each Wire Spined. 100 innings £3.00 each 055284 C. Paperback 20 Innings 055821 172 FVoirsaitllwewnqwu.miriaeusdeemspaiol:[email protected] acuodmepslpeotertr.acnog.uek

Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality 1. Cricket Ball Bag 2. Central Cricket Abdominal Guards This Ball Bag holds up to 40 balls and is ideal for Traditional abdo guard anatomically moulded from club training sessions. Size 60 x 31 x 42cm. tough thermoplastic for protection. PU padded binding to the edges for improved comfort and fit. 055355 Price 055384 Junior Price £17.55 each 055385 Senior £2.25 each £2.51 each Great Price Excellent Quality 3. Central Cricket 4. Central Cricket Arm Guards PCARIGCEKTEITLE Batting Gloves Cricket Arm Pad made from impact resistant moulded Classic batting glove constructed from durable PU foam with a lightweight soft mesh cover. Fully adjustable leather. Padded anatomical finger guards and an and elasticated varying width straps to ensure a additional plastic thumb protector cup for impact comfortable and secure fit. Colour co-ordinated to protection. Features a breathable lightweight complement the Central Cricket collection. mesh palm with a hard wearing PU leather patch for improved grip. 055382 Junior Price 055388 Junior Price 055383 Senior £9.09 pair 055389 Senior £4.07 each £9.73 pair £4.46 each Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality 5. Central Cricket Thigh Pad 6. Central Cricket Batting Pads Featuring a combination of elasticated and durable webbing straps for a secure and comfortable fit Traditionally constructed, classic the Central Cricket thigh pad is made from impact cricket pad made from highly resistant moulded foam with a lightweight soft durable PU leather. An articulated mesh cover. knee, a lightweight padded backing and adjustable anatomical straps facilitate comfort and exceptional fit. Contrast binding for additional strength is featured around the boot recess. 055386 Junior Price 055380 Junior Price 055387 Senior £6.50 each 055381 Senior £17.17 pair £6.50 each £18.42 pair CreFdoirt aAlcl ceonuqunitrsieAsveamilaabill:[email protected]–aAupdpelsypOonrtli.nceo.Tuokday 173

1. Slazenger Academy Wicket 2. Slazenger Batting Helmet 3. Slazenger Classic Abdominal Keeping Gloves Guard International Helmet. Performance level - Club. Performance level - Club. ICC approved web design. Lightweight high impact outer and inner shell. Total Protection rating - International. Padded classic Gauntlet profile. Durable rubber palm. Webbed comfort foam interior. VAP - R8 Ventilation channels. styled protection. catching zone. Padded cuffs. Leather. Air flow Adjustable. Face Grill. Adjustable chin strap. system. (Ball not included). 056052 Adult Price 056054 Price 056241 Price 056051 Youth £29.57 pair Senior £42.57 each Adult £3.12 each 056050 Junior 056242 £29.57 pair Youth £3.12 each £29.57 pair PCARIGCEKTEITLE 4. Slazenger Five Star Wheelie 5. Slazenger Panther Batting Gloves Carry Holdall Ideal for schools and clubs. Protection rating - Club. • Hard wearing woven 600D polyester fabric Air flow system. Leather palm. Two piece thumb. Re • Large main compartment engineered low profile quick release. Colours may vary. • Wheeled and reinforced • External side bat pocket • Wet vault lined storage compartment 056235 Adult Right Hand Price • Side pocket and internal valuables section • Boot storage pocket 056237 Youth Right Hand £12.85 pair • Zipped end pocket • Moulded rubber handle 056238 Youth Left Hand £12.85 pair • 160 litre capacity 056239 Junior Right Hand £12.85 pair • Dimensions: 100cm x 40cm x 40cm 056236 Adult Left Hand £12.85 pair 056240 Junior Left Hand £12.85 pair 056108 Price £12.85 pair £73.37 each GREAT VALUE 6. Slazenger Panther Batting Legguards 7. Slazenger 8. Slazenger Wicket Keeping Inners Pro Wicket Keeping Legguards Slazenger new Club Panther range offers exceptional 100% cotton inner. Ideal for batting or wicket protection at an affordable price with traditional styling. Classic series of lightweight pads that meet the needs keeping. Ideal for schools and clubs. Protection rating - Club. of the modern day keeper. Protection rating - Club. Cane and Foam shin protection bars. Padded shin Cane Construction. Angled stitched knee roll. Padded and knee bolster bars. Angled knee roll. Ambidextrous. bolster bar. Quick release straps. PVC free. 056232 Adult Price 056049 Adult Price 056243 Adult Price 056233 Youth £24.89 pair 056048 Youth £26.34 pair 056244 Youth £3.30 pair 056234 Junior 056047 Junior £24.89 pair £26.34 pair £3.30 pair £24.89 pair £26.34 pair 174 FVoirsaitllwewnqwu.miriaeusdeemspaiol:[email protected] acuodmepslpeotertr.acnog.uek

1. Gunn and Moore 2. Gunn and Moore 909 Arm Guards 303 Batting Pads Dual layered high-density foam lining for all day Dual winged, ambidextrous pad suits right handed comfort. Soft elasticated straps closure with or left handed batsmen. Triple vertical internal “touch” fastening. bolsters for added protection, comfort and fit. 055511 Adult Price 055517 Adult Price 055512 Junior £9.19 each 055518 Junior £40.43 Pair 055513 Youth 055519 Youth £9.19 each £40.43 Pair £9.19 each £40.43 Pair 3. Gunn and Moore 4. Gunn and Moore PCARIGCEKTEITLE 909 Thigh Guards 303 Batting Gloves Ambidextrous lightweight design with a comfort Back of hand design gives great comfort and foam lining for all day comfort. Soft elasticated flexibility. Strong fibre inserts to first two fingers of straps with secure “touch” fastening. bottom hand and soft fill inlay for added comfort. 055514 Adult Price 055524 Adult Price 055515 Junior £11.94 each 055525 Junior £31.85 Pair 055516 Youth 055526 Youth £11.94 each £31.85 Pair £11.94 each £31.85 Pair 5. GM 303 Wicket Keeping Pads 5. GM 303 Wicket Keeping Gloves The Gunn Moore 303 Wicket keeping pads offer good levels of comfort and protection while not Newly updated for 2017 the GM 303 Wicket limiting your mobility too much. Keeping Gloves are a quality durable PVC glove with cotton lining. High grip pimple rubber facing with strong square cuffs for greater protection to the vulnerable wrist area. Web between thumb and first finger, complies to Law 40.2. 056146 Adult Price 056144 Price 056147 Junior £21.46 pair Junior £22.58 pair 056148 Youth 056145 £21.46 pair Youth £22.58 pair £21.46 pair CreFdoirt aAlcl ceonuqunitrsieAsveamilaabill:[email protected]–aAupdpelsypOonrtli.nceo.Tuokday 175

1. Cimac Groin Guard 2. Abdo Guard 3. Central Wheeled Bag Elasticated material, reinforced removable nylon Strong Polypropylene shield with leather surround. Very large wheelie holdall with one end zip pocket cup, cup edged with soft rubber for comfort. CE and shoulder carry strap. Contents not included. approved. Size: 38 x 17 x 16in (97 x 43 x 41cm). 055169 Price 056106 Youth Price 055046 Price Junior £9.98 each 056105 Adult £2.65 each £40.14 each 055170 Senior £7.33 each £2.65 each PCARIGCEKTEITLE 4. Gray Nicolls Atomic Helmets 5. Gunn & Moore 909 Wheelie Bag The Atomic helmet does not compromise on safety • Anti-Scuff Corner Protection or style. • Integrated All Terrain Wheelie System • Traditional helmet with reinforced peak • Room For Individual Customisation • Atomic grille must be self-assembled • Moulded rubber Handle & padded strap • Internal Size Adjustment (ISA) system 055214 Junior Price 056159 Price 055215 Senior £56.45 each 81cm x 38cm x 31cm £47.20 each £56.45 each 6. Gunn & Moore Purist Pro Helmets 7. Hunts Clipper Wheelie Team Bag Complies with BS7928:1998 Specification for Head PVC backed nylon fabric. Two end pocket and Protectors for Cricketers, British Standards Institute. side bat compartment. U shaped top zip provides • Rigid outer shell for higher impact protection. excellent access and minimum space. Solid • Exposed vents allow fantastic heat dissipation. waterproof base. • Impact protecting EPS, can withstand multiple Size 103 x 40 x 40cm. impacts. 056153 Price Price Navy Senior £51.01 each £65.15 each 056154 Navy Junior to fit head sizes £45.77 each up to 57cm, typically up to 14 years of age 056226 176 FVoirsaitllwewnqwu.miriaeusdeemspaiol:[email protected] acuodmepslpeotertr.acnog.uek

1. Fast Track Cricket Set Fast Track Cricket equipment is manufactured from top quality moulded plastic, and is designed to contribute skills to youngsters without the fear of injury. All items, except balls, are produced in hi-visibility yellow and can be used indoors and outdoors twelve months of the year. Junior Price 055950 £37.62 set Junior Set contains two sets of bases/stumps, two balls £7.18 each and two junior bats (size three) £40.13 set packed in a nylon carry case. 055957 £8.29 each Fast Track Bat-Junior £11.32 each £10.96 set Senior 055951 Senior Set contains two sets of bases/stumps, two balls and two senior bats (size five) packed in a nylon carry case. 055956 Fast Track Bat-Senior Accessories 055959 Spare Fast Track Holdall 055924 Set of Stumps/Base CUSTOMER FAVOURITE CRICKET 2. Central Mini Cricket Set • 10 x mini tees 3. Kwik Cricket Ball • 5 x rounders bats Central Mini Cricket deal for the budding • 1 x tennis racket 055932 cricket star of the future. Set contains: • 1 x easy to carry Central bag. • 5 x sets of stumps and bases • 2 x junior bats 055905 Price Price • 8 x senior bats £177.49 set £4.20 each 5. Kwik Cricket Sets Kwik Cricket is a simplified game of cricket for all boys and girls from the age of 3 to 5 years. It has been designed as an alternative to traditional equipment to allow the game to be played safely on any flat surface either indoors or outdoors at any time of the year. Introduced by the Test and County Cricket Board and the National Cricket Association. Made from high quality moulded plastic - light enough for small hands yet extremely tough and durable. Please see Kwik Cricket Guide table for contents of each set. 055900 Price KWIK CRICKET GUIDE Kwik Cricket Set - Small £73.87 set 4. Mini Kwik Set 055910 £73.87 set Components Small Set Medium Set Mixed Set Kwik Cricket Set - Medium £73.87 set Comprises 1 kinder bat, 1 soft 4in high tee to 055904 £9.85 each Small Size Bats 2 2 1 practice striking the ball, and 1 kinder ball which is Kwik Cricket Set - Mixed £14.49 each Length 28in Age 6-8 safer than the orange Kwik Cricket Ball. 055914 £15.66 each Medium Size Bats 1 Kinder Bat £21.02 set Length 30in Age 9-11 055915 Price Small Bat Stump Sets 22 2 £20.05 set 055916 055913 £5.59 each Medium Bat Kwik Cricket Balls 2 2 2 055927 055920 Orange Batting Tee £4.83 each Set of Stumps 055933 Holdall 11 1 Kinder Ball Literature Yes Yes Yes For all enquiries email: [email protected] 177

1. Gunn & Moore Team Kit Bag Selected Gunn & Moore kit supplied ready packed in a Soft Coffin Bag. Senior Price 7056028 £773.80 set • 2 x 606 grade bats (knocked in Ready to play) • 1 x 303 grade bat (fitted with Protec face) • 2 x Clubman senior balls • 3 x Pairs ambidextrous pads (senior) • 3 x Pairs batting gloves RH (2 x club entry level, 1 x top grade) • 1 x Pair Batting Gloves LH (club entry level) • 1 x Pair wicket keeping gloves and inners • 2 x Sets of stumps and bails • 3 x Abdominal guards (senior) Junior 7056029 £585.22 set • 1 x 202 grade bat Harrow (knocked in ready to play) • 2 x 101 grade bats Size 6 • 2 x Clubman junior balls • 3 x Pairs ambidextrous pads (youth) • 3 x Pairs youths batting gloves RH (2 x school entry level, 1 x grade further) • 1 x Pair youths batting gloves LH (school entry level) • 1 x Pair youth wicket keeping gloves • 2 x Sets of stumps and bails • 3 x Abdominal guards (1 x youths, 2 x junior) CRICKET 2. Slazenger Team Kit Bag Contents may vary Senior Price 056194 £424.74 set • 3 x Size SH Powerblade Panther bat • 2 x 5 1/2 oz match balls • 3 x Academy batting pads • 3 x Academy batting gloves • 3 x Classic abdo guards - senior • 1 x Pro wicket keeping pads • 1 x Academy wicket keeping gloves • Slazenger holdall Junior 056195 £428.28 set • 1 each x sizes 5, 6 & Harrow Powerblade Panther bat • 2 x 4 3/4 oz match balls • 3 x Academy batting pads • 3 x Academy batting gloves • 3 x Classic abdo guards - Youths • 1 x Pro wicket keeping pads • 1 x Academy wicket keeping gloves • Slazenger holdall 178 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

INFORMATION Please call our sales team or visit our website for more details 1. Cricket Bay Netting 50mm (2in) square mesh manufactured from 2mm (2in) dia UV treated black nylon cord. NB. Always allow 5% extra to allow fullness for ball absorption. Surround Netting Price 2. Cricket Netting sight screens. Optional bowlers end netting available. 055719CX 2.7m high £15.96 metre Note: Image shows double bay arrangement. 055727CX 3.0m high £19.06 metre Cricket Netting, suspended from roof-mounted 055729CX 3.3m high £21.08 metre aluminium trackway and hung on self-lubricating 7NET-CRIC-SINCX Price 055732CX 3.6m high £22.80 metre trolleys. FR treated 50mm white mesh netting with £5,006.01 per bay CX solid cotton canvas sight screen at ends. Supplied with CX £7.41 sq metre wall storage bag. Can also be supplied with removable Roof Netting 055718CX per sq. metre CX EASILY TRANSPORTED BY TWO ADULTS 3. Harrod Premier Portable Galvanised Steel Price CRICKET Cricket Cage 7055893CX £2,173.46 each 2 x Pneumatic Wheels Wheelaway unit to combat vandalism. The unit is 7055940CX £2,664.88 each designed to be extremely durable and suitable for 6 x Pneumatic Wheels all venues. CX NR £2,837.53 each CORNER BRACKET AND WHEEL DETAIL H3.2m x W3.6m x D7.2m. 50mm (2in) dia x 2mm £3,659.08 each uprights and top rods. 60mm x 3mm fixings joints. Aluminium Diagonal supports for added stability. Detachable 7055894CX front lifting handle to prevent unauthorised play. 2 x Pneumatic Wheels Stainless steel bolts throughout. Supplied complete 7055941CX with 2mm thick black polypropylene netting. 6 x Pneumatic Wheels Surround and roof netting joined for easy installation. CX NR 4. Wooden Creel 4. Suitable for storage of matting up to 2m wide. Can be carried using hand holds or central steel pole (not supplied). 300mm dia. Price 6. 5. £174.04 each 7055866CX 5. Dales Indoor Cricket Matting Can be rolled up for storage. Texture rib needled, 100% polypropylene, non-slip backing. Medium/fast play, takes spin and gives constant bounce. Weight: 1850grams/m2. 30 x 2m 7055854CX Price £2,791.59 each 6. Indoor Cricket Mat Trolley Heavy duty carpet trolley with swivel castors and braking wheels. Holds 2 cricket mats or 1 bowls mat (not included) 040131CX Price £171.37 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 179

A. B. C. 1. Rebound Frame/Net 2. Crazy Catch A. Classic Upstart Price 7056158 £208.85 each Steel frame 38mm tube with adjustable angle. 1m Experience the unexpected! 75cm x 75cm. Weight 8kg square. Suitable for slip catch training and general A Reaction trainer with a difference £252.04 each catch practice. (Sane and insane side). B. Classic Wildchild Ball returns erratically testing your reactive 056157 £312.11 each 055131 Price abilities similar to slip practice and ideal to 93cm x 93cm. Weight 7kg £73.73 each replace the old fashioned slip cradle. Excellent for practicing in group C. Classic Professional 055171 148cm x 91cm. Weight 10kg CRICKET 3. 2G Flicx Match Pitch The all green traditional design made from the new 2G Flicx Pitch tiles is available in 6 different lengths. The match pitch is most suitable for game play achieving a consistent bounce on a wide range of surfaces. Just roll it out and play. • Improved ball bounce • Better seam and spin performance • Reduction in the surface slipperiness when wet • New designs to support coaching of batting and bowling • Brighter colours • Made to order - bespoke your own pitch colours to suit your clubs requirements or add a sponsors logo 7055960CX Price Length (20.12m x 1.8m) £4,580.65 each CX £4,144.41 each 7055961CX £2,047.01 each Colt Length (18.12m x 1.8m) CX 7055962CX Batting End (10m x 1.8m) CX 4. 2G Flicx Eagle Eyed Pitch 7055963CX Price 5. Katchet Cricket Rebounder Length 20.12m x £4,148.13 each The new 2G Eagle-eyed pitch imitates the hawk 1.8m CX Catching practice device. Suitable for use with any eye referral system in top international cricket with 7055964CX £3,983.60 each soft or hard ball. different coloured tiles illustrating full length, good Colt Length 18.12m x length and short length bowls to aid training and add 1.8m CX £2,443.03 each Price an element of fun. It enhances decision making in 7055965CX £70.74 each stroke play. Batting End 10m x 7055867 1.8m CX 180 For all enquiries email: [email protected]


1. Mitre Impel Training Football Size 5 White Yellow Orange Blue SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR Size 4 087228 087231 087234 087237 MORE VARIATIONS Mitre's base-level training ball. 3.5 mm EVA soft- Size 3 touch foam backing enables players to comfortably 087227 087230 087233 087236 control and play the ball - inspiring youngsters to and ensuring confidence on the ball. Suitable for 087226 087229 087232 087235 grass and astro-turf. Price £9.57 each FOOTBALL 2. Mitre Impel Plus White Orange Yellow Training Football 087240 087246 087243 Size 5 Mitre's mid-level training ball. 3.5 mm EVA soft- Size 4 087239 087245 087242 touch foam backing enables players to comfortably Size 3 control and play the ball. Increased durability 087238 087244 087241 through a 0.4mm PU outer material to resist constant use and offer superb performance - it'll Price become part of the squad. Suitable for grass and £12.25 each astro-turf. 3. Mitre Impel Max Hyperseam Training Football Mitre's top-level training ball with hyperseam technology. 4.5 mm EVA soft-touch foam backing enables players to comfortably control and play the ball. Increased durability through a PU outer material to resist constant use and offer superb performance. Suitable for grass and astro-turf. Size 5 White Yellow Size 4 087249 087253 Size 3 087248 087252 087247 087251 Price £14.30 each 182 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

INFORMATION Training Footballs Match Footballs Specialist Footballs Indoor Footballs 1. Mitre Ultimatch Hyperseam Match Footballs Mitre's base-level match ball with hyperseam technology. Developed with a unique 20-panel configuration for superior in-play consistency and superb ball flight. Constructed to deliver enhanced grip and control with 'Mitre' textured surface on the outer. Size 5 White Yellow Size 4 087256 087259 Size 3 087258 087255 087254 087257 Price £17.60 each 2. Mitre Ultimatch Hyperseam Plus 3. Mitre Ultimatch Hyperseam Max FOOTBALL Match Footballs Match Footballs White Yellow Mitre's mid-level match ball - stamped with the IMS 087262 087265 Mitre's top-level match ball - stamped with the FIFA (International Match Ball Standard) creditation mark. Quality creditation mark. 20 panel configuration 20-panel configuration and constructed to deliver 087261 087264 and textured outer. 4.5 mm hyperfoam backing enhanced grip and control with 'Mitre' textured ensures fantastic control, and enhanced durability surface on the outer. Enhanced durability and 087260 087263 and improved feel delivered through a 1.1mm PU improved feel delivered through a 1mm PU outer - a outer - a season long performer. season long performer. Size 5 White Yellow Size 4 Size 3 Size 5 087267 087268 Size 4 087266 087269 Price Price £24.50 each £30.63 each 4. Mitre Delta Hyperseam 5. Mitre Delta Plus Hyperseam 6. Mitre Delta Max Hyperseam Professional Footballs Professional Footballs Professional Footballs Mitre's base-level professional ball - stamped with Mitre's mid-level professional ball - stamped with Mitre's top-level professional ball - stamped with the FIFA Pro Quality creditation mark. Crafted with a the FIFA Pro Quality creditation mark. 14 panel the FIFA Pro Quality creditation mark. 14 panel unique 14-panel configuration for consistent energy configuration and exclusive embossed surface configuration and embossed surface with 1.5mm and power transfer from boot to ball for incredible manipulates airflow around the ball for pin-point microfoibre outer for improved feel, durability and speed. Embossed surface for enhanced grip. accuracy and superior speed. power - a big game performer. White Yellow White Yellow White Yellow Size 5 087271 087273 Size 5 087275 087277 Size 5 087278 087279 Size 4 Size 4 087270 087272 087274 087276 Price Price Price £35.73 each £56.14 each £117.39 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 183

BDUENADLLE COLOURS AVAILABLE INFORMATION IFNBCPRLKAU1EDG0EES PK6 Training Footballs Match Footballs IFNNCRLEUEDTEES Specialist Footballs Indoor Footballs 1. Mitre Ultimatch Hyperseam Match Footballs Mitre's base-level match ball with hyperseam technology. Developed with a unique 20-panel configuration for superior in-play consistency and superb ball flight. Constructed to deliver enhanced grip and control with 'Mitre' textured surface on the outer. PACK PACK OF 10 OF 6 Size 5 White Yellow Size 5 White Yellow Size 4 7087256PK10 7087259PK10 Size 4 7087256PK6 7087259PK6 Size 3 Size 3 7087255PK10 7087258PK10 7087255PK6 7087258PK6 7087254PK10 7087257PK10 7087254PK6 7087257PK6 Price Price £176.09 pack of 10 £105.66 pack of 6 BDUENADLLE COLOURS AVAILABLE 2. Mitre Impel Plus IFNBCPRLKAU1EDG0EES PK6 Training Footballs IFNNCRLEUEDTEES FOOTBALL Mitre's mid-level training ball. 3.5 mm EVA soft-touch foam backing enables players to comfortably control and play the ball. Increased durability through a 0.4mm PU outer material to resist constant use and offer superb performance - it'll become part of the squad. Suitable for grass and astro-turf. PACK PACK OF 10 OF 6 Size 5 White Yellow Orange Size 5 White Yellow Orange Size 4 7087240PK10 7087243PK10 7087246PK10 Size 4 7087240PK6 7087243PK6 7087246PK6 Size 3 Size 3 7087239PK10 7087242PK10 7087245PK10 7087239PK6 7087242PK6 7087245PK6 7087238PK10 7087241PK10 7087244PK10 7087238PK6 7087241PK6 7087244PK6 Price Price £122.50 pack of 10 £73.50 pack of 6 BDUENADLLE COLOURS AVAILABLE 3. Mitre Impel IFNBCPRLKAU1EDG0EES PK6 SEE OUR Training Footballs WEBSITE IFNNCRLEUEDTEES FOR MORE Mitre's base-level training ball. 3.5 mm EVA VARIATIONS soft-touch foam backing enables players to comfortably control and play the ball - inspiring youngsters to and ensuring confidence on the ball. Suitable for grass and astro-turf. PACK PACK OF 10 OF 6 White Orange Yellow Blue White Orange Yellow Blue Size 5 7087228PK6 7087234PK6 7087231PK6 7087237PK6 Size 5 7087228PK10 7087234PK10 7087231PK10 7087237PK10 Size 4 7087227PK6 7087233PK6 7087230PK6 7087236PK6 Size 4 7087227PK10 7087233PK10 7087230PK10 7087236PK10 Size 3 7087226PK6 7087232PK6 7087229PK6 7087235PK6 Size 3 7087226PK10 7087232PK10 7087229PK10 7087235PK10 Price Price £95.71 pack of 10 £57.43 pack of 6 184 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

CUSTOMER INFORMATION Specialist Footballs FAVOURITE Training Footballs Indoor Footballs Match Footballs 1. Mitre Ultimatch Indoor 2. Mitre Super Dimple 3. Mitre Impel Futsal 18 Panel, rubber ball with laminated felted panels. The original 32-panel dimple ball re-engineered Futsal ball built for optimal control and close – the ultimate ‘no maintenance’ option. Moulded quarter passing. Reduced rebound (30%). Grain outer with textured dimples performs on any finish non woven PU for increased feel and reduced surface - even tarmac or playgrounds wear on most Futsal surfaces. High performance Popular choice for schools or urban areas where high air retention dipped bladder grass can be hard to come by. 085063 Size 5 Price 085059 Size 5 Price 085032 Size 4 Price 085062 Size 4 £21.56 each 085066 Size 4 £11.18 each 085033 Size 3 £20.37 each £21.56 each £11.18 each £20.37 each 4. Mitre Impel Futsal COLOURS AVAILABLE • Softer touch Futsal training ball – perfect for practicing skills and honing technique • Hard-wearing 32-panel construction to deliver reliable performance and a durable life span • Hand-stitched PVC outer resists the roughest Futsal surfaces • 30% reduced rebound for close control practice and quick match-play across the floor • Football comes inflated and is available in size 4 and 3 PK6 FOOTBALL IFNNCRLEUEDTEES PACK IFNBCPRLKAU1EDG0EES BDUENADLLE PACK OF 10 OF 6 White / Green Size 4 White / Green Size 4 7085033PK10 Size 3 7085032PK6 Size 3 7085032PK10 7085033PK6 Price Price £183.30 pack of 10 £112.42 pack of 6 4. Mitre Ultimatch Indoor 18 Panel, rubber ball with laminated felted panels. BDUENADLLE PACK IFNBCPRLKAU1EDG0EES PK6 PACK OF 10 OF 6 IFNNCRLEUEDTEES Size 4 7085062PK10 Size 4 7085062PK6 Size 5 7085063PK10 Size 5 7085063PK6 Price Price £215.60 Pack of 10 £129.36 Pack of 6 For all enquiries email: [email protected] 185

INFORMATION Training Footballs Match Footballs Specialist Footballs Indoor Footballs 1. Nike Pitch Team Training Football Size 5 White Yellow Orange Lime Size 4 087017 087028 087025 087020 The Nike Pitch Team Football features high-contrast graphics for high visibility Size 3 during play and practice, while its durable design offers truer flight off the foot. 087016 087027 087024 087019 • TPU casing for durability. 087015 087026 087023 087018 • Reinforced rubber bladder for enhanced shape retention. • 12 panel. Price • Suitable for use on grass. £12.24 each • Material: 60% rubber/15% polyurethane/13% polyester/12% EVA. IFNNCRLEUEDTEES BDUENADLLE COLOURS AVAILABLE FOOTBALL 2. Nike Pitch Team Training Football Ball Deals 6 Nike Pitch Team Training Balls + Central Ball Net Size 5 White Yellow Orange Lime Size 4 087017PK6N 087028PK6N 087025PK6N 087020PK6N Size 3 087016PK6N 087027PK6N 087024PK6N 087019PK6N 087015PK6N 087026PK6N 087023PK6N 087018PK6N Price £69.75 pack of 6 BDUENADLLE COLOURS AVAILABLE IFNBCRLAUEDGEES 3. Nike Pitch Team Training Football Ball Deal 10 Nike Pitch Team Training Balls + Central Ball Sack Size 5 White Yellow Orange Lime Size 4 087017PK10B 087028PK10B 087025PK10B 087020PK10B Size 3 087016PK10B 087027PK10B 087024PK10B 087019PK10B 087015PK10B 087026PK10B 087023PK10B 087018PK10B Price £105.95 pack of 10 186 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

INFORMATION Training Footballs Match Footballs Specialist Footballs Indoor Footballs 1. Nike Strike Team Footballs Size 5 Yellow/Purple White/Purple White/Orange White/Volt Size 4 SC3535-710-5 SC3535-100-5 SC3535-101-5 SC3535-102-5 • 12-panel design for true and accurate ball flight Size 3 • Nike Aerowtrac grooves help improve flight stability SC3535-710-4 SC3535-100-4 SC3535-101-4 SC3535-102-4 • Visual Power graphic helps you easily track the ball • Butyl bladder provides air and shape retention SC3535-710-3 SC3535-100-3 SC3535-101-3 SC3535-102-3 • Textured casing offers optimal touch Price BDUENADLLE £17.64 each COLOURS AVAILABLE IFNNCRLEUEDTEES 2. Nike Strike Team Footballs 6 Ball Deal FOOTBALL Size 5 Yellow/Purple White/Purple White/Orange White/Volt Size 4 SC3535-710-5-PK6N SC3535-100-5-PK6N SC3535-101-5-PK6N SC3535-102-5-PK6N Size 3 SC3535-710-4-PK6N SC3535-100-4-PK6N SC3535-101-4-PK6N SC3535-102-4-PK6N SC3535-710-3-PK6N SC3535-100-3-PK6N SC3535-101-3-PK6N SC3535-102-3-PK6N Price £105.84 pack of 6 BDUENADLLE COLOURS AVAILABLE IFNBCRLAUEDGEES 3. Nike Strike Team Footballs 10 Ball Deal Size 5 Yellow/Purple White/Purple White/Orange White/Volt Size 4 SC3535-710-5-PK10B SC3535-100-5-PK10B SC3535-101-5-PK10B SC3535-102-5-PK10B Size 3 SC3535-710-4-PK10B SC3535-100-4-PK10B SC3535-101-4-PK10B SC3535-102-4-PK10B SC3535-710-3-PK10B SC3535-100-3-PK10B SC3535-101-3-PK10B SC3535-102-3-PK10B Price £176.40 pack of 10 For all enquiries email: [email protected] 187

NEW COLOURS AVAILABLE 1. Samba Infiniti Training Ball A hard wearing training ball ideal for use on both grass or artificial surfaces. • TPU film 0.15 • EVA foam 3.50mm+ 1 PV lining • HR Winding bladder • 32 panel • Available in sizes 3, 4 & 5 SINGLES Size 5 085086 Size 4 085085 Size 3 085084 List Price Price £9.57 each PACK IFNBCPRLKAU1EDG0EES PK6 PACK OF 10 OF 6 IFNNCRLEUEDTEES Size 5 085086PK10 Size 5 085086PK6 Size 4 085085PK10 Size 4 085085PK6 Size 3 085084PK10 Size 3 085084PK6 List Price Price Price £95.71 each £57.40 each FOOTBALL NEW COLOURS AVAILABLE 2. Samba Infiniti Match Ball Infiniti Matchball in White/Silver/Fluo Yellow. Perfect for use on grass and artificial surfaces, this 32 panel hybrid match ball is machine stitched with glued seams. A textured surface and a high technology finish means that these balls offer a perfect barrier to moisture absorption, meeting the standards set by FIFA. International match standard ball. • Great for grass or astro • TPU film 0.15 • EVA foam 3.50mm+ 1 PV lining • HR Winding bladder • 32 panel • Available in sizes 4 & 5 SINGLES Size 4 085087 Size 5 085088 List Price Price £17.60 each PACK IFNBCPRLKAU1EDG0EES PK6 PACK OF 10 OF 6 IFNNCRLEUEDTEES Size 5 085088PK10 Size 5 085088PK6 Size 4 085087PK10 Size 4 085088PK6 List Price Price Price £176.03 each £105.62 each 188 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

BDUENADLLE PACK OF 10 Great Price Excellent Quality NEW DESIGN INCLUDES COMING FREE SUMMER 2019 BAG 1. Central Bullet Training Footballs 2. Central Bullet Training Football - Pack of 10 The ever popular training ball. Soft touch TPU, feels great and looks fantastic. 10 Central Bullet training balls. Supplied with a Central Ball Sack. 087030 Size 5 Price 087030PK10 Size 5 Price 087031 Size 4 £7.13 each 087031PK10 Size 4 £63.61 pack of 10 087032 Size 3 087032PK10 Size 3 £7.13 each £63.61 pack of 10 £7.13 each £63.61 pack of 10 Great Price Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality Excellent Quality 3. Central Premier Match Footballs 4. Central Futsal Skills Ball 5. Central Vibro Futsal Balls FOOTBALL A durable top training/junior match quality football. A specialist training quality ball. A filled bladder Hand stitched 32 panel, vibrantly coloured futsal Tough, yet with superior touch and feel. Excellent enables a conventional flight but 70% reduced ball constructed from a PU outer with PV inner shape retention and great performance in all rebound. PVC outer combines with a high quality laminate for touch, performance and durability. weather conditions and on all surfaces. lining to provide a competitively priced product. Futsal is a great way of developing close ball skills and is recognised as part of the FA programme. Price 085050 Size 5 £9.79 each Size 2 Price 087351 Size 4 Price 085051 Size 4 087034 £11.01 each 087350 Size 3 £13.77 each 085052 Size 3 £9.79 each £13.77 each £9.79 each PACK OF 6 Great Price Excellent Quality 6. Central Introsoc Footballs An introductory set of football balls. Designed for class use in house colours, this ball is aimed at the 8-14 age range. Traditional construction with reliable levels of performance. Size 4, 300g. Pack of 6. Colours may vary. 087033 Price £35.51 pack of 6 For all enquiries email: [email protected] 189

Great Price Excellent Quality 1. Central Football Coaching Pack A great value kit for coaches containing equipment to practice and develop essential football skills. • 2 x white Central bullet footballs • 12 x slalom poles • 50 x marker saucers and carrier • 12 x Central step hurdles • 4 x 4m Central agility ladders • 5 x Central passing arcs • 1 x holdall Junior Price 087066 £317.24 set Contains size 4 footballs and 15cm hurdles £324.87 set Senior 087067 Contains size 5 footballs and 30cm hurdles PACK PACK OF 6 OF 6 Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality FOOTBALL 2. Central Indoor Footballs 3. Central Suedex Indoor Footballs These Central indoor footballs are felted, 18 panel Suede, 32 panel Central Suedex indoor footballs. balls. An excellent choice for indoor soccer. Size 4. More suitable for use in soccer matches where there are abrasive walls. Size 4. 085125 Size 4 Price 085128 Price 085125PK6 Size 4 - £12.85 each 085128PK6 £15.02 each Pack of 6 £58.58 pack £69.81 pack Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality 5. Central Super Maximould Footballs 6. Central Super Dimple Regulation Footballs 18 panel. White. Guaranteed 12 months. Tough hardwearing rubble dimple surface for low Size 5 Price impact performance. All surfaces. £7.45 each 085080 Single £60.74 pack 085080PK10 Pack of 10 £7.45 each 7. Molten Indoor Football £60.74 pack Size 4 Size 5 Price English felt cover. Hand stitched. Latex bladder. £7.45 each 085090 £5.72 each Official size and weight. 085081 Single £60.74 pack Single £50.05 pack 085081PK10 Pack of 10 085090PK10 Pack of 10 £5.72 each £50.05 pack Size 3 Size 5 085082 Single 085091 Single Size 4 Price 086199 £33.08 each 085082PK10 Pack of 10 085091PK10 Pack of 10 190 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality 1. Ball Pressure Gauge 2. Central Dual Action Mini Inflator 3. Central Inflator These gauges are a useful accessory for ensuring Fast double action, inflates as you pull & push. Plastic barrel pump. the correct pressure of balls. 085325 085333 Price 085334 Price Price £9.27 each £3.22 each £4.12 each 4. Mitre Electric Pump 5. Needle Adaptors Price FOOTBALL £0.50 each Electric, 13 amp, 240V plug, weight 1.6k. Will 3mm barrel inflate a ball in approx 30 seconds. As a safety 085330 £13.16 pack device a temperature cut off will switch the unit off 3mm barrel if over heating 085330PK50 £0.50 each 2mm barrel 086216 Price 085331 £13.16 pack £136.73 each 2mm barrel 085331PK50 CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 6. Stirrup Pump Metal Barrel 7. Heavy Duty Stirrup Pump Comes with brass connector on chain to permit Our heavy duty stirrup pump features a spring clip either 2mm or 3mm needle adaptors to be used. valve lock and fold down foot plate. • 7mm needle 085320 Pump Price • Attachment for 5mm needle (needle not included) 085380 Spare adaptor £16.75 each • Plastic valve for inflatables and chain £4.13 each Price £21.44 each 085326 Pump For all enquiries email: [email protected] 191

Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality 1. Central Ball Carry Nets 2. Central All Purpose Mesh Sack Balls not included. Made of heavy duty mesh cloth with web strap handle and zipper. Size: 99 x 38cm. Balls not included. 085350 6 Ball Capacity Price 085352 Price 085351 12 Ball Capacity £1.95 each £10.31 each £3.20 each Great Price Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality Excellent Quality CUSTOMER FAVOURITE FOOTBALL 3. Central Ball Tube 4. Central Mesh Panel Ball Sack 5. Central Fine Mesh Carry Bag Large holdall with mesh panel. Colour may vary. Size: Heavy nylon bag with large capacity and drawcord. For smaller balls and general use. Holds 10/12 120 x 30 x 25cm. Contents not included. Balls not included. size 5 footballs. Balls not included. 162095 Price 085353 Price 085354 Price £10.77 each £9.84 each £10.07 each Great Price GREAT Great Price Excellent Quality VALUE Excellent Quality 6. Central Team Kit Bag 7. Central Zipped Mesh Top Team Kit Bag 685mm (27\") x 430mm (17\") x 250mm (10\") Will hold full strip, match ball and accessories. Similar size and design to item 085355 but top section of bag is meshed to allow contents to breathe, thus avoiding moisture damage. 085355 Price 085282 Price £11.65 each £13.12 each 192 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Mitre Mesh Ball Sack 2. Mitre Tubular Ball Sack 3. Mitre Jumbo Ball Sack 70D nylon, Mesh ventilation panels to aid ball drying, Nylon and mesh ball tube that holds five fully Mitre Jumbo Ball Sack - can hold up to 20 balls. Draw cord closure and holds 12 fully inflated size five inflated size 5 balls, with a draw cord closure and Balls not included. balls. Size L49 x W49 x H90cm. Balls not included. carry strap. Balls not included. 085362 Price 086221 Price 150019 Price £18.88 each £12.70 each £22.76 each 5. Bottle Carriers FOOTBALL 4. Mitre Team Holdall Bottles not included. Price £11.58 each Large holdall for the teams kit, double base, two 085064 carry straps and adjustable shoulder strap. 6 Bottle, collapsible frame £17.43 each Size: L71 x W35 x H38cm. 085065 12 Bottle, fixed frame 085538 Price £18.99 each Great Price CUSTOMER Excellent Quality FAVOURITE 6. Water Bottles - 750ml 7. Mitre Water Bottles/Carrier 8. Moulded Water Bottle Carrier - 8 Bottle Squeezy bottles for refreshing tired players. Colours White coated metallic 8 bottle carrier and styles may vary. complete with eight 1000ml bottles. Blue plastic carrier, hinged to fold flat when not in Colours may vary. use. Bottles not included. 085417 Single Price 086219 Price Price £3.22 each 8 bottles and carrier £35.71 £12.18 085417PK20 Pack of 20 086220 085640 £39.51 pack Bottle only £3.10 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 193

Great Price Excellent Quality 2. Corner Flags - 2 Colour 3. Sprung Groundspike Nylon 300 x 300mm (12 x 12in). Particularly useful when ground is frozen or very firm. Use the footplate to press the device into the ground 085260 Red/White Price and slide pole inside the spring. 085261 Blue/White £3.09 each 085262 Sky/Maroon £3.09 each Price 085263 Special (any 2 col- £3.09 each £7.08 each £4.15 each ours, please specify when ordering) 085303 Great Price Excellent Quality FOOTBALL 1. Central Corner Poles 4. Central Corner Pole Holdall 5. Rubber Corner Pole Base Plastic 1.83m (6ft) polycarbonate tip riveted to Strong nylon holdall with a capacity of up to 14 Black weighted solid rubber base with high neck. upright. Flags not included. corner poles. Makes handling and collecting corner Will accept 22mm and 25mm (3/4in and 1in) poles a much more convenient task. flexible posts (not included). Price 085305 £4.43 each 085281 Price 085302 Price 085305PK14 Pack of 14 £13.41 each £12.07 each £49.38 pack Great Price Great Price GREAT Excellent Quality Excellent Quality VALUE 6. Central Corner Flags - Single Colour 8. Central Linesman Flags and Flagsticks Nylon 300 x 300mm (12 x 12in). A pair of foam handled, rotation free flagsticks complete with regulation size flags. Complete with handy storage bag. Red and yellow pattern. 085310 Red Price 7. Spare Linesman Flags 087042 Price 085311 Blue £3.16 each Reversed Stitched Quarters £13.51 pair 085312 Green £3.16 each Per pair 1 red and 1 yellow. 087041 085313 Yellow £3.16 each Printed Quarters £11.00 pair £3.16 each 085336 Price 087040 £6.37 pair Diamonds £11.00 pair 194 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Referees 2. Referees Mini Wallet 3. Referees Cards Large Wallet PVC wallet with reinforced spine, red and yellow Fluorescent Plastic Cards 12 x 9cm (4 3/4 x 3 Leatherette wallet containing notepad, pencil, plastic cards, data sheet and pencil. 1/2in) comes in pouch. whistle, lanyard, two coloured disc and red and yellow cards. 085061 Price 087043 Price 085338 Price £10.84 each £4.43 each £3.21 each Great Price GREAT Great Price Excellent Quality VALUE Excellent Quality 5. Magnets FOOTBALL Magnetic discs available in red, black, blue and green. Great for identifying teams on a magnetic coaching board. 4. Central Coaching Folder 030233 Price 6. Central Coaching Board Medium Black disc £1.62 each • 24 x 36cm (9 1/2 x 14 1/4in) 030230 Aluminium framed magnetic board. Complete with • Opening out to 47 x 36cm (18 1/2 x 14 1/4in) Red disc £1.62 each red and yellow markers, marker pen and wipe. • Folder comes with magnetic player markers and 030231 soccer planner pad Blue disc £1.62 each 085671 Price • Ideal for coaching situations. 030232 26 x 24cm £18.88 each Yellow disc £1.62 each 085670 085031 Price 84 x 60cm £50.83 each £14.09 each INFORMATION 9. Electronic Player Change Board For more information on Referee's Kit, give our office a call or check • Size: W60 x H38 x D3.5cm out our website. • Character size: H26 x W10cm • 150m (164 yards) readability 7. Captains Armband 8. Player Change Notice • Count down timer • R echargeable battery, charger included. 70 Woven elastic armband. Simple flip number mechanism for easy substitution. minutes continuous use Green on/Red off! • Display green (in), red (out). 085382-1 Senior Price 085307 Price 086320 Price 085382 Junior £3.80 each £23.10 each £446.77 each £3.80 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 195

PACK OF 5 Great Price Excellent Quality 1. Marker Saucers 2. Central 3. Indoor Passing Arcs Passing Arcs Flexible 178mm (7) dia. Ideal for throwdown grid These 19mm (3/4in) Heavy Duty PVC arcs are patterns, dribble tests etc. Ideal in training sessions for dribbling and ball an ideal training accessory for improving football precision. Supplied in a holdall. passing & shooting. It can be used both indoors 160187P30 Price and outdoors. H13 x W20in. Ball not included. 30 markers only £9.40 set 160182 085286 Price 085624 Price 50 markers + carrier £13.28 set £39.08 pack £32.07 pack 160178 100 markers + carrier £23.42 set Great Price Excellent Quality FOOTBALL 5. Soccer Cone TPR Soft Touch 6. Central Telescopic Pole with Spike Attachment and ABS Base 4. Mitre Collapsible Cones High specification thermo plastic rubber cones, offering pliable and durable soft touch With detachable spring spikes and optional bases, Lightweight cones slatted in such a way that it characteristics. Neon orange weighted base adds they can be used indoors or outdoors with a simple collapses on contact and then pops back into shape. stability. The professional marker cone. 30cm (12in). adjustment. 23cm (9in). Set includes: • 8 x telescopic poles • 8 x spring loaded spikes • 8 x ABS bases • 1 x strong carry holdall 086069 Price 086311 Price 160789 Price £2.24 each £5.64 each £95.07 set Great Price Excellent Quality 7. Central Slalom Poles 8. Central Dribbling Posts/Bases 1.7m high visibility poles fitted with plated metal spike. Can be used outdoors or indoors using bases 25mm (1in) flexible rods. Pack of 10 supplied in (sold separately). Close control ball skills or general assorted colours. Please note not suitable for use fitness drills are improved with this product. Set of with wire skittles. 12 in nylon holdall. Base Price £8.34 each 085300 Single base £75.08 pack 085300PK10 Pack of 10 bases £17.55 set £18.80 set 085680 Single Base Price Posts £21.32 set 085287 Set of 12 Poles £5.86 each 160782PK10 10 x 0.8m poles 160783PK10 10 x 1.0m poles £54.23 set 160784PK10 10 x 1.6m poles 196 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

Great Price Excellent Quality 1. Respect Touchline Barrier 2. Central Pop Up Goals 6 x 3.5ft Price 087046 £59.67 set Kit consists of rope, clips, ground anchors and a Ideal for small sided games. Easy to assemble carry bag. and collapse, folds with one twist. Includes ground 4 x 2.5ft £51.95 set Quick and easy to erect and remove without tools. anchors and carry bag. Set of 2. 087047 High visibility rope with an easy winding system. 085820 60m Price 7085821 120m £81.25 each £189.16 each FOOTBALL 4. Bazooka Goal - Solid Frame 085154 Price Pop Up Goal £107.86 each Lightweight and portable but heavy enough to withstand rough weather better when compared to others. W 115cm x H 65cm x D 65cm. Weight: 4.1kg per goalpost 3. Boot Wiper/Scraper Our boot wipers are an ideal feature next to playing fields, public footpaths, park grounds and a whole host of other situations. Combines both boot scrapers and brushes for effective dirt removal. Single Unit Price 087116CX £298.24 each Junior 0.9m(L) x 0.8m(H) 087117CX £315.78 each Senior 0.9m(L) x 0.97m(H) 087119 £35.11 set Spare Brush CX (All above) £363.59 each 5. Samba Trainer Goal 8 x 4ft £363.59 each Double Unit Supplied with goal frame, yellow net, quickclips and 087192CX 2 ground anchors. Has complete locking system. Junior 0.9m(L) x 0.8m(H) 087118CX £60.12 set 085202 Goal Price Senior 1.4m(L) x 0.97m(H) 085404 Net £94.13 each 087120 Spare Brush £22.05 each CX (All above) For all enquiries email: [email protected] 197

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Samba Locking Mini Goal 12 x 6ft 2. Samba Training Goal 3 x 2m Official Goal for F.A. Mini Soccer. Top selling goal This goal meets the size requirement of the FA made from UV stabilised PVC with UPVC corners. approved Futsal game. Features full locking system. Light and easy to assemble. 'New' goal frame The goal is freestanding and fully portable and can locking system, 2.5mm (1/10in) net, New improved be used on any surface. Supplied with Goal frame, quickclips and 4 ground staples included. net, quickclips and 4 ground anchors 085437 Spare net Price 085502CX Price 085285CX Goal £39.80 each £200.13 each CX CX £180.71 each £15.93 each 085402 Spare net FOOTBALL 3. Samba Multigoal 4. Samba Locking Match Goal Constructed for children's use from high impact UV Price Fitted with UPVC corners and 68mm (23/4in) dia stabilised UPVC, one goal makes over 20 different sizes £222.83 each tubing, 100% locking on all parts, supplied with - from a micro 36 x 24in up to 15ft 11 x 7ft or 15 x 8ft. net, net clips, 5 ground anchors and a carry holdall. Easy assembly and dismantling. No projecting hooks or £26.20 each Redesigned to meet the new BS8462:2005 with any tools required for assembly. Comes complete with £21.61 each a 1.47m (58in) runback roof to the net and clearly net and clips. We recommend metal staples for grass £3.12 each marked where the ground anchors are to be fitted. anchorage or traditional indoor anchorage systems. Includes carry bag 085258CX Goal 085400CX 12 x 6ft Goal Price 085401 Spare Net 12 x 6ft £224.80 each CX 087053CX 16 x 7ft Goal £25.50 each 087054 Spare Net 16 x 7ft £244.47 each 085259 Carry Bag £36.95 each 085794 Spare Net CX 085793 Metal Staple CX 5. Samba Match Goal 5 x 4ft 6. Samba Aluminium Folding Goal whether for professional or recreational use. Brand new professional aluminium football goal post •Elasticated nylon net that reduces the tension of Designed to BS8462: 2005, fully portable, for all ages and skill levels. a shot free standing, can be used on any surface, • Unfold in under 10 seconds ready for use •Use on any surface, grass, turf, sand, street, indoor maintainance free, made from 68mm (21/2in) • Fits into the boot of most cars floor etc. high impact UPVC. Product features • Locking system • Net • Net clips • Grass anchors. Price • 100 x 75 x 10cm when folded flat £85.31 each • Size when erected 1.55 x 1.0m (5 x 3ft) 086310 Goal • Ideal size for 3 v 3, 2 v 2, 1 v 1 or target shooting, 7087106 Price 085403 Net £15.93 each £278.97 each 198 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

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