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Maudesport - International Catalogue 2019-20

Published by gopidasgayatri, 2019-11-01 04:04:05

Description: Maudesport - International Catalogue 2019-20


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1. Aresson Club Rounders Set • 1x Softy Ball BDUENADLLE • 1x Post and Base set Top of the range sets for serious players. • 1x Rounders Bag Set contains: • 2x Catching Gloves • 4x Autucrat Plus Bats • 1x Rounders England Official Rule Booklet • 2x Autocrat Balls White • 2x Autocrat Balls coloured 175211 Price • 1x Bullet Ball £241.24 set 2. Aresson Senior Training Set • 1x Batting Tee & Base ROUNDERS • 1x Coloured Post & Base Set The Senior Training set is designed for slightly older • 1x Rounders England Small Games Cards BDUENADLLE children. • 1x Rounders England Rule Book Contents: • 1x Holdall • 2x Flatty Bats • 2x Image Bats 7175093 Senior Price • 2x Bullet Balls £216.86 set • 2x Autocrat Coloured Balls 3. Aresson Senior Indoor Rounders Set • 4x Aresson Mirage bats BDUENADLLE • 4x Aresson All Play balls Enjoy the fast paced exciting game of Indoor • 1x Rounders England Indoor Rules booklet Rounders. The Aresson Rounders Bag contains: • 1x Aresson Base Mat Set 7175094 Price • 1x Aresson Post Set £212.78 set For all enquiries email: [email protected] 249

BDUENADLLE BDUENADLLE GREAT VALUE 1. Aresson Primary Starters • 4x all play soft balls Rounders Set • 4x 9cm foam balls • 16x cones An excellent multi skills set for 5-7 year olds and • 1x Game Cards beginners rounders players. • 1x Aresson holdall. This set contains: • 4 x batting tees and bases 7175092 Primary Price • 4x foam bats £251.82 set • 4x flatty bats BDUENADLLE ROUNDERS 3. Incrediball Mini Rounders An exciting starter game for Rounders. Set contains: • 4 x 38cm (15in) lightweight cones • 1 x Yellow marker saucer • 1 x Flat hoop 40cm (16in) dia (inc Clip & screw) • 2 x Spare rubber tees • 1 x Incrediball Rounders ball GMB • 1 x Set of 4 mini rounders cards • 1 x Rubber base sports pole 28mm (1in) • 1 x Incrediball Mini rounders bag • 1 x Post 65cm (incl. 2 x post to post clips) • 1 x Post 46cm 2. Junior Rounders Set • 1 x batting tee and base Price 175200 Complete Set Price • 2 x softy balls £155.24 set 175066 Spare rubber Tees £67.73 set Designed to assist teachers introduce Key Stage 2 • 2 x play balls 175118 Spare rubber Base £5.29 each pupils to the game of rounders. • 1 x lesson plan booklet £6.71 each Set contains: 175027 - 28mm • 2 x flatty, plastic and sponge bats 175077 Set of 8 Cards £1.87 set • 4 x short posts and bases 175036 Spare Bats £9.21 each 175076 Spare Incrediballs £5.64 each 4. Aresson Teambuilder Rounders Set • 1x Rounders Bag. BDUENADLLE • 1x Rounders England Rules of the Game. Set contains: • 4x Image Bats Rounders England approved. • 1x Autocrat Ball • 1x Bullet Ball 175210 Price • 4x 1.2m Posts with safety caps £125.67 set • 4x Bases 250 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

BDUENADLLE Great Price Excellent Quality 1. Skillbuilder Rugby Kits Contains: • 12 Training bibs - 2 different colours • 16 Rugby balls (see individual kits for sizes) • 1 set 30 Flexible markers • 1 Holdall Please note bibs and marker saucer may vary in colour from those pictured. Junior Price 160074 £188.77 kit • 8 x foam rugby balls size 4 • 4 x size 3 Central rugby balls £191.28 kit • 4 x size 4 Central rugby balls Senior 160075 • 4 x size 4 Central rugby balls • 12 x size 5 rugby balls BDUENADLLE Great Price Excellent Quality 2. Central Rugby Training Pack RUGBY This pack contains everything needed to train the rugby star of the future. Pack contains: • 12 x Central Renegade rugby ball size 4 • 1 x Set of 12 Tag tackle belts (red) • 1 x Set of 12 Tag tackle belts (blue) • 1 x Central ball sack 190020 Price £144.26 pack BDUENADLLE Great Price Excellent Quality 3. Central Coaching Rugby Pack Central Coaching Rugby Pack Size 3 Price 190534 £123.27 pack • 16 x size 5 Central Renegade rugby balls • 10 x Men's training vests • 2 x Central mesh panel bag Size 4 190531 £123.27 pack • 16 x size 4 Central Renegade rugby balls • 10 x Youth's training vests • 2 x Central mesh panel bag Size 5 190530 £123.27 pack • 16 x size 5 Central Renegade rugby balls • 10 x Men's training vests • 2 x Central mesh panel bag For all enquiries email: [email protected] 251

Great Price TRAINING BALL Excellent Quality BDUENADLLE GREAT VALUE PACK OF 10 1. Central Renegade Rugby Balls 4 panel training ball. All weather with rubberised grip. Single Ball Size 5 Price 190030 Size 4 £6.88 each Size 3 £6.88 each 190031 £6.88 each 190034 £66.82 pack £66.82 pack Pack of 10 With Ball Sack £66.82 pack 190030PK10 Size 5 190031PK10 Size 4 190034PK10 Size 3 BDUENADLLE 4. Gilbert Zenon Training Rugby Balls RUGBY 3. Mitre Sabre Fluo Rugby Balls Standard Grip. Hydratec. 3ply polycotton and cotton laminate. Impactful fluo graphic rugby training ball. Extremely Functional rubber surface. Hand popular with schools and amateur rugby teams. stitched. 3-ply vulcanised OTM lining for extra strength. Full weight training ball suitable for all ages. Single Ball Size 5 Price 190405 Size 4 £15.04 each Price Size 3 £15.04 each £8.71 each 190406 £15.04 each £8.71 each 190407 £141.97 pack £141.97 pack 190450 Size 5 £8.71 each Pack of 10 With 190451 Size 4 Ball Sack 190452 Size 3 7190405PK10 Size 5 7190406PK10 Size 4 BDUENADLLE SEE PAGE PACK CUSTOMER TRAINING BALL 318 OF 10 FAVOURITE for junior rugby 5. Mitre Sabre Rugby Balls 6. Gilbert Zenon Training Increasingly popular high graphic full Standard Grip. Hydratec. 3ply polycotton and cotton specification training ball. Deep pimple emboss. laminate.Functional rubber surface. Hand stitched. Single Ball Size 5 Price Price 190210 Size 4 £9.27 each £16.29 each Size 3 £9.27 each 190211 £9.27 each £16.29 each 190212 £92.73 pack £16.29 each £92.73 pack Pack of 10 With Ball Sack 190408 Size 5 Fluo 7190210PK10 Size 5 190409 Size 4 Fluo 190410 Size 3 Fluo 7190211PK10 Size 4 252 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

TRAINING BALL TRAINING BALL TRAINING BALL Great Price Excellent Quality 1. 2. 5. Centurion Nero Rugby Ball Quality 3 Ply Training ball. 100% Hand stitched with 9-ply thread for durability. Made with Virgin grade water repellent rubber top to maintain shape. 4. Mitre Grid Rugby Balls Balanced Hi Tech bladder provides excellent flight New fantastic value training ball. Full union characteristics and air retention. Design and colour specification with embossed top surface made may vary. from 60% natural rubber compound. Price 3. Price 192405 Size 5 £8.13 each 190017 Size 5 £11.10 each 192406 Size 4 £8.13 each 190018 Size 4 £11.10 each 192407 Size 3 £8.13 each MATCH BALL MATCH BALL 1. Central Regulation Vinyl Rugby Ball Heavy duty, regulation weight ball with genuine inflatable valve. 190070 Vinyl Price £8.78 each 2. Central Regulation Rugby Ball 6. Mitre Maori Match Rugby Balls RUGBY These Central Regulation balls are vinyl, heavy The exclusive high grip Maori pattern emboss duty, regulation weight rugby match balls. Each ball and lively kicking characteristics capture the features a genuine inflatable valve, and is ideal for performance and spirit of the Southern Hemisphere. rugby matches and training sessions. The Maori Match is a full specification match ball for all ages with balanced valve in seam. 190069 Regulation Price 7. Gilbert Barbarian Match Ball £8.02 each Hand made match ball with unique grip pattern for 3. Central Soft Rugby Ball outstanding performance in all weather conditions. Patented balanced bladder for improved Non sting, super soft pliable surface is excellent for aerodynamics. building confidence. Price Price 190077 Soft Price 190137 Size 5 £16.10 each 190092 Size 5 £44.03 each £8.16 each 190138 Size 4 190092PK4 Size 5 £16.10 each £157.41 pack MATCH BALL TRAINING BALL MATCH BALL 8. Gilbert Pro-Touch Rugby Ball 9. Gilbert Touch Rugby Ball 10. Rugby Union Gilbert Revolution Match Ball The Pro-Touch match ball is slightly larger than a size The Gilbert Touch rugby ball is ideal for team warm- 4 match ball and features a Touch Pro grip, 3 Ply ups, summer touch rugby and tag rugby. The 'Match' ball is made from a Core-spun poly-cotton and cotton laminate construction and a polyester cotton laminate and uses the unique, durable rubber surface. patented balanced bladder technology. The super-grippy surface provides incredible dry grip combined with supreme wet-weather handling characteristics. 190012 Size 4 Price 190412 Price 190400 Size 5 Price £25.50 each £12.50 each £62.30 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 253

HOLDS UP TO 20 BALLS 1. Centurion Bottle 2. Mitre Jumbo Ball Sack Holder with 8 Bottles Mitre Jumbo Ball Sack - can hold up to 20 balls. Injection moulded plastic water bottle carrier with Balls not included. 8 Centurion 750ml capacity bottles included. Each waterbottle has screw on lid with squirt top 192410 Price 150019 Price mouthpiece. UK manufactured. £27.64 set £22.76 each RUGBY 3. Centurion Mesh Panelled Bag 4. Gilbert Breathable Ball Sack 5. Gilbert Fold Away Rigid Ball Bag A draw string mesh sack which allows balls to dry Holds 12 balls. Balls not included. The lightweight mesh rigid ball bag holds 12 balls out whilst in storage. Holds up to 12 size 5 rugby and can be easily folded away and stored before balls. Balls not included. and after training sessions. 192409 Price 190330 Price 190357 Price £6.36 each £19.01 each £10.11 each SEE PAGE 194 for flags 6. Gilbert Fine Mesh Ball Sack 7. Central Corner Poles 8. Gilbert Stirrup Pump Lightweight fine mesh ball carrier - holds upto 12 Plastic 1.83m (6ft) polycarbonate tip riveted to The Gilbert stirrup pump is a quality, robust stirrup balls. Ideal for all teams/clubs/coaches for training upright. Flags not included. style ball pump for quick and simple ball inflation. and match days. Balls not included. 190334 Price Pack of 14 Price 190331 Price £13.74 each 085305PK14 £49.38 pack £19.44 each 254 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. 1. Central Standard Kicking Tee 2. 3. Round polymer moulding. Dia 120 x H32mm. 190041 Price £3.21 each 2. Gilbert 320 Precision Kicking Tee Designed with 'sights' and rounded ball supports for cleaner contact and improved accuracy. Height 32mm. 190050 Price £7.47 each 3. Centurion Telescopic Kicking Tee Adjustable from 60 x 110mm high. Suitable for all match kicking situations. 190098 Price £12.20 each RUGBY 4. Centurion Rucking Shields 192412 Price Junior 50 x 30cm (20 x 12in) £43.71 each Heavy duty PVC covers with solid foam inner and 190131 strong webbing handles with wedge top Club 65 x 34cm (26 x 14in) £49.62 each 190130 International 80 x 41cm (32 £56.83 each x 17in) 6. Centurion Tackle Bags Hi-impact foam cores with heavy duty PVC covers. Fitted with top and bottom handles for ease of handling and to avoid premature wear when bags are dragged along the ground. 5. Centurion Maori Rucking Shields 192414 Price 190133 Price Junior 76 x 34cm (30 x 14in) £52.10 each Junior Dia 38 x H137cm £126.98 each Centurion tackle shields are constructed from heavy 192413 (15 x 54in), 14kg duty PVC covers with foam inners, which have been Senior 92 x 40cm (35 x 16in) £69.67 each 190132 £148.38 each designed to absorb maximum impact. Senior Dia 46cm x H137cm (18 x 54in), 20kg For all enquiries email: [email protected] 255

1. Central Flat Rung Ladders 2. Central Power Speed Resistors 3. Central Power Speed Sled Fast feet, agility and co-ordination all improve with A harness is worn by one athlete and restrained Sled and harness which creates the resistance this device. High intensity training both indoors and by another to create resistance. Excellent for needed to improve players speed agility and stamina. outdoors. Rungs linked together with durable nylon developing speed and power in sprint drills. Comes Equipped with a central rod which can be stacked webbing. Includes carry bag. with storage bag. with weight training discs to the required degree of resistance. The sled has runners which allow the unit Price Price to slide smoothly at speed behind the user. £18.79 each £15.19 each 085689 4m 085685 Pack of 3 115267 Price 085690 8.5m £32.30 each 085685PK3 £42.24 pack £86.95 each RUGBY 5. Central Step Hurdle Set Fast feet and knee lift is achieved with these lightweight obstacles. Set the distance between your hurdles to suit your training objectives. Supplied as a pack of 5 complete with storage bag. 085686 15cm (6in) Price 085687 Yellow £25.14 pack 085688 23cm (9in) Orange £32.79 pack 30cm Blue £35.49 pack 4. Central Slalom Poles 6. Marker Saucers 1.7m high visibility poles fitted with plated metal Flexible 178mm (7) dia. Ideal for throwdown grid spike. Close control ball skills or general fitness drills patterns, dribble tests etc. are improved with this product. Set of 12 in nylon holdall. 085287 Pole Price 160182 50 markers + Price 085680 Base £54.23 set carrier £13.28 set £5.86 each 256 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

Sabre specialises in the manufacture of high quality sports equipment at affordable prices. Over 20 years experience providing elite clubs and schools with top quality products has established the brand as one of the leading manufacturers in the UK. As a innovator we believe in taking excellence and delivering that to the customer in a package that suits every budget. RUGBY Hinged Option Socketed Option 1. Sabre Steel goals on a regular basis. Available 2. Sabre Aluminium that professional feel. Ideal for clubs and Rugby Posts in two sizes in socketed or hinged Rugby Posts schools that need to disassemble the goals formats. on a regular basis. Available in heights in This is a great value rugby post This is a top of the range, low socketed or hinged formats. designed for schools and clubs of all maintenance rugby post designed abilities. The posts are manufactured Hinged Price for professional clubs, academies, Hinged Price from high quality steel that is hot 7190805CX £1,684.38 pair schools and aspiring teams. The 7190806CX £2,450.00 pair dipped galvanised before being 10.1m £1,492.97 pair uprights are manufactured from a 7m £2,641.41 pair polyester powder coated white. This 7190804CX premium grade aluminium that will 7190807CX provides protection against rust and 7m £1,097.60 pair not rust making these goals very low 10.1m £1,990.63 pair damage. The uprights are supplied in CX £1,301.56 pair maintenance. The aluminium offers CX £2,220.31 pair two pieces making it easy to transport a much lighter weight than traditional and assemble the goals. Customers Socketed rugby posts and this combined Socketed can also take advantage of the hinged 7190800CX with the two piece uprights make it 7190802CX socket adaptors that simply fit into 7m simple to assemble. Customers can 7m the ground sockets/uprights allowing 7190801CX also take advantage of the hinged 7190803CX easy, safer and quicker erection and 10.1m socket adaptors that simply fit into 10.1m take down giving every club that CX the ground sockets/uprights allowing CX professional feel. Ideal for clubs and easy, safer and quicker erection schools that need to disassemble the and take down giving every club For all enquiries email: [email protected] 257

RUGBY 1. Harrod Aluminium Rugby Posts 2. Harrod No.1 Steel Hinged 3. Harrod No.1 Steel Socketed Rugby Posts Rugby Posts Hinged International specification design complete with internal Hinged Rugby Posts from leading supplier to elite Two piece uprights. Bottom uprights 7m long, 76mm fitting hinged adapters and high tensile stainless steel rugby, Harrod UK. Two piece uprights. Bottom diameter x 5mm thick. Crossbar 5.6m long, 50mm bolts which make erection of the posts safer. Two piece uprights 7.3m long, 89mm diameter x 3.2mm diameter x 3mm thick. 1006mm deep sockets with uprights. Sockets complete with base plates. thick. Crossbar 5.6m long, 76mm diameter x 80mm inside diameter. Sockets complete with base 3.2mm thick. 1.2m deep sockets with 91mm plates. 13m Price inside diameter. Sockets complete with stabilising 7190231CX £5,151.71 pair fins and base plates. Hinged adaptors with high Top uprights 7m long, £4,095.78 pair tensile bolts make erection of rugby posts safer. 63.5mm diameter x 3mm Stainless steel bolts throughout. Top uprights are thick. 250.00 kg per set. £3,351.55 pair fitted with caps. £2,900.80 pair 11m 13m Price 12m Price 7190232CX 7190235CX £4,575.08 pair 7190237CX £3,488.80 pair Top uprights 5m long, Top uprights 6.5m long, Top uprights 7m long, 63.5mm diameter x 3mm 76mm diameter x 3.2mm £4,456.17 pair 63.5mm diameter x 3mm £3,000.63 pair thick. 220.00 kg per set. thick. 594.00 kg per set. thick. 470.00 kg per set. CX 11m 10m 7190236CX 7190238CX Socketed Top uprights 5.25m long, Top uprights 5.5m long, 12m 76mm diameter x 3.2mm 63.5mm diameter x 3mm 7190233CX thick. 550.00 kg per set. thick. 402.00 kg per set. Top uprights 7m long, CX CX 63.5mm diameter x 3mm thick. 169.00 kg per set. 11m 7190234CX Top uprights 5m long, 63.5mm diameter x 3mm thick. 133.00 kg per set. CX 258 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

RUGBY 1. Harrod Steel Rugby Posts 2. Harrod No.3 Steel Rugby Posts Two piece uprights. Bottom uprights 7.3m long, Manufactured from 2mm thick steel tube. Crossbar 89mm diameter x 3.2mm thick. Top uprights 5m 5.6m long x 63.5mm diameter. 910mm deep long, 63.5mm diameter x 2mm thick. Crossbar sockets with 73mm inside diameter complete with 5.6m long, 63.5mm diameter x 2mm thick. stabilising fins and base plates. Polyester powder 917mm deep sockets with 73mm inside diameter. coated white. Sockets complete with stabilising fins and base plates. Hinged adaptors with high tensile bolts 7m - Hinged Price make erection of posts safer. Stainless steel bolts 7190241CX £2,136.84 pair throughout. Top uprights are fitted with caps. Uprights 7m long x 63.5mm 240.00 kg per set. diameter. £1,520.95 pair 10m - Hinged Price 6m - Socketed 7190239CX £1,973.92 pair 7190242CX Uprights 6m long x 63.5mm 9m - Socketed £1,716.65 pair diameter. 7190240CX CX CX For all enquiries email: [email protected] 259

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Combination Mini Football/ Rugby Posts Manufactured in 68mm high impact UPVC, these posts can be converted into either football posts 3.66 x 1.8m (12ft x 5ft 11) or rugby posts 3.66 x 3.66m (12 x 12ft). Includes goal anchors and a top quality holdall which fits most car boots for easy removal from site. Back stanchions 38mm tube. 190420 Price £129.47 each ADD YOUR OWN PRINT RUGBY 2. Personalised Rugby Post 3. Centurion Coloured Post 4. Centurion Post Protectors Protectors Protectors Square protection pads 100mm (4in) dia post max. Manufactured to IRB Standard recommendations Square 1.83m (6ft). To suit up to 100mm (4in) Made in one piece with velcro closure. Per set of 4. using high density foam, the posts are available in dia posts, square or round. Velcro closure. Please a large range of colours and can be custom printed specify colours required. Set of 4. as required. Supplied in sets of 4. Customise option: we can personalise your rugby post 190129 Any two Price protectors with your specific colour requirements 190140 colours £341.71 set and/or your university, school or club logo. Please Any three call our sales team for a quotation. colours £376.31 set 190243CX Price 190119 1.52m (5ft) high Price £706.73 each 190120 1.83m (6ft) high £270.31 set CX £295.40 set 260 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Centurion Tag Rugby Development Kit A fun, interactive, fast-moving, non- contact, evasion game suitable for boys and girls to play together. Contents: 14 x Belts 52 x Markers 1 x Inflator 1 x Stopwatch 1 x Whistle & Lanyard 1 x Easy-grip 1 x Foam rugby ball 1 x Synthetic rugby ball 1 x Set of worksheets 1 x Mesh holdall. 190299 Price £107.80 set 2. Central Heavy Duty Tag Tackle Belts No-tear loop and hook attached colour strips. Two untearable PVC strips which are wipe clean attach to each belt which is made from 25mm (1in) poly web with no-slip D-rings. Belts (fit waist sizes 26-40in) and are sold in packs of 12 per colour per size. 190121 Red Price 190122 Blue £44.93 pack 190123 Green £44.93 pack 190124 Yellow £44.93 pack £44.93 pack RUGBY 3. Gilbert Tag Rugby Belts For use in tag rugby, the ideal game for mini and juniors. Belts are adjustable and available in junior (up to 76cm waist) and senior (up to 117cm waist). Tags are 40.5cm x 5cm. Junior (up to 76cm waist) Price £7.35 each 190340 Red £7.35 each £7.35 each 190341 Blue £7.35 each 190343 Yellow £7.35 each £7.35 each Senior (up to Red 117cm waist) Blue 190344 Yellow 190345 190347 For all enquiries email: [email protected] 261


Great Price PACK SEE PAGE Excellent Quality OF 12 132 AVAILABLE for eye protection 1. Central Club Price 2. Dunlop Blaze Pro Racket 3. Dunlop Hyper Ti Racket Hire Squash £10.41 each Racket C-Max TM concave titanium/alloy frame design. Headsize 500cm sq (197 sq in). Frame weight £119.19 pack Powermax string pattern. 525 cm sq (207 sq in) 200g. String pattern 14 x19. Construction Titanium Aluminium O-beam with long headsize. Weight 200gm. Alloy. Balance Head light. String Max. String Tension rubber vibration damper. PU grip. 24 - 28lbs. Strong 19mm frame, ideal for hire use. 225140 Price 225143 Price £23.67 each £19.45 each 225050 225050PK12 Pack of 12 PACK OF 10 AVAILABLE 5. Wilson Staff Squash Balls 6. Dunlop Max Squash Balls SQUASH Medium speed Performance squash Developed to ensure that players enjoy their initial balls that provide consistent bounce introduction to the game and are able to quickly and playability, approved to World Squash and easily develop correct technique and therefore Federation Specifications. improve their skill level. The Max ball is 12% larger than the standard size with a 40% longer hang-time 4. Dunlop Hire Racket 225151 Price compared to the Pro. Yellow (medium)-pack of 12 £20.05 box Aluminium Frame. Ideal for centres hire service. 225150 £20.05 box Price Red (slow)-pack of 12 £20.05 box £34.36 box 225023 Price 225153 7225099 7225023PK10 Pack of 10 £17.66 each Double yellow (extra slow)- £20.05 box Box of 12 £3.12 each pack of 12 225099P1 £158.98 pack 225154 Boxed Individually Blue (fast)-pack of 12 7. Dunlop Competition Squash Balls 8. Dunlop Pro Squash Balls 9. Dunlop Progress Squash Balls Provides outstanding performance and great value The official ball of the World Squash Federation Targeted at improvers and recreational players, for club play. Standard size with a 10% longer hang- (WSF), Professional Squash Association (PSA), and the Progress provides the perfect playing time to that of the Pro squash ball. Women's International Squash Players Association characteristics to help players develop correct (WISPA) and the only ball used in all international technique and therefore improve their skill level. professional competition. An elastic hydrocarbon The Progress is 6% larger than standard with a polymer is impregnated with 12 compounds resulting 20% longer hang-time than the Pro. in a construction material with unrivalled playability and Price durability. The ultimate performance squash ball for Price £34.36 box professional, tournament and club players. £34.36 box 7225092 £3.12 each 7225094 Box of 12 Price 7225093 £3.12 each Box of 12 225094P1 Boxed Individually £34.36 box Box of 12 225092P1 225093P1 Boxed Individually £3.12 each Boxed Individually For all enquiries email: [email protected] 263

1. Lion Table Tennis Bats As endorsed by Carl Prean, English Champion. International Price 240064 £7.51 each Spin £6.26 each 240063 £4.37 each Speed 240061 £3.75 each Trainer £5.01 each 240060 Control 240062 TABLE TENNIS 3. Matthew Syed 10 Reversed Rubber Table Tennis Bat 2. Pimpled Out Bat • Very popular basic bat Weight 114 gms • Strong 5-ply blade with a straight handle • Strong 5 ply blade with straight plain wooden 240040 • Secure edging tape handle • Speed 50% Spin 50% Control 95% • 140g • Red and black pimpled out rubber with sponge • 1.5mm sponge • Protective edging tape • Excellent value Price 240041 Price £7.35 each 1.5mm £6.87 each 4. Matthew Syed 20 Reversed 5. Matthew Syed 25 Reversed 6. Matthew Syed 30 Reversed Rubber Table Tennis Bat Rubber Table Tennis Bat Rubber Table Tennis Bat • Strong 5-ply blade with a straight handle • Strong 5-ply blade with a straight handle • Strong 5-ply blade with a straight handle • Secure edging tape • Secure edging tape • Secure edging tape • Speed 60% Spin 50% Control 90% • Speed 70% Spin 70% Control 70% • Speed 60% Spin 50% Control 80% • 140g • 178g • 142g • 1.5mm sponge • 2mm sponge • 2mm sponge 240042 Price 240043 Price 240044 Price 1.5mm £7.24 each 1.8mm £10.47 each 2mm £11.54 each 264 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

CUSTOMER B. C. FAVOURITE Great Price Excellent Quality A. D. 1. Central Table Tennis Bats TPAABGLEETITTELNENIS A. Central Switchblade Price C. Central Bladeliner Price 5 ply sponge, deluxe reverse £6.26 each 5 ply sponge, rubber out. £3.75 each rubber. £65.08 pack £38.55 pack 240025 Single £4.37 each 240015 Single £2.50 each £51.18 pack £23.69 pack 240025PK12 Pack of 12 240015PK12 Pack of 12 B. Central Blademaster D. Central CS-66 5 ply sponge, reverse side out. 5 ply pip rubber. 240020 Single 240010 Single 240020PK12 Pack of 12 240010PK12 Pack of 12 2. Dunlop Flux Extreme 3. Dunlop Predator Rage 4. Dunlop Blackstorm Control Table Tennis Bat Table Tennis Bat Table Tennis Bat Flux Extreme – Club level - Rubber thickness 1.5mm. Rage Predator – Club level - Rubber thickness Blackstorm Control – Defensive elite level - Rubber Blade construction 5 Ply. Blade thickness 6mm. 1.5mm. Blade construction 5 Ply. Blade thickness thickness 1.2mm. Blade construction 5 Ply. Blade Weight 78gm 6mm. Weight 78gm thickness 6mm. Weight 82gm 240331 Price 240330 Price 240332 Price £8.15 each £6.50 each £11.91 each CreFdoirt aAlcl ceonuqunitrsieAsveamilaabill:[email protected]–aAupdpelsypOonrtli.nceo.Tuokday 265

BDUENADLLE GREAT VALUE Great Price Excellent Quality GREAT CUSTOMER VALUE FAVOURITE 1. Central CS-66 Table Tennis Deal Central Table Tennis Deal includes: • 24 x Central CS-66 table tennis bats • 2 x tubs of 72 Central practice table tennis balls • 1 x handy carry bag 240024 Price £59.35 pack Great Price GREAT Great Price Excellent Quality VALUE Excellent Quality BDUENADLLE BDUENADLLE TPAABGLEETITTELNENIS 2. Central Bladeliner Table 240021 Price 3. Central Blademaster 240022 Price Tennis Deal £30.65 pack Table Tennis Deal £39.78 pack • 12 x Central Bladeliner table tennis bats • 1 2 x Central Blademaster table GREAT • 12 x Central 1 star table tennis balls tennis bats VALUE • 1 x handy carry bag • 12 x Central 2 Star table tennis balls • 1 x handy carry bag Great Price Excellent Quality BDUENADLLE 4. Central Switchblade Table Tennis Deal • 12 x Central Switchblade table tennis bats • 12 x Central 3 Star table tennis balls • 1 x handy carry bag 240023 Price £50.21 pack 266 FVoirsaitllwewnqwu.miriaeusdeemspaiol:[email protected] acuodmepslpeotertr.acnog.uek

A. B. C. 1. Practice Table Tennis Balls Price £3.36 each Available in tubs of 72. £10.09 pack A. 240098 Price B. 240099 Price 240001 Fluo orange £12.86 tub Assorted colours £12.86 tub Tub only, 72 ball C. 240097 capacity White £12.86 tub 270050PK72 White NEW 2. Practice Table Tennis Balls-Orange 3. Butterfly Skills Youth Training Balls TPAABGLEETITTELNENIS These table tennis (ping pong) balls are 1-star Selected for the English Table Tennis Association Skills 4. Matthew Syed Table Tennis Balls quality, ideal for training. Each ball measures approx Programme as the ideal ball for starting Table Tennis. 40mm in diameter. Non celluloid balls, 1-star quality. • Extra hard quality training Top quality white practice ball, 40mm ball to meet 144 practice balls supplied in a transparent zipped • 40 mm to meet ITTF requirements ITTF requirements. Pack of 6 drum bag. • Ideal for robot and multi-ball training • Box of 6 available in orange only 240216 Price 240034 Orange Price 240113 1 star Price £26.55 bag £6.28 pack 240114 3 star £5.59 pack £10.68 pack B. C. A. Great Price A. Excellent Quality B. C. 5. Lion Table Tennis Balls 6. Central Table Tennis Balls Endorsed by Carl Prean, the English Champion. Quality table tennis balls. 40mm. Pack of 12. 40mm. Pack of 12 A. 240116 3 Star Price A. 240108 1 Star Price B. 240117 2 Star £8.75 pack B. 240109 2 Star £4.34 pack C. 240118 1 Star C. 240110 3 Star £6.62 pack £5.01 pack £5.13 pack £5.64 pack CreFdoirt aAlcl ceonuqunitrsieAsveamilaabill:[email protected]–aAupdpelsypOonrtli.nceo.Tuokday 267

NEW A. B. 2. Butterfly Net And Post Sets 1. Matthew Syed FlexNet A. Matchplay Price Suitable for school, recreation and home use. 240167 £40.93 set B. Clip Deluxe Price Allows you to play a game on virtually any table. Easy to install and operate, suitable for mass Suitable for every level of competition. Robust post 240166 £32.88 set entertainment and competition use. with strong 'screw on' rubber covered clamp. Easy to use string tensioner and height adjustment. 1.83m Strong metal post with clip-on fixing system. Clamp (6ft) Cotton Net. jaws covered in rubber to avoid table damage. Easy to use string tensioner and height adjustment. 6ft 240165 Price 240168 £9.47 each Nylon Net. £26.64 set Spare Net TABLE TENNIS ROBOT TPAABGLEETITTELNENIS 3. Butterfly Practice Partner 20 4. Butterfly V-Shape Net • Great for home and school use •Free standing table tennis net developed • Quality table tennis robot for all levels of player in conjunction with the English Table • Simple to use Tennis Association to enable the sport to be • Produces topspin, backspin and sidespin with up played without the need of a table tennis table •Can be used on many surfaces, including to 8 different spin variations general tables, desks, benches or even on the • B all feeding unit made from alloy with resistant floor •A vailable in two sizes : 30 x 10cm and 60 x rubber which stabilizes the ball direction at between 25 – 80 balls per minute 10cm • C an play the ball to one point and to 3/4 of the table Price • Easy to use control box £11.53 each • When in use, the robot is mounted on the table surface £14.38 each • Available with a free standing collection net Net Weight: 6.8kg Packed Weight: 15kg Size: 31.5 x 21.5 x 58.5cm Boxed Size: 80 x 37 x 37.5cm 7240343CX Price 240292 30 x 10cm £660.62 each 240293 60 x 10cm A. B. 5. Lion Club Price 6. Lion Automatic Net and Posts 7. Dunlop 3000 Net Net and Post Sets £20.65 set and Post Set Clip-on, scissor action. Very convenient to use. A. Pro £18.85 set Suits all tables. Suitable for leisure play its sturdy construction 240130 £7.84 each makes it ideal for schools, leisure centres and B. Clipmatic Price youth clubs. Quick fixing clip system. 240155 £13.17 set 240190 Spare Net 240137 7240173 Price 240183 Net Only 1.83m (6ft) £3.75 each £22.04 set 268 FVoirsaitllwewnqwu.miriaeusdeemspaiol:[email protected] acuodmepslpeotertr.acnog.uek

1. Dunlop Tour Net and Post Set 2. Lion Scorer 3. Cornilleau Table Cover Contains 1 premium height adjustable micro fibre Folding PVC Boarded Scoring System Points 0 - 21 Suitable for all Cornilleau tables. Designed to net and 2 reinforced posts with easy clip system with Sets 0 - 5. Includes 2 transparent PVC pockets protect the table against dust and dirt so that it is allowing for quick assembly in seconds. High for time out cards supplied. always ready to play. specification spring mechanism and soft touch table contact points ensure posts remain anchored to table. 240333 Price 240215 Price 240290 Price £12.53 set £35.11 each £33.23 each 4. Cornilleau Sport 300S TPAABGLEETITTELNENIS Outdoor Rollaway The Sport 300S is one of the bestselling outdoor tables in the Cornilleau range offering fantastic value for money. This table is completely weatherproof and has convenient storage for bats and balls. Suitable for wheelchair play. 7240322CX Blue Price 7240323CX Green £561.47 each 7240324CX Grey £561.47 each CX £561.47 each 5. Cornilleau Proline 510 Static Outdoor The curved legs of this table make it extremely attractive and the design means this table will fit perfectly in the environment of a school, campsite, resort or hotel. The feet are equipped with adjustable screw fittings so that it can be installed in public places. With a fully weatherproof playing surface, this table is a firm favourite with schools. Suitable for wheelchair play. 7240346CX Blue Price 7240347CX Grey £878.36 each CX £878.36 each CreFdoirt aAlcl ceonuqunitrsieAsveamilaabill:[email protected]–aAupdpelsypOonrtli.nceo.Tuokday 269

INFORMATION Initial set up assistance available if required. Contact [email protected] 1. Cornilleau Sport 250 Indoor The Sport 250 is a good match for more expensive tables from other brands with its adjustable net and easy folding system. This table is ideal for educational and leisure use as well as being suitable for wheelchair play. Net posts can be folded in to save space when stored. Balls can easily be stored in the side panels when not in use. 7240289CX Price £510.37 each CX TPAABGLEETITTELNENIS 2. Cornilleau Performance leg levellers, corner protection pads, wheel brakes and a handy ball dispenser. Suitable for 500 Indoor wheelchair play. The top of the Performance indoor range, the 500 is designed for more experienced players and has an excellent rebound and playing quality. It benefits Price from a number of additional features including 7240287CX £611.51 each CX 3. Cornilleau Competition 4. Cornilleau Competition 740 Rollaway delivers exceptional performances. This table has 540 Rollaway The ITTF approved 740 Indoor is a very sturdy ITTF W certification for wheelchair play. competition table for intensive use with exceptional The ITTF approved 540, with its sturdy steel carriage, is designed for intensive use in schools or clubs offering high durability and excellent performance. The Skil Top coating ensures a superb playing performance - speed, excellent rebound and restitution of spin. This table has ITTF W certification for wheelchair play. Price playing performance. With its 25mm playing surface Price £776.15 each and its SKIL TOP coating that guarantees optimal 7240288CX 7240284CX £1,012.78 each speed and transmission of spin, the Competition 740 CX CX 270 FVoirsaitllwewnqwu.miriaeusdeemspaiol:[email protected] acuodmepslpeotertr.acnog.uek

1. Butterfly Compact Wheelaway • Suitable for home and light school use • Senior: 19mm playing surface • Junior: 12mm playing surface • Two separate halves • Legs fold for storage, two wheels on each half for easy movement • Stores away in minimum playing space • Ready for play - just add the wheels • Includes: Clip net and post set. Two reverse sponge bats, three practice quality balls. Dimensions (senior) :L2.75 x W1.53 x H0.77m (9' x 5' x 2' 6\") Dimensions (junior): L2.06 x W1.15 x H0.77cm 6' 9\" x 3' 9\" x 2' 6\") This table is delivered assembled and ready to use. Indoor Green Price 7240100CX Blue £355.72 each 7240103CX £355.72 each Green Outdoor Blue £595.96 each 7240101CX £595.96 each 7240105CX Green £239.49 each Junior 240285CX CX NR INFORMATION Initial set up assistance available if required. Contact [email protected] 2. Butterfly Easifold Rollaway TPAABGLEETITTELNENIS Quality rollaway table for school and home use • 19mm playing surface • Top protected by strong steel frame • 2 separate halves - both halves fold for easy movement and storage and each half has 4 independent wheels • Stores away using minimum space • R eady for play - only minimal assembly required before first use • 3 year guarantee on table. Includes: Clip net and post set. 2 reverse sponge bats and 3 practice quality balls. Dimensions: In use - L2.74 x W1.52 x H0.76m (9ft x 5ft x 2ft 6). Weight Unpacked - 80kg. 19mm Blue Price 7240275CX Green £459.69 each 7240277CX £459.69 each Blue 22mm Green £609.08 each 7240351CX £609.08 each 7240350CX CX NR 3. Butterfly Spirit 19 Rollaway Dimensions for play: • L9ft x W5ft x H2ft 6 • Suitable as a better quality table for home • Storage - H6ft x W5ft x D1ft 10 and school use • Allow 60 - 90 minutes for assembly before first use • 19mm playing top • Strong undercarriage 7240256CX Green Price • Protected by steel rim 7240257CX Blue £645.37 each • Independent double wheels for easy movement • Fold away in seconds CX NR £645.37 each • Playback facility • Includes fixed net and post set • Conforms with the new Central European Norm (CEN) safety regulations (EN 14468-1) CreFdoirt aAlcl ceonuqunitrsieAsveamilaabill:[email protected]–aAupdpelsypOonrtli.nceo.Tuokday 271

1. Butterfly National League 22mm Price Rollaway 7240078CX £901.91 each Green £901.91 each A 22mm Butterfly match top is combined with the 7240079CX 8 wheel system which provides economic storage Blue £1,090.25 each and lighter rollaway benefits. This is the ideal table for sports centres, schools and clubs that need a 25mm match table at a great price, protective, strong steel 7240076CX 30 x 38mm frame with stable magenta corner Green pieces, supported by a heavy duty undercarriage. CX Four independent wheels on each half. Wheel brakes on each side for use in the storage and play positions. Height adjusters on all four legs to ensure a level playing surface. Double locking system for safety and stability. Playback facility. Conforms to and certificate issued for the new Central European Norm (CEN) safety regulations: EN 14468-1. Provided with a Butterfly National League net and post set. Ready assembled – just add the wheel brackets. Dimensions: In use : 9’ long x 5’ wide x 2’ 6” high (275 x 153 x 77cm). Storage : 5’ high x 5’ 6” wide x 2’ 4” deep (153 x 168 x 71.2cm). Unpacked weight : 128kg. TPAABGLEETITTELNENIS 2. Butterfly Space Saver 22 Deluxe Rollaway Fully Assembled Suitable for indoor use in sports centres and schools. • Strong undercarriage for heavy use • Brakes on two wheels for safety • Height adjusters on each leg to ensure level playing surface • Space Saver unique fold and wheel away system • Minimum storage space required • Wheelchair friendly • Conforms with the new Central European Norm (CEN) safety regulations (EN 14468-1) • Net and post set not included • Wheelchair Friendly - meets Paralympic international standards. Dimensions: For play - L2.74 x W1.53 x H0.76m (9ft x 5ft x 2ft 6). Storage - H1.53 x W1.53 x D0.3m (5ft 5 x 5ft x 1ft 4). 7240264CX Price 22mm £1,282.55 each 7240263CX 25mm £1,348.65 each CX NR 3. Butterfly Playground Outdoor • 3 year guarantee on table 4. Butterfly Ultimate Outdoor • Does not include any bats, balls, net & post sets etc • Suitable for parks, schools, hotels, camp sites and • C an be fixed on a semi-permanent or permanent An ideal table for outdoor open air sites such as gardens basis beaches, parks and campsites. • 12mm high resilient weatherproof wood playing • Dimensions for play: 2.74 x 1.53 x 0.76m • Good playability top in green (9ft x 5ft x 2ft 6in) • 18mm thick top • Protective metal frame 60 x 20mm • Pack dimensions: 1.61 x 1.45 x 0.20m • High resilience weatherproof wood • Strong metal undercarriage with transparent (5ft 3in x 4ft 9in x 31/43in1)kg • Anti glare top that meets ITTF gloss standards polycarbonate leg system • Unpacked weight: • Special long life galvanised steel undercarriage • Steel net and post set • Including packaging: 142kg • Heavy duty galvanised steel net and post set • Undercarriage, frame and net and post set are • 3 year guarantee on table (does not include any galvanised and powder coated for weather protection and long life bats, balls, net & post sets etc) • Assembly instructions included • S ockets that allow the table to be fixed into the ground Dimensions for play: • L9ft x W5ft x H2ft 6 (2.74 x 1.53 x 0.76m) Boxed dimensions: 2 boxes H6ft 3 x W4ft 9 x D5in (160cm x 140 x 12.5cm) • Weight unpacked: 160.5kg • Including packaging: 174.5kg 7240340CX Price 7240341CX Price £1,087.57 each £1,881.24 each CX NR CX NR 272 FVoirsaitllwewnqwu.miriaeusdeemspaiol:[email protected] acuodmepslpeotertr.acnog.uek

1. Dunlop Evo 1500S An excellent value yet still strong and study table with many features of the more expensive tables such as heavy gauge metal frame surrounding table top and a good quality net and post set. • T op: 16mm Premium Dunlop full size playing surface. • Top Edge Protection: Heavy gauge metal edge banding 20mm x 30mm. • Frame: Rollaway design with playback option. • L egs: Height adjustment for a perfectly even playing surface. • Wheels: 75mm casters with locks. • A ccessories Included: Dunlop easy clip extra strong all steel net and post supplied with table. • S torage Size: Height 156cm, Width 155.5cm, Depth 70cm. 7240298CX Blue Price £514.50 each 2. Dunlop Evo 2500S TABLE TENNIS Dunlop’s most popular table for the education/ sports centre market. This table combines a 19mm tournament level playing top with a very sturdy supporting metal frame. A good quality net and post set comes as standard. • T op: 19mm Premium Dunlop full size playing surface. • T op Edge Protection: Heavy gauge metal edge banding 20mm x 30mm. • Frame: Rollaway design with playback option. • Legs: Height adjustment for a perfectly even playing surface. • Wheels: 75mm casters with locks. • A ccessories Included: Dunlop easy clip extra strong all steel net and post supplied with table. • Storage Size: Height 156cm, Width 155.5cm, Depth 70cm. 7240196 Blue Price 7240194 Green £566.87 each £566.87 each 3. Dunlop Evo 4500S 22mm match level playing top combined with a sturdy metal frame and extra strong supporting legs make this table outstanding value. Ideal where an extra strength table is required. A good quality net and post set comes as standard. Ideal for school use. • Top: 22mm Premium Dunlop full size playing surface. • Top Edge Protection: Heavy gauge metal edge banding 20mm x 40mm. • Frame: Rollaway design with playback option. • L egs: Height adjustment for a perfectly even playing surface. • Wheels: 75mm casters with locks. • A ccessories Included: Dunlop easy clip extra strong all steel net and post supplied with table. • S torage Size: Height 156cm, Width 155.5cm, Depth 70cm. 7240197 Blue Price 7240202 Green £666.09 each £666.09 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 273

1. Dunlop EVO 6000 HD 25mm match level playing top combined with a sturdy metal frame and extra strong supporting legs make this table outstanding value. Ideal where an extra strength table is required and a 25mm playing top. A good quality net and post set comes as standard. • Top: 25mm Premium Dunlop full size playing surface. • T op Edge Protection: Heavy gauge metal edge banding 20mm x 50mm. •Frame: Rollaway design with playback option. • Legs: Leg size: 50mm x 50mm box section steel. •Wheels: 100mm casters with locks. • A ccessories Included: Dunlop easy clip extra strong all steel net and post supplied with table. • Storage Size: Height 164cm, Width 164cm, Depth 72cm 7240198 Price £637.00 each TABLE TENNIS 2. Dunlop EVO 8000ME Dunlop’s premier table will provide many years of service and the highest quality playing experience with a full competition specification 25mm playing top. A top level table for the most demanding locations. • Top: 25mm Premium Dunlop full size playing surface. • Top Edge Protection: Heavy gauge metal edge banding 20mm x 60mm. • F rame: Rollaway design with playback option. • Legs: Leg size: 80mm x 80mm steel tubing with height adjustment for a perfectly even playing surface. • Wheels: 100mm casters with locks. • Accessories Included: Dunlop easy clip extra strong all steel net and post supplied with table. • Storage Size: Height 164cm, Width 164cm, Depth 72cm 7240204 Price £869.75 each CUSTOMER FAVOURITE Great Price Excellent Quality 3. Central Indoor A quality heavy duty rollaway table for schools. • 19mm thick playing surface • Top protected by extra strong steel frame • Extra long legs and undercarriage unit • 2 separate halves – both halves fold for easy movement and storage • Each half has 4 independent wheels • Stores away using minimum space • Clip net and post set included • 3 year guarantee on table • Does not include any bats, balls, sold separately • Ready assembled • Dimensions: In use – L9ft x W5ft x H2ft 6 (2.75 x 1.53 x 0.77m) • Storage – 5ft 7 x 5ft 4 x 2ft 2 (1.7 x 1.62 x 0.65m) • Weight unpacked – 87kg • Colour – green with silver legs 240295CX Price £376.36 each CX 274 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

BDUENADLLE Great Price Excellent Quality CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 1. Central Skillbuilder Tennis Set • 6 x (19in) rackets • 6 x (21in) rackets • 1 x Set of 30 Flexible markers • 12 x Low compression tennis balls • 8 x Skintex foam balls • 8 x 90mm hi-density foam balls • 1 x Central bag 160016 Price £173.51 set Great Price BDUENADLLE GREAT Excellent Quality VALUE TENNIS 2. Central Zone Class Pack Central Zone Bulk Deal contains 32 x Central Zone Junior 58cm (23in) tennis rackets. Comes in an easy to carry Central bag. 245026PK32 Price £345.70 pack Great Price BDUENADLLE GREAT Excellent Quality VALUE 3. Central Zone Tennis Racket Deals Pack of 10 Central Zone Tennis rackets. Premium range for this year, a well made extruded alloy frame in a midhead size and PU grip. Comes in an easy to carry Central bag. 245028PK10 48cm (19in) Price 245027PK10 56cm (21in) £106.35 pack 245026PK10 58cm (23in) £113.01 pack 245025PK10 63cm (25in) £113.01 pack 245024PK10 69cm (27in) £117.00 pack £119.66 pack For all enquiries email: [email protected] 275

Great Price Excellent Quality BDUENADLLE • 1 x tub of 72 tennis balls 2. Dunlop Hyper Team Tennis • 12 x Central Tactical tennis balls Rackets 1. Central Zone • 1 x Central bag Senior Tennis Featuring 'O' beam aluminium construction for Deal durability and manoeuvrability, the 5HUNDRED series replicates the great look of the racket used by Central Zone senior tennis deal contains: Dunlop's tour players. • 6 x Central Zone tennis rackets 27\" • 6 x Central Zone tennis rackets 25\" 245010 Price 245083 Price £186.14 pack 27in, Weight 290g, Grip 3 £20.37 each 245084 25in, Weight 240g, Grip 0 £20.37 each CUSTOMER FAVOURITE Great Price Excellent Quality 3. Dunlop Nitro 25 JUNIOR Rackets TENNIS The Play series is the perfect introductory range of rackets Price 245068 Price for people wanting to learn £17.62 each 58cm (23in), Weight £17.62 each the game. The lightweight 200gm, Grip 00 construction coupled with £17.62 each 245069 £17.62 each striking designs help to make 53cm (21in), Weight this the ideal introductory range. 190gm, Grip 000 MICRO MINI (Colours may vary). 245066 69cm (27in), Weight 295gm, Grip 3 245067 64cm (25in), Weight 235gm, Grip 0 INTERMEDIATE FULL SIZE 5. Central Zone Rackets Premium range for this year, a well made extruded alloy frame in a midhead size and PU grip. 4. Slazenger Classic Rackets 245024 Price Full size 69cm (27in) £11.92 each Available in sizes 27, 25, 23 and 21in. Constructed 245025 in 'C' beam aluminium for durability and Intermediate 63cm (25in) £11.66 each manoeuvrability. Suitable for all ages and abilities 245026 providing excellent value for money. Junior 58cm (23in) £11.29 each 245027 245072 53cm (21in) Price Mini 56cm (21in) £11.03 each 245071 58cm (23in) £16.65 each 245028 245070 64cm (25in) £16.65 each Micro 48cm (19in) £10.36 each 245082 69cm (27in) £16.65 each £16.65 each 276 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

TUBE OF 4 Great Price Excellent Quality 1. Central Synthetic Leather Grips 2. Dunlop Pro PU Racket Grips New universal size for badminton, tennis, squash and High performance PU replacement grip. Super all other rackets. Soft touch, non-slip, self adhesive. absorbent, non-slip surface for ultimate Very absorbent and reduces racket jarring. performance. Multicoloured. 020213P1 Price 3. Slazenger Open Tennis Balls Per single grip, £1.84 each fluo colours at random The ultimate all court ball. The Slazenger OPEN™ 020212 £42.34 pack ball is approved by the ITF. Per box of 24, assorted fluo colours 7020346 Box of 24 Price 7245035PK4 Tube of 4 Price £57.21 box £7.11 tube CUSTOMER TUBE FAVOURITE OF 4 Great Price Excellent Quality 4. Central Club Coaching Balls 5. Dunlop Fort 6. Tactical Championship Tennis Balls TENNIS Allcourt Tennis Balls A durable first quality coaching ball for practice Match quality at practice quality prices. 680gm sessions. All court pressurised tennis ball, suitable for all levels (24oz) high durability felt gives excellent of play on all court surfaces. Enhanced with the performance. Pressureless and tubed in 4's. 245120 Price introduction of Dunlop HD core technology. The Dunlop Set of 12 £11.92 pack Fort All Court Ball is ITF approved. Price 245120P60 £6.14 tube Set of 60 £57.06 pack Price 245116P Tube of 4 245120P144 £10.18 tube 245116 Set of 12 £15.04 dozen Set of 144 £119.00 pack 7245107PK4 Tube of 4 Great Price GREAT Excellent Quality VALUE CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 8. Ransome Practise Tennis Balls 9. Dunlop Trainer Ball Bucket Great value practice tennis balls. Perfect for schools or recreational use. 7. Central Ball Bucket Price 245131 Pack of 12 Price 245372 Price £60.21 tub 245133 Bucket of 60 £16.23 pack Bucket and 60 balls £93.20 tub 245065P 245132 Bucket and 245373 Tub and 72 balls 96 balls £85.75 pack Refill pack for 245372 (60 £88.19 tub balls) £106.26 tub For all enquiries email: [email protected] 277

Great Price Excellent Quality 1. Wilson Championship Tennis Balls 2. Central Red Foam Balls 3. Two Tone Foam Tennis Balls Pressurised tennis ball with Duraweave felt for less Introductory foam ball with skinned finish. 80mm. Moulded foam balls provided in a 12 ball pack fluff, ideal for all surfaces. ITF approved. Tube of 4 including 3 different colour combinations per pack. 70mm. Good bounce. 245180 Price 205062 Price 245086 Price £7.62 pack £2.51 each £16.29 pack TENNIS 4. Central Low Compression Balls Orange Intro Felt Pack of 3 Price 5. Wilson Ball Bucket 205064 Pack of 12 £4.20 pack 205064PK12 Pack of 3 £16.29 pack Green Transition Pack of 12 205066 £4.20 pack 245142 Price 205066PK12 £16.29 pack Bucket and 72 balls £128.65 tub CUSTOMER CUSTOMER FAVOURITE FAVOURITE 8. Quick Pick Quick Picks are an excellent tube device for easy tennis ball retrieval, storage, and transport. It helps to clear a court in seconds and is easy to carry, ideal for tennis coaches. These quick pick tubes can hold up to 16 tennis balls. 6. Slazenger Trainer Ball Bucket 7. Slazenger Value Bucket Price £8.16 each 245140 Price 245371 Price 245298 Bucket and 60 balls £95.88 tub Bucket and 60 balls £58.95 tub 245298PK3 £21.95 pack Pack of 3 278 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

4. 1. Tennis Net - Schools Black Polythene, 12.8m (42ft). Reinforced sides and bottom. Treble twine. White vinyl coated headband. 1.6mm twine, single throughout. 245205 Price 4. Tennis Posts-Square £79.07 each 75mm Square Tennis Posts with winding gear and 2. Tennis Net - Club sockets. Conforms to BS EN 1510. Black Polythene, 12.8m (42ft). Bound with black 245256 Set of 2 Price tape to sides and bottom. White vinyl coated 245253 Spare Sockets £357.01 set headband. 2.5mm twin, single throughout. £95.46 pair Price 5. Tennis Posts - Round 5. £119.74 each 245200 75mm Round Tennis Posts with winding gear and sockets. Conforms to BS EN 1510. 3. Tennis Net - Tournament Black Polythene, 12.8m (42ft). Bound at side 245250 Price and bottom with black tape. White vinyl coated Set of 2 £355.94 set headband. 2.5mm twine, double top five rows. 245251 Spare Sockets £95.46 pair 245216 Price £128.18 each A. B. B. 6. Brass Winding Mechanism - TENNIS 75mm Post Brass back plate with handle. A. Price 7. Ball Carry Nets 8. Ball Gathering Basket 245226 £199.45 each Brass back plate with Holds a maximum of 18 balls. On its feet, it picks balls off the court, on its head handle £62.72 each it holds balls at waist height for serving practice. 245162 Holds 60 balls. B. 245224 Price 245295 Price Brass winding handles £2.28 each £30.67 each 10. 12. 11. 10. Centre Tape 245228 Price £3.98 each 11. Groundweight 9. Tennis Ball Sachet 245230 Price £14.66 each These convenient drawstring sachets can be purchased for a multitude of uses. Holds 12 Tennis 12. Solid Brass Swivel Adjuster 13. Net Headliner balls. Solid brass swivel centre guide tennis net adjuster. Looped one end, steel with PVC coating. 245100 Price 245237 Price 245222 Price £2.60 each £18.11 each £15.68 each For all enquiries email: [email protected] 279

PACK A. PACK OF 12 OF 12 A. B. B. 3. Slazenger Low Compression Mini Tennis Balls - Orange Low compression balls that are 50% slower for use on a full size court than standard tennis balls. Ideal to aid in the transition between mini tennis balls to standard tennis balls. ITF approved Stage 2 ball. C. Price 205028 Bucket of 60 £81.94 tub 205072PK3 Tube of 3 £4.78 tube C. 2. Zsig Mini Tennis Balls 1. Mini Tennis Balls A. Slocoach Orange Price A. 205096 £20.02 pack 205060PK12 TENNIS Designed for rallies due to the Price Slower, lower and easier bounce. Designed for use accessible bounce. Pack of 12 £11.66 pack on a three-quarter court. B. 160022PK12 £24.41 pack B. Slocoach Big Red 4. Slazenger Low Compression Cut foam 80mm ball for good Intro Tennis Balls - Green bounce characteristics. 205095 £20.02 pack C. Ideal transitional ball from mini tennis to a standard 160310PK12 10% larger than a standard tennis ball, giving an tennis ball. These low compression balls are 25% Valve allows ball to be adjusted easier hitting target. slower than standard balls to allow more time for for height of bounce. Pack of 12 players to react to shots. ITF approved Stage 1 C. Slocoach Link Green £20.02 pack Tennis ball. CUSTOMER 205098 FAVOURITE £11.66 pack Covers the full-size tennis court while offering Price controlled pace and easier ball control. 205027 Bucket of 60 £81.94 tub BAG BAG OF 12 OF 12 5. Slazenger 6. Slazenger Shortex Balls Foam Balls Foam ball smooth 'skinned' finished. Medium density, reduced bounce. Price 205019PK12 Bag of 12 Price £19.31 pack £21.23 pack 205026 Bag of 12 280 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

3. Slazenger BDUENADLLE Championship 1. Zsig Mini Tennis Rackets 2. Central Zone Rackets Mini Tennis Set Price Premium range for this year, a well made extruded Includes post and net set, 4 moulded plastic rackets, £17.46 each alloy frame in a midhead size and PU grip. 12 Training foam balls and an attractive holdall. £17.46 each 205110 19 inches £17.46 each 245028 Micro 48cm Price 720601 Price 205111 21 inches £17.46 each (19in) £10.36 each £124.95 set 205112 23 inches 205135 25 inches CUSTOMER FAVOURITE Great Price Excellent Quality 4. Central Starter Mini Tennis Set 5. Mini Tennis Dual Width Net and 6. Slazenger Mini Tennis Quick TENNIS Aluminium Post Assembly Post/Net Weighted bases and posts. 4 junior rackets with comfortable moulded foam grips, 2 indoor foam Tennis net and post set made of high quality A versatile and easy to assemble tennis net and balls, 2 outdoor vinyl balls. Championship net and a anodized aluminium rectangular tubes. Can be post set made from tubular powder coated metal. large heavy duty holdall. assembled in 3m or 6m width. Easily assembled The set comes with a free carry bag for easy and disassembled for easy storage and storage and transport. Ideal for Schools, Clubs or transportation. Comes complete with 2 nets, each Home. Height 81cm. suitable for chosen width. Lightweight 8kg. Price 205101 Price 245085 Price 205115 6m wide set £101.22 set £104.73 set £147.38 set 205116 3m wide set £75.19 set B. A. C. 8. Zsignet Net Systems A Price D. 205097 3m portable mini £92.82 set 7. Wheelaway Mini Tennis Posts/Bases net system £126.68 set Steel construction, powder coated for long life. Built £101.59 set in weights and heavy nylon wheels. Fitted with rubber B. pads for floor protection. 205155 6m mini tennis net £146.13 set 205051 Posts/Bases Price C. £95.46 set 205156 3m multisport mini net system D. 205157 6m multisport mini net system For all enquiries email: [email protected] 281

IMPORTANT INFO Please refer to afPE advice on trampoline safety 1. International Spotting Decks 2. Trampoline Push-On Mats Competition trampoline spotting decks for Used by coaches to quickly 'push in' from the side GMEX trampoline, complete with wedge shaped of the trampoline to absorb the rebound of a landing absorbent mats. Manufactured to comply with FIG being practiced by the student. norms. Size: 3.025m x 2.025m x 0.21m. Price 100551CX Price £5,022.50 pair 1.53m x 1.22m x 150mm £216.75 each comes with handles-PVC 7100555CX CX CX TRAMPOLINING 3. Unitramp Spotting 4. Double Wedge End Decks And Mattresses Double wedge absorbent mat 3.05 x 1.52 x 0.23m Robustly constructed framework, folding, complete with 4 lifting handles. For use in between wheelaway, zinc plated to give an attractive two trampolines when they are placed end to end. hardwearing finish. Shock absorbing compression springs fitted as standard. Fully adjustable to fit all 7100550CX Price 7100673CX Price Unitramp and Nissen trampolines and complete £2,695.00 pair £700.20 each with wedge shape safety mats. CX CX Size 2.2m x 1.2m x 0.2m (7ft 3 x 3ft 11 x 73/4in). 5. Trampoline Steps 6. Twisting Belt for Spotting Rig 7. Spotting Rig Set of foam steps to aid mounting of trampolines. Six Trampoline twisting belt which allows the user to Overhead spotting rig for use with trampolines, treads, with heavy duty foam inners and 610gsm PVC perform both somersaults and twists. Consisting of complete with all necessary brackets, ropes, pulleys, coated fabric outer cover. padded woven nylon inner fixed to metal frame. To cleats and shackles (belts not included). be used with trampoline spotting rig. Please contact our Sales Department for prices and Size: 1000mm high x 1500mm deep x 1000mm wide. installation details. 7100622 Price 7100588CX large Price 7UNINST1203CX Price £1,064.67 each £1,642.28 each £1,392.59 each 7100589CX small CX £1,642.28 each CX 282 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

INFORMATION All Unitramp trampolines are constructed to the same high standards. Frames are manufactured from extra heavy gauge steel tube and are zinc plated to provide a scratch resistant and attractive finish. Coverall frame pads are made from lightweight foam and covered in nylon-reinforced PVC. SAFETY SIDES 1. Unitramp Trampolines GM Model 2. Unitramp Trampolines M Model LIFT/LOWER ROLLER STANDS Conforms to BSEN 13219. Frame size 5.2m x Our most popular school model, complete with 3.04m x 1.07m (17 x 10 x 3ft 6). Folded size coverall frame pads. Frame size 4.60m x 2.7m x 3.04m x 1.96m x 23cm (10ft x 6ft 5 x 9in). 1.0m (15ft 1 x 8ft 10 x 3ft 3). Folded size 2.74m Storage/Wheeled height with standard roller stands x 1.96m x 0.25m (9ft x 6ft 5 x 10in). Storage/ 2.185m (7ft 2) and with Lift/Lower roller stands Wheeled height with standard roller stands 1.97m 1.97m (6ft 6). 13mm (1/2in) and 6mm (1/4in) (6ft 5) and with Lift/Lower roller stands 1.75m (5ft beds fitted with 118 springs 9). 13mm (1/2in) and 25mm (1in) beds fitted with 100 springs. Spares Price Spares Price TRAMPOLINING 7100664CX £2,656.40 each 7100410CX £1,539.83 each Spare 6mm bed Spare 13mm bed 7100665CX £2,172.92 each £776.16 set Spare 13mm bed 7100663 7100660 £918.75 set Coverall frame pads £443.17 set Coverall frame pads 7100669CX £522.93 set 7100671CX Full bed change - 118 springs Full bed change - 100 7100672CX £44.41 set springs Set of 10 springs CX NR CX NR INFORMATION Trampolines are delivered assembled to most locations. However, there are certain locations which would require some partial assembly on site. We will advise you upon receipt of your order should this be the case. Features Included Dimensions (m) Trampoline Models Model PRODUCT CODE UNITRAMP GMEX COVERALL PADS GMEX GMEX 64 PAD ELEVATORS UNITRAMP GM GM 6 LIFT/LOWER ROLLER GM 6E STANDS UNITRAMP M GM 6L 6 x 4MM BED GM 6EL 6MM BED GM 13 13MM BED GM 13E 25MM BED GM 13L LENGTH GM 13EL WIDTH M 13 HEIGHT (OPEN) M 13L HEIGHT (CLOSED) M 25 M 25L PRICE 7101057 ✔✔✔ ✔ 5.1 3.0 1.15 2185/1970 £7,724.07 £8,007.96 7101056 ✔✔ ✔✔ 5.1 3.0 1.15 2185/1970 £6,693.19 £7,868.35 7101062 ✔ ✔ 5.1 3.0 1.05 2185 £7,604.80 £7,868.35 7101139 ✔✔ ✔ 5.1 3.0 1.05 2185 £6,047.76 £7,324.75 7101140CX ✔ ✔ ✔ 5.1 3.0 1.05 2185/1970 £6,664.00 £7,324.75 7101141 ✔✔✔ ✔ 5.1 3.0 1.05 2185/1970 £4,876.58 £5,822.87 7101053 ✔ ✔ 5.1 3.0 1.05 2185 £5,721.20 £5,947.38 7101135 ✔✔ ✔ 5.1 3.0 1.05 2185 7101136CX ✔ ✔ ✔ 5.1 3.0 1.05 2185/1970 7101137 ✔✔✔ ✔ 5.1 3.0 1.05 2185/1970 7101054 ✔ ✔ 4.6 2.7 1.0 1970 7101143 ✔ ✔ ✔ 4.6 2.7 1.0 1970/1745 7101146CX ✔ ✔ 4.6 2.7 1.0 1970 7101145CX ✔ ✔ ✔ 4.6 2.7 1.0 1970/1745 For all enquiries email: [email protected] 283

CUSTOMER BDUENADLLE GREAT FAVOURITE VALUE Great Price Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality BDUENADLLE Excellent Quality Excellent Quality BDUENADLLE PACK PACK OF 9 OF 12 1. Central Non-Sting Volleyballs 2. Central Coaching Volleyball Deal 3. Central Ultralite Volleyball Deal These balls are designed to reduce the fear of Pack contains: Pack of 12 Central Ultralite volleyballs. pain and injury when playing volleyball, and allow • 3 Central Super Maximould Volleyballs Featherweight ball made of textile with a players to show off their volleyball skills. Comes • 3 Central Non-Sting Volleyballs strengthened undersurface and butyl bladder. supplied with a replaceable valve. • 3 Central Ultralite Volleyballs Great entry level ball at a price to suit all budgets. • 1 Central Ball Sack Comes in an easy to carry Central ball sack. 270050 Price 270050P12 Pack of 12 £5.76 each 270140 Price 270045PK12 Price 270050P24 Pack of 24 £62.71 pack £93.76 pack £69.02 pack £124.23 pack SOFT FEEL FOAM BALL Great Price Great Price Excellent Quality Excellent Quality VOLLEYBALL 4. Mikasa SKV5 Volleyball The SKV5 is constructed of a foam EVA which gives 5. Central Super Maxi-Mould 6. Central Ultralite Volleyball this particular ball a very soft feel and minimizes the Volleyball impact on the arms during play. The velvety soft feel Featherweight ball made of textile with a of the SKV5 will make children want to continue to Rubber moulded ball. Top seller. Soft touch. strengthened undersurface and butyl bladder. play the sport of volleyball. Weight: 160g-180g. Great entry level ball at a price to suit all budgets. 270197 Price 270040 Price 270045 Price £24.50 each £6.93 each £7.75 each CUSTOMER FAVOURITE 7. Molten Lightweight 8. Baden Soft Feel Volleyball 9. Molten Soft Vinyl Volleyball This is a new lightweight (210gms), soft touch, • Ideal for use in schools and club training sessions Non-sting. British Volleyball Federation approved. synthetic leather volleyball, machine stitched • S oft anti-sting cover is ideal for beginners and Can be re-inflated. Adapter included. With a soft with latex bladder, 18 panel school training ball. anti-sting latex rubber surface. children • Designed as a soft feel volleyball • Excellent value • Size 25\"-27\" (63-68cm) • Weight 9 - 10 oz (255-283g) 270163 Price 270542 Price 270165 Price £14.10 each £8.99 each Mini £10.55 each 284 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. Molten Flistatec 2. Molten Flistatec FIVB Volleyball 3. Molten Intermediate Lightweight Volleyball The new Molten V5M3500 volleyball is a replica Brand new to the Molten range is the the Molten of the V5M5000 combining new technology which FLISTATEC ® V5M5000 Volleyball. The ball Lightweight 230-250g. Perfect for junior schools' improves rotational visibility. Official size and weight has been developed using Molten FLISTATEC® matches. Synthetic leather, machine stitched, latex in Size 5 only. technology, which stands for Flight Stability bladder. 18 panels. Official Size 5. Technology, this new ball is approved by FIVB. Price 270177 Price Price £29.50 each Molten Flistatec FIVB £73.89 each £20.85 each Volleyball 270175 270198 4. Dunlop Pro Volleyball 5. Mikasa MVA310 Volleyball 6. Baden V200 Rubber Volleyball VOLLEYBALL Super soft-touch synthetic rubber ball, ideal for Replica of the official Olympic MVA200 ball. Official • PE indoor and outdoor use dodgeball and kids volleyball or for playground FIVB specifications. Developed for top calibre • Composition rubber cover games at primary schools. competitive play. • Nylon wound carcass • Eight panel technology • Size 25\" - 27\" (63-68cm) Price • Features • Weight 9 - 10 oz (255-283g) £7.04 each • Replaceable Valve 270173 Yellow £7.04 each 270169 Price 270541 Price 270174 Pink £44.95 each £11.93 each CUSTOMER A. B. D. FAVOURITE C. A. 270130 Price 180gm Junior Education £16.50 each A. 7270130PK10 Ball-Pack of 10 £156.43 pack B. 270012 200gm Intermediate £16.50 each Education 7 . Mikasa MVG Series Volleyball B. 7270012PK10 £156.43 pack 8. Mikasa VXS - BF Beach Above ball-Pack of 10 £16.50 each Volleyball Tri-colour reduced weight training ball, machine C. 270015 £156.43 pack stitched, TPU. Features soft feel cover (non sting). 230gm Senior Education £16.50 each Tri-colour machine stitched full weight outdoor Reduced weight geared to age group and capability. C. 7270015PK10 £156.43 pack recreational ball. Above ball-Pack of 10 D. 270131 270010 Price 260gm Adult Beginner £22.03 each D. 7270131PK10 Above ball-Pack of 10 For all enquiries email: [email protected] 285

1. 2G Demountable 2. Wheelaway International 3. Harrod Wall Multi-Sport Posts Volleyball Posts Mounted Practice Volley Ball Demountable posts feature Competition quality Volleyball Posts an integrated slider for quick featuring a spindle type tensioner to ensure • Designed to support long adjustment of net height between and maintain correct volleyball net height spans of netting to avoid badminton and volleyball. The net (no ratchet safety concerns). Rapid and excess sag is tensioned using a winder to easy height adjustment pre-marked at the ensure a smooth transition and to standard heights for men’s, women’s and • 3 8mm diameter upright with help prevent over tensioning. Wall schools' volleyball. Posts supplied complete adjustable height net clamp mounted using a saddle bracket with wheelaway bases and base padding. and floor pin, allowing easy Secured by means of 2 floor anchors per • Low profile base (it is mounting and removal. post. Please note, floor anchors require recommended that the base professional installation. Please contact us is bolted to the floor) 7021028CX for details. For wall fixing Fitting can be provided at 7021027CX Posts Price additional cost. Intermediate Post with 7271002CX £1,697.20 pair freestanding base for spans 7270208CX of over 18m Price 270195 £80.95 each Intermediate support post Price £705.60 pair Solid floor £94.08 each 7270204CX £235.20 each CX anchor Wall mounted posts - set of 2 £187.28 each £1,171.81 set 270196 Sprung floor anchor CX 4. 7. Floor Fixed Club Volleyball Posts VOLLEYBALL 6. Socketed International Volleyball Posts Lightweight aluminium posts with a rapid net height adjustment system. Powder coated blue wheel away 5. Competition quality Volleyball Posts, posts can be fixed by two floor plugs constructed from anodised aluminium. Fully per pair for added stability (sold adjustable net height, with safe tensioning separately). system operated by removable winder handle. Rapid and easy height adjustment pre-marked at the standard heights for 7270011CX Price men’s, women’s and school’s volleyball. £880.43 per set Supplied with 66mm (21/2in) socket CX NR (requires professional installation, please 7270089 £134.36 each contact us for details). Net with steel headline Price 270196 £94.08 each Sprung floor anchor 7271001CX £1,111.50 pair 270195 £80.95 each Solid floor anchor CX 4. Floor Fixed International 9. Harrod Fixed Volleyball Posts Volleyball Posts Competition volleyball posts manufactured in Combination posts for accordance with E.V.A. regulations and fitted with volleyball and badminton. \"wheelaway\" bases. Requires 4 floor anchors per Uprights & base polyester pair of posts to ensure safety and stability in use. powder coated blue. Uprights are attached to the base with a spring clip and can be 7270012CX posts Price easily detached for storage. Low profile £2,419.85 pair curved floor fixed base. 2 floor sockets CX required per base. Post and base protector £264.99 each pads and floor sockets should be ordered 7270088 Net separately. Recommended nets 270084 270195 Solid floor £80.95 each 8. Sportset Portable Post and Net Set 270200CX Price 270196 anchor £94.08 each 50mm dia Posts £356.10 set Sprung floor Folds away into a tube bag and fits the boot of any anchor small vehicle. Can be assembled by two people in CX £350.07 set less than 10 minutes. Built - in net tensioner. Extra 5. Umpire Stand heavyweight net with fluorescent bindings. Adjusts 270201CX £55.99 each to mens and ladies playing height. All assembly tools 38mm dia Posts £103.08 each Only suitable for use with 7270012CX supplied. CX 7270013CX Price 270145 Price £733.11 each £513.45 set 270212 CX Net 7270216 Solid Floor Socket 286 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

1. 2. 1. Umpire Stand Platform for umpire to stand on that attaches to volleyball post. 7271003CX Price 3. Post Padding 4. Wall Hanging Brackets £1,248.56 each CX Post protector. Suitable Keep your stores tidy with these wall hanging brackets. for items 1 and 2 and posts with Each bracket simply screws into the wall and holds a pair 2. Umpire Stand Padding 100-110mm diameter. Length: 2000mm. of Badminton posts. Made of beech (Excludes posts). Padding for Umpire Stand. Price £81.23 each 7271004CX Price 7270144CX Price 7271007CX For 1 post £1,048.32 each 7271005CX Base Padding £463.58 pair 7271008CX For 2 posts £108.71 pair CX CX £388.70 pair CX 270205 Price Net to suit wall mounted £9.13 per metre system, can be ordered in any length up to 40m. Headline 1m £23.51 each VOLLEYBALL as standard. Please ask for a £34.50 each quote for extra headline. £84.84 each 270105 9.75 x 0.92m including cord £181.89 each 6. Wall Mounted Volleyball Supports headline, bound at top only. £287.26 each 270100 High quality lightweight aluminium construction. 5. Volleyball Nets 9.75 x 0.92m including steel Detatchable from the wall for easy storage. Quick headline, bound at top only. and easy ratchet net tensioning system. Adjustable in International specification. Black 2.8mm (1/8in) 270085 height. Can be used across full length of a sports hall braided nylon 9.5 x 1m (31ft 2 x 3ft 3). Polyester 9.5 x 2m E.V.A approved 10cm providing a suitable net is used. headband with Kevlar rope and polyester side (4in) square mesh. Coated top pockets with fibreglass dowel band, with steel headline. Takes 270206CX Price antennae. £458.73 set 270080 CX 9.5 x 1m E.V.A approved. 10cm (4in) square mesh. Headband to top and sides. Ends strengthened with wooden slats. 270075 International specification. Black 2.8mm (1/8in) braided nylon 9.5 x 1m (31ft 2 x 3ft 3). Polyester headband with Kevlar rope and polyester side pockets with fibreglass dowel. NR (All Above) 7. Conversion Kit For Free Standing 9. Knee/Elbow Pads 50mm Posts Knee and Elbow protection. Sold as pairs Designed to convert existing weighted posts to conforming floor fixed option. 2 floor sockets required per base (Not included). 270202CX Price 8. Antennae Sheath 270120 Price 50mm Posts £316.55 set Knee Pads £12.09 pair 270203CX P.V.C. sheath with fibre glass antennae double section. 270218 38mm Posts £278.22 set Elbow Pads £11.78 pair Price CX 270090 £84.32 pair For all enquiries email: [email protected] 287

SPerirnvtic&e Embroidery From single garments to catering for 1000s of students we can do it all Whether you want branded or unbranded, football or judo kit, full customisation or just logos, we can not only cater for your needs, but the team can turn-around a complete kit in just one week* Icfaynoucuwsatonmt iits,ewite: • Match Kits – Shirts and shorts • Training Wear – including jackets, coats, joggers and raincoats • Bags • Workwear & School Uniform – Polos, sweatshirts, hi-vis, t-shirts, hoodies and hats Customised kit available from all the leading brands below:

PRIMARY SCHOOL PRODUCTS PRIMARY KITS.....................293 JUNIOR ATHLETICS.............299 JUNIOR BADMINTON...........301 JUNIOR BASKETBALL..........302 JUNIOR CRICKET.................303 JUNIOR DANCE....................304 JUNIOR DODGEBALL...........308 JUNIOR FOOTBALL..............309 JUNIOR GYMNASTICS.........311 JUNIOR HOCKEY..................318 JUNIOR ROUNDERS............319 JUNIOR RUGBY....................321 JUNIOR TENNIS....................324 COACHES EQUIPMENT.......326 SPORTS DAY........................328 MEDALS...............................330 GAMES.................................331 THROW & CATCH.................338 PLAYBALLS..........................343 BEAN BAGS..........................348 MARKERS & CONES...........350 OBSTACLE COURSE............353 HOOPS & SKIPPING ROPES..................................355 PRIMARY MATS...................358 SOFT PLAY............................359 SENSORY PRODUCTS.........361 PLAY STORAGE....................364 289

SUGARTXA DO YOU KNOW HOW TO SPEND YOURS? TAKE THE STRESS INDOOR PLAY BUNDLES OUT OF ORDERING OUTDOOR PLAY BUNDLES SUMMER SPORT BUNDLES Sowkifimedpswproeliyldnlulcteecrtertsttaahtyieenouetpedraascfmcokhrskoytnoeoolakwrreesq!ewuphiaryeotsutyrapned WINTER SPORT BUNDLES POOLSIDE EQUIPMENT GYMNASIUM EQUIPMENT Don’etqwuaipsmteemntoannedy olensosountspoluarncsedthsaptocratsnclaosatcfhoinr gye, in

WAYS TO SPEND OUTDOOR SPORTSHALL GYMNASIUM PLAYGOUNDS GENERAL PITCHES PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT SPORTS EQUIPMENT If you want advice on how to get the most possible out of your sugar tax funding, simply contact the team at [email protected] with the subject Sugar Tax and a educational specialist will be in touch to advise how we can best help your school. VIEW THE COMPLETE RANGE ONLINE SIGN UP TODAY TO START GETTING THE BENEFITS OF ONLINE ORDERING: MAUDESPORT.COM/SHOP-FOR-EARLY-YEARS

Everyonea'sWinner STEP 1 - Choose a Medal STEP 2 - Pick a Colour Gold Antique Silver Silver Bronze Antique Gold STEP 3 - Choose a Centre From sports images to numbers or badges, we can customise the centre of the medal to suit your event STEP 4 - Choose a Ribbon STEP 5 - Select A Box Or Sleeve MEDALS & TROPHIES FOR ALL SPORTING EVENTS Trophies & Shields available from 114mm to 279mm & larger INFORMATION Contact the Team Today to Discuss Your Requirements: [email protected]

Great Price BDUENADLLE GREAT Excellent Quality VALUE 1. Central Dimple Football Deal Central Super Dimple regulation footballs. Tough, hardwearing rubber dimple surface for low impact performance. Suitable for all surfaces. Pack of 12 in handy Central ball sack. 085091PK12 Price Size 4, pack of 12 £56.42 pack Great Price GREAT Excellent Quality VALUE GREAT BDUENADLLE VALUE 2. Central Zone PRIMARY KITS Junior Tennis Deal Pack includes: • 4 x Central Zone tennis racket 23\" • 4 x Central Zone tennis racket 21\" • 4 x Central Zone tennis racket 19\" • 1 x tub of 72 Central tennis balls • 12 x Central Tactical tennis balls • 1 x Central bag 245011 Price £179.36 pack Great Price Excellent Quality BDUENADLLE 3. Central Prima Badminton Deals Contains: • 1 0 x Central Prima mini rackets • 5 x Central Prima junior rackets • 1 2 x Carlton C100 white shuttlecocks • 1 x easy to carry Central bag 020012 Price £79.01 set For all enquiries email: [email protected] 293

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE Great Price Excellent Quality 1. Team Activity Kits A compact assortment of popular items in team colours. Each kit contains: • 1 x team basket • 10 x bean bags • 10 x tennis balls • 10 x foam balls • 10 x skipping ropes, 2.13m • 10 x small perforated plastic balls • 10 x large perforated plastic balls Price • 10 x rubber quoits 160001 Red Team £85.91 set • 4 x Central play rackets junior 160002 Blue Team £85.91 set • 1 x polyester roll team braid 160003 Green Team £85.91 set Yellow Team £85.91 set • 1 x roll PVC tape, 50mm 160004 PRIMARY KITS 2. First Play Multi Coloured Team Set First-play multicoloured team kit. This versatile set of quality equipment encourages skill development in younger children and can be used to play various games. Supplied in mixed colours (red, blue, green and yellow) Each set contents: • 8 x airflow balls, 7cm dia • 8 x plastic balls, 9cm dia • 4 x soft touch balls, 16cm • 4 x soft touch ball, 20cm • 4 x eurohoc club sticks • 8 x team bands • 24 x space markers • 8 x bean bags • 8 x skipping ropes • 4 x quoits • 4 x padder bats • 8 x table tennis bats 163043 Price £163.68 set 3. Central Mini Cricket Set Central Mini Cricket deal for the budding cricket star of the future. Set contains: • 5 x sets of stumps and bases • 2 x junior bats • 8 x senior bats • 10 x mini tees • 5 x rounders bats • 1 x tennis racket • 1 x easy to carry Central bag. 055905 Price £177.49 set 294 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

BDUENADLLE Great Price Excellent Quality 1. String Toss Racket Deal Contains: • 16 x pair of string toss rackets and ball • 1 x Central bag 162445PK16 Price £97.83 pack CUSTOMER GREAT FAVOURITE VALUE Great Price Excellent Quality 2. Activity Keykit Two PRIMARY KITS Set contains: • 1 x fast track cricket set-mixed • 4 x mini padder bats • 1 2 x skipping ropes vinyl assorted colours • 2 x slingcatch • 2 x softy football (polyester filled) • 1 x softy rugby ball (polyester filled) • 4 x catch pads hook and loop • 2 x instastik balls • 2 x catch gloves hook and loop • 1 x set crumple cones • 12 x coloured tennis balls • 1 x set skittles • 1 x 12ft parachute • 3 x playstilt sets • 1 x holdall 160063 Price £183.76 set Great Price GREAT Excellent Quality VALUE 3. Activity Keykit Three Set contains: • 4 x miniplay balls • 20 x foam balls • 4 x Centraplay rackets • 30 x flexi markers • 4 x bean bags • 4 x fun rings • 4 x flat hoops • 2 x maxiplay balls • 1 x foam dice • 4 x perforated balls • 10 x plastic skipping ropes 2.13m (7ft) • 2 x plastic table tennis bats • 1 x holdall 160064 Price £91.56 set For all enquiries email: [email protected] 295

1. First Play Playtime Activity Tub A 56 piece set of specially selected equipment which will keep children entertained and active during playtime. Set contains: • 1 x storage tub • 1 x jazz ball, 20cm • 2 x table tennis bats • 1 x scoop racket set • 2 x frizbee • 8 x skipping ropes • 2 x padder bats • 10 x number bean bags • 2 x rounders bats • 2 x rounders balls • 1 x flexi ball, 9cm • 1 x flexi ball, 13cm • 6 x foam balls, 7cm • 1 x bean bag ball • 4 x tennis balls • 2 x mini rackets • 2 x ankle skips • 2 x catch cups • 10 x markers • 3 x airflow balls • 1 x shooting star ball 161826 Price £121.79 set PRIMARY KITS 2. First Play Primary Play Pack A specially selected range of equipment to encourage children to develop basic movement and coordination skills. Set contains: • 6 x soft balls, 7cm • 1 x easygrip ball, 10cm • 6 x marking hands • 6 x marking feet • 4 x turtle bean bags • 2 x eggs • 2 x spoons • 4 x foam rings • 1 x unimarker • 1 x catch ball • 1 x flexiball, 9cm • 6 x movement spots • 1 x storage bag • 1 x set workcards 162306 Price £82.77 set 3. Movement Activity Pack The set can also be used to create targets to help develop hand-eye coordination as well as basic throwing skills. Set contains: • 12 x bean bags • 8 x 30cm cones • 3 x 50cm flat hoops • 2 x 60cm flat hoops • 4 x 30cm flat hoops • 4 x marking hands • 4 x marking feet • 4 x marking arrows • 6 x post hoop clips • 6 x 100cm posts 161822 Price £60.61 pack 296 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

GREAT VALUE 1. First Play Obstacle Set A set of equipment designed to cater for the needs of key stage one and two games lessons. Set contains: • 3 x multi bases • 3 x airflow balls • 6 x flat hoops, 30cm • 8 x cones, 30cm • 3 x cones, 23cm • 24 x clips • 12 x post, 100cm • 6 x post, 50cm • 4 x dry/wipe signs • 1 x holdall 163044 Price £123.54 set Great Price Excellent Quality 2. Sensory Pack These kit sets feature a range of equipment suitable for various sensory related activities. Set contains: • 24 x hedgehog stones • 12 x fleeceballs PRIMARY KITS • 2 x catch loops • 2 x crossballs • 1 x set grabball • 1 x set soft Z balls • 6 x bean bag turtles • 6 x spider balls • 1 x set nobbie spheres • 6 x set weighted pouch scarves • 4 x pom poms • 4 x set fun rings • 2 x fusion balls • 6 x urchin balls • 4 x gym rings • 1 x floating ball • 3 x flexiballs • 6 x sea jinglers • 3 x tailballs • 1 x holdall • 1 x kixz bell ball • 1 x pellet ball, 25cm • 2 x poco balls Price • 2 x felted ball with bell 162300 £348.71 set 3. First Play Movement Ball Pack Comprises 16 balls that produce an erratic bounce and have different textures and feel. Great for movement and develops hand/eye coordination. Set contains: • 4 x 20cm sensory balls • 4 x 20cm bell balls • 4 x easy grip rugby balls • 4 x reacta balls • 1 x storage sack 162307 Price £124.19 set For all enquiries email: [email protected] 297

Great Price Excellent Quality 1. Take A Tub Plain tubs in a range of primary colours. Durable, hygienic and ready to fill with your P.E. essentials. 162058 Yellow Price GREAT 162057 Green £8.78 each VALUE 162056 Blue £8.78 each 162055 Red £8.78 each £8.78 each STEP ONE: STEP TWO: STEP THREE: Select your tub colour. Select one of the PE essentials below to fill your tub with. We pick and pack your tub to your requirements The number shows how many of each item will be included. and save you money in the process! 60 PCS 30 PCS 30 PCS 72 PCS 80 PCS PRIMARY KITS Moulded Foam Balls Moulded Foam Balls Cut Foam Balls 90mm (3 1/2in) Rubber Bouncers - Assorted Flight Balls Assorted 70mm Assorted 70mm Assorted 90mm 160986PK60 Price Price Price Price Price £42.01 pack 160987PK30 £35.73 pack 160987P30 £65.79 pack 160988P72 £62.08 pack 162082P80 £50.16 pack 30 PCS 72 PCS 18 PCS 72 PCS 72 PCS Flight Balls Assorted 92mm Tennis Balls Assorted Assorted Softy Balls 100mm Tennis Coaching Balls Low Compression Tennis Balls 162083P30 Price Price Price Price Price £25.08 pack 160989P72 £68.36 pack 160991PK18 £53.94 pack 245120PK72 £72.46 pack 205060PK72 £68.36 pack 100 PCS 24 PCS 36 PCS Great Price Excellent Quality Rubber quoits, pack of 24 Vinyl Quoits Assorted (6 of each colour) 160429PK24 Price 160434P36 Price £28.11 pack £55.43 pack 72 PCS 40 PCS Nylon Bean Bags Rubber Filled Vinyl Floor Spots Assorted Plastic flags, 10 of each colour 160351PK100 Price Price Price £66.46 pack £130.29 pack 160779P40 £35.12 pack 162084P72 298 For all enquiries email: [email protected]

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