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Help Center Desktop Client Import PDF

Import hyperlinks and Table of Content of PDF file to flipbook

As great guidance to your flipbook, hyperlinks and table of content provide more related information. Therefore, how to import them to your flipbook for more substantial content? Tips provided below. Step1. Run PubHTML5 desktop client and choose a PDF file. Step2. Tick the option: "Import Link" and "Import Table of Content", then import your PDF file. With this settings, your flipbook is created finally have all the links and TOC of your PDF.

How to import PDF file with wide pages

In PubHTML5, you can easily turn your static PDFs into interactive flipbooks. At the same time, this software enables you to display your flipbooks in wide page. There are 3 options for you including "None", "Auto Page Detect", "All Page is Wide Page". You can import your PDF file with wide page in the following steps: Step1. Setup the PubHTML5 desktop client and open the PDF file. Step2. In the pop-up Import PDF Document interface, you can hit the "Wide Page Option" button and then go to the "Wide Page Options" interface directly. Step3. Next you need to check the option of "All Page is Wide Page" and don't forget to click the "Ok" to save the change. Finally click the "Import Now" button to import the PDF file with wide page.

Stamp watermarks to digital publications

Stamp watermark on your digital publications can not only prevent your watermark from violating but also brand your business in an unconscious way. In PubHTML5, it is very simple and easy to stamp watermark on your digital publications. You are able to add new text watermark, new dynamic datetime watermark, new image watermark, new PDF watermark and new shape watermark or directly clone from the select watermark. Besides that, you can edit, delete, export and preview the watermarks as well. Step1. Setup the PubHTML5 desktop client and open the PDF/image file. Step2. Click "Add Watermark" button to enter into the watermark editing interface. Step3. Add a watermark. Click the "Inverted Triangle" around the green cross icon, and then you are able to add the new watermarks. Take adding image watermark for example, you can click the button of "New Image Watermark" and then enter into the image watermark setting interface. Step4. Stamp watermark on your digital publications. Firstly select an image from your local file and check the option of the "All Pages" below the "Range" icon. Then click "OK" button to save the previous change. Finally when you "Import" your PDF file, the watermark you add will turn up in your digital publications.

How to make my flipbook searchable

PubHTML5 makes it convenient for you and your readers to search specific content in your flipbook. Tips are as follows: Step1. Run PubHTML5 desktop client and select your PDF file from local. Step2. Tick the "Import Search" button in the pop up window and click "Import Now" button to import your PDF file. Step3. Input your specific text on the search box then you will get the highlight text listed. You are able to turn to the corresponding page when you click them.

How to create digital publications with images

With PubHTML5, you could create digital publications with PDF file or images. The below is to show you how to create digital publications with images in minutes. Step1. Step2. Step3. Step4.

How to import specific pages of PDF file to PubHTML5 desktop

It is so easy to import specific pages of PDF file to PubHTML5 desktop. PubHTML5 allows users to import the PDF file in three ways. Step1. 1.Import a PDF file as the below picture shows. 2. Import another PDF file. 3. Click "Import File" Step2. Get your flip book quickly and begin your creation.

Import multiple PDF files to PubHTML5 desktop

It is very easy and simple to import your multiple PDF documents into PubHTML5 desktop client. It will improve your work efficiency by avoiding importing your PDF one by one. 2 simple steps for you to import multi-PDF files: Step1. Run the PubHTML5 desktop client and then click "Import File" button to open the PDF file. Step2. Click the "Inverted Triangle" button around the "Browse" button and then click the option of "Import Multi-PDFs files" to import PDF documents together at a time.