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Regency 48 Digital Catalog

Published by Legend Rare Coin Auctions, 2021-10-04 19:37:33

Description: Regency 48 Digital Catalog

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Dear Friends, Welcome to Regency Auction 48! This two-day extravaganza will take place October 27th and 28th at the Omni Hotel in downtown San Diego in conjunction with the PCGS Members Only Show. On day one, Wednesday, October 27th, we will start the auction with our Half Dollar Day. This night begins with part III of the impressive Boylston Collection of proof and mint state Seated Liberty Half Dollars. This collection will be followed by the rest of the half dollars, including the amazing Young-Madison Collection, the number two PCGS CAC Registry set of Proof Walkers. Day two on Thursday, October 28th, will follow with all other denominations. This sale is loaded with spectacular highlights. Listed below are just a few -- there are far too many to list. Please take the time to peruse these pages; you will not be disappointed as this is a sale where there is something for everyone! • 1776 CURRENCY PCGS MS63 CAC • 1/2C 1848 ORIGINAL PCGS PR65BN CAC • 1C 1909 VDB LINCOLN MATTE PROOF PCGS PR66RB CAC • 1C 1955 DOUBLED DIE OBVERSE PCGS MS64+RD CAC • 2C 1870 PCGS MS66RD • 5C 1913 TYPE 1 PCGS MS68+ CAC • 5C 1937-D 3 LEGGED PCGS MS66+ CAC • H10C 1795 PCGS MS66 CAC • 25C 1818 PCGS MS65 CAC • 50C 1839 NO DRAPERY PCGS PR62 • 50C 1848 PCGS PR64 • 50C 1936 PCGS PR67+ CAC • 50C 1950 PCGS PR65 DCAM CAC • $1 1899-S PCGS MS67 PL CAC • $1 1879-S PCGS MS68+ CAC • $1 1892-CC PCGS MS66+ CAC • $5 1823 PCGS MS63+ CAC • $10 1803 EXTRA STAR IN CLOUD PCGS AU58 CAC • $50 1915-S PANAMA-PACIFIC OCTAGONAL PCGS MS65 CAC As always, the LRCA team is here to work with you and answer any questions you might have. With so many fantastic opportunities in this sale, please do not hesitate to let us know ASAP if you need special payment terms, would like to phone bid, or if you have any questions at all. Warm regards, Julie Abrams

TERMS AND CONDITIONS This is a public auction, conducted in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of Sale, by Legend Rare Coin Auctions (hereinafter referred to as “LRCA”). By bidding on any lot offered by LRCA, the bidder indicates acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions of Sale. Bidders are to comply with the Terms and Conditions of Sale, posted on, at the time of the auction in which they are participating. BUYER’S PREMIUM A 17.5% buyer’s premium will be added to all successful bids, and is payable by the winning bidder as part of the total purchase cost. SALES TAX All sales are subject to applicable state and local taxes. Any lots that are picked up and/or delivered in the state of of The Regency Auction are subject to applicable state and local taxes. PAYMENT All merchandise must be paid for within TEN (10) days of the date of sale. We reserve the right to cancel any unpaid order after that time and to ban the bidder from future sales. Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Discover) are accepted for auction payments up to $2,500.00 per invoice. Invoices and/or balances over $2,500.00 must be paid via personal or certified check, money order, or wired funds. Personal checks, money orders and cashier’s checks may be held for up to 10 business days in order to allow time for them to clear appropriate banking channels. Please email [email protected] for bank-wiring instructions and/or to provide numismatic references. E-CHECK PAYMENTS E-check payments now available. Please email form to [email protected] INTERNATIONAL BUYERS Foreign buyers, unknown to us, are required to deposit 25% of their anticipated expenditures before bidding. Please contact us in advance of bidding for bank wiring instructions. EXTENDED PAYMENT TERMS For all items $15,000.00 and over, LRCA is now offering Extended Payment Terms. Please advise us at least 48 hours before bidding or purchasing the item in question. Pre-approval is required. RETURN POLICY All lots are sold “as is.” Lots graded by PCGS, NGC or other third-party grading services, or any lot viewed by the buyer or anyone on buyer’s behalf prior to the auction, may not be returned. This is not an approval sale. All sales of lots to the highest bidder are final. Bidders are strongly advised and encouraged to research any lots upon which they plan to bid, and to determine bids, based upon their own evaluation. Bidders assume all risks concerning and related to the grade, quality, appearance, condition, history and origin of any lot. Bidders acknowledge that coin grading is not an exact science, that it can be subjective and inconsistent and that it is possible that two parties might assess or grade the same coin differently. LRCA makes every effort to accurately describe all items offered in its sales. All items will be available for preview prior to the auction. SHIPPING Shipping costs will be billed separately and are non-refundable. Items will usually ship within 5-10 business days after payment has been received and/or funds have cleared. Coins will be shipped via Fed Ex or USPS or transported via armored carrier. The shipping charge includes fees for our third-party insurance coverage, as well as any costs incurred through the USPS or Federal Express. Any shipments made via armored carrier (Brinks, Dunbar, etc.) will be calculated and assessed at the time of shipment. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING It is not possible for LRCA to ship to some countries. Please email questions to [email protected]. Payment for all

international orders is required in US funds. Please contact [email protected] for bank wiring instructions. Customs requirements for each country are the responsibility of the buyer. All packages shipped outside of the United States will include the required customs declaration and full value of the invoice. BIDS VIA TELEPHONE An absentee bidder may also participate live, during the auction, via telephone. Requests for phone bidding must be received at least three days prior to the auction date. Please fill out our phone bidding request form online or call 732-935-1168 to request a call from one of our representatives during the live auction. LRCA cannot guarantee phone lines, but will make every effort to accommodate those who wish to participate via this method. RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES The auctioneer will determine the highest bidder. The auctioneer, alone, has the right to reopen the bidding for an item, if deemed necessary. LRCA and its representatives reserve the right to remove any attendees who impede the preview and/or the auction. Title to all merchandise shall pass to the winning bidder after receipt of good funds by LRCA. Bidders will be held responsible for their bids, including those bids placed incorrectly. PLEASE VERIFY BIDS BEFORE SUBMITTING THEM. In order to have a bid removed or corrected, bidder must contact LRCA prior to start of the auction. Bidder waives auctioneer’s responsibility and holds LRCA harmless for failure to recognize, accept, receive or execute any lost or missing bids by internet, telephone, email, floor bid, fax, mail or other means. LRCA reserves the right to postpone or cancel an auction without notice. Lots may be withdrawn at LRCA’s discretion, without prior notice. Lots may carry a reserve. A reserve is a price below which the auctioneer will not sell an item, or will re-purchase the item on behalf of the consignor or for LRCA. LRCA permits bids to be placed by the auctioneer, or an employee of the auctioneer, up to the pre-determined reserve set by the consignor. Legend Rare Coin Auctions’ partner, Legend Numismatics, reserves the right to bid on items, for its own account and for the accounts of its clients. DISCLAIMER AND WARRANTIES No warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose is made or implied on any lot. No warranty, whether expressed or implied, is made with respect to any lot except for warranty of title, and in the case of title, auctioneer is selling only that right or title to the lot that the consignor may have as of the auction sale date. All lots are sold “as is” and with all faults. Purchaser hereby assumes all risks concerning and related to the grading, quality, description, condition, authenticity, and provenance of a lot. a. Coins and currency listed in this catalog graded by PCGS, NGC, or any other third party grading service or examined by the buyer prior to the auction sale may not be returned for any reason whatsoever by any buyer, except for claims related to authenticity. b. For non-certified coins that have not been examined by the Buyer prior to the Auction Sale: if it is determined in a review by LRCA that there is a material error in the catalog description of a non-certified coin or the LRCA no later than seventy-two (72) hours of delivery of the lots in question, and such lots are returned and received by LRCA, in their original, sealed containers, no later than fourteen (14) calendar days after delivery, in the same condition the lot(s) were delivered to the Buyer, time being of the essence. c. If an item or items are returned pursuant to the terms herein, they must be housed in their original, sealed and unopened container. d. Late remittance or removal of any item from its original container, or altering a coin constitutes just cause for revocation of all return privileges. e. Grading or condition of rare coins may have a material effect on the value of the item(s) purchased, and the opinion of others (including independent grading services) may differ with the independent grading services opinion or interpretation of LRCA. LRCA shall not be bound by any prior, or subsequent opinion, determination or certification by any independent grading service. f. Questions regarding the minting of a coin as a “proof” or as a “business strike” relate to the method of manufacture and not to authenticity.

g. All oral and written statements made by LRCA and its employees or agents (including affiliated and related companies) are statements of opinion only, and are not warranties or representations of any kind, unless stated as a specific written warranty, and no employee or agent of LRCA has authority to vary or alter these Terms and Conditions of Auction Sale. LRCA reserves the right to vary or alter the Terms of Sale, either generally or with respect to specific persons or circumstances, in its sole discretion. Any variation or alteration shall be effective only if in writing and signed by an officer of LRCA authorized to do so. h. LRCA is acting as an auctioneer. Title to the lots purchased passes directly from the Consignor to the Buyer. Accordingly, LRCA is not making, and disclaims, any warranty of title. i. Bidder acknowledges that the numismatic market is speculative, unregulated and volatile, and that coin prices may rise or fall over time. LRCA does not guarantee or represent that any customer buying for investment purposes will be able to sell for a profit in the future. j. Bidder acknowledges and agrees that neither LRCA, nor its employees, affiliates, agents, third-party providers or consignors warrant that auctions will be unimpaired, uninterrupted or error free and accordingly shall not be liable for such events. WAIVER AND RELEASE Bidder, for himself, his heirs, agents, successors and assignees, generally and specifically waives and releases, and forever discharges LRCA, and its respective affiliates, parents, officers, directors, shareholders, agents, subsidiaries, employees, managers and members and each of them, and their respective successors and assignees from any and all claims, rights, demands and causes of actions and suits, of whatever kind or nature, including but not limited to claims based upon Auctioneer’s negligence, whether in law or equity, tort or otherwise, whether known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected (a “Claim”), which Bidder may assert with respect to and/or arising out of, or in connection with any challenge to the title to or authenticity of any goods purchased, the sale itself, any lot bid upon or consigned, and/or the auction, except where such Claim is otherwise expressly authorized in these Terms of Sale. It is the intention of Bidder that this waiver and release shall be effective as a bar to each and every Claim that may arise hereunder or be related to the Auction Sale. DISPUTES If a dispute arises concerning ownership of a lot or concerning proceeds of any sale, LRCA reserves the right to commence a statutory inter-pleader proceeding at the expense of the Consignor and Buyer and any other applicable party, and in such event shall be entitled to its reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs. LRCA reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Auction Sale or any session thereof for any reason whatsoever. No Bidder shall have any claim as a result thereof, including for incidental or consequential damages. Neither LRCA nor any affiliated or related company shall be responsible for incidental or consequential damages arising out of any failure of the Terms of Sale, the auction or the conduct thereof and in no event shall such liability exceed the purchase price, premium, or fees paid. Rights granted to Bidders under the within Terms and Conditions of Auction Sale are personal and apply only to the Bidder who initially purchases the lot(s) from LRCA. The rights may not be assigned or transferred to any other person or entity, whether by sale of the lot(s), operation of law or otherwise. Any attempt to assign or transfer any such rights shall be absolutely void and unenforceable. No third party may rely on any benefit or right conferred by these Terms and Conditions of Auction Sale. Any dispute arising out of or related to these Terms of Sale, the Auction Sale or any lot, with the sole exception of actions by Legend Rare Coin Auctions to collect amounts owed to it and other damages, shall be submitted to binding arbitration pursuant to the commercial arbitration rules of the American Arbitration Association, with any arbitration hearing to occur in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Absent an agreement of the parties, the arbitrator shall limit discovery to that which is necessary to enable the hearing to proceed efficiently. The arbitrator shall not have the power to award punitive or consequential damages, nor alter, amend modify any of the terms of this Agreement. The award by the arbitrator, if any, may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Each party shall pay one-half the costs of the arbitration. Bidder acknowledges and agrees that the competent courts of the State of New Jersey shall have exclusive in personam jurisdiction, subject to the requirement to arbitrate, over any dispute(s) arising hereunder, regardless of any party’s current or future residence or domicile. Bidder further agrees that venue of the arbitration proceeding shall be in Monmouth County, New Jersey; and any court proceeding shall be in the Monmouth County Superior Court, in the State of New Jersey, and in each case waive any claim of Forum Non Conveniens. Bidder agrees that any arbitration or legal action with respect to this Auction Sale is barred unless commenced within one (1) year of the date of this Auction Sale. Auction participants expressly waive any right to trial by jury.

LISTED BID INCREMENTS Bid increments are to serve as a general guideline. Actual increments are at the auctioneer’s discretion. $0 - $199 $10 $200 - $999 $25 $1,000 - $1,999 $50 $2,000 - $4,999 $100 $5,000 - $9,999 $250 $10,000 - $19,999 $500 $20,000 - $39,999 $1,000 $40,000 - $99,999 $2,500 $100,000 - $199,999 $5,000 $200,000 - $399,999 $10,000 $400,000 - $999,999 $25,000 $1,000,000 - $1,999,999 $50,000 $2,000,000 and up $100,000 OUR ESTIMATES The estimates you see published in this catalog are based on HAMMER. Keep in mind that a coin could be either low or high end for the grade, have stunning color or be dull, all of which radically affect a coin’s value. Yes, there can be huge price differences within a grade, and we offer estimates as a guide so Collector’s can have a better idea of value. One thing we will never do is offer low ball estimates in order to claim stronger sales. These published estimates represent what Legend Rare Coin Auctions determines to be an approximate high wholesale value for the coin. The numbers are based upon current market values, similar trades, auction prices, published prices, and a consideration of the coin’s quality. There is no guarantee that the estimated prices are minimums or are exactly what you can expect to get if you attempt to resell them wholesale. We always advise you to view the coins you are interested in and calculate what you’ll pay using as much information as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us. We are here to help you!

Laura Sperber P R I N C I PA L S Partner Laura was raised in Highland Park, NJ. During high school, the coin bug hit her hard. Her trip to the 1976 NYC ANA left a lasting mark and huge desire for her to own and handle the greatest rarities. While Bruce Morelan attending Monmouth University, Laura attended coin shows more than classes. After college, she started Partner LSS RCI, a wholesale coin company. In 1986, she realized the need for a “better” coin retailer and teamed up in 1986 with George Huang to form Legend Numismatics. Julie Abrams President In 1996 Bruce Morelan became a partner and since then Legend has exclusively built or assisted in assembling this generation’s greatest collections. In 2012 Laura saw the need for a smaller, boutique auction firm, and created Legend-Morphy with Dan Morphy, whom she split with in 2014. Today, Laura is also a leading consumer advocate for coins. The passion has never subsided, and she keeps a beautiful Proof Walker on her desk to this day. Bruce started collecting coins when he was only six years old and by the time he was in high school his dream was to be a coin dealer. But life intervened and instead, Bruce went into business. By chance, he became Legend Numismatics’ financial backer in 1996. His great grandmother had given him three coins when he was young, one of which being a Trade Dollar, so he set out to build the finest Trade Dollar set. After a few years with ultra rarities, Bruce returned to his love of dollars and completed both a set of Gobrechts and a set of Seated Dollars. After selling those sets, Bruce recently returned to dollars with a new Gobrecht set and a spectacular early dollar set capped by his dream coin, the Amon Carter 1794 Dollar. Not many collector’s can say they have completed not only the finest 1794-1885 Dollar Sets and have over the years owned such coins as two 1913 Liberty Head Nickels, an 1894-S Dime, 1876-CC Twenty Cent piece, 1827 Original and Restrike Quarters, 1838-O Half Dollar, two 1885 Trade Dollars and four 1884 Trade Dollars! Julie Abrams started in numismatics in 1986 when she joined up with Bernard Rome and launched Teletrade, the first computerized auction company. As President of Teletrade, Julie helped expand the company, increasing the frequency of auctions and expanding annual sales to $24 million within a few years. In 1999, GMAI, a publicly traded company, purchased Teletrade and Ms. Abrams became Executive Vice President of Sales for the parent company, as well as continuing her role as CEO for Teletrade. In 2004 she joined Stacks-Bowers, she worked to develop an online bidding platform for the firm. She also marketed Stacks’ programs to secure consignments from dealers and institutions such as banks, museums and universities. Julie is a member of the American Numismatic Association, the Central States Numismatic Association and Florida United Numismatists. S TA F F Jessica Berkman Greg Cohen Patrick Braswell Ann Marie Van Pelt Christopher Morelan Vice President Senior Art Director Office Manager Numismatic Intern Numismatist AUCTION COORDINATOR | Jose Campos • CATALOGING CONSULTANT | Mitch Battino


THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III Legend Rare Coin Auctions, in conjunction with Elizabeh 1852; 1853 Arrows & Rays; 1855/4 Arrows; 1856-O; 1859-S; Coggan Numismatics, is honored to offer Part III of the 1863; 1865; 1866-S No Motto; 1867-S; 1871-S; 1873-S extensive Boylston Collection of Seated Liberty half dollars. Arrows; 1874-S Arrows; 1875-CC; 1876; 1880; 1885. Like the previous two offerings we auctioned in April and Proof highlights include the 1839 No Drapery. PCGS PR62; May, Part III is full of finest knowns, famous pedigrees, early 1841 PGCS PR64; 1847 PCGS PR63 CAC; 1848 PCGS Proofs, and patterns. PR64; 1856 PCGS PR66 CAM CAC; 1857 PCGS PR66 CAC; The Boylston Collection was formed over the past two and a 1867 NGC PR66 Ultra Cameo; 1869 PCGS PR66 CAM CAC; half decades or more. Most coins feature a similar look, being 1872 NGC PR68 CAM; 1873 Arrows. PCGS PR66 CAM; lustrous and generally untoned or lightly so. However, in this 1874 Arrows. NGC PR67 CAM; 1888 NGC PR68 Ultra selection, there are a number of richly toned Proofs. Cameo. Like the previous two parts of the Boylston Collection, there Patterns include: 1858 J-222. PCGS PR63; 1863 J-342. NGC is something for everyone and something to fit any budget. PR67+* CAM; 1870 J-929A. PCGS PR66 RD CAM CAC. Estimates range from under $1,000 to coins that could break On behalf of Legend Rare Coin Auctions and Elizabeth the six figure level. Coggan Numismatics, we wish you all the best of luck The present offering of 108 lots is highlighted by GEM Mint in bidding and congratulations in advance to the winning State examples of the 1840 Rev. 1839; 1847; 1847-O; 1849; bidders! 10 THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III

LOT 1 25C 1888-S NGC MS65 A frosty lustrous GEM. Crisply struck devices stand out boldly on this untoned 88-S. The surfaces are generally clean and free of distractions, this coin was likely dipped ages ago, mentioned for the sake of full disclosure. A cool variety with the mintmark boldly repunched. PCGS 6, NGC 12. The most recent NGC MS65 sold in October 2018 for $1,800 and the current Collectors Universe value is listed at $3,000. NGC has graded just five examples finer. Bound for a neat set. PCGS# 5521 | EST: $1,800+ LOT 2 50C 1840 REVERSE OF 1839. PCGS MS65 CAC What an impressive GEM example of this early date Seated Liberty half dollar. Intensely lustrous surfaces radiate boldly with a strong cartwheel brilliance. A precision blow from the dies imparted razor sharp definition to the devices that stand out against high end GEM quality surfaces. The is a blush of olive-russet on the left obverse field. This coin has been off the market for ages and is a wonderful early date in this portion of the Boylston Collection. Ex. Silbermunzen Collection, Heritage, May 2008, lot 652, where it realized $12,650. Housed in the same old green tag holder. PCGS 8, NGC 2, CAC 4. The most recent PCGS/CAC example sold for $6,924 in August 2019. The current PCGS Price Guide value is $8,500 and the CAC CPG value is listed at $10,800. Just a half dozen examples have ever graded higher, making this a superb example for any GEM Seated half dollar set. PCGS# 6234 | EST: $7,000+ LOT 3 50C 1843-O PCGS MS62 The 1843-O, despite a decent mintage of 2,268,000, is quite challenging to find in any Mint State grade. This is a neat example that has strong claims to a higher grade (no promises). A rich satiny brilliance gleams all over the surfaces highlighting a softly shimmering golden hue. A well struck early New Orleans half, the grade is limited by a smattering of scattered marks, mostly seen on the reverse above the eagle, but this coin is quite nice, even for its modest grade. PCGS 7, NGC 12. The most recent example sold for $1,560 in November 2019 and the current PCGS Price Guide value is $2,000. RARE finer, this is a lovely example for the budget minded collector. PCGS# 6244 | EST: $1,500+ THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III 11

LOT 4 LOT 5 50C 1845-O PCGS AU58 50C 1845-O NO DRAPERY. PCGS MS64 In the old days, this coin might have been called a BU, as Among the FINEST KNOWN of this variety, WB-101, Die even with strong glass any wear is essentially invisible. A Pair 12. This was the 3rd usage of this obverse die, and pearly brilliant silver surface shimmers with a wonderful the repeated polishing of the surfaces removed the drapery nearly full luster. The devices have a full, crisp strike with folds under Liberty’s elbow. This is a scarce variety, rated as razor sharp definition. The wear is limited to some minor Rarity-4, but in this lofty state of preservation, it is VERY friction lines in the open fields, but the eye appeal is still RARE. quite nice. Pearly silver and pewter-dove gray patina has a hint of PCGS 11, NGC 19. While the PCGS Price Guide value antique gold over a vibrant satiny frost. The strike is very is $1,000, a lower grade AU55 sold in December 2020 sharp and the surfaces show just a hint of contact. Overall for $1,200. RARE in Mint State, this is perfect for an the surfaces are very clean and attractive, as close to GEM “everyman” set, such a great collector grade piece. caliber as you can ever hope to get for this rarity. PCGS# 6249 | EST: $1,000+ PCGS 2, NGC 3. NONE ARE FINER at either service. This coin sold half a decade ago, realizing $5,053 in a weak market. The current Collectors Universe value is $7,000. Really attractive and eye appealing, this coin is bound for a fantastic set of Seated halves. PCGS# 6250 | EST: $5,000+ LOT 6 LOT 7 50C 1846 TALL DATE. PCGS AU55 50C 1846 TALL DATE. NGC MS61 Warm, satiny luster clings to the surfaces of this lightly Frosty and brilliant untoned silver surfaces show no wear circulated early Seated Liberty date. Faint, pewter-silver and and just some minor marks scattered about. Well struck, the pearlescent hues. There are a couple of planchet roller lines devices are bold. The eye appeal is decent for a coin of this seen in the lower reverse. Sharply struck, the eye appeal is grade with no serious marks of any kind to be singled out. quite nice. PCGS 1, NGC 7. No NGC-graded piece has sold in nearly PCGS 24, NGC 16. Recent auction prices range from $504 five years, the last one realizing $882 in February 2017. The to $576 and the current Collectors Universe value is $800. current Collectors Universe value is listed at $1,750. Again, this is an early date that is quite difficult to find in any Mint State grade. Another nice collector grade example. PCGS# 6252 | EST: $1,000+ PCGS# 6252 | EST: $550+ 12 THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III

LOT 8 50C 1847 NGC MS65 CAC A wonderful and totally original GEM graded example of this early date Seated Liberty half dollar. Indeed, between PCGS and NGC fewer than a dozen have graded MS65 or finer in all their years of grading coins. Richly frosted satiny luster blooms all over this lovely GEM. The faintest splashes of iridescent toning can be seen on both sides as you rotate the coin in a light. Very sharply struck devices stand out with a crisp definition on both sides. There is minimal contact seen anywhere, and any trace you see, you need a strong glass to find it. The eye appeal is excellent. PCGS 7, NGC 2, CAC 2. No NGC-graded example in MS65 has sold in auction since Bowers and Merena’s March 1998 Boys Town Sale. The only CAC-approved MS65 to sell was the Richard Jewell Collection coin, sold in July 2013 for $10,575. The current CAC CPG value is $8,270 and the current Collectors Universe value is listed at $8,500. Just a single MS66 is graded finer at NGC, and it has never sold in auction. This is an important opportunity opportunity for the advanced Seated Liberty half dollar collector and we expect strong bidding. PCGS# 6257 | EST: $6,500+ LOT 9 50C 1847-O PCGS MS65 CAC This is one of the FINEST 47-O half dollars extant, with just a single MS65+ graded finer at PCGS. While the mintage of 2,584,000 was sizable for the era, these went right into antebellum commercial channels where they would remain for a long time. Any Mint State example is an important rarity, especially so in MS64 or finer. A rich, satiny mint frost glows boldly on both sides. Well struck from a shattered pair of dies. Pearly silver hues mingle with some scattered golden accents. The dies shows some evidence of rusting from the hot, humid New Orleans climate. Along with the interesting die cracks on both sides, the 7 is boldly repunched to the south. A neat coin for the advanced collector. PCGS 1, NGC 3, CAC 2. No PCGS MS65 has ever sold in auction. The current PCGS Price Guide value is listed at $15,000 and the CAC CPG value is listed at $15,000. The single finer MS65+ GOLD CAC is currently being offered for sale for $40,000! This GEM is worthy of a sensational collection of Seated halves. Good luck PCGS# 6259 | EST: $12,000+ THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III 13

LOT 10 50C 1849 PCGS MS61 A nice, Mint State grade early Seated half dollar. Light lines are noted from some ancient gentle wiping is all that keeps this coin from a higher grade. Platinum color graces both sides and a glass reveals some ancient toning dots on the reverse. PCGS 2, NGC 1. Only one other PCGS example has been sold prior, in January 2017, and it brought $881. The current PCGS Price Guide value is listed at $1,250. PCGS# 6262 | EST: $850+ LOT 11 50C 1849 NGC MS65 A wonderful GEM, tied for FINEST KNOWN for the date! This is such a special coin, deeply and originally toned example. Deep blue patina mingles with violet, teal, and hints of olive on the obverse and amber gold toward the central reverse. Sharply impressed on both sides, the details are fully and crisply defined. A strong glass reveals a few very minor ticks and ancient marks well hidden below the thick layer of toning, but these have little impact on the outstanding visual allure. PCGS 2, NGC 3. This GEM was last sold in a weaker market, at the 2015 FUN auction, realizing $8,813. More recently the Newman coin sold in our April 2021 offering of the Boylston Collection, Part 1 for $13,513. The current Collectors Universe value is listed at $12,500. With NONE FINER at either service, and no MS65 approved by CAC, you will likely not find another high end example anywhere, making this GEM worthy of the finest of collections. PCGS# 6262 | EST: $8,500+ LOT 12 50C 1852 PCGS MS64 WOW, this lovely, near-GEM survivor from an original mintage of only 77,130 were struck, and this impressive Mint State piece is among the dozen FINEST graded at PCGS. A satiny, incandescent luster blooms with a vibrant golden-tinged brilliance on both sides. Sharply struck in the centers, the peripheral devices show some minor bluntness, from an uneven striking pressure, or uneven thickness of the planchet. A glass fails to reveal anything more than the most minor scattered ticks, but they have little impact on the fabulous eye appeal. PCGS 6, NGC 5. The most recent PCGS-graded example sold for $5,760 in February 2018 (was CAC approved). This coin sold over five years ago for $4,888, The current Collectors Universe value is listed at $6,000. VERY RARE finer, there are 5 in MS65 and one in MS66 at PCGS higher. A great coin for a date or complete set of Seated Liberty half dollars. Good luck. PCGS# 6268 | EST: $4,000+ 14 THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III

LOT 13 50C 1852 NGC MS66+ This remarkable GEM is the second highest graded example for this lower mintage date. Only 77,130 were struck for commerce and precious few were saved at the time of issue. There are just two graded higher at NGC, and there is nothing finer than MS66 at PCGS. Distinctive splashes of gold on the obverse will serve to identify this GEM beauty. Sharply struck, the details exquisitely executed and enlivened by bold satiny brilliance. The eye appeal is excellent in every way. PCGS 0, NGC 1. There is only a single MS67 graded finer at NGC, which has not sold since 2009. This coin was in the Gardner sale, October 2014 for $12,338 as NGC MS66. We expect strong bidding when this GEM comes up for sale. PCGS# 6268 | EST: $15,000+ THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III 15

LOT 14 50C 1853 ARROWS AND RAYS. PCGS MS65+ CAC What a gorgeously lustrous example of this one year only type! WOW! This coin looks like it just came off the dies. In the early 1850s, as huge amounts of gold were flowing east from the California Gold Rush, the value of silver rose against the value of gold, and silver was hoarded. In 1853, Congress passed a law reducing the weight of half dimes, dimes, quarters and half dollars to keep the ratio of gold to silver even, and allow silver to circulate again. To differentiate the new weight standard, arrows were added to the date and rays were added to the reverse of the quarter and half. In 1854, the rays were removed from the reverse, mint officials citing striking difficulty. Arrows remained at the date until through 1855. Possessing a blisteringly brilliant, radiating cartwheel brilliance on the obverse and a rich, satiny frost on the reverse. Both sides show spidery die cracks and die clashes that add to the character and charm of this PQ GEM. Essentially untoned and only a few minor ticks are seen with the aid of a strong glass. The eye appeal is AMAZING for this issue, which often comes dull and lackluster. PCGS 15, NGC 15, CAC 6. This is the ONLY MS65+ graded by either service. The current Collectors Universe value is listed at $25,000. The last PCGS/CAC MS65 sold for $21,150 back seven years ago, and we sold the last PCGS MS66 CAC in December 2017 for $67,563. This stunning GEM is bound to sell somewhere in that range. Good luck! PCGS# 6275 | EST: $25,000+ 16 THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III

LOT 15 LOT 16 50C 1853-O ARROWS AND RAYS. NGC AU58 50C 1854-O ARROWS. NGC MS61 Satiny mint luster is nearly unbroken with just a slight hint A neat BU example of this short lived two-year type with of a rub at the highest points of the design elements. Modest arrows at the date. A glossy, satiny frost swirls on both sides. surface marks are consistent with the grade and a curiously There is some minor evidence of an ancient wipe, but the located nick can be noted at the top of the 1 in the date. surfaces have recovered and there is a touch of iridescent Overall, a pleasing example of the short-lived Arrows and silver and blue seen at the rims. Sharply struck, this coin has Rays type. a decent look. PCGS 107, NGC 178. The PCGS price guide lists the value PCGS 10, NGC 52. The most recent sold for $720 in June at $1,500. Good value for the type collector or Seated Half 2021 and the current Collectors Universe value is listed at specialist. $800. A neat type coin for the collector who wants a decent Mint State piece. PCGS# 6276 | EST: $1,200+ PCGS# 6280 | EST: $600+ NOTES THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III 17

LOT 17 50C 1855/4 ARROWS. PCGS MS66 This is the FINEST graded example of this very popular overdate variety. RARE in all Mint State grades, this is the sole POP TOP piece! PCGS CoinFacts estimates a total of 400 in all grades with 18 in Mint State. Abundant satiny mint frost radiates boldly on both sides. Pearly silver surfaces gleam with accents of pale gold Sharply struck interior devices and generally bold peripheral details. There are some minor planchet rolling lines that appear in areas where the design elements were not 100% struck up. A strong glass reveals a few very minor ticks and marks, but they have little to no impact on the great visual allure! Ex FUN Auction, Heritage, January 2001, lot 7800; intermediaries; Bill Nagle, private sale, October 2004; Eugene Gardner Collection, Heritage, October 2014, lot 98494; our consignor. PCGS 1, NGC 0. This GEM sold for $21,150 in its last appearance and the current Collectors Universe value is listed at $30,000. If you are working on the FINEST collection of Seated Liberty half dollars, you cannot afford to overlook this important opportunity. Good luck. PCGS# 6282 | EST: $22,000+ 18 THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III

LOT 18 LOT 19 50C 1856-O PCGS MS65 50C 1856-S NGC AU58 A lovely GEM New Orleans mint half. Exceptionally Rare Near Unc 1856-S Half Dollar lustrous surfaces are aglow with a brilliant swirling luster Mostly white with pale golden toning towards the which captivates the eye. The fields are particularly peripheries. Scattered light contact and minimal rub are flashy. Wonderfully preserved surfaces show only the consistent with the assigned grade. 211,000 pieces were most insignificant scattering of microscopic ticks. The struck for circulation in just the second year in which the design types are sharply struck up and have a wonderful San Francisco Mint issued half dollars. A minute number semi-glossy finish. Mostly untoned, there is a delicate splash survived in mint state as the vast majority circulated in the of dappled iridescent toning at the upper obverse and lower old West. reverse periphery. PCGS 5, NGC 8. A mere 9 coins have been graded mint This example has a boldly repunched date, the 1 was state. Listed in the PCGS price guide with a value of $5,000, punched too low and the 56 were punched too high and then and last sold at auction for $2,280 in January 2019. Only 4 they were corrected, without effacing the original punches. auction records for 1856-S in this grade in the last 10 years. Repunching is boldest at 1 and 6. A rare opportunity for the collector to acquire this seldom seen issue. PCGS 24, NGC 15. The most recent PCGS MS65 sold in August 2019-- the market has changed dramatically in those PCGS# 6289 | EST: $4,000+ two years. In the recent ANA auction, a different repunched date variety graded by NGC brought $3,600. The current Collectors Universe value is listed at $5,750. This GEM will see very strong bidding and will delight any collector. PCGS# 6288 | EST: $3,000+ LOT 20 LOT 21 50C 1858 NGC MS62 50C 1858-O PCGS MS63 A neat Mint State No Motto Seated Liberty half. Frosty A really handsome, bold and brilliant example of this surfaces glimmer with a soft, satiny luster. Evenly toned Antebellum era New Orleans half dollar. An impressive in a rich dove-pewter and gold accented silver. The central luster glows boldly in the fields providing a sensational design elements are well struck with crisp detail, but there is brilliance that highlights sharply struck devices and allows weakness at the peripheries. Some minor lines and contact the golden luster to really pop off the surfaces. A strong glass account for the grade. fails to reveal all but the most minute, wispy lines. The glass also reveals some die rust, created by the hot, humid climate PCGS 47, NGC 58. The most recent NGC examples sold of New Orleans. The eye appeal is amazing. for $850 and $2,280 in June 2021 and September 2020. The current Collectors Universe value is $875. PCGS 28, NGC 15. The most recent brought $1,600 in July 2021, and another example from Boylston Part 1 brought PCGS# 6293 | EST: $800+ $1,410 in April 2021. This gold toned CHOICE example is worthy of a strong bid. Good luck. PCGS# 6294 | EST: $1,200+ THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III 19

LOT 22 50C 1859-O NGC MS61 Frosty and well struck, this is a decent Mint State southern branch mint half dollar. No wear, but with a number of scattered, minor ticks and traces of contact account for the grade. PCGS 5, NGC 8. The most recent sold for $1,320 in March 2021 and prior to that, one sold for $900 in February 2021. The current Collectors Universe value is listed at $750. A nice coin for the collector. PCGS# 6297 | EST: $750+ LOT 23 50C 1859-S NGC MS62 A lovely and lively brilliance glows boldly on both sides of this well struck CHOICE Mint State example. Perhaps lightly dipped ages ago, the surfaces retain a bold luster and semi-Prooflike flash. A hint of toning clings to the rims, and the eye appeal is exceptional for the modest MS62 grade assigned by NGC. PCGS 3, NGC 3. This coin sold for $1,475 in September 2018 and $1,880 in June 2015. The current Collectors Universe value is listed at $2,000. This lovely coin will delight any collector seeking a nice Mint State example of the date or type. PCGS# 6298 | EST: $1,500+ LOT 24 50C 1859-S PCGS MS64 A well struck and frosty near gem with full cartwheel luster and iridescent russet-gold toning. A trio of small planchet flaws as struck can be noted on the reverse. Surfaces are otherwise smooth and free of significant marks. PCGS 18, NGC 7. The value in the PCGS price guide is $5,000. Most recent auction recorded a price of $4,050 in August 2021. This early San Francisco Mint issue circulated widely and relatively few survive in mint state. Bid accordingly. PCGS# 6298 | EST: $4,000+ 20 THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III

LOT 25 50C 1859-S PCGS MS65 Among the highest graded at PCGS, there are five graded MS65, and just three graded higher at PCGS. WB-102, Die Pair 6 with the Medium S mint mark. Only 566,000 examples were struck, and as noted, these are VERY RARE in such a lofty state of preservation. The entire silver dollar mintage was struck for export to China, making the half dollar the largest denomination for circulation, and they did just that. A strong radiating luster blooms boldly on the brilliant, frosty surfaces and satiny fields. Sharply struck from clashed dies, the eye appeal is unimpaired by any of the small, widely scattered ticks and traces of ancient toning on the rims. PCGS 5, NGC 3. This coin sold in March 2016 for $7,638. The current PCGS value is $9,000 and there are just three graded finer at PCGS. A real prize for the advanced Seated half dollar specialist and bidding will be strong. PCGS# 6298 | EST: $6,500+ LOT 26 50C 1860-S PCGS MS64 CAC Tied for FINEST graded 1860-S half dollar, neither PCGS nor NGC has one on the current Population and Census Reports. A brilliant satiny luster has a soft glowing cartwheel bloom on both sides. Pearly silver with delicate golden tan that clings to the peripheral devices and around the sharply struck devices. The reverse fields are tinged with a very subtle pastel iridescence. The design elements are very sharp and there are little to no surface disturbances worthy of mention. PCGS 7, NGC 4, CAC 1. This is the former Richard Jewell Collection coin that brought $12,925 back in Stack’s Bowers’ 2013 ANA auction. The current Collectors Universe value is listed at $12,500, and as the SINGLE FINEST CAC approved example that level may well be challenged by the time the hammer falls. Good luck. PCGS# 6301 | EST: $10,000+ THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III 21

LOT 27 LOT 28 50C 1861-S PCGS MS62 50C 1862 NGC AU58 Fewer than one million half dollars were struck in San A popular CHOICE AU grade Civil War era half dollar. The Francisco at the start of the Civil War, and most went into crisp, detailed devices are encircled by lustrous fields that circulation. A rich frosty luster glows on the untoned silver carry slight friction. Untoned, it appears to have been dipped surfaces. Generally well struck from rusted dies. There are at some point though this Seated Liberty half dollar retains a just a few minor marks and ticks that keep this from a full nice look that certainly isn’t bereft of eye appeal. CHOICE grade. This is a very handsome piece. PCGS 14, NGC 9. Most recent NGC sold in March 2020 PCGS 13, NGC 8. The most recent sold in February 2020 for for $810, and the current Collectors Universe value is $875. $1,560 and the current PCGS Price Guide value is $2,000. Bound for a neat set of Civil War coins or AU set of Seated We sold three finer, a 63 in Boylston 1, a 64 CAC in the half dollars. BigMo Collection, and a 66 from the Valley Collection in September 2016 that realized a world record price. PCGS# 6307 | EST: $700+ Good luck. PCGS# 6306 | EST: $1,400+ LOT 29 50C 1863 PCGS MS65 A lovely GEM housed in a first generation holder, and a wonderful high grade survivor struck at the height of the Civil War. A bold luster is more satiny than brilliant, with warm, frosty gleam when rotated in a light. Sharply struck, the devices stand out nicely against the fields. Both obverse and reverse show parallel planchet rolling lines. A minor mark is seen on Liberty’s thigh and there are a few other minor ticks scattered about, which keep it limited to the GEM grade assigned. A blush of toning on the reverse attests to the originality of this lovely MS65 1863 half dollar. PCGS 9, NGC 15. The last PCGS-graded example sold in April 2017 and realized $7,050. The current Collectors Universe value is listed at $8,500. Just a half dozen have ever graded higher, and nothing finer has been sold in auction since 2015. Bid accordingly! PCGS# 6309 | EST: $6,500+ 22 THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III

LOT 30 50C 1863 PCGS MS65+ CAC A GEM Civil War date Seated Liberty half! Exceptional in every way, it is amazing that this is not the FINEST KNOWN, but it is easily among the TOP half dozen graded. Exceptionally high end and beautifully preserved surfaces have a strong pearlescent luster that blooms boldly with a pale golden iridescent tone. Sharply rendered devices stand out on the generally smooth surfaces. Under careful examination with a strong glass, we see some very minor planchet rolling lines. Some minor contact marks are seen scattered about which are almost not worthy of mention. The eye appeal is superb. PCGS 10, NGC 15, CAC 3. This is the ONLY MS65+ graded by either service. Over half a decade ago, this coin sold for $7,638 as a PCGS MS65 without the “+”. The MS65+ PCGS Price Guide value is listed at $10,000 and in MS66 it jumps to $22,500. We think this one will bring a very strong bid when it crosses the block! Good luck. PCGS# 6309 | EST: $10,000+ LOT 31 50C 1864-S NGC AU58 A frosty untoned Choice AU. An important Civil War era condition rarity, the 64-S half dollar is VERY RARE in any Mint State grade. Bluntly struck on the reverse periphery from a late die state. Both dies clashed, the reverse also is from a shattered state, with numerous cracks and a cud below the denomination. The central details offer crisp definition. Signs of an old, minor dipare evident, but the eye appealremains decent overall. VERY RARE finer. PCGS 9, NGC 15. The most recent example brought $1,350 in February 2019 and the current Collectors Universe value is $1,750. An important Civil War date for the collector. PCGS# 6312 | EST: $1,200+ THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III 23

LOT 32 50C 1865 PCGS MS67 A simply FABULOUS SUPERB GEM! Tied with just one other as FINEST graded at PCGS. Everything about this coin is high end and gorgeous! A strong frosty satiny luster gleams boldly all over. The surfaces are incredibly brilliant and silky smooth. Vivid, silvery surfaces are untoned, save for the most delicate hint of rainbow toning at the rims on both obverse and reverse. There are a few minor die lines and a tiny scattered tick or two that are only visible to the aided eye. The visual allure is stunning and we do not know why this SUPERB GEM Civil War year half dollar did not bean at CAC. PCGS 2, NGC 0. The other coin was CAC and brought $39,002 in March 2019. The current Collectors Universe value is listed at $40,000. A SUPERB GEM like this belongs in the FINEST of collections. Good luck! PCGS# 6313 | EST: $30,000+ 24 THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III

LOT 33 50C 1866-S NO MOTTO. PCGS MS65+ CAC This is a stunning GEM, one of the FINEST KNOWN examples of this important issue and it is the second HIGHEST graded at PCGS, behind the Col. Green-Eric Newman- Bob Simpson MS67+. Shimmering frosty brilliant surfaces have pearly silver that glows boldly all over. Wonderfully preserved, struck from clashed and cracked dies. Sharply struck devices stand out wonderfully. The eye appeal is exceptional in every way. PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. This is the Gene Gardner coin, which sold in June 2014 as a PCGS MS65 CAC for $70,500. It has since upgraded to a 65+ and the current PCGS Price Guide value in MS65+ is $85,000. Worthy of another WORLD CLASS set and bidding will be very strong. PCGS# 6315 | EST: $65,000+ THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III 25

LOT 34 50C 1867-S PCGS AU55 A very handsome, CHOICE AU example of this popular S-mint half. Frosty with a wealth of retained luster, the surfaces show just a hint of friction and barely any abrasions are the only signs this coin ever spent anytime in commercial channels. Unfortunately there is an old staple scratch at the lower reverse, not serious enough for PCGS to not grade the coin, but is likely the cause of CAC not beaning it. PCGS 21, NGC 9. The last one brought $720 in March 2020 and before that, these were selling in the $780 to $960 range and the current Collectors Universe value is listed at $900. PCGS# 6322 | EST: $650+ NOTES 26 THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III

LOT 35 50C 1867-S PCGS MS66 Ex Eliasberg, as noted on the insert. This MAGNIFICENT GEM is the SINGLE FINEST KNOWN and has an extensive pedigree that includes the world famous Eliasberg Collection! Highly lustrous with radiating satiny brilliance on the high end GEM surfaces. Generally well struck, with just hint of peripheral weakness at some of the stars. A blush of the faintest golden iridescent toning graces both sides of this wonderful Gem. The eye appeal is wholly Eliasberg-esque look! Ex. Henry Blair Collection, Charles Steigerwalt, October 1896, lot 247 (?); J.M. Clapp; John H. Clapp; Clapp Estate to Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr, en bloc, via Stack’s 1942; Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr. Collection, Bowers & Merena/ Stack’s, April 1997, lot 2006; Bowers & Merena, November 2001, lot 4142; Heritage, May 2004, lot 7438; Eugene H. Gardner Collection, Heritage, October 2014, lot 98507; our consignor. PCGS 1, NGC 0. The current Collectors Universe value is listed at $27,500 and seven years ago this coin brought just shy of $20,000. We expect in this market, this TOP POP GEM will bring a strong bid! Good luck! PCGS# 6322 | EST: $22,000+ THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III 27

LOT 36 50C 1869 NGC MS61 Rich, creamy white satin mint frost gleams all over this Mint State 1869 half. Well struck devices are crisp. There is no rub or friction anywhere, but the surfaces show some minor contact. Some blushes of gold-tan-olive can be seen at the periphery, especially the lower reverse. There are signs of an ancient dipping that we note for full disclosure, but the eye appeal is decent for a coin of such modest grade. PCGS 18, NGC 11. No NGC-graded MS61 has sold since 2012. More recently a PCGS MS61sold for $930 in March 2020. The Collectors Universe value is listed at $1,000. A neat Reconstruction era half dollar PCGS# 6325 | EST: $650+ LOT 37 50C 1871-S PCGS MS66 CAC Despite a mintage of nearly 2.2 million this date is VERY RARE in any Mint State grade, and this BEAUTIFUL GEM is the SINGLE FINEST KNOWN! Radiating luster beams boldly with swirling cartwheel luster on both sides. The surfaces are satiny and quite clean with no breaks to the intense brilliance. Every detail has a sensational depth of definition, produced by an exacting blow from the dies. A blush of dappled olive-pewter on the reverse gives this gem a wonderful original look. PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. This coin does not appear to have sold in auction. The current PCGS Price Guide value is listed at $15,000 but we think that this SOLE FINEST graded will bring a world record bid from a collector building the FINEST set. Good luck. PCGS# 6332 | EST: $12,000+ 28 THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III

LOT 38 50C 1873 ARROWS. PCGS MS63 CAC A CHOICE and frosty original example of this two year only subtype. The arrows at the date signified an increase in the silver content from those struck to the pre Act of 1873 standard and those struck after the Act of 1873. A pearly silver surface tone has accents of dove and pale gold attesting to the originality of this well struck type coin. A few tiny ticks and marks account for the assigned grade, but its quality and eye appeal are excellent for the MS63 level. PCGS 38, NGC 23, CAC 4. This coin sold in August 2016 for $1,880. Today, the CAC CPG value is listed at $2,120 and the Collectors Universe value is too low at $1,750, as the most recent examples to sell brought over $2,000. This is a neat type coin in an attractive and affordable grade. PCGS# 6343 | EST: $1,750+ LOT 39 50C 1873-CC ARROWS. NGC MS63+ One of the finer pieces extant of this popular and scarce Wild West mint issue. Only 214,560 were struck, and the vast majority found their way into commercial channels; any Mint State coin is RARE, with coins in this lofty state of preservation being especially so. Frosty silver luster with brilliant and vibrant untoned surfaces. The obverse has a hint of flashy reflective texture that beams boldly when rotated in a light. Sharply struck up, the reverse has a rusted texture in the fields and several impressive die cracks. The eye appeal is wonderful. PCGS 1, NGC 1. The most recent example sold in June 2016 for $17,625 and was richly toned. The currently offered coin last sold over 9 years ago! Nice and fresh to the market, the current Collectors Universe value is listed at $20,000. Just seven are graded higher at NGC. A very important and impressive CHOICE example bound for a great collection. PCGS# 2623 | EST: $14,000+ THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III 29

LOT 40 50C 1873-S ARROWS. PCGS MS65 WOW, WOW, WOW! What an amazing GEM example of this conditionally VERY RARE Seated Liberty issue. From an original mintage of 228,000, most of these disappeared into wild west commerce and ANY Mint State piece is a prize, a POP TOP GEM as here is an amazing opportunity for any advanced collector. Wonderfully preserved and highly lustrous surfaces gleam with an essentially fully Prooflike reflective brilliance. Frosty, pearlescent silver surfaces are a delight to behold, as is the razor sharp strike on the devices. Some natural planchet roughness and some minor ticks are noted with a strong glass. The eye appeal is amazing! PCGS 2, NGC 3. This coin sold for $28,200 in the October 2014 sale of the Eugene H. Gardner Collection. Prior to that, one sold for $69,000 in January 2009. The current Collectors Universe value is listed at $40,000. NONE are finer, so if you are building the FINEST of Seated half dollar sets, do not let this opportunity pass you by, who knows how long it will be until another GEM 73-S Arrows half comes along! PCGS# 6345 | EST: $35,000+ 30 THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III

LOT 41 50C 1874-CC ARROWS. PCGS MS61 The early Carson City mint emissions were all small, and their necessity in commerce was so badly needed, that the vast majority of these coins disappeared into wild west circulation. Any Mint State example is VERY RARE, and even this MS61 is an important condition rarity. A bold, frosty luster gleams all over on this well struck BU example. Delicate dove-gray and pearly silver coloration graces both sides. There are some traces of minor contact, but these do not detract from the bold eye appeal. PCGS 1, NGC 2. This coin sold back in November 2012 for $13,043--nearly a decade ago, that record is so out of date now; more recently a PCGS AU58 sold for $21,600! The current PCGS Price Guide value is listed at $19,000. PCGS# 6347 | EST: $15,000+ THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III 31

LOT 42 50C 1874-S ARROWS. PCGS MS65 A sensational quality GEM one of the FINEST PCGS-graded examples of this conditionally challenging date. A lower mintage issue, only 394,000 were struck and these are extremely RARE in GEM or higher grade. A full cartwheel luster rolls in an uninterrupted swirl on the obverse. Blazing its way over satiny smooth and brilliant surfaces highlighting a soft iridescent pastel toning. The reverse shows soft peachy-gold tone suffused over a hint of semi-reflective luster. The design elements are razor sharp in strike and possess razor sharp definition from an exacting blow from the dies. The eye appeal is amazing! PCGS 2, NGC 2. The most recent example to sell realized $19,975 in May 2015, and before that, the last one was sold in June 2002. This is a once in a decade or more opportunity. The current PCGS Price Guide value is listed at $25,000. Just two examples are graded finer at PCGS, both graded MS66 and neither has sold in auction, making this GEM MS65 a great choice for any serious Registry Set collector. Good luck. PCGS# 6348 | EST: $20,000+ 32 THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III

LOT 43 50C 1875-CC PCGS MS62 A frosty and original near gem with a scattering of light contact marks consistent with the designated grade. Wholly untoned with bold detail and gleaming luster. Scarcer than the 1876-CC and 1877-CC and scarce in mint state. PCGS 18, NGC 12. Listed by PCGS in the price guide at $3,000. Most recent auction record for a similarly graded coin brought $5,880 in August 2021. A prize for the Seated Half specialist or collector of Carson City coinage. PCGS# 6350 | EST: $3,000+ LOT 44 50C 1875-CC NGC MS62 CAC Luminous frosty white surfaces are above average for the assigned grade and worthy of the CAC designation. It would not be at all surprising to envision this coin designated with a higher numerical grade (no guarantees). Despite a generous mintage of $1 million, relatively few have survived, and the date is rather scarce in mint state. This is the only MS62 coin stickered by CAC. PCGS 18, NGC 12, CAC 1. The PCGS price guide lists the value as $3,000 and the CAC price guide value is $3,160. The most recent record at auction was in the recent ANA auction at $5,880 (PCGS graded) No NGC-coin has sold since 2013. A prize for the Carson City specialist or collector of better Seated Halves. PCGS# 6350 | EST: $3,000+ LOT 45 50C 1875-CC PCGS MS64 A lovely, very CHOICE 1875-CC half dollar! Frosty, with a brilliant luster that glows vividly all over this virtually untoned near-GEM. Well struck, the surfaces gleam with an attractive silver brilliance. THere is a light spot at star 10 and a few minor scuffs that are noted for full accuracy, but the eye appeal is certainly bold. PCGS 31, NGC 17. The most recent example to sell was in January 2019 for $3,840. The current Collectors Price value is $5,000. RARE finer, this is a great coin for the Carson City mint specialist or Seated half collector. Good luck. PCGS# 6350 | EST: $3,500+ THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III 33

LOT 46 50C 1875-CC PCGS MS65+ CAC This is a really high end GEM 75-CC half! Amazingly satiny mint frost gleams brilliantly throughout on the pearly-silver and pale golden surfaces. The definition is sharp throughout, with boldly struck up drapery lines and eagle feathers on both sides. There are a few minor traces of contact that are hidden throughout, but the surfaces seem to be cleaner overall than the Battle Born PCGS/CAC MS65. Struck from a shattered reverse die that shows extensive die cracks. What an impressive example that is a sensationally attractive example. PCGS 9, NGC 4, CAC 4. This is the ONLY MS65+ at either service and it has never sold in auction. The current Collectors Universe value is listed at $12,500. There are just two finer at PCGS. The last PCGS/CAC MS65 coin to sell in auction was the Battle Born piece that brought $8,625 back in August 2012, and a non-CAC MS66 sold in June 2014 for $35,250. This “+” grade GEM will see very strong bidding and is bound for a fantastic set. PCGS# 6350 | EST: $12,000+ LOT 47 LOT 48 50C 1876 PCGS MS65 50C 1876-CC NGC MS63 Full mint frost and attractive peripheral blue-violet-russet Glowing satiny luster beams from mostly white central toning are highlights of this Gem. An interesting die break devices that are surrounded by delightful golden toning. encircles the lower reverse, and a scattering of modest Moderate contact marks are consistent with the grade. markings are noted for accuracy. Housed in an older generation NGC holder. PCGS 21, NGC 12. The PCGS price guide value is $2,750. PCGS 30, NGC 17. Listed in the PCGS price guide at Despite a generous mintage of 8.4 million survive in Gem $3,500. Last auction record for a similarly graded coin Mint State, making this a pleasing specimen of interest. was $1,880 in January 2017, and there have been only 8 examples of this date in MS63 sold at auction since 2013. PCGS# 6352 | EST: $1,800+ Clearly the buyer should take advantage of this seldom occurring opportunity to acquire this scarce Carson City half dollar date in mint state. PCGS# 6353 | EST: $1,800+ 34 THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III

LOT 49 LOT 50 50C 1877 NGC MS62 PL 50C 1877 PCGS MS64 CAC Dazzling mirrored surfaces highlight this noteworthy Mint From the obverse this VERY CHOICE Mint State 1877 half State Prooflike Seated Half Dollar. Untoned and impressively dollar looks like a GEM Proof, that is how reflective the detailed with scattered surface marks due to handling and brilliant lustrous surfaces are. The reverse is more evenly storage that are quite moderate. From a mintage of 8.3 textured with a bold untoned satiny frost. Generally well million a mere 9 coins have been designated MS PL by NGC struck, this coin is beautiful and has a great look! with a single MS62+PL at PCGS. PCGS 50, NGC 42, CAC 9. No PCGS/CAC coin has sold in PCGS 0, NGC 4. One of only 10 MS PL examples, with over 3 years, and the most recent examples sold between only 3 finer (62+,63,67). Unlisted in the PCGS price guide, $1,058 and $1,293. The current PCGS Price Guide value is there are no auction records for prooflike coins in mint state. listed at $1,300 and the CAC CPG value is $1,310. Good luck, Surely worthy of a 4-figure bid - a rare chance to purchase an this coin has a great look and will see very strong bidding! attractive PL Seated Half. PCGS# 6355 | EST: $1,000+ PCGS# 86355 | EST: $1,000+ LOT 51 LOT 52 50C 1877-S PCGS MS64 CAC 50C 1880 PCGS MS64 Since no silver dollars were struck for domestic commerce, Here is a choice example of this low mintage half dollar the half dollar reigned as the largest silver denomination, issue; only 8,400 were struck. Like many low mintage and over 5.3 million half dollars fell from the dies in San issues, this coin was struck with much of the original die Francisco in 1877. polish intact, leaving the surfaces with a bold reflective luster in the fields and a decent frost on the devices. The This VERY CHOICE example has the initial visual impact of surfaces are very clean for the grade, even a glass fails to a GEM, but with close inspection using a strong glass some find any serious imperfections, but we believe this coin may very minor bag marks are visable. The fields are satiny and have been professionally conserved years ago, resulting in an have a strong cartwheel brilliance. The devices are sharply interesting dove-gray, lilac-silver patina that evenly covers struck and they stand out boldly against the smooth, generally both sides, but this scarcity retains a bold eye appeal. clean fields. There is just the faintest trace of iridescent russet-gold that addsto the allure and attests to the originality PCGS 23, NGC 19. The current Collectors Universe value is of this near-GEM. $2,000 and the most recent sold in the 2021 ANA auction for $2,160. We think these late date, low mintage Seated halves PCGS 88, NGC 66, CAC 26. The last PCGS/CAC coin sold make a neat short set for the collector, or a cool “side project” for $1,320 three years ago. The CAC CPG value is $1,310 and to work on. the PCGS Price Guide value is $1,300. Both values more than double in MS65. PCGS# 6362 | EST: $2,000+ PCGS# 6357| EST: $1,200+ THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III 35

LOT 53 50C 1880 PCGS MS66+ CAC What an amazing, essentially PRISTINE GEM with bold claims to a SUPERB grade and even maybe a PL designation! Only 8,400 business strikes were produced and this is ONE OF THE FINEST, just two have ever graded higher. Blazing, and we mean BLAZING brilliant silver surfaces gleam and flash with a sensational luster. Sharply struck frosty devices give this GEM a nearly DCAM appearance. The eye appeal is otherworldly. PCGS 24, NGC 11, CAC 8. There are 3 in MS66+ at PCGS, only a single 67 and single 67+ have graded finer. Back in July 2015, this coin realized $9,124. Anything finer will easily cost into the five figures. This is bound for the FINEST of Seated Liberty half dollar sets. Good luck, bidding will be as intense as the brilliance. PCGS# 6362 | EST: $7,500+ LOT 54 LOT 55 50C 1882 PCGS AU53 50C 1882 NGC MS64+ PL Sharply impressed with excellent details and considerable One of only 4,400 1882 half dollars struck for circulation, mint luster intact. Prooflike reflectivity can be seen in this is one of the precious few to ever attain the PL protected areas of the design ñ although moderately designation for highly reflective luster on both sides. This circulated this was likely a monster coin when struck. Rich one is a fully blazing Prooflike example, with definite claims russet toning towards the rims. to a full GEM grade and were it not for a small slide mark on Liberty’s thigh. The eye appeal is exceptional in every way. PCGS 3, NGC 1. Listed in the PCGS price guide at $900. Most recent auction appearance for the date and grade was PCGS 0, NGC 1. We sold a similar looking PCGS MS64 in June 2021 for $1,020. Relatively few survive from an CAC in our May 2021 Regency Auction (Boylston Part 2) original mintage of 4,400. Great piece for a type or date set. for $4,348. This impressive near GEM should sell for that or more when the hammer finally falls. Good luck. PCGS# 6364 | EST: $800+ PCGS# 86364 | EST: $4,000+ 36 THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III

LOT 56 LOT 57 50C 1883 PCGS AU50 50C 1884 PCGS MS61 Satiny luster abounds on this mostly white conservatively PCGS First Generation Rattler Holder. Superior strike with graded high end AU. Housed upside down in an old green bold details and super satiny surfaces gives the distinct label PCGS holder. impression that this coin was conservatively graded. A scattering of minute tics and toning dots are completely PCGS 8, NGC 4. Listed in the PCGS price guide at $1,050. unobtrusive and largely visible only with magnification. Only 8,000 were struck for circulation as a result the date is relatively scarce in all grades. A nice addition for the Seated PCGS 4, NGC 1. PCGS price guide value is $1,700. Last Half collector. recorded auction result for this date and grade was $1,763 in July 2016. From a low mintage of 8,000 and scarce in all PCGS# 6365 | EST: $800+ grades. PCGS# 6366 | EST: $1,500+ LOT 58 50C 1885 PCGS MS67 SUPERB GEM 1885 SEATED DOLLAR Remarkable frosty luster and impressive strike are hallmarks of this superb gem. The reflectivity of the surfaces is stunning, and the coin is simply beautiful to behold. A modest number of coins survive in mint state from a low mintage of 5,200. Among the very finest known. PCGS 5, NGC 0. Only a single coin finer (67+) at PCGS. Listed in the PCGS price guide at $17,500. The sole auction record for the date and grade was for a toned coin sold for $9,300 in December 2018. The market is considerably stronger now for rarities such as this and competition is likely to be fierce for this prize. PCGS# 6367 | EST: $12,000+ THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III 37

LOT 59 50C 1839 NO DRAPERY. PCGS PR62 Legend Rare Coin Auctions is honored to offer this EXCESSIVELY RARE and highly desirable early date Proof Seated Liberty half dollar. Perhaps only FOUR examples are estimated to have been struck, and today, PCGS CoinFacts enumerates five examples, one of which has a questionable Proof status. Very flashy fields retain a bold mirrored reflection. There are a number of directional hairlines, lightly wiped perhaps ages ago. Steely silver coloration gives this nearly CHOICE specimen a nice look. Traces of pale gold can be found when rotating the surfaces in a light. Razor sharp in definition, the devices are crisp and have a rich frost. Of the examples enumerated by PCGS CoinFacts, one has a questionable Proof status and one is permanently impounded in the Bibliotheque Nationale Library Collection in France. This coin is #4 on the Census and is Ex Stack’s, October 1996, lot 300; George “Buddy” Byers Collection, Stack’s, October 2006, lot 1113; Heritage, January 2015, lot 4141; Heritage, February 2016, lot 3238; Heritage, February 2019, lot 3615; our consignor. This is thought to be the coin that Marc Emory discovered in Europe in 1981. PCGS 1, NGC 2. This coin is one of the NGC-graded coins having just recently been submitted for crossover. The current Collectors Universe value is listed at $120,000 and A PCGS PR63 sold in 2002 for $115,000. This is a VERY important coin, excessively RARE and worthy of a very advanced cabinet of Proof Seated Liberty half dollars. Do not let this opportunity pass you by, who knows when this will be available again! Good luck! PCGS# 6381 | EST: $80,000+ 38 THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III

LOT 60 50C 1841 PCGS PR64 Legend Rare Coin Auctions is proud to offer this major early Proof Seated Liberty half dollar rarity! Only 10 are estimated to have been struck and there are about 6-8 pieces accounted for in all grades. The present near GEM is the SINGLE FINEST at PCGS! The flashy mirrors are bold and brilliant, gleaming from under a dusting of classic, old time iridescent toning. Shades of antique peach-rose, apricot-gold, lilac, blue, and magenta violet hues really come alive at certain angles when rotated in a light. Every detail is sharply struck on both sides. The definition is razor sharp with crisp delineation all over. Both sides show minor hairlines in the fields, which account for the assigned grade, but these are mostly toned over and have little impact overall. Ex. Dr. H.R. Wilson; New Netherlands’ 1952 ANA auction, August 1952, lot 310; Elliot Landau Collection, New Netherlands, December 1958, lot 575; Dr. James Sloss, Bowers & Merena, January 1999, lot 1137; intermediaries; Eugene Gardner Collection, via private treaty from Pinnacle Rarities, April 2008; Gene Gardner Collection, Part IV, Heritage, October 2015, lot 98712; 2017 FUN Auction, Heritage, January 2017, lot 5670; Heritage, February 2019, lot 3616; our consignor. In the Heritage sale of the Gardner Collection, the catalogers accounted for 8 examples, including two permanently impounded in institutional collections and off the market, leaving just six available for collectors. PCGS 1, NGC 3. This coin represents one of the NGC-graded examples, having been recently submitted for cross over. This coin sold for $28,200 in October 2015 as an NGC-graded piece. We do not see why CAC did not bean it. The PCGS Price Guide value is listed at $45,000 and we think this VERY CHOICE piece will sell for a very strong bid! Coins this rare are sometimes overlooked in the market, do not let this opportunity pass you by! PCGS# 6385 | EST: $35,000+ THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III 39

LOT 61 50C 1847 PCGS PR63 CAC This is indeed a VERY RARE coin for the advanced collector, as are all pre-1858 Proof coins. It is reported that 10 Proofs were struck in 1847, though perhaps 10-12 examples are thought to survive for collectors. The current PCGS and NGC Population and Censuses show a total of 17 graded in all grades, no doubt including duplication of submissions in hopes of a higher grade. The fields are flashy and bold with liquid mercury like reflection in the fields on both sides. Every detail is crisply struck with razor sharp definition. Wonderfully CHOICE surfaces show just some minor lines and a dusting of the faintest silver-white iridescence with gentle golden accents. There are no serious contact marks or breaks in the bold reflection or on the devices. The eye appeal is exceptional and this RARITY is worthy of its CAC endorsement. Only 10 Proofs were struck. PCGS 2, NGC 3, CAC 1. The most recent PCGS-graded example sold for $20,125 back in the 2008 FUN auction; that coin was NOT CAC. More recently a PCGS/CAC PR64 sold for $28,800 in November 2017. The current CAC CPG value is listed at $23,500 and the PCGS Price Guide value is listed at $26,000. According to the PCGS Population Report there are just 3 finer, including the above mentioned example sold in November 2017. A VERY RARE example of an early Proof that is very rarely offered, bid accordingly! PCGS# 6391 | EST: $22,000+ 40 THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III

LOT 62 50C 1848 PCGS PR64 Ex Eliasberg, as noted on the insert. An incredible early Proof Seated Liberty RARITY in a wonderful state of preservation. Boasting one of the most important pedigrees of all of numismatics, this near-GEM caliber specimen is a coin that is so infrequently offered, it is clearly undervalued and under appreciated in the market place today! Only about half dozen are estimated to have been struck. Boldly reflective mirrored fields beam with a flashy watery brilliance. Razor sharp in strike with a rich frost giving this high end example a near-CAMEO like visual impression. A delicate iridescent overtone is brought to life by the deep reflection that catches the light. As appropriate for the assigned grade, as strong glass reveals a minor line or two, but the eye appeal is quite nice. Ex Louis E. Eliasberg Collection, Bowers & Merena/ Stack’s, April 1997, lot 1944; Sundance Collection, Heritage, September 2008, lot 2246; The Bay State Collection, Part II, Heritage, August 2009, lot 1126; unknown intermediaries; our consignor. Perhaps only five or six were struck. PCGS 1, NGC 0. There was another PR64 at one point, last sold in the June 2014 sale of the Gene Gardner Collection. That was so long ago! The current PCGS Price Guide value is listed at $48,000. Just two are finer, both PR65. A coin like this is much rarer than six and seven figure classic rarities like the 1894-S dime, 1804 dollar, and the 1884 Trade dollar. Like we said these are so rare they are unfortunately overlooked, leaving them to be undervalued relative to their absolute rarity! Do not let this opportunity pass you by, who knows when it might present itself again! PCGS# 6392 | EST: $40,000+ THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III 41

LOT 63 50C 1856 PCGS PR64 CAM Ex Eliasberg, as noted on the insert. An exceedingly brilliant and reflective near-GEM example of this VERY RARE early Proof. While the mintage is not known, it was extremely small, with approximately 25 estimated to have been struck (though PCGS CoinFacts suggests a total of 35 known in all grades, which likely comes from the total number graded between PCGS and NGC and there is lots of duplication, with crossovers, upgrades, etc). The mirrored fields have a blinding reflection with deep, bold clarity. The razor sharp devices have a thick, rich, creamy white frosty texture that stands out in stark contrast to the surrounding mirrored fields. A few ancient lines are noted with the aid of a powerful glass, but have little impact on the overall outstanding visual quality. Ex. Dixie Land Collection, Geoffrey Charlton Adams, November 1906; John H. Clapp; Clapp Estate, to Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr. via Stack’s en bloc in 1942; Louis E. Eliasberg Collection, Bowers & Merena/ Stack’s, April 1997, lot 1965; Richmond Collection, Part III, David Lawrence Rare Coins, March 2005, lot 1800; Heritage, October 2012, lot 4402. Only 25 or so were struck. PCGS 3, NGC 1. It has been over 15 years since one sold in auction. The current PCGS Price Guide value is listed at $15,000. Just three are graded higher at PCGS in the CAM designation. The eye appeal is sensational, the coin is extremely rare, and the provenance cannot be beat! Good luck. PCGS# 86410 | EST: $12,000+ 42 THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III

LOT 64 50C 1856 NGC PR66 A wonderful and totally original GEM Proof example of this low mintage RARITY. Perhaps 20-25 are estimated to survive from an extremely low mintage of about 25. This coin is TIED FOR FINEST graded in the designation with just a single PR67 CAM graded finer at NGC. Ultra reflective underlying mirrors beam from below the rich teal, blue, and rose patina on both sides. The surfaces are icy brilliant and flawless. The devices are sharply struck up with razor sharp precision. A lint mark and a raised lump in the field by star 13, combined with the pattern in the rich patina serve to identify this GEM as the Philip Kaufman coin. Only around 25 are estimated to have been produced. PCGS 0, NGC 2. The other PR66 sold in the 2013 FUN auction for $19,975, and this coin, sold in the 2007 ANA auction (14 long years ago) for over $37,000! Unpriced in the Collectors Universe Price Guide at this level. Worthy of a strong bid, coins of this quality RARELY ever appear in auction, unless offered as part of a world class collection such as this! PCGS# 6410 | EST: $20,000+ THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III 43

LOT 65 50C 1856 PCGS PR66 CAM CAC Whoa! Take a look at this AMAZING GEM 1856 Proof half! The FINEST Cameo graded by PCGS, this coin is truly on the cusp of a SUPERB grade and the eye appeal is off the charts! WOW! The mirrored fields are fully brilliant and flashy with deep reflection and clarity. The devices show complete, crisp strikes with needle sharp precision and a thick mint frost that creates a bold CAMEO contrast against the mirrors. A faint blush of the clearest gold and olive tone, is relegated to the peripheries imparting a sensational halo. A strong glass reveals some die polish lines that are mint made and resulted in the bold mirrored finish. The eye appeal is SUPERB! Only 25 were estimated to have been struck. PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. This exact coin sold five years ago for $24,675 and the current Collectors Universe value is $32,500. With NONE FINER at PCGS in any designation, this PQ example is bound for the FINEST of Proof Seated Liberty sets. Do not let this important rarity get away! PCGS# 86410 | EST: $26,000+ 44 THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III

LOT 66 50C 1857 PCGS PR66 CAC A FABULOUS VERY HIGH END GEM, among the FINEST KNOWN of this early Proof rarity, bested only by the NGC PR67 (ex Anthon-Garrett-Kaufman-Gardner). We can say with all confidence, this coin is SUPERB and likely on par with that other SUPERB GEM. A swirling technicolor blend of teal-blue, amber-gold, and tangerine-orange shades dominate with accents of magenta, violet, and olive-green. The underlying mirrors are AMAZING quality with a glassy, watery flash and reflection. As you rotate this SUPERB GEM in a light the colors really pop boldly. The sharply struck devices stand out and give this jewel an amazing look. You really need to look at this GEM in hand to truly comprehend how AMAZING it is! Ex New Orleans Collection, Heritage, April 2015, lot 5096 (as NGC PR65 CAC, at $44,650--the world record price for this issue); Heritage, January 2016, lot 5375 (as PCGS PR66); Heritage, January 2017, lot 5672; our consignor Only 50 Proofs were struck. PCGS 2, NGC 1, CAC 1. The CAC CPG value is listed at $27,600 and and the current Collectors Universe value is $39,000. We would not be surprised if this coin hit a world record price again when the hammer fell. Good luck! PCGS# 6411 | EST: $25,000+ THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III 45

LOT 67 LOT 68 50C 1859 PCGS PR64+ CAM CAC 50C 1860 NGC PR62 CAC WOW! What a gorgeous early CAMEO Proof Seated half Here is a very classy piece. Glassy mirrored surfaces beam dollar. This coin is ultra high end and with distinct claims to and flash with bold brilliance in the fields. The devices are a full GEM grade, no guarantees. sharply struck and frosty, introducing a hint of contrast on both sides. The eye appeal is impressive for a coin of such a Exceptionally deep, beaming mirrors are seductively modest grade. brilliant. Every detail is well struck with razor sharp and crisp definition and a thick creamy white frosty texture. Only 1000 were struck. PCGS 27, NGC 14, CAC 3. No CAC There is an intense contrast between the devices and the coin in this grade has been sold in auction before, but the last fields. There are some very minor hairlines that are visible non-CAC example brought $990 in January 2021. The CAC only with the aid of a strong glass. The eye appeal is CPG value is $1,330 and the Collectors Universe value is sensational! $1,200. This coin borders on CHOICE quality and should see strong bidding for the grade. Only 800 Proofs were struck. PCGS 13, NGC 4, CAC 5. This near-GEM is the ONLY PR64+ CAM graded at PCGS PCGS# 6414 | EST: $1,000+ and sold for $3,840 in March 2019. The current PCGS Price Guide value is $5,450 and just five are graded finer in the designation. Bound for a SUPERB set! The bidding will be very intense when it crosses the block. PCGS# 86413 | EST: $3,600+ LOT 69 LOT 70 50C 1860 PCGS PR64 CAM 50C 1862 PCGS PR64 A low mintage of 1,000. Lightly frosted devices provide a A bold, watery reflective example of this popular Civil War nice contrast to the deeply mirrored and reflective fields. era Proof. The fields are flashy and have wonderfully deep Surface marks are minimal and unobtrusive. Wholly untoned mirrors. The devices are razor sharp and have a nice frost and appealing. though not thick enough for a full cameo designation. The eye appeal is excellent for the grade despite some minor PCGS 7, NGC 2. Listed at $3,600 in the PCGS price guide. lines and ancient toning dots. We sold a similarly graded coin for $3,055 in April 2021. From a low mintage of 1,000 in only the 3rd year in which Only 550 Proofs were struck. PCGS 49, NGC 61. The last the Philadelphia Mint regularly struck and recorded proofs. non-CAC example sold back in June 2017 for $2,233 and the Only 2 PR64 CAM’s have been offered at auction in the past PCGS Price Guide value is listed at $2,500. Scarce in GEM 9 years ñ take advantage of this opportunity. and RARE finer. This one belongs in a neat Civil War set. PCGS# 86414 | EST: $2,800+ PCGS# 6416 | EST: $2,000+ 46 THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III

LOT 71 50C 1863 NGC PR65 A delicate olive gold patina suffuses the fully mirrored proof surfaces while the devices are largely untoned and satiny. A scarce Civil War era issue with only 460 struck, among the lowest proof mintages for the type. PCGS 55, NGC 33. Listed in the PCGS price guide at $2,100. Recent auction sales recorded prices of $1,320 in October 2019 and $1,680 in October 2018. A pleasing coin for the collector of Proof Type or Seated Halves. PCGS# 6417 | EST: $1,500+ LOT 72 50C 1863 NGC PR67 CAM This is a BLAZING, ultra brilliant reflective SUPERB GEM that has stunning cameo contrast and is the second HIGHEST GRADED CAMEO Proof any NGC; finer than anything PCGS CAM has ever graded. Incredible, deeply beaming mirrors have a chrome-like flash and stunning brilliance. The razor sharp devices have a thick mint frosted texture that stands out like an iceberg out in a blackened ocean. The eye appeal is truly amazing! Only 460 Proofs were struck. PCGS 0, NGC 1. This coin last sold in the May 2015 sale of the Gene Gardner Collection, realizing $16,450. The Collectors Universe Price Guide does not list a value in this high a grade. Remarkably there is a a PR68 CAM at NGC finer, a coin not seen at auction since 2005, when it realized $48,875. This incredible SUPERB GEM has a look that cannot be beat--it looks like it just came off the dies! PCGS# 86417 | EST: $16,000+ THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III 47

LOT 73 50C 1865 NGC PR66 CAM Blazingly brilliant beaming mirrors dance boldly on this blast white untoned borderline SUPERB GEM. Struck during the last year of the Civil War, this date is EXTREMELY RARE any finer. The contrast is amazing on this PQ GEM. Richly frosted devices stand out in stark contrast to the surrounding deeply mirrored fields. Aside from a stray line or two, the surfaces are essentially flawless. The eye appeal is excellent. Only 500 Proofs were struck. PCGS 10, NGC 7. No NGC PR66 CAM has sold since April 2013. There is a very wide range of APRs from $8,050 to $22,325. The current Collectors Universe value is listed at $17,500. NGC has graded just 2 in PR67 CAM finer; none of which have sold in auction in nearly a decade. Worthy of a sensational set! PCGS# 86419 | EST: $10,000+ LOT 74 LOT 75 50C 1867 NGC PR65 CAM 50C 1867 NGC PR65+ ULTRA CAMEO Dazzling mirrored fields are intensely reflective and contrast Gloriously blazing mirrored fields are essentially without vividly with totally frosted devices. The contrast is so flaw on both sides of this deeply reflective, highly contrasted stark we can visualize a Deep Cameo designation rather GEM. To the naked eye the surfaces are pristine, and even than Cameo (no guarantees). Details are super sharp, and with the aid of a strong glass you would be hard pressed the design is complete in all areas. While mostly untoned, to find any issue worthy of mention. The eye appeal is pleasing pale golden highlights can be seen towards the rims. sensational. PCGS 14, NGC 10. The PCGS price guide lists the value Only 625 Proofs were struck. PCGS 0, NGC 1. Just two as $6,000. No recent auction records for an NGC graded are graded finer. This is the one that sold back in 2010 as a coin. Only 14 Cameo Proofs have been graded higher from a PR65 UCAM. Not priced in the Collectors Universe Price mintage of 625 pieces. A superb example of the Seated Half Guide. Worthy of a fantastic collection of Seated Liberty half With Motto type. dollars in Proof, we anticipate lots of action when this GEM crosses the block! PCGS# 86425 | EST: $3,500+ PCGS# 96425 | EST: $5,500+ 48 THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III

LOT 76 50C 1867 NGC PR66 ULTRA CAMEO What an AMAZING GEM! Premium quality all the way and bordering on a SUPERB GEM grade, this coin is simply out of this world! Really all we can say is WOW! The mirrors are incredibly deep and offer the epitome of clarity and cleanliness. Icy and sleek, the glassy mirrored fields are in a wonderful state of preservation. The fields show only some minor lint marks and some planchet flakes located with a glass, there are no real post mintage issues of any kind. The eye appeal is excellent! Only 625 Proofs were struck. PCGS 1, NGC 1. The PCGS-graded coin, last sold in 2005 may be the NGC PR67 UCAM that last sold in June 2014. This coin does not appear to have ever sold in auction. The current Collectors Universe value is listed at $20,000. Back in 2005 the PCGS coin sold for $35,650. Worthy of another world class collection. Bidding will be intense when this one crosses the block! PCGS# 2623 | EST: $20,000+ THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III 49

LOT 77 50C 1869 NGC PR62 Lacteal toned over highly reflective watery-mirrored fields. Well struck with sharp definition throughout the devices. The coin is unmarred, save for some very minor lines, which are more apparent on the obverse through the soft mist of silver, and accounting for the assigned grade. Overall a delightful example for the collector. Only 600 Proofs were struck. PCGS 53, NGC 17. The most recent NGC example sold back in 2012 for $999. The current Collectors Universe value is listed at $875. PCGS# 6427 | EST: $750+ LOT 78 50C 1869 PCGS PR66 CAM CAC A truly SENSATIONAL GEM, and an old friend, a piece we last sold in our May 2016 Regency Auction XVII, lot 243, where as part of the Valley Collection, where we cataloged it as: “ An untoned uber-gem with bold contrast and wonderful watery reflectivity. The surfaces are very clean and even using a strong glass, only a few lines are detected.” Only 600 Proofs were struck. PCGS 7, NGC 5, CAC 4. This coin sold for $11,456 and the PCGS Price Guide value is listed at $11,500. Just a single PR67 CAM is graded finer, realizing $21,150 in April 2013. This high end borderline SUPERB GEM is bound for a WORLD CLASS cabinet. Good luck. PCGS# 86427 | EST: $11,000+ LOT 79 50C 1870 PCGS PR65 CAM A stunning CAMEO GEM! Extremely bold and deep mirrors beam from all over the fields. Essentially untoned, the fields show a few very minor hairlines, which are common on the delicate mirrored finish but are taken into consideration in the assigned grade. Perhaps dipped ages ago, there is a blush of soft gold at the extreme peripheral devices. The strike is bold and the contrast wonderful imparting a cool Cameo eye appeal. Only 1000 Proofs were struck. PCGS 2, NGC 0. The most recent non-CAC sale from November 2018 brought $4,140, with a PCGS Price Guide of $5,500. Just a single PR66 CAM is graded finer at PCGS in the designation, this is an extremely important opportunity for the collector who demands condition census Cameo Proof Seated halves. PCGS# 86428 | EST: $4,500+ 50 THE BOYLSTON COLLECTION PART III

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