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Help Center Getting Started

Unsubscribe newsletters from PubHTML5

PubHTML5 offers the Newsletter function for users to receive emails about new version updates (including Desktop Client and Online Services) and promotion deals. We promise to send maximum of one per week and no any ads. However, if you think that it is unnecessary to receive the emails, you can unsubscribe newsletters from PubHTML5. Click “Settings” – “Notifications” – “Newsletter”. Click the button form “ON” to “OFF”.Finish by “Save Changes”.

Following and Followers features on PubHTML5

The web-based PubHTML5 platform provides Following and Followers features for all users. "Following" makes it easy to find preferred publications of your appreciated publishers; while the Followers feature give you chance to explore your works to more and more people. For more details about these two features, please head on: Step1. Go to and login in. Step2. On your homepage, select the "Following" option or "Followers" on the left bar. Step3. In Following section, you can see who you are following, and manage your followings as well. While in Followers section, you will find who your followers are.

How to restore the deleted flipbooks

It's so sorry to tell you that the deleted flip book cannot be restored again. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

One premium PubHTML5 account can be used on window, Mac or online platform

Guess what, no matter what kind of account you have, even Free version, you are free to login in from Windows, Mac or any online platform.

Get your digital publications indexed by search engine, like Google, Yahoo

PubHTML5 makes it possible for you to publish their flipbooks to its cloud platform. When you publish online, digital contents of your flipbook will be indexed by the search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. You can modify the title, descriptions or key words of the flipbook to be better indexed.

Use PubHTML5 account on several computers

The answer is definitely yes. Your account is not tied to your computer. Surely you can use one account on different computers.

PubHTML5 digital publications work on desktops, smartphones as well as iPads/tablets

Absolutely! Your PubHTML5 digital publications can look and work perfect across all major platforms, including desktop, PC and mobile devices.

Type of PubHTML5 account

There are five types of PubHTML5 accounts for you to choose. Free, Pro, Platinum and Enterprise. Different accounts enjoy different privileges. For more info:

Reseller Privacy

Your joining as a reseller is highly appreciated. And we promise you a big commission for your effort. To become our reseller, please read on: Step1. Send an email to us ([email protected]) with your basic information attached, including your name, nationality, residential address and email address. We will authorize you to become our reseller ASAP if you have right qualifications. Step2. You will get a discount code with which you can buy our software with a discount. You are allowed to sell it at full price. And the price difference is your commission.

Can PubHTML5 account support simultaneous log-ins

Definitely yes. PubHTML5 account supports simultaneous log-ins. You can have your account log on two PCs or more at the same time. However, when have simultaneous log-ins, it is easier to have conflicts when you have modification of your publications on one PC while have other actions on another. As a result, it is not suggested to have simultaneous log-ins.

Downgrade PubHTML5 account

PubHTML5 provides free version and purchased versions to meet your different needs. Simple steps you can downgrade your PubHTML5 account and then subscribe for other packages. Step1. Click “Billing”-“Cancel Renting”. Step2. After you choosing one reason for cancelling and confirming your password, just click the button “Cancel Renting”, it will jump to your PayPal page, then you could confirmed the cancellation. Step3. In this case, you can subscribe to other packages to meet your needs and make your publications perfectly. But you don't need to do anything if you want to be a free user.

Modify profile and personal info

In PubHTML5 online platform, you can customize your public information and your personal information at your will. On the one hand, it helps others to know you better. On the other hand, you can keep some information only private to youself. Here are 2 steps for you to modify your profile (public info & personal info). Step1. Sign in with your PubHTML5 account and enter its homepage interface. Step2. Modify your profile.

Reset password for PubHTML5 account

In PubHTML5, you can reset your password anytime so that you can make sure your PubHTML5 account safe. Step1. Sign in with your PubHTML5 account and go to its homepage interface. Step2. Click "Setting- Reset Password" to enter the password resetting interface, and then input the email, old password and new password one by one. Finally don't forget to click "Save" button to save the previous change.

Is there any time limit for a free user

Of course not. You are able to use your free account forever! Our free plan provides lots of amazing features for you to beautify your publications. Wonderful templates enrich your publications effectively.

How to make my books not be public in the Explore section

For Premium users, you can keep the flipbooks private on PubHTML5 cloud if necessary. However, flipbooks created by free users will appear in the Explore section of PubHTML5's website if they publish the flipbooks online, you

What happens to my digital publications if I cancel my plan

It's sorry to tell you that as long as you cancel the package, the flip book you've created during the renting time will not be active any more. That is to say, viewers cannot view your flip books. But, there is one thing shall be told that the system will keep them for a long period of time. In other words, if you want to reuse your flip book, please subscribe our package again.

Can I pay monthly for PubHTML5 package

Definitely YES! PubHTML5 offers users 5 different packages including Free, Pro, Platinum and Enterprise package. When you want to pay monthly for this software, you can choose the Pro, Platinum or even the Enterprise package. When you choose different packages, you can have different privileges at the same time(For more info: Now Pro and Gold package support monthly payment. If you don’t want to use the service, you can cancel it anytime. Platinum plan can only be billed annually.

How long would it take to make a HTML digtal flipbook

It needs only a couple of minutes. Just import your PDF files to PubHTML5 and in a few minutes get your work up and running. The detailed steps are shown as follows: Step1: Import PDF file to convert it into a digital flipbook. Step2: After conversion, customize the interface of your reader by using built-in templates and themes. Step3: Enrich your content with rich media in Editor. Step4: Publish your flipbook to our Cloud Service, or to local in HTML format.

Brief introduction of each PubHTML5 packages

PUB HTML5 provides 4 versions: Free, Pro, Platinum and Enterprise. Free Version: A free user is forever. Our free plan provides lots of basic features to meet your needs. It enables you to convert your PDFs to amazing publications. Besides, the custom background color, custom background music and beautiful templates makes your publication eye-catching. However, there will be a PubHTML5 watermark on your publications. Pro Version: Pro version is a monthly paid plans and you need to pay monthly. More powerful features shine your publications. It has no watermark. Platinum Version: Platinum is an annual plan ($299/year). What is more, adding video, photo slideshow and music make your publications substantial and dynamic. The price of the Enterprise plan is $999 per year. Besides, you are able to make your publication with your own style without any limitations. Your flipping book will be eye-catching by providing unique, professional and enjoyable digital experience.

Make a digital publication from a PDF

PubHTML5 is a free HTML5 digital publishing platform to convert your PDFs/images into interactive digital publications. It not only allows you to turn your digital publications with page-flipping effect and sound, but also enables you to read them on different platforms including the PC, iOS mobile devices and Android mobile devices. Step1. Sign up or sign in with your PubHTML5 account. Step2. Import a PDF file. Step3. Modify your digital publication. Step4. Create your digital publication. Step1. Import PDF file. Step2. Sign in with your PubHTML5 account. Step3. Edit your digital publication. Step4. Publish your digital publication. Click "Publish to Local" button to save your digital publication on your local computer. Of course, you can click "Upload Online" button to make your digital publication available online. Take the HTML format for example,

Can I use PubHTML5 for free

Absolutely YES! We offer you free version of PubHTML5. You can download this software in our website ( for free and then convert your static PDFs/Images into vivid flipbooks in minutes. Of course, there will be a PubHTML5 logo on your published flipbooks. If you want to get rid of that logo, you can go for the Pro version.

Define a book url that opens the flipbook at a specific page

PubHTML5 enable you to share your flip book with your readers easily, page turning experience is sure to be engaging and enjoyable. What is more, defining a book url that opens the flipbook at a specific page makes it simple for sharing. Just open your beautiful flipbook in a new window. The specific page is shown as “#p=X (pagination)” in the end of the url. If you want your readers to view your flipbook at a specific page, it is convenient to change the page number at the end of URL, then send the address to them.

Remove a book url from a guest user

If you use a guest account and want to delete your flipbook, feel free to send e-mail with your book URL to [email protected], we will help to delete your flipbook.

Advantages of HTML5 Digital Publishing Solution

Compared with traditional digital publishing solutions, professional PubHTML5 digital publishing solution shows its convenience and efficiency. Flipbooks created by PubHTML5 are SEO-friendly and more accessible, which makes PubHTML5 popular among users and outstanding among competitors. By using PUB HTML5, when you publish your flipbook online, it'll be accessible to your readers no matter what devices they use. Ranging from desktops to mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets. Readers are not required to install the APP to view the flipbook, they can read the flipbook directly online or download it for offline reading. What

Is there a way to make flipbook page flip vertically

PubHTML5 aims to help users to create flipbooks with real flipping effects and sounds. Readers will feel pleasant when reading such a realistic flipbook. But users can only create flipbooks with right to left or left to right flipping effects, vertical flipping effects are unavailable at this time being, but maybe later in the future.