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Published by Evo Hashtagger, 2015-03-12 05:58:01


Keywords: Rewolucja Polska Evo Hashtagger Polska Demokracja Prezydent


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if also platonically. She was going through extremely turbulent times in her life too. B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEThere would be no records of this of course, as for Stalin she would just be anotherconquest of the revolutionary lifestyle that he led since 1907.7. Taking into account 5. and upon Hitler learning of 6., Hitler would have createdsuch hate of communists, and Soviet Union that it would go beyond rationality. Ihave not read it, but Mein Kampf is allegedly an anti-communist manifesto [8].Blitzkrieg in Europe was only aimed to prepare him for the ultimate battle, whichwas Barbarossa, ill prepared (unlike Hitler), rushed (due to Mussolini), and withlast minute changed name to Barbarossa [9], hero of Wagner who was also the heroof Alma Mahler [10]. The biggest military campaign in world history, Barbarossawas Hitler’s a statement to Alma.8. There are other independent parts of history supporting of course the claimthat Alma was a truly amazing Woman. Take 1921 change of name of Verniy to Al-ma-Ata (Almaty in Kazakhstan), done by the collective communist force of course[11]. This is a distant link, but Alma was not a natural replacement for the nameVerniy especially as there were so many living People to honour, like Lenin grad(1924) and Stalin grad (1925).9. Leaving Alma aside now, there are multiple examples where both concepts of(a) Love in History and (b) “Differential History” can be applied, including businesshistory in form of the story of Adolf Dessler and Rudolf Dessler for instance, twobrothers who trying to impress Kaethy Dessler, have build both Adidas and Pumacorporations. Love is the most powerful of human motivations and yet it is themost difficult element to spot, and by missing it, we are misinterpreting the entireHistory.10. Alma Mahler, it is an honour to have read about you, and to discover the impactthat you had on 20th century (both positive in arts and tragic in world affairs).[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11]

5. 26/4/13 $1 I Economics 101 revisited. Dopamine Supply. Preface. As a student I originally planned to write my thesis on Economics of Love. I struggled, through frankly it was a hard year… half of it I spent earning uni cash at CSFB, then my grandmother died and I needed to stay with my dad, and one week before the deadline, having no idea what to write, I made a last minute change to a new strategically easier topic: “The Impact of Civil Values on Corruption in Developing Countries”. One week of extreme pain, but I got the lucky 69% - which was 1% away from First Class, and believe me it was not a bad result at Warwick. Naturally, unhappy, I applied for a remark, but I still got 69% - perhaps because my tutor never believed me that I wrote it in a week. Anyway, I am now ready to write my ‘thesis’ about the original topic, and it will take me fifteen minutes. The title kind of gives it away already. There will be no refer- ence footnotes as, this is not History of Economics. 1. Rational economics today has two axis, Price (in money terms) and Quantity.B. PISMO ŚWIADOME 2. It is long known that money does not give happiness, as well as its massively diminishing marginal benefit, if not inverse (especially for the “inherited money”) [1]. 3. The true happiness is derived from the level of Dopamine and Norepinephrine and some other chemicals in the body. It is important that you know that they can- not be fabricated, so its supply is in a way limited to you and to you only. Morphine is close, but it is a one off hit that can lead to hyperinflation and ultimately death (heroine). Indeed I have a friend who went for heroine rehab, then graduated from Cambridge, and he still told me that the best thing that ever happened to him was Heroine. This is why I never tried it and most probably will never try it. 4. If everyone had their own Dopaminometer [2], and would make decisions based on the level of dopamine than you would be surprised how much happier this world would be. Even Lenin would be happy. :) Naturally social laws would have to be honoured, as otherwise we would all kill ourselves. 5. Now feeling of Love, absolutely rational by the way, gives away by far the highest level of Dopamine that we can produce, hence everyones’ desire to have it, hence the wars, the stock market, the politics, the corporations, power. We cannot how- ever buy Love or order it by decree… hence its scarcity. I could write on this topic more, but I will not give away all the rules yet. 6. 1-5 was theory. Now the empirical evidence. I attach two pictures… one I took two minutes ago, and one I took from the Internet. Which one produces more Dopamine in you? :)

[1] I always was an advocate of large ideally self imposed inheritance tax, and before B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEyou attack me on this view know that Warren Buffet and Bill Gates clearly supportthis view, stating that “you should give to your children enough money to do every-thing, but not enough to do nothing”.[2] Please do not patent this as the idea is here, and the idea comes before the Pat-ent – something that Google and Courts have clearly forgotten when patenting theconcept of “the Minority Report glove”. For avoidance of doubt I give this patentaway :), as I am not a big fan of restricting people from ideas (different topic, butin essence patents are not about protecting the minority but taking away from themajority, and hence generally they have my dislike). komentarze na Facebook6. 3/1/14 X iii IReligion 101. One planet. Seven billion worlds.Coming into 2014 I was hoping to limit focusing on the past, especially of philo-sophical nature, and in turn focus more on the future and self development, butthere are thoughts that are difficult to just ignore, and today’s topic might be of thistype.Historical events, including these of religious nature are often interpreted in manyways, as are other illusions such as music or art or taste, or everything really if oneconsiders that there are no facts and only illusions, as even the language is basedon illusions. Lets start with art. Over the past year I attended enough opera andtheatre opening nights to realise that what I often found to be ‘revolutionary’ wasonly interpreted this way by me, as after speaking to the writer I usually discovered

B. PISMO ŚWIADOME that they did not interpreted their work the same way I did. This is why attending the opening night is important, as only on that night one sometimes gets the chance to speak to the creators of art in question, and indeed not talking to them leaves the risk of either pointlessly glorifying them later as our own minds likes something it spots that was not intentionally there, or equally pointlessly criticising them as our minds does not spot something that the minds of others, including the author, did. For the sake of simplicity I leave out here the element of conscience and subcon- science passing down of messages, as if we include this we could discover that all art, music and literature, and even inter-human communication is as needed as in the dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451. Anyway sticking with what we know, speaking to the illusion creator is therefore paramount when making a judgement about their conscience and intentions, and from this perspective any religious philosophy is no different. Take for instance Jesus Christ, the alleged originator of the Christian philosophy, an illusion which is today rather blindly (or not) followed by some two billion people. Clearly I do not agree with many elements of it thinking that philosophy naturally upgrades with time, but this is also where the problem starts, similarly to interpret- ing I guess any modern piece of work, like say Scorsese’s movie Wolf of Wall Street. You see chances are that most of Jesus’s words are today totally misinterpreted, es- pecially as truth tends to distort itself with time. I might even be myself now par- ticipating in this very distortion myself by writing this very note. So to religion 101. There is a fair chance, that Jesus was significantly misinterpreted in his opinions, as he was merely saying, being translated into my modern language interpretation that “God was the great one mass, before the start of time, and before the event of the ‘big bang’ (as we know it today - interestingly “big bang” is the term coined by the catholic priest Georges Lemaitre), as after the big bang we all, including himself, ghosts of the past, people of the future, you, me, brothers, sisters, and so on became the children of god, or the particles that later formed the universe, hence also being gods ourselves, as I am confident that if Jesus called himself god, he would have called everyone god, as there is no way that he alone was specifically chosen to ar- rive from the Kingdom of Heaven”. Now the part about everyone one being gods is something that we can now say with fair degree of confidence, as is appears that the man we know as Jesus borrowed this philosophy from the Hinduism where he was known as Isa, years before reappearing in Israel. We can even further speculate that when during the last supper Jesus raised the bread and wine, and called it his body and blood, he was merely describing the forward looking process of reincarnation, as no doubt with time his body would transform, as the mass of the big bang has transformed, and as dinosaurs were transformed into oil and gas that powers our houses today. There is no way of course that he could have imagined that billions of people will treat his words so literally. Hence in a way all material is derived from the same source, like my fingers and my blackberry which is at the end of them. The same of course applies to you and your iphones or whatever bible you happen to carry today. There is no doubt that Jesus was just as the rest of people,

normal, and hence glorifying even his birthday last week (or next week for the Or- B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEthodox Christians) is likely to be against his philosophy and in line with the logicof the celebrations done on the 15th of April, “the Kimmass”, or the Day of the Sun,Birthday of the late Kim Il Sung of North Korea. Cult of individuality is somethingfairly primitive, and funny enough, on the issue of the birthdays and the cult of in-dividuality, you might be surprised to learn, that early Christians did not celebratebirthdays, other than that of Jesus Christ of course, treating birthday celebration asa sign of paganism (celebration of pharaoh) and preferring to celebrate namedaysinstead. Indeed Orthodox Christians today still tend to avoid celebrating birthdays,as do many Muslims. So much for fairness amongst the children of god, where one’sbirthdays is celebrated by everyone and all the other’s is ignored, and this also ex-plains the popularity of the one born on 25th December, as for many centuries thiswas the only birthday being celebrated.Nonetheless, just to clarify one of the no doubt infinite number of potential un-knowns streaming from this note, of course to you, as to me, its writer all is un-derstood clearly, I confirm that the note is meant to support the teachings of Jesus,rather than to criticise them, even if I am now over/under/mis - interpreting his/others words. In essence, as I was not there to question the dude its only fair to givethe man the benefit of the doubt, especially as it promotes good values, even if theysomehow need to be updated every now and then, like the one with alcohol beingupdated by Muhammed for instance. You see there are seven billion different inter-pretations of each religion today, a no brainer I guess, and while the Christian oneabove holds for me (as its my interpretation), no doubt so would many others, bothderived from Christianity or other religions, coming yet again to the conclusionthat the past is not important, but only the future is, and on the topic of the future,any future religion, or the believe system, should clearly be the coding that satisfiesthe element of common (sub)conscience, from which the issues of freedom and itsrestrictive laws should be derived. No need for details here, especially as its not thatof the complex equation, though essential if we are to unite seven billion worldsback into one planet. komentarze na Facebook7. 16/1/14 1 iii IConscience 101This has been said before in earlier posts, but its a nice summary.From Darwin we know that there is a constant evolution, that humans come frommonkeys, that “Adam” is the first human, and that his parents were still monkeys,or chipanzees or whatever. Thanks to Nietzsche, the definition of animal, monkey,

B. PISMO ŚWIADOME human is just a generally socially assumed word, as is that of future humans, or ubermensch. We can assume that humans are constantly evolving, and as such at any one time in any one area of conscinence there will be people leading the way, and at times there will be many people having similar thoughts... possibly even as the consequence of the supernatural 100th monkey theory. Its difficult to dismiss telepathy outright, especially as we have mobile phones, and what are they if not a combination of chemicals also found in our bodies. Back to evolution of conscience, and bottom line is that there were probably 100s of adams (though one Adam), as there were 100s of creators of fire, or wheel. Of course in the global world with the global coding to find the person on the edge will be very tricky, as it would be a painful realisation to handle, assuming that we would be even aware of it taking place. One thing certain, is that person on the edge will need to apply a “sanity check” (ie that at least one person of opposite sex agrees with him / her) to verify their logic, as without it there is a logical risk self destruction. Rest will follow, or not, depending on the problem (hypothesis here is that if two people fly to Mars and that while there they learn there that Martians control our world totally, starting with say gravity, and that humans due to the attack during their absence are all infected and will die and kill everyone holds). So assuming that levels of conscience differ, you can therefore (1) apply it to the time structure of humanity, hence being better able to judge peo- ple in the past who were not privy to the same level of conscience as we are today, as well as to ourselves trying to look at our conscience from the viewpoint of the ubermensche’s in the future, as there is little doubt that future generations will treat us in the same way as today we treat the monkeys, and (2) apply it to the cross section of society at any one point in time, the so called consciousness cast system, or recognition that there are seven billion worlds just for humans alone. This is of course immensely unpopular topic, which led to emer- gence of fascism, and hence has still has a significant cognitive dissonance. One thing I can tell you, once you learn to identify it, it will be tricky and freaky as hell, and learning to control it will be key, as you know where will you end up oth- erwise. Nobody will want to tolerate such people, even though logic above clearly supports their existence. Now this is of course nothing new, merely repeating in a simple direct non-novel version of what was said in the 19th century, as well as no doubt earlier. Remember that ancient men had larger brains than we do today, I guess they had to compen- sate for inefficient programming just as ENIAC had to weight 30 tonnes.

Finally, taking the issue of conscience to another level, and recognising how littleconscienceness we still have today, we can state that to have full conscienceness, iezero subconscienceness, would mean that one would have to posses all the con-science in the world, being transffered through both known and unknown senses,and resulting in effectively all of us becoming ONE, and that not only includedhumans and non-humans, but also the entire universe, including conscience foundin rocks on HD140283. Again this is nothing new... many religions were formedthis way. Hence P=NP.I think that we can hence close the topic of conscience, which is not aimed at cre-ating the global paranoia, especially as the higher state of consciousness are notconstant, but are obtained only in times of exceptional dopamine production, suchshamanic trance in history, music in the past, or, especially today, for many cocaine- or they think so. This feeling still exists though, and liberating oneself from thenarrow believe that everyone’s thoughts are like our own thoughts, is just a first stepin improving our own level of conscience - something that no doubt people willchose to do all the time, even if it is at the expense of many socially accepted andenforced codes and believes. Again... nothing new.8. 22/1/14 1 iii I B. PISMO ŚWIADOMESexuality 101The major technological development of the coding done by the bible, in additionto the fact that it was first book written in page by page format (vs the papyrusformat) was the development of numbered passages, and even number sentences.People, like robots, are addicted to simplicity. Judges 19:22,29.Hence on sexuality, I will KISS1. People are a function of (a) body and (b) software.If someone would suddenly replace your body with mine, you would still be noth-ing more than you, but in my body, and you would not be even aware of what mybody has gone through.2. When man cums he is happy. If he cums with women, men, animals, children,his hand, the chemical reaction in his body will be the same, as cuming happens tothe body, and who with, how, when and so on is only his coding. If one was to cutout my eyes, ears, nose, hands - I would not even know who would be the source ofmy pleasure. Furthermore cuming is so pleasurable, that sex addition is immenselypowerful, indeed so powerful that man can walk, as evolutionary wanted him tohelp himself by freeing his hands. To change this addiction, it would require a re-

B. PISMO ŚWIADOME coding of the person to their core, or body, hence, never trust the drinking “cured pedophile”. I also guess that this point clearly states that homosexuality is part of software, though its obvious that people can do what they want to, though being conscious - they may wish to upgrade. 3. Man is stronger if he is not cuming as he takes charge of nature, forcing “her” to give him extra powers as compensation for apparent weaknesses that make him not spread his seed. He will hence develop, rise, advance on evolutionary paths - and make no mistake that evolution continues all the time. Biology, you can’t cheat it. I am surprised that I was not taught this in school. Also, there is a reason why only a man can be a priest, and remember that before facebooks, global villages, or even African shamans, every father was a priest. 4. There is no concept of virginity for man. Its just in their mind. 5. There is very powerful and logical concept of virginity for women, and only seen in human beings. There are forces at play, such as epigenetic changes to the eggs, that we do not fully understand yet, even if we write million books and PhDs on it. Protect it and save it, even all your life - if you are strong enough. Your body will age, your eyes will not. 6. Woman can climax in two ways: (a) illusionary orgasms, via coding that she gets from literature, movies, her chit chat “friends”, or lately pornhub movies in which on the edge of sanity gang- bangs show a different form of illusion of humiliation - mistaken of course as if that lately popular and addictive code of female humiliation was right, assuming 0/1 logic, it would always end with the most extreme form of it - that of death - and I met people like that. These orgasms even if they appear real, are just illusions, not reaching female subsubconscience (body) and should you meet a man who will be above you on the conscience ladder, he will think that you are “gay” or an “idiot” while you are screaming your lungs out - look at Athenian democracy for the mean- ing of the word “idiot”. (b) real orgasms, via body reaction, which will happen only when her sub- subconscience desires the man to cum inside her so much that she will lock him in, forcing him to impregnate her. Look at how giraffes “make 1 second love” as example of this. It is hence true what you learned that Adam was naive, and Eve was his nemesis. 7. If the man follows point 3. he might become so desperate to cum that in extreme cases he could force himself upon the woman, putting his fate in her hands, be it that of marriage or extinction, second condition being the only logical outcome, as such woman would not experience 6 (b) and as such would still be incomplete. Of course it would be a weak man, not because he uses others, as logically all coding to be valid must assume extreme self-egoism, but because of his breaking of point 3. In such case, the man should masturbate, just as the Quran states that a “man can

masturbate only in the event that he will desire someone’s wife”. Such man will re- B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEstart his cycle in shame, and believe me, people will know about his shame, includ-ing these ultraconscious goddesses who are clean of epigenetic changes which thisman wants to somehow attract. Now, I will not write what I think the punishmentshould be for this, especially if point 5 was breached, but I would treat it a a highercrime than that of murder, especially as realistically it would have to violate the ruleof “being judged by your own conscience” (remember that the man doing things inline with his conscience is innocent, as he was merely coded wrongly).8. Women should not think that they were possessed by the man only because shehad slept with him, be it for love, money, career and so on. Its an illusion that isforced on them by other subconsciously competing with them women and weaknot following logic of point 3 men. Its hence only the coding, as assuming thatit was protected sex (with condom) there was no change to her physical state, butonly her emotional one, see point 1, and even if the female felt regrets about it, sheshould not, having a conscious upgrade to become stronger, avoiding quasi-zoo-philia relations in the future. Yes I do like “Sasha Greys”. This point does not holdto the case of loss of virginity of course or unprotected sex that changes epigeneticcomposition of the eggs - but before you start to hate me for saying this, think ofyour children first, as this note is wrote for them. See point 5.9. There seems to be at least nothing wrong with non body invasive non hormonalcontraception. Man cannot stop the progress, and has to learn to adapt to it bydeveloping his consciousness, even if history will show that due to anti-conceptionthere will be some 90% population decline. Perhaps thats the point. Chemistry,you can’t cheat it. See point 8.10. There is no earlier mentioned by me hardcoded P=P rule, unless the womanhappens to be a virgin, or 6b is applied. P=P was for me just a temporary form ofintermediary safety coding, to help me follow point 3, and even though it has agood design, it does not pass the logical test of certainty. Neither does vegetarian-ism. See other notes - focusing on recent ones first, as people are dynamic, hencethey change and evolve.Now the above statements, conveniently in 10 points of course, are based on theassumption of perfect 0/1 world. Where one is not able to follow it, due to pastexperiences or internal weakness, thats fine, as upgrading conscience cannot beobligatory, but one should at least, by all effort possible attempt to break their un-conscious cycle with their children, as logically, the children, from the moment ofinception are our gods, being only enslaved after birth by their wrongly coded forgenerations parents, miscoded by third parties, or other illusionary gods like thatof Jesus et al. The very idea of christian slave coding of being born with eternal sintill baptism sends me shivers.

B. PISMO ŚWIADOME I do not wish to diverge too much here, leaving that to your own minds, but the logical description above has its implications, namely footnotes: (a) women who engage into sponsorship, prostitution, are merely conducting qua- si-zoophilia, and while it is dishonourable as one should not abuse animals, they should still never think that they are being used - as they are the real winners from such arrangements. (b) it is mainly upto women to educate men to the concept of point 3, ideally moth- ers. (c) laws should aim to protect and help all mothers, especially single mothers, as they are raising our future gods, so if the man was stupid enough to impregnate the woman, be it via natural “R&J miscode”, or even her being cunning by framing him by say not taking her pill or pinning his condom, or even the Boris Becker oral impregnation method, she is a winner, and the man is a loser, and that man should have a lifetime responsibility to her and their gods, something that over time would have the positive spillover effect in form of the man having his conscience upgraded to the above 10 universal and logical truths, especially from point 3. There is hence hope for change for good, in form of “logic incentivising laws”, but let others worry about that. Logic, you can’t cheat it. komentarze na Facebook 9. 27/1/14 R iii I Matching 101 Just got out of my hot bath time machine. ;) Sometime ago i had a long inner debate on dissociations, identifying many of them, such as religion, sexuality, autism, phobias, allergies, effectively any psychological (coding) state, or non-human (body one), even ending finally with that of love. I then had reversal of opinion on the issue of love, recognising it to be a needed dissociation for the purpose of procreation. It’s time to correct this backward view. Some two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ, the coder from Nazareth, has sold ev- eryone, of course with the help of the lot of people and technological advances along the way, that love is the most important element of life. Love one another, love yourself, love the world, love love love communism. The man was clearly very high on dopamine as anyone who is in love is, so high that he did not even realise

when he was killed, though I remain of opinion that there is every possibility that B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEhe resurrected conveniently, and somewhat miraculously later in India as Isa, andas any history cannot be certain, nobody will prove to me that this was not the case,just as I cannot prove that it was.Still, the “fugazi” of love was sold and has remained till this day an inspiration andmotive for many many developments, in all areas of life; art, science, and even busi-ness (remember Adi Dassler?), and to be fair I can understand why. Love is an idealmatchmaker between people, creating magic, passion, higher feelings which one iscertain that are unique and that only she or he at a given moment feels. It createsan optimum illusion, even if, its major drawback is that it requires two people to bein it at the same time. Yes I am of opinion that given the circumstances and time,any two people would fall in love with each other, just as I used to be of excellent,albeit copied from unknown “famous quotes source” opinion, that “when you lovesomeone it means nothing, when someone loves you it means something, but onlyif you love someone and someone loves you it means everything”.Now looking back at my life, somewhat egoistically here, but hey it is my wall, plusit is also an important certain part of my empirical analysis (vs the historical onewhich I cannot be certain), I think that I was “in love” three times for a periodexceeding one cycle (cycle being 24 hours, ie ending when you sleep). Anythingbelow one cycle does not count, hence my rule in the past, that “I will make thedecision to cheat on my wife with 24h notice”, something that saved my marriagemany times over when totally drunk regularly I would party till 5am in the night-clubs of Moscow. Back to love though.First time I fell in love (or so i thought) was in college, with the girl who’s name Iwill not mention here, but this feeling was strictly platonic, based on illusions andcoding fed to me by Hollywood movies and books, such as Marquez’es “Love in theTime of Cholera”, and of course the society I was with since birth. It was a fairlygloomy period, but still a very motivational one. I studied hard, got a good degree,best job I could imagine at that time, and overall took the best of that motivationalfeeling, luckily for me now, never having it reciprocated, as I could have been stackin that coding till today, what would be great of course, as I would not know whatcame next... though that would have to include any coding upgrades too. Thencame my wife, who I announced my love to an hour after meeting her, dumpingmy Russian girlfriend morning later (not till I copied my future wife’s number fromher mobile phone though while she was in the shower), and waiting patiently someseven months to meet her eight times, proposing on the ninth one, or second dateas I felt, never even having kissed her before, and may I add unlike the time whenI declared my love on the first meeting, being also totally sober, even driving a car.My future wife when accepting was also sober, except for perhaps her dopamine,which we both had at such levels that even the best of Hollywood stories cannotscreenplay. I guess that facts speak for themselves. Hollywood also cannot writethe script of our final break-up eight years later, which of course I will not mention

B. PISMO ŚWIADOME in too much detail here (also for legal reasons), but for which looking back I am extremely grateful for. Should I was not dumped, I would have not been able to go to Maldives twenty minutes ago, without the need to take that terrible half of day in- terchanging twice flight. Believe me, your bath and Maldives are not that different. Third time I felt in love was a true miracle in my opinion, miracle after the intensity of the second time, but my high dopamine level was quickly bought down to earth, destroying the purely platonic illusion (platonic ie most powerful by the way) that I was just saved by heavens, who in return for my misery have sent me the best girl the my world has seen, easily surpassing Rihannas, Kate Mosses and other wannabe goddesses that you see in the newspapers everyday. Despite the setback, clearly I did not give up as I never do ;), developing a certain self defence mechanisms, such as a total desire to see her again, but with full isolation from media where this girl would often show up to annoy the hell out of me with her infinite media wisdom, and with time my self defence paid off, having my conscience upgraded yet again, enough to dismiss this girl as my mark, though I remain of opinion that in the subconscience of most Warsaw men she is the most in demand bride in Poland right now, which is perhaps why she is also hated so much. Remember the more hated one is, the more interesting they are... how did it go... “first they ignore you, the they lough at you, the they fight you and then you win”. :) Importantly however for this note, logically before I upgraded my conscience yet again, learning from my mistakes, there was most probably the moment when our level of conscience has matched, and hence a relationship could have been possible if only the fortune would give it a go ahead, meaning that by now I would have been probably once again a happy daddy with the most amazing girl in Poland as my wife, an excellent high state of dopamine, and who knows... perhaps I would have even been eternally happy, as once again I would have not known what waited around the corner... and I will leave this topic till the end, but remember that sometimes its better not to know what comes next, as one does not miss what one does not know exists (like my power to control my gravitational field for instance). Now I will need to diverge a bit to introduce some other points to this note. In the not so distant past I also had a period where I was writing and creating a lot of fiction. Chip, planets, intergalactic wars, evolution of robots, many suns, different coding systems, matching periods and so on. For now at least I stopped this phase, as I realized that I do not have to follow the mistakes of Shakespeare and the Bronte sisters, by creating imaginary illusions while being stuck in utter live misery, as I can do better and live my dreams here on earth. Still, once I wrote a quick story about matching, where there is a universe of 50 male robots and 50 female robots, and where the matching amongst them is according to will power (not cumming and virginity), the the weakest matching first, leaving the final two, one male and one female as the strongest optimum pair in that limited imaginary simple 100 robot environment. I am sure that most of you can derive a lot of logic from this example, so lets get back to Earth now. Throughout human history there were many ways of partner matching, principally:

1) Force, where man rapes the woman, fulfilling his desire to cum, but she can- B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEnot be happy with that as it does not trigger her body orgasm - here goes the rapefantasy out of the window2) Love, the ultimate dopamine driven fughazi sold by Jesus Christ the coder ofNazareth3) Parents, like in Hinduism and its cast system, where the parents decide whoone marries, and children accept. Amazingly, despite the laughter of the “westerncivilization” the divorce rate in India is 1%, and the Indians say that this 1% are theones who fell in love4) Slavery, “the old fashioned way”, popular in some Muslim countries till today,absolutely opposed by the “western civilization” though it frequently repeats thismodel under market conditions (read sponsorship / prostitution / europedophilesin Thailand / USpedophiles in Mexico), and opposed rightly so, as again woman insuch condition will not experience her body orgasm, even if the slave fantasy is theone she desired (some people are dead while alive, or perhaps even never alive atall).There are probably also various combinations and derivatives of the above, likegroups of elders instead of parents, forced marriage due to pregnancy and so on.Now, lets now leave stage 2 (events discussion ) and move to stage 3 (ideology dis-cussion).In the final stage of conscience, where everyone is one, and there is no subcon-science as everything is known, it will make no difference who we will decide to bewith, as there will be no concept of fat or sexy, or intelligent or stupid, blond or bru-nette, will powered or not. In such state, one could hence imagine that the perfectmatching would be that of some matching lottery. Now as utopian as this scenariosounds, I am confident that if the entire world would be decoded from presentstereotypes, and high on dopamine without the need for “love”, this would be themost efficient method of matching. Of course today I will not advocate this, as itis totally unrealistic and utopian, as we are not all decoded, having specific socialdesires, including having different levels of conscience - though the last one can bequickly upgraded if one wants to invest their time.Still recognising that we are where we are, all of us having subconscience and so on,this has the following major implications, namely:1) That what love might decide today, life might destroy later - current divorceratio in the “west” is approx 50%, and relationship breakup ratio is probably ap-proaching 90%, as there are only two high school couples in my environment (andI congratulate both of them on this amazing fortune),

B. PISMO ŚWIADOME 2) That especially women are quick to wake up from their illusion (most divorces are initiated by women), being quickly conscious that their partner is not a lion like they wanted him to be, wishing to change him – what frankly I understand – though I do think that a smart woman rather than changing her man, will change her man… and if the letters do not convey the message: it is a the role of the woman to educate her man, including the rule that “no man should ever leave the woman first”, what was ironically the first rule encoded into me by my ex-wife, and it makes perfect logical sense btw (will raise another day), and ironically it was this rule that many years later has ultimately saved me, allowing me to put the experience of the second love innocently behind (albeit with six month suspended prison sentence). Ok, now leaving stage 3 of all being one matched to each other by lottery, and re- turning to stage 2 and events. ;) In 2020, my last year as the president of the by then fully democratic Poland, I will suggest to the Polish Sejm, that in order to eliminate lack of information flow, to consider introducing the Lovers Online Matching Sys- tem, where once a year on 14th of February, women will chose the name of their loved one (PESEL of male of female) and man will chose the name of their loved one (PESEL of male or female), having the notoriously underused “State Elections Board” run in full secrecy of course the task of matching the possible numbers and immediately notifying the new couples about their desires so that they can make their 14th of February special, eliminating the communication barriers that they have today. I will even suggest to extend this system to include passport numbers, so that foreigners can also participate in our Polish Match Day. We will debate if the provided by people list will idealistically include one PESEL or as long as they want weighted list, my preference being just one, but society, especially men, could be not ready for this yet as how could one easily chose from Doda, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Kate Moss, Marina, Lesz, Siwiec, Maffashion, to name the few. There will also be a condition if the partner must be virgin, to make it fair for both men and women, though for men I will do it purely to satisfy the equality rules, as the logic ones do not apply. Now I realise that many of you are thinking that “this is insane”, and that it elimi- nates the magic out of it, but please remember that; 1. This will be optional, and one cannot be even sure of who was participating 2. This will benefit most people - check out the crazy rate of single people today, logical consequence of the global village and mass media harassment by the way 3. This should boost the fertility rate - a real concern for any country and my job to do as the president 4. Most importantly - you can’t stop the progress by force Now imagine the emotions! Polish Match Day 2020, coming to you live on 14th of February 2020! Still for now stay tuned and enjoy your bath! :)

PS Does anyone know if Inna is a virgin, and if so, does anyone have her passportnumber? :) Yes, in the perfect world, one past even the Polish Match Day 2020, oneno longer should be silent about their proposals, as there will be no subconscienceto play on - but analysis of this point would take this note past the sleeping phasefor most of you.... so for now enjoy your bath ignorant of it!10. 4/2/14 I 1 iiiThe final note......before the next one. ;)The Future - on the edge version.Over the past two years I was very fortunate having abundance of time and peace, B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEso I analysed various topics I never had a chance to look at when I was young-er, partially due to constant rat race in which I participated, and partially due tostress free education that I enjoyed which saved me from learning about history ofphilosophy as oppose to living it. I hence had time to sit in solitude, think, whenneeded wikiread about various philosophies and religions, their sources, their startor logical lack of it, concept of time or again the lack of it. I also experimented withdopamine, conscience and subconscience, learning a lot in the process about boththe world and myself. Remember that being alone we become smarter, and beingpart of the society we become stupid... and the trick is to learn to come back. Insummary; we now know that the gods are here amongst us, either inside the mir-ror reflection we see everyday, and for those lucky enough to be parents, the godsare inside their children. We understand that there are differences in levels of hu-man conscience, both across various time spans, and within one-time cross-societysnapshots. We recognise the presence of evolution, including that just as societiesin not so distant past were behaving “like animals” so will we in not so distant futurebe regarded as “animals” - mainly due to constant harassing of each other with ourown illusions. We even raised the hot topics of virginity and masturbation, but re-lax.. this is not important for this note... and I just wanted to wake you up as I knowhow much you love me talking about it. :)This note will however hopefully focus on the distant distant future, and not theabstract space laser jets and magnetic tunnels like you see in the Hollywood Sci-Fimovies, but the future of logical development of humanity and to some extent theEarth and even the universe of which Earth is just a tiny part. The note will hencebe on the edge, but I think that we already agree that anything of value must be bitedgy... though opposite is of course not the case.We stated number of times that people are made up of:

B. PISMO ŚWIADOME PART A: hardware (physical human, legs, hands, brain, will power (brain mus- cle?), virginity, etc) PART B: software (coding, social issues, psychology, illusions, harassment of oth- ers, fashion, style) I have also stated that though everyone has different software, it is possible to pro- gram everyone with a unicode mode on key issues, ensuring global peace, hard work, progress and maybe even happy societies. Religions tried to do this, for better or worse, usually worse, as rather than unifying in happiness they were in fact just creating mass divisions, like nationalism, but all this is part of history, and history being an illusion, is relative, so talking about it at too much becomes unproductive. Basically, at some stage in our lives we must learn to stop reading and start writing, for if we don’t - progress will stop as there will be nothing new for our gods to learn from. Now I will keep it KISS. 1. There will be world with Unicode, maybe not even in so distant future, at least concerning top level inputs such as religion, aim in life, realisation of afterlife, mis- sion and happiness. Of course this will not take anybody’s freedom away - on the contrary - everybody will become the master of their own mind and illusions, hence free of others, free of matrix - though part of it when needed. No more soft- ware monkeys, or old software so to speak... unless someone wants to, but this will be tricky in the modern world. 2. There are people mighty afraid of these changes, as they will include: (a) freedom of politics (Polish Democracy), effecting the “rulling” oligarchy of the present (b) no inheritance (since everybody is born equal...), effecting current multi gen- eration slave system (c) no intellectual property by public law, though people might still form alliances trying to protect their inventions - its their right to do that, and no IP means - no master and slavery of illusions (d) significant NATURAL restrictions on creating illusions like art, media, fashion, finance - I say natural as it is none of government’s business to interfere with the business world, apart from making people conscious of the fact that they are being continuously manipulated, and if somebody likes to be told that they are ugly, stu- pid, insane, unworthy, fat, boring, unsexy - then they can continue to suffer (e) education ensuring top level of conscience for everybody, meaning that there will be no more actors and no more spectators, and if there are, then at least their standards will improve - and education will of course need to start with our chil- dren, with parents consciously breaking many subconscious cycles that they were subject to in the past. This part is called mass enlightenment.

Now the two points above are so rrrr evolutionary ;), that the amount of opposition B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEthat I will face to introduce them is immense, mindblowing even as various peoplewill fix to their illusions as much as they can (how many of us know the wife of thecheating husband who prefers not to acknowledge the reality), while many of thedecoded ones already might think that introducing decoding is simply a bad ideaas we do not know what comes next. While the deliberately unconscious ones canremain in their state as its their right too, the ones afraid of allowing changes areof course wrong, just as the alliance of Stalin / Roosevelt / Churchill had in myopinion a different motive to the today’s generally accepted one cc’ed in historylessons. You see, while none of us will ever know what happened in History un-less we were part of it, I am of opinion that these three allied men knew very wellthat their opponent’s place in history is certain, even with all the bad things he hasdone, but what they also knew is that he proposed changes that were so immense,sudden and viral, that it would mean the end of the world as they knew it back in1941, be it Britain, US or Soviet Union, and the man who knew this above all was inmy opinion Stalin, Hitler’s main competitor for the title of the “global coder”, and aremarkably conscious individual, fluent in English, with personal library of 20,000books. Now baring in mind such high level of conscience which one should expecttheir leaders to have, I can hence very much imagine how Stalin in Teheran givesout the following speech to his visitors Churchill and Roosevelt:“ Gentlemen, I will tell you something that will probably surprise you. Probably likeyou, I think that Hitler is brilliant, a man clearly like no other, one who united andmodernised Germany, kept their national spirit together, kept its growth, basicallydid all the activities making him fully worth his title of 1939 Times Man of the Year.I actually even read his books, and probably like you I have little doubt that the levelof his understanding of this world is simply beyond anything we have seen today.Nonetheless, this is exactly where the problem is. The changes he is advocating aretoo sudden, too quick, too revolutionary so to speak - and believe me I know oneor two things about the revolution. The changes he is advocating will happen nodoubt, but not like he expects them to, overnight. I simply cannot allow him torecode all the Ukrainians to be the happy members of Reich today, as most of themnever had any school and recoding them will in essence eliminate the very conceptof Ukraine from the face of the Earth for ever. Actually, never mind Ukraine whereas you probably heard I did have some signifiant problems and rebellion introduc-ing our Soviet system, but think of what will Hitler do to your own countries andvalues if he wins this war or is even allowed to stop it, as his ideas are not like I saidevolutionary, but revolutionary, and this is why, for the good of all our countries,and for the good of our planet even, he must be stopped, even it this means us unit-ing our forces ignoring our past differences and even the potential differences thatwe will have in the future, as lets admit it that that our systems are very different,but there are positives to both of us here too. So we must fight together, with nopossibility of armistice, with no end to the war till our armies meet in Berlin withthe nazi ideology being stopped and eliminated, as it will take another one hundredyears of general social awakening for people to be able to understand its positives

B. PISMO ŚWIADOME and negatives.” Shocking statement? Luckily not mine, but possibly Stalin’s, and I admit that it was suppose to be slightly on the edge, as reading about Stalin, his youth, adulescence, later life, I do not believe that this man was stupid or uninformed or unconscious of what was happening, including being brainwashed to blindly follow the theatre of Lenin’s communism... but ok... enough history, though as in yin-yang, when one wants to talk about the future, one is best to first decrease the ground level by few years. ;) The Future Now, what you will see after points 1 and 2 above, is that regardless of what we want or think is right or wrong, humanity will evolve, and at some point there will be no more barriers where one lives or works, where there will be no hard-cored concept of nationality, or any tagging for that matter, and where DNA will freely mix and evolve. Now, once this happens - and it might take 100 years or it might take 1000 years, bearing in mind that humans will be humans, still competitive and jealous, we will observe that: 1. people having no ability to harass one another with coding will start to look for differences in hardware, including DNA and evolutionary paths, especially as: (a) DNA does differ from person to person, its just a fact of life (b) contrary to the nazi ideology, the DNA closest to the Adam is on the peripher- ies of geo-humanity, like maybe Scandinavia, Tasmania, Brazil, etc, as the logic here is simple... as humanity evolved from Africa, the original DNA was moving, while the people who stayed behind were the updated ones. The body of the 7,000 year old iceman found in Spain few weeks ago and his Scandinavian like DNA of today is the evidence for the above, as is the proof of logic of course. This means that the nazis could not been more mistaken about their aryan race theories, for if they were looking for the most modern of the DNA... it is not in Scandinavia or Germany, as it was already in Spain 7,000 years ago, but in the source of humanity that did not migrate being hence prawn to DNA changes, Africa. Now I am not the scientist and I somewhat struggled to find evidence for this, but the logic is very reasonable, even if either mistaken, unaware or for the concept of “big lie” and mass control, the policy of the nazi Germany was completely the opposite one. I guess that people are able to believe in any illusion they want to believe in, what is perfectly fine even if somewhat irrationally they chose to ignore facts and reason to remain deluded. 2. once the element of software is eliminated, with people understanding that they are the gods, they will also need to take responsibility of their bodies, including its own DNA development across generations and thousands of years even. I guess that even though one cannot stop the progress, accelerating it will be very hard, but do not be surprised if with time this DNA rat race will mean:

(a) increasing magnesium levels in men, by both non-masturbation and consump- B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEtion of starch rich products, as this helps the brain to think creating if not men ofsteel “Stalins”, then at least men of magnesium... “Magnesins”.(b) changing various body functions, as though it will take perhaps thousands ofyears to develop, it is very likely that with time, the most hard willed people willtransform, by, as example, perhaps gaining the functions of telepathy, wavecontact,longer living age, clearer minds, smaller but more efficiently programmed and moreefficient brains, and so on and so on. Yes, we cannot stop the progress or the evo-lution... just as Olympians are expected not only to win, but foremost to beat theirown records.Now as stated these changes will take perhaps thousands of years to happen, and atleast in visual aspects, the upgrades will be less varied than in the past, meaning thatwhereas visually lions differ considerably from monkeys, whereas monkeys differless so from humans, the lions are not aware of this fact, in exactly the same way,we, the humans today, will perhaps not be able to distinguish between ourselvesand the super-humans and the super-super-humans, whereas future-super-humanswill be able to do that with ease. Its both the issue of conscience and more impor-tantly the hardware upgrades that humans will with time learn to implement, evenif like stated earlier it will be done with the horizon of thousands of years... and tobe fair... who knows if in like some quasi-Indian cast system this DNA optimisationis not already taking place. Yes, despite all of us being gods within our minds, letsremain humble as its one planet, and seven billion worlds and seven billion bodies,so anything is possible. For instance you do know that one is able to tell just bylooking at the DNA of the Indian person to which cast system he or she belongs?Of course I am still of opinion, but just the opinion, that today this DNA differenceis due to the various software differences, and DNA matching on the basis of con-science only, but I remain also of opinion that once the software differentials will bereplaced with Unicode, the next form of development will by default happen to thehardware... and this, if not anticipated with laws and regulations, could be a veryvery tricky period to live in... almost like the period in 1930s I guess. Consciousleaders will of course be ready to implement such future anticipating laws, ensuringequality for everyone.So there you have it, the concept of the future, luckily not for us mortals now, andcertainly a prediction that Stalin / Churchill and Roosevelt were not so keen to seebeing introduced. Still, one should not stop the progress just because one is not sureof what comes with it, as blocking it could be something that will go down in historyas the biggest problem that humanity needed to solve before becoming truly exactly the same way as we are still trying to solve the problem of slavery, thepresence of which already cost us easily ten centuries of wasted medieval period.Now, the above topic, as boring to many being a pure level 3 type, will also lead youto very logical assumptions concerning other areas of philosophy, including theone, that, just as the world started with ONE, it goes constantly towards INFINI-

TY... and this means that regardless of if you are good-small-god or bad-super-god or good-super-god or even bad-small-god (bad / good / small / super being just a social illusions of course), you are eternal by default, and all will have the same future, and on this node of certainty of afterlife I can end this note, with the feeling that my course in theoretical “coding and decoding” has now been finally complet- ed, starting of the new, more practical exam... which is scheduled for May 2015. 11. 4/3/14 HI History 101. One set of Facts. Seven billion Histories. PART 1: ENGLISH WWII HISTORY REVISITED This will be quick and simple, and does not require connection of too many dots. When in 1938, UK prime minister Neville Chamberlain, was famously waving his piece of paper saying:B. PISMO ŚWIADOME “My good friends this is the second time in our history that there has come back from Germany to Downing Street peace with honor. I believe it is peace in our time.” well Neville was not lying and was not naive, despite what my history book said and general public opinion thinks. The subsequent events of the war, from British perspective, were as follows: 1. on 3rd of September UK declared the war on Germany (not the other way around). This is the result of German invasion of Poland, a step Germany “needed” to do in order to enable German invasion of Soviet Union, allegedly as the preemp- tive strike - though this we will never know for sure. 2. Germany conquers France in 1940, to large overall French acceptance, as French were happy to provide Germany with weapons in exchange for German financial bonds (famous later Charles de Gaulle was basically a British invention and some- what an accident of history). Importantly however for the English, in this 1940 French attack the so called Miracle of Dunkirk happened, when Hitler, against all the advice of his generals gave a halt order on German advance, allowing the evac- uation of 338,226 English solidiers between 27th of May and 4th of June. I often wonder, how many times later in the future did Hitler thought of this decision as his single biggest mistake of the war. 3. At this point, 4th of June 1940, Germany was however confident that this will be the end of its war with Britain, also understanding that British public opinion and

political sentiment favoured a negotiated peace with Germany, including its foreign B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEsecretary Lord Halifax who was an outspoken advocate of peace. However it wasChurchill, a newly appointed and constantly drunk prime minister of aristocraticroots who never worked a day in his life and in his emotional simplicity no doubtfelt a deep though childish desire to prove himself, who refused to consider thepeace agreement with Germany, being hence directly responsible for bringing Brit-ain into war, and not the other way around. Details follow.4. Battle of Britain followed immediately, being started by... the British. On 1st and2nd July the British attacked the German warships Scharnhorst and Prinz Eugen inthe port of Kiel. On 3rd of July 16 RAF bombers attacked German train facilities inHamm. Furthermore, contrary to the common opinion Britain bombed Germancivilians at least seven times before Germany issued Britain with the ultimatum tostop doing so, after which somewhat full scale air war happened, with mass bomb-ings of both side, though due to British air supremacy also of mainly German cities.5. Mission of Rudolf Hess, as well as his death, remains one of the remaining secretsof the World War II, but it can be widely accepted that Hitler’s deputy did fly to En-gland on 10th of May 1941 for the reason other than to commit suicide. Regretfullyfacts concerning this part of history have also somewhat miraculously evaporated.6. Soft circumstantial evidence. In his 1928 Zweites Buch (Second Book), Hitlerdedicated the entire chapter to England, having it titled “England as an Ally”. Any-one who knows any publicly available at least history is fully aware that Hitler wasobsessed mainly with communists, and not even Russians actually, as the presenceon the German side of the armies of Ukrainians, Azeris, Georgians, Latvians andeven Russians (Hiwis) somewhat confirms. To later suggest German racial policiesat least concerning other established countries is as stupid as to suggest that theymade soap out of people - also something that I was actually taught in school.Sources:2. conclude:There are of course 7 billion different versions of history in the world today, so ifsomeone for instance questions my wikipedia sources, then I will find it very dif-ficult to defend this note, but I think that it is still fair to say that there were a lotof very “big lies” being mass coded into the society, especially in 1945, and under-standably so, as one way or the other the disaster of World War II from the British

perspective (pointless deaths, nuclear bombs dropped by its allies, emergence of Soviet Union as global superpower, loss of India + Pakistan, and overall end of the British Empire) and more importantly the subsequent emergence of the potentially even bigger conflict of the Cold War somehow needed to be justified to both Mr Jones who lost his son and Mrs Smith who lost her husband, and sure as hell aristi- cratic by birth Churchill would not admit that he was the one to blame for Britain’s participation in the war. Luckily today we live in year 2014, though still, I will have to stop revisiting history at this point, as should I continue with at least some of the more delicate topics, not only the vast majority of you will regretfully find it to be too unbelievable to believe it (yes the concept of the “big lie” again), but also some of you would be even able to legally charge me, thanks to utterly unacceptable laws concerning the historical revisionism... which to be fair is of very little importance today anyway, other than to have some maintenance of logic and preservation of historical justice - assuming that it’s fair preservation is even possible, as again it is paramount for each person to learn to accept, that history, just like religion in a way, though it has only one set of facts, it still has at least seven billion versions... and thats just given today’s timesection.B. PISMO ŚWIADOME 12. 11/4/14 $1 I Sambergerism INTRODUCTION Since we had Marxism, Leninism, Keynesianism, and so on - I feel that the only way to call my new Ideology is Sambergerism. Mind you its ironic that all left wing revolutions are named after a person, while the right ones are not... in many ways signalling to me that honesty and reason is on the left, while deceit and inferiority is on the right, in the old nomenclature so to speak, as ironically as it sounds there is much more capitalism in communism than in capitalism itself, just look at the name. To the point Samberger...ism. Generally the principal philosophy which makes sense is Nietzscheism, not only because it correctly assumes constant evolution and rational egoism, with coding being an intermediate measure, which once flattened, would by nature lead to the evolution in the DNA... ending logically with that infamous final line of the Mein Kampf book which that... “A state which in this age of racial poisoning dedicates itself to the care of its best racial elements must some day become lord of the earth. May the adherents of our

movement never forget this if ever the magnitude of the sacrifices should beguile B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEthem to an anxious comparison with the possible results.”It is amazing how much out of context criticism Hitler got for this absolutely spoton long term statement, though he was due to lack of technology wrong to assumethat racial issues are of any importance in the short run, with the very long run dic-tating the evolutionary struggle. Now I am of course not defending concentrationcamps, assuming they existed as designated death camps, being in full belief thatlife should be protected at all cost, still however rationally believing in prioritisinglives of our gods, who are our children, over the lives of ourselves, who in the grandscheme of things are just the intrermiedate monkeys. If you do not understand thisthan decide if having one operation you will chose to save someone who is 18 orsomeone who is 70 - as bad as such choice would need to be. Still, I am consciousenough, as no doubt Hitler before me was, that at some point the coding differen-tials will be eliminated, that people will no longer be able to harass others by meansof illusions such as religions, art, brands, inheritance, intellectual property, and ul-timately money, which is the biggest illusion of them all, and the only one whichtoday I realistically do not foresee myself being able to eliminate. I will howevereliminate, hopefully by 2040, and at latest by 2050 all other illusions aside frommoney - and if you doubt me - stop being a full, and either shut up in your monkeycage, or join me as the ubermensch warrior fighting for the good of the universe -though I doubt that many of you will join me for reasons of subconscious fear anddesire to be slaves. Luckily by the theory of tipping points I only need 12 apostolesto get the ball rolling, so whether you like me or not, the changes I tell you aboutwill come. Google theory of tipping points, Google 100th monkey effect, and askme about telepathy, as googling the last one will probably be pointless.BACKGROUND TO POLITICAL SYSTEMSReligions as illusions - we all understand this.Dictatorships, monarchy, some notion of democracy we understand - though asyou now know democracy in the current form is not a real democracy but PARTI-OCRACY of the few mediocracies, or at best harassment based democracy, whichforces everyone to take part in it. Polish Democracy will be the first system, fullydemocratic, which will assume that people are free to wake up and be free of po-litical harassment and forms of mass control. People will be free not to vote, notto participate in public life, and still be confident that life will go on and no maddictator will come to power based on 5% of fanatical support, only because 75%of people are exercising their right to not care to vote - and I understand them. Ipersonally do not like politics. I value only my work.BACKGROUND TO ECONOMIC SYSTEMSCapitalism we all know.Communism we all known.

B. PISMO ŚWIADOME Well Sambergerism dismisses both of these: 1. capitalism on the ground of multi-generational harassment via inheritance which cannot take place, as ghosts are not proven and hence their signatures are not valid. Furthermore inheritance is terribly inefficient from the economic perspective, cre- ating sleepy, inefficient afraid capital, non-mobile, non-creative, as people who did not earn their money are not in position to own it, and hence risk it. 2. communism on the basis of the fact that via lack of ownership it makes it im- possible for people to save and spend, as squirrels do before they go to sleep for the winter. People are free to make as much money as they want, without any income taxes, and ideally without any taxes at all. Nobody should be penalised for their hard work, even if their intelligence and hard work enables them to be significantly richer than others, as both conscience and hard work is part of their investment, be it intermediate or very long term. 3. Finally Sambergerism dismisses both communism capitalism, and of course all gay inbetween systems, as they are based on the illusion of money. BACKGROUND READING My Economics 101 note B patrz wpis nr 5. THEORY - no need for bullsh1t here RESULTS Sambergerism assumes that people will make their decisions based on their per- sonal happiness and utility, principally domaine levels. If hence I am proposed with two options for 10 year term ownership of: a) Ferrari F-430 b) Harley Davidson V-Rod I will make a decision on my dopamine level and not the perceived financial cost of each, choosing the one which will give me higher dopamine level and not illu- sionary net worth, and for most people it will probably be the cheaper of the two options. Similarly the production will be based in dopamine and not money, meaning that if someone enjoys making Harleys and hence their dopamine level is high, while

does not enjoy making Ferraris, then this product will be cheaper and not the other B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEway around. Now, this would have to assume that:1) dopamine is constantly observable, probably via some kind of connector to theblood stream, almost making people like robots - which one day we will all become2) dopamine can be invested, with someone offering to do something in exchangeof getting someone else, or a group of people, doing it later... logically the later thehigher the observable dopamine interest to both the owner of the benefit to come,and the obligator of its delivery3) the central exchange of information would be faster than today, eliminating thegridlocks that would come, again probably assuming mass telepathy or at worst thecentral point of dopamine exchange.Now at this point a society could indeed be regarded as perfect, with each personcontributing what they can, and getting out of it what they need - a marxian “utopi-an” assumption of today - though the word utopian is by definition evil, assumingsomething theoretically possible, but impossible only due to bad nature of humans.In the long term... there will be no utopia when there will be no illusions... only sci-fi... ie plans impossible to implement do to lack of technology.ROAD MAP TO GETTING THEREAny sailor knows that to sail against the wind, one has to assume a zigzag route,maneuvering left and right ideally with as minimal change as possible as each turncosts us speed. It is no different to get to Sambergerism.1. Firstly, today, in 2015-2020 we are able to eliminate all illusions, except capitalinheritance (slavery) for now.2. Once the world is united, and a Capital Union is formed, inheritance can alsobe eliminated 2040, and with the delay of a generation, as no person already bornshould be subject to the new rules.3. Only once all the illusions are eliminated, or at least eliminated as much as possi-ble, the general conscience will be flat and high, and only when the dopanometersare in general use with the centralised point of dopamine information, then onecould be able to introduce Sambergerism, what would ensure that people would dothe most adequate job to their liking and take the most adequate outputs to theirliking. This maybe would be possible circa 2100, or maybe even later. This is sci-fi,not utopia, as technology does not allow this to happen today - albeit we are not asfar away from it as people might generally think.One more point. People are principally not evil, but only afraid of misinformation.

B. PISMO ŚWIADOME Very few people would complain about their role in the universe if they were fully conscious of it. I.human krzys, I am not complaining that I am not the sun or the moon, as I am human and i take this as given. Of course I want to be successful as I can be. Everyone else is in the same position. I am however not envious of Bill Gates, as he has worked hard, and I respect this. Basically in many ways once the conscience information would be available to all, and with fair start, people would not complain that Brad Pitt is married to Angelina Jolie, as their respective dopanometers would indicate that they are the social best match for each other - assuming of course that they are. In the same way people would be allocated to various tasks and services - and they would be happy with this - as crazy as it seems now - as happiness and emotions are relative, so just as few thousand years ago cave people needed to crack few hears with the bludgeon just to feel some emotions, people of the future will be able to look at the sun and derive the pleasure from it, being in perfectly still position - dopamine high. To end this part, it should be noted that the next step that humanity needs to take is adapting Polish Democracy with the uniform capital and tax structure, enabling elimination of slavery, which today still exists due to inheritance and subsequent self-defence mechanisms that the unconscious people apply in order to compensate for their lack of self-worth. There should be no mismatch between once social status and level of conscience, not only as it is a serious risk to the person in question, leading to problems, even suicides, but also because it does not serve the basic public good which is ... that everyone is born equal. CONCLUSION Sambergerism is essentially: Capitalism without inheritance and without illusion of money = Communism with ability to store and without illusion of money guess that I could write a long manifesto on this, but it would be pointless as the logic is outlined, and the reason for my writing it is purely egoistic, ie to be the first to come up with it, not for monetary gains, but for that of my own dopamine production which I will boost the moment when I click on the button... “Publish”. 13. 12/4/14 HI IDEOLOGY 101 IDEOLOGY Not being in position to verify the author’s intentions, I generally dislike quoting others, but today I will do an exception.

THE BASICS: B. PISMO ŚWIADOME“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discusspeople.” - Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt,who most likely inspired by his wife’s leftist romantic ideology, decided to ally withthe communists (Soviets) and the colonialists (British) to fight essentially the free-dom fighters (all others except Poland and colonial France), regretfully winning,subsequently having the right to alter the history and coding, and somewhat forPartiocratic reasons conveniently entering into a new war that lasted another 50years. War is a great friend of every partiocracy.THE INTERMEDIATE FACTS:“You can’t connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them lookingbackwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.You have to trust in something: your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Becausebelieving that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence tofollow your heart, even when it leads you off the well worn path.” - Steve Jobs, inventor, creator, visionary, orphan, self-made billionaire,as always interpreting the above is not easy, especially as this quote has 69 wordsand 322. To me the most important message there is not about the dots, but aboutthe believe - as no human being will be able to survive without believing in some-thing: religion, work, family, and in the best case themselves. Still this believe isabout ideology.“In any fight it is the guy who is willing to die who is going to win that inch. And Iknow if I am going to have any life anymore it is because, I am still willing to fight,and die for that inch because that is what LIVING is.” - Oliver Stone, screenplay of the movie “Any Given Sunday”, attendee of Yale,self-enlisted Vietnam War veteran, also the writer of landmark movies like: Alex-ander (2004), Evita (1996), Nixon (1995), Natural Born Killers (1994), JFK (1991),Born on the Fifth of July (1979), Wall Street (1987), Pluton (1986), Scarface (1983),Conan the Barbarian (1982).I believe that the message of this quote needs no explanation... but just in case “areyou willing to die for your ideology?”. If not, then you do not have it.THE ADVANCED FACTS - no quotes to rely on:Hitler and Lenin played chess together, and it is very likely that they have met on atleast one occasion both being part of the same “German” nationalists circle, Hitlerbeing a self discovered German and Lenin being a “German spy”. Now one meeting

B. PISMO ŚWIADOME between the two would be enough to leave a significant impact on both men as their views of the world were so ideologically identical, albeit distinctively different, later leading to the ultimate, till now, World War II - or the battle of the ideologies of two men. Both men would agree that Partiocracy is idiocy, Hitler stating in Mein Kampf that: “Sooner will a camel pass through a needle’s eye than a great man be “discovered” by an election” Both would agree that monarchy is idiocy, albeit here Hitler would naturally be more inclined to believe that in it than Lenin. Both were evidently extremely capable, though when they met (c. 1908 - 1910) Le- nin was already a very respected revolutionary after his 1905 attempt, while Hitler being still young, but very talented man, would no doubt analyse every word from Lenin’s mouth perhaps with over-needed diligence - later connecting perhaps few dots too many, including that to be Jewish is to be communist, a fair assumption if he was to assume that communism is the romantic virus code of the utopia for the people who have no country of their own. One can also add to this, somewhat romantically, history of Alma Mahler, an exam- ple I already described in the past; B patrz wpis nr 4. which would also incorporate Stalin into the picture, another man of great char- acter, and in a way of much more similar nature to Hitler than to Lenin - though having myself once been utterly obsessed with various women, to the point of in- sanity, I can now fully confirm that revolutionary struggle is a significantly bigger dopamine booster than the feeling of love, even one in the most platonic type (i.e. dopamine rich). CONCLUSIONS: Wars are about ideology. Ideology knows no tolerance of other ideologies. Man without the ideology is the lost man. Happiness is about ideology and believe. Man with the ideology cannot be defeated.

14. 23/4/14 1E IAnimal-Chordatas-Mammal-Priamte-Hominid-Homini-Homo-Sapiens-Uber-menschIntroductionFor a change let’s start with something strong.“A state which in this age of racial poisoning dedicates itself to the care of its bestracial elements must someday become lord of the earth. May the adherents of ourmovement never forget this if ever the magnitude of the sacrifices should beguilethem to an anxious comparison with the possible results”Most history books will tell you that this quote, taken from the last two sentences B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEof the conclusion of the Mein Kampf, is the rant of the madman, imbecil and idiot,one-ball masturbator and urine deviant, the evil of all evils, Hitler. I will howeverattempt, not for the first time, to somewhat change this stereotype, and not withthe view of being forcefully controversial, as many naively think I want to be, butbecause rationally I have no other choice, but to defend Hitler, even if some uncon-scious people in their infinite wisdom tell me that by doing so I lose my reputation,also decreasing the chances of success of the planned revolution. Still, they couldnot be more mistaken… and here is why:1. Logically it is impossible for me, or others, to do the revolutionary change tothe Homo-Sapiens-Ubermensches, without first clearing from wrongdoing ev-ery Homo-Sapiens-Harasser - including Hitler, Stalin, all mums or absent dads,all ex-boyfriends and all ex-wives, and pretty much everyone regarded today asevil from murderers to rapists. In essence you cannot blame the monkey for beingthe monkey, or better still, the unaware child of doing something wrong, or eventhe unconscious adult for doing something that they were not conscious of beingwrong, and remember that one can judge someone only with the conscious of thatperson, and not of our own privileged coding of the future. After all the peopleof the future will regard us as barbarians, not only because ever present political/religious/illusion harassments, but also because of tolerating property of intellect,including not giving medicine to people who cannot afford it, even though the realpost-development production cost of medicine is pretty much zero. Since in thefuture history we are all barbarians already, then lets be very careful judging otherbarbarians in the present history.So to Homo-Sapiens-Harassers (HSH). Luckily here, I do not even have to applythe issue of one being conscious of their wrongdoing - like the Sentinelese peoplenot being aware of breaking the Indian law when they killed intruders to their is-land, as I can simply state that ALL EVIL ON EARTH IS DONE AS THE RESULTOF HARASSMENT OF HMH BY HSH, WHO REACT WITH HARASSMENT

B. PISMO ŚWIADOME TO DEFEND, what logically vindicates all evil people on this planet, and is a major statement of philosophical support of the need to carry out the Polish Revolution, which leaving the world harassment free will hence create new mass coded civili- zation, with eliminated crime and evil and basic stupidity as we know it today. Yes, Polish Revolution and Polish Democracy is not just another intellectual idea, but an elementary part of the evolution of life - and thats why I can guarantee that next year it will succeed, even though today it is still known only to the largely accidental few. 2. From the law of physics and waves, if we agree that devil and god are the same person, but merely with the different application of their powers, hence if I am to become the ubermensch, naturally forcing others to upgrade too, then by the certainty of physics I will need to become a higher, o wave with higher amplitude than Hitler was, as otherwise I, and everyone, will forever remain in Hitler’s shadow making any revolution impossible to take place. This is elementary maths. 3. Finally, yes I do think that Hitler, Napoleon, Frederick II, Alexander the Great, and few others, were, often, and largely due to the specific conditions of their up- bringing like heavy childhood, father issues and so on, well they were in terms of conscience well above the standard level of social conscience of their respective periods, what inevitably led to their success, even though their future was far from certain when they were lost teenagers. Indeed in number of my decisions I open- ly declare my copycat tactic aimed to develop the understanding of their strategy, like that of being vegetarian to try to understand the logic of others who were also vegetarian, or my obsession with being isolated from bad coding, or perhaps most validly, my attempt to force the use of certain senses and blocking various body functions with aim of sabotaging the laws of nature. Actually on the issue of na- ture, let me share with you one more simple trick – and this most likely applies to men only, as I cannot comment on the body of female with such certainty as on the body of men, regardless of the ‘gender’ policies I em encoded with. In essence next time you need to take a loo in the bathroom – delay this moment till you are literally unable to walk, and certainly unable to focus your thought on anything else but doing the loo, finally going to the bathroom even if it were to cost you all your money, watching the urine drip as if you were 70 and had a prostate cancer. Now, the moment you will actually finish taking the loo, and it might take few minutes, you will feel such charge of power that your hearing, eyesight and generally speed of the processor will increase almost as if you had taken cocaine or some other boost- er. Your body which only minutes earlier was literally dying (for the piss) focusing its entire energy on it, will now suddenly become alive with power and processor speed. Sounds impossible? Well... try it... its still much easier than refusing to cli- max for months on months, what will make you do wonders to enable you to do it, just as few million years ago it transformed the monkey’s hands from the purpose of walking to that of masturbating. Biology, you can’t cheat it. Anyway lets return to the topic of the Homo-Sapiens-Ubermensches, as if things

go well, this note will form the cornerstone of evolution and Polish Revolution ide- B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEology, and remember that it is the conscience of the ideology and not the speed ofbullets that are the most important of the weapons and the only weapons capable ofmaking our planned global invasion real.####################################################################Primer on EvolutionIt might help to read Conscience 101 in advance of this reading. B patrz wpis nr 7.First of all it is essential that we understand that evolution is the process, and notthe measure taken once every thousand or million years like we were taught in ourbiology textbooks. Hence, once upon the time, say 4.5 billion years ago life wasbought to Earth, most probably in the form of some ever sex obsessed bacteria –and on this issue remember that all living subconscience is ultimately that of thebacteria, and for those who will learn the skill of manipulating others you will seethis very clearly as every move we make is obsessed with sex. Then at some pointbacteria formed animals, and then from animals came chordates… or the symmet-rical animals which once upon the time I discussed as natural proof that number2 indeed very special (in addition to the usual special numbers of –infinity,-1, 0, 1and infinity that are valid for any sanity checks and logical optimisation decisions).Then from Chordatas emerged the Mammals, and from Mammals the Primatesand then subsequently, and quickly in that order: Hominids (nice place to see theirremains is Georgia), Hominis, Homos, leading to the Homo Sapiens that we areregarded to be.So as of today’s biology book we are:Animal-Chordatas-Mammal-Priamte-Hominid-Homini-Homo-Sapien.Still, tomorrow this will change. You see since the Homo sapiens are the only con-scious species that still have now conscious slavery and harassment, hence no won-der that our biological evolution has stopped, as until the moment in which we areunable to harass each other with just the coding, the evolution will no longer beable to force humans into testing of the will, and subsequent differentiation on thegrounds of biology. Interestingly evolution process will hence restart, or at leastgreatly accelerate after the Polish Democracy is globally implemented, eliminatingnot only harassment, but also the inheritance slavery to money and subsequentharasment, hence upgrading the:Animal-Chordatas-Mammal-Priamte-Hominid-Homini-Homo-Sapiens

B. PISMO ŚWIADOME to Animal-Chordatas-Mammal-Priamte-Hominid-Homini-Homo-Sapiens-Uber- mensches and leaving behind to history books all Animal-Chordatas-Mammal-Priamte-Hominid-Homini-Homo-Sapiens-Harass- ers which we are today. #################################################################### Back to the Introduction Hitler was hence correct to state, that given time, if not already actually - as how would we know that and who would be first to admit it, Homo Sapiens will also subdivide, though please relax, as this is where Hitler’s logic stops. Firstly he was wrong to include the role of the state in the evolution, as in no logical circumstances the state has the right to interfere into the evolution process itself, apart from, and this will be no doubt debated too, by raising the conscience of the people and hence by doing so eliminating the counter-evolutionary irrational be- haviours such as; (i) harassment of masses by the politicians and creators of religions, (ii) harassment via establishment of intellectual property – as logically nobody has the right to pre-own ones thoughts, (iii) trans-generational harassment of others by pushing of the illusion of money, especially drug money that lead to mismatch of ones social standing to their con- science. Secondly Hitler was wrong, as the evolution of Homo-Sapiens, into Homo-Sapi- ens-Ubermensches (vs Homo-Sapiens-Harassers) will happen, if not has already happened, solely on the basis of conscience, and conscience is not related to skin colour, muscle size, or even penis or breasts size, though it is related to the power of the will and pain that one is able to endure in gaining it, as make no mistake, becoming conscious is the painful process, that can lead to tears - and remember that tears are just the side effect of the brain activity. In essence, the Homo-Sapi- ens-Ubermensches is by elementary logic the most conscious of the Homo-Sapi- ens, though naturally in addition to pure processor power, it will be aided with better eyesight, hearing, smell and other senses, though only if it is bought to the conscience level, for even though it is likely that subconsciously I am able today to smell a virgin 50 km away from me, just like the snakes can, consciously I am not

able to control that, though luckily thanks to the evolution I am conscious enough B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEto know that snakes are not conscious of their ability to control this either, enablingme to hence use the basic logic to extrapolate my senses and to even combine theminto new powers. By the way, on the issue of snakes and evolutionary standing, Iam also conscious enough, back from my carnivore days, to know that snake meattastes like soft chicken, unlike the crocodile meat which tastes like chewy chicken,and so that we put this into the right evolutionary perspective, I doubt that in returnsnakes can tell how I taste.To concludeHomo-Sapiens-Ubermensch is a variant of Homo-Sapiens who is conscious of itsown coding, its own social position, its own skills. Homo-Sapiens-Ubermenschdoes not need to harass others, is certainly not a “hater”, and most importantly isunable to blame anyone, but themselves for their failures. Furthermore, Homo-Sa-piens-Ubermensch generally feels somewhat sorry for the Homo-Sapiens-Harass-ers, and importantly he or she will stop at nothing to ensure that their ubermenschchildren also join him/her as the Homo-Sapiens-Ubermenshes and not return tothe corrupt inferior coding of the Homo-Sapiens-Harassers.####################################################################Now the note about myselfIt increasingly appears to me, that unlike stated earlier, as a revolutionary I do notneed to be the first of Homo-Sapiens-Ubermensches, but the last of Homo-Sapi-ens-Harassers, what even though places me in identical position on the ladder ofconscience as the first Homo-Sapiens-Ubermensch, it has a very significant impli-cation to others and to the Polish Revolution itself, as contrary to my earlier opinionI will not be pulling the society upwards towards me, but pushing it upwards awayfrom me, giving me hence the ability to force apply conscience upgrade to everyone,and only once successful, ultimately myself. Frankly it is a nightmare position to bein, and the evolutionary challenge like few others ever faced my the life itself.So for now - do support the revolution - by liking it, sharing it, joining it, speakingabout it to your colleagues, families, potential investors and sponsors… and do thisegoistically only for yourself, yes only out of your own egoism and desire to upgradeyour operating system, especially as to be brutally honest with you, it makes nodifference if you are talking about it openly or not, as telepathically you are all al-ready pushing the snowball of conscience forward, in the same way as back in 1952the macaque monkeys did on the island of Koshima in Japan. Google “hundredthmonkey effect” for more details. Physics – you can’t cheat it.Animal-Chordatas-Mammal-Priamte-Hominid-Homini-Homo-Sapiens-Uber-mensch-Telepathia.

15. 7/6/14 I PHILOSOPHY 101 THEORY Philosophy, being at the same time the subject both most important and most use- less, both most logical and least practical, both most current and most outdated, in essence, most extreme, is essentially an eternal battle of two camps: A. We are good B. We are bad Rest of it, including religions, ethics, esthetics, logic, tok, is just a derivative. It is hence time that we upgrade the field of philosophy from the level of the ho- mo-sapiens to that of the ubermensch, and incorporate time to it, the only ingre- dient that matters actually, the god so to speak, which is essentially divided into (i) past and (ii) future, with widely used present being impossible to capture.B. PISMO ŚWIADOME This is very important, as: Bad + good = 0 Past + future = 0 I know that I know nothing. Nothing is impossible. Everything can happen. In essence, there is only ONE way to understand such contradictions, making them both important uni- versal life guidelines and of course great marketing catch phases. Impossible is nothing. Adidas. So here comes my own revolution into the field of philosophy. Incorporating time, we can now either: 1. accept that we are bad, and from now become good. 2. lie to ourselves that we are good, and continue to do evil. Clearly biology, physics, chemistry - all point to 1. Me too. It hence seems that after the fields of science, economics, conscience, politics, re- ligion, history, art, business and few other areas, the revolution just go the new supporter - the field of philosophy. So let me tell you this clearly: IT IS NOW OFFICIAL, that if you are reading this, and you are not supporting the revolution... you are a victim of cognitive disso- nance, or in simple terms, an idiot in denial, no doubt following the rulebook de- rived from above point 2., or perhaps alternatively its some twisted non time incor- porating derivative. Of course the vast majority of you will not change, also being in denial of even reading this note, what is naturally fine with me – after all you

form the society who consider me to be the criminal, the honour which I am and B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEwill continue to adequately remind you of, and something that like with so manybefore me gives me great powers, even if I obtained them somewhat subconsciouslyas how could I have predicted such turn of events. Still, we are where we are so letsmove on to...PRACTICEIn the final part lets incorporate the philosophical theory with real life, and here thesingle most important pleasure of life is dopamine, something that today I Evo, likethe mystical “energy vampire”, I am consistently redistributing in my direction, bothits past resources and its future ones. You can call it the dopamine karma. After alldopamine makes you feel good, dopamine makes you catch time, dopamine makesyou read ones subconsciense, and dopamine makes you use your telepathy powers.Regretfully today, due to largely a technology defect, we are still unable to use do-pamine either as the mode of exchange for our time (services and products) or thestorage of happiness, and as stated in the note Sambergerism, until we do that, asthe society we will rely on tolerating the illusion of money, recognising it, as goodpeople do, that it is a necessary evil and a backbone of the way our society functions.Greed is good, as greed creates money, and money via some derivative redistrib-utes dopamine. Making money is hence a fundamental code and value system onwhich all conscious beings operate, even if they already happen to have a lot of it- as having more of it will make others have less of it. Naturally there is a conceptof highly diminishing utility of money, but overall for the conscious individual itnever reverts into the inferior good as worst come worst one can just burn it. Thisis the law of nature. Now from my personal perspective knowing this, and beingalso in possession of one excellent investment opportunity in Poland that takes intoaccount the once in the generation ‘change of law’, I will now let everyone choose, ifthey will continue to obey their code of greed, or if like the uttermenshes, they willnow apply the cognitive dissonance, what frankly makes very little difference to me,as them doing this will still redistribute so much of their dopamine in my direction,that like the soulless creatures who were in contact with the devil himself, they willnow forever wonder about the actual purpose of their existence on Earth… or morelikely lack of it, My own little certain impass.Bluntly. Investment requires PLN208m, planned return is upto PLN2.8 billion, allon the back of the change in law concerning…… the waste disposal which enters Poland on 24th of January 2016, the furthestaway date possible that was acceptable by the EU. More other hints to the dealcoming later, plus feel free to carefully review my posts and comments from the pastthirteen months - the hints were everywhere. Philosophy of greed, or can’t cheat it, even though being now aware of the above rule 1., you shouldconsider it to be the necessary evil... but still necessary. #...

16. 21/6/14 1E S I Evolution 101 Conscience is about gathering and connecting dots, about identifying and predict- ing patterns, about trading the curve… microseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, seasons, years, decades, generations, centuries, millennias, ages, epochs, eras, and eons… and right now we are in the unique moment of sec- ond to eon of summer. Yes, it is 12.01 of 21st June 2014AD, start of the SUMMER. Those who remember elementary maths, will remember the concepts of local and absolute minima and local and absolute maxima, and some will extrapolate this logic to better understand human obsession with seeing the answer to what hap- pened first, and to what will happen last. Having the first and last dots enables intrapolation, and that is often the fertile ground for all the illusionists. Provide the potential solution for this equation and some people will make you god, even if by doing so they will on the surface chose to enslave themselves and more likely their children. Why? Well, for the same reason why George Lucas made his Star Wars movies… for the money.B. PISMO ŚWIADOME As for dots, anyone who as the child was playing the game of connecting the num- bered dots which once completed gave some picture of say the Mickey Mouse, re- members that while connecting the first dots and the last dots was fun, connecting the longest dots was the most fun as one needed to find out where it goes, so where- as understanding cosmic inflation and DNA rate of change is immensely important from the view point of first dots, and the realisation that coding of future admin- istration will be based on Polish Democracy system and with time incorporating minimal administration, perhaps run by some HAL9000, still it is connecting the patterns of some one million dots apart that recently gave me the highest levels of dopamine. Evolution revisited Despite being endangered species today, some one million years ago lions were the masters of the Earth; merciless, noble, undivided, not to mention kosher and halal in their killings. Interestingly lions do not hunt when they are not hungry, and even more interestingly the prey does not run away from them when the lions are not hunting. Monkeys on the other hand, being outforced by the lions were restricted to occupy the trees, effectively driven away by the process of evolution. This in turn developed hands, joints, and flexible body, but it was an accident of a different processes, a flashback from billion years ago that guided the monkeys to become human - the simple energy of thunder that hit the monkey tree, giving the monkeys fire. The dots connecting humans with fire were well described by the Oxbridge educated

Harvard vegetarian primatologist Richard Wrangham in his book “Catching Fire: B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEHow Cooking Made Us Human”, and it essentially states that monkeys by learningto control fire (most probably by discovering that grilled bananas tasted great) havemanaged to save time and energy on digesting the raw food, releasing the energyfor other functions, most notably brain development. Indeed if one were to put thestatistical model for various land Earth controlling species, and one were to includethe dammy variable of “fire” its R-squared would be… 1. Only human beings con-trol fire.Back to evolution though, and as we can now safely say that monkeys and hence hu-mans are the accident of evolution and that the lions can feel very much outplayedin the last minute in this evolutionary struggle, having provided peace and stabilityto only see cheeky evil monkeys return from their forest with arrows, shotguns,nuclear weapons, political ideas and religious wisdoms.ConclusionMost importantly however, the realisation that this evolution, one million yearsago took a sudden unexpected by the biology twist, makes it possible for us to nowboth predict the reversal of this past local maxima, and establish the current localminima, which in evolutionary context will grant monkeys the lion’s operating sys-tem, also restarting the entire process of evolution, as those of you thinking thatour blackberries and iphones are the sign of our evolutionary progress are implysuffering from mass cognitive dissonance order. Human brain is getting smallerand smaller, though something is telling me that for the next at least million yearsthis pattern will now be reversed… and all thanks to the elimination of monkeyharassment gene, ie the politicians, the religions and the drug inheritance slavery,but I will let you use the forthcoming summer months to work out the exact details.komentarze na Facebook17. 28/6/14 1IConscience 102CODING REVISITEDThe word conscience is build from 10 letters, of which four are valves and six areconsonants, and more importantly which can be split into two words, con and sci-ence.First names have ranks and popularity, with popularity of some names being a de-

B. PISMO ŚWIADOME rivative of their use in the coding, or media, or religions. Most popular names for Christian cultures are biblical, most popular names for Muslims are qur’an based and most popular names in Jewish cultures are from tora. No wonder, since there is a widely statistically valid concept of “copycat suicide”, than there is also a valid concept of name copying, not only after popular pop stars, but also odd ones like Yeltsin for one of Costa Rica gladiators, or even Samberger in Zambia, in honour of my father who saved the boys life during his birth. Different cultures different traditions, though increasingly these are disappearing, and it all starts with unicode and language copying. For instance, when i see my friends irregularly, as I increas- ingly do, I can shut up and listen to their conversations, and I can tell from both the topics and even the use of their language who is reading my facebook posts, and who is not. Freaky, and one of the many advantages of learning to listen rather than to speak. Now, if one adds to the above few potential delusions, and the idea of the butterfly effect, we can even work out, that someone by being the most decoded person in the world, but at the same time being still connected to coding it, what is unique from the historical perspective and only possible due to the emergence of simple internet 2.0 technology, and namely facebook, well that this person can be responsible for coding of the entire population. In fact its not even the matter of delusions, and its really simple. As of today I have 802 friends on facebook - whom I will make of public visibility today, and this number is by the way quickly decreasing, and will at some point reach 0, the real number, but more about that some other time. I also have few, or many, regular silent readers, most likely including Inna - ciao girl - why are you wasting time rather than flying over here?! - and many people openly tell me this when I meet them in person, something not without importance to me as my posts are not done out of boredom, but act as a diary, and also some form of educational insurance for my children whom I have not seen for three years now. Back to the point. 802 people, of which most speak English, but some not well enough, what has a positive and negative impact, as not having the clue what I read they can underestimate or overestimate what I have in mind, something frequently done with poems, or single meaning advertising contradicting catch phases like “I know that I know nothing”, “nothing is impossible”, or lately, more dictatorship like “#all or nothing”, giving me the delusion into the changes that are quickly happening on the social level, potentially, also due to my small decoded coding. You see 802 friends and few other readers, some of them female, many very powerful, acting as an inspiration to hundreds of men, some of whom in turn inspire hundreds of thousands of people.... masses really, meaning that either directly or indirectly everyone, will receive part of my coding, or even anti-harassment harassment. This is certain. Conscience One word i hence see an increasing use of is “conscience”. It is of course also the

word which since discovering another levels of, I somewhat also focused my recent B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEexistence on, and before someone accuses me of delusion of thinking that I am thesource of this trend, to be fair not an impossible scenario, especially if one were tobecome familiar with the works of Alma Mahler, well I should explain that I am ofcourse aware that there are many many other potential variables to the increasinguse of this word, including overall individual progress, and Alma herself and herimpact on Freud, Jung, Hitler, Stalin, Mahler, Klimt, Kokoschka, Bernstein andso on - please note the presence of classical composers - via butterfly effect theycode masses of people. Naturally I also take into account my potential paranoia,as well as internal driven factors, after all when one is thinking about sex, one seessex everywhere, what is also the reason why sex is the most frequent subliminalmessage, and should be, but we have been there, done that, and there is no reversalof opinion here, including that of polarisation of females between virgins and pornstars, or the servants and the slaves, the gods and the nymphomaniacs, the ones tobe not touched and the ones who love to be beaten till they lose conscience. Sex,sex and sex.So ensuring that your conscience engines are working properly now, I will get tothe point of this note.When I watch the gladiators competing in Brazil, and so far I have seen a lot ofgreat fights, wars, biting, tears, great teams ripping apart the “stars” like just nowChile winning over Brazil (its penalties now, 1:0 Chile), and I always support theunderdogs, not only for their gladiatorship spirit, but also for the happiness thatthey bring to their home countries, well when I watch these gladiator battles thecommentators, at least in Poland (Szpakowski, who by the way comes from thesame village as my grandmother), are very frequently saying:“The team is conscious that if they keep this score they will progress”“The defence is conscious that their opponents are powerless to challenge them”“The player is conscious of his speed”.Now technically he is not wrong in saying this and using the word conscience, asanyone who is not unconscious is conscious, and one could even argue in trueAyn Rand type of way that the unconscious one is the most conscious one, asyou see consciousness is a real bitxh, and though everyone has it at 0/1 level, fewrealise that they have less of it than others - and unless you happen to be the mostconscious person in the world - not impossible by the way, especially if you are theman and have worked on its development, you will not be conscious by the levelsof person above you. Add to this the elementary logic that the unconscious oneswill not understand the conscious ones, and realising this basic element of evolu-tionary struggle we are again ready to move on.

B. PISMO ŚWIADOME Firstly - the old Indian cast system is the conscious based division of people, and albeit the Indian cast system was so rigid that till today one can tell ones cast system by taking their DNA, the new much more dynamic world of unicode enables people to change their cast by working on it. Secondly - as many people have noticed, to gain conscience is to have pain, and while the use of above football terms seems bit vague, learning from loosing, would be perfectly valid example. So to summarize, perhaps it would be nice if people start to use this word in ad- equate situations. Third generation billionaires and monarchs tend to be some of the most unconscious people in the world, and on the opposite side of the curve, the innocent criminals tend to be some of the most conscious people in the world. In fact, one could even attempt to compose the statistical regression for conscience, though I will let new generations of scientists do this, as I already know the answer to what it would be. It is hence, with great happiness that it has just passes 20.50, marking the official start of Ramadan, which I will this year experience, all part of my conscience gain- ing battle, training my will power muscles which will lead me to triumph. 18. 25/7/14 X I Politics 101... and the end of it. Lets start with some autobiographical showing off. I might as well, since the chanc- es are that number of leaders of key Polish political parties are right now evaluating me from the perspective of the revolution, and more importantly their support for my 2015 elections bid. The logic of the lottery elected parliament is unquestionable, though so far I have extensively written about this only in Polish, what makes sense, as this is the country that the revolution will liberate first. Anyway, as the child I was a big fan of chess, playing it on the daily basis in afterschool clubs till I was 11, when relocation to overseas boarding school marked the end of my chess prospects, and rightly so as chess is no profession for the real world. Still chess is a great game for training one’s mind, especially children, as it is not limited by the statistically set curriculum for kids, which does not include the tail ends, ie the children who are loosing every game, and more importantly the children who are winning every game. Of course I was neither, having won and lost a fair share of games, though some of the games I won I am still very proud of, including various regional and national tournaments. Some games were even fairly landmark, as it is not often that you see a 9 year old kid beat the adult national champion, even if it was only in the simultaneous game - and the hating haters are welcome to check the history records: international competition in Bialka, mid-September 1988. I tell you this in the introduction, not only to reassure the political guys that I am the right man to

manage the revolution, but also so that some of you are aware of the fact, that some- B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEtimes when things that I write do not appear to make sense, it is not necessarily dueto the fault of my wrong choice of letters - though forced modestly I will admit thatof course in many cases it will be.Anyway moving on now, today I will focus on harassing the hell out of the field ofpolitics, destroying it forever, and doing so not by the sole graph as before: A patrz wpis nr 61.but by pure economic theory derived logic, from the simple economic model ofperfect competition. It is indeed surprising that I have never connected these dotsbefore, especially being familiar with all the models of political cycles and so on, buthere we are, we learn new things everyday, especially during Ramadan of course,and perhaps due to the need to connect the dots that I have seen very far apart thisprocess took so long, or at least slightly longer than the realisation that we are allinfected with the 1 million year old accidental monkey hate gene, which by the waywe will be soon looking to eliminate.To work. In economics there are essentially the following market models: perfectcompetition, imperfect competition, oligopoly, duopoly and monopoly. Generallyit is assumed that perfect competition is the only perfect model, with everythingelse being somewhat accidental or harassment driven setup, so for instance in im-perfect competition you will have branding power and its appeal and ability forcompanies to differentiate on that basis (in politics you could call this racism andfascism), while in oligopoly and duopoly and monopoly you will have price fixingelements, be it deliberate or natural due to the game theory phenomenon.Now with political parties the situation is similar. You have the lets all harass ev-erybody model of imperfect competition like in Italy or lately Ukraine, and onceupon the time in Poland too, where there are a lot of meaningless fighting parties,or you have the American and British model of postmonarchy duopoly, where youhave two parties exchanging leadership, though most people would today agreethat in reality they are really just a monopoly pretending to be a duopoly to offerpeople a coca-cola / coca-cola diet type of choice, or illusion of freedom. Now thisis for the closed single country model. In the international world, again you havea traditional setup of monopoly, or hegemony of for many say US, though they areall wrong including Huntington, and then you have duopoly, with Hitler vs Stalinbeing a good example, and again you can look at this from the holistic point ofview and realise that there is also a monopoly setup, today with partiocrat electedpresident Obama of United States interchanging the largely arranged blows with hiscounterpart, another partiocrat elected president Putin of Russia. This is a clearlyvisible now, when both parties are apparently getting into disputes like sanctions,

B. PISMO ŚWIADOME and so one, though in reality they are both at least in principle fully willing to ar- range the Third World War on fixed terms, exchanging planned blows, at the same time making more space for the surviving figures, eliminating debt and kick start- ing the economy to rebuild what will be destroyed. Geopolitics is not the place to have emotions. In chess such a war is just a simple exchange of figures, sometimes smaller and sometimes bigger, but the purpose of it is the same, to effectively clean up the board as the game is coming to the stalemate dead end, with both players believing they will be better off, as they are analysing a different set of post ex- change permutations. One could forecast that especially in the current situation of the dire recession, such “war fixing” would make perfect sense, after all its better to have a brutal uniting war than face the embarrassment of yearlong government shutdown which in US already took place twice, not to mention the spiralling out of control decade long stagflation, lack of scarce resources, oversupply of needless people, and so on. Cats kill their kittens, and so do the partiocratic leaders, and the realisation of this comes to them not even through the global world war, but just with the small loss of simple 300 lifes of some jet, or bodybags of some soldiers. In summary, it appears that the current global partiocratic setup is exactly that, with the world slowly but surely heading to the managed fixed major conflict. You see people in the current times have also majorly fallen victim to the totally surreal illusion that life has some major value, thinking in a very short term way about the tragedy of death, living every plane accident or criminal behaviour, not to mention the countless orbituaries that not only create supply for the services of the clergy, but also feed the rollout of the media. In reality humanity has never had such brainwashed approach to concept of death, as once one gets past the illusion that death is bad, death will always be seen as a liberation at least for the person who is dying, though a potential problem for the ones who are dependant on them, be it for reasons of financial dependency or just plain psychological solitude or mass third party external harassment of sorries, crying and so on. In ancient times the custom was different, and death was marked by dancing and joy, and assuming that the person who has died, did so fairly painlessly and ideally without expecting it, that person would most probably die fairly happy, assuming that they know that all their affairs were in order and no dependant parties are involved. One second you are reading your facebook account, and the next there is a big gas explosion in the basement of your house and you are gone just as quickly as you have arrived, and so what that people cry for you, even billions if needed, for you are no longer around to see it anyway, most probably enjoying something amazing that happens later, be it bad or good, just as you know going to bed that you will wake up in the morning. In addition to this pure psychological perception of death, there is of course also a pure logical analysis of this, incorporating the value of time, as at the end of the day, human life is only measured as time left till death, just as is the time value of humanity which as we discussed before is today market by the end of the end of our star the sun which is our sole energy supply. The concept of time is something that no doubt both Hitler and Stalin understood very well, not really worrying about a million deaths here, or two million there, especially when done

to people who in their parallel worlds would be seen as “polluted with bad code B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEbeyond repair”, as it was all done not out of evilness and wickedness, but out of theirinner belief of investing into some notion of greater good, be it in real world or theirdeluded world, but still it should be seen as a perfectly rational behaviour, just asthe concept of “fixing the war is today”, which is perhaps less of the political debate,and more of logical one, but it still moves us nicely to the next important topic ofeconomic politics, that of the natural monopoly.Now, I am clearly of opinion that the best economic system is that of perfect compe-tition, where you have ideally proxy voters chosen by lottery, and paid to carry outtheir due diligence to the best of their ability, ability which is increasing with timeand under perfect competition model ensuring that it is increasing uniformly andnot just going to the alleged elected few, though there are very rare situations, whenone could perceive that there is a temporary natural need for a monopoly, as thisgenerates the greatest efficiencies, and this includes issues of ideology, representedby both Hitler and Stalin, the tragedy being that in some way both Hitler and Stalinrepresented such similar systems that out of necessity they had to engage into theideological war that has no barriers at all, and very early on Stalin ensured that thisis the case by forcing Churchill and Roosevelt to agree in Teheran that there will beno armistice with Germany, eliminating the possibility of the draw which wouldbe a normal solution under the partiocratic “war fix”. You see the Stalin v Hitlerwar, was that of the battle of the messiahs, and the definition of the concept of themessiah has to it, that at any time there can only be one messiah on Earth, excludingof course scenarios when messiahs are not aware of each other, or one is convincedby the other that he or she was in the state of delusion, though when one engagesinto creation of illusions of messiah the process or rationality becomes significantlymore difficult, as mathematics and logic is rarely the background to the Disney likedreams and fantasies.So to conclude. Under partiocracy system, be it imperfect competition, duopoly,monopoly or even potential temporary states of true natural monopoly, you willalways have the war being the final solution. The only way to avoid this is situ-ation is establishing the perfect competition model for politics, and the only onewhich works like this if you were to either give everybody the vote, or via lotterychose the proxies for analysis of such votes. Of course giving everybody vote wouldseem more logical, but for time and practical reasons you cannot make everyonethe member of parliament as this is the full time profession requiring due diligence,court attendance, and taking on responsibility, as even under the Swiss model ofrepresentative democracy, there are still the political parties, with the public merelyparticipating in the referendum rather than being engaged in the decision makingprocess, which requires commitment of time and access to the expert opinion. Thishence leaves the only one suitable form of administration, today, is that of lotteryelected members of parliament, and perhaps even lottery elected officials as theyhad in some ancient cultures, though the modern ability of separating the roles ofsupervision from administration, would enable the lottery chosen representatives

to effectively nominate and supervise the administrators, who would as the slave subcontractors complete their functions as told, never for instance being allowed to engage into such policies as fixing the war for the alleged benefit of the masses. This is why, the most efficient administrative system, and it is official now, is that of Polish Democracy, and I am surprised that it took humanity so long to figure this out. One more thing, even though Polish Democracy minimises the chances of the occurrence of the war, it will not eliminate it, but marely channel it from the global organizes format to the more person to person level, at the sametime, stimulating the process of evolution, rather than controlled by fixed resets lack of it, and lets remember that whether we like it or not, not only “our time on this Earth is limited”, but so is that of the Earth in the Solar system, but this is the topic for some other day. 19. 28/7/14 1$ I Finance 101B. PISMO ŚWIADOME INTRO There is little doubt that whoever designed the current system, assuming that it could have one creator, was either a bad ass MF or an idiot, as that person designed the system from hell. The problem is not even the very idea of fractional reserve banking, which in ad- dition to sovereign deposit guarantee schemes creates a natural financial schizo- phrenia, where banks are in reality mutual funds, but with the guarantee on the size of losses status... plus each bank with the guarantee has every incentive to do everything that is as risky as possible, as the profits will be kept by the sharehold- ers, while the losses will be taken care of by the lenders, or ultimately afraid to lose power governments... hence the taxpayers. Only a total idiot could create such sys- tem of finance, dreaming that privately owned banks will self-regulate themselves, killing their natural instincts to make money. This is why financial crises happen, and this is why they will continue to happen until someone puts the definite end to this stupidity. Another very weak point of banking, if not in principle its weakest theoretical point, is that when the market competes on interest rates, as banks do, by definition the guy who lends someone the money is either miscounting the risk, or is outright stupid, or is perhaps enjoying the lowest cost of their own funding, but in essence - any competition on interest rate risk will end in failure of at least one bank who is miscounting the risk, what is of course fine in the mutual funds business, but not fine in the bank business where by definition its deposits are being protected by the government, which, as stated before is the case so that the governments do not lose

power, as surprise surprise, history from all cases shows that financial crisis usually B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEleads to the government change (French Revolution, Bolshevik Revolution, Hitler,end of communism, Albanian pyramid, and so on). Nothing brings people to thestreets more than taking their money away, or worst, freezing their bank machines,and one can clearly understand why. Just imagine going shopping for food for yourfamily and having your card declined. At the end of the day every war was aboutmoney.Of course putting the end to this stupidity will not be easy. The disease of the sys-tem is such that in reality vast majority of banks are still pretending to do well, whilecrooking their books by effective use of accounting tricks, most importantly us ofthe purchase accounting vs the mark to market one. Logic here is that difficult tovalue assets are priced using some obscure “out of the hat” way, creating for instancethe loan business in which the interest rates are very low when compared to the realmarket rates. I guess that when one is lending not their own money one only caresabout the immediate upfront fee, and not about the long term risk - and rightly so- as people are egoistic, so anyone expecting charity bankers should imagine theirfun watching the football World Cup in which the players are only allowed to runbackwards. It will not happen, ever, which is why the bankers who are effectivelymanaging the biggest illusion the humanity has ever created, that of money, will tillthe moment the live domaine exchange is created (sambergerism) will remain themasters of the universe.To conclude, transformation of the bankrupt banking sector will take time, becausethe patient is so ill that incorporating the planned below changes is simply not pos-sible without the major government bailout, but government bailout is not possibleright now, as the governments themselves are in the dire need for the bail out. Thereis also an issue of jurisdictions, as banks being multinational are covered by manylaws, and frequent cross border cash draining exercises. I know for the fact thatamongst others, in say Poland, Millennium Bank finances its parent BCP, Pekao itsmummy Unicredito and Lukas Bank its daddy Credit Agricole, effectively drainingthe Polish economy of cash, which creates a web so complex that in reality anychange requires the centralised supervision process. Biology is difficult to beat, andreversing the idea of time flows is not easy.END MODELAt the end of our changes banking will work like this.1a. All balance sheet operations will be conducted by state owned banks with par-ticular focus, or even one bank with divisions: mortgage bank focusing on longterm deposits and mortgages, industry bank focusing on mid term deposits andloans, payment banks focusing on short term deposits and immediate loans, as wellas specialised banks like export, development, railways, and so on. Vast majorityof money invested by this government bank will be government projects and debt

B. PISMO ŚWIADOME instruments, but not all. Fractional reserve banking will of course be allowed here, as government will guarantee its own investments - as they do right now anyway. 1b. Private agencies will help in distribution and origination of 1a, including ser- vicing clients under their own agency brand, for the fee. This will create efficiencies in terms of service, baking the financial intermediation more of the long term in- frastructure industry, which it is slowly becoming anyway. In reality most physical offices of high street banks are destined to disappear anyway, as the most efficient model today is that of highly electronic banking. Post office and even the post church offices counters will be established. 2. Private banks will not operate under the fractional reserve model, but under the vault model, i.e. you will pay for security of depositing money and your ability to access it globally, rather than the bank will pay you for the right to lose your money. 3. Mutual funds will be the private banks which today operate under the frac- tional reserve model. They can do what they want, but they will not be covered by deposit guarantee schemes which totally distort the market. 4. A major distinction will be made between secured and unsecured loans, effec- tively killing off the business of private unsecured loans, including the credit cards, 10 minute loans, and other measures designed to pray on peoples weaknesses, as this industry is pure industry out of hell. Credit cards are given to people who are destined to default, but the investment rationale in giving them is that before they do default, they will first repay the principal in say 3-5 years, with everything after that point being the profit, or the simple slavery. It is the model based on defaults, and lack of presence or willingness of people to have personal bankruptcies for peoples fear of both reputation, sometimes prison (like in Arabic countries) and their prospects of getting say secured loans for houses or cars. Of course we will not ban people from lending money to each other, secured or unsecured, as it is both not realistic and against our principles of freedom, but after the finance revolution, anyone who defaults on unsecured loan will not have their credit affected for the secured financing, so only the idiot would then lend people unsecured financing, as I will be the first person to take the loans and default on them immediately without having any consequences on that default. This will in essence stop the current slav- ery operated model where people get themselves trapped by evil consumption ads, and I can tell you right now that financial world will not like this rule - but frankly - being a revolutionary that now am, I do not give a sh1t. We will nationalise all the banks anyway by the nature of rule changes and ending the deposit guarantee schemes, though the problem as stated earlier is that they are all bankrupt today. One more thing, the distinction between secured and unsecured financing will be so large, that for personal secured loans we will not even ask people for their proof of income, cash flow or business plan, for the secured deal should worry about the value of the security, and not the business plan of ones model, be it trading with

Africa, selling cocaine to kids, or giving head to granddads. It is nobody’s business B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEto analyse the income of people for the secured loans, as they are ... secured.5. The long term plan of the Polish Revolution is to have a system of very efficientprogramme of corporate loans, secured by the assets and value of the corporatesof course, so that the loans can finance the taking over of companies from peoplewho leave them behind after death. Family members of the people who die mighteven get the right of first refusal on getting the “takeover loan”, making their parentsextremely keen to ensure that their children are best suited to manage the companyefficiently. Government will finance these loans according to the demand, so ex-pect leverage finance costs to be significantly reduced, though still secured.Other changes will follow, but the entire system will be so simplified that vastmajority of current regulators will find themselves out of work, and with time allregulators will be out of work as we will aim to automat the entire process of ad-ministration following the logic “no man, no problem”.. People need educationand conscience awakening and not protection and slavery,. and there is no need toregulate efficiently designed models, and most importantly, contrary to the currentmodel which is mathematically certain to break every now and then, Polish De-mocracy will design the model so efficient that it will never break.Comments welcome. Silence more so. komentarze na Facebook20. 3/8/14 iii IEducation 101This is not revolutionary, so needs no explaining, but vital.1. Children must be taught from day 1.2. Children must be taught that: (a) people are no different to robots, as are other forms of life - including robots (b) there is good coding (c) there is bad coding (d) anyone can be coded either (b) or (c)3. Children must be taught that (a) THEY CAN ACHIEVE EVERYTHING, a banal statement, but a very im-portant, and Evo Hashtagger will be made an example of one human being, whoin all fairness was fairly disappointed with the humanity, has changed all the rules,

B. PISMO ŚWIADOME by combining many dots that were done in the past, so that the dots world can be greatly simplified, as this is where its beauty is. White and black is good. Grey is bad. (b) children are gods, parents are monkeys, as future is more important than the past 4. Children must be taught that: (a) life is the competition, a race of everyone against everyone, one massive cast system of conscience (b) humanity has done everything possible to make that competition as fair as possible (Polish Revolution was a great step forward here) (c) people should watch out for all conscious and subconscious methods of ma- nipulation, from politics to art and even science (d) there are endless illusions, from money, drugs, narcotics, alcohol, books, art, movies, religions, politics, all de- signed to make you sleep (e) respect the winners 5. There can be no censorship as it is not realistic. Instead children should be tol- erant of people in 2c, so say in pornography they can feel sad for the ones involved, or in wars, religions and politics appreciate both 2c and 2a. Priests, porn actresses, politicians are not enemies - they are simply ill coded. Yes this will create divisions between uttermenshes and ubermenshes. 6. Do not be afraid to break your own cycles of stupidity. It was not your fault, and neither it was your parents fault. It is also not the fault of religions. They did not know, for instance, that time does not exist, hence were naturally inclined to harass young ones with old ones, rather than make them look to the future. Time does not exist. 7. You have many notes to guide you. Get this information to kids very early on, as with 1 above. You will eliminate vast majority of problems we have today, though of course nature has its ways to create new ones, but this time, rather than competing on the size of ones bludgeon or even nuclear bombs, you will compete on the taste of one’s tea, and ironically, this will probably produce more dopamine in you than the cave people had - though proba- bly is the key word here. Caveman did have bigger brains than we did. Still the way forward for humanity is synchronized software and war on the back of hardware, or evolution. This is why Polish Revolution will be the last revolution of software. All the new ones will come from hardware.

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