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Published by Evo Hashtagger, 2015-03-12 05:58:01


Keywords: Rewolucja Polska Evo Hashtagger Polska Demokracja Prezydent


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22. 20/9/14 C P$ I Art 101 Long overdue, and as its Monday lunchtime it will be concise. BACKGROUND READING: C patrz wpis nr ###.B. PISMO ŚWIADOME WHAT IS ART? 1. There is art in everything we do… but only if... 2. Art is a way of expressing some idea, or ideology. For instance art of technology is in space travel or even formula 1. Art of dancing is in ballet. Art of cooking is in lately popular molecular cuisine. Art in politics is in the Polish Revolution. Art in clothing is in extreme sports (Adi Dassler as fashion designer). 3. 99% of “art” that you see is not art, as it is a subjective crap that you are being told to be art by the person who made it, but it usually lacks the ideology worth pursuit... except business, which is also an art, and even the religion. This is why 20th cen- tury in paintings and music, and even in literature, or the so called modern art, is “the period of utter art anarchy”, where any sh1thead who calls himself the artist is regarded as one (look at my 3D nail vanish paintings). It is not the case and future will be much stricter on identification of what is art and what is not, hence IF HE OR SHE IS NOT REPRESENTING SOME IDEA, THEY ARE NOT AN ARTIST. 4. Excellent example of point 3., are all the people who all the time spam me with rap and music and clips concerning the so called New World Order, which of course exists and might be regarded as a problem, but which just fighting against by identi- fication of this problem is just pure and empty hate UNLESS one offers the replace- ment for it, like we do in the Polish Revolution. 5. Culture, which is the subset of art, is dying. If you read background reading you will have realised that everything is cyclical. Food. Fashion. Ballet. Theatre. Music. Painting. Poetry. Literature. Photography. Film. Porn. Mix. Porn. Film. Photography. Literature. Poetry. Painting. Music. The- atre. Ballet. Fashion. Food. As the result expect various forms of art to simply die, and in more or less the same order in which they appeared, so last to come art in porn is already not an art, as soon neither will be film and photography - indeed I would argue that there is

already a huge decline in artistic popularity of both. Later, but maybe within ourlifetime will come the death of literature, and again I would argue that vast majorityof it today is not an art. Paintings will also die, especially once the inheritance ha-rassment is stopped, as this will invert the time structure of painting, with the freshones being most valuable and historic ones being assumed worthless for monetarygain. Remember that the line between antiques and rubbish is only present in theillusion... which will soon vanish.6. To clarify, death of various forms of art do not mean that they will cease to existas means of communications... they will exist, look at multi-billion porn industrytoday, or thousands of movies and billions of useless photos being made, but it onlymeans that they will not constitute ART as there will be NO IDEOLOGY in themto justify them the nomenclature of art. Emergence of fashion bloggers and selfiesis an excellent example here.7. All of the above is supported by physics. Sooner or later world will be full so fullof porn, and so full of movies, and so full of pictures, and so full of books and laterso full of paintings that there will be simply no room for more. Space is limited,even with expanding time.8. As art progresses, at some point you might even observe people singing to each B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEother on the streets and dancing as they walk amongst the metro crowds. Onewould argue that a good public or even business orator today is already singing,and the fast walking person in the crowd full of people is already dancing, not tomention Olympians or other gladiators.9. At all times remember that ART is just the way of expressing some idea, or ide-ology... even if it is somewhat cynically the art of making money, as if you happento be the new Picasso or Hurst or some fashion designer selling branded pointlessdesigns, you are not the artist as the painter or designer, but as the businessman...and I am sorry to say, but unless you really start to produce something o value...your days will be soon numbered. Illusions will die. This should be very clear toeveryone.10. And finally remember, that today there is no higher ideology than that of Pol-ska Demokracja. Not only it concerns every single person on the planet, but alsoreverses the mistakes done by the evolution on the scale of 1 million years. It is alsothe NEXT highest common denominator in nature.Go and create, but remember that if you have no ideology in what you are doing...then you are wasting your time, as well as the other precious scarce resources thathumanity has.B patrz wpis nr 14. C patrz wpis nr

23. 17/11/14 1 R I Hashtaggerism... or The End in the Asymmetry of Information. This will be quick. In physics its possible to get the Noble Prize with a single equa- tion, so there is no reason why one should not get the Noble Prize in Economics with the simple theory. Akerlof introduced us to the concept of asymmetry of information in products, dividing the world between peaches (good) and lemons (bad), where only the seller of the product knows... if is it a peach or the lemon... all due to the asymmetry of information, used cars being one example, virginity being another.B. PISMO ŚWIADOME Today we will extend this concept to politics using example of Poland.There are 30,636,537 voters in Poland, who base their decisions using information on post- ers, tv spots, election catch phrases. 99.99% of them have never met a single can- didate. Furthermore due to costs of reaching 30,636,537 people, both money wise and time wise, it is possible only for a very few candidates to take place in the elec- tions. The entire system is stupid, inefficient, and reduces people to the level of the sheep, via true prisoners dilemma forcing them to participate in the election of the monkeys, as not participating will give the right to chose the monkeys to someone else. A true system of slavery. The alternative system should be such that eliminates the asymmetry of informa- tion as much as possible, as logically when there is no asymmetry of information there is no illusion and there is no inefficiency. This can be applied to cars, women, politics, and at some point in the future market segmentation, eliminating imper- fect competition in favour of perfect competition, all due to introduction of perfect information.To politics. If the community of 30,636,537 decided to chose by lot- tery the 460 electors, proxies, who will be nominated to select on the basis of much superior information the right government, not only there will be an outcome of superior quality, but also there will be a significant cost savings and time savings in election process, also allowing the best candidates, and ideas, to come to power in the most efficient and quick format, significantly reducing the inefficiencies of governance system. For the same of the discussion we also do not engage into the concept of philosophical nature, the forcing of mass participation in elections be- ing nothing but slavery, utterly conscience destroying, not to mention mismatches of duration, where the interest of the politicians is on the election-to-election basis, whereas the interest of lottery selected benchers would be that of perpetuity, or at least as long term as imagination would warrant, minimum being ones death, extending the average duration from say 4 years (in Poland) to statistically certain 30-40 years, the number being a differential between the life expectancy and the average age of elected bencher. Also on the issue of statistics, it should be clearly noted that choosing the 460 benchers from the pool of 30,636,537 would yield a representation of at least 99%, and indeed it would be a significantly more repre-

sentative body of REPRESENTATIVES than the skewed to certain groups chosenvia the harassment of election.Now, long term predictions. Given technology and elimination of asymmetry ofinformation, it will be at some point possible to construct the anarchic govern-ment, without people, self-rulling system, if needed self-optimising, realising thelong term statement of Joseph Stalin... “no human no problem”.More informationon various other notes and page.Finally, very long term predictions, and introduction of communism, once technol-ogy of dopaminometers makes it rational, as for now money will need to act as theproxy for dopamine. B patrz wpis nr 12.24. 19/11/14 1 X MM R I B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEPatriocratic Fanatism as ReligionJust like Polska Demokracja, christniaty, islam, buddism, judaism, partiocracy isthe religion. Regretfully it is the religion of collective stupidity and short-termismwhich is not only blocking human evolution, but also putting the entire Earth intodanger, both from partiocratic led wars (all wars are the result of politicians) as wellas coming to us environmental catastrophe which partiocracy is unable to stop, alldue its short-termism.In fact the above is widely seen in practice, where political parties, with religion likemethods brainwash their core followers, turning them into completely unable tosee the other side fanatics, not humans - but monkeys, and if anyone has ever beeninvolved with political parties, especially at the organisational level, knows exactlywhat type of mediocre madman are there, most of whom are a danger to not onlythe system, but also themselves.Now, using the case of Poland, where this year we had two monkey elections, orthe elections where the sheep chose the monkeys, we can look at the level of thisfanatism, especially as the two elections were for that of:(i) euromillionaires, where the turnout was 23%, and(ii) local monkeys, where the turnout was 46%and looking at the election results gives very interesting results as to the levels ofpartiocratic hard core fanatics in each group, the number being calculated using the

B. PISMO ŚWIADOME differential of election turnout and extrapolating it to find out the independent of turnout number. My numbers below are approximations, as I do not intend to spend more than few minutes, literally, sharing my views on this, but some member of the “elite” university can do this analysis in detail, though before they do this, they should know my view, that being the professor of human sciences is a utter waste of time for humanity, and that Stalin, Mao and Hitler knew very well what they were doing in firstly eliminating the so called “elites”, who are nothing but the break on the progress of change and evolution. Future will have no historians, no psychologists, no sociologists, no philosophers, no sexologists, and with time no lawyers and no economists, not to mention the holiday courses of linguistics or art nature, as all these people are social parasites, who can do their research in their own time and with their own money, and outside of public funding. I reiterate, the “elites” are not neutral, but negative on the society, blocking the progress, and every revolution- ary in history has faced exactly the same problem, though the problems with the brainwashed elites today are clearly, and as logic would dictate, dwarfing that of the problems of Hitler and Stalin, especially as we are no longer simply legally able to go and kill them and rather must either (i) wait for them to die, the new generation taking over the new ideology, or (ii) can attempt to kill them morally, by harassing them to death with the status of messiahssimus so that they are reduced to the level of walking zombies today - not an easy task to do as their self-defence mechanisms will kick in so that they can somehow defend their pointless existence - a theme very familiar with all the partiocrats for example. So in Poland the partiocrtic fantism is at the following approximate levels: PO 692,998. Nowa Prawica 419,108. SLD 95,586. PIS 52,082. PSL 0. which is calculated by taking the absolute difference in voters between recent lo- calmonkey elections (46% turnout) and one of euromillianaires euromonkeys elec- tions few months back (23%), than multiplying it by 2 to bring it in line with the recent localmonkey elections, and comparing this number to the actuall number of votes in the recent localmonkey elections,... AS THIS IS THE NUMBER OF HARDCORE FANATICS WHO WOULD HAVE WENT TO VOTE EVEN IF THERE WOULD BE NO ELECTIONS AT ALL ,,,,or in essence mad almost religious like people.

Now the numbers are very much inline with what we would expect, with the ruling B. PISMO ŚWIADOMEPO worshippers being most brainwashed – as in every country, and PSL being leastbrainwashed, as they are pure mafia style egoists thinking only about their ownfarming good... ironically being most rational voters, as they always vote for them-selves. Likewise the SLD has 95,000 fanatics, about the number of living ex com-munist party members, and Nowa Prawica has a whooping 419,108 madmen, mostof them being kids so there is still hope for them. Finally PiS, the main oppositionparty, despite having 4,439,234 votes is actually the party with the hardcore fanaticsof 52,082 - the rest being simple haters, or tamporarily delusional.If you are not familiar with Polish partiocratic harassment these names will ofcourse mean nothing to you, but you should still understand the theoretical con-cept, and this note, as always, is about ideology and not about some event of mon-keyelections, not to mention the monkeys.Finallzy, and most importantly from my own very egoistic perspective this meansthat in Poland, out of 30,636,537 voters, we have 1,259,774 utterly brainwashed fa-natics, but also 29,376,763 people without any ideology... and this realisation, forme and for the Polish Revolution... is priceless.Long Live the Revolution!#.

“MESSIAH” - EVO HASHTAGGER PREMIERA KSIĄŻKI 27/ 3 /2015 FORMA KSIĄŻKI EBOOK (epub, mobi) CENA KSIĄŻKI 0zł - w przypadku zebrania 100tys podpisów 49zł - w przypadku nie zebrania 100tys podpisów Nasze podejście do praw autorskich opisaliśmy już kilka razy w książce A: A patrz wpis nr 319. A patrz wpis nr 352. w których to klarownie sprzeciwiamy się jakiemukolwiek niewolnictwu myśli in- telektualnej, czy to w formie patentów czy też nawet i w formie praw autorskich do książek, filmów, muzyki i innych dzieł sztuki.C. MOJA ŚCIANA

Naturalnie nie oznacza to, że wszystkie filmy i książki będą nagle darmowe a ich C. MOJA ŚCIANAtwórcy chodzili biedni - wręcz przeciwnie. Po Rewolucji twórcy będą bowiem mielinastępujące formy zarobku:1. Technika. Każdy “orze jak może”, więc jeśli twórcy będą chcieli ograniczać masomdostęp do swoich dzieł poprzez technikę, w tym kontrakty na bazie prawa cywil-nego pomiędzy np twórcą a dystrubutorem (kinem, księganią, szpitalem, apteką,itd), to nikomu tego nie zabronimy. Szybko się wtedy okaże, że kina będą pierwszemonitorowały by nikt żadnego filmu nie nagrywał, szczególnie jeśli każda emisjafilmu w kinie będzie unikalnie oznaczona. Szybko się wtedy też ludzie uświadomią,że akceptacja patentów np na leki to nic innego jak skazywanie ludzi na śmierć,przykad barbarzyństwa które to wręcz uniemożliwia określenia homosapiensówdumnym słowem człwiek, bowim czym jest człowiek jak nie ideałem.2. Źródło centralne, czyli np fundusz z którego to co rok poprzez proces właśnie bez-pośrednich wyborów będą rozdawane prawdziwe nagrody, czyli realne pieniądze,które to zresztą ludzie dzisiaj i tak wydają zakupując płyty, filmy i książki. PolskaDemokracja w pełni się bowiem zgadza, .że Twórców, w tym naukowców, trzebaoczywiście doceniać, ale za ich absolutną jakość a nie samą umiejętność żerowaniana ludzkich instynktach, najlepszym czego przykładem jest wszechobecna już dziśw mainstreamie pornografia, od książek po filmy, od pornoleków na nieistniejącechoroby po magiczne biocyfrowe odmładzające kosmetyki z formułą NASA.3. Spotkania bezpośrednie, takie jak koncerty, czytanie książek dzieciom, chodzeniena spotkania z ludźmi. Obecny system sprzyja tworzeniom iluzji, a te poem wprow-adzają kompleksy w całe społeczeństwo, efektem ubocznym czego są samobójstwa,gwałty, działania kryminalne, i inne podobne i nienaturalnie w świecie ubermenszydewiacje. Dzisiejszy stan wciskania ludziom na siłę gówna w formie iluzji jest wdługoterminowej perspektywie niemożliwy do akceptacji, także z racji praw fizyki,czyli faktu, że nikt nie może z całą pewnością stwierdzić, czy przypadkiem gdzieśna Świcie ktoś nie pisze teraz, niezależnie od Nas, dokładnia takiej samej książki.Dlaczego więc Evo ma zamiar pobierać opłatę za swoją książkę? Ano dlatego, żew dzisiejszym systemie tylko podpisy a potem opłacana funkcja publiczna będąoznaczały zastosowanie w praktyce powyższej metody numer 2., a jeśli jej dzisiajnie będzie, to Evo ma prawo zarabiać metodami 1 oraz 3, z zaznaczeniem, że Evonikogo nigdy nie będzie ścigał w sądzie za kopiowanie swojego dzieła.Z innej beczki... czy etyczne jest by przy okazji swojej kampanii wyborczej, taki jużurzędujący prezydent Komorowski wydawał książkę, którą to napisał w Belwederze- nawet jeśli oficjalnie nie on sam, ale na której to on prywatnie zarobi teraz spoko-jnie miliony złotych, wielokrotność jego oficjalnej pensji jako prezydent? Gdzie siępodziały podstawy etyki? Pewnie, “każdy orze jak może”, ale piszmy to otwarcie anie róbmy z ludzi małpy. Swoją drogą, Komorowskiemu przyda się teraz jakaś em-eryturka, bowiem jego dni czerpania haraczu z nękania Polaków są już policzone.

INDEKS WPISÓW Grabarczyk A293, A297 Grodzka A140, A168, A440, A453, A462aborcja A54, A165, A189, A193, Hashtagger A41, A60, A80, A88,A226, A228, A271, A274, A328,A332, A337 A112 , A143, A162, A174, A180, A203, A210, A215, A216, A228,afera tasmowa A150, A151, A153, A240, A241, A242, A260, A262,A155, A161, A166, A177Aleksander Wielki A2, A134, A265 A263, A266, A267, A277, A288, A290, A291, A306, A307, A345,alkohol A16, A18, A53, A274, A281, A357, A389, A410, A418, A437,A286, A405, A411anonymous A456 A443, A464, A456, A457, B23 hazard A27, A53, A54, A217Arłukowicz A293, A297 Hitler A36, A49, A51, A57, A95,Bergoglio A140, A185, A270, A285,A394, A428 A96, A112, A113, A134, A153, A178, A179, A198, A213, A254, A261,Berlusconi A82, A131 A310, A389, B4, B10, B11, B12, B13,Biedroń A399, A462Bieńkowska A264 B14 Hong Kong A313, A350Biernacki A5, A7, A59 Ideologia A61, A70, A81, A114,Borowiak A34Brand Russell A374 A127, A138, A158, A174, A183, A205, A222, A224, A226, A240,Breivik A82, A89, A91, A274, A362 A242, A243, A273, A274, A282,Brodka Zbigniew A9Brzeziński A19 A284, A292, A373, A386, A389, A409, A414, A425, A458, B4, B5, B6,Buddha A135 B21, B24Cejrowski A70, A165cenzura A96, A140, A179, A236, - ekspansja A66, A68, A82, A86, A91, A102, A106, A131, A139, A211,A341, A399, A440 A216, B13Chałupiec A104Chazan A173, A175, A189, A193 - geoustawka (IIIWŚ) A205, A213, A214, A217, A218, A219, A253,Che A326 A268, A272, A282, A328, A430Chodorkowski A63, A82, A131, A192demokracja bezpośrednia A61, - kalendarz A174, A180, A181 - konstytucja A71, A432A108, A462 - kościół A39, A51, A147, A168,Duda (Andrzej) A436Duda (Piotr) A421, A454, A458 A173, A175, A178, A185, A189, A204, A240, A270, A271, A274,Dudek A157 A285, A327, A332, A358, A394,dzieci i domy dziecka A54, A132,A143, A148, A163, A274, A277, B17 A428, B6 - kredyty A324, A423, A426, A433,Dziwisz A271, A332 A434, B19ebola A221, A283, A336, A365Emiraty Arabskie A21, A234, A282 - kult jednostki A162, A174, A210, A216, A345, A367, A413, A435expo A340 - losowanie i statystyka A55, A56,Filipiak A67, A103, A158, A247,A293, A319, A445 A186, A187, B23, B24 - marketing A83, A90, A92, A93,Frasyniuk A7 A100, A105, A116, A130, A128,Geldof A72Geringer de Oedenberg A171, A235 A129, A204, A207, A222, A227, A240, A241, A256, A275, A308,Gliński A404 A311, A371, A403, A408, A427,Gore Al A102górnicy A447, A448, A450, A451, A439, A452, A457, A470 - masturbacja A53, A168, A185,A454, A455, A458

A271, A332, A428, B8, B16 konwencja genewska A219- naród wybrany A98, A110, A211, Kopacz A247, A278, A293, A297, A302, A316, A330, A334, A378, A380, A230, A237, A260, A355 A391, A393, A397, A415, A464, B24- narodowość A38, A359 Korea A54, A106, A336, A382, A413,- ostateczne równanie A238, A243, B21 A417, B6- patenty A319 Korwin A60, A74, A78, A115, A186,- program A24, A30, A54, A55, A82, A190, A256, A308, A366, A436, B24 Kowal Pawel A3 A114, A152, A158, A222, A228, A468 Kowalczyk Justyna A8- Przychodnie Odpartyjniaczania Koziej Stanislaw A19 Krawiec Szymon A346 A226, A247, A339 Kristic A136- Przychodnie Poselskie A24, A45, Krym A19, A24, A23, A31, A33, A42, A46 A64, A83, A271 kryminał A5, A81, A148, A281, A286,- Rząd Ekspertów A24, A58, A59, A342, A379, A412 Kukiz A107, A341, A436 A152 Kuklinski A3, A40- Sejm Hybrydowy A468 kultura A25, A28, A29, A62, A77,- Sejm Spolecznosciowy A24, A55, A101, A118, A126, A141, A144, A164, A183, A199, A204, A215, A54, A56, A64, A186, A187, A220 A216, A354, A463, A465, B22- spadki A72, A169, A422, A433, Kuźmiuk A13 Lenin B13 A434 Lis Tomasz A362, A369, A417- wielka czystka A81, A182 Lotos A104, A149, A151, A159, A325,INNA A356, A357, A377 A393ISIS A184, A234, A282, A285, A287, Maciarewicz A121, A198, A410 Mahler A118, A355, A396, B4 A328, A333, A419, A420, A430 Mahomet A135, A146, A324, A334,Ives Toomas A269 A335, A404, A430, A431, A436, B6Izrael A184, A188, A234, A245, A358, Majewski Szymon A118, A352, A417 Majewski Tomasz A2 A359 Mao A134, A241, A257, A276, A279,Jakubas A161 A431, A459Janowicz Jerzy A73 Marianna A69, A122Jezus A135, A204, A226, A270, A271, Merkel A32, A94, A146, A167, A225, A239 A324, A332, A335, A367, A394, Michnik A19, A197 A395, A413, A430, A431, A438, B6 Miller A133, A252, A256, A259,JOWy A108, A321 A308, A323, A400, A462, B24Kaczyński Jarek A133, A170, A198, monarchia A61, A138, A139, A160 A200, A256, A330, A332, A335, Mussolini A176, A258, A404 A337, A348, A355, A370, A400, Napoleon A112, A113, A150, A151, A410, B24 A430Kalisz A249 nauka A65, A168, A186, A217, A236,Kamiński Michał A35, A97, A137, A282, A318, A336, A338, A347, A446 A375, A438, A460, B8, B14Karpiński A293, A297 niepełnosprawni A75, A224Kerry John A19 Niesiołowski A7, A393KGHM A104, A149, A159, A300, A325, A393Klose Miro A331Kolonko Max A315Komorowski A8, A12, A19, A87, A159, A160, A170, A184, A265, A296, A392, A436, A438Konstytucja A98, A154, A159, A173, A200, A290, A300, A335, A432, A436, A453

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